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Hire WordPress Developers from eSparkBiz to creatively design performant responsive WordPress sites with the latest trends at global level. With 4+ years of extensive experience in the latest standard coding & WordPress, our 80+ in-house certified Indian WordPress developers are experts in PHP, Ajax, JQuery, MySQL, HeadLess WordPress & Workflow automation. So you can scale with customized innovative enterprise-grade solutions that are cost-effective, user-friendly, unique & drive desired business outcomes.

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Launch Responsive, High-performing, & Attractive Sites as you Hire WordPress Developers

Keep up with the changing landscape of digitizing businesses with dynamic WordPress solutions. Hire WordPress developers at eSparkBiz as a potent way to convey a strong online presence for your unique ideas.

Our Indian WordPress developers are easy-to-hire professionals efficient in bug-free, clean, & reusable codes with the Agile approach for modern solutions known for productivity, scalability, & customization. Thus, provide real-time, advanced WordPress solutions ideal for all business niches helping you to expand & explore your business opportunities.

Notably, WordPress is one of the largest open-source CMS paired with MySQL or MariaDB which is ideal for any project. Leveraging its extraordinary features like exhaustive content management capabilities, plugins & API integrations, dynamic usability, & SEO-friendly features, our expert WordPress developers offer robust sites of any complexity that meets your goals.

So our reliable WordPress coders for hire can build you responsive web apps, mobile apps, custom designs & themes, plugins & more that convey incredible performance, security, features, & control for a lasting brand image.

Thus, hire WordPress experts to empower your business with cost-efficient, superfast, performant WordPress sites with enterprise-grade stability.

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on the independent, objective B2B research platform Clutch.co with an average rating of 4.9 from over 36 client reviews

Engage with the top 10% of the Industry-best WordPress Developers in India

Hire WordPress Developers within 2 Days from eSparkBiz who empower businesses globally with Disruptive Digital Solutions.

Developer Types
Select different expert levels as Junior, Mid-Level, or Senior Developers as per your project needs.
Junior Developer Mid Level Developer Senior Level Developer
Estimate Cost
Comprehensively estimated cost for the services of expert developers for hire of various experience levels as per your project budget.
$1920 - $2400 $2400 - $2880 $2880 Onwards
Experience Developer
Hire a pre-vetted developer based on their years of experience in building versatile Solutions.
1 - 3 Years 3 - 4 Years 4+ Years
Risk-free Trial
15-days 15-days 15-days
Agile Development Agile Development Agile Development
Development Manager
A dedicated Project Development Manager(PM) allocated to all projects as a SPOC between the client and the developer(s)/team ensuring smooth project completion.
Yes Yes Yes
Lock-in is the obligatory agreement between the client & the company for the specified time period or completion of the said project.
No No No
Time Zone Availability
Being an India-based company, we provide services in 10+ time zones worldwide to cater to our global clients.
Yes Yes Yes

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Hire WordPress Expert to Build Modern Websites to Grow your Brand Identity

Advance with our groundbreaking end-to-end WordPress development services supported by our proactive WordPress coders for hire. Highly skilled in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS 3, LESS, SASS, XML/RPC/Web Service & more, they offer classic designs to no downtime upgrades & VIP migrations, API integrations, and world-class 24/7 maintenance and support. And infuse value-based content & features for modern dynamic sites fully functional on all screens in custom web development. So you can efficiently handle large-scale content management of your sites, & attract incremental organic traffic as you hire dedicated WordPress developer.

WordPress CMS development

Managing the website content is not easy with the high competition we have in the market. So, to make your content appealing and impressive with a spot-on impact, you can hire WordPress developer with us who is proficient in CMS development. Significantly, they provide tailored solutions for content management systems to ensure you have superior control over the content you upload on the website.

WordPress Template Customization

Once you hire dedicated WordPress developer from our company, you will have the leverage to use any template for your website or get a customized one. Moreover, our professionals are well aware of what is expected from them and deliver nothing but the best. Not only can they build tailored templates for your specific needs, but add personalized features on the go.

WordPress Migration Services

Do you want to migrate your existing website to WordPress? If yes, connect with our expert WordPress developer as they will offer the best plan for ensuring a successful migration. Remarkably, they have a rich profile in dealing with many projects where migration has been the primary work. So they smartly orchestrate the entire control workflow and then act on the migration to ensure no website functionality is lost.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins play a crucial role in WordPress websites since they help extend the features and functionalities without being developed from scratch. Also, WordPress comes with hundreds of built-in plugins that you can use. But if you want to build a customized plugin, you can hire WordPress developer skilled in building a variety of plugins. Not only do they have the expertise needed to come up with the most innovative plugins, but they also help in the integration of the same.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

If you want a WordPress theme that will exemplify your business and its features in the form of a storyteller, we are here for you. Now, you can hire WordPress developer from us who will customize the theme and ensure it matches your business in all aspects. And make the spot-on impact you need on your target audience to drive maximum traffic to your website.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is one of the best web builder platforms at the current date. If you want to launch a speedy & high-performing website based on this platform, you can hire WordPress developers from us. And they will competently handle the entire web development from design to deployment. Plus, they will also choose the perfect domain name and host the website on WordPress itself. Hence, we provide the most innovative solutions based on WordPress to ensure you meet your end-users expectations head-on.

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is one of the critical aspects of SEO, and we take that very seriously. Hire WordPress programmer for the web pages that are optimized to the fullest, regardless of the website type. Based on the reports of the performance audit check, they optimize the problems and remove them from your website. And we develop robust, stable web solutions that function smoothly even with high traffic without compromising speed and performance.

API Integration and Customization

Once you hire WordPress expert with us, you won’t have to worry about API development and integration. They are extremely proficient in customizing the APIs according to your website requirements. And improve the site communication with any other third-party apps your business uses. In addition, they will also help in the integration of the APIs while ensuring the integration is seamless and smooth in the shortest time.

Blog Development

WordPress is one of the best platforms to post blogs, but doing so is not so easy. However, our Indian WordPress developers are here for you if you want expert solutions for your blog development. And this is exactly where our WordPress coders for hire come into play. They are well-versed in all the nitty-gritty of the things needed for the best WordPress blog site. And will continuously update the same to ensure it doesn’t become redundant or stagnant for your target customers.

WooCommerce Development

With our WooCommerce developers, you can tap into the e-commerce side of WordPress. Effortlessly, they will develop a feature-packed storefront you want for your business and ensure it has the desired impact on your target audience. In addition, they can customize the development workflows and provide WooCommerce e-store sites that represent your business in the best possible manner. Therefore, hire dedicated WordPress developer whom you can trust for websites that deliver exceptional value for money.

Hire WordPress Developers India

At eSparkBiz, hire WordPress Developer in India excelling in various WordPress requirements from scratch or in the middle of the project to a successful launch. And reduce launch time, enhance security, seamless third-party integrations, dynamic APIs, & customize plugins for tailor-made websites. Moreover, they are fast, brilliant SEO-friendly sites, functional on multiple platforms, & highly optimized with a fast turnaround time. Thus, providing suitable, custom solutions to Startups, SMEs, & Enterprises dedicatedly that are highly cost-efficient & future-ready for the evolving markets.

Still Wondering If We Are the Right Fit? Take our Risk-Free 15-Day Free Trial

Partner with eSparkBiz and get excellent digital services for your business. We have a qualified and trained team of WordPress Developers for hire that strive to deliver the best solution for your business at an honest price.

  • Simple & Transparent Pricing
  • Robust Data Protection
  • Fully Signed NDA
  • 100% Code Security
  • Easy Exit Policy
  • Why Does your Business Need WordPress Development?

    WordPress is popular as ‘the Website Builder’ and is the ultimate choice for building engaging sites. It is a popular Content Management System used by nearly 42% of the top sites today. And comes packed with a lot of features that are difficult to find anywhere else. Making it a favorite of expert WordPress Developers.

    WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little in May 2003. It was created as a system to publish blogs that further evolved to offer a variety of other web content.
    Currently, it is owned by WordPress Foundation. Further, it can be used as a network host in WordPress.org & host many other related trademarks.

    WordPress has helped build a myriad of influential sites like The Obama Foundation, Angry Birds, 99U, Animal Logic, Espacio, PawPrint Pets, Tinkering Monkey, National Archives Foundation, MOD Pizza, Pages of Travel, Sony, Indian Express, Mercedes-Benz, Reader’s Digest, BookMyShow, ABPLive, and the list goes on.

    So hire WordPress Developers with the flexibility to make your next big hit sites for your vibrant idea.

    1. Reliability

      One of the primary significance of using WordPress is its reliability. Unlike any other web builder, CMSs, and development platform, WordPress comes with a set of reliable features that helps your website rank high and make the best impact on your target audience. As you hire WordPress programmer, you can easily trust this platform to launch your website without any delay.

    2. SEO-friendly

      Making the website and its content SEO-friendly is one of the most challenging jobs. As one needs to consider many things in the process. But WordPress is a website-building platform that is incorporated with multiple SEO-friendly features. Therefore, hire WordPress developers India and you won’t have to worry about any developmental concerns. Especially if we consider optimizing the website and its content based on the dynamically changing SEO protocols for indexation and ranking.

    3. Safe and Secure

      WordPress comes with several security features that prevent anyone from accessing the CMS platform and manipulating the content of the website. Furthermore, as you hire WordPress programmers India, you will have the advantage to incorporate advanced security features so that no one can access your content management platform other than you.

    4. Easy-to-use

      Distinctly, WordPress is an easy-to-use platform that will help you gain a lot of traffic to your online business. Plus, you won’t have to do much when you want to post blogs because WordPress has a built-in blog posting platform. All you need to do is hire WordPress programmer who will arrange the content pieces in a way that you would like to see on the webpage. Furthermore, the dashboard features everything you want to use for your website, like themes, plugins, extensions, stock images, etc.

    5. Rest API

      Since WordPress comes with several Rest APIs, you won’t have to worry much about integrating third-party apps with the WordPress website. Hire WordPress experts India with us who can customize these APIs according to the business requirements and ensure they are correctly combined in your website. This way, you can quickly increase the overall website’s performance & ensure the performance of your website and other third-party applications you want to use.

    6. The Best Blog Platform

      It is one of the best and most preferred blogging platforms. Once you hire WordPress developers, they will help you complete your blog site development within the shortest possible time. Additionally, WordPress has a platform with the help of which you can post blogs, check the readability score, save the draft and schedule the uploads according to your requirements.

    7. Great Support

      The customer support system of WordPress is quite impressive. With its vast active community, you can raise your concerns anytime with the website builder and content management system. Hire WordPress web developer offering their customer support services, will reach out to you at the earliest with the solution. And ensure you won’t have to worry about not being able to offer the best services to your target audience.

  • Questions to Ask while you Hire WordPress Programmer

    On average, to hire WordPress web developer can cost $72,000 per year and still has a rising demand in the market. With so much competition you want to make sure that you get the best of the lot. For that, we’ve compiled a list of a few questions to ask your WordPress developer before hiring. These will give you a clear insight into the expertise level and knack of the developer in WordPress allowing you to hire WordPress programmer to befit your project needs.

    1. What is their total experience in WordPress?

      The first thing that you need to ask the expert WordPress developer is the total experience they have working with WordPress in any domain. This will help you decide whether the professional will be able to meet your project needs or not. Usually, if you are looking for a senior developer for a complex project then you should hire WordPress expert who has 4+ years of experience. While a junior developer will have at least 3 years of experience working as a WordPress developer.

    2. What are the uses of plugins in WordPress?

      The WordPress professional should be aware of the use of WordPress plugins because it is one of the significant aspects of this CMS platform. So, while you want to hire dedicated WordPress developer, you should ask them more about the plugins. And they should be able to answer what plugins are, their functionalities, and related features. Also, they should answer correctly about the workflow needed for integrating these plugins with the website.

    3. Do you know how to develop custom WordPress plugins?

      Another question you need to ask before you hire WordPress expert is if they have knowledge of WordPress plugin development in a customized manner. And see if the professional is proficient in developing customized plugins according to your website’s requirements. Also, you should know if they can integrate the plugins once the development is complete and see that the interaction between the third-party software platforms works fine with the WordPress website.

    4. Do you think a custom theme template for WordPress will work better?

      You also need to know if the professional can work well with the customization of WordPress templates. This is why before you hire WordPress expert, you should ask them what their thoughts are on a customized theme for WordPress and if it will work for your business well. With this question, you will be able to assess the developer’s knowledge of the importance of customized templates and their business decision about whether the customization will work well for your website.

    5. How can you optimize the performance of a WordPress site?

      If the working of the WordPress website is not optimized, it might get slow, and redundancies will be there. Therefore, you should ask before you hire WordPress developers India how they can optimize the performance of a WordPress site. This will help you to understand their mindset on the development process and the features to be included to optimize the performance, like the perfect load time, reduced bounce, rate, and so on.

    6. Give some insights into workflow orchestration from WordPress site development?

      Since WordPress website development is one of the most demanding services, you should ask the developer if they will be able to organize a proper workflow for developing the site. For instance, Indian WordPress developers may start by understanding the business requirements and make a draft design about its layout and back-end functionalities. Based on the blueprint, the developers need to proceed with developing the website and ensure the ultimate website is the replica of the design decided at the beginning.

    7. How can you debug the WordPress website?

      An expert WordPress developer should know the use of the PHP-based keyword WP_DEBUG to put the entire WordPress website in debugging mode. This way, all the errors and loopholes in the site will be displayed on the console. With this, you can understand if he/she can run the debugging cycles and come up with the best plan to resolve them. This will help you understand that you are about to hire a WordPress expert with the ability to troubleshoot instantly whenever required.

    8. Why do you think WordPress is best for SEO?

      As you want to hire dedicated WordPress developer, one of the main questions should be if the person has any knowledge about the SEO-friendliness of the platform. This way, you won’t have to hire any other expert to manage the website’s SEO aspects and the content uploaded on it. For instance, the developer should know how to optimize the website to meet the standards and protocols of SEO ranking and indexing algorithms.

    9. Is it better to get a free domain name for WordPress?

      The developer should be able to answer this question about the domain name. As you are about to hire dedicated WordPress developer, asking this question will help you to understand if they know the differences between free and paid domain names, custom domain names, and so on. And how they can be utilized differently for various websites.

    10. What to do if you are locked out of WordPress admin?

      As basic as it sounds, this is a crucial question to ask. While you are out to hire dedicated WordPress developer, you should know if they understand the process to be followed when one is locked out of the WordPress admin platform. This way, you can be sure that your admin account can be recovered right on time without having to create everything from scratch.

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Begin Your WordPress Development Now

Why Hire WordPress Developers from eSparkBiz?

In-demand team of 80+ WordPress Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

eSparkBiz is a renowned software company with 12+ years of experience in the strategic use of WordPress to empower businesses globally with sites, multi-sites, & future-ready solutions for the evolving markets.

Hire WordPress developers availed with an easy hiring process delivering you with the highest security & compliance. So you save 50% on your overall development costs.

With our vast industry experience & unmatched skills, we support various business-centric functions to become market leaders. Saving you from all the pain, we offer you our already seasoned tech experts for your disposal. Mastering LESS, SASS, GULP Workflow, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, Genesis, Avada, X, Pro, Elementor, and Divi WordPress frameworks our developers deliver you a complete WordPress solution.

So, hire dedicated programmers with us offering one-stop custom WordPress development services for value-based dynamic modern solutions boasting industry-standard clean coding and on-time delivery.

  • 12+ years of Industry Experience
  • 250+ Qualified Senior Technology Architects
  • CMMI Level 3 Company & ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Powerful Data Security: Firewall System (Palo, Alto), VPN, Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software, Access Control and Data Recovery
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Agile Methodology
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Conveniently Augment your Dedicated Development Team
  • 170 Working hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models
  • 100% in-house Team. No Freelancers
  • Expert Developers with Rich Portfolio in Web, Mobile Application and Software
  • 15-Day Risk-free Trial
  • High Engagement with Cut-rate Workforce
  • Long-term Client Retention with 90% Returning and Referral Clients
  • Strict NDAs Signed for Complete Privacy
  • Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team
  • Intensely Devoted Environment for Persistent Production
  • Committed Retention of Developers till the Project Completion
  • Cross-out Miscellaneous Expenses Related to the Project & Developers
  • Cost-efficient with the Rapid Market Launch
Transparent Communication
Time Zone Aligned
Experienced Team

Our WordPress Expertise Extends Across Multiple Industries

Food & Drink
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Hire a WordPress Dedicated Team or Let us Build your Product from Scratch

Trusted by Global Clients

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Recommended by 98% of SMEs, Startup, and Scale-up Clients

Krupal Puchhadiya
We chose eSparkBiz for their competitive pricing & experience. It was very attractive to see them eager to hear our project scope & follow through with what they said. With the best of techs, tools & teams, they gave us the best custom CRM system we could imagine.
Robert Jongebreur
Being very professional, their quick responsiveness complimented their efficient management style is what impressed me the most. Especially, the workflow between our teams was seamless and excellent delivering exceptional products with all the requested elements.
Jarrick Cooper
eSparkBiz’s instant availability during our US business hours & its vast experience & knowledge of many different technologies is remarkable. One of their designed websites helped our client's site score 90+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights performance auditing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Hire WordPress developers from eSparkBiz?

It is very easy to hire WordPress developers from eSparkBiz with our flexible engagement models. Through our quick 4-step process, you can choose the one that best fits your business needs and onboard adroit Indian WordPress developers in 48 hours. Moreover, you can hire them on an hourly, weekly, & monthly basis for short or long-term projects. And upscale or downscale on-demand, that too in your time zone. Just follow the mentioned below steps to start your WordPress project.

Step 1 – Discuss your WordPress project requirements & your desired expertise.
Step 2 – Following that, we shortlist the best-suited experts for your project.
Step 3 – You can interview & review these candidates as per your requirements.
Step 4 – Once finalized, sign the NDAs to knock off a hassle-free onboarding for your development process.

What is the cost to hire WordPress developer?

The cost to hire a WordPress developer on average is between $81 – $100/per hour in the US. While in India and other Asia Pacific regions it ranges between $41 – $60/hour. However, India houses a world-class talent pool and offers its services at very competitive prices. For instance, among the most trusted and experienced companies like eSparkBiz, they offer WordPress Developers from $1920 – $2800/month. Thus, making it a very affordable and lucrative process.

What are the benefits to hire WordPress expert from eSparkbiz?

eSparkBiz is one of the most proficient and celebrated Software companies in India for 12+ years. They offer highly skilled, vetted, and certified WordPress coders for hire according to your specific project needs within your budget. Being a one-stop-shop for WordPress Development, hire WordPress Developers from eSparkBiz brings along a horde of other benefits too like,

  • Easy Access to top-of-the-line WordPress experts
  • Up-scale or down-scale your team on-demand with complete control
  • Save nearly 50% on your WordPress development
  • 15-Day Risk-free trial
  • Effective and Transparent Communication
  • On-time Delivery with time zone compatibility
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • High-end Secured Infrastructure
  • Strict NDAs and IP Rights
  • High-Quality Assurance with rigorous testing

What to consider before you hire dedicated WordPress developer?

There are a lot of things you need to consider before you hire WordPress developer. For instance,

  • You need to know about their hands-on experience with WordPress.
  • Well-versed with PHP, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.
  • The company’s reputation from which you are hiring.
  • Check the reviews and feedback from their previous clientele.
  • Also, check the services offered by expert WordPress developers.
  • See if they provide post-deployment services and maintenance.
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Signs NDAs and IP rights for Privacy

Why is WordPress so famous as a content management platform?

Before you hire WordPress developers India, you should understand its works as a content management system. A CMS is a platform to manage the content posted on the website, whether the exclusive website content or the blogs. WordPress allows you to assign different forms of content on the website, create drafts for the content., schedule updates, and so on.

Is it profitable to develop a custom WordPress website?

Developing a custom WordPress website with the help of a WordPress coder for hire is profitable because it will be a replica of your business. Like that, you can directly connect an emotional connection between your business, values, and your audience. In addition, a WordPress custom site will help you make an impact on your target audience, driving maximum traffic to your website.

What are plugins in WordPress?

Plugins in WordPress are functionalities that will help you extend the overall features of the website. For example, you can use the built-in plugins in WordPress to manage the e-commerce website developed on this CMS platform.

What is WooCommerce? Why is it important?

WooCommerce is an extension of the WordPress platform needed to develop the eCommerce storefront. Hire WordPress developer in India, you can quickly develop the store for your business, use the themes available at WooCommerce, and other such functionalities instantly without having to spend too much from your pocket.

What can be developed using WordPress?

WordPress is a versatile platform allowing expert WordPress developers to create numerous digital solutions for various purposes. To name a few, with the help of WordPress you can develop all of the following:

  • Blogs
  • Business Websites
  • eCommerce Sites
  • Online Course Sites
  • Marketplaces
  • CMS & ERPs
  • Directory
  • Forums
  • Job Boards

What readability features does WordPress come with?

WordPress comes with a built-in readability checker. This ensures you can understand if the content posted on the website matches all the readability protocols per the search engine platform. For example, it will show the Flesch reading score, which is the difficulty score of reading the content. Hire WordPress experts India who will also use other features like the passive voice marker, transition word marker, and so on.

Does WordPress come with built-in themes?

WordPress has several built-in themes that can be customized according to your business requirements. And you can find these themes on the wp. engine. In addition, you can also get the WordPress theme bundle, where you will have access to multiple themes in a single package. Hire WordPress programmers India to exploit these and save you from spending too much on buying the themes for your website.

How to develop the best WordPress website?

As you hire WordPress expert, you must ask about the process of developing the website based on this web builder platform. For instance,

  • The first step is conceptualizing the development workflow. So that no confusion is caused during the actual work.
  • Furthermore, the development process will include dragging and dropping the UI elements of the web builder platform of WordPress.
  • Later, checking for any errors and their removal thus ensuring the quality and high performance of the website.

Is WordPress a hosting platform?

Yes, WordPress is also a hosting provider. It means you can host the website on the server to which WordPress is connected. This way you won’t have to find any other hosting provider and regret making a wrong choice later.

How can you secure the WordPress website?

Hire WordPress developers to secure the WordPress website and work on getting the SSL certification for the same. Plus, using user authentication with double layers will also secure the website and ensure no one can access the content without authorization.

Why free domain name is not good enough for a WordPress website?

The free domain name is not good enough for your WordPress website because you won’t have the copyright and ownership of the same. Therefore, it is better if you choose the paid version of the domain names so that no one else can use the same.

What are stock images in WordPress?

Stock images are like a built-in picture library in WordPress that you can use to add pictures to the content posted on the website. They are free, and you won’t have to go for a subscription to use those pictures separately as you hire WordPress developers India.

Is WordPress a CRM platform?

No, WordPress is not a CRM platform. Instead, it is a CMS platform for efficient Content Management that will help you work on the content uploaded to the website. And make the most of it. Hire WordPress programmer to intelligently leverage WordPress features for your content and maximize it.

Why is WordPress said to be SEO-friendly?

WordPress is the most SEO-friendly because it has many features that can help your website rank higher in search engine page results. And even has elements that help you make your content user-friendly leading to more end-users. Hence, WordPress is very SEO-friendly and you can hire WordPress developer to make the most of this benefit.

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