14 Reasons Why SMBs Choose Shopify Plus As Their E-Commerce Platform

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The above quote is good enough to understand the importance of E-Commerce in today’s day & age and how it has impacted the daily lives of human.

“E-Commerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake.”

– Jean Paul Ago

In fact, according to a survey carried out by Statista, E-Commerce share of the total global retail sales in 2018 was around 11.9%, and it will reach approximately 17.5% in 2021.

Now, the brand new E-Commerce platform which has captured the attention of Small & Medium Scale Businesses (SMBs) around the globe is Shopify Plus.

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise software which specially designed for Small & Medium Scale Businesses (SMBs). The platform is ideal for merchants who are doing a business of more than $1.5 million per year in online sales.

If you do a Shopify Plus vs. Shopify analysis, then you will found out that Shopify Plus provides you with lots of additional features compared to the primary Shopify platform.

With Shopify Plus, you will get dedicated support, discounts on apps, access to Shopify Flow, Shopify Scripts and much more.

In this blog, we’re going to analyze the reasons for which Shopify Plus has become the go-to choice of SMBs around the globe. So, let’s get the things underway.!

1. Scalability

When you’re thinking about choosing an E-Commerce platform for your business, you will surely analyze whether the platform is scalable or not. One of the main reasons Why you Choose Shopify Plus is scalability.

The Shopify Plus platform is for enterprises, and that is the reason they’ve have provided unlimited scalability so that it can meet the growing demand for E-Commerce.

Now, you all may be wondering that, How Much Traffic Can Shopify Handle? The fully hosted Saas platform has 99.99% of uptime, and its servers can handle up to 4 million hits/second and thousands of orders per minute without compromising site performance.

In addition to all these, the merchants who utilize Shopify Plus get unlimited bandwidth and over 200 TB of storage, which is massive.! In short, whatever level you to need to scale your Shopify store, Shopify Plus gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility.

2. Extended Level Of Customization

It is perhaps one of the prime reasons why people nowadays prefer to Convert From Shopify To Shopify Plus. As you all know that, Shopify platform already provides you with a wide range of customization options. You will get the same opportunities in Shopify Plus.

If you’re an enterprise brand who want a deeper level of customization, then Shopify Plus gives you the option to utilize JavaScript and CSS to customize the checkout experience of your store fully. For that purpose, you can use the concept of Shopify Custom Checkout Fields.

By doing this, you will be able to boost up your conversion rate for your store. According to research, mobile retail E-Commerce in the US for the year 2018 was around 39.6%, and this figure will surpass 59.6% by 2021.

From this statistic, you can conclude that mobile is way forward in the E-Commerce sector and therefore, many people are finding a responsive theme for their online store. That’s where Shopify Plus can seal the deal for you, as it provides you with plenty of responsive themes with a deep level of customization options.

In addition to that, for Shopify Plus Checkout Upgrade, the platform has introduced a new concept known as “Sections” – a drag and drop editor which makes customization process easier.

3. Easy To Use & Understand

If you search on the web about Enterprise E-Commerce Platform Market Share, then you would find a presence of Shopify Plus in this analysis. Shopify Plus has a lot of added functionality compared to Shopify. However, it is still straightforward to use and understand, and that’s why it has become the number one choice for SMBs across the globe.

In an E-Commerce scenario, the merchants have to manage plenty of things at one go. That’s where you desire a simplistic approach for your E-Commerce platform, and Shopify Plus never disappoints anyone in this aspect.

The most important features of the online store such as orders, products, reports, Shopify Plus Applications, etc. are available on the dashboard. Adding any new products, properly managing them and modifying any record can be done within a few clicks.

4. Extremely Powerful Discount Logic

One of the main reasons behind launching Shopify Plus was to provide a deeper level of marketing and promotion options to all the merchants around the world. Now, one of the best ways to attract customers to your online store is through spicy discounts. That’s where Shopify Plus is so good, as it allows you to apply the discount to a specific product or category.

By utilizing Shopify’s Scripting feature, you can customize the discount offer. There are many ways to implement that. However, some of the most popular ones are as listed below:

  • Free shipping or gift facility.
  • Tiered pricing for VIP customers.
  • I am implementing product bundling.
  • Product-specific BOGO discounts.
  • Percentage-based discounts.

The developer can even write a custom script for a discount which will be run by the Shopify Plus platform. So, you can add the type of cut you want to offer.

5. Shopify Payments

Shopify Plus platform connects more than 70 payment gateways which comprise of most popular ones like PayPal, Authorize.net, Amazon Payments, etc. With so many options already laid in front of you, there is a significant chance that you won’t have to switch your payment methods to utilize Shopify Plus Applications.

In addition to all these, Shopify Plus also has its payment gateway which is known as Shopify Payments. Now, if you opt for this option, then you will be relieved from Shopify Plus Pricing for various credit cards.

Feature Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify
Monthly Price $29/month $79/month $299/month
Transaction Fees 2.0% 1.0% 0.5%

From the above table, you can see that as you move from basic to advanced version the monthly price goes high, but at the same time, the transaction fees will reduce.

From this logic, the price for the Shopify Plus would be higher compared to Advanced Shopify, and the transaction fees for that would be around 0.5% which is less compared to others.

6. Amazing Product Management

Managing products, as well as live updates, can be a difficult task for the E-Commerce brands, especially when you’re launching a new product in the market.

When you launch a new product in the market, you have made a whole lot of changes to your product management, and one missed step could create kayos for you.

For that purpose, Shopify Plus provide you with the Launchpad tool. You can use this tool to schedule all the changes which happen during the entire process. To know more about this tool, you should Hire Shopify Developer.

A few items which you can program with Launchpad are as follows:

  • Changes at the theme-level as per your requirements.
  • I am locking down the Shopify Plus store.
  • Captcha integration to avoid automated bot purchasing.
    In addition to all these, Shopify also provides you with a fantastic product search facility. There are some tricks and tips to improve product search on Shopify.

7. Dedicated Success Manager

Customer service is one area where Shopify has always outscored others. The level of support that Shopify provides for the merchants is merely outstanding with 24*7 service, and the same thing has also continued in Shopify Plus as well. Shopify Plus merchants get special attention.

For every Shopify Plus account, there is a dedicated “Success Manager” which provide you with following services in addition to answering your burning questions. They are as follows:

  • Any design modification.
  • Gives internal suggestions.
  • Provides assistance for regional store setup.
  • Assistance in custom integrations.
  • Defines the roadmap to reach the target.
  • Advises on international expansion.

8. Plenty Of Integrations & Trusted App Marketplace

It is one of the prime reasons why everyone is searching on the web about How To Upgrade To Shopify Plus. As you all know, Shopify has an extensive marketplace where you can find apps for any functionality you desire. To be precise, there are more than 1500 applications which are verified by the Shopify platform.

All these apps and integrations can assist you in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Inventory Management
  • B2B Customers & Orders

Shopify Plus merchants have an added advantage that they can call a higher-volume of APIs compared to normal Shopify. So, with this platform, multiple integrations can work together.

9. The Wholesale Functionality

If you analyze all the E-Commerce platform, you will find out that all of them provide you with a retail functionality. However, there are very few who provides you with a wholesale functionality and Shopify Plus is one of those rarities.

At Unite 2017, Shopify announced a brand new platform for the wholesale and they will also provide a separate website for the wholesale functionality for the existing enterprise brands.

It is a massive improvement over the past versions where B2B/wholesale operations had to be run separately as a standalone store, and that would cost you extra fees for maintenance.

10. Customizable Workflows

Inventory and Order management are one of the difficult tasks for any E-Commerce site owner. As the business grows, this task becomes more and more difficult. For that purpose, Shopify Plus has introduced an app known as Shopify Flow. It is one of the Best Shopify Apps of 2019.

With the help of this application, you can automate the workflow for inventory, order, customer, etc. and you can also integrate this application with other useful external tools.

For example, Shopify Plus customers can create a workflow as shown below:

  1. Flow Trigger: A customer places an order.
  2. Flow Condition: The order value is more than $800.
  3. Flow Action: It flags a customer as “High-Value Order.”

Here’s a list of some tasks which you can perform with the help of Shopify Flow:

  • Notification to the team when high-value orders come.
  • Trigger multiple workflows on specific criteria.
  • B2B/Wholesale account setup.
  • Automatic filling of the inventory.
  • Customer segmentation based on conditions.

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11. Multi-Channel Selling

Shopify Plus comes with the multi-channel selling facility. It means that you can sell your products across multiple marketplaces and various social media sites. You can supervise all the orders through Shopify Admin.

As of now, Shopify Plus has multi-channel selling facility on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. However, you’re not limited to these options. You can also sell on various other channels which are supported by Shopify.

If you need any help in this manner, then you can contact the Shopify Experts. They will provide you with an appropriate solution.

12. Security

The merchants who opt for the Shopify Plus platform gets the benefit of Shopify’s Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. In addition to that, Shopify also on-site security check every year.

Another great thing about Shopify Plus is that it comes with SSL certificate for every page of your website and it’s not limited to the checkout page. Encryption is not only good for security purpose, but it also helps you to enhance the SEO.

13. Replicate Store Facility

Wanna know How To Clone Shopify Store? Then, choose Shopify Plus as your E-Commerce platform. As we have discussed earlier that, Shopify Plus store comes with Success Manager. This Success Manager helps you to create Shopify Plus Clone Stores. Your live Shopify store along with the theme, products, orders, etc. will be replicated in a matter of minutes.

14. A Bigger Development Budget

As you all know that, Shopify Plus is publicly traded and therefore, they can spend a considerable chunk of money on research and development. As a result of that, the customers always get the latest technological trends in their updates. E-Commerce is a very dynamic sector and therefore, you need to have an idea of all the latest trends of the market to be the best in the business.


Nowadays when the E-Commerce sector in on the rise, people are in search of a platform which can fulfill all their requirements and make their daily work more accessible.

One such latest platform is Shopify Plus. In this blog, we have tried to provide an in-depth guide on why Shopify Plus has become the talk of the town as far as SMBs are concerned.

This blog will undoubtedly help any Shopify Development Company to know the features of Shopify Plus which could prove vital for their business.

If you’ve any questions or suggestions regarding this blog, then feel free to ask them in our comment section. We’ll try to respond to each of your queries. Thank You.!

Do you want to develop a customized online storefront on Shopify? Then, Connect With eSparkBiz Technologies. We’re one the leading Shopify App Development company in India & USA who provides world-class services to customers around the globe. 

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