The tech industry is growing at a rapid pace, and the demand for web development is increasing. However, as per the latest stats, there is a global shortage of skilled developers. It is likely to increase even more in the future.

The talent shortage around the globe is likely to reach 85.2 million by the year 2030. So, you will have a tough time building an in-house development team. That is exactly why you must hire a dedicated development team.

Are you wondering whether hiring a dedicated software team is beneficial for you or not? Well, hiring dedicated development teams can cut short the lengthy hiring and onboarding process. It can also lower your costs significantly.

This article will cover everything to hire dedicated development team, including:

  • What is a dedicated development team?
  • Who are included in a dedicated development team?
  • In-house team vs. dedicated software development team
  • When should you hire a dedicated development team?
  • Benefits of hiring a dedicated development team
  • Top engagement models when hiring a dedicated development team
  • Things to keep in mind before hiring a dedicated software development team
  • Steps to hire a dedicated development team
  • Top hiring mistakes to avoid
  • Where to hire dedicated software development team?
  • Cost of hiring a dedicated development team

The core aim of the article is to make the process of hiring a dedicated development team simple and easy for you. Let’s dive in!

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

Before you hire dedicated development team, it is important to have a basic idea about the team. A dedicated dev team is basically a collaboration model consisting of an outsourced team of software developers. They are recruited for the development and implementation of long-term projects of companies.

The dedicated dev team is focused on addressing the specific challenges of the client. When you decide to hire a dedicated development team, you have the flexibility to select professionals based on your business goals. Moreover, the team is formed for a specific period of time.

The team is just like your in-house team with technical expertise. However, with a dedicated development team, you don’t have to worry about social benefits, HR, and tax. While you focus on your important business tasks, your development partners will take care of the rest.

Who are Included in a Dedicated Development Team?

When you decide to hire dedicated development team, you must have an idea of the members included. Here are the top specialists you can consider hiring.

Who are Included in a Dedicated Development Team

Mobile Developers

The use of mobile devices is increasing among people around the world. That is why there is a growing need to develop mobile applications for easy accessibility. Therefore, you must hire mobile developers in your dedicated development team.

Make sure the mobile developers are well-versed in the programming languages used for creating apps. Kotlin and Swift are among the widely used languages in recent times.

Backend Developers

The backend developers are focused on developing the business logic. It includes an application, a server, and a database. The professional must have experience in MongoDB, Node.js, and SQL databases.

Frontend Developers

The front-end developers focus on client-side development. They are responsible for making the applications appealing and interesting to grab the attention of the users. Ensure that the developers you hire have proficiency in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

QA Specialists

The QA specialists ensure the delivery of high-quality and flawless applications. They test the applications to identify and eliminate potential bugs. They are responsible for ensuring the optimal performance of the applications.

UI/ UX Designers

The design of the application is vital to attract more users and ensure optimum success. The UI/UX designer handles the designing part of the software. They aim to enhance overall customer experiences.

Business Analysts

The core job of business analysts is to understand the business of the clients, improve the processes, and make necessary changes to the development course. They identify potential business issues and develop strategies to address them. They also understand the needs of the customers and provide appropriate solutions.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers must also be a part of your dedicated development teams. They help in the identification of the right tools, set different processes, and automate code flow. They assist in streamlining your projects and enhancing performance efficiency.

Project Manager

When forming your dedicated development team, you can consider hiring a project manager too. The project manager is responsible for supervising the entire development process and providing reports of the completed tasks. They control and manage the software development process.

Solutions Architects

The solutions architects evaluate the technical solutions of your business. Moreover, they design and develop new solutions to enhance the workflow of businesses.

In-House Team vs. Dedicated Software Development Team

Are you considering whether it is better to hire an in-house or dedicated development team? Well, looking at the pros and cons of both can help you make the right choice.

In-House Team vs. Dedicated Software Development Team
First, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of in-house development teams.


  • Fast communication
  • Ability to build a specialist within the company
  • Attention to detail


  • Lack of expertise
  • HR issues
  • High operating cost
  • Complicated accounting
  • Compatibility issues among employees

Now, let’s explore the pros and cons of considering a dedicated development team for hire.


  • Access to a huge talent pool
  • No need to train employees
  • Low operating costs
  • No taxes
  • No salary cost
  • No lengthy hiring and onboarding process


  • Time difference
  • Communication issues

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By now, you must have clearly understood why more companies are opting to hire dedicated development teams.

When Should You Hire Dedicated Development Team?

Knowing when to hire dedicated development team is important. Here are the top situations you must consider working with dedicated development teams.

  • The business is in the early start-up stage and anticipates growth
  • The project is a large one
  • Many projects are to be completed
  • The quality of the software is crucial
  • The project requirements are not fixed and are likely to change
  • The budget limitations are not clearly defined
  • The deadline of the project is unknown.

Now that you know when to hire dedicated development teams, you must also have an idea of situations that do not require such hiring. Here are some top situations.

When Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Limited Budget and Time

Hiring dedicated development teams may not be a good idea if you have a limited budget and time. In such cases, you do not require a full-time project manager or designer. Instead, the fixed-price model can just be a perfect choice.

Middle and Short-term Projects

When you have small, short-term projects, you do not have to hire dedicated development teams. As the scope of the work has been clearly outlined, you just require people for the execution of the tasks. Therefore, the fixed price model or the time and material approach can be the ideal option.

Fully Defined Project Scope

Another situation when you may not hire dedicated teams is when the project scope is completely defined. In this case, the product features and plan of execution have been clearly defined. So, opting for the time and material model or the fixed-price model can help.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Hiring dedicated development teams can provide you with several benefits. Here are some of the most prominent benefits you must know. Let’s take a look!


In the present era, companies are searching for ways to cut costs and improve profits. When you choose to hire dedicated development team, you can save a lot on product development. You don’t have to cover expenses such as office space hiring, training, and onboarding the developers.

Access to a Huge Pool of Talent

With the in-house teams, the skills available at your disposal are quite limited. However, hiring dedicated development teams can provide you with limitless access to proficient tech talents. You can easily find expert developers with the required knowledge and experience for your development projects.

Easy Scalability

Scaling down or expanding is simple and easy with dedicated development teams. Depending on your specific requirement, you can hire new professionals or reduce the number of software developers. It ensures continuous workflow without any delay.

No Hiring Issues

When you choose to hire dedicated development team, you do not have to worry about any hiring issues. Outsourcing companies have their HR experts and recruiters. It saves you from the hassle of carrying out different HR-related activities.

Maximum Commitment

The dedicated development teams are solely committed to your project. They are completely focused on meeting all your software development requirements and addressing potential issues. As they are not engaged in any other task, they guarantee the delivery of high-quality software applications.

Easy Access to Vital Resources

For software development, a workspace with all necessary digital resources is required. However, if you opt to hire dedicated development team, there is no need to invest in costly software and hardware resources. The dedicated teams already have the required resources, thereby enabling greater savings.

Faster Time-to-market

With the dedicated development team, you can start your project right from day one. It lets you speed up the development process and launch the end product in less time. Besides, it can give you a competitive edge in the market and help you drive more traffic.

Complete Control of the Project

Many companies think that choosing dedicated development team for hire can affect the level of control on the project. However, it is not true. In fact, you have complete control over the delivery of the project.

The project manager in the dedicated team can provide you with regular updates about the process. As a result, you will be completely aware of the progress and make the desired changes when required.

Reliable Support

The work of the dedicated development teams does not end with designing and developing the product. Instead, they provide quality support even after the delivery of the final product. The dedicated team ensures that your product is up and running all the time without any issues.

Top Engagement Models When Hiring Dedicated Development Team

When you hire dedicated software development team, there are various engagement models available. You can select the right cooperation model based on your specific requirements. Let’s understand the three engagement models.


Do you have a clear understanding of your project requirements and want to gain complete control of the development process? If yes, the full-service model can be the ideal option for you. In this model, you can hire a dedicated development team offering all the services you would require in the development process.

Everything is taken care of by the team from the analysis of requirements to development and delivery. The team will consist of experts and specialists who will take up different roles and help complete the project.


If you already have specialists for your project, there is no need to hire an entire dedicated dev team. Instead, you can hire additional experts who can assist you with a specific task. That is exactly what the on-demand model is all about.

Whether you want assistance only with the design or development part, hiring specialists separately can help.


If you want experts to handle the maintenance task, this model is the apt choice for you. The dedicated maintenance team consists of backend and frontend developers, a lead engineer, a quality analyst, a project manager, and support staff. The team is committed to delivering the required support after the initial launch of the product.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team

Before you proceed to hire dedicated development team, there are several things you need to know. Here is the complete list. Let’s take a look!

An Idea of the Software Development Process

When you are in search of a dedicated development team for hire, having knowledge of the software development process is vital. Especially if you are a start-up company, it becomes all the more important. You must have a complete understanding of each and every minute detail of the process.

Knowing the software development process will enable you to understand the responsibilities of different specialists better. This, in turn, will help in avoiding potential misunderstandings and conflicts during the project.

Learn What the Specialists Can Do

Having an idea of the software development process is not enough. Instead, you also need to have a clear understanding of the job and responsibilities of different experts in the team. Moreover, you also need to have information about the experience and skills that the specialists must have.

All such information will enable you to interview the professionals better and select the right experts. It will also help in saving you valuable time in the future.

Know the Industry Trends and Practices

When you hire dedicated development team, being aware of the latest industry trends also matters. Gain insights into the technologies and programming languages that are currently trending. Moreover, also collect information about the testing tools that are being used in recent times.

Once you have knowledge of the trends, you can hire dedicated software development team who are well aware of the industry’s best practices. Ultimately, it will have a positive impact on your software development process.

Know the Terms and Conditions to Include in a Contract

When you hire dedicated software development team, preparing a contract is a must. However, several businesses do not have an idea of the things that go into the contract. Therefore, you must consider listing the items that must be included in the agreement.

First, make sure that the development costs are clearly mentioned in the contracts, along with detailed breakdowns. The invoicing and payment protocols must also be included. Moreover, information relating to possible discounts, warranty conditions, and credit periods must be listed.

Know the Importance of an NDA

No doubt, hiring dedicated development teams come with a lot of benefits. However, there are certain risks too. One of the risks is the chance of leakage of sensitive business information.

In order to reduce such risks, the ideal solution is to sign an NDA. By signing an NDA with the outsourcing company, you can protect the confidential information and intellectual property of your business. It helps in addressing potential security and trust issues.

Steps to Hire Dedicated Development Team

By now, you must have gained a comprehensive understanding of hiring a dedicated development team. It’s time to understand the exact hiring process. Want to get started with your search for a dedicated development team for hire?

In that case, here is a step-by-step guide you need to follow. Let’s begin

Steps to Hire Dedicated Development Team

Step 1: Define Your Business Goals

Many businesses simply get started with the hiring process even without having a clear idea of their actual goals. However, it is not the right approach to proceed. Your very first step should be defining your business goals or what you want to achieve. For instance, your goal may be to build brand awareness or increase the revenues of your business.

You should clearly define your project and have a product vision in mind. The dedicated development teams are external entities. So, it is quite obvious that they do not have any idea of your company culture, business goals, and processes.

Therefore, to ensure the success of the development project, they will rely on your input. Only when you have a clear understanding of the end goals, you will be able to convey the same to them. As a result, collaborating and working on the project will be simple and easy.

Step 2: Describe Your Requirements

Once you have clarity of the business goals, you need to describe your specific requirements. Make sure to list down the professionals who want in the dedicated development team. Also, mention the specific knowledge, skills, and experience that they must have.

Understanding the exact requirements can make it easy for you to hire the right dedicated development team. Apart from the requirements of the professionals, you also need to describe the business requirement, user requirements, and software requirements.

The business requirement is all about why the app is important for you. Make sure that the goals of the app are in line with your business objectives.

Understanding the user requirements start with describing the potential users of the application. Make sure to provide clear information about the exact problem of the users that you are aiming to solve. Also, list down how the users will interact with the application.

The software requirement tells about the ‘what’ of the application. It must provide a description of the functional requirements and specific features of the app. It will help the dedicated team to easily get started on the development process without any difficulty.

Step 3: Define Your Budget

The next step is to define the budget of your business. In this step, you need to mention how much you are willing to spend. Once you have decided on your budget, make sure to stick to it. Going beyond it can prove to be disastrous.

Try to establish the budget for the project and for hiring dedicated development teams. It will enable outsourcing agencies to find the right team for your business.

Step 4: Select a Cooperation Model

As discussed earlier, there are three engagement models for hiring dedicated development teams. In this step, you need to decide whether you require full-service, on-demand, or maintenance teams. Based on the staff you already have and the nature of your upcoming project, you can decide on the right model.

If you require a team of specialized experts to work on your project, consider choosing the full-service model. However, in case you want specialists for specific tasks only, select the on-demand model. Finally, if the product is ready and you just require support, hire the dedicated maintenance teams.

Step 5: Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations are one of the best ways of finding reliable and genuine dedicated teams for your project. If you know people who have hired a dedicated software development team in the past, ask for recommendations. It can save much of your time and allow you to get started on the project faster.

Apart from asking individuals for references, you can also get recommendations from different professional groups. However, make sure not to hire any recommended team on a random basis. Instead, inquire about them and research their credentials before hiring the team.

In case you do not know anyone who can provide you with recommendations, do not worry! You can count on the internet to find the best dedicated development team for your business.

Step 6: Conduct a Market Research

One of the important steps in finding dedicated dev teams is to research the market. An important point to note here is that you are not looking for a team. You are in search of a partner firm that can help you assemble a dedicated team.

Once you are clear with what you are looking for, you can start your search online. The internet results will provide you with a long list of software companies that can help you with your development needs. Make sure to evaluate each of the top companies to reach the right conclusion.

Step 7: Consider the Experience and Expertise

When you search over the internet, you are likely to come across a huge number of software companies that outsource dedicated teams. To shortlist the best partner firms, the first thing to consider is their experience. Take a look at the years for which the vendor has been in the software industry.

Higher is the number of years, the greater will be their expertise and experience. One of the main perks of collaborating with experienced vendors is that they have good knowledge of the domain. Moreover, they might have worked with hundreds of clients over the years.

It will enable them to easily understand your software development needs and assemble a dedicated team. To find out about the experience of the vendor, you can take a look at their official websites. It can provide you with valuable information about the software company.

Step 8: Go Through the Reviews of the Company

Reading online reviews of software companies can provide you with a lot of information about the vendors. It will give an idea of the general impression of previous clients on the company. It can also provide you with information about the services offered, problems that the vendors were able to solve, and much more.

Going through the online reviews will offer you a complete picture of the IT vendor. The feedback of the clients are verified by the review platforms. So, you can be rest assured about the genuineness of the reviews.

If you are able to connect with previous clients on a personal level, it is even better. It will enable you to get more information and decide whether the vendor is ideal for your business or not.

Make sure to shortlist the software vendors with maximum positive reviews. It will help you find the best dedicated teams for your development project.

Step 9: Take a Look at the Portfolio

Most of the reputed and reliable software vendors have a well-organized portfolio. When you are planning to hire dedicated software development team, consider asking for their portfolio. It will offer you a glance at the previous clients and projects that the company has handled.

Make sure to take a close look at each of the previous projects. It will allow you to understand what the vendor is actually doing. You will also get to know whether the expertise is helpful for your business or not.

Moreover, you will also get an idea about whether the company specializes in the field your business deals with. Partner with firms that have knowledge of the applications you are willing to develop.

Step 10: Create a Shortlist

Once you have evaluated the experience, read the reviews, and go through the portfolio, shortlisting the firms is easy. Create a list of vendors who can help you find the right dedicated development team for hire. Compare the vendors to reach a conclusion.

Step 11: Interview the Vendors

Before you finalize the software vendor to collaborate with, you must interview all the companies shortlisted. When conducting an interview, do not start asking questions right away. Instead, share your project requirements, business goals, and expectations first.

Then you can start asking questions about the skills and experience of the dedicated development teams. Ask as many questions as you want to gain clarity about their services. In addition to the technical skills, ensure that the professionals are approachable and have good time management skills.

Involve your tech experts in the interview. It will help in making the right decision.

Step 12: Understand the Company Policy

When you hire dedicated development team, understanding the policies of the company is important. Ensure that their policies are in line with your business goals and objectives. Having knowledge of the policies will help in making the collaboration easier and avoid the chance of potential conflicts.

Apart from the policy, you must also understand the working process of the vendors. Ensure they have high-security standards to protect your sensitive information from going into the wrong hands.

Step 13: Consider the Price

Software vendors will charge you differently for helping you hire dedicated software development team. So, price becomes important factor to consider. Make sure to choose an agency that offers you services within your budget.
However, in the case of exception services, you may think of going a little over the set budget. But be sure to make your decisions wisely.

Step 14: Sign a Contract

Once you have a comprehensive understanding of the vendors and the services they offer, it is time to finalize one. You can get started with product development with the selected dedicated development team. However, before starting work, you must sign a contract with the vendor.

The contract must include all the terms and conditions of both parties. Right from the scope of the project to the different tasks, expectations, and budget, everything must be mentioned. Signing the contract will help in avoiding any conflicts in the later stage of software development.

Step 15: Sign an NDA

Signing a contract is not sufficient. You must also get your partner firm to sign an NDA. Your ideas are valuable. So, signing an NDA is vital.

An NDA provides legal protection for your business information and intellectual rights. It prevents others from stealing your valuables. Signing an NDA obliges the software vendor to secure your sensitive information and prevent any potential leakage of data to other third parties.

Step 16: Set KPIs

The final step is to set KPIs for your software development project. When you hire dedicated software development team, monitoring the tasks of the specialists can be tough. An ideal solution is to establish appropriate KPIs.

It will enable you to track progress and measure performance. It will enable you to assess the effectiveness of the dedicated development teams.

Apart from these steps, you must also evaluate the transparency of your partner firms. Make sure to collaborate with a firm that is honest in all dealings. They must be transparent about their processes and communicate everything clearly to the clients.

It will help you stay in the loop and understand the progress of product development better. The steps involved in hiring dedicated teams may seem to be lengthy. However, following this approach can help you get the best team for successful development.

With the right dedicated team of developers, you will able to launch flawless and high performing applications. It will help in enhancing your reputation in the market and drive better revenues.

Top Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

When you hire dedicated development team, there are chances of potential errors. Here is a list of top hiring mistakes that you must avoid. Let’s take a look!

Top Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Ignoring Relevant Experience

While hiring dedicated development teams, companies often overlook the relevant experience of the team members. However, it can have a negative impact on your development process. Each of the team members, including the project manager, developer, and designer, must have adequate experience in the field.

Make sure your dedicated team does not consist of members with limited knowledge and just a few years of experience. Moreover, even if the professional has the required experience but uses irrelevant or outdated technologies, avoid working with them. Hiring such professionals will not only affect the product development but also your business revenues.

Overlooking Relations among the Team Members

Having the right knowledge and skills is not sufficient. When choosing a dedicated development team for hire, you must also consider the relationship among the team members. If the members are not able to cooperate and collaborate, it will have a direct impact on your product.

So, it is vital to ensure that the team members have a good relationship with each other. The members with the same goal and vision can make up the best team.

Not Communicating with the Team

When you hire dedicated development team, no doubt, you will explain to them your requirements. However, your job doesn’t end there. Many companies do not communicate with the dedicated team after hiring them.

If you think of communication with the team just at the beginning and then at the end of the project, the outcomes may not be positive. It might give rise to a number of issues that are simply irreversible. Therefore, it is important to collaborate and communicate with the dedicated development teams on a regular basis.

It will enable you to stay updated about the progress and see whether the development is being carried out as required. Moreover, it will provide you with an opportunity to discuss work problems with the dedicated team.

Team Isolation

Team isolation is another significant mistake that you must avoid. Only when the team works together, you can be sure of successful software development. So, make sure that the members of the dedicated development team collaborate and communicate with each other regularly.

Even if they live across different time zones, regular meetings are important. It will help each of the team members to remain in the loop and understand the process.

Hiring the Cheapest Solution Provider

In order to save more on costs, companies often partner with firms that provide the services at the cheapest prices. However, it is actually not a smart move. You may save on your costs, but you will have to suffer in terms of product quality.

Therefore, make sure not to choose the cheapest software partners always. Instead, look for firms that can meet your requirements the best and guarantee the delivery of top-notch software development. Even if it requires you to spend a little extra than your set budget, it is worth investing.

Lack of Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities

Another mistake that the companies commit is not outlining the roles and responsibilities of team members clearly. This can result in overlapping roles and give rise to a lot of confusion. As a result, software development might get delayed.

Therefore, once you hire dedicated development team, make sure to communicate their individual roles and responsibilities. Delegating the right task to the right team member will ensure the optimum success of the project.

Where to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team?

Are you wondering where you will find the dedicated development team for hire? Well, there are plenty of options available for you. Based on your specific development needs, you can make the right choice. Let’s take a quick glance at the prominent options!

Where to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team


GoodFirms is one of the top platforms that allows you to hire dedicated software development team. It can help you connect with software development experts from different parts of the globe. The professionals have the requisite knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist you in software development.


Clutch is another prominent platform that can help you in meeting your dedicated development team hiring needs. It offers helpful reviews and ratings of more than 7,000 companies. So, you will be able to explore and read the reviews and feedback of several clients.

As a result, you will able to partner with the best vendor that offers quality services.

IT Firms

When you want to build dedicated development teams, IT firms can also be an excellent go-to option for you. Make sure to collaborate with experienced IT firms who have adequate knowledge of software development. eSparkBiz is a reliable IT outsourcing company in India that can cater to all your requirements when it comes to creating and delivering successful and state-of-the-art software solutions.

Cost of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Last but not least, you would definitely want to know about the cost of hiring dedicated development teams. The cost of hiring differs from vendor to vendor. The price to hire dedicated developers is quite simple and easy to understand.

As the team members are hired on an hourly basis, they are paid for the number of hours worked. You do not have to worry about other expenses such as electricity bills, taxes, and equipment. All you need to do is pay for the team.

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However, there are several factors that determine the cost. Here are some of the factors affecting the cost of hiring a dedicated development team.

Cost of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


The location of the developers is an important factor affecting the cost. For instance, developers in Eastern Europe may charge somewhere between USD 30 to 80 an hour, while in South America, the charge can be around USD 30 to 55 an hour. In India, professional developers charge an average rate of USD 15 an hour, making them a more preferred and popular choice.

Below is a region-wise average developer rate table we have preferred for better understanding.

Country Average rate
Russia USD 30/hr
Ukraine USD 37/hr
Brazil USD 51/hr
Poland USD 40/hr
United States USD 71/hr
India USD 15/hr


The experiences of the members of the dedicated team also matter. The higher the experience of the team members, the more will be the cost of hiring them.

Project Complexity

Project complexity is also a vital factor that affects the cost of hiring. If you have a complex software development project that is time-consuming, the cost will be higher.

Number of Specialists

The number of specialists in the dedicated development team will also impact the cost. The more the number of specialists, the higher the cost will be.


By now, you must have gained a comprehensive idea about hiring dedicated software development teams. It’s time to get started with the hiring process. Given the cost of developers from different countries, India shall be the most convenient choice for your business. The country ranks at the fourth position in the number of IT specialists. And besides reasonable pricing, the services the developers offer in India are top-rated and of high-quality.

Collaborating with a reputed outsourcing company in India, like eSparkBiz, can help you avail the most efficient team of experts who can develop top-notch software applications per your requirement. We know how to bring together dedicated teams that’ll do the work efficiently and offer quality services in the least possible time.

Our professionals ensure that they keep you updated about the project’s progress and manage the entire development process by following the latest industry trends and practices. We have thorough expertise in mobile app development, web design & development, full stack development, SaaS development, and more. Get in touch with us today to know more!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why hire dedicated development teams?

    Hiring dedicated development teams can help start-ups or even established enterprises build efficient software applications. Moreover, the professionals can help in reducing hiring time, lower operational costs, and provide access to qualified developers.

  2. What is the main job of dedicated development teams?

    The dedicated development teams help with the UI and UX design, writing the codes, developing the application, testing it, and ensuring its maintenance with regular updates.

  3. How much does it cost to hire a dedicated dev team?

    The cost to hire dedicated developers varies from one region to another. The average developer annual rate in the US is around USD 58,000, while in France, it's about USD 37,000. India is a more feasible option, with an average rate of around USD 28,000 per annum.