How To Hire Node JS Development Company? (Complete Guide)

Hiring the right Node.js developer or partnering with an experienced developer company becomes difficult, especially with the noise around. It is crucial that the employee knows the role of a Node.js developer and has the expertise to deliver. We have covered some of the key points that you need to focus on while hiring such breeds of developers.
How To Hire Node JS Development Company? (Complete Guide)

In today’s online world, businesses are earning profit from interactive websites and scalable applications. As an owner of such a business, you must pay attention to the trending technologies. Today we will talk about hiring a Top-Class Node JS Web Development Company.

Now, you might be wondering about the ways to enhance your platform in technical aspects. Well, do not worry much, we have got a whole guide for you to do so.

First thing first, you need to understand the latest trend of full-stack development. This comprises Node.js too, which is simply a run time environment used to develop interactive websites and applications.

To make your site or application appealing to the audience, you need a solid framework for the platform. This brings a demand to Hire NodeJS Developers or some popular Node JS Development Company. How to hire the right one is what the following guide is all about.

Node.js Developer

Like every other profession, the role of a Node.js developer comprises a defined set of responsibilities.

Before you Hire NodeJS Developer, it is better to have a look at them. This will help you in selecting the best candidate. Also, they help you to Update Node JS To Latest Version.

Role Of A Node.js Developer

Many people confuse Node.js developers with backend developers which is not the true case. Though the environment of Node.js allows you to handle the operation from the backend, they also run code that is useful in handling the front end tasks.

Therefore, whenever you hire a Node JS development company, make sure that the developers are completely proficient in full-stack development.

Now, the role of a developer comprises multiple functions, such as connecting third-party services, managing end components, and developing functions that support the front-end development also.

In addition to this, the developers are also expected to handle the customer-facing payment activities. Therefore, maintaining a good customer experience is their all-time duty.

Responsibilities Of A Node.js Developer

To make this guide helpful for both technical and non-technical employers, we have listed out all the possible responsibilities of a Node.js developer.

You can even mention these parameters in your hiring advertisement as the job description.


Working With Agile Methodology

In the software development field, one of the most commonly encountered terms is “Agile methods”. It simply contains a list of measures of ways of developing software that enhances its productivity.

With the help of continuous changes or updates, the performance of software improves. This methodology is widely used for developing website servers or applications on Node.js.

Some common principles of the agile methodology are:

  • Keep developing and modifying the software at times.
  • Analyze the current competition and make the software compelling to the latest trend.
  • Try to finish the work in the shortest possible time.
  • Developers must collaborate with business professionals to yield the maximum output.
  • Taking regular feedback from customers to eradicate loopholes in the software.

The candidate for the Node.js developer position must understand the above-mentioned techniques of Agile Methodology. Also, any prior experience in implementing these techniques will add as an advantage for the developer.

Front-End Provision

As mentioned earlier, Node.js is used in both front-end and back-end development. Most of the developers working in this field are limited to backend development only.

And, one cannot imagine a web server or application without a front end. In the case of Node.js, different frameworks act as the base of front-end development.

It is even used to create NPM scripts, gulp tasks, web pack configuration, etc. This makes it important to set the criterion of full-stack development at the first stage itself. Because hiring different developers may make the whole process even more expensive.

NPM scripts

Writing A Clear Code

Following this is the responsibility of every software developer, including Node.js ones. Writing a clear code is more than writing just a well-running program.

Because this trait defines a coder as a professional. Here, writing a clear code means a certain way of programming inclusive of object-oriented programming, easy understandable code, error-free code, etc.

In a market where every day comes up with the increasing competition, time plays a great role in defining your success. Thus, wasting time on correcting error full or unclear codes is considered an inefficient practice.

This is why developers who write clear code are the best choice. They also serve as great team leaders and hence improve the overall performance of the business products.

Working On Security Features

With the advancement in software development, the fear of getting it hacked is increasing in parallel.

On the other hand, nearly all the hacked software has been found to have  some flaws in its development framework itself. This makes it important to make your software secured from hack attacks.

And, guess who is responsible for maintaining the security of your software? Yes, it is your developer. As a developer, the candidate must be aware of implementing security measures.

In Node.js, features like HTTP response adjustment, module loading blocking, controlling of concurrent requests, etc regulate the security of web server or application.

The developer handles the backend along with payment grievances. This means that the candidate should have the ability to take care of payment detail security also.

To preserve the data of customers and company, the developer should have a clear understanding of GDPR terms and other data collection policies.

Bug Detection

Bug Detection

Coding and development are incomplete without bugs since it is an in-built aspect of every kind of programming.

Usually, companies have a special team for checking the quality of any code. But even after that, it is the skill of the developer that determines how much time he takes to complete that rework.

Another important aspect you need to take care of is that the developer should be able to fix bugs also. Since software development is done with the help of a team, there will be a bunch of expert developers working together in coordination.

Hence, the person you hire should be versatile enough to solve other problems in addition to its own.

This kind of professional can come out as a great team leader and will improve the quality of your business software. To search for the right candidate, you can ask him about the Node.js unit testing tools to test his awareness about the same.

This should be done since specialist developers are fond of using these tools in order to improve the quality of their software.

Third-Party Service Integration

Third-Party Service Integration

Any software built for business-related purposes always requires some third-party service integrations, especially for payment purposes.

For example, in the case of a food outlet website or application, you will need one or more kinds of payment-related services, such as Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc.

However, Node.js is a scalable platform and is used widely because of this specialty only. It allows for easy integration of third-party service integration.

This improves the quality of web servers and applications. However, this can only be achieved with the help of some professional developers.

Hence, managing the ‘third-party service integration‘ becomes the key responsibility of a Node.js developer. However, the platform of Node.js itself provides many utilities to manage third party integration. It has many modules that help a developer handle complex environments.

Working With Database

Working With Database

Do you ever think of how websites and businesses reach the top of the market from scratch? The answer lies in a simple word called research.

All you need to do is deep and smart research about your customers and past content. This is the only tool to help you go in the right direction. For this, you need an efficient space on the cloud to store that data.

And to your surprise, Node.js developers play an important role in this too. Since Node.js has many libraries and inbuilt drivers, it helps you store data.

All such libraries stored in npm even speed up the configuration process. This makes the data configuration and analysis process easier.

One such framework is MongoDB that is used for the maintenance of the database and adding or receiving data. Thus, to make the right use of data, all you need a good Node.js developer. Hire a NodeJS Developer who is familiar with the tactics of Node.js database management.

Keeping Up With Technology

Technology is all about improving and making things go easier. This is where the concept of updates comes into the picture.

With time, every online application or software introduces new features with advanced features. Similarly, Node.js releases various kinds of updates with time to improve the efficiency of its platform.

The development of Node.js is a great opportunity for business software since with new features, comes the power to create interesting things for their customer.

It also brings enhanced security, bugs improvements, etc. To make complete use of it, you need a professional developer team.

Hence, in addition to a regular coding geek, you need to hire NodeJS developers who are aware of new technology.

The developer must be fascinated and comfortable enough to work on the updated Node.js interface, as the new additions play a great role in both front-end and back-end development.

Node.js Developer Skills

Just writing a few lines of code or a portfolio full of few training certificates is not enough to determine the right candidate. Full-stack development is an honorable profession and requires extreme perfectionism too.

As an employer, you should not miss any aspect of selection. For some assistance, you can refer to the following discussed set of skills expected from a Dedicated Node.js developer.

Before getting into the actual skill set, make sure you define the position of a Node.js developer. Based on work and number of responsibilities, Node.js developers are categorized into three categories – junior, middle, and senior.

With that, we have a different skill set for each one of them. Read ahead to find the skills required for hiring junior and senior Node.js developers.

Skills Of A Junior Node.js Developer

Skills Of A Junior Node.js Developer

Junior Node.js developers are usually newbies in the field of full-stack development with little or no experience.

They are usually people who might have done some training courses or built a couple of small projects.

So, they are believed to do more hard work as compared to senior developers to gain more experience.

Thus, for a junior Node.js developer, you should look for the following skills in a candidate:-

  • Familiarity with Node.js platform
  • Knowledge of intermediate Javascript
  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Should know how to work on multiple Node.js frameworks like AngularJS, Angular6, VUE.JS, REACT, etc.
  • AJAX
  • JSON object development
  • Theming
  • APIs
  • How to deploy applications
  • Database basics such as MongoDB

Besides the above-mentioned points, there are many more skills that a person should possess to become a junior Node.js developer.

Skills Of A Senior Node.js Developer

A senior Node.js is an a bit more reputed designation as compared to a junior developer. In many companies, senior Node.js developers head a team of several junior Node.js developers.

In terms of experience, a senior Node.js developer possesses a minimum of 3 years experience which enables them to handle individual projects.

Skills Of A Senior Node-js Developer

As an employer, you should look for the following skills in candidates available for senior Node.js developer post:-

  • Expertise in Universal libraries
  • DevOps
  • Client and server-side understanding
  • Ability to build architectural patterns
  • Database handling knowledge
  • Performance utilization
  • Automation
  • Version control
  • Big projects experience
  • Mastery in JavaScript Frameworks

The above-mentioned skill set for both senior and junior developers defines their technical personalities.

But in order to fit in perfectly into a professional environment, the candidate must possess some soft skills too.

This includes the following skills:-

  • Good network in the market
  • Mentorship
  • Time management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership
  • Team spirit
  • Innovative mind
  • Commitment
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding attitude towards the team and colleagues

So, any candidate that is found to meet this skill set can become the next Node.js developer for your company.

Please note that we have not mentioned some of the basic programming skills here, since full stack developer candidates are presumed to have some basic programming skills such as algorithms, object-oriented programming, encryption basics, debugging, etc.

Interview Questions For Hiring A Node.js Development Company

Interview Questions For Hiring A Node.js Development Company

Now comes the turn of the interview round. Candidates will come and show their CVs full of certificates, letters of recommendation, and degrees.

But you need to pick out the best candidate based on their performance in the interview round. For this, you need to prepare a good list of questions that can give you an insight into the skills of candidates.

The following are two different sets of questions based on technical and soft skills. Go through them and prepare your questionnaire well:

Hard Skill Questions

The hard skill or the technical skill category comprises some basics or advanced technical questions related to Node.js development.

You can simply ask these questions verbally or take a written test out of it. Some employers even ask their candidates to write a code for them. Hence, the choice depends on how deep you want to test the skills of your candidates.

Take a look at these hard skill questions that you might want to ask before you hire Node JS developers:-

  • Define Node.js.
  • What is the V8 engine?
  • What are the benefits of using Node.js?
  • How is front-end development different from back-end development?
  • Define streams in Node.js along with its types.
  • What is a test pyramid?
  • How would you use middleware in Express?
  • What is the difference between JavaScript and Node.js?
  • Why is buffer class used in Node.js?
  • How does an event loop work?
  • What is the role of lib.uv in Node.js?
  • Explain the term ‘closure’.
  • What do we mean by LTS in Node.js?
  • How would you set up an Express.js application?
  • What do you mean by NPM?
  • Define the concept of the URL module.
  • What is the difference between Angular and Node.js?
  • Explain the security implementations in Node.js.
  • What is an ESLint?
  • Define the concept of Punycode in Node.js?
  • How does Node.js handle the child threads?
  • Expand REPL in terms of Node.js.
  • How does a control flow function work?
  • What are the differences between process nextTick() and setImmediate()?
  • Enlist the functions of a module.exports.
  • What do you mean by event emitters in Node.js?
  • How spawn() and fork() methods in Node.js are different from each other?
  • Explain the working of Node.js.
  • What do global objects mean in Node.js?
  • Why is Node.js single-threaded?
  • What is a stub in Node.js?
  • List out the applications of Node.js.
  • Name the various types of API functions in Node.js.
  • What do you mean by Asynchronous and non-blocking?
  • Define package.json.
  • How does an Event loop work in Node.js?

You will not be able to ask all the above-mentioned questions in the interview, but make sure you select the questions from the list based on the level of developer i.e. junior/middle/senior.

Altogether, this question set will help you to know How To Hire Node JS Developer.

Soft Skill Questions

In the professional world, soft skills are as important as technical knowledge. A good technical grasp over the domain defines the knowledge of a professional.

However, good soft skills determine the quality of that individual as an employee. Since Node.js projects are long term, it is important for the candidate to possess good communication skills, time management skills, team spirit, etc.

To check the soft skill of a candidate, we have curated an exclusive list of questions that will help you to Hire NodeJS Developer:-

  • How would you tackle an extra burden of workload?
  • When was the last time you became the leader of a team?
  • If you are under a stressful situation due to personal problems, how will you cope with it so that it does not affect your work performance?
  • How would you explain some difficult tasks to your team?
  • What was the last time when you overcame a huge challenge?
  • How was your experience working with a person you were not compatible with?

So, this was a short bunch of questions that you can ask your interviewee to test his/her soft skills.

The answer to these questions will determine the qualities and abilities in terms of leadership quality, time management, team spirit, problem-solving skills, communication skills, etc.

Therefore, it will be a great way to hire a NodeJS developer in the form of a professional employee.

Exploring The Hiring Options

So far, we have discussed the role, responsibilities, and the selection process to Hire Node JS Developer.

Now it is time to discuss the define your needs and options available to you as an employer while selecting Node.js developers.

Based on the kind of working period, quality, charges, the following are the three categories of Node.js developers. Go through them and find the right one for you.



The first and most widely opted category is the freelancers. They are simple to hire and you can find on the internet and work with them for a particular time.

These individuals take up the project on a monthly or yearly basis. All of them work for the short term only. This means you need to hire each developer for every new project.

Another confusing thing is the selection of the right freelancer. It is difficult to judge a professional based on a few ratings and online reviews.

However, on the other hand, many good quality professionals in the market can guarantee the best quality of work.

In a nutshell, the following are the various advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer Node.js developer.


  • Low cost
  • Experienced professionals


  • Weak Deadlines
  • No authorization
  • Zero guarantees of getting the work done
  • High chances of fraud

Away from all these pros and cons, many online platforms offer trusted and verified freelancers at affordable rates. You can hire NodeJS developers from websites like freelancer, Toptal, Codementor, etc.

In-House Developers

In-House Developers

The second option is a bit of a trusted one if you are unsure about freelancers. As the name suggests, in-house developers are your employees.

This means, you need to hire and designate a post to a node.js developer in your company. In this way, you can have a controlled vision over the working status and the performance of the developer.

So, this might sound a trusted and most secure option but it demands some extra money too. When you hire an “employee”, you need to set up monthly salaries, housing allowances, conveyance allowances, etc.

This will cost you money if you are not a big company or organization yet. In short, this option is not feasible for small scale businesses/companies.


  • Anytime access for getting the work done
  • Trusted and verified
  • Gives control over the project
  • Long-term effective
  • No need to poke the developer for meeting deadlines


  • Long hiring process
  • Demands an expensive expenditure
  • Additional office and rent charges
  • High chances of fraud

In the case of in house developers, you can Hire NodeJS Developers from hired, Indeed, Stack overflow, etc.



Outsourcing is the middle ground between freelancing and in-house developers. If you do not want to go for freelancing and cannot spend on in-house developers, this is the right option for you. These are developers from another country or geographical location.

Such a Node JS web development company signs a proper contract and ensures the completion of the deadline without any failure.

Here, you also get to choose the number of specialists for your task. The Node JS development company provides you any number of specialists as per your requirements.


  • Cost-friendly
  • Easy discussions of project with product managers
  • Best quality developers


  • Language incompatibility
  • Data threat

For outsourcing, you can refer to IndiaNIC, Unified Infotech, ELEKS, etc to hire a good Node JS development company.

Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Node.js Development Company

Many of the people reading this guide might consider hiring an outsourced Node JS development company as this could be an affordable choice and a reliable choice for them.

However, even in that category, you need to consider a bunch of things before committing to such a Node JS web development company.

While looking for such companies, people are at a high risk of committing mistakes or being cheated by fake people.

So, we have listed all the tips to avoid mistakes while hiring some Node JS development company:-

Trusting online reviews

Trusting online reviews

Please do not just blindly trust any random comment of people you don’t even know. The internet is growing very fast.

With that is increasing the number of users and fake reviews and comments too. Thus, do not form online reviews or ratings as the base of your decision.

Unclear job posting

Make your requirements and demands in the first place. This eradicates the chances of confusion at a later stage.

Present the amount of work, duration, and rate in a formal format in front of the Node JS development company at the time of hiring.

Attracted to sugar-coated offers

Many outsourcing Node JS web development companies offer various kinds of discounts or other luring offers with hidden terms and conditions. Thus, it is advised to not get attracted to them without full knowledge.

Tips To Hire A Node.js Development Company

To help you with the hiring process, we would like to recommend some tips that are found efficient in selecting the right Node JS development company:-

Specify The Needs

Posting an unnecessary soft skill set in the job description won’t help you find the right candidate.

You need to state all the technical skills clearly as per the requirements. And do not mix up the skill set of junior, middle, and senior developers together.

Finding A Perfect Solution

We have already listed all the possibilities to hire NodeJS developers. It includes freelancers, outsourcing companies, and in-house developers.

Out of all of them, you need to find a perfect solution for yourself based on the investment, skills, timespan, and choice.

Check Their Previous Work

Far apart from the online reviews and ratings, you can ask the developer or the Node JS web development company to show their previous projects. T

his will give you a clear quality check of the work and hence will help you in choosing the best option.

Interview The Company

Be it an individual developer or some Node JS development company, you should interview in every case. You can either ask them to solve a quiz, verbally answer a few questions, or write a program for you.

Test Their Coding Skills

Since we are talking about web development, coding will be in its nerves. So, this is an obvious yet important step to follow. To ensure good quality work at a later stage, conduct some coding skill tests at the initial stage itself.

Hourly Rate Of Node.js Developers

Except for in-house developers, nearly all types of Node.js developers charge money on an hourly basis. Hence, it is essential to have a look at the variety of rates available in a region or country.

We have listed down the hourly rates of all kinds of Node.js developers from various mediums and countries.

Hourly Rate Of Hiring Freelancers:

Region Hourly Rate $ (Junior) Hourly Rate $ (Senior)
North America 35-55 75-115
Western Europe 55-75 75-115
Australia 55-75 75-115
Eastern Europe 35-55 35-55
Asia 35-55 55-75
India 10-20 10-20

Hourly Rate Of Outsourcing Team:

Region Hourly Rate ($)
North America 115-175
Australia 95-175
Western Europe 45-95
Asia 25-45
Eastern Europe 20-45
India 15-35

Node.js Developer Salary:

Region Annual Salary ($)
North America 75,000
Western Europe 50,000
Eastern Europe 25,000
Australia 88,000
Asia 49,000
India 22,000

Read also: A Comprehensive Guide to Long Polling in Node.js Framework

Cost Of Hiring A Node.js Development Company

Cost Of Hiring A Node.js Development Company

When it comes to an overall cost, the rates vary accordingly with the country. This rate is based on the experience of the developer, the period of the contract, and many other factors.

To have a detailed inspection of current prices, you can visit various websites such as stack overflow, Codementor, ELESK, etc. However, we have also found data of Node.js developers in different countries.

According to an estimate by, the average salary of a Node.js developer in the USA starts from $ 78,000 per year and goes up to $ 116,000 per annum.

The rates in Germany, UK, and Australia are $ 50,000, $ 84,000, and $ 90,000 respectively. Thus, you can hire a developer/company from the country whose price suits your budget.


A good Node.js developer is the foundation of good business software, which later builds a good business.

Therefore, as an employer or the head of a company, you need to be careful while selecting the candidates or Node.js development companies.

Be it a whole consultancy or just a single developer, make sure to check all the parameters including skills, experience, and cost.

We also hope that this guide has helped you to get a basic idea of the important parameters. So, get your job campaign ready to hire a NodeJS developer to accelerate your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some skills that a node.js developer should possess:
  • Understanding of front-end technologies
  • Good knowledge about node.js
  • Proficiency in RESTful APIs and API Communications
  • Good Grasp of Asynchronous Programming and Its Workarounds
  • Database Schema Creation
Responsibilities Of A Node.js Developer are listed as follows:
  • Front-end development
  • Security implementation
  • Detecting performance issues
  • APIs integration
  • Database configuration
  • Staying up-to-date
There can not be a fixed amount for a node.js developer. But, the average lies between $71,000 and $101,000 in the USA.
The simple answer to this question would be YES. Node.js is still alive and kicking and will continue to improve in the future.
Oh.! YES. You can learn the basics of Node.js in a couple of weeks and then, it all depends on the practice you do on a daily basis.
Node.js is highly efficient for non-blocking, event-driven servers. This is due to its single-threaded nature.
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