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Fuel your business with the technologies that simplify your workload and escalate your business success by hiring Indian programmers to work exclusively on your projects.

Hire developers in India with eSparkBiz, who bring in their domain expertise, sharp business acumen, & unmatched technical skills to your organization. Being proficient in their task, they offer you end-to-end tailor-made final products with sturdy back-ends, beautiful front-ends, performing full stacks, & strategized UI/UX.

Statistically, as you hire a programmer in India, you save on approx. 60 percent of the overall development cost for your project. With our easy hiring models and hassle-free onboarding, you get high-tech solutions for your business that increase your user engagement, brand loyalty, and resultantly your business.

Moreover, hire dedicated Indian developers who are the best fit for the startups looking to empower their ventures with dynamic digital innovations for their unique ideas. Along with the industry’s best developmental practices with agile methods, plug n play, and high-quality products, you get a transparent company ecosystem, NDAs, & a 24*7 access control of your team.

Thus, hire developer India to help you realize your ideas into unique apps with the latest trends, real-time updates, & committed post-deployment services that mold as per your business needs.

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Developer Types
Select different expert levels as Junior, Mid-Level, or Senior Developers as per your project needs.
Junior Developer Mid Level Developer Senior Level Developer
Estimate Cost
Comprehensively estimated cost for the services of expert developers for hire of various experience levels as per your project budget.
$1920 - $2400 $2400 - $2880 $2880 Onwards
Experience Developer
Hire a pre-vetted developer based on their years of experience in building versatile Solutions.
1 - 3 Years 3 - 4 Years 4+ Years
Risk-free Trial
15-days 15-days 15-days
Agile Development Agile Development Agile Development
Development Manager
A dedicated Project Development Manager(PM) allocated to all projects as a SPOC between the client and the developer(s)/team ensuring smooth project completion.
Yes Yes Yes
Lock-in is the obligatory agreement between the client & the company for the specified time period or completion of the said project.
No No No
Time Zone Availability
Being an India-based company, we provide services in 10+ time zones worldwide to cater to our global clients.
Yes Yes Yes

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Hire Dedicated Developer India with Tech Expertise Delivering Benchmark Business Solutions

eSparkBiz is the endpoint of your search for an experienced, innovative, talented web and mobile app by Indian developers for hire. Importantly, they work within your time zone, deadlines, and standards. Hire dedicated developer to enhance your business operations, streamline various functions, expand your business enterprise or introduce cutting-edge digitization. And offer your users your unique services, or create a brand identity as you hire Indian programmers with us who can plan and start executing your solutions immediately with thorough research.

Hire Dedicated Angular Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Our well-seasoned Angular Indian programmers for hire can equip your web apps and sites with engaging front-ends that give your users a high-quality UX.
Hire Dedicated React Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire Indian coders who are masters in ReactJS developing versatile UIs for a wide range of web apps and sites that function across platforms and devices.
Hire Dedicated Vue.js Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

You are in for high-performing, lightweight, dynamic mobile apps, and sites as you hire programmer from India in vue.js with us.
Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire Dedicated Programmer from India for bespoke Node.js development that amps your business apps to the new heights of success.
Hire Dedicated Python Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Our highly experienced Indian developers for hire strengthen your business solutions with sturdy, multifaceted Python to give an edge to your performance.
Hire Dedicated .NET Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

We offer customized services to our clients for their unique needs and business models as they hire a coder in India with us.
Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Exploit the rich features of Laravel to create robust, fully-functional back-ends for your business apps by hiring Indian programmers from eSparkBiz.
Hire Dedicated RoR Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire dedicated developers India with an extensive experience & skills in Ruby on Rails for high featured challenging apps to outperform in your business field.
Hire Dedicated Golang Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire coders India brilliant in Golang to craft you from simple websites and apps to enterprise-level solutions catering to various business needs.
Hire Dedicated Android Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Your apps reach a large user audience on a widely popular Andriod platform as you hire Indian programmers in Andriod with us.
Hire Dedicated iOS Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

We have brilliant Indian programmers for hire in ioS who focus on the quality development of native and cross-platform elite apps for the diverse needs of modern users.
Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

To create cross-platform apps that eliminate bugs, accelerate app development, and boost your ROI, hire developer from India expert in Flutter at eSparkBiz.
Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire dedicated developers in India who are proficient in Kotlin to build you world-class, fully functional, SEO, and user-friendly mobile and web apps.
Hire Dedicated Next.js Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire developers in India who are experts in Next.js to make your business more competitive with engaging, scalable, user-friendly advanced apps.
Hire Dedicated Gatsby Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Enjoy the success of incredible eCommerce sites with interactive front-ends as you hire developers India efficient in Gatsby.
Hire Dedicated React Native Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

With Indian developers for hire exploit React Native for amazing cross-platform apps with AR/VR & AI for making your business future-ready.
Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers

$30 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire coders India from us who are vetted experts in Blockchain & craft tailor-made decentralized solutions as per your imagination with guaranteed ROI.
Hire Dedicated Front-end Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Weave beautiful user experiences for your sites & apps flaunting strikingly stylized, pixel-perfect front-ends as you hire developer in India for front-ends.
Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire developer India to emerge as the leader in your market with functional Mobile apps known for their user-friendliness and smooth user experience.
Hire Dedicated Full-stack Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Intensify your mobile, web, or desktop apps with our feature-rich end-to-end full-stack development services as you hire a programmer in India.
Hire Dedicated MVP Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire dedicated developers India for research-based, feature-rich MVPs that are absolute products for quick market launch with assured performance.
Hire Dedicated UI/UX Developers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Offer your users immersive interfaces for personalized user experiences with a human-centric approach as you hire developers from India for bespoke UI/UX.
Hire Dedicated Testing/QA Testers

$15 Hourly
8 hrs/day & 170 hrs/mo.

Hire Indian developers with us as adroit Testing & QA testers to define your app journey with a quality performance by setting goals.

Hire Dedicated Developers Team In India from eSparkBiz

Whether you are looking for developers, QA engineers, or product managers, we have it all, and you can hire remote developers India of all types for your next project. At eSparkBiz, we host a large pool of talented developers for different languages and tech stacks so that all our clients get the best.

Hire programmer from India, and pair him with your on-site team to get the best value for money. All our developers are master craftsmen, and you can expect the highest code quality from their genius brains. To keep things more accessible, we offer multiple hiring models. So that you can scale as your business needs, and no team member is overworked. Additionally, we can provide you with full-time developers, part-time developers, or project-based developers to work on mission-critical projects for your business.

Drop us a mail today to discuss more on Indian developers for hire services.

Hire Dedicated Developers Team from eSparkBiz

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Hire Dedicated Indian Developers from eSparkBiz and get excellent cutting-edge front-end services for your business. We have a qualified and trained team of Dedicated programmers in India that strive to deliver a high-performance solution for your business at an honest price with 100% transparency at everything in one place.

  • Simple & Transparent Pricing
  • Robust Data Protection
  • Fully Signed NDA
  • 100% Code Security
  • Easy Exit Policy

How eSparkBiz can help you save time and cost?

12+ Years of Experience

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The Process to Hire Indian Programmers

Requirement Gathering

The first and most vital step to hire developers India is to get the requirements clear. For that, our consultants and project managers will connect with you during this stage and understand the type of developers you need for your project. Moreover, this stage is crucial for us because it is hard to come up with personalized recommendations without understanding the exact business needs. So, if you are looking to hire programmers in India, let’s get your requirements straight.

Shortlisting the Best

As you hire developer in India, we understand your requirements and dive into our talent pool and find the best developers for you. It will be a preliminary shortlisting that eases your task of interviewing developers at this stage. Also, we will create a list of developers that match your requirements and are eager to work on your enterprise projects. And once we’ve prepared this list of developers, we will discuss it with you, and you can take the following steps.


This is the stage where you get complete control over the people that work on your project. At eSparkBiz, we understand that no one will know your requirements better than you. That is why we give you the power to rent Indian coders and make your own team. And once the developers are shortlisted, you can interview them at your convenience and set the difficulty level as you like.

Moreover, the final hiring decision is yours. And you only need to hire developers India from eSparkBiz that manage to pass your interview and hiring criteria.

Contracts & Paperwork

Once you hire dedicated offshore developers India you want to work with, we can start the formal contracts and paperwork. Along with that, we will create all legal documents on NDA and other things that specify that the developer is bound to work on your project, and he cannot step back from the middle. Also, we will provide you with multiple copies of the digitally signed contracts and other paperwork for your reference.

On to the Development Process

Significantly, this is the final step to hire programmers in India and the most exciting one. Because, once the contractual and legal formalities are over, the dedicated developers will start working on your project without further delays. Moreover, our developers will work for at least 160 hours per month for you dedicatedly. And you can extend this if you want or hire offshore Indian programmer to the team to balance the load.

  • Why Hire Dedicated Developers from eSparkBiz?

    In-demand team of 300+ Dedicated Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

    At eSparkBiz, we assist businesses to hire dedicated developers India to help their digital transformations.

    Our proffered developers have 4+ years of experience in working with domain-specific latest tools & techs. And have effective communication delivering the most innovative, futuristic solutions to our clients.

    Hence, they help you bridge the gap between your business needs and modern technology to help our clients offer the best user experience.

    Thus, hire developer in India who is a perfect fit for any business type & model. Gelling seamlessly with the existing team, they give an edge to your development process.

    Hire Offshore Dedicated Developer India who is well-appreciated across the globe for their bespoke software development services.

    1. More Control

      If you want to extend your on-site development team and exercise the same level of controls, then hire dedicated developers India. At eSparkBiz, we provide you with complete control of your resources, so you can work and collaborate with them as per your business needs.

    2. Immense Cost Savings

      Hire offshore developers India will result in immense cost savings, and you’ll be free from all the hassles. As offshore developers charge less, you can save at least 50% of development costs in your projects. Moreover, you can even utilize that amount to speed up your project development by hiring more developers.

    3. High Availability

      Hire dedicated Indian programmers who are highly available, and you can reach out to them at any time. So just hire the best developers, and you can contact them at any time for any project-related activities. Also, this is an awesome benefit when it comes to supporting and maintenance projects where anything can happen at any time, and you need an experienced developer by your side.

    4. More Options

      Hire developer India is a good choice when you are looking for more options. And we have an extensive pool of just the right talented developers and programmers that you can choose from for our needs. Additionally, once you give us your requirements, we will shortlist some developers for your needs, and you can choose from them or ask for some other developers to interview.

    5. Experienced Developers

      All the developers at eSparkBiz are highly experienced, and you can count on them for any kind of project development as you hire developer from india. Besides, our developers are fueled with passion and motivated to make a difference in the world through their effective code. Moreover, we follow a rigorous hiring process to give you the best talent and maintain an average experience level of 4+ years across all teams.

    6. Better Collaboration

      We believe that teamwork makes a significant impact on the project’s outcomes, and so we also offer highly collaborative developers. As a part of it, our developers are always up for status reports and collaboration. So, when you hire Indian programmers to extend your on-site teams, they will catch up with your requirements quickly. And there will be no lack of communication or misunderstandings between your teams.

    7. On-time Completion

      All projects at eSparkBiz are backed by a timely completion guarantee, which definitely makes us a better choice. For that, we have expert planners and implementors that drive your projects towards timely completion. Moreover, we know that every project is a priority for the business. So, when you approach us to rent a coder India for project development, we’ll provide you with realistic timelines, & not just project-winning arbitrary ones.

    8. Better Project Outcome

      At eSparkBiz, we have a 100% project completion rate and a whopping 95% client satisfaction rate which speaks for itself. All our client projects have a guaranteed positive outcome for their goals. And they end up helping the business generate revenue & improve processes that save time and labor costs. So, if you’ve tried it all and still haven’t got the project completed as you wish, do give us a try and hire developers from India today.

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Krupal Puchhadiya
We chose eSparkBiz for their competitive pricing & experience. It was very attractive to see them eager to hear our project scope & follow through with what they said. With the best of techs, tools & teams, they gave us the best custom CRM system we could imagine.
Robert Jongebreur
Being very professional, their quick responsiveness complimented their efficient management style is what impressed me the most. Especially, the workflow between our teams was seamless and excellent delivering exceptional products with all the requested elements.
Paul Fletcher
They have a very friendly, welcoming, & knowledgeable team following a proficient management system. We had easy effective communication with a hands-on approach & expertise. eSparkBiz turned out to be a highly reliable, friendly, and efficient partner for our desperate needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire developers from India?

You should hire Indian developers as a massive pool of talented developers want to work on exciting business problems. Also, the Indian developers are cheaper to work with, and you’ll get immense cost benefits in your projects. Moreover, they are highly flexible and quickly adapt to newer technologies and business needs. Hence, contact our sales team today and hire dedicated developers exclusively for your upcoming projects.

Will I get complete control over the developers I hire?

Yes, all the developers you hire for your project will be for you to control. Among, controlling the project pace, you can choose the meeting timings and their work times too. Moreover, you also have the power to replace them from the projects if their performance is not satisfactory.

Will my developers work on other projects simultaneously while working on my project?

No, that is the whole point of hiring Indian programmers. Because they are highly dedicated developers who will work on your assigned projects alone once associated. Hence, we won’t deploy them on any other projects too unless your project is completed and we’ve received a signoff.

What if I don’t like the work of your dedicated developers?

At eSparkBiz, such a day has not come yet, nor do we intend our clients to experience it. Proudly we provide the world’s best software development services to all our clients. Significantly, all of our services come with a fifteen-day risk-free trial period. So if you somehow are not satisfied with the produced work and decide to leave, then you can walk out with your project easily with no-questions-asked, during this period.

Do I get project managers when I hire Indian developers?

Yes, when you hire dedicated developers to work on your projects, we will supply project managers. And these Project managers are the SPOC of your development process who do not add extra to your charges and are free of cost. So that there’s no extra load on your costing, and your project can be completed on time.

What pricing structures do you follow when you give Indian programmers for hire to clients?

As you contact eSparkBiz to hire dedicated programmers, you get multiple pricing structures to choose from according to your business needs. Among them, you can select to pay weekly or monthly or pay the full amount at the start of the project. Or rent a programmer India on a full-time or part-time basis who will work equally committedly to your project to give new heights to your business.

Can your developers accommodate time zone differences?

Of course, being a global offshore development company with offices in India and USA, our developers can accommodate all the time zone differences. No matter where you are, we’ll always have a team of developers that can work in your preferred time zone right beside your on-site team.

When I hire Indian developers, will they sign NDA?

Yes, all developers at eSparkBiz that you hire are bound to sign the NDA. Whether you insist or not, we always sign the NDA to ensure that your projects are safe. And there’s no information leak for we value the importance of your unique idea. And so, we intend to keep it safe for you.

What is the cost to hire programmers in India?

The cost to hire dedicated developers India depends on the technology you use and the number of hours the developers work. Moreover, total project costs depend largely on the number of developers you employ on the project, and this varies from project to project.

So drop us a mail today to get the personalized cost of hiring developers to kickstart your projects today.

Since how long are your Indian developers for hire service running?

eSparkBiz is a 12+ years old offshore development company mastering product development and project development. Along with that, we’ve been providing developer on hire services across the globe for more than seven years now. And all our clients are happy that they chose us to hire dedicated developers India.

Will I get immense cost benefits when I hire Indian programmers?

Yes, Indian developers work at lesser rates than on-site developers. As there is a considerable difference between the standard of living and salaries. No matter what your company needs, we are sure that we can provide you with cost benefits better than any other company.

Can I change developers mid-project?

Yes, if there are any issues, misunderstandings, or are unsatisfied with the developers you work with or previously selected, then you can easily change them mid-project. And we’ll help you with the transition too to not let your development process get affected.

Once the project starts, can I add more developers to the team?

Yes, our talent pool is always open at your disposal. And you can hire programmers for the existing ones to balance out the work even after the project has started. Whenever you need more developers on your team, just call us and hire dedicated developers India.

How do I interview your developers?

You can check their portfolio to get an idea about their previously completed projects. Further, you can interview our developers based on their experience levels and ask them technology-specific questions. Moreover, you can even assess their problem-solving skills by asking scenario-based questions. So in the end, you have covered all the aspects of understanding your developer before hiring them for your project.

Will the developers retain any source code with them after project completion?

No, we have a strict policy on code handover. And no developer will retain any code piece from your projects. Moreover, no other client code will be used in your project, and vice-versa so be assured that your code is your asset only. And after the project, after the final settlement, we’ll duly hand over all the codes to you for your ownership.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers in India - A Detailed Guide

Whether you are a large corporation, a startup, a medium-scale industry, or even a one-person company, the wide digital population mandates you to go digital and serve your customers online. In turn, it has skyrocketed the demand for dedicated developers. To hire dedicated developers in India for full-time or for a one-time website, app, or software development is the need of an hour.

Rise of Dedicated Developers in India

Let’s not escape the fact that web and mobile apps have taken over the traditional brick & mortar stores and offices. And have become an essential aspect of running a business today in this hyper-technological world. If not web or mobile apps, at least a top-notch online presence is mandatory for all businesses irrespective of their niche. It is because as of April 2022, there are around 5 billion Internet users worldwide, which is almost 63% of the total population.

Therefore, businesses are shifting their focus to freelance dedicated developers. Moreover, they are keener to hire developers from India on a freelance basis or project basis. It is a well-known fact that India is among the cheapest countries for providing offshore development services. If you are also a business owner and looking to expand your digital footprints, this guide is just for you.

Here, we have discussed the inside out about hiring Indian programmers. Further, it elaborates in detail why you should hire developer from India, what benefits it offers, how remote development works, the process, models, and tips to hire coders India.

esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo
Hire Dedicated Developers India Now for your Projects

Escalate your Development project with developers from eSparkBiz

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers from India?

Whether you are a startup or an already established business, you would always want to hire programmer from India for plenty of reasons. Because an efficient team of dedicated developers can take care of your project right from the initiation stage to deployment.

Significantly, every business’s priority is to cut down the overall costs while also getting quality services. But just hiring developers without checking their background may backfire on your idea of hiring Indian programmers. Therefore, you must always do a background check when looking to hire dedicated developers in India.

We already know that there are numerous reasons why you should hire programmer from India. Although, before hiring you must carefully interview them to know their abilities and capabilities, which include their methodologies, their skillsets, etc. It gives an idea about their working patterns.

Generally, any developer follows a standard process for development. First, they understand and comprehend your requirement, conduct an in-depth analysis of the idea, suggest a change if they feel something can be improved, give you an estimated budget and time frame, and then start the journey of development.

Hiring programmers from India will open up a lot of opportunities for you that can turn you into a profitable organization. Hence, to help you get a clear picture, we have listed some points here mentioning why you should hire dedicated developer India for your business.

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Looking to Hire Developers from India?

eSparkBiz is the end of your search for the best remote Developers

  • Hiring and Retaining Costs of an In-house Team

Most of the time, you may run out of your budget in the process of acquiring talent from your state or country and building a team of dedicated developers in-house. However, this may be beneficial if you are looking just to expand your team and skill set. But when it comes to time and money, you may be burning your pockets.

Timely appreciation or appraisal of the in-house team will put another financial burden on your planned budget. Especially, it becomes a major constraint for new startups who operate on lower budgets.

Moreover, not just acquiring but even retaining the talent is altogether another challenge. And once a developer decides to leave the company, you will have to go through the recruitment process from start once again. Thus, leaving you in a shortage of time and money.

Taking these challenges into consideration, deciding to hire developer in India or a software development teams are always a better option. As the hiring process is quite smoother and faster here. Also, you do not have to worry about retaining as the hired team works on a project basis and once the project is over, you are done.

  • Shorter Time to Market

In some cases, businesses get a very tight deadline to develop a product and launch it in the market. During such a short time, a dedicated development team always comes in handy.

If you must have noticed that it takes a considerably longer time for your in-house team to ideate, develop the product, and do successful testing before launch. While a dedicated software development team always comes with multiple developers, project managers, QAs, etc. to speed up the development process.

With such a varied team, it is easier to get your work done in a short time. Each person will take up a different task and complete & collaborate independently. It allows you to focus your work and get your projects on time simultaneously.

Therefore, it is always beneficial to hire dedicated developers India when you have a fixed deadline to develop and launch your product. It relieves you of hiring developers for your in-house team, gathering experienced developers with required skill sets, & monitoring the team and related hassles.

So you can connect to a reliable software development company like us to hire dedicated developers India. With our 12+ years of experience and more than 200 dedicated developers, we can take care of all your digital work at any time.

  • Advantages of Specific Skillsets

While hiring developers for your team, you may want to make the team as diverse as possible by including developers from all domains. Practically it is not that easy.

For instance, you may require a Gatsby developer for just one project. For that one project, hiring a full-time developer on a monthly payroll is an expensive decision. In such cases, looking to hire dedicated developer India or freelancers is the best option.

Suppose for any specific project, you need experienced developers of three domains. But your in-house team has a developer of just one domain. To acquire a developer with a specific skill set you may want to hire programmers in India to save cost and time and also get quality services.

  • Vast and Diverse Team of Developers

For effective and efficient project execution, you need a diverse team. It could consist of developers with various skill sets, languages, project managers, testers, quality analysts, support services staff, and many more.

Making such a huge and diverse internal team is not only a costly affair but also a time-consuming process. Especially, for startups, it is just impossible. So, Startups usually look for better and quality developers at less cost.

Moreover, your unique product idea may need developers with different expertise having different skill sets. While not being able to afford them in-house can be a big demotivation for you. But worry not. With the huge potential of developers in India, you may look to hire Indian programmers who can give you the desired results within your budget.

  • Best for Small-term Projects

There may be businesses whose core work is not related to software development or may not be much tech-oriented. For such businesses, the need for software development or app development is just a one-time requirement.

For instance, a warehouse whose core activity is not related to technology could be looking for team management software or inventory management software for efficient processes and timely as well as transparent inventory.

For such a company, the need for the software is just once. And for developing just one software, it is never feasible to hire a complete team of developers. As you hire dedicated development team India is a time-consuming process as well as will burn your pockets for a long time.

In such cases, it is always better to hire developers India to get your software development work done at affordable rates. With enough experience, they not only understand your requirements and starts working on your project but also provide the best quality service you ever expect.

By and large, these are some of the reasons why a business should look to hire Indian programmers for their various digital needs. Significantly, most of these points apply to startups as well as enterprises equally with limited budgets and need better quality products to stand the market’s competition.

In the next section of this detailed guide on How to Hire Dedicated Developers in India, let us see what Dedicated Development offers for potential business firms and startups.

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Pre-vetted Indian Programmers for Hire to Shape your Ideas

Our industry-best developers can handle all your developmental concerns

What Does Dedicated Software Development Team Offer?

Before hopping onto the topic of what dedicated software development teams offer, let us first take a look and understand in detail what Dedicated Software Development Team is. Firstly, it is a team of developers. To be precise, software developers provide various IT services.

As hire dedicated development team India  for your software development team, they work in a partnership model where a client from any country collaborates with a remote team to carry out software development work. Impressively, this model of collaboration is effective and transparent and is quite popular among businesses and startups around the world.

Here, a team of developers is outsourced for a specific task to be carried out once. It could be for a considerably long time or for a shorter time duration too. If you wish to hire Indian coder for your software development project, then there are many ways to hire, like fixed-price or time & material methods.

Moreover, you do not have to bother about administrative work like HR policies, taxation, managing service records, etc. In such offshoring models, you just have to pick the best software development team and start working.

So, in a team of dedicated software developers, you will get experts from various fields. And the composition of the team may look something like this:

  • Front-end and back-end developers / full-stack engineers/mobile or app developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Quality Analysis Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers

A dedicated software development team consisting of the above experts will take your idea to plan the development process, discuss the feasibility, and start working on it to develop your project as soon as possible. Also, they let you monitor each process of development.

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Here are some additional benefits that a dedicated software development team offers:

  • Customized Business Software

Different businesses may need different kinds of software. Especially, the customized ones based on their business needs and customer base. Like, a business with a huge customer base would need a software or app that can manage the huge traffic seamlessly. While another business may need just timekeeping software or an employee management system. In both cases, the software solution can be easily delivered by a team of dedicated software developers. So go ahead and hire developer India based on your unique requirements.

  • Focus on Technology and Innovation

Offshore Indian developers for hire always stay updated with the latest skills and technologies. And any new language, its updates, and new additions are regularly checked by these developers.

Hence, your decision to hire Indian programmers will help you stay updated with the latest innovations and technology. Also, rest assured that the product you develop after hiring these developers, will comply with the latest technology stack and will keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • Improves User Experience

Imperatively, user experience is at the heart of customer satisfaction. And you cannot achieve complete customer satisfaction unless you improve the user experience of your product. Remarkably, customer satisfaction and user experience are directly proportional to each other. So, the higher the user experience, the more will be the customer satisfaction.

Here, strategic use of the latest innovative technologies and designs are sure to improve user experience with engaging interfaces & features. Eventually, it will lead to increased customer satisfaction with their unique needs being met easily. Extraordinarily, better UI designs help customers better navigate the product – be it a software or app, and in turn improve the user experience.

  • Expertise and Skillset

Your in-house development team may not have the diverse and varied skillset that you will get in an offshore dedicated software development team. Moreover, the in-house development team may get stagnate in their experience with the limited projects of the company. But a team of freelancers always keeps themselves updated by working on a variety of projects and domains.

Also, a team of dedicated developers always comes with a minimum of a year-long experience and a varied skill set. And the best thing is that you get to choose those developers based on their years of experience and your required skillsets.

Moreover, the long years of experience always come in handy when you are looking to hire dedicated developer India for software development. Also, they know when to take a particular action or how to deal with bugs in case they come in the last part of the development.

  • Cost-effective Development

As you hire dedicated developers in India, you bypass the elaborative hiring processes, manage service records, plan long-term projects, and handle other administrative expenses. Considerably, you can cut down your operational costs to a large extent.

Add to this, developers on freelance are always cost-effective. Especially, countries like India have a massive workforce available at lower costs. So, hire developers India to get affordable software development.

Moreover, there are numerous platforms from which you can hire developers in India for cost-efficient development. Moreover, platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, & WeWorkRemotely, are some open platforms. Apart from this, you also can hire Indian developers from an experienced software development company like eSparkBiz.

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How Does Remote Development Work?

By now you must have learned what dedicated development is, what it offers, and why you should hire developer India. So moving further, the next section of this guide talks about how remote development works.

One may wonder about the mechanism of software development work from offshore. It is certainly not easy to trust and stay in the loop with a team sitting miles away. There may be many uncertainties and one must understand the mechanism.

A remote development team is more efficient and productive than an in-house team. The reasons are many, which we will unfold slowly in this guide. For this part, we will focus on the mechanism of how remote development works.

Availing a team of real talent, and remote development services get you commendable quality services that you may not get in your in-house team. Some points on how the complete mechanism of remote development works

  • Hiring the Best Pool of Talent

The first step of getting services from a dedicated development team is to hire remote developers India. First, you should list your requirements and then start hunting for the right talent for your software development project.

From the number of platforms available, you can choose the best portfolios after carefully screening them. Then take interviews and check whether they can perform for your project or not, and finally select the best candidates to work with.

Hiring the best talent is essential as the project quality and every success related to the project depend on the team you hire. If you wish to hire dedicated offshore developers India, you must carefully check their profiles and only then begin to work with them.

  • Work in Overlapping Time Zones

While you decide to hire Indian programmers, rest assured that they are open to working for you in your preferred time zones. As this is one of the biggest questions that hit business owners’ minds when looking to outsource their work.

And to their surprise, it is the biggest advantage that you get when you hire offshore Indian programmer. Yes, once you hire programmer from India, they will settle on a particular time zone based on the client’s preference, whether it is IST, PST, BST, or MST, and will work at that time.

Also, one of the many benefits is that you do not have to wait for the developer’s time zone to get a reply. As you are likely to get an instant reply from them due to their dedication. Also, you can monitor the progress of your work from time to time.

  • Excellent Productivity

The quality of service you get from a remote dedicated development team is simply unmatched. Don’t believe it? Then check the testimonials before hiring. If you are hiring developers from a freelancing platform, you can check their portfolios where recommendations or even testimonials of the developers are available.

Although, you may not get to know this in real practice until you take services from a dedicated remote development team. But the dedicated software development teams or if you hire Dedicated Programmer from India are quite productive and can give you better results than your in-house team.

Another reason for the better productivity of a remote development team is that they give utmost priority to client satisfaction. As they work on a freelance model, one bad review online from an unsatisfied client may affect their credibility instantly.

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  • On-demand Modifications

The remote dedicated team usually provides agile development services. It means that you can monitor the progress step by step and ask for changes anytime during the process of development. And the development team will comply with such modifications on demand from their clients.

Moreover, an agile development methodology is an iterative methodology of software development. It is self-organized and has cross-team access that allows to monitor the progress, analyze them and ask for changes as per the user needs.

For example, you are getting a prototype developed but you did not like the forming product or some features and want it to change. In such a case, the remote development team will always be up to your words and make changes as you suggest. Isn’t that great!

  • Open Communication

This is the best thing you can have with the remote development team – open communication. Interestingly, most remote development teams and the available Indian programmers for hire are always open to communication as required.

So, you can communicate with the team via any communication channel like email, Skype, or even a con-call. Also, they are available 24/7 to talk to you. However, you must give prior information before giving a call or asking for a meeting to give them a heads up. And they will openly accept your communication call.

Importance of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Software development or mobile app development is indeed a long, costly, and tedious process. Also, when done perfectly, it brings out immense success for a business. In current times, every successful business needs to stand on technology and this is where developing software or mobile app becomes crucial.

Moreover, every business’s growth depends on its ROI or the Return on Investment. And intuitive websites, highly-functional apps, or customized software, are all necessary for helping to increase the ROI of a company through various methods.

Hiring Indian programmers for your software development project can take your business to new heights and also cut costs in the process. Remarkably, India is one of the cheapest countries to hire dedicated software developers from.

A well-designed and highly-secured app have a greater role to play in making the user experience better. While giving user safety and also providing businesses with higher sustainability. Also, the more functions you add to your app or software, the more it becomes useful for your users.

Sometimes, an in-house team may not always be effective when it comes to services like software development despite their highly qualified and experience. Along with that, team collaboration is important besides having a varied and diverse team required for the development.

Also, any internal conflicts among your employees may affect the quality of your project, which you may never wish for. Apart from this, poor collaboration and poor strategic management may have a direct impact on your product. Whilst this, the businesses realize that having an internal team is not always beneficial.

You have put all your efforts – time and money into searching and hiring those employees, your probable right resources. But they turn out to be your biggest negatives and detrimental to your business. Even in some situations, due to poor work, a business has to go through the development process all over again. From starting till onboarding & settling in the culture, thus results in loss of money, time, resources, and some potential CUSTOMERS.

Therefore, businesses have realized the importance of hiring Indian programmers. And not commit mistakes that some businesses have committed by entirely relying on their internal teams and are suffering. Hence, this makes us realize the importance of hiring dedicated developers to complete the software development process.

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Here are some of the reasons why hiring dedicated developers are important.

  • Beneficial for Overall Growth of the Business

A dedicated software development team hired from an offshore country is 10X more productive and effective than your internal team. As a dedicated team takes all responsibility for your project and lets you stay carefree once the project is handed over to them. Because it becomes the main priority of the outsourced teams to provide better client satisfaction in the end.

Besides, the outsourced dedicated development team members or if you hire Dedicated Programmer from India usually have years-long of experience. While working with clients all over the world with some of the best businesses around. Hence, this must shape and sharpen their skills in various technology use cases. And stay updated with the recent software development trends around the world.

Also, the experienced team of developers is well aware of the complete process of offshore software development which you don’t have to worry about. As they have a complete team to take care of every aspect of your development, be it strategizing, UI/UX, core development, QA testing, or anything else.

So you can completely rely on offshore developers for your software development projects, Meanwhile, you can channel your focus towards other core activities like sales, marketing, and customer acquisition of your business. Thus, resulting in the overall growth of your business.

  • Smooth Work Process

Every business expects a smooth work process from its employees. Whether it is a team that you have hired from an offshore development company or your in-house team of developers. To ensure this, the employers need to be very active in terms of maintaining cordial relationships with fellow employees, open communication, and following proper give-and-take relationships with everyone in the team.

It is essential to keep an eye on the team to check whether the team is working efficiently or not. Keeping a check on the internal team as they proceed with the work is not possible all the time. While any discrepancy among the team members may lead to disruption of the workflow. Resulting in the loss of time and money for the company.

But, in case you hire dedicated developers India, you will not have to constantly monitor the team as they are quite responsible and self-sustaining. While you just have to hand over your work to them with a deadline and you are done. Just sit back and relax! In the time, the dedicated development team will take care of the rest.

Moreover, they have a team with specialized people who take care of all the activities. Also, they coordinate among themselves and are headed by a team manager or project manager as a SPOC. In this arrangement, the workflow runs smoothly, saving you the time and effort that you would have otherwise spent monitoring the team.

  • Services Beyond Software Development

As you typically hire developer in India, you may think that the team will take care of your outsourced web, mobile, or software development work only. But you are wrong. Most of the web development services provided by offshore developers go beyond just web/mobile app or software development.

Since the services provided by these dedicated Indian developers for hire include services like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMM (Social Media Marketing), content development, and co-development also beyond your mere software or web app development. Altogether, this makes your digital marketing team’s work easier.

Today, Digital marketing is very essential when almost more than half the world’s population has internet access and does most of their activities online. Hence, taking your business digital and effectively marketing it is crucial in your business’s growth journey. Ultimately, you need an efficient digital marketing team to look after these crucial aspects of your work.

However, Indian developers for hire and their teams offer a bunch of digital marketing services too. It helps you plan for a long-term prospect as you don’t have to hire new individuals for these roles separately. Hiring new employees might take lots of effort, time as well as money that you can save by deciding to hire developer from India.

With a focused team working on your digital marketing efforts, you can maintain the brand consistency, essential for your online presence. Another benefit to hire Indian developers & having them by your side is that they focus on only one project at a time., Hence, giving all their efforts to one project.

  • Efficient Utilization of Resources

Resources are limited but opportunities are not. As you hire developers from india, it always turns out to be cost-effective for numerous reasons. And every business, especially startups, faces a shortage of funds in its initial stage. In such cases, the decision to hire Indian programmers always comes as a blessing in disguise.

The very first reason for being cost-effective is that you don’t have to hire an in-house team for the long term. And also bare their salaries every month even at times when you don’t need any software developers in your business. For a one-time engagement, you can hire Offshore Dedicated Developer India on a fixed price model or waterfall model and get your job done.

Another reason why hiring Indian developers is regarded as cost-efficient is that you get world-class quality software developers and services at competitive prices in the market. For an in-house team, you would have trained them whereas you can save the entire effort or money as your hire developers in India. Isn’t that great!

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  • Effective Crisis Management

Crises may occur at any time in a business. Handling crises with a calm mind and effectively pulling out of the situation needs experience and unmatched management skills, which may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Handling crises may require a variety of knowledge and experience to anticipate and clear them in a short time. In the process, your internal team may fall short in such criteria due to their secluded exposure to other domains and industries.

In such a case, your freelanced developers for hire from offshore come in handy. As they handle projects of clients from across the globe. Plus, during their work tenure, they may have faced various situations or crises that they might have managed and are well aware of. Which your internal team may not have faced situations because of a lack of global exposure.

  • Faster Kick-off

Coming straight to the point, hiring an internal team takes a lot of time. As you don’t get all the suitable profiles at a time. It takes a lot of time to screen employees one by one to find the potential candidate. Also interview them, take a technical test, and then hire offshore developers India. Along with that, an onboarding process is another time-consuming process.

Hence, even compiling a team of ten developers one by one, may take at least a month to get the complete team ready. Whereas, when it comes to the freelance model, all you have to do is check online sites, gather a list of developers in a few hours, schedule interviews in a day or two, and finally select your potential candidate. In a matter of say, five days, you are done. Isn’t that amazing!

Another issue with the internal team is that you have to arrange all the hardware and software requirements needed for the software development. A place to sit in the office, a highly functional system with updated software, and other expenses can be cut down when you hire developers from India. Because the freelancer team is already equipped with the hardware and software needed for the development.

This leads to a faster kicking off of the project without any delay in hiring, training, or onboarding. If you hire a programmer in India from any software development company, rest assured they hunt for the best talent available in the country. Also, the hiring process from them is smoother and you get to start working on your project in a matter of one week. This, in turn, leads to faster development and faster time to market the product.

A Step-by-step Process on How to Hire Dedicated Developers India

Companies providing outsourcing services usually have a complete team of dedicated developers who are skilled, professional and have years of experience. So they can start working on your project as soon as the deal is done or you have officially hired them.

However, many businesses are still confused about the exact process of hiring Indian programmers and where to start. While some take the help of the search engine giant Google and others resort to paid advertising on various social and digital platforms.

Here is a step-by-step process in brief as to how to start and where to start if you are looking to hire Indian developers.

  • Identify your business requirements – It is the first step to hire developer from India. It is important that you first assess your business needs and list down exactly in order what you need from the outsourcing.
  • Check for the right platforms to hire Indian programmers –  For it is very crucial to choose the right platform for hiring Indian programmers. As wrong platforms may push you towards risks like exploitation & fraud. Here, platforms like, Upwork, GitHub, and software development companies like eSparkBiz are the best to rent Indian coders for your various digital requirements.
  • Check skills and expertise – Once you have browsed through the platforms, it is essential to check the portfolios of your potential developers. To be precise, check their profiles carefully and look for the domain expertise and skills they have. Then try to see if their skills match your project requirements.
  • Agree on Terms and Conditions –  The next process after checking the skills and expertise of developers is to agree on the terms and conditions laid down by both parties. For transparency, you should openly discuss terms and conditions to avoid any rift afterward.
  • Sign NDA and other documents – It is necessary to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when you hire developer in India or from any other place. As it protects you and your source codes from being leaked or misused. Also, this document binds the freelanced developers into an agreement to keep your codes secure and private.
  • Fix the Pricing Model – You should finalize your budget well in advance before starting the process. Once you get a potential development team, decide on the price and pricing model to hire Indian developers. Or you can also follow a fixed price model, time and material model, or cost-plus outsourcing model.

So, this was a brief detail on how to hire dedicated developers India in a step-by-step process.

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Now, let us look at the process of interviewing dedicated developers for your myriad business needs.

How to Interview Dedicated Developers?

After you have screened some potential candidates for your project out of the bulk number of options present, it is time to take one-to-one interviews with them. It allows you to know them better about their past experiences and skillsets.

Initially, you can choose to connect with the developers or the development company through email. Once decided and scheduled, you can talk to them via call or skype. Also, there are numerous other ways to connect with the developers for the interview. Like video conferencing platforms are widely available on the internet today. Just make sure the platform you are using is accessible by the developer and he/she is comfortable with it.

If you are looking to hire dedicated Indian developers from an outsourcing software development company, it is advised to talk with them on a phone call first. Or contact the company’s representative to find out the basic details about the company, the experience of their developers, their project portfolios, and hourly rates. Also, be open to answering any questions in return if they have any doubts or queries. For this discussion, you may need at least 20-30 minutes.

After this process, the time comes to take your candidate’s interview. Also, this can be the first process if you are looking to hire dedicated developers India directly from freelancing platforms. But you got to check their resume first and then schedule a one-to-one interview. This stage is thus termed the Screening Interview stage.

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Stage 1 – Screening Interview

This stage is also known as the introductory stage interview. After the candidate has submitted their profile, and you have probably liked it, you would call them for the interview.

Usually, this interview takes place over a phone call or telescreen. Moreover, this is a feasible option when interviewing people in bulk and from a distant place. As these kinds of digital interviews save money as well as time.

During this introductory interview, your goal should be to learn more about the developers and their skills. Along with getting familiar with their overall personality and character by asking relevant questions. Given that, the set of questions should be formed in a manner that at the end of the interview, you have the following details cleared about the candidate:

  • The previous employment history of the candidate
  • Portfolio of the candidate including his past software development projects
  • Knowledge about the candidate’s soft skills and their emotional intelligence including how open-minded they are, and their communication skills.

Stage 2 – Skill Assessment

Once the introductory stage interview is done, you may proceed with the second stage of the interview, i.e., Skill Assessment. While the introductory interview is more of informal interaction, this stage comprises the technical round where the coding test is taken.

If you are looking to rent a coder India, you need to test their skills inside out. And check whether they are a good fit for your company or not. Hence, the technical round of the interview is the best way to check the length and breadth of your potential candidate’s knowledge.

Doesn’t matter for which tech stack or which domain of Indian developers for hire you are looking for, you need to take their technical round of interviews mandatorily. Even software development companies who outsource their services let their developers give interviews to clients sitting in any corner of the world.

While taking the technical round of interviews, you can ask your candidates to describe software concepts like object-oriented programming, code a particular concept, or how to run a program when a specific set of code is given.

These candidates always stay updated. Especially, the available Indian developers for hire as they have to give a technical round of interviews now and then to any client from offshore. So they keep polishing their skills and keep reading about new technologies, updates, new methods, and new areas of innovation.

Also, you can give a situation to a developer and ask them to write a code for the specific requirement. This is known as a coding challenge. As you can see it is quite self-explanatory and developers have the freedom to use their creativity for solving this challenge. In the process, you also get some innovative ideas that you might not have thought of for your project.

Hence, this coding challenge is a mandatory step in the technical interview. Without the coding challenge, the technical interview is incomplete. Neither will you get to know in detail the coding skills of the developers. Moreover, it gives a real-life scenario to developers and challenges to solve them.

For freelance developers, who are the supposed dedicated Indian programmers for hire, it is easy to give an interview as they can give the interview from their homes. But, software development companies ask their employees to come to the office and give the interview. This test will let you know how skilled your potential candidate is. Besides, it also tests their ability for critical thinking, adaptability, problem-solving, etc.

Stage 3 – Final Interview

If both the above stages are successfully passed by the interviewee, you both come to the final stage of the interview process. Here, the financial aspects are discussed including price negotiations. Like all the other interviews, this interview is also done online, because the Indian programmers for hire are sitting miles away from your location.

In this process, you can let the candidate come forth and clear his queries. By asking questions about the probable project, related details, your expectations, the time duration you have to develop the product, and most importantly what are your objectives. As these details will give developers a clear insight into what exactly the client is expecting from them.

Once these things are exchanged, you can bring the money factor into the discussion. Whether you are hiring Indian programmers from a freelance marketplace or a software development company, you should form a clear agreement on the pricing factor so that there is no confusion in the end.

In this final stage of the interview, you also introduce your company’s culture to the Indian developers for hire. And check whether they are comfortable with working in your environment & culture or not. Also, you can introduce other important members of your team like your Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer, or any other C-level executives to let them get familiarized with their potential team or superiors.

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Dedicated Developers Engagement Models

Now that you understand how hiring dedicated developers is beneficial for your company in terms of its importance & taking their interviews successfully. Next, you must take your final decision to hire a programmer in India. Just a step before that, you must also learn about different types of engagement models in the process. It helps to utilize your resources and budget wisely. So, the thing is that Indian programmers for hire or the development team offer some specific engagement models that you can choose from for your product. And the final billing is done accordingly. Let us first understand what these engagement models are.

Any business’s success journey begins with hiring the right developers with the right engagement model. However, these engagement models depend on various parameters like the size of the product, the concept, the time duration, and strategy. So, both the parties should agree to an optimal IT engagement model for mutual benefit.

Significantly, the IT engagement model describes the nature of collaboration between a business looking to hire developer from India and the other party. It could be an outsourcing company for letting its employees provide service or even the freelancers during the project development. So, the engagement model lays down the way or method by which the service providers are engaged in the client’s project, their areas of responsibility, management issues, payment terms, project deadlines, etc.

It is crucial to always remember that in software development, there is no one size fits all kind of solution or engagement model. And you have to make a choice among the given options that best suits your requirements. It largely depends on the features of the project and the client’s software development partnership preferences.

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Here is a list of some of the most famous engagement models with their advantages and disadvantages for your better understanding.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed price contracts or fixed-price models usually have strict terms and conditions laid down before the deal is done. Both parties agree to an estimate of what kind of work is to be done, the exact time frame of the project, and a predetermined budget. Therefore, as the name suggests a fixed price model, almost everything is finalized and fixed beforehand.

Once into the deal or contract, both the parties, i.e. the service provider as well as the business owner will have to abide by the terms and conditions laid in the contract. Both the scope of the project as well as the price fixed for the service remains unchanged throughout the development process. Neither party can change the terms mentioned in the contract.

For adding any extra work or changing the fixed price, both parties should enter into a fresh agreement. And only if both the parties accept the changes proposed by each other. So, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this model. Let’s look closely into it now.

Advantages of Fixed Price Model

  • Clarity of the Cost

Unlike other models that we have discussed below, you get clarity of what exactly the cost of developing software will be. So, the Indian programmers for hire and who are available to give their service will quote you a price. And you have to agree with the price if it is non-negotiable for the entire development process. Here, the advantage is that the developer cannot increase the price from what it is decided. And gives you clarity of the cost that you have to incur for developing a software product or getting a service.

  • No Effect of Market Changes

As said earlier, once the price is fixed, both parties cannot change the cost at any cost. Consequently, this saves you from any unfortunate market forces. Because there may be a situation of market instability, the cost of products and services rises incredibly. It also may be the effect of inflation. But as your deal is done and you have entered into a fixed-price model, your developer cannot charge you higher.

  • Set Deadlines and Fixed Time-table

As the final scope and features are defined, it is easy for developers as well as businesses to predict a timeline for the project. Once predicted, it is mentioned in the contract and you or the developer cannot change it unless there is an emergency or both parties agree to it. As you hire developer in India, this helps your project to be completed in time and a fixed timetable is followed accordingly. Also, you will be able to track any delay during the process of development and converse with your developer accordingly.

Disadvantages of Fixed Price Model

  • Long-term Planning

Although your development may be done in a fixed timeline, the planning before the contract may take longer than usual. For a fixed price model, you must have to be very accurate and specific about the specification and features you need in your product. Along with the time you have to complete the project and launch it, and the required budget according to your project specifications. Predicting and accurately documenting all these things requires dedicated and detailed research, which needs time.

  • Rigid Process

There may be instances where there’s a sudden change in the market trend, and you would like to bring some new features to your product or remove some that have become obsolete. In a fixed price model, you will not be able to do so easily and even a minor change in the course of the project may cost your time and money to a large extent. As all things are fixed beforehand, usually changes are not entertained. So, this is a major downside of this model that you should keep in mind before going with it.

Dedicated Team Model

The hire dedicated Team model suits businesses looking to hire coders India based on their skill, tech stack, and competencies from software development companies. In this model of hiring, the client or the business shares in detail their requirements, expectations, the number of developers they need in the team and the tech stack they want to work on, etc. with the software development company.

Once received the requirements, the outsourcing company decides on the team members they want to offer the service to. Depending on the requirements, their experience and skills, and other parameters like communication skills and cultural preferences that fit best with their client.

The more detailed and comprehensive your requirements are, the more qualitative team you will get. To be precise, a detailed and well-defined set of requirements help the software service providers to assess the exact requirement of team members and the level of experience a work needs. It helps your requirements match the exact resource you need.

Another aspect of choosing the dedicated team model is to decide whether you want to manage the dedicated team yourself or you want a project manager. Particularly, the project manager acts as a communication point for the business as well as the team. Any form of information or message is passed through them. Instead of passing messages to each developer, you can connect to the Project manager and he will convey the information. Also, a project manager keeps monitoring the team regularly.

The pricing model under this model is simple. It completely depends on the size of the team. So, the higher the number of developers present in your team, the higher your cost would be. Hence, as you plan to hire remote developers India, make sure how many developers you exactly need in your team. Apart from this, it also depends on the hourly rates of the developers.

Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model

  • Easy Integration of the Project Changes

Unlike the fixed price model, there are no fixed boundaries to the scope of your project. Here, you have a team of developers to work with. So, you can make requests for change or any new integrations in the project and the developers will agree to your request and changes can be easily integrated.

  • Full Control Over the Team

As the team you have hired is composed according to your requirements and you have agreed to pay them at a price decided, you get the authority to control your team and thus your project. Based on the team composition, their experience, and the time taken to complete the project, you have full control over the management of your team until the completion of your project.

  • Open Communication

Members of the dedicated development team or the project manager will always be up for communicating with you in any case. Nowadays, almost all dedicated teams use project management tools like Jira and Asana that make communication easier and more transparent. So it allows instant communication without hesitations to clear doubts and establish open communication for a smooth process.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Team Model

  • Not Fit for Short-term Projects

Projects that have a tentative timeline of 2-3 weeks are not suitable under this model. As you hire coders India on a dedicated team basis for a project that needs comparatively lesser time, you will have to bear the extra costs of maintaining a fully-composed team. In such cases, you can hire programmers in India on a freelance basis on a fixed price model.

  • Time-taking Process

Hiring a dedicated team is a time taking process. As you give your requirements to the outsourcing company, they may take some time to arrange for skilled developers in the area of your tech domain. It may be a case that you want a specific developer who is occupied in any other project and only after completing the project, they can start your work.

Time and Material Model

During software development, both parties, i.e. the client and the developers need some flexibility. It may be of any type. Budget flexibility from the client-side or time flexibility from the developer side. And both the above models have some restrictions when it comes to the flexibility of time and budget.

But, the Time and Material model comes to the rescue of those businesses and developers who wish to hire a programmer in India and work in a flexible environment. As this model allows higher control over the price, time, and budget of the project, which is a win-win situation for both.

Moreover, the time and material model is beneficial in cases where you don’t have clear plans or goals. Neither do you have a fixed deadline, but want to stay updated in the market. So you may ask for changes in the development process as you desire. Although, you also do not want to blindly predict the market conditions and your project’s scope accordingly. Rather want to work in real-time, and you need direct control over the process of project development.

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Benefits of Time and Material Model

  • Flexibility

As discussed above, the biggest benefit that you get from this model is flexibility. Both the clients and the developers have complete control over the project. To see from the developer’s side, there is time flexibility as the developer can work on his own time and even take some extra days to complete a quality and tested work. While from the client’s side, they have the flexibility to add or remove any feature during the project development, budget flexibility, etc.

  • Suitable for Long-term Projects

Usually, as you hire a programmer in India on a fixed price model, you have to predict scenarios in case your engagement is long-term. But in this model, you get rid of this guessing and predicting the project’s scope and market condition. And can stay in the loop with the recent trends to incorporate changes in your project according to them. Hence, for long-term projects, it is a widely accepted model for product development.

  • Flexible Payment Options

With the time and material model, businesses have the option to pay only for the time or the work hours done by the developers and material used. It is at businesses’ discretion on which frequency they want to pay. So, they can pay weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

Disadvantages of the Time and Material Model

  • No Control

One biggest disadvantage of this model is that you have no control over the process of development. As said, there is time flexibility and developers will work on their time, you will have no control over the development process time and progress as and when you wish. Also, the budget does not stay in your control. Although you don’t have to predict the cost and pay in part by part, the final cost that comes after the completion of the project may go higher than your set budget.

Where will I Find Dedicated Developers?

After having gone through all the above processes, it is time to decide to hire dedicated developers India. In this case, there are numerous ways and platforms where you can search and hire developers from India. Usually, businesses find it a challenge to hire dedicated developer India. But this guide will help you solve most of your issues.

Moreover, we have listed some very reliable sources and platforms from which you can hire developer in India with their advantages and disadvantages in this guide. Read ahead to know more.

Before venturing into the matter, let us first understand that hiring a dedicated team and hiring dedicated developers have two different sources. First, let us know about hiring a dedicated team and the process.

  • Choose a Partner Company

Selecting a partner company or an ideal vendor that is a quality software service provider is a crucial task. For that, you need to search them on various search engines, listicle platforms, and other platforms by merely inputting the keywords ‘hire developers India’ or ‘hire developer in India’ to get interesting sources for developers as well as companies providing developers for your software outsourcing project.

  • Market Research and Background Check

It is the second step of the hiring process where you need to screen the companies carefully. So you can look at their reviews on some reliable platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, IT Firms, etc. to learn more about them.

These websites collect information from software development companies from around the world and become a one-stop solution for digital needs. And incredibly helping businesses looking to get basic information about the companies and hire programmers in India. Although, a background study is essential as it gives you an idea of the strength of the company. Also, this is important to check whether the software service provider has expertise in the tech stack you want to work on.

  •  Check Past Performances and Reviews

A reliable vendor and a quality service provider will have a considerable amount of previous works to show in their public domain. Additionally, you can check them from their website or any third-party websites. Also, this gives you a glimpse of the working quality of the company and their style of work. Further, the reviews on public platforms reveal a lot about the company. Significantly, these reviews on some platforms are reliable and accessible by everyone.

  • Make the Final Selection

Till now must have checked all the mentioned things and are satisfied with the software service providing companies, their profile of Indian developers for hire, past performances, reviews, and work style. Now it is time to make the final selection of the company and hire dedicated development team India.

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So, this was all about hiring a dedicated team. If you are planning to hire dedicated developer India, here is the process that could land you with a reliable dedicated developer for your purpose

  • Try Using Search Engines

Search engines are the greatest marketplace to hire developer from India. And Google is the biggest search engine that processes 5.6 billion searches per day. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo can help you find and hire dedicated Indian programmers.  All you have to do is to key in terms like hire remote developers India or hire a programmer in India to find the best developers.

  • Freelancing Platforms

Exploring freelancing platforms is another source of hiring developers. On these platforms, there are various kinds of developers worldwide with different skillsets and expertise. Some reliable freelancing platforms like UpWork, Toptal,, & Fiverr, have influential profiles of developers. Also, you can search here according to your project requirements, the tech stack, and the year of experience you want from your developers and hire dedicated developers India.

  • Referral or Word of Mouth

Especially in software outsourcing, word of mouth or referral works a lot. If you check, there may be your friend who has a startup and has developed an app from a developer. So,  they may be able to refer you to a developer from whom he has taken services. And you can check them and proceed to hire developer in India through referral if you like.

  • LinkedIn

Another trustworthy source to hire developers from India is LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. There were around 775 million users of LinkedIn around the world in 2021. With such a large user base, you are more likely to get a trustworthy and reliable software developer to work for you on a freelance model.

Tips to Hire Dedicated Developers

There are many do’s and don’ts that you have to take care of when you hire dedicated developer India. Hence, here we have compiled some tips for you to go through when planning to hire developer India.

  • Do Extensive Research

There is a common saying, ‘no pain no gain’, which fits in the case of hiring developers. To hire remote developers India, you need to do extensive research. As a customer, you have to do your homework by researching hard enough to find the best developer for your project. No business owner would like to compromise the quality of the project. Hence, you need to find the best developer for your project. So your research should start with checking out your competitors.

And see what products are they using, what features are they offering, what extra functionalities they have in their apps, know about the market trends, etc. As this will give you a fair idea of what your customers might be expecting from you. In addition, you can conduct a customer survey too, to know their demands.

Once you are ready with your plan of what you need to develop, start searching for the best candidates. Browse through the online marketplace with keywords like ‘hire developers from India’ or ‘hire programmer from India’ etc. And you will get a lot of options which you must narrow down based on your skills and experience requirements.  Ultimately, you can easily hire developer from India without thinking about the cost as India provides affordable software development options around the world.

  • Shortlist the Best Suited Developer

Correctly doing the above work, i.e. extensively searching for developers, you probably will get hundreds of profiles of developers. And also come across scores of software development companies that are ready to offer their services to you.

You probably will not want to go through all those profiles and companies and spend your valuable time there. Hence, it is advisable to narrow down your results using some filters or setting some criteria to hire developers from India. Once you apply those filters or criteria, you will see only those results that are related to your search and are useful to you.

For instance, you want to hire node.js developers for your project. In that case, instead of writing ‘hire dedicated developer India’ you can write hire node.js developers. As a result, they will show you only those developers or companies that offer Node.js services. From there, check all other requirements, and their price range, and shortlist some companies that interest you.

  • Take Interviews

Blindly selecting someone by just looking at their portfolio and previous work experience can be the worst thing for you. Also, you would not like to take risks for your project on which the base of your business stands. Hence, always ask the developers to get on a video call for an interview. Surely, most developers will agree to it and you can again shortlist from here by rejecting the candidates who do not stand up to your standards.

Some companies in India like eSparkBiz Technologies, let you take as many interviews as you like when they are looking to hire dedicated Indian resources. In short, this will ensure the developer you are hiring has sound knowledge of the tech stack you want to work on and has problem-solving abilities. Most importantly you can check their communication skills which are very essential to move forward with the smooth process of the project.

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  • Plan and Start Early

As soon as the interview is done for as many candidates as you have shortlisted, try to finalize the one and start your project as soon as possible. As time is the biggest constraint. And you should take care of the fact that you must give reasonable time to your developers to develop a quality product for your requirements.

As you hire offshore dedicated developer India, do not put them under strict time deadline pressure which can harm your project. So, try to keep the maximum time between project initiation and delivery. And do not spend much time searching and shortlisting if you have time constraints or a fixed deadline to launch a product.

  • Identify the Right Tech Stack for your Product

Different apps or software with different functionalities and different user bases need to be built on different technologies. Hence, it is very crucial to understand what exact things are you expecting from your software or app and which technology will fulfill them.

A very common example would be, suppose you want to develop an app for iOS users. While searching you get Android developers and start working with them. This will completely damage your product’s quality as well as your market stand. Hence, different apps are developed on different platforms. Therefore, it is advisable to check a company’s expertise and their developer’s expertise before starting your project.

For developing an iOS app, you must connect to only those developers or companies who have expertise in developing iOS apps. Hire a coder in India to make your apps or software and stay stress-free!

  • Focus on Product Security

In this heavily guarded technological era, you need to be extra conscious to protect your as well as your user’s data from being stolen by hackers. According to current research on cyber attacks, there’s a 50% increase in the global cyber attacks in the YoY 2021 itself, with 925 cyber attacks per week globally.

This is huge and alarming. Cyber attackers are waiting for you to keep just one loose end and they will have their work done. Therefore, it is essential to keep this aspect in mind when you are going to rent a programmer India. So, check for a developer’s expertise in providing security features to your software or app.

  • Regular Interaction and Transparent Communication

One last tip to be successful in the voyage of your software development is to have regular interaction with the developer and keep an open and transparent communication channel. Remarkably, communication plays an integral role in any software development journey. As what your developer understands about your idea and develops a product depends on how you communicate your ideas. And also how openly you give the developer a chance to interact and suggest changes.

It may be the case that the tech stack you want to develop your application with may not be that suitable and the developer might suggest you another even better tech stack. Don’t reject their suggestions without research. Giving a chance to your developer to regularly interact with you open ways to develop your idea more innovatively.

Hire Developers from eSparkBiz - Our Approach

Coming towards the end of the guide on hire developer in India, we present here our approach to providing quality software development services to clients globally. If you are looking to hire Indian developers, look no further than eSparkBiz.

We have more than 12 years of experience in serving clients all over the world and fulfilling their software development demands. In addition, we have more than 200 experienced developers for hire in our team who have expertise in different domains and have different skill sets. Exceptionally, our client retention rate stands at 90%. Till now we have served more than 500 clients located in 20 countries across the world.

Distinctively, our approach to providing software development services is unique and liked by most of our customers who were looking for Indian programmers for hire. First of all, our recruitment process is quite strict and we carefully screen every employee before hiring them. Also, we conduct rigorous interviews and then test for skills by giving real-time code challenges to the candidates. Only those with productive results and high emotional intelligence as well as communication skills are hired.

While we offer our services to businesses looking for offshore software development, we follow it with

  • Innumerable Interviews – As you wish to connect with us to hire programmers in India, we let you interview our developers as many times and as many developers as you wish. If you are not satisfied with one or two interviews, please do not worry. For we will give you ample options and developers to interview and serve you.
  • An Assigned Dedicated Project Manager – It is complimentary from our side for a seamless developmental process. Yes, you heard that right! As you wish to hire developers in India from us, we also assign a specialized Project Manager to the team of developers for your ease. With a dedicated Project Manager, you can easily communicate with the team. Keeping the PM as a one-contact point for managing the team of developers also enables you to regularly monitor your project.
  • Sign NDA to Protect your Source Code – Be it a one-month project or a long-term project, we ensure that our client’s source codes and projects are safe. So, we sign a strict NDA without failing to protect the codes legally. As you hire Indian developers from us, we also sign copyright agreements and GDPR forms for the protection of your data as well. So you can be certain that your confidential information is safe with us.
  • On-time Project Delivery – We never let our clients complain about project delivery delays. Under any of the models you choose for software outsourcing, while you hire programmer from India with us, we fix a project delivery timeline and give our best to deliver projects on time.
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We go the extra mile to ensure a smooth experience for you:

  • We give special emphasis to the communication skills of our employees. Hence, provide compulsory communication skills sessions to our employees to not let the lack of it affect their confidence and limit their expertise.
  • As you hire developer India from us, rest assured they will work only in your preferred time zone. Moreover, our dedicated developers will adapt to your time zone and deliver projects by meeting the deadlines.
  • We enable our developers to attend conferences, webinars, and skill development courses to brush up on their skills. And thus stay updated on the latest trends and recent developments, innovations, etc. to provide you with futuristic solutions.


Finally, we have concluded this guide on how to hire developers India. If you are looking to hire programmers in India, hope this guide has enlighted you in a true sense as to how to hire developers in India.

We have discussed in length and breadth the importance of hiring dedicated offshore developers, what the development team offer, the process of hiring, and most importantly the tips to hire developers in India. Along with this, we have also discussed various models of hiring developers like the Fixed cost method, time and material method, and dedicated team method.

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Knowing the importance of going digital in today’s world, you must have decided by now to leverage the benefits of an online presence. To serve your customers better and stand ahead of your competitors, you must think of increasing your footprints in the digital world. And to start with it, plan to hire developers India as soon as possible.

Here, eSparkbiz can be your perfect development partner in case you wish to hire developers India. Because we have served the customers with utmost dedication and we give priority to your ideas and needs more than our comfort of time and money. And above all, client satisfaction is our only goal. So, hire developer India from us and start your online journey as soon as possible.

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