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Why Choose AngularJS For Web Development Project?

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. Quite sought-after and in-demand, it is an open-source development framework. It is sturdy and helps in solving the Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers in their web development projects.

Compared to other JavaScript frameworks available, AngularJS is quick and can easily integrate with other frameworks. It is invented by Google and has the potential to make all kinds of front-end development easy. That’s why AngularJS For Web Development is a great choice.

AngularJS has won many awards. Its most popular category in many countries like India, Japan, USA, UK, Poland, and Germany is Node.js. Its well-known competitors are Ember and Backbone.js.

Some Statistics on AngularJS Usage:

  • Worldwide websites – 3,647,001
  • Live websites running with AngularJS – 706,489
  • United States AngularJS websites – 4,82,510
  • United Kingdom AngularJS websites – 21,183
  • Indian AngularJS websites – 4,257

Top Industry Verticals Which Effectively Use AngularJS:

  • Computer Electronics & Technology – 3.35%
  • Arts & Entertainment – 2.09%
  • News & Media – 1.80%
  • Finance – 1.59%
  • Others – 91.18%

1. Support of Google

AngularJS is created and maintained by Google. It happens to be among the most secure frameworks used by developers. Many of them prefer to use Angular.js For Web Development projects.

Google had created an exhaustive Web Toolkit earlier. Eventually, Google developed AngularJS when the majority of the developers started using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as a front-end and back-end language. It offers many frameworks and plugins for both developers and designers.

2. Easy Usage

Saving time and efforts of developers, AngularJS with its many attributes helps them with their project while writing less code. This allows them more time to utilise in implementing applications.

It supports MVC architecture. Developers do not have to work on getter and setter functions to apply data models. Other teams can work on directives as they are not included in the app code. With such features in place, developers can work on web development with minimal coding.

3. Simple MVC Architecture

AngularJS supports MVC architecture. For developers this becomes a plus point as creating web applications becomes easier and quicker for them.

Developers become more capable of creating interactive and robust web applications. AngularJS For Web Development makes data synchronisation automatic and hence requires fewer efforts.

To implement MVC architecture, developers need to add the app into components. AngularJS will carry out the remaining process. MVC stands for Model View Controller, meaning:

  • The model supports the data
  • The view handles the data display
  • The controller acts as a bridge to maintain a connection between view and model

4. Large Community

As AngularJS is created by Google, it provides excellent community support to the developers. This community is full of developers who are capable of solving front-end development-related problems.

It helps developers in finding answers and solutions to their issue which they face in their development process.

This community also organises conferences and hackathons. Many IT organisations are invited to these conferences where they present new developments in the industry.

5. Declarative Coding

To create commonly accessible patterns, the declarative coding paradigm is used. This makes the code simpler to read and support and also lightweight. The code only includes those steps which are essential in producing the desired outcome.

6. Two-way Data Binding

Among the most exciting features of AngularJS, is its two-way data binding potential. It means any changes made in the user interface immediately reflects in the app interface also.

This feature helps the developers save a lot of development time and simplifies for them the process of making changes to the app.

When there are browser events, user actions, and module changes in the framework, the necessary patterns get effectively updated. Developers are not required to save links to DOM elements and right away use them.

It does not require the usage of low-level constructions, and the results are narrated with model state terms. That’s why Angular.js For Web Development is a good option.

7. Facility of Directives

HTML is used by AngularJS as its pattern language. It is amplified with directives. These directives infuse the code information about the necessary behaviour.

Developers can work on custom HTML directives when the inbuilt directives happen to be difficult and not useful to them.

Directives have the capability of making developers concentrate on developing logic which helps them to be more efficient. They can also be reused to make the code’s readability better.

8. Follows POJO Model

AngularJS uses all objects that are POJO. It stands for Plain Old JavaSCript Object. With this, developers do not need additional getter and setter functions. POJO offers all the necessary JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation.

9. Support for Single-Page Applications

AngularJS is known to support many SPA features. Leading to productive outcomes, it makes the process of developing and managing online forms simpler for developers.

When a developer uses AngularJS in a single-page application, they have more authority than validation abilities.

In a scenario, when a page uses forms, the FormController is responsible for writing down their states.

With access to this data, developers become capable of changing the behaviour of the HTML elements in the user interface.

Developers can comfortably finish the entire process when they get this facility.

10. In-Built Testing Module

Testing is an inevitable and critical process in web development. To steer clear of time wastage, AngularJS already has a unit testing setup. So, Angular.js For Web Development can be great.

By using and running this setup, developers become capable of getting real information about their web development projects.

11. High-End Productivity

AngularJS offers a smart and robust framework that saves a lot of developer’s time.

  • It has better IDEs. These customised IDE allow the developers to track instant errors which results in quicker web development.
  • AngularJS developers get the privilege of making views according to their requirements. This is possible because this framework has an abundance of templates that help in creating the user interface quicker.
  • Common Line Interface, commonly known as Angular CLI, lets the developers create applications and attach components quicker. This speed makes web development simple.

12. Provides Structured Growth

Using AngularJS, developers can follow MVVM or MVC pattern, which allows them to provide a structure to their source-code.

AngularJS is an MVW framework where W means whatever suits the developer. This option allows developers to form their code into modules, making it easier for them to maintain and test their applications.

13. Seamless Integration

AngularJS easily integrates with other libraries when it is implemented for web development projects. When a developer uses many object-oriented MVC frameworks for server-side development, integration for AngularJS for client-side development becomes simpler.

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14. Amazing User-Interface

Developers can create amazing user interfaces using AngularJS. Along with helping in creating a great user interface, it also makes web development lightweight and user-friendly. SO, experts are preferring to use AngularJS For Web Development.

15. Allows Creation of New Modules

AngularJS lets the developers generate many modules for a single application.

Every one of these modules depends on the other and developers can attach them for the whole application to function.

This is an intelligent framework that on its own recognises when a new module should be created which can then be attached to the existing application modules.

16. Less Coding

Coding is a result of hard work and continuous attempts. AngularJS saves the developers from such efforts as it extends its domain from JavaScript to HTML. This results in web design that is straightforward and responsive.

17. Productive Use of Filters

AngularJs has the directory of filters that offers many filters to developers like Number, Currency, Uppercase, Date, and Orderby among others.

If the developers want more filters, they can create by registering a new filter factory. This process is quick and does not require much time.

18. Client-side Solutions

AngularJS can operate on the client-side. It also offers compatibility with the desktop and mobile browsers.

As the developers do not have to work on any back-end modifications, it can be used for all types of projects.

Hence, the development of the front-end of any application is completely secured with AngularJS.

19. Similar to JavaScript

Alike JavaScript, AngularJS, produces a smooth front-end that is effortless for a web developer who understands JavaScript language. When a developer implements AngularJS to make a web application, an external framework or plugin is not required.

20. Support for REST

AngularJS makes development of websites and apps easy as it is full of options that decrease the developer’s time spent in writing the code. It also provides RESTful functionality in the ngResource module. This is allocated individually from the core AngularJS framework.

Popular Apps Built With AngularJS Framework

Many organisations have used the AngularJS framework to build their applications. The productive features of this framework create a user interface that is simple and highly responsive.

Mentioned below are a few globally recognised apps and websites that have used AngularJS framework:

  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • The Guardian
  • Freelancer
  • iStock
  • jetBlue
  • Lego
  • Upwork
  • Youtube for PS3
  • The Weather Channel


All these reasons will help developers understand why AngularJS Web Development has gained popularity in the coding world.

With its great features and compatibility, it has become one of the most recommended frameworks for front-end development to create great web applications.


There are some steps that one needs to follow for developing web applications with AngularJS. They are as follows:

Including the “ng-app” directive in the HTML Tag
Place AngularJS <script> at the bottom of your page
Add regular HTML to access AngularJS directives

After following these steps, you will be ready to develop a web application.

Here’s the list of advantages that you get with AngularJS:

Easy To Use, Learn & Understand
Two-Way Data Binding Capability
Facility For Unit Testing
Reusable Components
Follows MVC Architecture
Less Coding

AngularJS is a dynamic framework for developing web applications. The framework allows you to use HTML as your template and also extend HTMl’s syntax. Due to this, AngularJS framework can be used for rapid app development. The purpose of this framework is to provide speed and agility.

The AngularJS web application is a highly functional solution based on JavaScript. The AngularJS web application is very easy to use and understand. The reason behind that is, it is based on the MVC architecture.

Angular is a powerful platform through which you can make desktop as well as web applications. AngularJS on the other hand is a previous version of Angular where JavaScript was used in combination with HTML & CSS.

YES, you can use AngularJS for building a back-end. All you need to do is build a high-level API that can interact with Angular. In this manner, you will be able to build a robust backend for any of your web applications.

There are many development tools available in the market for building AngularJS applications. Some of the most popular ones are as below:

Sublime Text
Djangular (Django + Angular)
Angular UI

AngularJS For Web Development

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