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Days Risk-Free Trial 15 IN CLIENT REVENUE
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Hire SilverStripe Developers to Unite your Content into a Coherent, Economized Digital Impression

SilverStripe is a versatile & elegant CMS software for today’s businesses. At eSparkBiz, we offer vetted, professional SilverStripe developers for hire with exceptional technical competence in working with CMS. With a collaborative process, they empower the author with fewer technicalities & more intuitive freedom for content creation & efficient management. So you stand distinct with robust, futuristic web solutions aligned with your business idea.

Hands-on in SilverStripe CMS Recipe 4.11.2 & SilverStripe Cloud

  • Hire SilverStripe developers offering modern CMS solutions that are consistent, secure, high-tech, & extensible.
  • Leverage your content idea to build an impactful, scalable business with our dynamic CMS apps & sites.
  • They help you prepare content-rich data models with connections through the object-oriented SilverStripe CMS.
  • Get extra flexibility for online content with optimized code structure, a mighty front-end template engine, & multi-layered protection.
  • Enable rich graphics & media content from websites like Slideshare, YouTube, etc. for more appeal.
  • Extend your SilverStripe CMS with Group & versioning for easy content management, in-built modules, layouts, & code customization.
  • Our SilverStripe development services infuse your website with cutting-edge features for efficient workflow, automation, & Security.

How We Helped Ismail Aly To Scale up Their Operations

on the independent, objective B2B research platform Clutch.co with an average rating of 4.9 from over 36 client reviews

Engage with the top 10% of the Industry-best SilverStripe Developers in India

Hire SilverStripe Developers within 2 Days from eSparkBiz who empower businesses globally with Disruptive Digital Solutions.

Developer Types
Select different expert levels as Junior, Mid-Level, or Senior Developers as per your project needs.
Junior Developer Mid Level Developer Senior Level Developer
Estimate Cost
Comprehensively estimated cost for the services of expert developers for hire of various experience levels as per your project budget.
$1920 - $2400 $2400 - $2880 $2880 Onwards
Experience Developer
Hire a pre-vetted developer based on their years of experience in building versatile Solutions.
1 - 3 Years 3 - 4 Years 4+ Years
Risk-free Trial
15-days 15-days 15-days
Agile Development Agile Development Agile Development
Development Manager
A dedicated Project Development Manager(PM) allocated to all projects as a SPOC between the client and the developer(s)/team ensuring smooth project completion.
Yes Yes Yes
Lock-in is the obligatory agreement between the client & the company for the specified time period or completion of the said project.
No No No
Time Zone Availability
Being an India-based company, we provide services in 10+ time zones worldwide to cater to our global clients.
Yes Yes Yes

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On Demand Platform For Yoga

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Customize Out-of-the-box CMS Solutions to your Business Needs with our SilverStripe Development Services

As an established SilverStripe development company, we specialize in creative content strategies along with SilverStripe Cloud expertise to offer top-tired, end-to-end SilverStripe development services. So you get more from your websites with our well-structured architecture, tailored plugins, & GUI tools to make significant updates & migrations simpler. Also, enable agility through powerful modules, robust APIs, customized integration of databases, & tools like PHP, Travis CI, Jest, PHPUnit, & CodeceptJS for secure designs & SEO-friendly sites & apps. Hire SilverStrpie programmers experts in enterprise-grade, content-heavy sites to complex web apps for Startups to SMBs. While our intense QA tests for high-quality products ensure the fastest & most efficient CMS experiences.

Customized Web App Development

Hire SilverStripe developers with unmatched skills in SilverStripe and leading techs for customized web apps that focus on UX, scalability, security, & economy. Also, our 360-degree support includes robust web apps, PWA designs, custom theme designs, back-end development, testing, & deployment for effective workflow propelling your digital success. So you enjoy substantial growth in user-friendly web apps with offline access, AI, ML-based data analytics, & real-time site upgrades.

Enterprise Applications

As a dependable and proficient SilverStripe development company, we provide large-scale businesses with robust, scalable, modern enterprise applications based on SilverStripe. So, hire dedicated SilverStripe developers with us to build data-driven, high-performing enterprise-grade apps that work impeccably across multiple platforms, in a quick turnaround time. And optimize your intricate company processes and workflows.

Social Media Integrations

Hire SilverStripe developers with us to benefit from our social media integrations for popular networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. on your SilverStripe websites. Also, we can help you with complete administrative solutions, organized logins, & registration assistance to provide robust & secured digital platforms. And strategically integrate your social media platforms for more visibility & organic traffic to your website with easy control of your network.

SilverStripe CMS Development

eSparkBiz is a trusted SilverStripe development company with a team smartly leveraging the built-in features of SilverStripe to create user-centric enterprise-level content, presentations, & edit access, for complete control of your content. Hire dedicated SilverStripe developers for SEO optimization, media embedding, drag-and-drop navigation, custom layouts, & multilingual support through world-class SilverStripe CMS development services. So, you get seamless CMSs with regular updates to lead in techs & trends.

Website Theme Strategy

Hire SilverStripe programmer to enhance your website’s look by custom theme or modifying the pre-built ones on SilverStripe. Removing any design issues, they deliver top-notch strategic solutions for your themes to identify, develop, & lead trends enhancing your CX and decision-making. Thus, prioritize efficient web themes & designs that represent your brand image, innovation, & usability to your end-users.

Module Customization

SilverStripe is an amazing CMS with multiple in-built modules allowing you to build feature-packed, fully functional CMS platforms. So, hire SilverStripe developers of ours with high skills to develop, customize, and integrate various modules that improve the functionalities of your SilverStripe websites. And, craft unique user experiences for your customers with apps optimized to produce high-quality content & audience reach.

SilverStripe Cloud Services

Get your business to your users on the go as you hire dedicated SilverStripe developers for their amazing, seamless SilverStripe cloud services. Enabling faster page loads from anywhere, our SilverStripe cloud expertise keeps your data secure with easy access. Further, enrich your platforms with various APIs, 3rd-party integrations, & upgrades for your sites & apps in real-time. Thus, design feature-rich cloud platforms for your distinct business needs.

Maintenance and Support

eSparkBiz is an established SilverStripe development company well-known for 24hr maintenance & dedicated customer support. Also, provide you with consistent assistance to remove issues disrupting productivity and the performance of your web apps & CMS platforms. It includes tests, fixing bugs & web component faults, CMS upgrades, & security improvements, that keep your websites safe, dependable, and functional for a streamlined experience.

Hire SilverStripe Developers in India

Build an intuitive, data-driven, featureful content management system as you hire Silverstripe developers in India. Our vetted, domain-specific SilverStripe experts competently streamline your workflows, enable automation, cloud-based functions, & user-friendly, engaging web apps of the global standards. As a leading SilverStripe development company, we provide practical, innovative, cost-efficient, & sustainable solutions for your growth.

Still Wondering If We Are the Right Fit? Take our Risk-Free 15-Day Free Trial

Partner with eSparkBiz and get excellent digital services for your business. We have a qualified and trained team of SilverStripe Developers for hire that strive to deliver the best solution for your business at an honest price.

  • Simple & Transparent Pricing
  • Robust Data Protection
  • Fully Signed NDA
  • 100% Code Security
  • Easy Exit Policy
  • Why Choose SilverStripe for your Business?

    SilverStripe is easy to use, extended, & maintainable Framework for creating & organizing content in flexible designs. And offers RESTful API, editable interfaces, MVC architecture, object-relational mapper & more for interactive, appealing websites for your business in multiple-language content across platforms.

    Sam Minnee, Sigurd Magnusson, and Tim Copeland founded SilverStripe. Further, SilverStripe Ltd decided to rebuild its CMS in PHP5 in 2006. Later, SilverStripe CMS 2.0 was made available in February 2007 under a BSD license.

    It started with three main objectives: utilize their five years of commercial CMS development experience, support larger customers with complex websites, and provide a new codebase to it so that it can be released as open-source software.

    Some of the extraordinary features of SilverStripe are extreme personalization, performance monitoring, premium support, improved functionality, and Security. Also, Silverstripe provides Silverstripe Cloud, a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service for developing interactive, accessible web-based apps on the go. Additionally, you can benefit from competitive advantages by collaborating with competent SilverStripe developers from eSparkBiz.

    Many businesses, including Betfair, Lenovo, LibreOffice, Westpac, 2degrees, Nxta.govt.nz, RMZ, & many more have used SilverStripe in their tech stack to enhance their websites.
    Hire SilverStripe developers in India to outsource all of your SilverStripe development concerns within your budget and time zone for high-performing, dynamic CMS solutions.

    1. Headless CMS

      The Headless CMS from SilverStripe gives content and marketing teams more chances to creatively impress the customers. Moreover, the ability to create front-ends using any tools like React, Angular, or Bootstrap, enables you to create more complex front-end designs and dashboards. By utilizing APIs, sophisticated caching, and static content, websites and applications may be created and operated more quickly. Hence, every page will load in milliseconds rather than seconds.

    2. Open Source Community

      SilverStripe was released as a free and open source under the BSD (revised) license, one of the most permissive open-source software licenses. It is based on open-source technology while written in PHP and operates on web servers based on Linux and Apache HTTP Server/Nginx. And now consists of a large team of developers from all around the world that forms and supports it as a community. Due to the ease of finding developers who can (and want to) work with websites created using these stacks, you can easily hire SilverStripe developers for rapid & cost-effective development and deployment.

    3. Superior Security

      SilverStripe comes bundled with enterprise-level security. This ensures the security of both your website and its data, preventing website hacks and system downtime. Therefore, hire SilverStripe Programmers that make Silverstripe CMS put a high priority on security, with features like security updates, safety audits, and careful separation of code and content.

    4. Highly Flexible

      SilverStripe is an expert at publishing and managing content. Especially in the context of contemporary responsive web design, where content must be adjusted for devices with various capabilities and viewports. Hire SilverStripe developer to take advantage of this freedom to adapt your content to any website or web application. It makes it easy to update your website while maintaining a professional appearance.

    5. Object-orientated

      A genuine object-oriented CMS is SilverStripe. Not focused on conceptual ideas like Nodes and Portlets, it enables one to use language the editors can understand when describing a comprehensive data model for the content and its connections. Hire SilverStripe programmer to establish relationships between your data and take advantage of the web’s connected structure which is an essential component of object orientation. Moreover, SilverStripe has created a library of pre-built modules throughout the years to create dynamic websites with linked content exclusively for cultural institutions.

    6. Developer-friendly

      SilverStripe is simple for web developers to learn and use since it adheres to best practices and principles of software engineering design. Developing advanced knowledge to design SilverStripe features doesn’t need years of experience. It is simple to learn, and rather than requiring specialized knowledge or a particular school of thought, its execution is more like a typical web application. Hence, it is extremely developer-friendly.

    7. Easy to Upgrade

      With SilverStripe, you can publish and work with data as objects without being constrained by ‘hard’ design choices and technical debt. Besides, the user interface was thoroughly rebuilt with React and other cutting-edge front-end engineering approaches with the introduction of SilverStripe 4. Due to the underlying application foundation and data structure being preserved, the upgrade route is rather easy as result. Hire SilverStripe developer and you won’t require to make major changes to maintain your CMS’s compatibility.

  • Interview Questions to Ask Before you Hire SilverStripe Developers?

    While you are intending to hire SilverStripe developers, you got to ensure that they are skilled and knowledgeable to meet your complex project requirements. For that, we have listed out some questions while interviewing that you can ask them to know about their understanding of the technology as well as their expertise. So, try these out to select the best developer from the lot for your SilverStripe development services.

    1. Describe SilverStripe.

      A free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework called SilverStripe is used to build and manage websites and web applications.

    2. What are the characteristics of SilverStripe CMS?

      The following are some of SilverStripe CMS’s features:

      • Decoupled and headless content delivery
      • Efficient asset & file management
      • Version, history, and archive controls
      • Content sections
      • Friendly to search engines
      • User authorization and workflows
    3. Is Silverstripe open source? How to download it?

      The content management system Silverstripe CMS is free and open-source. It is available for download from SilverStripe’s official website.

    4. How can you configure SilverStripe's local development environment?

      A local development environment for SilverStripe can be set up using a collection of APIs and utilities provided by the SilverStripe\Core\Environment class.

    5. What does headless CMS stand for?

      A new term, ‘headless CMS,’ is used to describe a different method of managing and publishing online content that differs from the conventional, monolithic approach.
      A traditional CMS locks down content to a single predetermined ‘front-end’ presentation generally as a website, after it has been loaded into the CMS ‘back-end.’

    6. What are the different elements of the screen in SilverStripe CMS?

      A hierarchical navigation pane of objects (such as pages, photos, newsletters, etc.) is displayed on the left side of the SilverStripe CMS administration panel. And the content and specifics of the presently selected item are displayed on the right side. Depending on the object that is currently selected, smaller panes might also be shown.

    7. What is the total count of SilverStripe CMS SECTIONS?

      Currently, SilverStripe CMS is divided into six sections Site Content, Files & Images, Comments, Reports, Security, and Help. By selecting the appropriate icon at the top of the SilverStripe CMS interface, one can access these parts.

    8. What software works best for a web server to run SilverStripe CMS?

      SilverStripe CMS installation requires the following web server software:

      • PHP >=7.1.
      • Ctype, dom, file info, hash, intl, mbstring, session, SimpleXML, tokenizer, and XML are examples of PHP extensions.
      • PHP configuration with a minimum memory limit of 48M.
      • Gd or Imagick are two options for the PHP image manipulation extension.
      • A database connection extension for PHP (e.g. pdo or mysqli )
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Begin Your SilverStripe Development Now

Why Hire SilverStripe Developers from eSparkBiz?

In-demand team of 25+ SilverStripe Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

As a trusted SilverStripe development company for 12+ years, we design CMS solutions with user-friendly, humanistic ergonomics to appeal to more users with simplicity, quality, & elegance.

At eSparkBiz, you can hire SilverStripe developers & top-line resources for cost-efficient SilverStripe development services to all types of businesses worldwide. So you can have remarkable UX distinct to your business idea. Creating a lasting impression & a loyal client base.

Our in-house SilverStripe experts are well-versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, SQLite, Oracle, Joomla, Drupal, & more. And offer creative content strategy with their technical problem-solving abilities to form memorable human-centric web solutions.

Through our custom Silverstripe development, you can easily improve services, increase your productivity, & make your business more accessible with a wider reach.

  • 12+ years of Industry Experience
  • 250+ Qualified Senior Technology Architects
  • CMMI Level 3 Company & ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Powerful Data Security: Firewall System (Palo, Alto), VPN, Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software, Access Control and Data Recovery
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Agile Methodology
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Conveniently Augment your Dedicated Development Team
  • 170 Working hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models
  • 100% in-house Team. No Freelancers
  • Expert Developers with Rich Portfolio in Web, Mobile Application and Software
  • 15-Day Risk-free Trial
  • High Engagement with Cut-rate Workforce
  • Long-term Client Retention with 90% Returning and Referral Clients
  • Strict NDAs Signed for Complete Privacy
  • Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team
  • Intensely Devoted Environment for Persistent Production
  • Committed Retention of Developers till the Project Completion
  • Cross-out Miscellaneous Expenses Related to the Project & Developers
  • Cost-efficient with the Rapid Market Launch
Transparent Communication
Time Zone Aligned
Experienced Team

Our SilverStripe Expertise Extends Across Multiple Industries

Food & Drink
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Hire a SilverStripe Dedicated Team or Let us Build your Product from Scratch

Trusted by Global Clients

Some of our clients have been with us for 7+ years (and counting)

Recommended by 98% of SMEs, Startup, and Scale-up Clients

Krupal Puchhadiya
We chose eSparkBiz for their competitive pricing & experience. It was very attractive to see them eager to hear our project scope & follow through with what they said. With the best of techs, tools & teams, they gave us the best custom CRM system we could imagine.
John Brandt
They over delivered! It has awesome features bringing ideas to life in a fast turnaround time. They are receptive to feedback with quick implementation. And their reusable solutions have led to increased leads, new clients, recruitment prospects, & successful promotions.
Jarrick Cooper
eSparkBiz’s instant availability during our US business hours & its vast experience & knowledge of many different technologies is remarkable. One of their designed websites helped our client's site score 90+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights performance auditing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Hire SilverStripe Developers from eSparkBiz?

eSparkBiz offers flexible, well-designed engagement models to hire SilverStripe developers for your diverse business needs. Conveniently you can hire them on an hourly, monthly, or project basis to even work remotely as per your time zone. You can hire SilverStripe developer through the following steps to onboard them in 48hrs,

Step 1 – Discuss your project with our experts.

Step 2 – Based on our discussion, we shortlist the best-fit talent for your requirements.

Step 3 – You can personally Interview the candidates for suitable ones.

Step 4 – Sign NDAs, onboard, & start your web development.

What is the cost to hire SilverStripe developer?

You can hire SilverStripe developer from eSparkBiz at $15/hr. Moreover, you can avail of cost-effective experts from $1920 – $2400/month to $2880/month onwards depending on their years of expertise. So they can easily fit your project budget and requirements.

Why should I choose eSparkBiz for my SilverStripe requirements?

eSparkBiz is a renowned SilverStripe development company driving efficiency and innovation for companies worldwide with bespoke digitalization. Along with 12+ years of experience, we offer highly skilled dedicated SilverStripe developers for hire and other resources for the end-to-end process. Besides these, what sets us apart is

  • We collaborate closely with our clients to manage their content with custom platforms and web apps to increase overall efficiency with powerful SilverStripe solutions.
  • Easily hire dedicated SilverStripe developers with rich industry experience, impressive skill sets, and a mind for innovation.
  • Our world-best SilverStripe development services guarantee you achieve the highest ROIs.
  • You can get 15-days of risk-free trial to experience our services.

Why is the SilverStripe content management system necessary for my company to expand?

SilverStripe CMS helps you increase your ROI and achieve rapid growth by ensuring that you deliver the appropriate content to the appropriate audience. Since it satisfies the client’s requirements by modifying templates, themes, modules, and more, it is one of the most popular CMS among the technical community. The following are a few of SilverStripe CMS’s intriguing features:

  • Headless and Open Source CMS
  • supports multiple languages
  • Content block
  • Simple to use
  • extremely scalable
  • Numerous add-ons
  • Access level and workflow for users

What are the numerous hiring possibilities for SilverStripe developers?

Because we value simplicity, we provide transparent engagement models that allow you to significantly reduce the cost of your project. We operate using four distinct engagement models, including

  • Hire Dedicated Developers: Hire Dedicated Developers if your project requires a certain skill set.
  • Per-hour basis: Appropriate for small projects with restricted resources (duration, budget, and features).
  • Time & Material: This option gives you the flexibility to pay only for the skills and time used on your project.
  • Fixed Cost: This type of cost has a fixed amount and a set amount of time.

Do you offer SilverStripe applications optimized for mobile devices?

Absolutely, yes! Every SilverStripe application we create is responsive and works well on various device types. Our hire SilverStripe developers make sure they use the most recent technologies and tools to provide a responsive user experience and operate smoothly. These apps are user-friendly, search engine friendly, and dynamic.

Do you provide maintenance and support after development?

At eSparkBiz, hire dedicated SilverStripe developers in India to provide the best 24/7 support in 10+ time zones for our customers. To assist you in overcoming post-launch problems linked to your SilverStripe applications, we offer a broad range of support and maintenance services.

What project development technique do you use? Do you adhere to the Agile Methodology?

Each SilverStripe development project is distinct and requires a unique concept. Also, we use the Agile technique, which includes planning, designing, building, testing, and previewing each project for all of our SilverStripe projects. Additionally, you will routinely receive release version information from our project manager, allowing you to begin testing the application even before it is deployed.

Can I get affordable Silverstripe developers through eSparkBiz?

Our services are among the best in the market because of the high quality and affordable prices. If you’ve been seeking a place to hire dedicated Silverstripe developers but haven’t been successful, eSparkBiz is the perfect solution. We promise to do our best.

Do eSparkBiz developers have the ability to build complex Silverstripe CMS websites?

According to the needs of the client, our developers can create both basic and complicated websites and web apps from scratch. They comprehend your needs and make adjustments to your website accordingly.

Can my SilverStripe CMS be upgraded?

we also offer those services to upgrade your SilverStripe websites. We believe that rather than money, the experience we have gained since our founding is our most significant asset. We turn your ideas into fully functional web portals by putting our experience and knowledge to work.

What are the various services that eSparkBiz offers as a SilverStripe development company in India?

We provide to hire SilverStripe developers in India to create your online portal and web applications. For all of your SilverStripe development needs, including installation, upgrade, and maintenance, we offer to hire dedicated Silverstripe developers.

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