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  • Dedicated Project Manager for your UI/UX Projects
  • Complete guidance from concept building to launching
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Hire UI/UX Designers
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Give a New, Engaging Look to your Goals by Hiring our UI/UX Designers

User experience(UX) design engages users, connects people, & creates brand advocacy through a memorable experience. So, empower your users with immersive UIs to give a value-based engagement with your brand.

We are here to design for people. At eSparkBiz, we fuel our designs with a human-centric approach to convert your user interaction into tangible growth. Also, our team of UI/UX experts creates intuitive digital products that work for our clients, their audience, & business goals.

Our UI/UX designer for hire leverage their acquired knowledge of front-end techs, graphics, AR/VR, & industrial design structures. And create a seamless product experience for your users.

The exceptional UX reflects your brand value. It is here your customers connect with your vision. Taking the advantage of an individualized experience during each interaction point of your users in your app increases your opportunities & optimizes your ROI.

Hire best UI/UX designers with us to create aesthetically enhanced user-friendly UIs & dashboards based on the user’s behaviors & interactive patterns. And craft effective user interfaces that are easy to use, have simple navigation, influence usability, & help in instant brand recall.

So, hire user interface designers for a digital experience with a solution that leaves your users delighted & your business with a lasting competitive edge.

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Hire UI / UX Designers Within 48 Hours

Starting from $18/Hour

We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

Starting from $2560/Month

3 to 6 Years of Exp. Developer, 170 hours per month. Monthly Rolling Contract

Starting from $12000/Month

Build a Dedicated Agile Team of 5 Developers

Combine your Goals & Designs for Exclusive Storylines with our UI/UX Services

Hire UX designers with us as a one-stop solution for your visual designs, interaction designs, user experience, & service designs. Our UX designers give a wide range of UI/UX design services to companies from Fortune 500 to startups. Understanding that a good design is in the details, we craft cohesive user experiences. Using wireframes, prototypes, mapping user journey, RUM & analyze results with data analytics. Lastly, combine it all in your project to define a more effective strategy resulting in compelling user experiences.

Website Design

Looking to build a unique site or app that leaves visitors in awe? Then you are at the right place. So, hire UI designers with us and create a futuristic UI/UX for your web application today.

Mobile App Design

Build a UI/UX for your chart-topping application with our mobile app design services. Additionally, we have an extensive experience in wireframing and designing bespoke UI/UX for mobile applications.

UX Consulting

Need help in crafting a UX for your business products? Then we have you covered. As our highly experienced UI/UX designer for hire and consultants will deeply analyze your business. And craft a customized winning UX strategy for your business products that your users will love.

Wireframing & Blueprints

Our team of designers can help you visualize your ideas better by creating wireframes and blueprints that match your beliefs and expectations. So contact us today to get your ideas wireframed into beautiful designs.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Web applications are often used on different platforms, and that needs better compatibility. Here, we can help you design and develop cross-platform user interfaces that are utterly compatible with multiple screen sizes and OS.

User Testing

We host a pool of testers to complete user testing for your user interfaces and experiences. Because they help us derive insights from their user experience. So imitate real-world testing with us, and get the feedback you need to polish your UI/UX  today.

Hire UI/UX Designer India

Hire UI/UX designer India and pick on the soft points of your target audiences & add features and navigation to your apps that make them easy to use. Our designers can create such an ideal scenario for you through breathtaking UI/UX designs that guarantee a lasting user base.

How We Deliver UI and UX Services

Requirements Discussion & Brainstorming: As your hire UX designers with us, the first and foremost step in generating unique designs is about understanding your requirements and brainstorming ideas for them. So, we focus on understanding your core needs first by getting your requirements right. And then hosting meetings to know more about the features you would need.

Once the requirements are precise, our expert designers then take on brainstorming sessions. It helps them gather UI/UX inspiration and ideas for your needs and come up with samples that can give you the needed growth.

Design: Once you’ve approved the samples from brainstorming sessions, our designers will dive into designing your UI/UX project. During the design phase, our team will host regular meetings to ensure that the work is aligned with your requirements. As a result, the rework is minimized by continuous feedback and testing.

Support: After the designs are finalized and handed over to you, our support masters come into the picture. For that, we will provide you with round-the-clock support services. It ensures to evade any issues that you might face during the review or implementation phases of the designs developed by us.

UI and UX Services

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Our Approach to Providing UI/UX Design Services

Research & Analysis

The best UI/UX comes to life after extensive research and analysis. That’s why hire UI designers to take exhaustive research and analysis before starting any project. As this helps us to deliver you value in every design we make for you.


Once we have the analysis right, we head on to create a PoC. It helps you visualize the ideas better. In addition, our PoCs are extensive. Also, they can help you validate the flaws and misunderstandings in your requirements or communication.

UI/UX Wireframing

After the PoC is approved, our UI/UX designer for hire takes up the challenge to create wireframes. Especially, they are based on the PoC and your project requirements.

Fully Functional Designs

We help you by developing fully functional designs only after the wireframes are approved. Following this process, allows us to ensure that there is less rework and that your project gets completed on time. Hence, our designers will complete the end-to-end designing process for your applications and make things ready at this stage.

Prototype Testing

After the designs are ready, we head on to do prototype testing. With your team and our expert testers, we try to find and eliminate any unseen edge case. Essentially, we do prototype testing to simplify the designs and polish them so that they can be developed easily and faster.

Front-end Development

Once the testing results are promising, our team takes up front-end development for your UI/UX project. Here, we can help you develop simple templates in HTML and CSS from your approved designs. Hire UI/UX designers who can also help you build a full-fledged front-end that’s fueled by powerful Javascript front-end frameworks.

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Begin Your UI/UX Development Now

Why Choose UI/UX for your Business?

User Interface is the introduction and the whole story of your sites or apps. It connects the users & their needs with your vision & brand.

Today’s technological advancement has added more dynamics to the UI of any digital product. Like AR/VR, IoT, AI & ML, etc. makes it distinct & interactive.

An apt UI/UX designs map the journey of your users to create the most trafficked apps while increasing their performance on the way.

By introducing your users to exceptionally personalized user experiences, you can wow them & create a value-based engagement.

Hire UI designers with us for pixel-perfect, optimal designs of UIs for your users to drive sales.

Excellent User Experience

UI/UX development is all about crafting a quality user experience that makes your users love your site or application. Besides, our UI/UX designer for hire is highly experienced in creating bespoke, unique, and memorable user experiences for your users that positively influence your brand image.

Highly Expert Team

As you go on to hire UI/UX designer, it is vital that the team should be a highly expert one. So, choose the best and most experienced team at eSparkBiz at competitive prices and with value for money.

User-centric Processes

UI/UX revolves around users, and our designers know this too well. So, all our design and development processes are user-centric and are oriented towards creating value for your users.

Affordable and Timely

Our UI/UX services are competitively priced. So that every business gets creative and out-of-the-box site or web application designs. Moreover, there are no delays in our delivery commitments, and give you the best quality products on time.

Why Hire UI/UX Designers from eSparkBiz?

In-demand team of 80+ UI/UX Designers with a 4.9 Clutch score

UI/UX design is not an easy thing. But as you hire UI/UX designers with us, eSparkBiz makes it an easy process for you that increases your customer base, loyalty, & retention with your brand.

Also, we host the best design talent in the region and leverage their experience in delivering one-of-a-kind designs to you.

We believe in a user-centric approach to product design. And Lean UX is the cornerstone of our process leading to solutions that are rapid & show real business value quickly.

By working with us, you are ensured of quality and timely delivery that comes from a highly experienced team.

  • 12+ years of industry experience
  • 200+ qualified senior technology architects
  • CMMI level 3 company & ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Powerful Data Security: Firewall System (Palo, Alto), VPN, Anti-virus and Anti-malware software, Access Control and Data Recovery
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Agile Methodology
  • 170 Working hours/Month with flexible Hiring Models
  • 100% in-house team. No freelancers
  • 15-Day Risk-free trial
  • Long-term client retention with 90% returning and referral clients
  • Strict NDAs signed for complete Privacy
  • Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team
  • Intensely Devoted Environment for Persistent Production
  • Committed Retention of Developers till the Project Completion
  • Cross-out miscellaneous Expenses related to the Project & Developers
  • Cost-efficient with the Rapid Market Launch
Transparent Communication
Time Zone Aligned
Experienced Team

Our UI/UX Expertise Extends Across Multiple Industries

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Hire UI/UX Designers from a Company that truly cares!

Trusted by Global Clients

Some of our clients have been with us for 7+ years (and counting)

Recommended by 98% of SMEs, Startup, and Scale-up Clients

Krupal Puchhadiya
We chose eSparkBiz for their competitive pricing & experience. It was very attractive to see them eager to hear our project scope & follow through with what they said. With the best of techs, tools & teams, they gave us the best custom CRM system we could imagine.
Paul Fletcher
They have a very friendly, welcoming, & knowledgeable team following a proficient management system. We had easy effective communication with a hands-on approach & expertise. eSparkBiz turned out to be a highly reliable, friendly, and efficient partner for our desperate needs.
John Brandt
They over delivered! It has awesome features bringing ideas to life in a fast turnaround time. They are receptive to feedback with quick implementation. And their reusable solutions have led to increased leads, new clients, recruitment prospects, & successful promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of UI/UX design services offered by eSparkBiz?

eSparkBiz offers UI/UX design services that include prototyping, wireframing, site and web application designing, Along with that hire UX designers for cross-platform testing, and consulting for your ambitious projects.

Is there a difference between UI and UX?

Yes, UI and UX are often used interchangeably. But there’s a lot of difference between the two things. On one hand, the user interface deals with the design, looks, and feel part of a site or app. In contrast, user experience deals with how easy to access the site or an application is and what is the user’s experience after using them.

While UI aims to create stunning designs to catch the customer’s attention, the UX helps you keep that attention by making the experience favorable to the customer.

Which tools do you use for designing?

At eSparkBiz, we always use industry-standard tools like Figma and Adobe XD for designing user interfaces. Also, we use Adobe Creative Cloud tools to create all the graphics and images. In addition to these, we also utilize Blender and Maya to develop 3D assets for your sites and applications.

Can you help me create 3D experiences for my site?

Yes, hire best UI/UX designers at eSparkBiz and let them create bespoke and outstanding 3D assets for your sites. Moreover, we can help you create 3D experiences that revolve around your products and services.

What are the costs to hire UI/UX designers?

The cost to hire UI/UX designers is based on many different parameters. It is decided on the type of designs you choose to develop and the assets that you want to use. For instance, if you use 3D assets and experience, then the cost will go significantly higher.

To get an exact quote on the cost of your UI/UX project, contact our sales team today.

After the project is completed, will you provide me with all the source files?

Of course yes. As you hire UI/UX designers at eSparkBiz, all the designs and assets created for your project are yours to keep. Once the project is signed off and you are good to go, we will hand over all the source files to you.


Is there any risk-free trial period?

Surprisingly yes. Our UI/UX designer for hire services come bundled with a risk-free trial period of 15 days. Because we know you’ll love our products, however, you should also have an option to exit without any issues if somehow things don’t work out.

So as you signup for project work with us, we will also provide you with 15 days trial period for free.

What is the experience of your design team?

Our design team is highly experienced. Significantly, the lead designers have been with us throughout all the stages of our company right from the beginning. And so we leverage their immense industry experience to design you some of the best interfaces in the industry.

The average experience in our design team stays at 5+ years. Additionally, there’s a good blend of new designers that bring fresh out-of-the-box ideas to the team, and experienced design leads to bringing ideas to reality.

Why is eSparkBiz a better choice?

eSparkBiz is a leading offshore development company where you can hire best UI/UX designers at competitive prices to work on your products. Moreover, our team of designers is highly experienced in creating bespoke user experiences and interfaces that reflect your brand’s personality. While doing this, we also keep the costs in control and provide the best quality of end products.

What hiring models are available for UI/UX projects at eSparkBiz?

Hire UI/UX designer India with eSparkBiz on multiple hiring models. For we believe that every business has different requirements, and it needs to be catered to separately. That’s why we offer numerous hiring models. With us, you can full-time hire UI designers who can work dedicatedly on your project alone, part-time hire User interface designers, or even hire a whole team of designers if the need arises.

Moreover, we also allow you to switch between the hiring models in the middle of the project to scale to your business needs.

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