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A healthy Engagement Model details the understanding promised between the client and the outsourcing provider to utilize the resources of the company. Also, the framework plans the control and responsibilities and also lays a foundation for further developmental relationships.

Cloud Employee Model for companies

1. Cloud Employee Model

It is a dynamic model most suitable for companies wanting to outsource their IT requirements. Here you get direct access to a dedicated developer or a team to extend your in-house team without the troubles of recruitment. Moreover, they work exclusively on your project from their location delivering high-quality, best-in-class projects.

  • Options to select your developer from a reliable known source
  • Access to an experienced, rich pool of talent to choose from
  • Complete control of the developers as an employee without incurring extra costs
  • Direct report to you with your determined standards, deliverables & projects
  • Works as per your time zone

2. Project-based Model

This model allows easy access to a multi-talented mobile workforce committed entirely to bringing your particular project to fulfillment. Working through the customer specifications, efforts & resources required and budget, everything is set clear and upfront for both parties from the start.

  • Allocating the best skillset for faster completion of your project
  • A Dedicated Developer or a team working remotely at a state-of-the-art infrastructure saves you on operational cost
  • Exclusive Project Manager to see through the process & link you with your project
  • Divided into Progressive parts for continuous development
  • Project delivered in the estimated time with Agile and Scrum methods
  • Quality software product without any compromises at any developmental stage

3. Scrum Team Model

The scrum team model is your answer to your rapid development process. Here, a team of experts come together and combine their skills to work in sprints. And produce various aspects of your software to deliver it as teamwork. Significantly, they cut down on the development time to speed up the launch without leveraging the quality of your final product.

  • A self-organized and cross-functional talented team
  • Experienced Scrum Master
  • Incremental development for a wider scope of feedback
  • Feature-packed functional software with complete ownership and confidentiality
  • Optimizes creativity, flexibility, and productivity
  • Scale the team as needed

Offshore or Nearshore Development

Hire a dedicated developer or gather a team of experienced developers to work on your project committedly with Offshore or Nearshore Development options. They work as per your time zones on hourly rates with your choice of required expertise. Considerably it cuts down on your developmental costs giving you the best of the talents for high-quality performing projects.

  • Complete control over the selection and working of your developers for productivity
  • Pay only for the resources you use so you stay within budget
  • Scale up or down your team as per your requirement
  • Assured Security and 100% code ownership
  • Avail user-friendly, bespoke, performing software products

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We got you covered with all the hassles of hiring resources and the development process, delivering affordable world-class software products.

Enhanced Solutions Portfolio

Customize your software solutions by selecting your best-fit Model, Stack, & Application for enhanced & effective production.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Minimal operational cost despite faster development & abundant resources with business agility for rapid launch.

Increased Topline and Profits

High-quality products for streamlined management, higher traction rate with increased customer retention & loyalty for charting profits.

Project Execution Methodology

Agile Approach
Waterfall Approach

Faster implementation for powerful engagement

Agile is an iterative approach to simplify any project management and software development. It requires cross-functional teams collaborating in sprints to make the process faster with fewer troubles. The teamwork on granular tasks with self-organization with set goals wanting minimal supervision. continuously improving on the constant feedback, this method confirms the functions of the product at every stage. And delivers value-based, high-performing, flexible products in the end for higher engagement.

Planned structure for the predicted desired outcome

The Waterfall method is a traditional approach with a linear working system for SDLC. Its structured format has every stage defined one after another guiding the developer towards a confirmed product. Exhaustive in nature, the Waterfall method prepares everything in advance for accuracy and prediction of the outcome. Little less flexible than the Agile method, the assured outcome of the Waterfall method has made it a popular choice for those wanting a step-wise decided structure for their software development.

Scrum Roles

We adopt Agile development methods in our software development for fast and flexible processes. As it swiftly supports our core philosophy of consistent improvements and progress with granular tasks allotment. And allows us to produce feature-rich, adaptive, & contemporary final products ensuring a high user experience. The cornerstones of the method are the Scrum roles adopted by our experts.

Project Manager

Our adroit Project Managers help you prioritize, organize, and achieve your project aligning it with your goals and business vision. they become the SPOC of the team & client and efficiently manage the software solution to successful deployment.


The well-seasoned developers think, design, and deploy disruptive software solutions with clean codes for high-end outcomes. They streamline and simplify the SDLC of your project for assured growth with their unmatched technical skills and business acumen.

QA and Testing

Rigorously conduct Manual and Automation testing to ensure the performance and functionalities of your product. Our QA analysts and Testers remove the errors and enhance the features for a sleek, seamless, & engaging user experience.

Anchored Applications Developed for Pre-defined Scopes

If you are a business with a decided budget or have a fixed application/ software to develop or are a large enterprise in need of project-oriented solutions, then we have got you covered with our high-grade expertise for premiere large-scale digital solutions. And we can build you precise custom, enterprise-grade projects having defined scopes with preconceived needs. So your pre-defined expansive projects can be easily designed with our pre-set, stated processes and engagement metrics to yield your definite results.

JIRA for Project Management

Our expert Agile team keeps your large-scale projects organized with the advanced management tool JIRA. It enables amazing flexibility to the development process to use any Agile approaches, keeping it well-defined, secured, and convenient for quick modifications.

Configuration & Versioning

An efficient configuration is managed with the easy sharing of JIRA blueprints, workflows, tasks, suggestions, and approvals, along with GIT and modern Subversion.

JIRA Kanban Board

Making the best use of the JIRA Kanban Board, we provide your projects with DevOps and Agility. It allows for workflow visualization for transparency, extends team capacity, and optimizes productivity.

Software Testing Tools

We enhance the performance of your final product with the best testing tools in the industry. Using the portable testing framework Selenium, we boost your web apps. While your Hybrid, Native, & mobile apps are tested with excellent Apium.

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They over delivered! It has awesome features bringing ideas to life in a fast turnaround time. They are receptive to feedback with quick implementation. And their reusable solutions have led to increased leads, new clients, recruitment prospects, & successful promotions.
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eSparkBiz’s instant availability during our US business hours & its vast experience & knowledge of many different technologies is remarkable. One of their designed websites helped our client's site score 90+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights performance auditing tool.

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