Want A Hack-Proof App? Try These Best Mobile App Security Practices

Mobile App Security Practices
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At any time when the topic of mobile app application comes, security remains the primary issue for all the developers. As it can destroy the business goodwill and reputation yet also may end up misusing all their development time.

During the trending period of hacking and developing, where mobile application security is in risks like Data Leakage, Network Spoofing, and Spyware is an extremely regular thing, mobile application security doesn’t involve ‘whether we require it or not,’ but rather basically involves ‘how robust it could be.’

All the users have around 30 to 35 applications installed on their phones, so even one security breach on any of the app can cost you a noteworthy loss of data and essential information to the general public field.

Smartphones have turned into a necessity of our daily lives. You store a great deal of private information on your phones, for example, login id, passwords, debit-credit card details, addresses, etc.

In the most recent times, we have seen how the mobile application industry has developed however so have the cybercrimes. Furthermore, these crime threats have driven us to a phase where you can’t transfer the application to App stores without taking specific procedures to secure it.

Since mobile application security is one of the key factors that decide the destiny of an application, to guide you, here are some Mobile application security best practices that you can pursue to enhance your mobile application security.

But first of all, let us discuss the reasons to secure your mobile application during development.

“We live in a world where all wars will begin as cyber wars… It’s the combination of hacking and massive, well-coordinated disinformation campaigns.”

– Jared Cohen

Why there is an urgent need to secure your mobile application?

We first need to comprehend why there is an urgency for taking these activities and what are the potential dangers that torment the mobile application development companies.

  • Since a minor security glitch from the working system to the network level can provide access to a hacker into the user’s phone, it is fundamental to perform security testing before conveying or delivering any application and secure users against hacking and digital crimes.
  • Christmas season is coming.
    Web-based business retailers are equipping to supercharge their inventories, improving their sites and releasing their very own applications to offer an extraordinary shopping experience.


    You will not be able to become a market leader if they don’t feel safe purchasing your application on an app store.
  • The expansion in mobile applications has given tremendous increase to the digital crimes that could result in the loss of user’s private data, fundamental protected property, a considerable number of dollars and altogether your user’s trust.

It’s vital for online business companies to act proactively to secure their application against the Cybercrimes.

Following are some of the best mobile app security practices mentioned in details that can help in making a hack-proof application:

1)Install Antivirus Application

  • It may appear evident that users install Antivirus Application in their smartphones, yet an impressive level of users avoid this safety effort.

Try not to download any security application accessible in the application store. Instead, go with the professional application recommendations sources and client surveys for each app.

A robust Antivirus application offers to track down malware in your smartphone and provide the immediate action to defend the security walls of the user’s smartphones and also protect from to anti-theft and privacy features.

Many Mobile Application Development companies provide security solutions. So, contact them & avail world-class services

2) Powerful alphanumeric passcode:

Some Desirable Moves:

  • Make a robust alphanumeric password for your phone so that if the phone gets stolen or lost and somebody tries to access it.
  • Always try to set the strong passcode than the standard password to remember, for example not to use – your date of birth or wife’s name.
  • Settle on a tough combination and mix of various characters that don’t pursue a simple example.

Strongly Recommended:

  • Having different factors or advanced layers, including a unique fingerprint scanner, PIN and facial recognition, will make your phone challenging to access for any purpose.

This procedure is for Advance security, which can be utilized by multi-factor authentication.

There are numerous procedures to hack-proof your phone. These incorporate:

  • Controlling your phone remotely
  • Keeping away from auto-login
  • Changing passwords frequently
  • Utilizing distinctive passwords
  • Staying away from outsider applications
  • Locking individual applications
  • Turning off Bluetooth.
  • Delete all the data and information if you have to exchange
  • Sale or reuse your smartphone.

3) Keep libraries always updated:

  • Developers of these libraries regularly would release updates to settle these issues. Subsequently, it is critical to handle regular updates when they come.
  • Regardless of it is Android, iOS or some other operating system, developers have rights to access many libraries to achieve the various task in an application.

To have your mobile application hack-proof, refreshing the libraries is a best practice that everybody ought to pursue.

You may be knowing that.
There are libraries for testing, UIs, notifications, climate, music, virtual reality, thus significantly many more.

Libraries help make life less challenging for developers since they don’t need to reexamine the wheel for a significant number of fundamental functions.

But the problem is that regularly obsolete or old libraries are the target of consistent security attacks.

4)Analyze App Permissions at regular intervals

Hackers corrupt mobile applications with malware to organize man-in-the-center or ransomware strike.


  • Make a pattern for investing in all applications.
  • Read application surveys on the web and ignore applications with pointless authorizations demands.
  • For example, cab booking application does not expect to access your phone’s camera.

Also sometimes, specific applications can be used for evil purposes, for example, spying using your phone’s microphone and camera. You can generally pull back on application authorizations.

Try this out!
On iOS, you will go to Settings and select Privacy to make application permission changes. On Android, go to your Apps and Notifications. Select App Permissions and roll out your differences.

To know more about app permissions, you should contact & hire app developers. Click Over Here Now to know more about this subject. They will guide you and provide all the necessary details.

5) Apply High-Level User Authentication

There are two main vital parts; Authentication and Verification of mobile application security. While the major part of these two variables relies upon the end-users of your mobile application, it’s your obligation as a developer to urge the users to be more aware about validation and approval.

Regardless of whether your application is not capable of managing exceedingly complex and critical data, you should take benefits of modern age mobile application security innovations, for example, OAuth 2.0, JSON web tokens and OpenID Connect protocol to make your application more secure.

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6)Professional Code Review:

  • A Professional code review is perfect to guarantee the security of the mobile app.
  • For full-proof security, a security expert should audit the code to break down possible accountability in specific zones of code, for example, authentication and authorization parts and database access that might be inclined to digital attacks.
  • By assessing the codes by the team of a security professional, you will be able to make your mobile application highly secured.
  • Even though a security professional may help you to run your application securely, even though in-house security professional is a burden for many companies.
  • In such a case, outsider mobile phone security testing software proves to be useful that can rapidly scan the mistakes and loopholes in an application and help you repair them with proper market standards.
  • Professional coding developers utilize 360 way to deal with securing mobile applications.
  • Helps to filter the code in various test cases in the business. It guarantees security from the primary cyber attack threats.
  • In the period of the Christmas season, companies provide the vast discount for mobile App Security Scan to help business retailers get thought of where they stand in terms of security.

7) Monitor Background Applications:

  • You are not always mindful and aware of what is going on off behind the Application process. Thus, when you install an application or peruse and download a file.

Thus it is recommended:

  • To have a safety measure for your activities by installing This is a mobile Intrusion Detection System (IDS) application that is accessible for Android and iOS.
  • LogDog handles and monitors your online records and scans unapproved access pointers. The application accomplishes this by checking your daily practice routine over different administration services and gadgets.
  • The application will advise you in the event of any suspicious occasions in your accounts.

8) Never leave online services unlocked

  • Auto-login is an exceptionally fantastic feature, mainly since a virtual keyboard can make composing passwords. It’s likewise an enormous liability: a criminal essentially needs to open your program to access all your online records.
  • Thus, you should never use the auto-login feature. On the off chance that you should, then utilize a secret word password application that expects you to re-enter the master secret password routinely.
  • What’s more, don’t utilize a similar password key for more than one application or service: if that password gets exposed or leaked, then it may be used to get an entire scope of your data & information.

It applies regardless of whether you’re impeccably careful about keeping your smartphone secure

9) Stay cautious before using public wifi:

  • We as a whole know there’s a serious risk associated with utilizing open public wifi. Be that as it may, you may not understand how serious it is: anybody in the location can snoop on what you’re doing on the web.
  • If you have threat attack expert software and skills to solve such issue, then it’s probably not going to be a risk in your part. However, it is not a common threat that can be overlooked and ignored.
  • In case you’re if you feel suspicious about a public wifi system, don’t connect – stay with your phone’s mobile internet connection.
  • On the other hand utilize a VPN device, for example, CyberGhost or TunnelBear (both accessible free for Android and iOS). These devices route your movement through a private encoded channel, so maybe somebody is trying to observe your activity then they won’t have the capacity to look what you’re doing.


As the number of phones will increase, so does the number of applications; thus they are turning into the most alluring focuses for cybercriminals. The proposed system resembles to take hold at the security of information, gadget, exchanges as segments of a single perspective to decrease the hacking threats.

There are numerous ways to defend your application, against the threats and attacks from obscure sources but no measure of safety efforts can ever be sufficient. You can contact a Mobile App Development Company in India for security-related solutions.

A Mobile application security issue has become an international objective. Today, the world of digitization is out in the open for everybody’s utilization and no client is ever sufficiently felt safe from malware and security breaks yet these measures guarantee that your own information is protected in your mobile phones.


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Piyali Sarkar

Piyali Sarkar

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