A Detailed Guide To Find and Hire Python Developers (Skills, Mistakes, Cost & Salary)

A Detailed Guide To Find and Hire Python Developers (Skills, Mistakes, Cost & Salary)

We all know about the major responsibilities that a developer has to handle. Irrespective of the programming language developers are often given the title of being the backbone for any software application. Today, we will talk about how to Hire Python Developers.

Heard about Python? I bet you might have come across the word at some point in time and if you are interested in the field of coding, then you know what we are talking about.

Key Things To Hire Python Programmer

Python is a high-level, user-friendly programming language that is used for general purposes. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is its concise syntax, which makes it easier to learn and understand the language.

Like any other programming language, different versions of Python are available in the market. Each version aims to improve the quality of the web application development environment that is offered to the coders. The changes in syntax and tags were the additional features that the versions offered.

Python was first implemented in the year 1989, and to date, many versions have been released. The latest one being Python 3.8.3.

Why Opt for Python Programming Language?

It can be said that Python is a highly expressive language in the field of programming that has more than one purpose. The areas in which Python is used include:

  • Web development
  • System scripting
  • Mathematics
  • Software development
  • UI based applications
  • Audio/ Video Applications, and many more

Python Stats

The true potential of Python has not yet been unleashed and the language is capable of doing much more than the current applications that it offers. Some of the other key points because of which Python lies at the tip of the tongue of almost every coder are:

  • Ability to work on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • A Syntax that allows developers and coders to write fewer lines of code
  • Code runs on the interpreter system, which saves the wait time by allowing the code to be run as soon as it is written
  • The syntax is similar to the English language and can be easily understood
  • It can be treated in any way that is required, i.e. in an object-oriented way, in a procedural way or in a functional way

Choosing a language for developing software applications is a choice which the developer has to make. Different factors are considered before opting for a language. Being known for its readability features, Python can be much more than that.

From a developer’s point of view, Python is preferred because:

  • It does not require parenthesis or colon at the end of every line as new lines are used to execute a command
  • Less code is written to carry out more work
  • Not many coders are required and a small team can function efficiently
  • Takes less time to execute the code

Due to its capabilities, Python has also become popular among data scientists for use in their ventures.

Now, we know where the use of Python lies. But how has it managed to overshine the other existing languages? This question might be prevailing in your mind. The answer to it is right here.

Why Do Programmers Love Python?

Apart from the various applications that Python makes easy for us to develop and use, there are many qualities that it has to offer. Some of them are as mentioned:

  • Easy to read and code: As compared to other languages like C, C++, or Java, Python is much easier to code in. For example, the syntax for printing a sentence in Python is simply print (“HI”) whereas it could be much more complex in other languages.
  • Availability: It is available to download for free by everyone.
  • Code is Portable: The same code can be run on different OS platforms.
  • Designing GUI: Creating dynamic and user-friendly GUI is much easier by using Python.
  • Available Libraries: There is no need to specifically write your code every time as a vast library is available with the downloaded version of Python.

Now, you know why programmers love and prefer Python more than any other language. As per surveys, it is suggested that Python is set to rule over the world in the years to come. So if you are not familiar with using Python, you might want to start learning it.

How to Find Best Python Developers?

From the perspective of someone who has been given the responsibility to hire Python Programmers or to hire Python Developers, you must make the right decision.

Bringing a candidate who is most fit for your company, organization, or your team would help you to complete your set goals on time and with efficiency.

Many candidates apply for the position of Python developers and programmers but it is ideal to hire Python Developers that have good skills and some experience of working in this field. Python developers would help your company or organization to build and launch user-friendly applications in the market.

Some of the aspects that you, as a company should be clear about while looking to hire Python Programmers are:

  • Defining your requirements: We all know that Python offers a large variety of applications. Specifying the task for which you are looking to hire Python Developers would result in a well maintained and organized screening process while looking at the candidate’s applications.
  • Taking an Interview: Taking the candidate’s interview can help you interact with them and help to understand each other’s mindset. It is also one of the best methods to clarify any doubts that you or the eligible candidate may have.
  • Conducting a Test: Testing the skills of the candidate can help you to know the level of sophistication and the quality of work that they can bring to your company or organization. Conducting a test can help you to hire Python Programmers who are best at what they do.

We know how important communication is and it is important for an individual, especially a developer to be able to communicate and share their thoughts or ideas with their team and colleagues. Taking an Interview can also give you a way of testing the candidate’s communication skills.

Things to Know Before Hiring A Python Developer

Hiring or even interviewing a candidate can be a strenuous process if it is not properly organized or managed. If you are well prepared in advance and clear about the skills and requirements that you are looking for in a candidate then this process would be a hassle-free one for you.

Now, some of the things that you should know before hiring a Python Developer are:

Knowing Where The Candidates Spend Their Free Time: It has been observed that developers and programmers prefer to be a part of online communities or platforms.

Here, people share their thoughts about programming and any information related to coding. Keeping a track of your candidate’s spare time activities can help you determine the quantity and quality of work that you can assign to them.

Understand the challenges that can be faced: Although Python is the language recommended by most developers, certain challenges can be encountered while building an application.

Building scalable applications and systems, ensuring end user’s data confidentiality and protection, automating integral business reforms are some of the challenges that the developers must work on.

Being aware of what the candidates look for in a job opportunity: It is important for you as a company or organization to understand what the candidates that you are looking to hire would want out of their jobs.

Developers often opt for a job that requires them to work with Python, companies that use open-source software, and the chance of learning something new.

Size of the Project: Defining the size and scale of the project can help you decide the size of the team and the particular skill set that would be needed within the team to achieve that goal.

Technical Features offered: Building an application with features that benefit the users is the aim of every app and software building company. You and the team need to list the features that the software being built would offer to its users.

Determining the Technology Stack: Technology stack is a combination of both front-end and back-end specifications that would be used to build an application.

Defining a tech stack can help you understand the complexity of the work that will have to be carried out. It can also help you decide the expertise level that your team should have for the same.

Where to Find Great Python Developers?

Finding developers that are skilled and have some prior experience of working as a professional can be a time-consuming process. As a company, you can put up vacancy offers out in the market and on job finding platforms for people to reach out to you.

Before that happens, it is necessary to determine your method of hiring the candidates. The methods that you can resort to are;

In-House Employees or Freelance Python Programmer: Hiring an employee to work within the company’s environment is an option chosen by many organizations.

Another option is to Hire Python Programmer on a freelance basis who can carry out the tasks for your company. Both of these options have their advantages and drawbacks.

It depends upon you, as a company to choose an option that is best suited for your requirements.

Coordinating with a Software Development Company: Working with another software development company can be much more expensive than hiring developers but it comes along with the assurance of quality service.

A software development company can bring professionalism and sophistication along with it by providing a team of experts to work on your project.

The ultimate choice lies with you. You should make this decision only after considering all the aspects like your budget, the quality of work that you want, the time in which the work should be done, and many more.

What Skills Are Required For Python Developers?

The presence of defined skills is what separates every Python coder and developer from the expert in this field. Skills are something that every company looks at while hiring candidates. These include both technical as well as non-technical skills.

So, what skills are required for Python Developers? The answer to it is right here! Some of the must-have skills for Python Developers include:


Some Technical Expertise: Being familiar with the different versions of Python is essential for a developer. Knowing different frameworks, libraries, and modules are necessary as well.

Necessary Communication Skills: Communication is as important as coding for developers. The reason for it being that developers work in teams and sharing one’s ideas and thoughts with others is a must.

Thinking Critically: The development process can be made easy by using Frameworks. This can also help to reduce the time required for the development. Developers need to think in a way that would be beneficial in the long run.

Problem Solving Ability: Problems can be encountered at any stage of development or execution of the application. A developer must be well prepared to handle any issues that may be encountered.

Some Additional Skills That Companies Look For: Apart from the above-mentioned skills, some of the other skills that would be beneficial for the candidate to secure a job are:

  • AWS
  • Django
  • React
  • Flask
  • Cloud Computing
  • Google Cloud Platform, etc.

Skills Required For Python Developers Based On Their Experience

A skilled and experienced developer can offer a lot more to the company as compared to a rookie. The level of skill set varies as per the position that the company offers to its recruits.

The three basic levels are categorized as Entry-level developer, Mid-level developer, and Senior developer.

Developer at Entry-level: As it is the first level that a developer works in a company, the skill requirements are not that strenuous. Some of the requirements that are a must are:

  • Experience of 2 years or less
  • Basics of SQL
  • Some experience in one or more frameworks
  • Fluency with Python syntax and basics
  • Some understanding of CVS skills and Data Structures

Developer at Mid-level: It is the next level after the position of an entry-level developer. The skill requirements for this position are a little more than the first level. They include:

  • Experience of 3-6 years
  • Understanding of design, test patterns, and coding that is object-oriented
  • Having carried out Software development by using Python
  • Having worked with Big Data solutions
  • Understanding of AWS or cloud computing

Experienced Developer: It is the highest level that a developer can apply for. The skill set requirements for the same are very advanced. It includes:

  • Experience of 6 or more years
  • Proficiency in working on complex Python logic
  • Understanding of Python’s threading limitations
  • Having carried out data visualization by using tools
  • Basic Debugging and Testing skills
  • Understanding of skills used in front-end development

How to Build A World-Class Python Development Team?

Developing software or an application is successful when there is team effort involved. Working in a team can help you to reduce the development time and increase the efficiency of the services that you can offer to your audience.

Important aspects that can help you build a world-class Python development team are:


Communicating with the Team: Interacting with the team members to communicate your ideas and visions from a company’s perspective and taking their feedback, thoughts, and ideas on the same is necessary.

Assigning Individual Roles and Responsibilities: What Is the Role of Python Developer? This is the question that needs to be answered next.

By assigning certain tasks to each member of the team the workload can be divided and the tasks can be completed before or on time.

Keeping a Track of their Progress: By monitoring the goals and the tasks, you can be sure that the work is completed on time.

Inspiring the team to achieve the set goals: Goals can be achieved efficiently if the team believes and puts efforts into it. Motivating them can help to pump their confidence up.

Mistakes That Can Be Made While Hiring Python Developers

Making mistakes during the recruiting process can occur naturally due to human error or due to some technical issues. It is important to ensure that the chances for a mistake to occur are minimal. Being prepared with a backup plan in case an error does occur is always advised.

The common mistakes that can be made are:


  • Complete Dependency on Passive Recruitment: Depending completely on the Passive recruitment process can make you lose some of the best candidates that are eligible for the job. Adopting an Active Recruitment process is advisable.
  • Not Testing a Candidate’s Technical Expertise: A candidate’s Technical skills and knowledge should be thoroughly tested. This can help you determine the level of work that can be assigned to them.
  • Not paying much attention to Soft Skills: Soft skills are as important as any other skills. A candidate that is not so good in soft skills may not be able to communicate and efficiently work with the team.

Top Sites to Find & Hire Python Developers

Listing job vacancies and applying for a particular job on websites has become one of the fastest and easiest ways of finding the desired job or for hiring the best candidates. There are around 14 to 15 sites that are offering their services for this purpose.

They are as follows:

  • Toptal: It is a network that offers you the opportunity to interact and hire best-suited software developers, designers, freelancers, project, and product managers for your company.
  • Hired: It is a website that offers you one of the best candidates that can bring quality work to your company. It offers unlimited hiring services at a fixed price.
  • We Work Remotely: It can help you to find candidates that are best suited for your company profile and as per your requirements. It offers candidates a chance to find work from some of the most remote places in the world as well.
  • GitHub Jobs: Being one of the world’s largest platforms that offer a vast data repository to its users, GitHub has also come up with an initiative to offer jobs for candidates that are fit for a company’s profile.
  • org: Being the website that lets you download Python for free, it also offers many job opportunities for candidates as well as for companies that are looking to hire employees.
  • Authentic Jobs: It is a platform for finding talented people in the creative field, designers, and developers for your company.
  • Remote Python: It is a dedicated website that lets you find people working with Python.
  • Stack Overflow: Similar to GitHub Jobs, this is a platform that offers job opportunities to a vast number of candidates.
  • pwork: It is a platform that offers job opportunities for freelance developers. Companies looking for freelance employees can easily find them using this website.
  • People per Hour: It is another initiative that offers business organizations to hire and work with freelancers.
  • io: It is a website that lets companies hire freelance employees that are good in the technical field.
  • Guru: It is a flexible platform to hire expert freelancers for your company from around the world.
  • Freelancer: It is a crowdsourcing website that offers you an opportunity to view profiles and interact with candidates that have the potential for your company’s requirements.
  • Find Bacon: It is a website dedicated to offering job opportunities to professional designers and developers.
  • X-Team: It is a website that paves a way for you to hire a team of hardworking and dedicated developers for your company.

How to Hire Experienced Python Developers?

Experienced Python Developers can have a lot to offer to the company. They can help to build the most complex applications as well. Every company must have some experienced Python developers to have a vision about the future of applications that are currently being developed.

Out of the many possible ways to hire an experienced Python developer, some of them are as listed:

  • Understanding relationships between technologies: Implementing technologies is not a difficult task but staying true to their structure is. This can only be done by someone who is experienced. Such correlations should be looked at in a candidate’s resume.
  • Providing Accurate Information about Projects: Candidates are usually interested in the type of projects that they get to work with. Providing them with the details of your project can help you find the most interested and willing candidates.
  • Defining Goals: It is important to be clear to the candidates about the set goals for your project and its requirements. This would help to build their trust in the company.
  • Conducting an In-depth Research: Having all the information about a candidate’s skills and eligibility can help you to hire the best fit for the job.
  • Choosing a Candidate with Relevant Experience: Experience of the past leads you to the future. An experienced candidate will be able to carry out the most complex tasks as well.
  • Conducting an Interview: Interview allows you to interact with the candidate and be clear about any uncertainty or hesitation that you or the candidate may have.
  • Carrying out a Test: Testing their knowledge provides you with proof of their eligibility.
  • Paying Attention to Soft Skills: Soft skills should be tested as well before hiring a candidate as they are important for any company’s working environment.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Python Developers?

The cost of hiring a developer that works with Python depends upon various factors. Some of the factors being their work experience, skillset, the sophistication of the project, region, etc.

Another factor that decides the cost is the role to be assigned to the developer. Now, what is the Role of the Python developer?

The role of a Python developer is to work with front-end and back-end technologies to build software or an application depending upon the company’s or the client’s requirements.

The salary given to Python developers varies from country-to-country, company-to-company to the level of skills that they have. Countries like India, Ukraine, Argentina offer a salary on an hourly basis to their employees.

The salary for them is around 25-50 dollars per hour. Following the same criteria, the salary for developers in the countries Brazil, Poland, Philippines is 50-100 dollars per hour.

On average, an hourly rate for Python developers is around 60-80 dollars.

Average Salary of A Python Developer

As discussed in the previous section, Python developers can be given a salary on an hourly basis. If the average salary of a Python developer is calculated for an entire year, how much would it be?

Calculating that is not a difficult job. As per the studies and surveys that were conducted, the average salary of a Python Developer is around 120K dollars per year.

The salary is different for the different levels that the developers are at. For an entry-level developer, it is around 74K dollars per year and for mid-level developers, it is around 100K dollars per year.

The salaries offered to experienced python developers are usually high and range up to 127K dollars per year.

The Average Python Developer Salary By State 2020 (U.S.A)

StateAvg. Salary
New York$130,200
Washington DC$130,000

The Average Python Developer Salary (2018-2020) Compared With Other Programming Languages

SkillAvg. Salary 2018Avg. Salary 2019Avg. Salary 2020

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Top Companies Hiring Python Developers

The demand for Python developers has considerably increased and it is expected to grow even more in the years to come. Companies ranging from small startups to big multinational firms are all in need of Python developers and are looking for ways to hire them.

Some of the top companies that are hiring Python developers are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • Reddit, and many more.


So, we have discussed Python developers, their roles, skills, salary, and many other things in this article. Wondering How to be a Python Developer?

You can always depend upon the Google results for necessary information. Being a part of a Python Development Company is not a very difficult job. If you want to be a Python developer, you can be one by having the required knowledge and dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions

A python developer is someone who writes the code for server-side web applications. They can also develop back-end components related to web apps, web services, and much more. He/She develops, debugs, and tests the project.
There is a standard roadmap that one needs to follow in order to be a world-class Python developer. It is as given below: Decide why you want to learn python Follow the online tutorials Read some good books and enroll in online courses Read the official python documentation Analyze the various packages of python Master things like frameworks & libraries
There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to hire a great python developer. They are as listed below: Match the python developer skills with your requirements Conduct an interview with the developer Carry out an online test for coding Give importance to the relevant experience Hire the developer that fits into your criteria
There can not be a fixed amount for Python Developers' salary. However, the average salary for junior developers is around $89,000, mid-level is around $111,000 and for senior developers, the amount goes up to $123,000.
The list of places to hire a world-class python developer are as below: Toptal Hired GitHub Jobs Freelancer Upwork Stack Overflow
There are a few tips and tricks that can help you to become a world-class python developer. Some of the popular ones are as follows: Code everyday Go interactive Collaborate with industry experts Try to learn something new every day Analyze the industry trends Contribute to open-source projects
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