Vue Vs Angular

Vue vs Angular: Which One You Should Opt For?

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In this technology-driven world, it is absolutely impractical to think about web development without HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Today, we’re going to explore a feature-based comparison of Vue vs Angular.

When it’s about choosing the right JavaScript framework for web development, there are certain options available.

They are as below:

  • Angular
  • Vue
  • React
  • Node
  • Ember

To make your decision-making process a bit easier, below mentioned are the top two JavaScript frameworks i.e. Angular and Vue with detailed information along with the in-depth comparison between them.

1. Vue

1.1 Basics About Vue

Vue, one of the progressive JavaScript frameworks that were released in the year 2014 by the ex-engineer of Google, Evan You.

When VueJS Development Services was launched by the former Google employee, then it genuinely grabbed the attention of the majority of developers making it one of the prominent front-end JavaScript frameworks.

Some of the well-known and recognized web applications that were developed using the Vue JavaScript are Alibaba, Gitlab and Baidu.

For software developers, Vue is an easy JavaScript framework because it has eliminated all the drawbacks of other frameworks.

Now, check out some of the special features of the Vue JavaScript framework!

1.2 Features of Vue

Framework Size

Vue is one of the lightest JavaScript frameworks. The size of this framework is 18-21 KB, which makes it easy for the user to download and use it efficiently.

The web applications that are light in weight requires a framework that’s small. Hence, Vue is suitable for all those web applications that require a small framework.


The prominent feature of the Vue JavaScript framework is that it is easy to understand. With simple structure and simple integration, Vue can easily be added to web projects.

Whether it is small- or large-scale web applications, Vue saves a lot of time because of its simple and easy to understand structure for the developers.

Features Of Vue


Vue JavaScript framework is quite flexible as compared to other JS frameworks.

Basically, those developers who can work on Angular and React JavaScript can easily work on Vue.

Also, it is easy for the developers to work with the tools including TypeScript, CSS Processors and Templating Engines using the Vue JavaScript.

Now, you must have understood both the JavaScript frameworks and their features in-depth.

Here is the detailed comparison of both the JS framework to determine how they perform individually.

2. Angular

2.1 Basics About Angular

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, which was launched by Google in 2010 for developing robust web applications.

AngularJS or Angular is an extremely popular JavaScript framework when it’s about the development of front-end applications.

This popular JavaScript framework has a broad array of features that enhance the efficiency of the web application that has been developed.

On May 28th, 2019, the latest version of Angular 8.0 was released with the benefit of a plethora of features.

Presently, more than 500 well-known companies are using the Angular JavaScript framework for their web development including Search Engine Google, Messaging Application WhatsApp, and Business Magazine Forbes.

Now, check out some of the special features of the AngularJS Development!

2.2 Features of Angular

Work in Segmentations

Angular in the JavaScript framework is a bit easier to build applications as it divides the application into different segments or components.

For developers, it is easy to work on different components of the application separately. For decreasing the load on the server, the Angular 8 Feature List has come with a Web Worker concept. It will allow you to work through segmentation.

Whether it’s the main logic part or the designing part of the application, Angular provides the opportunity to the developer to work in segments, which makes it easy to streamline the entire process of web development.

Dependency Injection  

Here is another special feature of Angular JavaScript i.e. Dependency Injection, which makes it different from the other JavaScript frameworks.

In any case, if there is a dependent application or component to be developed, then the developer doesn’t have to work on its manual creation because of this special Dependency Injection feature.

The Angular injector will create itself while injecting the code with the help of a service provider.

Ultimately, this feature is beneficial for the developers to develop web applications without any hassle.

Features Of Angular

High Modularity

The Angular JavaScript framework is followed by MVC architecture in which distinct components are involved for segmented tasks.

When required, the module can be installed while eradicating the need for basic installations. That is the reason why AngularJS for Enterprise Application has become a reality.

3. Vue vs Angular: Feature-Based Comparison

3.1 Performance 

Angular JavaScript is formed with heavy codes, which has some exceptional features that developers can use while developing web applications.

Of course, Angular JS is heavy, but it is high on functionality and productivity.

Adding to it, Angular is a bit rigid in its structure, which means that the application has to built in a manner it was intended according to the JS framework.

On the contrary, Vue JavaScript is light in weight and much more flexible to use in web applications.

It doesn’t enclose many additional features like Angular JS, but it includes extensions that make it modular than the rest.

In any case, if a web application doesn’t require high functionalities, then Vue JS is a suitable choice because of its low framework size.

Further, Vue JS is not at all rigid and provides the freedom to the developers while developing web applications.

Hence, in the race of Vue vs Angular on the basis of performance, it is summed up that Angular JS is suitable for the dynamic web development projects to majorly focus on the functionality.

While Vue JS is suitable for small size web development projects that require speed over the functions.

3.2 Learning Curve

Angular JS uses HTML and CSS both along with the TypeScript, which is basically a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft.

Now, this simply means that the developer should possess knowledge about the TypeScript if planning to work on the Angular JS framework. Otherwise, the developer has to start from scratch again to develop the application.

On the contrary, there is a Vue JS framework, which eliminates the requirement of understanding TypeScript or any other additional knowledge to develop web applications.

When it comes to the learning curve, then all the efforts and time in learning the TypeScript is definitely worthwhile as it is superior to Vanilla JavaScript.

3.3 Community Support

Angular JavaScript framework has more community support in comparison to Vue JavaScript.

Be it Facebook or Google, both are the largest community in the digital world and are using the Angular JS Framework.

Since its launch, many tech-giants supports and backs Angular.

On the other side, its Vue, not at all backed by the top level of companies of the world, but its popularity is what makes it a perfect choice in the open-source community.

There is an increased number of popularities of the Vue JS framework, which directly led to the increased number of community support. Undoubtedly, the Vue JavaScript framework is catching up over a period of time.

Vue Vs Angular

3.4 Framework Size

The Angular JavaScript framework is heavy but quite beneficial in functionality. Hire AngularJS Developers to learn more about this subject. It will prove beneficial to you.

Angular JS is suitable for the heavyweight web applications, which offers a lot to the developers whether it’s about testing or template utilities.

On the contrary, Vue is suitable for small and lightweight web applications. Vue is one of the lightest of JavaScript frameworks.

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3.5 Flexibility

Angular JavaScript is quite rigid as it offers everything to the software developer whether its routing or templates.

The developer doesn’t need any other tool to develop web applications because Angular provides everything in the structure.

For some its good and for some it bad as everyone has their own perspective. In the angular package, developers will get everything. He/she just has to start with the coding process.

On the contrary, there is a Vue JavaScript framework, which has a lot to offer to the developers.

For routing, the Vue JS provides ‘Vue Router’ specifically.  For state management, ‘Vuex’ is the best choice for developers.

Unlike Angular, Vue JS is quite flexible to use. So, in the Vue vs Angular for this point, Vue surges ahead. Hire VueJS Developers to learn in detail about this subject.

4. When To Use Vue?

Check out here when you should choose Vue.js For Web App Development!

  • Whether it’s a single-page web application that’s light in weight, then Vue JavaScript is a perfect choice to go along with.
  • Vue JavaScript is absolutely appropriate for the speed and performance of web applications rather than the other functionalities.

5. When To Use Angular?

Check out here when you should opt for the Angular framework!

  • For large scale, dynamic and real-time web applications, Angular JavaScript is perfectly suitable as it has a broad array of special features and functionalities.
  • Whether it’s an application of instant messaging or chatting, Angular JS is definitely appropriate to use.
  • From mobile development to enterprise applications, the Angular JavaScript framework is a great choice. In fact, people recommend it to all users.


Whether it is Angular JavaScript or Vue JavaScript, both of them are popular frameworks. You can implement it according to the requirements.

For industry-standard and trust, Angular JS is an appropriate choice!

On the other side, if you are looking for a single page layout, which should be fast in performance, then Vue JS is a better choice in web development.

Now, we hope that you must have got a clear understanding of the Vue vs Angular along with the detailed comparison, to understand which works better. Hence, implement the one that’s best suitable according to your requirements.

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Vue Vs Angular

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