ReactJS is a Javascript open-source framework that is built and backed by the social media king, Facebook. It builds phenomenal user interfaces for Single-Page applications. Ever since its inception, it has evolved and has been preferred by many large organizations.

The reason why ReactJS is popular is because of its numerous benefits such as,

  • Less Coding
  • Builds Native App With React Native
  • Usage of Single Components
  • Builds Enticing UI
  • Rendering Performance

Additionally, It caters to tailor-made as well as dynamic requirements of the clients by building projects using the latest and updated technologies.

According to a recent survey, the US tops the country list of trusting & leveraging ReactJS for its web-app development, followed by the other developed nations. Premium React Development Company highly prefer ReactJS for their frontend development solutions as it possess rich library support which makes the development process easier as well as effective.

Building web-apps with angular or any other frameworks was burdensome as it demanded a lot of time in coding, whereas ReactJS has turned out to be a blessing to the app programmers. It has not only saved time for the developers but also has helped them with the reusability of codes, which means the agile development of software.

As we have seen how ReactJS contributes in the IT industry, let’s see the features and advantages of ReactJS:

Key Features of ReactJS

Features of ReactJS


The reason behind the sleek performance of ReactJS is Virtual DOM. It is an advancement in technology to boost performance. The virtual DOM is a modern replica of actual DOM, i.e., a programming API that deals with a tree-like structure, which includes XML, HTML, or XHTML.

The programmers felt daunted with the updates in DOM as it slows down the performance. The performance was a major issue, and that’s the reason why there was an invention of virtual DOM. The advanced approach automatically updates itself with the changes that take place in the actual DOM. 


ReactJS is a simple and easy to learn web framework. It follows a component-based method wherein any change in a single component would not affect the other component of the application.

The framework utilizes JSX files to either write or add HTML in React. Also, the use of single-components makes it stand apart from the others. This feature has allured many large organizations such as Netflix, Paypal, and many more.

Easy to Learn

ReactJS is not rocket science. Anyone with a basic knowledge of web app development could learn it quickly. It is one of the prominent features of React JS.
React JS-cta-first


Building SEO friendly applications was always one of the pitfalls of Javascript Frameworks. The heavy-apps built using JS were unable to be optimized by Google, and that’s the reason it lost rank in the search engine.

This came into notice of the popular social networking site, Facebook. It has grabbed the opportunity of being the first to build such a framework that will be SEO friendly. And that’s where the ReactJS came into picture. 

There are several factors as per MOZ which needs to be considered to make software easily rank on the browser.

Strong Community Support

ReactJS has wide community support that regularly brainstorms to solve the doubts. The community keeps on increasing, and that’s the reason app programmers search for the library rather than building a new one.

There is a heap of online and offline material such as tutorials, videos, blogs, articles, and huge community support whenever required.

Why Should You  Choose ReactJS For Your Project?

The features mentioned above are the basics of ReactJS. If you are in a state of dilemma whether to choose ReactJS or not, then the below given points would help you in your decision:

Builds Dynamic Web Applications

Developing Dynamic Web-Apps is one of the crucial advantages of ReactJS. It allows programmers to leverage JSX (JS XML) and Javascript. The app developers would be able to create templates for their projects.

Also, JSX compiles HTML and JS for building the enticing user interface components. Additionally, the JSX can be used for creating machine-readable codes that are also known as a bar or QR code.

Builds Isomorphic Applications

Isomorphic apps are the ones that utilize a similar code for both the front-end and backend. The developers prefer ReactJS for building isomorphic apps as it saves overall app development time.

Moreover, it boosts the performance, and efficiently indexes the web-apps that enhance the UX. It quickly loads pages, which increases the user retention ratio and also uplifts the chances of bringing new users to your web-application.

JS Library

Do you know what makes ReactJS outstanding? It is a JS library that outshines the other frameworks. It helps app experts to utilize the numerous functions included in the library and execute necessary components of web-apps.

Tailor-Made Components

Components are one of the potential reasons to choose ReactJS as it can be tailor-made, which means you can create your own or reuse it. Also, it plays a vital role in dividing complex UI into smaller components.
React JS-cta-second
It saves a lot of time and energy of app programmers by allowing them to focus only on single components and not the entire web-app. Moreover, building software using ReactJS requires less coding, which means fewer chances of errors. This makes ReactJS the most preferred framework for web-app development.


The productivity of the programmers is also one of the advantages of ReactJS. As a ReactJS developer, it is daunting when you have to make changes in the complex logic of your application. For this purpose, Facebook has built a robust framework, ReactJS.
The framework maintains the code logic as every component has a separate set of unique code logic. As a result, it boosts the performance and developer’s productivity by quickly building web-apps.

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Enhancement in Code Stability

Code stability depends on the restriction of changes in the parent and child components. If the changes in a single component don’t hamper its root component, then the code stability is maintained.

To ensure that the above glitch does not happen, React leverages downward data flow that separates the modified and unmodified components. 

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Testing Code

ReactJS is feature-rich and has testing tools that troubleshoot the applications and debug. This way, the app performs better and delivers quick results without any glitch.


ReactJS is one of the finely crafted web-framework that has everything a developer would require to build enticing and alluring front-end. It also helps app programmers to separate the components and build SPAs with minimal effort and less coding.

Additionally, the VDOM enhances the performances and allows developers to build enterprise-level apps.
Thus, a ReactJS is an ideal framework you can opt for your web-apps.

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