Establishing a working culture that Inspires

eSparkBiz never let the spotlight shift from their employees who are the fuel behind this company. We encourage the growth of our employees by practicing innovative approaches that boost their morale. Above all, a balanced work-life culture is promoted inspiring freedom and creativity.

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Our Office

Area sq. ft.
Total Capacity
  • A progressive office housing 370+ tech-savvy experts
  • Over 20,000 Sq. Ft of ultra-modern Development Center
  • Conference rooms & vast open spaces for cross-team meetings
  • Eco-friendly Conservation Systems
  • 24 X 7 Electricity and water supply
  • Backup Power via UPS and Generators
  • Additional 10,000+ Sq. Ft of scalable office structure
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Security & Surveillance

  • Round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and security
  • COSEC and card access to the office premises
  • Secured Palo Alto Networks along with Gateway anti-virus
  • Strong SVN establishment to secure files, source code, etc.
  • Efficient data backups and facilities for disaster recovery
  • Advanced security systems to safeguard in-house IT infrastructure
  • Nagios Core and Zabbix for monitoring servers and machines
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  • Agile infrastructure with cloud computing
  • Modern Processors and Hardware with high configuration like Intel i7 or i9
  • 15+ iMac pros and Macbooks
  • Smart devices, iPhones, iPads, tabs, VR Gears, Oculus Rift, and Smart TVs of all OS like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. with secured Wi-Fi connections
  • 25+ smartphones and 30+ tablets dedicated to developers
  • Desktops - Ubuntu, Linux, Windows, MacOS, Mavericks, and more
  • Special communication tools like Teams, Skype, Gtalk, Messenger, Zoom, Slack, Cisco WebX, projector-based meets, etc.
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Networks & Servers

  • Highly scalable network architecture
  • Cluster of multiple IBM servers & cloud-based demo servers capable of working simultaneously
  • Custom software for individual projects and IBM storage
  • Client-server maintenance and management
  • CISCO switches L2 & L3 and Firewall for efficient network
  • CAT6 category in network cables
  • VLAN for central network and traffic
  • VMWARE ESXi and Proxmox Virtual Environment for enterprise-grade solutions
  • Amazon Cloud Structure

Expert Insights for Digital Product Development

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