With online platforms being famous for exploring new business opportunities, many business owners now plan to launch their company website.

Laravel, since its release in 2011, has advanced and become a popular PHP framework worldwide, gaining over 136mn GitHub downloads.

Github stars of top PHP framework

That’s because both Laravel developers and businesses acknowledge this framework for its wealth of state-of-the-art features and capabilities.

When we speak of simplifying app and web development without compromising performance or functionality, Laravel makes a great choice. Presently, Laravel is the most promising technology for creating web apps and web pages.

However, the question that arises here is whether you should opt for Laravel outsourcing or build an in-house developer team. Laravel development outsourcing, undeniably, is the ideal choice as it offers several advantages. But if you are still confused, then this post is for you.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how outsourcing is the right approach and when and how you should do it.

Why Is Outsourcing Laravel Development Better Than In-House Developers?

When it comes to in-house Laravel development, you’ll have to recruit developers and other employees, which is a messy and long process. You’ll also have to build an infrastructure that supports Laravel so your in-house staff can work efficiently.

Additionally, you’ll have to pay them wages even if they do not have any tasks or work. That makes in-house development much more costly.

On the other hand, when you outsource Laravel app development services, you only have to pay for the developer’s working hours. Plus, you don’t have to build a separate infrastructure to work with Laravel.

Although Laravel is a cost-efficient PHP framework, it delivers results that surpass expectations. Hence, hiring exceptional Laravel development outsourcing services makes a better choice than in-house developers.

This is also a major reason several foreign clients outsource Laravel developers in India. Hiring a reputed Laravel development company in India, like eSparkBiz, allows you to build high-quality apps at affordable prices.

What Other Benefits Do You Get from Outsourcing Laravel Development?

Still wondering what makes Laravel outsourcing worth it. That’s the topic we will be covering next. Listed below are some strong reasons to outsource your Laravel development project. So, let’s dive in.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Laravel Development

Time-effective solution:

Outsourcing Laravel app development is time-saving. Hiring staff and establishing a strong infrastructure requires ample time. However, when you outsource Laravel developers, the professionals ensure that your project gets completed on time.

They have the experience and resources required to finish projects by the set deadlines.

Access to top technology and talent:

Nowadays, finding an ideal combination of technology and talent is difficult. While creating a product, there are many requirements you need to fulfill, which necessitates the guidance of a professional.

Laravel outsourcing gives you instant access to a pool of top talent and technology in the field. The experts don’t just work on the project but also guide you in surpassing any difficulties that might arise during development.


The increasing number of cyberattacks is a growing concern among governments and businesses worldwide. For this reason, outsourced Laravel developers carry out thorough tests at each phase of the development process.

They test all lines of code before including them in the final product. Additionally, the developers write customized tests to analyze the app or website’s functionality.

Besides the current package, a few Laravel outsourcing companies also offer additional layers of safety against any possible cyber threat.

eSparkBiz has a team of skilled Laravel developers you can hire to get secure websites/apps suiting your commercial enterprise needs. Get in touch today to learn more about our services.

One-stop solution:

Laravel development companies are considered an all-in-one solution for businesses. They are capable of handling everything, from product designing to testing and development.

You don’t have to hire different employees for different tasks when you outsource Laravel development. The Laravel development company will take care of everything on your behalf.

Besides, a few companies also offer a wide variety of services, including digital consulting and cloud services.

High-quality output:

Most India-based Laravel app development companies, such as eSparkBiz, hire only skilled Laravel developers to deliver high-quality output to clients. 

They employ agile methodologies and follow a well-defined workflow. That ensures that the Laravel development process runs smoothly, without any hindrances.

Additionally, several tests are conducted to determine if the product development meets customer expectations. If it fails, the outsourced developers fix the product and ensure it’s completely functional.


Transparency is yet another amazing trait of Laravel development outsourcing. That’s because when there is complete transparency between the two parties involved, there’ll be better client coordination during development.

Trusted outsourced Laravel developers establish clear reporting schedules, communication practices, and weekly/daily meetings with the client. That way, there is an assurance that not just the client but even customer expectations are met bit by bit.

Quality Assurance:

In most cases, in-house developers don’t have the time to conduct extensive quality assurance testing, which makes outsourcing a better choice.

A Laravel outsourcing company can assist you with timely updates, API installations, automatic and manual testing, and more. That way, the professionals take care of app or website maintenance and help free you from this stress.

We even offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your product remains up-to-date and offers the best possible user experience.


Lastly, when you outsource Laravel application development services, you provide greater flexibility to your in-house employees. That helps them focus on their strengths and work hard to make your business grow faster and reach new heights of success.

Bonus Benefit: You can also outsource only a portion of your Laravel project:

If you’re unable to tap a certain portion of your project, you can have only that segment outsourced to a Laravel development agency. That could include adding migration services or new features, bug fixing, API development, etc.

A few people do not realize that Laravel outsourcing isn’t unyielding. Creating the whole project through outsourced professionals can be too expensive for some businesses. However, they can still utilize their expertise by hiring them just for a specific project segment.

When Should You Consider Outsourcing Laravel Development?

Laravel is devised to be rewarding and easy, which has helped make it a preferred choice for web app creation. Additionally, it has an expressive and beautiful syntax that always attracts businesses aiming to build enticing web apps.

Below, we’ll look at a few places wherein Laravel development outsourcing actually helps and should be used.

Startups and Beginners:

Laravel is a robust, accessible, and easy-to-use framework for young developers. It has an extensive community of developers, Laracasts, comprehensive tutorials, and other helpful tools such as Valet, Vapor, Spark, Lumen, and others.

Businesses specializing in backend and data management:

CRM platforms and content-based app development are the two best examples. Laravel can be used in two ways here. Either combine the framework with an existing CMS or develop a CMS from scratch with high performance and scalability.

Business Development:

The microservices architecture of Laravel makes it an ideal option for both small- and medium-scale businesses. This feature makes it easy to create websites that support immediate real-time updates quickly.

Enterprise-level web applications:

Such apps are a clear necessity for all commercial enterprises. Laravel outsourcing is the best option for industries like media, eCommerce, healthcare, and those having high-traffic sites or requiring data processing.

Laravel offers features that make it stand out from the other available PHP frameworks. These include Service Container, backed-in systems, and Event Broadcasting.

Steps to Follow Before You Outsource Laravel Development:

The journey to outsourcing your Laravel development project isn’t as easy as it seems. However, by following the steps listed below, you will be able to hire a reliable Laravel outsourcing company.

Steps to Follow Before You Outsource Laravel Development

Understand your project needs:

Before you outsource Laravel development, ensure that you know your project needs. Many businesses fail to analyze their needs, which leads to blunders and major losses. Therefore, it is crucial to know what you will create with Laravel.

Once you know your needs, a professional Laravel developer can provide you with a great outcome. However, make sure to discuss your requirements with outsourced Laravel developers clearly so they can build the solution you desire.

Don’t outsource in a hurry:

Outsourcing the best Laravel development company takes time. Businesses generally opt for the first service provider they see. However, that could turn out to be your biggest mistake that you will regret later for sure. 

Shortlisting the finest companies is highly recommended. Next, screen them, conduct interviews, and select the best.

Go through their portfolio:

A knowledgeable and qualified Laravel development service provider should post their previous work online. These portfolios show their past projects and how good they are at their job.

Their work portfolio will reveal what they are capable of. It will also help you determine if the service provider is reliable enough to outsource Laravel development projects.

Check website reviews and testimonials:

Once you are done evaluating the Laravel development company portfolios, look at their online testimonials and ratings. Check their service grade and quality.

Go through the prior clientele reviews posted on directories or third-party websites. That will help you get detailed information about the company you plan to outsource Laravel development.

Gaining firsthand knowledge from previous clients can also prove to be helpful. Have the track record of the Laravel company verified by talking to its past clients. Moreover, have a look at the company website to know more.

Ask the cost:

Another significant factor to consider when you outsource Laravel app development services is the cost. Knowing the cost of hiring Laravel developers will help you finalize the budget for your project and avoid unwanted expenses later.

Typically, the average cost for hiring a Laravel app developer from an outsourced company begins at $20 an hour. However, the rates vary significantly in different companies and regions.

Here is a quick region-wise overview of the average hourly pay rates:

Region Hourly Rate Range
South America $20-$50
North America $29-$100
Asia $18-$40
Europe $21-$66
Australia $25-$100
Africa $20-$50

You can save on development costs to a significant extent if you outsource Laravel developers in India. The Laravel developer hourly rate in India is about $18-$25, which is relatively low compared to the other regions.

Their technology stack:

The tech stack illustrates the methodical approach of a software developer. It lists the technologies and tools utilized to create apps and websites. This data can help you know if you are outsourcing the correct Laravel development service provider.

Clear communication:

Language plays a crucial role when you outsource Laravel development. You must ascertain that the outsourcing service provider has a developer team with great language and communication skills.

This will prevent communication barriers which otherwise might cause misunderstanding or confusion. Plus, it will also simplify discussing new ideas and initiatives with them.

Look for expert developers:

The Laravel outsourcing company should have experts in its team. Though Laravel is a simple and easy framework, not anyone is skilled enough to use it efficiently. Many Laravel development companies fail to offer the correct output because of this.

Hence, ensure that you outsource your Laravel development project to a company that has skilled IT professionals in its crew.

Interview developers:

If you think a Laravel development company is the right fit for your project, interview its developers. Have a one-on-one conversation with them before you hire laravel developers as it will help you evaluate the experience, communication and technical skills of the outsource Laravel developers.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the evaluation, make a decision and select the finest one among the shortlisted candidates.


Another crucial thing to consider when you outsource Laravel development for your project is flexibility. Ascertain that the company you finalize can adjust or adapt to changes mid-project. The service provider should be able to assist you if you two are working in different time zones.

Roles and Responsibilities to Look for In an Outsourced Laravel Developer

Before heading to the responsibilities and roles, below are a few integral qualities to consider in an outsourced Laravel developer.

Roles and Responsibilities to Look for In an Outsourced Laravel Developer

Web development skills:

Laravel developers should be aware of basic web development technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Not having the fundamentals of web development can lead to a poor Laravel product that doesn’t meet your needs.

Data Management Skills:

The company you outsource Laravel development to should be able to manage database systems. This means its developers should organize all data from your company website and make sharing information easy for the end-users.

Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle 12c are a few broadly used data management systems.

Understanding MVC:

As Laravel follows an MVC architectural pattern, getting started with the framework becomes easy. However, it is essential to keep in mind that all the frameworks are ‘object-oriented.’ Therefore, Laravel developers should be well aware of the methods, classes, objects, and traits.

Knowledge of Project Management Frameworks:

Project management frameworks provide a methodology to produce successful outputs. Laravel developers must focus on the processes, tools, and tasks required to finish a project. Hence, this skill should be considered when you outsource Laravel application development services.

Role of Laravel Developer:

An exemplary Laravel developer should:

  • Expertise in creating themes, plugins, or apps for WordPress, Shopify or other open-source platforms.
  • Have experience and expertise in web programming.
  • Be well-versed with jQuery, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX and debugging skills.
  • Have the skill to prioritize and manage multiple tasks. 
  • Be familiar with third-party APIs like Google API, Facebook API, oAuth, and payment gateways such as PayPal.
  • Have sufficient open-source software development and implementation experience.

Responsibilities of Laravel Developer:

The major responsibilities of a Laravel developer include:

  • Talking with the development team and client about the Laravel project’s goal.
  • Testing the backend and user functionality.
  • Scaling the Laravel project according to the client’s feedback.
  • Building and designing efficient web apps.
  • Ensuring smooth and easy operation of the integrations.
  • Debugging build issues and solving troubleshoots.
  • Ascertaining proper app maintenance and support.
  • Recording, analyzing, and reporting the work to the client.
  • Presenting the work to the client during meetings.

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Wrapping Up:

So far, it’s quite clear that when you outsource Laravel development, you get the finest talent working on your project. In fact, outsourcing Laravel developers is the best option as it’s far less time-consuming and costly than hiring in-house developers.

With Laravel considered an ideal PHP framework, outsource Laravel developers are taking over the internal teams. If you plan to outsource your Laravel project to a company in India, connect with eSparkBiz.

We’re your most reliable and trusted choice for outsourcing your Laravel development project. Our experts can offer you versatile, scalable, and high-performance Laravel solutions that fulfill all your needs. Reach out to us for more details and additional assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why is Laravel the most preferred PHP framework?

    The proven MVC architectural pattern, unit testing, faster loading, and autoloading features make Laravel stand out from other PHP frameworks. This framework helps develop quick, feature-packed, and efficient websites and web apps.

  2. How much time does it take to develop apps using Laravel?

    A few crucial factors estimate the time to create an app using Laravel. These include quality, creativity, project requirements, and the developer's skillset. Ideally, it can take 1-3 weeks or 3-4 weeks to develop Laravel apps based on these aspects.

  3. How do I choose the finest Laravel developers?

    With several options available nowadays, choosing the best outsource Laravel developers who comprehend your business needs can be challenging. To make things easy, ensure that the Laravel app development company you pick has:

    Sufficient years of industry experience

    Over 50 Laravel project development experience

    Collaborated with clients from 5 to 10 different countries, at least

    Additionally, ensure that the outsource Laravel development company also offers these services:

    Maintenance and support for Laravel eCommerce API development

    Laravel on-demand web development

    Services for Laravel Migration, Laravel Updates, and Laravel Extension Development