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Ignite Exceptional Innovation with Microservices Architecture Development

Scale your applications, optimize costs and increase your bottom line with our microservices development services. No matter the size of your organization and its requirements, our certified engineering teams will help you plan and implement microservices efficiently. It is time to drive transformation and set new milestones.

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Witness a Spike in Business Growth With Expert Microservices Development

eSparkBiz Offers End-to-end Microservices Development Services
We provide end-to-end microservices development for businesses to compete and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape. Our talented teams deliver the highest-quality solutions to meet your goals.

Microservices in software development is an architectural style that structures applications as a set of loosely connected services. Through this software development approach, developers can build and scale apps quickly. Microservices application development differs from the conventional monolithic style. It does not treat software development as a single unit.

Organizations can independently iterate and ship features in applications using microservices. In turn, it reduces the time needed to meet the market needs. Also, this development approach allows companies to create independent teams of varying sizes according to the requirements of a given feature or function.

eSparkBiz's microservices development services help you modernize your legacy IT systems. Our experienced consultants and DevOps practitioners select the most suitable microservices strategy to improve your architecture's scalability and help you embrace the cloud. We also monitor microservices after deployment to drive optimized end-user experience.

  • Our microservices development company offers comprehensive solutions to accelerate your development and deployment cycle.
  • At eSparkBiz, our teams offer microservices solutions based on the kind of technology your business application runs on.
  • Our microservices architecture development services are provided to small and big enterprises so they can grow their business affordably.
  • We cater to various industries with our expertise, such as automotive, education, retail healthcare, banking, logistics, advertising, and more.
  • Our processes are fully transparent and flexible, and they are supervised by a technical lead who communicates all the details with the client.

Revolutionize Your Software With eSparkBiz’s Microservices Development

Capitalize on the powerful microservices architecture to modernize your apps and supercharge them with new capabilities. Our teams employ proven approaches to overhaul your monolithic apps and deploy new programs faster.

Cloud Native App Modernisation Approach

We empower scalable and agile app modernisation while helping you transition to the cloud. Cloud-native strategies and architectures unlock innovation and value for your business. The decoupled back and front end ensure maximum flexibility.

Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

Simplify the monitoring and logging of your microservices applications with the integration of Docker and Kubernetes. We combine logging, metrics, autoscaling, and monitoring to keep your microservices operating efficiently.


Our microservices development company employs a robust CI/CD process to automate testing, code integration, and incremental deployment. It ensures the reliability and consistency of every microservice.

Serverless Microservices in Python

Write and implement programs without worrying about the underlying infrastructure with serverless microservices in Python. The language enforces data types and ensures code consistency. It also minimizes the scope of errors.

Boost Growth with Top-Notch Microservices Development Services

eSparkBiz offers an array of services that can be used to utilise the powerful microservices architecture. The talented teams in our microservices development company empower businesses to become future-ready. Get ready to modernise and innovate with us.

Microservices Advisory

Microservices architecture is a modern and innovative approach that delivers agility to the development team and the business as well. Microservices application development is fast and results in scalable solutions. The deployment is also quicker than monolithic applications.

Our microservices consulting services deliver end-to-end assistance to companies who wish to utilise this modern application development approach. The microservices advisory consultants analyse your business needs and determine how microservices development will fulfil your long-term goals.

  • We employ the 'what, when and how' approach to ensure that the app development gives you a competitive edge.
  • Our microservices development company frames solutions for your needs using our years of experience.
  • We develop applications that help you generate better ROI in the long term.
  • Advice is given on complementary microservices solutions to help simplify your current workflows.
  • We use proven migration methodologies that prevent the risk of technical pitfalls.
Microservices Development

Microservices architecture yields flexible and easy-to-use applications. Through this approach, you get services that are independently deployable. The communication between them takes place seamlessly via APIs. Microservices architecture development services increase cost-efficiency productivity and improve fault isolation. Also, this approach expands the resilience of applications.

Our microservices development services make your business agile and capable of reacting fast to constantly changing trends. We use the best frameworks and products to design and build your microservices architecture. We also ensure that your in-house teams are knowledgeable about the delivery processes that keep the microservices on track.

  • We use cloud-native architecture, DevOps and continuous integration best practices to develop microservices.
  • Our developers abide by industry-standard security protocols and do audits to eliminate potential risks.
  • We adeptly integrate service meshes for effective management of communication between various microservices.
  • Our microservices application development happens at scale by leveraging the factory delivery model.
  • We maintain and improve the new ecosystem according to specific KPIs.
Microservices Review and Optimization

Microservices review and optimisation ensures that your applications function as intended. A comprehensive assessment makes it clear whether microservices applications need to be configured in a different way for the expected results. The process also means checking whether each service has its unique repository of APIs.

Our experts comprehensively review the microservices architecture and optimize it according to the changing business needs. It increases the performance of the apps and empowers businesses to always remain at the forefront of innovation. Also, microservices review makes way for continued cost optimization.

  • We diligently analyze the requirements of your microservices application.
  • Our teams review both the functional and non-functional needs of your applications.
  • We ascertain if there's a need to improve the communication between various services.
  • We employ fresh microservices architecture development services if the need arises after a review.
  • Our teams determine scopes of improvement in the development and deployment processes.
Rebuilding Legacy Apps into Microservices

Rebuilding legacy apps into modern microservices offers a single view of your data. Also, it prevents and eliminates risks associated with programmatic developments. The synchronization between the various systems is also improved as a result of rebuilding legacy apps into microservices.

We adopt a solid framework to modernize your legacy apps. The experts of our microservices development services deeply understand the value of developing microservices in relation to your legacy apps so you can overcome significant challenges. These include limited flexibility, integration issues and lack of agility.

  • We review your monolithic app architecture and conduct a feasibility study.
  • Our teams suggest improvements in your current software development and delivery approaches.
  • Our microservices development company uses top-notch tools to rebuild your legacy apps.
  • We assist your teams in refactoring the legacy apps into microservices and executing testing of the new applications.
  • We rebuild the legacy apps incrementally to minimize the risk of massive downtime.
Enterprise-wide Microservices Adoption

Microservices architecture enables different applications or teams to evolve independently of each other. It makes enterprises digital-ready and increases resiliency in mission-critical systems. However, large-scale companies with complex application landscapes often face challenges in adopting microservice architecture and related approaches.

Our microservices application development experts help enterprises approach adoption strategically. We uncover the benefits of its implementation. Further, we build a robust business case for the same. The experts who deliver microservices consulting services create a tailored adoption roadmap that eases this process.

  • We deeply review your unique needs and the reasons for transitioning to microservices.
  • We implement containerisation, continuous integration, monitoring, and management practices to make the adoption smooth.
  • Our team carefully curates the tech stack needed for a frictionless movement toward microservices.
  • We map the value your business will gain through the adoption using KPIs.
  • Our professionals build integration networks to facilitate communication between microservices and the monoliths that have not yet been converted.
Microservices Testing

Efficient microservices testing results in reliable products and apps. However, testing is not about building intricate end-to-end test environments or lengthy integration suites that handle the test data. It should be fast and easy so that deployment becomes faster.

As a leading provider of microservices development services, eSparkBiz uses various novel testing approaches to accelerate deployment. We make sure that the functionalities of your applications are as intended and they offer a reliable user experience. Our integration testing ensures that your apps reflect your business logic with proper collaboration among microservices.

  • Our teams design a QA strategy and an uncomplicated test plan.
  • We execute unit, functional, and integration testing of your microservices.
  • Our microservices test results adhere to the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013, such as comprehensive bug reports on a routine basis.
  • We deliver enterprise-managed testing services that enhance the software quality and reduce the time spent on the market.
  • We configure and use the latest testing tools to make the process fast, such as Postman, Jest, Apache JMeter and Pact.
Microservices Design

Effective microservices design patterns eliminate the challenges of microservices architectures. These include highly complex infrastructures and inconsistencies in data moving between the services. The right design patterns expedite app releases as each microservice can be autonomously launched.

The DevOps team in our microservices development company is fully aware of the various design patterns and their uniqueness. We use those patterns that best satisfy particular business needs and goals. It facilitates rapid scaling of services.

  • Our microservices architectural design approach involves breaking down complex apps into modular services.
  • We build and implement each module, which works independently of another.
  • The microservices design we employ results in greater flexibility and scalability.
  • Our microservices design maximizes fault tolerance and data security.
  • We version the microservices so you can choose which version you want to continue using and make your transition to it smooth.
Microservices Integration

Microservices integration dramatically optimizes business operations. It improves organizational data and flow and minimizes the overall cost of ownership. In addition, integration of apps with microservices contributes to system resiliency and loose coupling positively. In turn, it increases the ROI.

Our teams who deliver microservices consulting services advise you on a comprehensive integration strategy. We focus on API-led detailed integration to help you boost the value of your current microservices investments. The API strategy we implement leads to better interoperability.

  • We use the best practices and policies to deliver microservices integration effectively.
  • We design custom APIs that make the management of microservices seamless.
  • Our teams are experts at performing microservices integration with SaaS, MDM and ERP.
  • Our microservices consulting services provide you with a holistic view of the APIs that are most important for your company.
  • We can expertly integrate data warehouses and trading partners with microservices.

Major Advantages of Microservices for Enterprises

The right microservices usher many benefits for enterprises in various sectors. The most significant ones are improved scalability and flexibility of applications. Besides, enterprise applications can tolerate unexpected failures and keep up with rapidly evolving needs.


Better User Satisfaction

Microservices applications are stable and can be quickly updated. This leads to a consistent user experience and consequently user satisfaction.


Efficient Software Delivery

Microservices architecture consists of smaller components. So, developers can implement updates and changes quickly, leading to faster deployment.


Robust Data Security

Microservices apps have greater levels of security. They are secured by design using DevSecOps in SDLC, securing containers and creating incident response plans.


More Performant Apps

Performance monitoring in microservices results in greater uptime, lower error rates and lower latency. Microservices can also be scaled for optimal performance.

Strengthen Your Business With Our Microservices Development Solutions

We design and implement scalable and agile microservices infrastructure to help propel businesses' digital transformation journey. Through our microservices development, you benefit from streamlined processes and welcome greater efficiency in your processes.


Our microservices development services enable you to scale your apps so they can handle growth in data, users or transaction rate. It leads to optimal resource allocation to meet the new demands.


The experts of our microservices architecture development services leverage independent small parts to make updates quickly and autonomously, leading to agile development and quicker version rollouts.


With a microservices architecture, our developers can make precise changes to lightweight code. We add or remove functions as needed, which promotes flexibility and gives more choice.

Reduced Costs

There is no need to bear the expenses of maintaining a monolithic system. With microservices application development, we selectively scale application parts, which minimizes costs.


We make your microservices architecture safe by design by embedding layers of security in the application. We also scan for dependencies in the app's source code and employ HTTPS.

Key Microservices Consulting Deliverables For Your Success

Our microservices development services are offered by experts who have a proven record of delivering successful software outcomes to our clients. We set up a range of consulting deliverables with the aim of enabling you to move to, implement, and improve a microservices architecture.

Microservices-based Software Design Deliverables

  • Meticulous specifications of software requirements for microservices development.
  • The specifications include non-functional software requirements.
  • The microservices-driven architecture design of the solution is a part of our deliverable.
  • Design and configuration guidelines for the application infrastructure.

Project Planning Documentation for Microservices Implementation

  • Preparation of a business case to implement microservices solutions.
  • Deployment of microservices project plans with timelines.
  • A RACI chart for managing and planning the project.
  • A plan to take care of risks during project implementation.
  • Business and technical KPIs to gauge the value obtained from implementing microservices.
  • A cost optimisation strategy

Deliverables for the Microservices Development Process

  • Microservices application's code documentation and a unit test to eliminate code errors.
  • Descriptions of microservices APIs to ensure seamless communication and integration.
  • Cloud infrastructure set-up or microservices deployment on physical hardware in your data center.
  • Set up and collaborate with CI/CD and microservices in the cloud.
  • Migration scripts to move data for application modernisation projects.

Microservices QA Documentation

  • A QA and test plan with the types and levels of tests for reliable microservices deployment.
  • Optimal test cases and QA checklists
  • Testing automation designs, scripts and configuration of testing technologies and frameworks.
  • Comprehensive test reports for stakeholders and management.

Game-Changing Benefits of Custom Microservices Development

Microservices revolutionize how software is built, implemented and scaled. The independent components of an application enhance the capabilities of an operational infrastructure in many ways.

Easier App Maintenance

In microservices, each service has a separate codebase. It is simpler to maintain and update the independent and smaller codebases.

On-demand App Scalability

Scale smaller and independent services according to demand. The modular growth in the microservices architecture enhances the scalability of applications.

Enhanced Failure Resistance

Microservices can cope with failure because the different services are not wholly dependent on each other. It leads to minimal disruption to the overall application's functions.

Increased Profitability

Microservices development is defined by speed and reliability. Quicker updates and changes lead to increased productivity, sales, and profitability.

Mixed Technology Stack

Microservices applications can be built through a variety of frameworks, tools, and technologies. It imparts an impeccable and consistent user experience.


Reuse microservices across different applications and keep and maintain a library of components that can be used repeatedly.

Our Top Tools for Efficient Microservices Architecture Development

Our microservices development teams have empowered multiple businesses with robust apps and solutions. This is made possible with our skills in using the most modern microservices tech stack. The tools, technologies and frameworks guarantee the resilience, security, and scalability of your systems. Our proficiency in several tools facilitates best-in-class applications. It also leads to a convenient migration.


We have adequate experience in microservices architecture. Through our expertise, we craft scalable and modular frontends with improved code organization. Our adeptness in the latest languages delivers a reliable user experience.

  • TezJS
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • Vue.js
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5


To enable decentralized governance, our microservices app development specialists use the latest set of backend tech tools. These tools also help your solutions handle complex inter-service interactions. Our backend stack provides insights into the application flow. Further, it helps pinpoint errors.

  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python


We have knowledge of different database technologies. We make sure that each service in your architecture can evolve independently and does not interfere with other services. The tools we work with ensure data consistency. They create a scalable foundation.

  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • DynamoDB
  • SQLite
  • Firebase


We develop microservices solutions on cloud infrastructure. It enriches your apps with flexibility and data recovery abilities. As a certified cloud partner, we design and build powerful cloud-native apps.

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure


We harness the power of DevOps frameworks to enable your microservices to get up and operating promptly. Our experience in DevOps tools facilitates seamless development, launch, scaling and management processes.

  • Jenkins
  • Azure DevOps
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Selenium
  • Gradle

Get Started on a Frictionless Journey Toward Microservices

We understand that the upkeep of legacy systems is fraught with risks. They function as roadblocks for you to stay competitive and agile. But when you have our back, there is no need to worry. We will help you navigate past the challenges of monoliths. Streamline your transition to microservices with the most precision.



Why Choose eSparkBiz for Microservices Architecture Development Services?

Our teams of full-stack microservices developers deliver top-notch applications. Our solutions meet the varying demands of businesses. We take pride in our demonstrated expertise, which has empowered thousands of companies to harness the transformative benefits of microservices development.

Clear Communication

Our microservices application development company prioritises efficient and clear communication. Our talented developers collaborate with each other as well as the client to ensure that everyone is in agreement and there is no misunderstanding.

Scalable Team

Our teams can easily expand and reduce in size according to your dynamic needs. Our company is always equipped with the necessary skill set to create, deploy, and manage your new microservices.

Complete Control

We develop your project keeping in mind your specifications, feedback, and needs. Our teams never execute a process or build a feature that is not aligned with your aims and stipulations.

Adapting Agile Approach

Our development teams are agile and proficient in designing, building, testing, and deploying your microservices applications. The innate agility makes us the right option to help you keep pace in the rapidly changing business environment.

Transparent Conduct

Our microservices development services focus on clear and open information between all the important people involved in the project. We disclose the progress with timely reports and are always available to answer your queries.

End-to-end Services

eSparkBiz excels at end-to-end software development. Our services are there for every stage of your product development; from the initial concept, design to development, iteration, full implementation and support.

100's of Happy Clients

From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, we, as a pioneering offshore software outsourcing firm, cater to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Here are some touching testimonials from our happy clients:

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Why Choose eSparkBiz?

Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of building microservices architecture in Azure?

Microservices architecture in Azure has several business benefits. These include advanced agility as microservices are deployed separately, as well as quick testing and deployment. Increased ability of the application to handle faults and scalability are other benefits.

Which are the latest programming languages to build microservices?

The most popular programming languages to build microservices are Java, Python, Golang, and Node. JS. Haskell, Ballerina, and Typescript are other languages that modern developers use to build microservices architecture. These languages have many libraries, frameworks, and communities of support.

How long does it take to build microservices architecture?

It takes a few months for developers to create a basic microservices architecture. There is no fixed timeline for it since many factors influence the process. The experts in microservices architecture development services give an estimated timeline based on team structure, size of your monolithic system, testing approach, security vulnerabilities and databases.

How will you make a microservice highly available?

We make microservices highly available using several methods. We deploy redundant instances and use circuit breakers for monitoring them and employing health checks. In addition, graceful degradation ensures that the basic functionality is not interrupted during high load. Also, automated scaling adjusts instances according to traffic level.

When is the right time to switch to microservices?

When your monolithic applications cannot be enriched with features, tolerate faults and it becomes costly to maintain them, consider it the right time to switch to microservices. Also, if some components of your monolith system need partial scaling, it is only possible with microservices.

What is the difference between microservices and service-oriented architecture?

Service-oriented architecture or SOA structures applications are a set of reusable and interoperable services that interact through well-built interfaces. SOA allows companies to build flexible and modular systems that can be modified according to business requirements. In contrast, microservices are specific implementations of the bigger SOA concept. It breaks down applications into minute and autonomously deployable parts. Each component focuses on particular functionalities. Microservices address concerns within an app's context.

What is the most suitable communication protocol between microservices?

HTTP and gRPC are the two most suitable synchronous communication protocols between microservices. gRPC is ideal for internal communication between microservices. HTTP is the best communication protocol to tie microservices together.

Do you provide microservices support and maintenance?

Yes. We offer support and maintenance as part of our microservices development services. Our teams make your system free of dependencies after we migrate it to the microservices architecture. Also, we help you with proactive support to minimize the risks of any defects.

What are the three types of microservices?

There are three types of microservices: domain, integration, and unit-of-work. Domain microservices loosely coupled services with similar capabilities and features. Integration microservices make unrelated apps interact with one another, while unit-of-work microservices manage singular functions.

How much does a microservices development company charge for a project?

A microservices project’s estimated cost ranges from $50,000 to $250,000. Your project's cost is determined based on its scope and complexity, the tools and technologies used for design and development and the place of the microservices architecture development company. To find the exact cost, you should talk directly to your chosen microservices development company.

Can you integrate AI with microservices?

Yes. Our microservices application development experts can design and build AI-driven API and microservice architectures for cloud. It leads to benefits like automated scaling and dynamic load balancing of incoming requests. AI's predictive analytics offers proactive solutions for making APIs and microservices scalable and reliable.

Can microservices-based architecture be used in e-commerce?

Yes. Microservices can be used in an e-commerce system at various points. They can be used to manage customer information, product details, tax and payment services. Microservices-based infrastructure ensures quick data exchange. Also, it can be developed, tested, and launched autonomously. We can launch the latest eCommerce technology without rebuilding the whole system because of decentralisation of development.

Which strategies are used to migrate monoliths to microservices?

The DevOps teams of a good microservices development company use certain best practices to migrate monoliths to microservices includes understanding monoliths using application mapping, replacing the components of monoliths incrementally, loosely coupling microservices and using end-to-end observability.

Do you provide microservices training?

Yes. Training is given by our specialist team as part of our microservices architecture development services. Our consultants provide custom training according to your specific needs.