What Type of Apps Can You Build in Python?

Python is a preferred programming language for the development of a wide range of applications. Its straightforward concept, coupled with its flexibility, motivate most developers to use it for the timely conclusion of app development projects. Here’s an insight into the different kinds of applications that an app development professional can build by using Python.
What Type of Apps Can You Build in Python?

Technology has evolved in the last few decades. The emergence of supercomputers and smartphones reflects it aptly. It is applications that help utilize technology in the best possible way on these devices. Developers work day in day out to build them.

These days, developers have a wide range of possibilities to explore in terms of app development. Currently, Python leads the list of the most popular programming languages for app development. Being flexible, Python has a tremendous potential to contribute positively to app development.

In other words, it can help developers develop an impressive array of applications. Read on to know the types of apps that can be built with Python.

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is currently one of the hallmark features of technological advancement, especially in the world of application development. In many ways, it has revolutionized the functionalities of applications and how they perform the assigned tasks.

Fusing the concepts of Blockchain and app development together was a challenging prospect in the past. However, at present, the entry of Python has simplified matters in this regard.

python-cta-firstIn general, the method of developing Blockchain applications is a bit tricky. But the simplicity of Python makes it less complicated for developers. As it is easy to understand, most developers do not have an issue while using it for the development of Blockchain applications.

To help developers with tasks such as using HTTP requests, Python presents a host of frameworks. Developers can employ or deploy them at will to establish an online connection with Blockchain and make way for endpoints; the latter assists Blockchain in performing different functions.

Besides, the frameworks of Python also play an important role in the creation of a decentralized network for the simultaneous operation of scripts on two or more machines.

Command-line Applications

Both console and command-line applications are computer programs that operate from a command line. Both work without a graphical user interface (GUI).

When it comes to the development of command-line applications, the major challenge for most developers is to comprehend the language. The accurate evaluation of the language helps developers in discovering new ways to use common-line language.

Python comes across as an obvious option for the fulfillment of this objective. It possesses the ReaEval-Print-Loop feature which is popularly known as Python’s REPL feature. This feature of Python helps developers with the proper evaluation of the command-line language, thereby lending a helping hand to them in the creation of new possibilities.

Likewise, Python is also loaded with libraries that are mean for performing the other tasks successfully. Apart from frameworks, the presence of several libraries provides developers with ready-made codes that can be reused to resolve technical problems. This feature comes in handy for developers when they create command-line applications.

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Audio and Video Applications

The Internet has tons of videos and music content. Developers use it in conjunction with the Python programming language to analyze both music and video content. Whether you consider audio or video apps, Python’s contribution to the development of both is an open secret.

Being loaded with libraries, Python enables developers to complete app development with ease. To accomplish an app development project, they generally use OpenCV, PyDub, and other such Python libraries.

Wondering how fine a video application can become when built with Python? YouTube is a case in point. Considering the smooth functioning of YouTube, you can surmise why most developers feel confident about choosing Python for the development of top-notch and high-performance-based video and music applications.

Game Applications

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Python, as a programming language, also shares an inseparable relationship with games. It is comparable to the development of applications with other features. There is a long list of popular games that are built for gamers using the Python programming language.

When using Python for game development, developers create a game prototype and Pygame in quick time. As sources of reference, they help game developers identify and fix the loopholes in their strategy for building a top-notch game. Once they successfully fine-tune their blueprint for game development, the rest becomes simple and easy.

Besides, Python also assists in the creation of game development tools. These tools come in handy for performing various key functions such as level designing, creation of dialog trees, and more of the same.

There is a long list of games built on Python. Some popular names among them include Battlefield 2, EVE Online, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Applications For System Administration

What-is-a-Systems-Administrator-1024x576-1System administration is a core element for the continuation as well as the survival of businesses in the long run. It concerns itself with the performance of multiple tasks side by side plus the management of a huge chunk of business data. Both these functions are of paramount importance for a business organization or entity.

As it is next to impossible to accomplish system administration with manual effort, the role of applications automatically comes under the spotlight. Businesses look for applications that can communicate with different operating systems that are currently in use. Python is the leading choice for developers for building such applications.

To begin with, Python has an OS module that enables development professionals to easily communicate with different operating systems. When they perform IO operations, it enables them to write files in a less complicated way.

Machine Learning Applications

sourceMost experts consider machine learning applications to be the future of technological advancement for a good reason. With the assistance of this algorithm technology, operating systems receive data. The data, thus received, helps the operating systems in making smart decisions.

Until a few years ago, building applications with the ability to make intelligent decisions based on the data from operating systems was a dream. The emergence of Python has helped translate it into a reality.

Much like other apps, Python’s libraries constitute a handy option even in the development of applications with the machine learning feature.

To facilitate the development of such apps, it offers reliable libraries in the form of Scikit and Pandas. The best part about these libraries is that they are free of cost. What’s more, they can also be used in conjunction with a GNU license.

For developers, though, it doesn’t take much to use Python’s libraries. Even with the fundamental knowledge of Python, developers can utilize its libraries to accomplish the task of developing applications with the machine learning feature in their preferred way.

Business Applications

ERP and e-commerce applications are currently high in demand among buyers as the majority of them prefer to buy items online nowadays. Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in the dependence on these apps.

The support for practical agility is a feature that makes Python the ideal choice for building a wide range of applications, including ERP and e-commerce apps.
Odoo is a popular software option for the development of e-commerce solutions. Written using Python, it assists in the development of a business management app suite.

Another popular example of a software option that is written using Python is Tryton, which is an application for the general level. It plays a vital role in building high-performance-web-based applications.

The easy availability of such software development options explains why app development companies, as well as developers, choose Python over the other alternatives to it for business app development solutions.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Python’s speed and flexibility help build a wide range of applications as discussed above. Python’s versatile code not only plays a part in creating reliable coding solutions for app development but also saves precious time, minimizes the complexity in app development. For these reasons, Python continues to grow as a reliable language for app development. Given its vast potential, it also has bright prospects for growth in the future.

Harikrishna Kundariya
Harikrishna Kundariya
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