How To Hire Node.js Developer?: Roles, Responsibilities, Skills & Price

When you are thinking of developing a real-time web app that is data intensive, you are asking for a Node.js developer to control the development process. The nature of this backend technology is such that some of the big players like eBay and Netflix have opted for it. Know why- they and perhaps- you too should revere the Node.js developers.
How To Hire Node.js Developer?: Roles, Responsibilities, Skills & Price

Currently with the world’s focus on understanding, developing, and reaching new goals in the field of AI and Machine Learning, you might think that the demand for developers in other fields would reduce. Today, we will discuss how to Hire Node JS Developer.

That is not the case. In fact, in the years to come, the demand for Node.js developers would increase even more. This is because there has been a considerable increase in the use of applications and products that have World-Class Node JS Development Services at its core.

Node.js developers can be deemed as one of the busiest types of developers. They can work with both front-end and back-end development applications.

Factors that have been causing a rise in demand for Node.js developers are as follows:

  •  IoT products that are built as per the present state
  •  Opportunity to carry out both the developments with one language
  •  Applications based on JSON
  •  DIRT (Data-Intensive Real-Time Applications)

Essential Things To Hire Node.js Developers

Why Hire Node.js Developers?

Node JS is a cross-platform runtime environment that, as we know, can be used for integrating both the front-end and the back-end applications using JavaScript. It is a combination of both the runtime environment and JavaScript libraries.

Some of the key features that make Node JS 14 an important application and to Hire Node.js Developer an important task< are:

  •   Asynchronous and event-driven in nature.
  •   Solves all the database queries.
  •   Supports the sharing of codes and programs.
  •   Provides single codebase operations.
  •   Offers no buffering for any of the applications.

Developers are responsible for creating programs and applications that can be understood by their audience who have no prior knowledge about the coded programs that lie beneath the surface.

Out of the many Node JS Developer Responsibilities, writing codes in script languages like JavaScript, IcedScript, CoffeeScript are the basics. Node JS Roles and Responsibilities that a developer must possess:

  •  Developing a link between third party services and developed applications
  •  Providing support for the developers working on front-end applications
  •  Handling the data transfer between users of the application and the server
  •  Making sure the developed applications have a high response to the requests made by the front-end programs
  •  Ensuring that the developed applications provide high performance to the end-users

With software companies looking to expand their scope, Hire Node JS Developer that can prove to be very beneficial.

Node.js Developers Roles & Responsibilities

Node.js Developer Roles

Besides possessing the skill and knowledge about the work, there are certain important Node JS Roles and Responsibilities that the developer has to carry out in their daily job routine. The mentioned tasks need a Node JS Developer’s utmost precision and dedication. They include;

  •   Working on data streaming applications and platforms
  •   Working with server-side proxy and applications
  •   Contributing to improvements in the fields of infrastructure and process
  •   Working on PayPal Node JS Payment process management
  •   Back-end services of customer-friendly graphical user interfaces
  •   Wireless connectivity, big data analytics, and many more

Node.js Developer Responsibilities

Apart from the previously discussed roles, a Node JS Developer also has several responsibilities that need to be performed accurately. These Node JS Developer Responsibilities are as listed below:


Benefitting from Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is based on the concept of agility i.e., the ability to adapt to changes.

The requirements of the user may be susceptive to changes and it is important that the developed system can adapt to them and still carry out its functions.

A Node JS Developer who is well versed with using this methodology can bring creativity and a high-performance rate to the developed web applications.

Having Front-End Knowledge

Front-end applications are used by customers and it is important for them to be developed in a user-friendly way.

Connecting these applications to databases and the operations that won’t be visible on the user interface is one of the Node JS Developer’s Role and Responsibilities.

Writing A Clear Code

It happens most of the time that software is collectively developed by a team of Dedicated Remote developers.

This is done so that the software is available to use in a short period of time and it offers more efficiency and features.

When a clear code is written by one developer, it becomes easier for other programmers and developers to understand that.

Doing so can help to regulate and divide a Node JS Developer’s Role and Responsibilities.

Providing high-Security Features

Security is of utmost importance for the system as well as for the users.

It is important for the developers to consider all the aspects and scenarios that can possibly jeopardize the system or the users’ confidential data and then to come up with solutions to deal with them.

Detecting Bugs and other issues

Bugs are any type of flaws or errors that can hamper the working of a software or an application.

Their occurrence can mar and compromise with the functioning of the software and it is important to have some backup options in case such a situation arises.

Using Third-Party Services with the developed system

There are certain companies and organizations that offer their services by providing software and applications to other companies for their own use.

Working With Database

As developers develop the back-end applications, they have to work with databases and record maintaining software. It is important for them to know about the transactions that the front-end application carries out.

Keeping Up with The Latest Trends

There are always new trends and innovations that are updated to the existing knowledge and understanding about programming languages, software, databases, etc.

A developer that keeps on learning these new skills and Node JS Development trends can bring a lot to the applications that they build.

Node.js Developer Skills

Skills are important when it comes to developing software or any web application. Different fields of software have different skill set requirements. As node.js deals with both the database and UI applications, it requires a skilled developer to handle and manage both.

The skills required for a developer working with Node.js changes with the designation that the developer is working at.

Skills of a Junior Node.js Developer and that of a Senior Node.js Developer are different.

Skills Of Junior Node.js Developer

An opportunity to be a Junior Node.js developer is the entry-level position that any organization or software company offers to the new recruits.


The eligibility for the candidate depends on the skill set that is required for the position. The important requirements for the job include:

  •   Basic knowledge about Node.js
  •   Programming in Node.js
  •   Knowing Frameworks in Node.js
  •   Knowledge of writing efficient codes
  •   Understanding front-end applications
  •   Working with authorization and authentication of the user
  •   Having error-handling skills
  •   Creating database schemes and many more

Skills Of Senior Node.js Developer

After having worked as a junior node.js developer, the next post in the node.js development field is of senior node.js developer.

Senior Node JS Developer Skills

The quality that makes a senior developer stand different from the junior node.js developer is the quality of teamwork. After working in the field for a few years, they tend to develop the quality of working in teams.

  • A senior developer that can communicate their thoughts to the team, understand their feedback and views on the same, and then collectively try to implement the designed strategy, is more likely to achieve their set goals.
  • Apart from being well versed with RESTful APIs, error handling, and data protection, some of the other activities that are needed to be carried out by the senior node.js developer are:
  • Sails and similar MVC Frameworks
  • Working Knowledge with Workflow Automations
  • Benefitting for high-load project experience
  • Knowledge about Architectural Patterns and Microservices Architecture
  • Experience in Performance Optimisation


Soft Skills Required For Node.js Developers

It fall under the non-technical sections where a candidate is tested while being interviewed for any job offer. Soft skills are something that is not based only on your coding and technical knowledge.

It includes every field of life in which a candidate can be tested to see if they are a perfect fit for the job or not.

Being a developer does not just mean being good in coding and programming, it also means being able to convey your ideas to others, and collectively working on achieving a goal. Some of these skills are;

  •   Social interaction skills along with communication skills
  •   Character, Personality traits and Attitude of the candidate
  •   A candidate’s Social and Emotional Intelligence
  •   Qualities like Time management, Teamwork, and Leadership

Additional requirements in the soft skills section include:

  •   Thinking like an engineer
  •   Having a Result-oriented attitude
  •   Having some Analytical ability
  •   Showcasing Resilience and Commitment

Node.js Developer Interview Questions

Hard Skill Questions

Interviewing a candidate before hiring them is an important step that helps to determine if they are eligible for a job position or not. The questions asked in interviews usually include both tech and non-tech questions.

Tech questions include hard skill questions that are based on software development and coding. Some of the Technical or Hard Skill Questions that can be asked in an interview with an aim to hire Node JS Developer are:

Can you explain Modules in Node.js?

Modules in JavaScript are the functions that can be reused. They have their own conditions and surroundings that cannot be interfered by other modules.

What do you understand by closures?

A Closure is a bundle of  functions that has access to other variables that are present in the outer scope. It can be used to convert global variables into private variables.

What is a cluster?

It is a process that is used to handle the load during thread execution when working with multi-core systems.

Why is Node single-threaded?

It has been observed that single thread operations run better than multi-thread operations. Using single-threaded architectural pattern operations can help to improve the performance of Node.js.

What is Node Package Manager?

NPM or Node Package Manager is used for the purpose of installing and managing Node.js repositories and packages.

Soft Skill Questions

The soft skills of a candidate are evaluated thoroughly during the hiring process itself. They are considered to be equally important as the tech questions.

Some of the types of Soft Skill Questions that are usually asked in an interview are:

  • What is important to you in a job?
  • Do you consider yourself a multitasker? Have you worked on more than one project at the same time? How did you manage everything at that time?
  • Have you ever had issues with a colleague who was working with you? What approach did you take to communicate with them about the work-related updates?
  • Has it ever happened that the expected task didn’t go as planned? How did you deal with the situation? What was your take on it?
  • Give an example of any important project goal that you achieved. How did you achieve it? What plan did you follow?

Hiring Options For Node.js Developers

Ways to Hire Node.js Developer can differ depending upon the requirements and the methods that a company adapts to.

Based on their preferences, developers have the flexibility to choose the type of job that they are willing to work for. The three main hiring criteria for them are;


A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers his/her services to clients that can be companies, startups, or other organizations.

Freelancers have the flexibility of working for more than one client at the same time. Hiring process for freelancing developers has its own pros and cons.


  •   Reduction in Cost and Risks
  •   Increase in Global Reach


  •   Issues with Supervision
  •   Issues with Security and Dedication from the side of the developer

In-House Developers

In-House developers are the hired employees of a company that works as permanent members of a team. However, choosing this mode to hire Node JS Developer does come with its own advantages and disadvantages.


  •   Effective Collaboration
  •   Control of Development Process
  •   No communication issues
  •   Better management


  •   Monthly Wages irrespective of the contribution
  •   Additional incentive expenses
  •   Lack of talented engineers
  •   Flexibility issues


It is the process in which a company or an organization hires a third-party programmer to offer services in the field of software development. As the previous two modes used to hire Node.js Developer, this mode has its own benefits and drawbacks as well.


  • Reduced production Cost
  • No additional expenses
  • Accessibility to talent
  • Improved quality of work


  • Language barrier
  • Communication issues due to different time zones
  • Maintaining financial relationships

Cost To Hire Node.js Developers

Different designations for a job offer different salaries. This is because the roles and responsibilities of a particular job title are different from the others.

Developers are often said to receive a high amount of salaries due to their skills and the type of job they do.

We have seen the categories in which a developer is hired to work with Node.js. It can be beneficial to you if you are well aware of the salary estimates that the companies across the world offer. The package is different for

  • Junior Node.js Developer (In-house developer),
  • Senior Node.js Developer (In-house developer), and
  • Outsourced employees.

Junior/Senior Node.js Developer Hiring Rate

The hiring rate differs from region to region and for the post that the company is offering. The salary in $/hr pattern across the world is as given below.

Region Hourly Rate ($) (Junior) Hourly Rate ($) (Senior)
North America 35-55 75-115
Western Europe 55-75 75-95
Australia 55-75 75-95
Eastern Europe 35-55 35-75
Asia 35-55 55-75
India 20-30 20-30

Node.js Developers Outsourcing Rate

The rates for hiring employees or to be precise, hiring developers from an outsourcing firm are different from the rates that are offered to In-House developers. The outsourcing rates differ for different regions across the globe as well.

The approximate rates in the $/hr pattern are as mentioned below.

Region Hourly Rate ($)
North America 115-175
Australia 95-175
Western Europe 45-95
Asia 25-38
Eastern Europe 20-45
India 20-35

Node.js Developers Salary

The average annual salary of In-house developers is calculated based on the estimated hourly income. Its approximation, provided in a $/annum pattern is as mentioned.

Region Annual Salary ($)
North America 75,000
Westren Europe 50,550
Eastern Europe 25,000
Australia 87,000
Asia 50,000
India 22,000

Tips To Hire Node.js Developers

Hiring a developer to work with Node.js is not a difficult task. There are a number of things that you should consider and be clear about before making the decision.

Some of the tips that should be included in the evaluation process of a candidate are mentioned below:

Solid JavaScript Knowledge

Having complete complete knowledge about JavaScript Frameworks is an absolute must while evaluating Node JS Developers for hire.

JavaScript provides the opportunity to work on both front-end and back-end environments in the same language and is thus beneficial from a software development point of view.

Understanding of Run-Time Environment

Node JS is based on the concepts of JavaScript but has different functions and its own architecture.

While interviewing developers, it is important to know whether they are well acquainted with the concepts of the run-time environment or not.

Asynchronous Programming

It is the type of programming that reduces waiting time between requests and more than one function can simultaneously be implemented to increase the efficiency of the product.

While evaluating Node JS Developers for hire, if they lack knowledge about this programming, it might hamper their task of writing efficient codes.

Understanding of Front-End Technologies

Web development or most importantly front-end development is dependent on HTML, CSS, and JS. Having knowledge about all of them is important for an eligible candidate.

Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks

Node JS has a number of frameworks available that you can work on. Having knowledge and experience in developing projects using different frameworks showcase a developer’s skills, dedication, and their passion.

This can be an important trait that companies look for while interviewing Node.js Developers for hire.

Efficiency on RESTful APIs

Using and integrating already existing APIs is an important skill that the developers must-have. It is important to be sure about the fact that the candidate will be able to handle such type of interaction that occurs in multiple systems.

Ability to Create Database Schemas

As Node.js developers have the tasks of managing both front-end and back-end technologies, it is crucial that they are well acquainted with creating and managing database schemas.

Data Protection

Security is an important feature that any software must offer. It is important for developers to be well versed in such methods of protecting data and information.

Authentication & Authorization

Authentication and Authorization plays an important role when multiple systems and developers are involved and should be included in the software’s features.

Handling Errors

Errors are bound to occur and it is important that the developer is capable of dealing and overcoming those errors.


Experience is what differentiates between a developer and a skilled developer.

Having a minimum 3 years of experience of working with Node JS portrays a candidate’s involvement in a project.

This is an important trait that companies want when they interview or evaluate Node.js Developers for hire.

Steps To Hire Node.js Developers

There are a number of steps that are followed while hiring a developer to work with Node JS platform. Following these steps can make your process of hiring a developer much easier.

Step 1: Defining The Requirements

It is important for you to draft all the requirements for your project before you begin with the process of hiring a developer.

Step 2: Selecting The Hiring Model

Once the requirements are defined, it is important for you to decide the mode that you’ll be choosing for the hiring process; it includes Freelance, In-House, and Outsource methods.

Step 3: Connecting With Company/Developer

Once the first two steps are done, you should make a list of all the companies and freelancers that match your requirements and it is better to have two to three backups.

Step 4: Signing The Contract & NDA

Signing a contract is a must as it is an official statement and proof that binds the company and the developer.

Step 6: Get All The Rights Of The Project

Acquiring rights over your project is important. Declaration about the same can be mentioned in the signed contract.

Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Node.js Developer

Mistakes made while hiring a developer can cost you a lot if the correct candidate is not chosen.

Some of the mistakes that should be avoided while hiring developers include:

Less Research

It is important that we research the background of the candidate thoroughly in order to be sure the skills and capability the developer possesses.


Miscommunication can mar the development and implementation of any project and thus, should be avoided.

Quick Hiring

Recruitment processes, if carried out in a haste can lead to companies and developers missing out on crucial information about each other.

Time Difference

You can depend on proper communication to avoid any issues when working for companies in different time zones.

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How We Use Node.js At eSparkBiz?

As an Enterprise App Development Company, we use Node.js for multiple applications. It is easier to integrate Node.js once all of its features and the benefits that can be availed from it are understood.

We make use of Node.js development tools to build and provide efficient web applications and software programs.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should eSparkBiz as your partner for Node.js Development Services.

Benefits That You With eSparkBiz:-

  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • High-Quality Services
  • Daily Reporting
  • 24*7 Support & Assistance
  • Total Control Over Proceedings
  • Connect With Industry Experts


We have tried to provide as much information as we can on Node.js, its developers, and the recruitment process. Any information apart from this is available on the internet.

It is recommended to have all the necessary information and knowledge before approaching a company or a developer.

We hope you all had a great time reading this article and it will prove useful when you’re dealing with Node JS. Thank You.!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Node.js developer has a specific set of roles and responsibilities. He/She has to write back-end code for developing world-class web applications. In addition to that, there are some other responsibilities: Working With Agile Methodology Front-End Knowledge Writing A Clear Code Working On Security Features Detecting Bugs Third-Party Service Integration Working With Database Knowing The Latest Node.js Trends
Node.js is one of the best run-time environments for building scalable and secure web applications. If you hire a dedicated developer, you can get complete access over the work. So, the output will be fast and efficient.
There are three major options to hire a Node.js developer. Either you can opt for a freelancer or an in-house team or outsource your project.
Node.js is a fully secure and scalable technology. So, you can opt for it while thinking about web application development. However, when you’re integrating any third-party tools, you should check whether it's secure or not.
There are 4 major steps to hire a Node.js Developer: Defining The Requirements Selecting The Hiring Model Connecting With Company/Developer Signing The Contract & NDA Get All The Rights Of The Project
There can not be a fixed amount for hiring a Node.js developer. It depends on a variety of factors such as type of project, requirements, type of developer, geographical region, etc. So, based on your need, the cost will vary.
Following are the mistakes that you should definitely avoid: Less Research Miscommunication Quick Hiring Time Difference
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