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The DevOps Managed Services by eSparkBiz is a good solution for companies that require timely and effective re-delivery of online services. Hence, our DevOps as a Service facilitates proper communication between development and operations and fast delivery of quality software. Improve your development cycle and gain a shorter time-to-market through our professional DevOps services. See the benefits of DevOps for yourself!

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Step Up in Your Development with DevOps Managed Services

eSparkBiz offers reliable DevOps Managed Services for better DevOps solutions
Boost Your Software Development Process through Efficient DevOps Integration

At eSparkBiz, we steadily focus on revolutionizing your software development methodology with our efficient DevOps Managed Services. The solutions provided offer extensive support by enabling you to implement solutions faster, maintain quality, and increase efficiency.

With our DevOps Managed Services, you get a coherent strategy in development and operations management. In this way, we save your time and minimize potential costs, thus guaranteeing the stability and reliability of your product. We have a team of professionals, who are willing to offer a dedication to development and maintenance services so that your endeavors are spent on growth.

We acknowledge the importance of a rational and efficient process when it comes to software development. With eSparkBiz, you can elevate your product to reach the level that is appropriate and easy for development, deployment, and further. DevOps as a Service also ensures that all your technical, operational, and infrastructure requirements are met effectively and satisfactorily.

  • Sustain product security with monitoring.
  • Minimise operational costs through prudent management.
  • Accelerate time and value with our integrated methodology.
  • Avoid extended periods of inactivity through proper maintenance.
  • You concentrate on the creativeness as we work on the complexities.

Enterprise DevOps Solutions for Business Excellence

Discover our varied service offerings in DevOps Managed Services that can help improve your software development and operations.

DevOps Consulting

At eSparkBiz, our DevOps consulting services are tailored to help you get the most out of your development and operations. We will review and evaluate your existing systems and workflow to discover the inefficiencies as well as opportunities. You will get a clear plan of how DevOps will be implemented to increase the frequency and speed of software releases with improved quality.

Our solutions collide with your business requirements in a way that makes the strategies we recommend a perfect fit for your goals. These strategies are adopted and fostered by our technical specialists in coordination with your personnel which results in efficient working and thus increased performance.

  • Detailed examination of development cycles
  • Identification of process bottlenecks
  • Customized DevOps strategies
  • Improved release frequency
  • Superior software quality
DevOps Transformation

Experience faster, more effectively designed development processes with custom DevOps solutions. eSparkBiz guarantees quick delivery of robust and efficient solutions by incorporating DevOps principles into your firm. Enjoy smaller new development cycles, faster time to market and cost advantages.

With our strong DevOps managed services, every aspect of your development and operations needs is covered. We offer constant help right from the preliminary diagnosis stage to the final stage of change management execution.

  • Tailored DevOps implementation plans
  • Streamlined development pipelines
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Faster product delivery
  • Significant cost reduction
Cloud Infrastructure Management

Simplify your cloud environment and achieve maximum value through our DevOps managed services. We build, launch, integrate, and manage your cloud infrastructure to achieve flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness in operation.

Our DevOps as a Service team guarantees that your cloud infrastructure is protected and can constantly evolve depending on your business niche. With the use of advanced cloud technologies, eSparkBiz assists in delivering and maintaining a sound environment that fosters business growth while observing cost-efficiency.

  • Cloud infrastructure planning and deployment
  • Automation of cloud processes
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure
  • Cost control and optimization
  • Continuous support and maintenance
Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Utilize CI/CD practices to speed up your software provisioning and delivery. eSparkBiz’s DevOps CI/CD services automate essential tasks, decrease error-prone manual work, and facilitate fast feedback loops. Achieve stronger development operations and real business results.

We will work with your team to set up and optimize CI/CD pipelines that ensure rapid integration and delivery, which speeds new development and provides confidence in the quality and reliability of your software products.

  • CI/CD pipeline implementation
  • Automation of key development tasks
  • Error reduction and efficiency improvement
  • Enhanced feedback loops
  • Tangible business benefits
Migration to the Cloud

eSparkBiz’s Cloud migration services make it easy to transition from legacy systems to the cloud. We take you through analysis, planning and execution to make sure your migration doesn’t disrupt a thing.

Our cloud experts will support you through the process to ensure a smooth and secure migration. We tailor our approach to ensure business continuity, minimise downtime and make sure you get all the benefits of your new cloud environment.

  • Comprehensive migration planning
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure
  • Seamless transition to the cloud
  • Performance and efficiency enhancement
  • Minimal operational disruption
On-Premise Configuration

Get the maximum control over your hardware with our on-premise configuration services. We tune and tailor the hardware and software for your specific business requirements making sure you get the most out of your software product.

eSparkBiz’s on-premise DevOps as a Service gives you the flexibility to retain control of your infrastructure, safe in the knowledge that your systems are configured for maximum performance and dependability.

  • Custom hardware and software optimization
  • Complete infrastructure control
  • Peak operational efficiency
  • Tailored configurations
  • Expert support and maintenance

Upgrade Your Operations with Professional DevOps Managed Services

Find out how eSparkBiz’s specific DevOps Managed Services can benefit your development, optimize operations, and protect your infrastructure for optimal productivity and stability.

Software Build Automation Solutions

Get our expert solutions to have a seamless build process from source code to deployment. Our automated build services simplify your development process and guarantee the quality of your product’s delivery every time you code a commit.

Monitoring and Backup

Forget about any disappointments, keep your projects up to par and enjoy uninterrupted work with our monitoring and backup solutions. Our DevOps engineers enforce effective backup policies so that the infrastructure can be easily recovered and there is minimal loss in the event of an unpredicted occurrence.

Migrating infrastructure to cloud services

Migrate your infrastructure to the cloud without hassle through the efficient migration solutions offered by eSparkBiz. We also make sure that the performance of the system does not diminish, verify compatibility and regulate space constraints for the efficient migration process.

Support and control of cloud infrastructure

Transform your cloud foundation by adopting our superior support and control solutions. We employ modern tools for virtualization and containerization to address the issues of data security, mitigate risks of improper settings, as well as handle insider abuses to enhance the security of a cloud environment.

Streamlined DevOps Process for Optimal Results

Learn how eSparkBiz’s rigorous DevOps Managed Services help to achieve adaptive, reliable and secure software development and deployment.


Our planning phase determines the business benefit of your product and takes comprehensive specifications. This stage is critical to monitor known problems and establish a sound framework for project management that cannot be overlooked when implementing projects.


In the projecting phase, we develop software products and develop the corresponding codes. Depending on your requirements and specifications, our team is dedicated to providing reliable and easily scalable solutions that meet your objectives and closely match your vision for the end product.

Creation and Testing

In the creation and testing phases of software development, constructing builds and versions is efficiently controlled through the use of powerful automation. Thorough testing processes are intended to maximize the stability, security, and reliability of the code you generate for your software.

Implementation and Operation

The implementation and operation phase therefore entails the coordination, planning and subsequent automation of the production processes. During operation, our team guarantees proper software management to eliminate such issues as slow performance and vulnerability.


Daily monitoring focuses on discovering and correcting problems that arise when the system is running. The monitoring of individual services and the overall health of an application is done based on resource load, availability, response time and security to help avoid downtimes while maintaining efficiency.

Full Suite DevOps Technology Solutions

At eSparkBiz, we make use of advanced technology and ensure your DevOps Managed Services to be high-end, reliable, and easy to manage your Software Development and Software Operations.

Containerization Tools

Containerization tools make it easier to deploy applications since they have their requirements bundled up. This approach assists in offering uniform environments in the different phases of development hence improving portability and scalability.

  • Docker
  • OpenVZ
  • Kubernetes
  • Mesos
  • Openshift
  • LXC
  • Artifact Registry
  • Docker Swarm

Automation Tools

Automation tools are required to minimize workloads, minimize time consumption, minimize human interference and enhance productivity. They allow companies to manage infrastructure effectively and predictably and to deploy infrastructure quickly, both of which are keys to using DevOps as a Service.

  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • CHEF
  • TerraForm
  • HashiCorp Packer
  • Pulumi
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Azure Resource Manager

CI/CD Tools

CI/CD tools enable continuous integration and continuous delivery of code changes to guarantee that they are tested and released properly. This improves the rate and quality of software development and brings development and operations teams into harmony.

  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Jenkins
  • GoCD
  • Bamboo
  • CloudBees CodeShip
  • TeamCity
  • Travis CI
  • Cloud Foundry
  • CircleCI
  • Cloud Build
  • Drone CI
  • Argo CD
  • Werf
  • Container Registry
  • Artifact Registry

Monitoring Tools

Application and network monitoring tools monitor the health and performance of applications and networks. These include real-time information and notification which are vital in avoiding any downtime and maintaining efficiency in a DevOps Managed Services setting.

  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • Prometheus
  • Elastic Stack
  • Grafana
  • Datadog
  • Fluentd
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
  • Graylog
  • syslog-ng

Test Automation Tools

Automated tools are used to support testing and allow for quicker and more efficient validation of the changes done to the software. This increases code quality and shortens the development cycle, which is vital in the context of DevOps as a Service.

  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Protractor
  • fMBT
  • XCTest
  • TestStack WHITE
  • Cuit
  • Ranorex
  • Postman
  • Apache JMeter
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • Unified Functional Testing
  • LoadRunner
  • Warp
  • Tsung

Coding Tools

Coding tools and languages are the central components of the software development process. They allow for the development of stable and highly available applications and scripts used in automating processes, system interfacing and advancing DevOps Managed Services operations.

  • Bash
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • Golang
  • YAML
  • Perl
  • HCL Technologies

Database Management

Database tools control and organize data and are useful for different purposes and tasks. They guarantee data consistency, accessibility, and efficiency which are paramount for creating a solid foundation for the provision of DevOps as a Service.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache NiFi
  • MongoDB

Best DevOps Services for Optimal Performance

We at eSparkBiz have tailor-made our services to include all stages of the DevOps Lifecycle. This ensures that we offer streamlined, efficient and secure software development and operations in every sense.


Infrastructure as Code

Automated Testing

Version Control

Monitoring and Logging

Security Integration

Microservices Architecture

Feedback Loops

Deployment Automation

Scalability and Elasticity



DevOps Metrics and KPIs

Tools Selection

Incident Response/Recovery

Why Choose eSparkBiz For DevOps Managed Services?

eSparkBiz’s DevOps Managed Services are unsurpassed in experience and dedication, guaranteeing that your projects are completed on time, on budget and customized to your specific business requirements fulfilling your project goals with great value-addition.

Results-Focused Collaboration

Our approach is focused on outcomes at eSparkBiz and ensures timely delivery as well as adherence to budgets. We have been concentrating our efforts on well-structured and organized development toward your business goals with our DevOps managed services since last decade.

Strong Industry Knowledge

eSparkBiz offers tailor-made business software solutions for various industries. We conduct extensive market research to understand your industry deeply, so we can offer quality DevOps as a Service that meets your needs perfectly.

Customer Trusted

eSparkBiz as an excellent DevOps managed services provider, our clients rely upon us. This feedback confirms our dependability and expertise, reiterating our commitment to delivering outstanding DevOps as a Service.

Clear Process

The transparent development process at eSparkBiz makes us different from other service providers. Our DevOps managed services keep you informed all through so you always know what to expect thus making it easier for us to work with confidence and clarity.

Flexible Team

Our DevOps engineering team at eSparkBiz is adaptable to your changing business needs. We can scale our team size to match your project requirements, infrastructure, tech expertise, providing flexible and efficient DevOps as a Service.

100's of Happy Clients

From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, we, as a pioneering offshore software outsourcing firm, cater to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Here are some touching testimonials from our happy clients:

Paul Fletcher

Throughout the project, they consistently displayed professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

Paul Fletcher

Founder, UGC Social Platform

Why Choose eSparkBiz?

Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software engineering practice and cultural approach that merges software development and operational teams. It aims to facilitate continuous and fast delivery of products.

Which tools and platforms are typically used in DevOps?

There may be different specific tools and platforms, but some common ones are Jenkins, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, etc.

In What Industries Can You Find DevOps Organizations?

It can be applied across industries like the financial services industry, healthcare sector, e-commerce and technology companies.

How can you measure DevOps ROI?

Metrics such as deployment frequency, lead time, and mean time to recovery are used to assess the return on investment in DevOps practices.

What types of DevOps services does eSparkBiz provide?

eSparkBiz provides services like assessment, planning, CI/CD pipelines, process automation, and managed services, including operational management and security integration.

How is software testing affected by DevOps?

DevOps encourages continuous testing throughout the development lifecycle. Automated testing helps identify issues early, leading to higher-quality software.

What are some basic principles behind the idea of DevOps?

The core principles behind the idea of DevOps Solutions include :

  • Culture: Collaboration, trust and shared responsibility
  • Automation: Automating any manual task
  • Measurement: Acquiring metrics relevant to process improvement
  • Sharing: Knowledge sharing and best practices dissemination
  • Feedback: Utilize feedback loops for continuous enhancement
What business benefits does DevOps offer?

DevOps open up opportunities for Businesses by availing numerous advantages to leverage as follows :-

  • Software release time-to-market becomes shorter.
  • Collaboration is easier between development and operations teams.
  • Software quality and reliability are improved.
  • Efficient utilization of resources.
How Is DevSecOps Different from DevOps?

While DevOps concentrates on development operations collaboration only, DevSecOps includes security practices throughout the entire software development lifecycle as well.

Does DevOps Make an Organization More Secure?

DevOps integrates security practices early in the development process, ensuring security is not an afterthought.

What are the main challenges of implementing DevOps?

The main challenges of implementing DevOps are cultural resistance, tool selection, and process alignment.

Why is automation a prerequisite in DevOps?

DevOps just cannot go without automation! It smoothes out repetitive activities, hastens deployment processes and ensures uniformity on all levels.

What role does monitoring have in DevOps?

Monitoring plays a Vital role in DevOps Managed Services in following ways:-

  • Observability: It enables tracking of system performance, resource consumption, and the behavior of applications.
  • Alarm: This provides an ability for the monitoring tools to send alarms on thresholds and predefined levels or unexpected behaviors.
  • Quality Enhancement: By monitoring data, your team comes to know the choke points in its processes and makes the system more reliable than before.
What are the main challenges of implementing DevOps in legacy systems?

Legacy systems usually rely on outdated toolsets and heavily entwined components. Migrating to DevOps requires careful planning and gradual adoption.