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Want your Mobile wallet app to be loved by Millions? We will give you the secret tact

Want your Mobile wallet app to be loved by Millions? We will give you the secret tact
By Piyali Sarkar Mobile 66 Views

Today the world has become too dependent on the Internet and smartphones. If you glance at your life, you would find yourself spending more time in the virtual world than the real one. But, there cannot be a shred of doubt that we enjoy a better standard of living than ever before. This has all been possible due to the wonderful developments that had started somewhere in the late twentieth century.

The smartphones have become our mode of interaction today. Smartphones are used not only for watching videos through YouTube or doing a conference call, but it is involved even in serious matters like banking. Today mobile wallets are a very common thing. Consumers can not only buy products on the Internet, but it can also be done without even your credit card.

The phones have become a virtual wallet and transactions have become super easy. As things stand today, physical wallets can be called a relic. But if you would like to design a mobile wallet through mobile app development that would be accepted and loved by millions, how would you do it? Well, here you go.

Let us see what we have today :

  1. Understand the basics of the Application Development of Mobile Wallet
  2. What are the secret rules to build this mobile wallet?
  3. Studying the Market and have a Thorough Research
  4. Target the Potential Customers correctly and define the Main Purpose of the App
  5. Choose the mobile platform and the type of wallet
  6. Some important technical features to be present
  7. The User Interface and User Experience

So, we will be diving deep through each topic.

Understand the basics of the Application Development of Mobile Wallet

Before you jump into anything, it would be a good idea to look at the basics. You would need to see how mobile wallets make life easy and effortless for the people, making them love it.


The financial operations in the digital world today do not take more than 3 seconds. Just not the transaction, your app should be smooth and swift, starting from the loading process to the transactions.

Easy usage

‘Ease’ should be a factor here that cannot be compromised in any way. Just a pin or a password is all that the user should enter and the payment should be made. The transaction should proceed just like a normal credit card transaction.

Capacity of the application

The digital space is endless and the smartphones today have enough memory to save data. The wallet should be able to save all the data without any problem.

Comfortable solution

The best things is there would be no paper receipts and no requirement for signatures. You should keep options for occasional discounts, offers and coupons to make users want to use the app.


Carrying virtual money would not need you to carry a large bag. You can carry as much as you would want in the smartphone. The mobile app would not need to have any special functionality for this.

High levels of security

This part is very important. You would need to build a security system that is impenetrable.

What are the secret rules to build this mobile wallet?

You can use some of these secret tricks for building any mobile wallet no matter what platform it is used on. Digital wallet app can be used for general purpose or some particular store. If you are planning to build a startup around one particular mobile app, you need to be a whole lot more careful.

Since it would be used by real customers, reliability and security can be nothing less than perfect. Creating the best mobile app wallet for Android would definitely need you to put in the efforts. You must go through these steps:

1. Studying the Market and have a Thorough Research

No matter what you do today, researching has become very important. You can do a lot of that from the comfort of your home. Even if you are buying something costly, would you do so without some prior research? You would basically be selling your mobile wallet to the customer and this means research is essential.

Studying the market is a very crucial part of the development phase with no regard for the industry. You should know everything about the user opinions and market prices. It is easy to find any information today in this age of digitalization.

Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and Samsung Pay are among the biggest names in the mobile wallet domain these days. These are others too. You can find the interesting features in these apps without breaking a sweat.

The next step would involve studying these apps closely. The mistakes that can be found there must be avoided. Not only that, the users should get something interesting and find a touch of uniqueness to the product.

2. Target the Potential Customers correctly and define the Main Purpose of the App

After the completion of the research phase, one of the primary tasks is to focus on the requirements of the target audience. The best way to do this is to break the entire requirement. This would give you a well-defined problem statement.

You would then be able to understand what you would need to do with your product and also understand the services that you need to offer. You would also have a clear idea on who would be using that application.

Though discrimination is something the world disapproves today, you should differentiate your customers on the basis of their professions, habits and age. Now, you have a clear idea on what each of those categories would expect from the mobile wallet you develop.
Through this, you would understand the services and features that customers prefer the most.

You would also develop an idea about how and when these services and features are used by the people. People like their mobile wallet service to be fast, secure and smart. You would need to give them a reason to become loyal to the app.

  • Try to engage the customers very early in the app development process.
  • You should get to know their opinions and create a warm relationship.
  • You could put them on the beta programme for the app.
  • You would need to orient the marketing campaign for potential customers.
  • Relevant content and personalized offers would represent the purpose of your product.

3. Choose the mobile platform and the type of wallet

Next comes a very important step in the development process. It is the time when you make decisions about where you would like to sell your application. You would need to choose the platform the mobile app would be supporting.

The most common ones today are Android, iOS and Windows. You could create or at least start with only one platform and later strive for a cross-platform product. After all, it depends all on you and yeah, your budget. You should know that every platform would have its own pros and cons.

You should also bear in mind that the final cost of the project would also depend on which platform you would like to proceed with.

Now there are instances that you can take here. If you would like to target the global market in general, you should go for Android. However, if you targeting only the American market, Apple’s iOS is definitely much better.

The next step would involve you to decide whether you would like to have simple services like using coupons and vouchers. The best way to go is to develop an advanced custom e-wallet which will give the users a lot of payment options, like collecting bills. The classification can be made into 3 general types.

A retailer app that has mobile wallet options which would enable the user to store coupons, vouchers, cards and other bonuses and cash them out as loyalty An actual mobile wallet which would hold the credit card details of banks and let the users make payments.

A full-fledged mobile wallet that would allow all the different types of financial transactions from different credit cards of financial institutions all over the globe.

Once you have decided on that, you would need to figure out the type of transactions you would handle the products. The following are the 3 suitable options – peer-to-peer money transfers through mobile wallets, commercial payments made online and point of sale (PoS) payments that are made directly at the store

As you would see, you need to able to decide the type of digital wallet app you want to create. Though you can decide things on your own preferences, you can take inputs from online research to make the decisions.

Decisions made on data are much better than those based on hunches. It will even help you to estimate the prices for the features and eliminate the ones that are quite useless. After all, simplicity can make your app not only cooler, but faster and smarter.

4. Some important technical features to be present

The developers should be aware that some free toolkits can be availed on GitHub. If you are developing the mobile wallet app yourself or taking help from someone else, there are some cool things that you should know about.

The Android Software Development Toolkit (SDK) would come in handy for any mobile app development. Java programming language should also be a strong point of the developer who wants to create the best mobile app wallet for Android. T

he SQLite database would offer a great platform for the backend to access the data and store them properly.

If you would like to create a mobile app for iOS, Swift and Objective-C would be the best languages. The Apple SDKs and the secure SSL/TSS transport protocols would be the best. But without getting into what languages can be used or which should be your database of choice, there should be a few technologies that would draw the user


Secure wireless transactions between the NFC-enabled smartphones and the transmitters that are present on the POS devices is one of the main motives of near-field communications protocols these days. It had started as a good way of data communication but its security makes it better suited for financial transactions.

The user could have the credentials in the mobile wallet or even in cloud servers. One of the most secure options for Android smartphones would be Host-based card Emulation or HCE.

The credentials of the users would be taken from the device and transmitted through NFC to the payment terminal through the Internet connection.

Bluetooth and iBeacons

The iBeacon technology is a wonderful technology that helps to transfer data without the need for Internet connectivity. The technology runs on the Bluetooth 4.0 gadgets which takes the help of the external BLE transmitters called the Beacon.

The POS with enabled iBeacon can read the details of the client immediately. There would be no need to scan the cards and coupons. All of the information would be displayed on POS terminal of the vendor.

QR Codes

An alternative to the NFC technology can be the QR codes. The digital wallet app can just link the payment options and convert these into secure QR codes. These can be stored in the cloud and scanned simply while making payments.

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5. The User Interface and User Experience

The User Interface and User Experience, or UI & UX, in short, are considered as one of the most important reasons behind the success of a mobile app. This is simply because this would be the first thing that the users would notice. If it is ogle-friendly, the developers have done half the job correctly.

The interface should be able to represent the purpose of the app. This means the colors, text, fonts, buttons and symbols – everything should be in such a way that the entire purpose of the app becomes smooth and easy.

It should take the user just a few moments to understand how the app works. The perfect placement of the features would make the app extremely popular.

The screens of the app should be in the perfect hierarchy. The touch, swipe and clicks could be taking the time of the user. So the payment process must be organized properly. Also, keeping it simple would surely be reflected in the revenues that you earn.

Cessation !

Powerful digital wallet app development is not that easy. It would take more than just patience to get through all the hurdles. It is important to focus on the project constantly and research about the needs of the consumers. Engaging the users would help to develop an app that gets a lot of attention. The final solution would be much more fruitful if the focus is kept on the purpose of the app and not just profitability.


Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

Piyali Sarkar

Piyali Sarkar

Piyali, an M.Tech in CSE, has experience ranging from an assistant professor to creative writing in the local newspapers, she has stepped fully into the domain of mobile application development. Her writing can be said to be a combo of crazy thought process, efficacious vocab & sublime modus operandi which is required in any mobile app development company. In an app-centric world, having a hot app-o-lava in her mind, she loves sharing her diegesis.

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