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With BetterBook, enjoy the swiftest hotel booking experience enabled with fast performance and enhanced UI designs. So you can have an outstanding staycation without worrying about choosing the right place.

Prioritize your needs in a hotel with the available filters. Further, this user-friendly app guides you through your searches for the top amenities enlisted there at the best prices.


BetterBook is a modern mobile app to identify and book the best hotels with competitive rates at thousands of worldwide destinations. It effectively addresses the pain points of the users intending to find a suitable stay in a new location.

Today, people are embracing their travel instincts to popular and remote places too. This has boosted the hotel industry by offering more facilities to serve their versatile customers. But how can you as a user easily find desired services to indulge with valuable memories? So we bridge the customer with location-based best hotels for their varying needs.

With intuitive navigation, the platform makes suggestions based on offers, amenities, travel dates, payment modes, nearby stations, & more that will simplify the overall selection process. Its customer-centric approach allows the user to review, check details, and modify or cancel hotel bookings at their convenience.


Mobile Application


Hotel and Travel Industry

The increasing travel industry has turned people to online hotel bookings to save the efforts of searching physically. Thus, filtering and verifying the hotel information becomes imperative. Overall, we had to make a powerful & profitable hotel booking system that caters to all the stakeholders with high conversion.

Being a customer service application for booking purposes, BetterBook addresses the tender spots of the user intending to identify & book a suitable stay during travel. Ensuring a seamless booking experience, the app targets certain concerns that emerge during the process.

Target Points

  • Definitive Destination Search
  • Multiple Booking & Slot Management
  • Verified Information of the Hotels
  • Easy Calendar Booking, Modifications, & Cancellations
  • Currency and payment
  • Authentic reviews and ratings
  • Amenities and offers

What Makes BetterBook Different?

BetterBook is designed on deep research on hotel and travel industries. There’s a wide scope of innovation in bridging the two industries with a known yet distinct product. It enables real-time interaction between the user and the app for a flawless experience.

Combining that with our technological expertise, we prepared a mobile application that is simple, engaging, & fulfills the time-consuming purpose of hotel booking.

Being extremely intuitive, it searches for the perfect hotel at your desired location

Many best options of 3 to 5-star hotels inclusive of various amenities.

Exchange your ‘Resort Credits’ to enjoy extra amenities at the hotel.

Complete staying itinerary for a seamless vacationing experience.


Customized solution to the project requirements with the dynamic capabilities of the admin panel and the user profiles.


High-quality, real-place images of the hotel & its data to explore the property before booking.


Reviews and ratings by the customers after a visit to establish the credibility of the place.


Efficiently handles all the obstacles and queries that may emerge during booking & streamlines the process.


Stripe integration for easy payment with options of multiple currencies.


Especially selected UI designs and color schemes to make the search with provided filters easy.


Accurate & relevant content with simple features increases user confidence in the app leading to customer loyalty.


Single-page views for consistent user experience.


Highlights of the offers, resort credits, and amenities are at the prime spots for UVP & high traction.


Scaling product with extendible new features based on feedback.

BetterBook becomes an ultimate pocket companion for instant hotel bookings with easy payments levying high-end user experience.

The Final Result

The final product of our research and technical efforts resulted in a mobile app - BetterBook. A hotel aggregator & booking app that provides an improved, immersive user experience with all the required information in one place. Based on the traveler's behavior, our strategized user flow ensures a seamless process with complete transactions.

Ability to generate revenue through service fees, subscriptions, and as a marketplace, it becomes a source of your business growth. Eventually, becoming the start and end of the user's hotel booking requirements.

Technology Stack

Swift 5.0

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