Python is a highly-interpreted, general-purpose programming language focusing on code readability. It has neat and clean syntax and is versatile too. You can also use Python for AI development as the language is capable of building cognitive applications.

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Python is one of the oldest programming languages which comes with numerous updates and modifications. Our python development team has prepared this extensive list of essential pros and cons of Python Web App Development, which need to be considered before beginning the project.

Pros of Python Web App Development

Pros Of Python

Less Coding & More Functions

Python is a preferred programming language across the globe as it requires minimal coding for executing heavy tasks. You can build prototypes and test out ideas using Python, which saves a lot of time and money.
In addition, learning or understanding Python is not rocket science. If you watch a few tutorials, then you would be able to grasp and start building projects easily.

Huge Community Support

The community is wide and vigilant. Any queries, questions, or concerns are resolved on time. Top Python developers are well equipped to deliver a quality contribution to the language. The community is also considered to be one of the best in the world.

Library Support

Library support is one of the core pillars of Python as it can extensively build web apps, game apps, and also machine learning high-level apps.

The libraries include the Internet, web service tools, operations, strings, protocols, and OS interfaces. Also, you can reap the benefits of Python web app development libraries.


Python is filled with rich frameworks that ensure rapid and swift web app development. The selection of frameworks depends on the requirement of the projects. The developers need not worry as it is easily accessible and simple to construct applications.

Moreover, the community of Python has been considerate to newbie tech ninjas who might be able to face challenges, and that is the reason why frameworks like Django and Flask are created to help the new entrants in the web app development industry.

High-Level Programming Language

As we all know, Python turns out to be the most versatile and high-level programming language. The construction of IoT applications is easily executable. The developers can construct radios, games, phones, cameras, and many more things by using Raspberry Pi.

Affordable Programming Language

Python is best suitable for startups as well as organizations that are looking for pocket-friendly solutions. The programming language is finely tuned to accomplish the desired at a much faster pace. It turns out to be an ideal option for the one who wants to start their business with minimal capital.

Cons of Python Web App Development

Cons Of Python

Doesn’t perform on mobile

Python is sluggish when it comes to mobile computing as compared to desktop or servers. Also, it becomes weaker while developing mobile apps.

Developers opt for other programming languages for building mobile applications because Python doesn’t perform satisfactorily. In fact, they are sticking traditional >Mobile App Development Tools for this purpose.


Python makes use of an interpreter instead of a compiler, which normally other programming languages use for project development. This is the reason why Python is found to be slow. Also, you can say that this is one of the cons of Python app development.

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Memory Usage

Python consumes a lot of memory in developing heavy applications. It doesn’t work under restricted memory usage. Also, the flexibility of the data type utilizes a lot of memory. When opting for the programming language that consumes less memory and executes more tasks, Python turns out to have the biggest disadvantage of Python web app development.

Mobile & Game Development Not Possible

Python is not advisable for mobile and game app development as it utilizes more memory. Due to the slow-building of applications, it is not advisable suggestible to construct a mobile or gaming application using Python.

Simplicity Is A Problem

The simple syntax makes programmers fond of it, and that can be a hurdle for them too. If the programmer who has worked constantly on Python is suddenly asked to write codes for other programming languages, then it would become difficult for him/her.

Error Detection Problem

Python uses an interpreter instead of the compiler, which creates a problem in detecting bugs. The compiler executes the tasks faster as well as helps in detecting and debugging.

Moreover, the testing of the task also becomes a major problem in Python. The interpreter helps in executing the testing of the codes.


Python is a unanimous choice for developing websites and server applications. The article states two sides of a coin, and that becomes a deciding factor to opt for the programming language or not. The pros and cons of Python Web App Development deliver the exact idea of why to and why not to use the Python programming language.

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