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9 Factors to Consider Vue.js For Web App Development

By Mohit Surati Vue March 6, 2020 7 min read 357 Views

Vue.js is a Javascript framework that focuses on building Single-page apps as well as alluring user-interfaces. Being a young framework, it has unlocked many new possibilities in the app development market.

Moreover, the framework is compiled with modern features such as state management, build tooling, routing, which can be leveraged for building complex apps. You can also compare Vue vs Angular for better understanding.

Not only we, but GitHub rates it #1 for the 4th consecutive year. It has added more than 30K stars on GitHub. Day-by-day, the framework is gaining a lot of attention from developers across the globe.

And the reason behind it is as follows:

  • It has a small learning curve with simple syntax.
  • It runs on a single file concept.
  • Laravel uses it as a default view engine.
  • Alibaba, an e-commerce platform, uses it for its application.

There are many exclusive benefits that you can avail from the modern framework which you should consider while building your software. Below mentioned points could help you understand the importance of Vue.js for Web App Development.

1. In-depth Documentation

Vue, a new and young framework in the software industry, is developed by Evan You. The developer had struggled with a competitive phase when the framework was new in the market. For this reason, he doesn’t want the young programmers to struggle with the framework’s documentation. That’s the reason, he has created elaborative documentation.

The creator has not only thought about the experts but has also considered the younger developers. Anyone with the basic knowledge of HTML or Javascript could learn and build their web page or application.

The comprehensive documentation is a blessing for the newbies as well as the professionals.

2. Flexibility

You can consider Vue for Web App Development as it offers flexibility. It can work on myriad environments, and even with Javascript and PHP.

One of the advantages that make this framework developers’ favorite is a web-pack template. The developers can use this to avoid coding for every part of the application.

Additionally, Vue can be leveraged for building PWAs. The framework comes with in-built support to enhance the application and also restricts unnecessary components.

3. Simplicity

Vue.js is simple to understand and easy to execute. This feature is enticing and it is gaining a lot of attention from the app programmers. With basic knowledge of Javascript and HTML, you can master Vue.js.

A simple coding, agile web-app development, an increase in productivity, and easy debugging make the vue.js stand out from others.

4. App Launching

A universal truth – “Change is inevitable.” This saying best relates to technologies. The technology is ever-evolving and the developers have to cope with the technological changes.

Similarly, there are regular updates and trends in the market that are required to be inculcated in the application, and that’s why it becomes essential to build an app at a faster pace to reduce the launching time. Vue can be an ideal option for quickly developing applications with minimal efforts.

Additionally, you can receive feedback and suggestions from the user who might help you in curtailing the problems or challenges.

5. Performance

Performance is imperative while building software, and it decides the future of the application. While for a non-technical person, the application size may be a negligible point. But, if you think from a developer’s perspective, then it plays a vital role in the performance deciding factors.

Heavy applications may hamper the performance, and that’s the reason you can choose Vue JS for Web App Development. For this, Vue.js could be an ideal framework as it hardly reserves 20-22KB memory space.

6. Vast Community

For any framework, what’s important to sustain in the market is its community. The ubiquitous community is the result why Vue.js is popular and demanding. The community is evolving and growing day-by-day, which shows a huge acceptance of the framework in the market.

The developers are keen to learn new things as well as brainstorm innovative and robust solutions for the problems arising across the globe.

7. Supportive Tools

The tools and technologies that are in-built in Vue.js help to build from simple to complex software. Also, it has a broad ecosystem where there are solutions to every problem.

The various tools that contribute in boosting the speed of the app development are as follows:

  • Vuex
  • The Vue Router
  • Vue Test Utils
  • The Vue CLI (Discussed in Next Point)

8. Vue Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Vue CLI is found to be a blessing for the app programmers as it comes with numerous benefits. The benefits work as a helping hand in project development. It increases the productivity of the developers, decreases the latency rate, easily detects bugs, and ensures quick app development.

Also, it saves a lot of time of the app professionals in the project setup & scaffolding. The CLI comes with a project initiator, which starts the project development with an utmost ease.

The third version of Vue CLI comes with an advanced approach, i.e.,

  • Developers can create plugins & presets
  • It allows programmers to invest time in building/developing rather than configuring.
  • “Ejecting” was a hindrance before, but now you can easily upgrade
  • Free to add plugins during the development phase

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9. Up Above the Angular JS & React JS

Evan You, during employment at Google, was working on the Angular project. The creator faced some difficulties in Angular, which he wanted to eradicate. That’s when the Vue.JS was born.

When Evan was using Angular in the project, he found out the size of the framework being larger. On the other hand, he was impressed with the Angular’s Data Binding technique with the use of VDOM.

It made Evan instigate to fetch out a few essentials from the Angular & React Native framework, and not to use unnecessary components. You can go through and understand the nitty-gritty of both the frameworks in the article Angular Vs. React.

As mentioned, Vue is a blend of Angular & React, let’s have a glance over the fetched out details. From React JS, it took a few things, such as:

  • One-way data flow
  • Component-based approach
  • Rendering ability
  • Upscale in performance
  • State management of apps and web-apps

If we talk about Angular, then the creator has taken virtual DOM, good syntax, and many more things. As a result, it exemplifies the VueJS as one of the lightweight and simple framework.

Final Thoughts

The blend of vital elements of AngularJS & ReactJS is what outshines VueJS from other frameworks. It can artistically craft beautiful web-apps for your client. With the large community base, you will never be left with unanswered queries or concerns.

If you are impressed with the essential factors mentioned above and have an idea to get it transformed into an application, then connect with leading VueJS Development Company. Also, you can hire Vue.js developers and avail their expertise.

Vue.js Web App Development

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