Python is a high level, modern, web, and application development program, which is the talk of the software town. It is the top choice of most dedicated programmers associated with developing software. Today,  we’re going to talk about the cost of Building Web Apps With Python.

Python came into being in 1989 and became popular in the early 2000s. Today, most modern applications, Machine Learning algorithms, Bots, AI software, Cloud Infrastructure have Python as their foundation.

The advent of Python made millions of programmers learn this technology. They adopted the new styles of coding, familiarized with the syntax, libraries and functions, and built some great apps.

Building web apps with Python has its costs, but once you master the skill of designing a breakthrough application, the money is well worth spent.

In this article, readers will be able to gauge the cost of devising an application with Python in detail.

Cost To Build Website With Python

Compared to other low and mid-level languages that we normally use for development, python offers the maximum benefits. That’s why there is so much demand for any Top Class Python Development Company.

In fact, Python is one of the top programs languages of 2019, as per IEEE Spectrum.

Python Stats

Here’s a list of benefits that you get if you opt for the Python programming language:

  • Python facilitates support to third-party modules and platforms.
  • It has an open-source license which means we can use it for free.
  • Python presents a future of possibilities for developers.
  • It has an extensive library of readymade codes.
  • It boosts the speed and productivity of development.
  • With python, developers can execute the code parallelly typing them.
  • Completion of command can happen in a new line in Python.

Skills & Qualities Of A Good Python Developer

Python demands a basic skill set from developers to make stunning applications. It is not hard to grasp the OOPs concepts of python.

However, below mentioned are a few skills which a python developer should possess for Building Web Apps With Python:

  • Must surmise the underlying theories and concepts of Python.
  • Own talents and understanding concerning Python web frameworks like Django.
  • Grasps Object-Oriented programming characteristics.
  • Able to operate on front-end technologies such as Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.
  • Accustomed to server-side templating languages.
  • Capability to build websites with Python, mobile applications, software, etc.
  • Familiar with database integration.

Things To Consider While Calculating Python Web Development Cost

It requires a lot of brainstorming to produce a good application and deploy it successfully. Shortage of budget is a preliminary reason why several projects are wrapped up midway.

That is why developers are curious to know different things they should consider while estimating the cost of web app development.

Below listed are a few points to consider to determine the Python cost:

  • Know the end product that you want to build. You and your team must have a clear understanding of all the requirements to build websites with python.
  • Calculate and estimate the charges of conducting each step of the process.
  • How much money you need depends on the platform where you want to build.
  • Fix some amount of money as unknown Python costs.
  • The cost of paying the team members who conduct the operations of the project like the development team, designing team, testing team, the support team have their individual costs to make an application run properly.
  • Cost based on the time that is spent on developing, deploying, and providing support to the application.
  • The charges of customizing certain features in the application post-production.

Factors That Affect To Build A Web App With Python

Features & Functionalities

The value associated with any development activity is a dynamic entity. It is difficult to estimate a single value as the features and functions vary from one project to another.

For instance, when you Build a Website with Python it contains diverse characteristics like display features, functionality, and connectivity to the webserver.

Clients who request the development set the complexity of these applications. Some apps have elaborate features and thus lead to a very high development charge.

The closing charge of the web app depends upon specific conditions that your client wants you to provide. Sometimes they ask you to produce details regarding the number and sorts of features expected in the web application.

This fundamental perception fits in the event of Python web app development too. Consequently, the Python cost is chiefly influenced by the traits, features, the usage, that the app would present the users with.


Budget is another key aspect that directly contributes to the success of the development project. The ultimate price of your web application must align with the budget fixed earlier.

Usually, the final cost (value) of the web app is around 1.2 to 1.5 times costlier than the tentative budget decided initially.

Team members should work in juxtaposition to realise that they do not breach the maximum budget during any stage of the project development. Even then, the final price is marginally higher than what we decide at first.

Several other factors like the total time the team has worked, the complexity of the app, and some hidden costs increases the original cost. A standard Python web application costs no less than a benchmark value of around $3000.

Design Cost

Programmers who develop the Python web application need to acquire a domain name for hosting the website. With this, all the essential website data are deposited on a hosting server.

This process adds more value to the invoice. Moreover, the templates, designs, and website layouts petitioned by the clients also impact the concluding price of the app. Web designers walk an extra mile to tailor personalized designs or pay for premium design templates.

Development Cost

The development cost is the biggest cost associated with the final value of a Python application. The project team includes front-end architects, back-end coders, testers or quality assurance individuals, who validate the final app.

A web development company charges between $3000-$30,000 for a Python web application from its clients.

If it burns a hole in your pocket, then you can alternatively prefer giving the project to a freelance Python developer, at a much cheaper hourly rate compared to the development company. Choose freelancers wisely based on their intelligence and expertise.

Maintenance Cost

Each application goes through several layers of development by multiple team members who have to maintain the cost. The application that developers create is live on a platform or on the client network.

The application, being a human creation, can run into errors from time to time. It may require changes, updates, bug fixes, and scheduled maintenance. A support and maintenance team is always there to look after such issues. The cost to them is the maintenance cost.

Location Of Agency

Location of the agency has significance in the price of the final product. Hourly charges in countries like India and UAE are lesser than the first world countries.

Location of the agency plays a vital role in deciding the cost of Building Web Apps With Python.

Indian developers make 20 – 30 USD per hour while the same in the USA and Canada make 100 – 150 USD.

Location Rates
India $15-25
USA $95-145
Canada $95-145
UK $45-95
UAE $25-55

Scaling A Product

Once the Python program is deployed, the development team gets a response to the job done based on how the program functions.

If there is a positive response, the client calls for an extension of the product’s feature set, make changes in the user experience, and scale up the app server to sustain an abundance of users at a time.

Scalability adds up to the post-production costs associated with a python project. Python frameworks are designed to scale well once the business idea is accepted. Scalability allows doing everything that needs an addition to the existing features of the application.

Feature Changes & Customization

Feature changes add unique custom features in the main application which makes it different from others in the race. These custom enhancements are intricate and take a lot of patience and precision. The costs associated are not comprehensible from the start.

Considering the platform on which we build the app, a web app may have a primary mobile app in the future. Such costs are added to the invoice as we exercise technology and manpower to reuse some of the algorithms and produce the changes.


Some python apps are more protected helping developers bypass common security mistakes. Default security features, like CSRF indications, customer password hashing, authentication and permission modules, or even scripts that will check with a security listing before deployment.

Supplementary costs are generated if any systematic security stratagems are required. Django frameworks thus ease the development club with the assignment.

Front-End & Back-End

The versatile programming language Python functions as a server-side or back end language only. We cannot use it to develop the web pages of a web application.

Thus, there is an additional cost to use another script in producing the front end developments. Otherwise, we can use Python frameworks like Django to design the front end of our application. The expense of producing a python app may inflate somewhat.

Outsourcing or Local Development: Which Is Best?

You must know that when you Build Web App with Python it is not easy. You have to rack your brains and strain your neck sitting all day in front of a computer and even then it might look impossible.

If you have a team, then you are good to go. A client always prefers to hand over a python project to a functional team, who can code and deploy the program well within the deadline.

If you don’t have a team you can outsource your work to other freelancers who can work collaboratively with you and complete the project. Local outsourcing is cheaper and helps in easier tracking and communication.

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Predicting the cost of an application is not simple arithmetic. Most of the factors that lay a profound effect on our evaluations are discussed in this article. If you are also planning to build a website on Python, wait no more, hire python developers from eSparkBiz, and give your dreams a shape.

Tech giants like Instagram, The Washington Times, and Mozilla are doing careful research every day before investing in a python project. In your business, you will also be able to research properly and make a tentative invoice to your client.

Count every step cautiously and you’ll finish your project without burning a hole in your pocket.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it proves to be of great help. Thank you.!

Harikrishna Kundariya

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Are The Factors That Affect Cost To Build A Python Website?

    There are many factors that you need to keep in mind while calculating the cost to build a python website. They are as listed below:

    Features & Functionalities
    Design Cost
    Development Cost
    Maintenance Cost
    Location Of Agency

  2. What Are The Things To Consider While Calculating The Cost Of Python?

    Things to keep in mind while calculating the cost of python web app:

    Think about the end product
    Check estimation of each level
    Consider the platform
    Consider the team who will work on the project
    Consider the unknowns which may come

  3. Why You Should Choose Python For Web App Development?

    There are many benefits that you get with the Python programming language. Some of the most renown is as follows:

    Easy to use and understand
    Open-source platform
    Support for internet protocols
    Extended library support