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Smartly strategize your idea into fail-proof product development with our comprehensive, full-cycle MVP Development Services. Our MVP developers harness DevOps, CI/CD, Agile, & Scrum methods to rapidly launch your cost-effective, fully functional, & precise MVP with engaging UI. Whether it is single feature MVPs, prototypes, or Pilot MVPs, swiftly convert MVPs into final products with extensive market search partnering with a top MVP development company.
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Pivot Your MVP Ideas to Fail-safe Businesses with a Leading MVP Development Company

Nowadays, MVP – Minimum Viable Product, is a go-to layout for businesses to check the potential of a project among users. As a prime MVP development company, we test & design your ideas into bold & distinct viable solutions.

MVP is a smart way for businesses to test new models. It checks what will & what will not work with the target users. The ‘must-have’ core features in it help to understand these unique user demands. Also, we make your MVP a productive event with result-oriented guidance to structure your product.

Being a top MVP development agency, our mobile & web apps, software solutions & digital products are multi-layered & progressive. And provide trustworthy reliable tech solutions & an end product that is well-loved.

MVPs have adjustable functions for future growth. Moreover, our MVP solutions are real-time, user-centric products. With high usability, it aligns users with your goals. It creates a valuable UX plus saves you lots of money, energy & time confirming success.

Further, our convincing startup MVP development with timeframe & budget will inspire your investors to fund your ventures. With best-fitted technology for hybridity & business goals, it lets you lead your user needs.

Going beyond an MVP app development company, we fuse your MVP apps with new categories, features, & products swiftly. Ultimately, it lands your final product in the favorite section of your users.

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Asses & Convert Your Ideas Into a Successful Product with our MVP Development Services

You can bank on our comprehensive MVP software development services, as we create simple yet breathtaking MVP experiences for you. These are based on ‘must haves’ & ‘not needed’ features, thoughtful concepts, wireframes, selective tech stack, project blueprints, & feedback-based changes for final products that reflect your business ideas. As MVP Development Agency, we use Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, & Scrum methods to techs like Figma, Webflow, MS Office 365, WordPress, Slack, Macaw, Canva, Crello, etc. that work best for you.

Prototype Design

MVPs often start out as design iterations and prototypes. Being an MVP development company, we provide the best-in-class prototype design services that help you create beautiful mobile-based and web-based MVP products.

Single Feature MVP

MVPs are often developed to test the business model at the beginning, and that’s why single feature MVPs are popular. We are one of the best MVP development companies specializing in Single feature MVP. Here we will help you build an MVP with the core features of your business.

Pilot MVP Development

Break the market on your introduction with our pilot MVP development service. In this service, we will help you build a pilot MVP for your business that you can launch and start the business with. By now, we have helped multiple businesses scale as soon as they enter the market with our pilot MVP development.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

eSparkBiz is an MVP development agency where you can augment your IT staff in multiple ways. We provide you with options to hire MVP developers for your project on a part-time and full-time basis. Also, we undertake end-to-end MVP development projects backed by our expert developers and product managers. This will help you to go from zero to hero quickly.

Dedicated MVP Developers

Are you looking for best-in-class MVP development services? If yes, then our dedicated MVP developers will help you in creating bespoke products that help you test and validate your business ideas as soon as you get them. We hire the best developers in the region to ensure that all our clients are always happy and get the best value for their money.

MVP Web Application

We provide MVP development services in multiple domains, and web applications are a part of it. If you are looking to validate your web-based product idea with an MVP, your search is finally over. We have experts who are comfortable working in multiple web languages to create high-performing, scalable, and secure MVP products.

MVP Mobile Application

Mobile applications rule the modern world. And while starting a business, you should always have one. eSparkBiz provides cutting-edge MVP software development services to power your ambitions. Our experts can develop your product in multiple languages. Among them, you can test the ones that suit your needs and future ambitions.

MVP Consulting

If you are looking for MVP development for startups specific guidance, then you are at the best place. eSparkBiz is a widely popular MVP development agency that has helped many businesses to be the market leader with technical consulting. So, our vast experience in the industry can be fruitful for your MVP development. As part of it, we will help you create the best MVP that validates your business idea from all perspectives.

MVP Development India

We are a globally renowned MVP Development company in India providing consistent service assurance for MVP Development for startups, enterprises, and various business verticals. MVP development with us helps you achieve fast  & user-centric development together.

Identify + Target + Analyze = Solution

Understanding Requirements

The first step in creating the best MVP for your business starts with understanding requirements. As a leading MVP development company, we provide ample importance to the initial scoping and requirements understanding sessions.

It is at this stage our team of developers and product managers will host extensive scoping sessions. They will understand your product idea and create a development plan aligned with your needs. If there are any misunderstandings, we’ll be hosting multiple scoping sessions with different people from your team to get a broader perspective of the idea. Without understanding the idea to the core, we’ll not move further.

Getting the Key Features Right

Our MVP software development services are based on getting the key features right. Everyone develops an MVP to test their business. And a business validation is not good if the key features lack understanding. Due to this, we take extra steps to know your key features and only then do we plan on taking up the development phase. Once we’ve passed the scoping sessions and understood your requirements, we focus on getting the key features.

Developing the MVP

This is the favorite part of all our clients, and it’s dear to us too. In this phase, we will create an awesome MVP using our in-house developers’ expertise and experience. When you choose MVP software development services at eSparkBiz, you get access to the best developers and project managers for your product idea. We leverage our industry experience to craft a bespoke high-performing application. It has the quality to meet your demands and helps you test the business idea from different perspectives.

24/7 Support

Our work does not end after the development phase. As one of the best MVP development companies, we are always by your side with our 24*7 support. If you ever face any issues, or you’ve got some suggestions to improve your MVP, just give us a call, and we’ll be there for you.

Enhancing Experiences

We provide MVP development for startups that constantly innovate and evolve. Hence, we are focused on enhancing experiences in your MVP. Once an MVP is released, we go through it iteratively and find out places for improving them as per the collected user data.

eSparkBiz believes that no product can be 100 percent right, and there’s always some room for improvement and enhancements. Taking this in mind, we always try to enhance the experience in your MVP by making significant tweaks that make it better to use.

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Partner with eSparkBiz and get excellent digital services for your business. We have a qualified and trained team of MVP Developers for hire that strive to deliver the best solution for your business at an honest price.

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  • Why do you Need MVP Development?

    MVP is a real-time experimental framework with core features for future apps. It checks the idea of the product and its usability & delivers the best results.

    More than a prototype it is a functional sample of your original business product which measures what the user wants. So one can design a product that has utility & attracts users.

    Companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, Aardvark started with MVPs that became successful business ideas with their audience.

    Remove the risks & uncertainties with collected data from your product development with our MVP development services that produce direct final-perfect products.

    1. Identifying the Core Value

      MVP helps you go to the bone of your product idea and visualize it better. When you choose to develop an MVP, you go through multiple scoping sessions which uncover your product ideas. It provides you with better clarity on the business idea.

    2. Mitigate Risks

      Failing big is never a good option, and that’s why developing an MVP is essential. By creating an MVP, you test out your product idea in the real world. You can reiterate testing procedures to be sure that your product idea gets refined. Refined product ideas have lesser chances of failing, and this helps businesses mitigate risks associated with entering a new market.

    3. Quick Development

      An MVP just includes your product’s core features and expectations; hence, it takes lesser development time. At eSparkBiz, our team of talented developers can quickly develop an MVP based on your product idea and requirement specifications.

    4. Save Time & Resource

      MVPs save time and resources by focussing on the core functionalities. And it eliminates sparkly unnecessary things from your product. Moreover, MVPs help you assess the business idea, and you can validate it as you start using it. So, if the concept is not much ground-breaking, you can save time by developing just an MVP and staying away from the whole app development.

    5. Test Business Model

      MVP is the best way to visualize and test your business model. You get thousands of ideas every day, but hardly a fraction of them can be converted into businesses. With an MVP app development company like us, you can visualize your product idea better and choose what’s best for you.

    6. Engage Early-on

      By creating an MVP, you provide something to your customers from the beginning. This way, you offer them enough engagement opportunities to know your business.

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Why Choose eSparkBiz as MVP Development Company?

In-demand team of 100+ MVP Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

Innovation doesn’t mean complexity. At eSparkBiz, we give exceptional experiences that are simple and long-lasting for the clients & the users alike.

We are one of the best MVP development companies & a one-stop solution for all your technical needs. With a team of the brightest minds in the industry, we have helped many businesses by creating MVPs on their product ideas.

Moreover, we don’t just create technical products but the best business experiences for the users. Thus, we have earned a stable client base as a reliable MVP software development company.

We firmly trust our MVP development services for confirmed MVPs that are easy, inexpensive & time-saving to convert into final products.

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  • Long-term Client Retention with 90% Returning and Referral Clients
  • Strict NDAs Signed for Complete Privacy
  • Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team
  • Intensely Devoted Environment for Persistent Production
  • Committed Retention of Developers till the Project Completion
  • Cross-out Miscellaneous Expenses Related to the Project & Developers
  • Cost-efficient with the Rapid Market Launch
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Being very professional, their quick responsiveness complimented their efficient management style is what impressed me the most. Especially, the workflow between our teams was seamless and excellent delivering exceptional products with all the requested elements.
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They have a very friendly, welcoming, & knowledgeable team following a proficient management system. We had easy effective communication with a hands-on approach & expertise. eSparkBiz turned out to be a highly reliable, friendly, and efficient partner for our desperate needs.
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eSparkBiz’s instant availability during our US business hours & its vast experience & knowledge of many different technologies is remarkable. One of their designed websites helped our client's site score 90+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights performance auditing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product is an early-stage product that contains all the core features of any product idea. Businesses develop MVPs to ensure that their vision can be turned into a revenue-making business, and they can also refine their views during the early stage with an MVP beside them.

Can you provide a trial period?

Yes, every project at eSparkBiz is accompanied by a risk-free trial period. We provide you with a trial period of 15 days to understand our operations and working styles. In the meantime, you can analyze us and choose if we are the perfect fit for your development needs.

Are there any benefits in outsourcing MVP development?

Yes, developing MVP is quite beneficial for every business. Startup MVP Development especially helps you see and use your product ideas in a live market environment. They also help you test and validate your ideas, and you can even understand whether it is worth creating a business on this idea or not.

Is there any right time to build MVP for my start-up?

When you begin the ideation and research round, it is the best time to build an MVP. Having an MVP early on will help you gain more clarity on your business idea, and you can analyze it better. We suggest all start-ups get an MVP once they reach a product idea.

How can I hire developers for my MVP project?

Hiring developers for MVP projects is pretty straightforward at eSparkBiz. You just need to explain the requirements, and once it is finalized, we will provide you the opportunity to interview all the people that we choose to work on your product. The final decision on hiring the person is yours, and we will keep on bringing new candidates until you are satisfied and the team is ready to start.

What project management tools will you use on my project?

We use industry-standard project management tools like Jira and Asana.

How much time will it take to complete MVP development?

Developing an MVP becomes more manageable once we have a clear understanding of your product idea. The development time depends on the MVP software development company and its experience.

With us, you can create an awesome MVP for your business idea in a short time.

What makes eSparkBiz a better choice compared to other development companies?

eSparkBiz hires the best developers and follows industry-standard practices to ensure that our clients get the best results. Our technical experience of more than a decade and expertise makes us the best choice when compared with other development companies.

Will you sign NDA?

To keep your business idea secure, we will go to any extent. We will enter into NDAs to ensure that no one copies your vision and you enjoy a monopoly.

Which languages can you use to develop my MVP?

The developers at eSparkBiz are well experienced in multiple web and mobile languages. We can develop your MVP in React, Node, Angular, Laravel, React Native, Flutter, and many others.

Get in touch with our team to know all the languages we can work with.

Once an MVP is finalized, will you work on the full product for my start-up?

Yes, as an MVP development company, we excel at creating awesome apps for all our clients. If you liked the MVP we developed, we will be more than happy to work on your whole product for the start-up.

What is the experience level at eSparkBiz?

eSparkBiz is an experienced software development company. We hire the best people to ensure that the company remains balanced. The average experience level at eSparkBiz always stays around 4+ years.

How will I stay informed about the project’s status?

Our team will host stand-up meetings regularly, where we will walk you through the project’s progress. Moreover, you can be in touch with all the team members through email and instant messaging apps. We follow this to ensure that you always stay updated on the project status.

Which software development model do you follow?

Mostly we follow the agile software development model to provide speedy and bug-free delivery of all software projects under our umbrella.

Guide for a Successful MVP Development

MVP is a go-to schema nowadays opted by startups and enterprise businesses that are functioning on a limited budget and also want to gauge the stance of their selected market. Daredevils as they are, they prefer to turn the interesting market to follow their presented services/product than the otherwise scenario. In such cases, MVP becomes a brilliant move to give your users a peek into your offerings before you go into full-fledged dealings with them. And MVP development services become your need of time.

Present Scenario of MVP

The present IT sector expands each day and develops new products. But only the best will survive. Many firms fail due to a lack of investment, poor marketing, or general public disinterest. And we end up hearing only about the most prosperous ones.

As a business, you might have finally reached a stage where you wish to launch your software product and plan a startup. But you only have the project’s concept at first. Now what? Here, an MVP development company may help you in this situation.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product or an MVP is the first step in understanding what the users want most from your final product. Moreover, MVP is less expensive than a complete solution. Thus, allowing you to perform market research with the least amount of money and time invested.

It is worthwhile to carefully consider MVP software development because it has also helped well-known businesses like Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon grow.

However, some businesses and startups have doubts about,

  • How to build an MVP?
  • How does an MVP help their startup/business?
  • What is the need for an MVP?
  • What is the cost to build an MVP?

Here, a reliable MVP development company can help and provide you with the required MVP development services that can help you build your product for customer reviews and the best utility.

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Intending to Get Startup MVP Development?

Industry-best experts at eSparkBiz customize your MVP for various businesses

Several steps are needed to build an MVP and implement it, which are as follows:

  • Finding the need for MVP software development.
  • Project planning for MVP development like budget and scope.
  • Features need to include in MVP.
  • MVP deployment and further modifications based on customer feedback.

Additionally, this article will help you learn more about MVP. Therefore, once you have a great concept, do not hurry to create a fully operational product but spend some time working hard on perfecting it to save it from failure. For instance, initially, you’ll benefit the most from MVP development for startups.

What is MVP?

MVP stands for “Minimum Viable Product.” An MVP is a basic form of your product with just a few needed features. This development strategy can ascertain or deny product concepts by practical use.

You will have a clearer idea of how your targeted audience responds and will use the key features before adding other features to your product. Based on the feedback received from the early adopters, the complete product, including its full set of features, is built.

MVP software development aids in the end product’s testing, design, and deployment. So, hire MVP developers who are well-versed in MVPs, for the development of a viable product is vital to the design and deploying of websites.

While aiming to launch a minimal viable product for a web or mobile app, many firms encounter problems. For this reason, you can rope in the services of an experienced MVP development agency to make your MVP development process a hassle-free journey. They will help you harness the important features of MVP for your business. Like,

Three Important Features of a Minimum Viable Product

  • People are eager to adopt or purchase it because of its acceptable value.
  • It provides enough evidence of potential benefits to attract early adopters and wide users at the later stage.
  • It offers a feedback loop to initiate future development.

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Functional MVPs with a Dependable MVP Development Company

Discover a vast pool of talented developers at eSparkBiz for your MVP

Besides that, you also get added benefits of building an MVP as a strategic vantage point.

The MVP Strategy Enables:

  • Launching a business quickly and acquiring a strategic advantage.
  • Allowing early user tests to ensure whether the idea is effective at solving user problems.
  • Working efficiently to create a final product that incorporates input from customers and recommendations.

While creating an MVP, your MVP development company will research concentrating only on the necessities of your project. And add more features as they go on to understand more about the needs and requirements of the customer base.

Based on the user feedback, the product will be modified with the addition or removal of features, or the team could even reject the product. On the other hand, your MVP development agency teams will make sure not to waste assets or resources (efforts, time, money, or advertising) on an item that hardly anyone needs, wants, or enjoys.

Here, the development strategy relies on early adopters that grasp the potential or concept of the finished product. And offer the crucial inputs essential to lead developers moving ahead with the product development. Hence, the primary goal of product development is to learn through gathering data from validated customers.

Consequently, the MVP software development technique is usually more efficient for technical products used by enterprise users who are frequently eager to offer helpful insights on how to enhance or improve the product.

Numerous informatics sectors have implemented the MVP concept extensively. For instance, many modern video games begin as early release products and gradually increases as the market spreads over several months.

A few brands, like Farmville, wholeheartedly accepted the MVP approach by continuously upgrading the user experience while adding new gameplay modes over time. Additional successful applications of the MVP strategy in the informatics sector include well-known firms like Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, and Dropbox.

MVP Software Development Services for Cost & Time Efficiency

eSparkBiz is a one-stop shop for building amazing MVPs ensuring instant success

Purpose of MVP

An MVP fulfills the aim of quickly and inexpensively launching a product based on your idea. With this method, you will have customers’ feedback on the main product and implement them in successive sessions.

Identifying the right customers, collecting ideas depending on experience, and speeding up the process is possible and suit best for startup MVP development.

Choosing the perfect proportion between what your company is providing to users and what those users need is necessary for building an MVP. therefore, the MVP’s purpose is to minimize errors and analyze the data.

By focusing on specific user types or groups, an MVP assists in acquiring the highest level of quality feedback. It is a crucial stage and your partnered MVP app development company can help you in achieving your product development target.

An organization could decide to create and market a minimal viable product because of the objectives set by its product team. Like,

  • As soon as feasible, introduce a product to the market.
  • Before investing a significant sum of money in the entire development of a product, test a concept with existing users.
  • Understand what attracts and what doesn’t attract the company’s target market.

An MVP can help you spend less time and money building a product that won’t succeed in facilitating your business to evaluate an idea without creating the entire product. Moreover, modern users are tech-savvy people who demand nothing except an exceptional user experience.

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Reliable MVP Development Agency for Value-based MVPs

eSparkBiz can create any size & type of MVPs for your precious Ideas

If they somewhat feel a poor user experience, they won’t hesitate to remove a software application or uninstall it. Here, a well-versed MVP software development company can help you in developing software and apps that are performant and feature-packed to test among your users.

You can test your product for customer feedback with an MVP to identify any early-stage obstacles, general issues, or challenges a user may experience.

It’s necessary to evaluate your unique concept using the least possible resources—minimum in terms of resources, time, and features! Here are the primary advantages of having a minimum viable product:

  • Prevents the development of unpopular projects

Let’s say you developed a smartphone application that allows users to track how frequently they leave the house. And it took a month of work and hundreds of dollars to plan and construct.

Building the product’s basics can help you better understand your targeted audience and determine whether or not they are ready for what you have to offer.

After distributing the software to users, you quickly conclude that nobody requires such an application.

A minimum viable product can help in this situation. MVP development agency can help you to improve your concept, add value to it, or help to identify it as viable or not. It aids in minimizing time and lowering the money spent on a product that is not worth it.

  • Allows you to apprehend your service offering

Getting user feedback is the guiding force of a profitable MVP software development. There may be situations where your product or service ends up serving beyond reason other than what you had in mind when you made it.

Take Bumble as an example. This dating app saw that many users valued the networking opportunities provided by the platform. So, the Bumble team used these observations to inspire the development of Bumble Bizz, a professional networking website as part of the main app.

  • Immediately validates your theory

You have a concept in mind before you commence working on making your product. But how good that is, you still need to know. So, you can evaluate your theory by developing and releasing an MVP before a final product.

It’s a win-win situation for you if the customer you asked to review your MVP is ready to pay for and use your product as meant. If not, you may need to consider some repositioning tactics. As you outsource your MVP development in India, you are rendered free of any responsibilities for this.

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Boost MVP Software Development with the Best MVP Development Agency

Partner with eSparkBiz to get exact, high-performing MVPs to boost your growth

To summarize the purpose of an MVP, these can be said in a nutshell,

  • Create understanding regarding a customer issue and a specific target audience who encounters this issue.
  • Speak with these prospective customers to understand everything you can about the issue, the client’s behavior, how they feel, and any existing alternatives.
  • Suggest a software-based solution for the issue that resolves a market gap.
  • Identify the main benefits that the customer receives from the product in a customer value summary.
  • Using information from the first customer conversations, wireframe the specific proposal with the help of your availed MVP software development services.
  • Create an MVP that will be a working prototype of your possible framework. The MVP must deliver only the core values and nothing else.
  • Gather user information for improving the MVP and your ideas.
  • Promote your MVP and show the content it offers that must be valuable to your customers.
  • Work on software product’s complete commercial version.

Why Build MVP?

With so many real-world examples of companies becoming successful by MVP, many companies are now ditching the traditional way of launching products. Proving to be an efficient way of checking the practical use of the product, MVP is rising as a fail-proof medium. Here, an MVP development company in India makes sure to learn about the market, customers’ demands, and stakeholders while working with MVPs. Let’s have a look at why you should build an MVP?

Learn about the market

An MVP opens the door for a company to learn and understand the situation of the market. At this point, your partnered MVP development company helps you identify and analyze the market scenario in terms of your product. Many companies build MVP to gain an understanding of the market in the following ways:

  • It makes them aware of- what kind of products similar to their MVP are currently present in the market.
  • You also learn things about your market competitors and their products.
  • Also, it gives them a better understanding of the business insights related to that MVP.
  • Moreover, you become aware of the current market trends and in-demand products.
  • Based on that, the MVP software development company helps you design the market strategies that will work for your product.
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Hire MVP Developer to Turn your MVPs into Revenue-generators

Partner with eSparkBiz to get cost-efficient, experienced developers in India

Know about customers’ choices and reactions

Conducting surveys, relying on some data from companies, or conducting high-investment research to know your target audience, might be fruitful only at the beginning of your product conception. But to see the utility of your offerings, MVP gets you a chance to directly know your target audience’s response to the product you want to sell.

  • MVP development agency helps you learn about the likes and dislikes of the customers by building a relevant MVP.
  • Like that, you know which products are customers’ top-most choices or preferences in a similar category.
  • The companies can know customers’ responses to their MVPs and what improvements are they looking for.
  • Also, the companies get to know the demographics and sociographic background of the area population that is interested in their product.

Iterations required in the future

To stand out in the market, it is the utmost requirement or need of a company to build something extraordinary or unique. If the product is much similar to another, it still needs a USP to be differentiated from the rest.

That is why building an MVP with the help of a professional MVP app development company can help your business to get an idea about the scope of improvements in their future steps. By building an MVP the companies get to know about the following:

  • Which features need to be added or reduced to the product?
  • What the MVP is currently lacking and what are its drawbacks?
  • What quality measures need to be followed in the next step?
  • How the product will provide value-based services to the customers?
  • Where money can be utilized in future development processes?
  • How the product can be made more user-friendly within the allocated budget?

Gain sponsorship and more investors

Launching an MVP in the market allows companies to come into the eyes of potential investors. Seeing the merit of the product, stakeholders and investors start funding the product much faster. It is indeed a better approach than going to a sponsor with a plan even before building an MVP.

  • An MVP automatically gets noticed by sponsors and investors.
  • It creates value in the market even before launching the developed product.
  • Good audience response for the MVP aids in gaining more investors and stakeholders.

Startup MVP development strengthens the budding company’s position in the market and gives the investors a chance to invest securely. Thus, you have more reliable people in your business deals.

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Affordable MVP Projects with Custom MVP Development in India

Unique MVPs from eSparkBiz for impactfully creating brand images

Save extra cost

By building an MVP, the company can benefit in many ways. One such advantage is getting a specialized MVP app development company on board to reduce any waste of efforts and money with precise guidance. Further, after the MVP is launched and if the customer rejects your MVP, then you can stop putting money to develop it anymore. Or there might be some features in the MVP that are not liked by the target audience then you do not need to invest extra money or modify them to suit the product and its end-users.

  • Where do you need to invest the money?
  • How can you ensure quality products without making compromises with the expenditure?
  • In which feature is the money being overly used?

Thus, it can save you from spending extra money that can be used for other purposes. This is the reason why startups are building MVP in 2022. As the competition is increasing, the product development companies are opting for MVP development for startups and launching them in the market without going through huge losses.

The Benefits of MVP Software Development

MVP software development allows the business to stay lean and agile in its approach to the idea that they intend to economize on. Also, it clears your product audience to more specific ones, keeps you focused on the problem that you are trying to address, and allows progressive execution of the features for a successful product. However, it is not a one-time event and is constantly adjusted to the needs of the customer.

  • Test Business Concepts and Strategies

Building an MVP with the assistance of MVP software development services allows the business to efficiently know whether the intended customers are interested in the MVP or not through thorough observation. With embedded core functionalities, it is much easier for developers to gauge the viability of the product in the market. Further, alter features as per the demand of the customers.

Also, it allows the development team to analyze and get insights into audience response to know whether their business strategies are working the way they assumed or not?

Thus at this early stage, the business can easily modify the product as needed to make it more suitable for the end-users.

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  • Create a Marketing Strategy

Before launching a product, your MVP development agency does a market analysis and selects the best marketing strategy. Also, they estimate how the product can be commercialized effectively with features. And how much will it cost overall?

Hire MVP developers to build and launch MVP can be highly beneficial as it can help companies decide which strategies would work the best for them. It is done by assessing the response of the customers and matching it with the modifications of the product to increase its user value.

In this way, the company gets an idea of whether its monetization strategy is result-oriented or needs further changes.

  • Cost Efficiency

The cost of developing an MVP is much lower than developing a complete product. A full-fledged highly functional mature product requires years of development and investment. That’s why the prices of such products are higher than MVP.

The MVP app development company can help you invest your money at the right time and in the right feature of the product as an MVP.

Since MVPs are less complex and demand less coding, to get cost-efficient solutions. Additionally, as the business starts growing, the company can start adding features and putting more money into it with MVP development services after it is successful in the market.

  • User-friendly Interface

As MVP enables users to use the products in its earlier development stage, it gives MVP development companies a chance to do data analysis. Based on this analysis of user behavior, the MVP can be developed into more user-friendly apps.

If the MVP’s UX and UI are impressive, easy to understand, and user-friendly, then it would result in more customer retention. Since MVP apps are based on important features, companies can benefit highly from them.

So, your MVP development company critically uses user-friendly interfaces in your MVP. This helps you grab the audience’s attention and make them stay for the long term with high UX.

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  • Flexibility and Fast Upgrades

MPV demands constant updates to the product as per the user demand. Here, MVP development services offer flexibility to the app development depending on the requirement of the target customers.

If the customers want the apps to have certain features or the business wants to add any feature to improve the app’s functioning, it can be easily updated in the case of MVP by your MVP development company.

That’s why MVP development for startups has proved beneficial to its owners. Keeping the product updated and relevant in the competitive market is one of them.

  • User’s Feedback

Is the user interested in your app?

Is it adding any value to their experience?

Are they finding it difficult to operate the application?

Is the user happy with the core functionality of the app?

You can get the answer to all these questions by launching and analyzing your MVP. Also, the best advantage is that you get to know how your application would perform post the final launching.

Also, getting users’ feedback can help the business to know what parts of the app need to be changed or upgraded and which parts need to be removed from the MVP. And finally, stay relevant in the market with MVP software development services.

  • Enhance Core Functionalities

MVP software development company makes the developers focus only on the selected core functionality of the product. With just the ‘must have’ features they are enhanced to optimize the performance of the MVP to attract more users. So the core functionalities of the concept are highlighted.

This enables the development team to have a vision for the long term. It also allows you to perform user testing with minimum time, effort and money.

  • Rapid App Development

Once you launch an MVP, it becomes easier for you to launch the full version of your product much sooner.

This is the reason why startup MVP development is in high demand. Since you get to test your initial version of the app or product in the real world, you get customer feedback at the early stages. Further, you can build your product based on the existing structure based on the recommendations.

This makes it easier for developers to make necessary changes and produce optimized results. Thus, MVP development companies can launch the products at a much faster pace.

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  • Build a Loyal Community

During the MVP process, you get to create a loyal community of your potential users much before the entire product is launched. In this way, you already have data on customers about their location, age group, preferences, and psyche are going to be your actual audience in the future.

Moreover, the goal of the MVP app development company is not only to make people download the app but also to ensure customer retention. And with them build a brand loyal community that will lead to the success of the business app.

Types of MVP

In the beginning, developing a minimum viable product may seem to be a complex procedure. However, experienced MVP development companies by your side will offer valuable MVP software development with insightful feedback and statistical data. It will help you refine your vision and better examine your target market.

You need to become aware that your Minimum Viable Product, which enables clients to experience your product, is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to begin learning and innovating. Moreover, you can hire MVP developers for your product to instantly analyze data and get MVP development for startups to launch your unique ideas.

Based on their characteristics, there are two main kinds of MVPs in the market. They are

  • Low-Fidelity MVPs
  • High-Fidelity MVPs

Let’s look at them in more detail.

Low-Fidelity MVPs

Low-fidelity MVPs work best during the early stages of your startups. It is a cheaper option intending mainly to measure the interest of the customer’s attitude to your product trying to solve their issue. And so your MVP development agency can decide what features to add that might help to solve the issue.

  • Improves knowledge of your customers’ issues.
  • Examine whether the problem needs to resolve.
  • Determine the particular solution that would help the client the most.
  • Analyze the potential impact of a solution to the problem of users.
  • Aim to attract early adopters who will become your early customers and will help you promote your product.

High-Fidelity MVPs

After you have passed through the low-fidelity MVP, you can go on to build a high-fidelity MVP. It helps you to check whether your product is effectively solving the problem that it was meant to address. Here the focus is on the usability of the provided features yielding desired results or not. This MVP could prove to be costlier and more demanding.

  • To learn how the users are finding your product to their usability.
  • Identify the market price at which consumers are willing to buy your product.
  • What more can be added to enhance the user experience.
  • Build loyal customers to spread awareness of your product.
  • Assist in improving your marketing plan, including your product offering, call to action, and messaging services.
  • Provide the most effective future expansion strategies through MVP software development services.

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Under these two umbrella types, there are further specific types of MVPs that you may want to use to evaluate whether your concept is market-fit and viable.

User Interaction

An honest, unscripted discussion with a customer is not a sales presentation for your product. It’s an excellent approach to learning more about how your product is performing and the issue you’re attempting to address.

To gain a detailed insight into your audience’s needs, consider posing queries about Price, Product, Promotion, and Purchasing Intentions for startup MVP development.

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns are effective for conducting market evaluation research. For instance, Facebook and Google may help you determine demographics for a particular target audience. Also, you can learn which aspects of your product are most enticing.

You can even conduct split tests using this approach. MVP development company in India can help you develop MVPs and run successful ad campaigns.

Split Testing

Split testing is a technique for monitoring the effects of any marketing or product modifications you make. Split testing enables you to examine two variants of something you wish to test to see which one works better.

Numerous analytical tools may inform you of how your audience responds to various improvements. Whether it is entailing your website, products, calls to action, pricing, or other aspects.

Creating an Audience

Many MVP development companies help you clearly understand whether there is curiosity in or demand for the problem you want to solve by building an audience before you start your MVP development. It’s also a convenient, inexpensive method.

You may already have a wider audience (who might take part in testing, surveys, and assessments) if you further opt to test a high-fidelity MVP. This audience will help you create a beneficial product.

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Existing forums on the topic can be a better approach to getting feedback directly from target customers. It is a convenient way if you aim to understand the issues your clients are encountering. Here, you can have two ways: either join the forum and open a dialogue with customers directly. Or check the already discussed “scrape” forums for information and details.


These are simple and low-effort techniques to test ideas among your targeted audience. Set up a blog with less time and cost to utilize as an excellent platform for two-way interaction with potential clients.

However, you will need to find out ways to get visitors to your blog. But as you do so, you’ll start learning about the best ways for bringing awareness to your products in the future. Here, a proficient MVP development company in India helps startups set up a blog and collect customer data.

Digital Designs

Typically, these comprise wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes. Digital prototypes are used to save time and money in development rather than rushing directly into high-end designs and UX.

Also, these are incredibly effective at showcasing the usability of your product. They make it much better to identify and fix utility and functionality problems early on before you’ve spent a lot of money on front-end design and implementation.

Single Feature MVP

Your MVP app development company can also help you build an MVP with one core feature that is usually more efficient to examine a product’s vital features. Moreover, the users will not be diverted by extra features when using a single-featured Minimum Viable Product. And you may receive a crystal-clear understanding of one particular issue or solution.

Furthermore, it is less expensive than creating a product with many features which will result in diverse opinions about the product from its users.

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3D Models

Although it may cost more than a paper prototype, this MVP will give your design a more professional appearance. If you’re developing a product to manufacture, this can be something to consider as your MVP form through MVP development services.

Landing Page

While a customer clicks a link on one of your advertisements, such as a Facebook ad, email, or blog post, it redirects them to your designed landing page. It’s an excellent chance to showcase the advantages and features of your product.

It also enhances your Brand values by displaying your brand story. Your MVP development agency can help in developing highly immersive custom landing pages for your MVPs.


Sometimes there are only one or two inquiries about your product. Herein, these survey forms often have a substantially higher response rate. You can expect a more trustworthy response if you keep your survey brief and to the point.

For instance, if you have a webpage, you might integrate a pop-up widget to ask for an inquiry from your customers in exchange for a prize if they perform the task. Make sure your queries are both precise and accurate.

The Fake Door

For this MVP to perform, your clients must join up for a service or product that is not available. By tracking the number of attempts to access it, you may estimate the level of interest.

It is excellent for learning how prospective customers feel about the offer. Thus, your MVP development company can quickly act on our idea, which lowers the chance of losing money on faulty product development. Here, the ‘The Fake Door’ MVP is an effective technique if you already have a user base to see if they might be interested in a new product or service.

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Wizard of Oz MVP

This MVP takes much more time and energy, but it’s an efficient way to determine whether you have a product or service that people want before you create it. With this strategy, you recreate what your suggested technology will offer using a human resource and lower the technical expenses while assisting you in showing the demand for your product.

Wizard of Oz makes it possible to assess consumer demand without creating costly product algorithms. And you get more accurate results for the users who believe it all to be automatic. It also allows seeing how your product will look in the future through this startup MVP development. Plus, it allows for quick updates because any modifications made to the workflow may be tested at that time and offers original insights into consumers’ activity.

However, Wizard of Oz MVPs should be employed when you are sure of the exact solution and are evaluating the industry.

Concierge MVP

Unlike in the ‘Wizard of Oz’, here the customer is aware that they are receiving a human service rather than having a human resource imitate an algorithm.

For instance, Wealthfront used to directly develop and deliver face-to-face investment strategies before becoming an autonomous investing service. In times when you are unsure of any alternatives, then concierge MVPs can be effective.

Your MVP app development company will elevate your wait for months or years to monitor the behavior of your final product. It is fully operational once you complete your MVP. Also, this MVP offers all features of the final result and precise behavior data based on actual users.

Piecemeal MVP

In terms of quality, this MVP is between the “Concierge” and “Wizard of Oz” MVPs. Piecemeal MVP uses tools and services that are already available to provide a usable product to your consumers.

Employing multiple existing technologies means more human resources are needed to maintain the process. While creating your technology and infrastructure will cost you money and effort. Instead, MVP development services will leverage the current services that are pre-existing.

It is less expensive and has a quicker production time than creating a product from scratch. Also, you can gain from leveraging all the features of products already on the market and be more focused on being competent in resolving issues for your consumers.

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Step-by-step Process to Build an MVP

Building an MVP is not a complex thing. But building it right demands a lot of background work. If an MVP is developed just on assumptions without understanding its purpose and structure, then it would end up being a complete waste of efforts, money, and time for the company. Thus, following proper procedures to build a constructive MVP software development is necessary. For that you can follow the given steps:

Step 1 – Conduct Market Research & Identify the Market Demands

To begin with, you much check the need for your idea in the market. Occasionally, ideas don’t match market demands. Like why would anyone need your product? Thus, a business should ensure that a concept has demands to meet the needs of the target users before you start the MVP Development.

For that, your MVP development company can conduct surveys or do a questionnaire. In the end, a company’s chances of succeeding are higher if there is more data. Keep an eye on what the competition is doing and how the product idea can differentiate this. Do not hesitate to do this.

Before you conclude this task, you ought to have the two possible things ready to go:

Long-term purpose – By now you should have a solid overview of the market need. And you should be able to identify a long-term goal and have a ready solution for inquiries such as what you want to accomplish, what your target performance indicators will be, etc.

Accomplishment standards – Success criteria vary from industry to industry. Set your success goals to use them as milestones in gauging the progress of your startup MVP development. And track your progress to the standards.

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Step 2 – Define the Issue and Present a Value-adding Idea

Precisely define the issue you are trying to solve. See how it is affecting people and how your product is useful to them. You may write it down and evaluate its viability with an MVP. It is essential to verify the concept before development to save money and ascertain that your solution will be necessary.

Although having insider knowledge of the industry is helpful, you still have to determine whether the issue you intend to resolve is legitimate. MVP development company in India can assist in validating your idea.

Moreover, customers respond to the products that add value to their experience. So, is your idea a value-adding product? Every business owner should evaluate their project by responding to the following questions and understanding how to develop an MVP.

  • What value my product will offer to its users?
  • What difficulties can my platform resolve?
  • Could it benefit the final consumer, and if so, how?
  • Why would anyone choose this particular solution?

Once you get all the answers, you will become aware of the product’s key features required for a functional MVP software development. And you can start building the MVP version of your prototype design once the issues and specific problems have been found (along with their solutions).

Step 3 – Blueprint the User Flow

While you are set to check the market, you need to narrow down your target audience who are going to be your beta users of the MVP. After that, you need to check their user behavior, psyche, and preferences that you can focus on.

It all will help you determine the core features that you must include in your MVP. They would be the ones with which you are going to test the utility of your product with the end-users. Also, the design developed via MVP development services will give you a practical idea of the flow in which your user reached its goals with your product. This is the user flow. Henceforth, the needed features would become easy to identify for the process stage.

Step 4 – Decide the Main Features of MVP

At this point, you’ll be able to identify which ‘must have’ features to include in your MVP and which to leave off your product roadmap. MVP software development services will help you segregate the features under each stage and create a Feature Map with priorities.

It may be as easy as asking yourself, “What would my user demand vs. what would my user require?” to identify and prioritize features.

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Arranging these features in the product backlog is a crucial step. Now, put each of the existing MVP features into high, medium, and low priority categories. The high-priority features are the core ones while low-priority ones can be set aside for later use. Now is the time to start designing an MVP.

Remember that enabling too many user-requested functions too soon could weaken the user experience and divert from the product’s primary objective. You should include only features that are relevant to the primary goal of your product.

Step 5 – Develop, Launch, and Evaluate.

Now is the time to develop and launch your MVP to your users and start observing. Here, we advise carrying out your MVP development process using the Build-Measure-Learn (BML) Lean Startup methodology after you have reached the development stage. The BML feedback loop is a crucial element necessary to perfecting the product.

Build – Here, you identify issues and describe how to develop a minimal viable product that will help resolve them. To start building your MVP, you need to partner with a dependable MVP development company using this information and market research. Looking for a suitable technical partner you can,

  • Look for a technical co-founder

Choosing a tech co-founder will be advantageous as they will work on all the possible technical aspects of your MVP. And work hard to create a great application if they are enthusiastic about your product and idea.

  • Choose a freelancer or team

An alternative to looking for a technical co-founder is to hire freelance MVP developers or a team. To choose a team that understands how to develop a minimum viable product, you can select from platforms like Upwork and Google search or your existing contacts for MVP development in India.

  • Recruit in-house developers

Another alternative is to hire MVP developers who are extremely capable experts for in-house use is a decent solution between having a technical co-founder and using a freelancer. You may track and manage their growth each day in this way.

  • Partner with an MVP development agency

The primary advantage of partnering with an MVP development company in India is that these agencies have extensive expertise in developing minimum viable products. You can be confident that you will get what you require.

Measure – By measuring the outcomes from the BUILD stage, you may determine whether or not significant progress has done during this stage. To decide whether it is profitable to continue development & even correlate them. You can also use Google Analytics or other website analytics tools to view website traffic, conversions, etc.

Learn – You may now release the final product and start gathering customer feedback for upcoming updates. On the other hand, test the pivoting results with Alpha and Beta testing included in MVP development services to change some elements of the product strategy.

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Customer feedback – After completing the BML cycle, you should always gather feedback from customers. Here, the usability of your product depends on your customers who can tell whether certain functionalities are necessary or not.

Mistakes to Avoid While Building MVP

Since we are developing something new, it is likely to make mistakes during the process. But if we are aware of some of the most common ones that can be avoided, then such pitfalls can be taken care of to ensure a smoother MVP software development process.

Poor Product Strategy

An MVP can fail miserably when the people behind it lack a vision of its product strategy. Not being able to utilize the potential of the idea effectively in the strategizing and developing process can result in customer rejection. Product strategy fails when:

  • You don’t know the USP of your MVP.
  • You lack a vision of marketing and sales campaigns.

To avoid having a loss, you must make sure that you know what differentiates your product from the rest. For instance, what are the core features of your product that resolves the targeted issue? For this purpose, you can identify the unique features of your MVP.

Additionally, having an MVP development agency by your side who can also help you with the pre-planned idea of sales and marketing activities can not only ease your work but also help you find ways to impress the customers.

Adding Too Many Features

The client usually makes the mistake of demanding too many features in the initial version itself. This fails the app or product as the audience gets confused with the core functionality of the MVP.

For this purpose, it is suggested that the MVP development company can help help you focus only on making the MVP as simple as possible. It should include only the important or the main features that show the core functionality of the MVP.

Developers and companies eager to launch their advanced versions of the products need to be patient. As once the target audience gets to know about the main functions and features then you can keep adding new ones.

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Preliminary Market Study

Most of the time startup MVP development fails because of a lack of proper market research in the initial stage. Many startups and companies skip this stage which can later fail the MVP.

To avoid incurring any sort of losses you need to study and conduct proper research on the target market. It will help you analyze your product and what are its chances of success. Additionally, you get knowledge about the market trends and competitions.

At times startup owners think they have identified the gap in the market that they can fill with only a few types of research on the product. This should be avoided by performing adequate research of the market as part of the comprehensive MVP software development services before launching the MVP.

Wrong Target Audience

While performing the testing stage once the product is ready to be launched in the market, one common mistake a company makes is focusing on the vast range of audiences.

For example: If you are a startup owner then business persons in your family, friend circle, or in your contact might manipulate you or your decisions.

Sometimes you try to involve these people considering them the target audience. This mistake can result in a considerable loss and give you incorrect data analysis of the target group for your startup MVP development.

Now what is important here is that the company needs to identify the correct segment of the audience for getting feedback on the MVP. Correct feedback from the audience can help you measure future success and also gives you an idea about the scope of improvement in the MVP.

Avoiding Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback

Collecting data from the target users is a must before launching an MVP. But many MVP development companies do the severe mistake of not conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses of the data received.

Qualitative feedback gives information regarding the user-friendliness of the app’s functions, features, and Interface. Whereas, quantitative feedback gives the number or metrics of the usability of the design. It can give you useful feedback on whether the tasks were easy to perform or not?

Sometimes, they give importance to either quantitative feedback or qualitative feedback. However, both of these feedbacks play a vital role in drawing accurate conclusions for MVP software development. Ignoring any of them can cause a huge loss to the company.

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How to Measure MVP’s Success?

While you are observing the usability of your MVP, you can also check its success via various mediums. Some of them are formal while others are informal. However, both provide useful insights into the effectiveness of the MVP. Some of the means are:

Direct talks with the target customers

Getting a review of the product or MVP app directly from the customers can help let you know whether your MVP has succeeded or not.

It can be done by gathering a group of target audiences and asking about their experience with the MVP. Also, your MVP app development company can collect metrics or make the target audience fill out online feedback forms to get more precise information.


Another success indicator of the MVP development for startups is the increasing traffic. The number of users registered clicked or opened your MVP will directly let you know whether the product is successful or not.

Also, the metrics can inform you about what impact it has created in the customer’s mind. Consequently, the more the traffic with user-flows the more the chances of an advanced version of the product succeeding.

User Engagement

The more time a user stays on your MVP app, the more it shows that it is going to be liked by your potential customers. This is also called user engagement. For what amount the user stayed engaged, which pages or information was accessed by them in your MVP can help you measure the feature’s necessity and ultimately the MVP’s success.

Additionally, MVP development in India will help you find out what is making the customers stay on your app for a longer time and will let you know your MVP’s strengths. As a result, you have a chance to improve your marketing strategy and use these strengths while promoting your MVP.

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User Ratings

You might have seen many applications whether small or huge ask for user ratings. These ratings are based on various factors that an MVP development company uses to improve its product.

Some also use these ratings as proof of likeability among customers to promote their apps. Depending on these ratings you can know the audience response and the actual feedback.


One of the easiest ways to know whether the MVP is a hit among the target customers is by checking the number of downloads. Lightweight applications tend to be downloaded more by the audience.

If the number of downloads is higher or up to the expectations then you can proceed with further development of the MVP. For this purpose, you need to focus on factors that can make the app more downloadable.

Paid Users

By checking the number of users that are paying for the app, an MVP development company can measure the success of the product. It also lets you know about people from which areas, age groups, and backgrounds are interested in paying for the app.

Also, what revenue has been generated by these people who are the active users of the app can aid in calculating the success of the MVP.

Churn Rate

You can learn a lot about the success of your product by checking the churn rates with your MVP development services. A churn rate gives information about the number of users who are or have uninstalled the app or left them without opening all its features. This shows a disinterest of the target audience in your MVP.

If the churn rates are high then it means the MVP is disliked or rejected by the audience. This can cause a failure of the MVP and a loss for the business.

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Audience Retention

The retention rate of existing customers is very important for an MVP to succeed. If more customers who have already downloaded, installed, and used the app are continuing to stay on the app then this is a profitable win for the business.

It means that they find the app interesting and useful. Thus, as you hire MVP developers they develop an MVP focused on higher retention that lets you know the value of the app among the targeted customers.

Cost of Developing MVP

Once you have decided to build an MVP, the first question that comes to your mind would be, how much does it cost to build an MVP?

So start with an understanding that an MVP’s total cost can alter. The final amount typically depends on the project development’s difficulty and the features that need to be added. For instance, the market research before commencing the MVP development in India may cost you around $6K to $10K, and prototypes for $5K – $12K for 2-3 weeks of work.

The entire cost of MVP development for startups is also affected by a wide range of factors. While at eSparkBiz, we consider the following cost factors as the most valuable:

  • Type of application (web, smartphone); the number of supported platforms (for smartphone)
  • Complexity and quantity of characteristics
  • Design intricacy and uniqueness
  • The quantity and difficulty of integrations with external systems
  • MVP requirements for scalability, hidden powers, security, and performance
  • Essential to keep existing information for custom MVP software development in the matter of migration.

Furthermore, remember that other people would also assist in your project beyond only the coders. Along with front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers, designers, business analysts, project managers, DevOps experts, and a team leader will also be on your team.

In this manner, there will be an entire solution to the issues surrounding how to design & create a minimum viable product.

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Choosing a Developer

The cost of an MVP may depend upon the type of service you choose to develop your product. There are different ways how you can build your MVP like whether to hire MVP developers, hire in-house MVP developers, or outsource your projects to an MVP software development company.

In case of intending to hire MVP developers, they will cost you around $10 to $200 on an hourly basis. A freelance developer may cost you around $5k to $18K per month. However, you can get expert developers from a well-known MVP development company in India at cheaper rates from $18-$35 per hour.

Because of a team working on your project, they will frame its MVP development services cost based on team management, quality work, on-time delivery, and other features. Roughly, it can range from $25K to $40K with an in-house team.

Product Design

The product’s design can affect the cost of the project. The complexity of the MVP software development increases the cost of the product. Because complex software is hard to create and demands substantial development abilities.

Thus, you should figure out the User Interface (UI) that you have chosen and add it to the cost of the first design to get a reasonable estimate. It could be around $8K to $ 10K for 280 hours approximately. Making the UI simple saves money and guarantees a positive user experience.


You may calculate the project’s cost by determining how many features you want to include in your MVP. As more features require more time to develop, which increases the price of MVP software development services.

You must have a clear idea of what type of MVP you need to build because it will help you decide the essential functionalities to add to your product. But the MVP must have only the fundamental and necessary features.

Hence, the minimum cost of MVP may range from $28,000 to $75,000, depending on the product category and features.

Working with an MVP software development company is preferable. Whether you want to develop a basic web application or an advanced multi-vendor platform, our experts can assist in any difficulty level of the MVP.

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eSparkBiz’s Approach to Building MVP

eSparkBiz is the top MVP development company in India with a distinctive approach to building an MVP for businesses and Startups. With their 12 years of experience in software development, we have empowered many businesses and startups globally with low-cost, feature-rich MVPs for their unique ideas. Today, many among them have turned into thriving businesses.

Housing 10% of the top-tired MVP developers and an efficient team, you can easily outsource your MVP development projects to eSparkBiz without time zone constraints. Our hassle-free hiring and onboarding processes give you easy access to our pre-vetted developers, exports, and resources to critically strategize the best of MVP with their domain expertise, technical skills, and brilliant market research in MVP development services.

Hence, it is worth looking at how eSparkBiz can help you build MVP for your distinct ideas.


First, we help you describe or specify the problem that your product will solve and the main task of the MVP. Also, we help you develop MVP with less effort and amount as possible because the primary purpose of an MVP is to provide a solution with less time, effort, and initial investment.

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Hassle-free Collaboration with a Top MVP Development Company in India

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Next is trying to communicate with the potential customers who require the solution. And making a detailed description by selecting the specific audience that will help to gain insights into their behavior and activities.

So, research the market and rivals for MVP development in India. To create a product that would stand out from the competition, gather information, evaluate statistics to identify strong and weak points, and analyze prospects.

We make a crucial checklist of all the elements the product needs to have to be successful. Then evaluate them in priority starting with the best on the list to understand better what to promote and to omit.


Now we search for a suitable MVP strategy and development method to create a best-fit MVP app for your product. Significantly, the methodological approach will depend upon the goals of the product. While the software development for MVPs uses a variety of techniques like Kanban, Scrum, XP, and Lean as some of its examples.


After this, it’s time for your MVP development companies to test it for the real-world environment and get feedback about the solution. Start by choosing your close friends, colleagues, and relatives, also called the alpha testing of an MVP.

Beta testing will start when there are no flaws in an MVP. At this stage, it is offered to the actual customers. Collect and evaluate feedback for your product. After getting the feedback, refine it and run further tests for more improvements.

This test-run method will continue until there is a final and complete solution for the product. Further, evaluate the product’s performance, add features that customers need, and progressively move towards a complete software product.

Thus, building an MVP will help you save time, energy, and money. After successful tests of your MVP, you can finally approach a full-fledged version of your MVP.

These approaches and methods require special skillsets, experience, and expertise. And all that you get at eSparkBiz to create a Minimum Viable Product in time within your budget.

Moreover, eSparkBiz provides MVP software development services for startups looking for solutions, testing, delivery, and improvement for their product. These thoughtfully developed affordable and analyzed MVP products that are more aligned to the business goals and are likely to attract more investment and partners.

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Innovatively Execute MVPs with MVP Software Development Services

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Why Build MVP With Us

eSparkBiz is an MVP software development company known to provide MVP development in India to various businesses. We are known to Design, Create, and Test the app UX, and run quality assurance checks for your MVP app.

Also, we have experience in building MVPs in industries such as marketplaces, finance, travel, healthcare, e-commerce, etc.

Let’s connect asap!

Now that you can start developing your MVP with us, many of you are wondering why you should. So, let’s look in detail at various aspects of why you can consider eSparkBiz as your ultimate partner for your MVP software development.

Start your MVP Development Quickly

You have an innovative idea and came to us with it. You did the right thing. We will help you to decide on various parameters like how to execute your concept by adding features and other elements.

In this case, we will assist you with your vision and also keep it confidential. It usually takes about 1 to 5 months for an MVP development. Until then, we do not let anyone other than the team work on your project and maintain utmost privacy.

As a trusted MVP development agency, we do the required market and data study with essential assumptions. And examine each concept before executing the code.

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Want Rapid Startup MVP Development?

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Cost-effective Approach

While developing your MVP, eSparkBiz will make your MVP cost-effective with just the needed features and required resources. Making it most suitable for startup MVP development. It will lower your overall developmental costs.

We focus on the integration of only necessary features that will help in the development of a powerful, functional MVP. Along with that, we conduct a series of testings and concept repetition for validating the code.

Further, it will also eliminate the extra costs with our error-free, simple, and clean coding standards. So you can save time and effort in bug fixing and system breakdowns. And it will also help your MVP load faster with lesser functionalities that help in more customer visits with high UX without crashing.

Finding the Customers

You can modify not just the appearance and functionality but also your target audience as you hire MVP developer with us. While you publish an app, you can discover which demographic relationships use it most frequently and who the most engaged users are.

Utilize this information, and adjust your app accordingly. As the enhancement of the MVP product is more effortless and affordable than the enhancement of the final product. It would be more complex to update anything in a large project because you would have to redesign almost the entire product. In this case, all you need to do is add some unique functionality for the target user base.

Thus, making an MVP is a simple and cost-effective process for trying to get an idea of how your product will perform and solve the problem for customers. Let’s take a quick look at how we can help you with our MVP development services.

  • We want you to be very specific when defining your needs and presumptions.
  • The more precise you are, the more relevant information we will help you acquire. And the less ambiguity there will be in the future.
  • The objective of this process is for you to try out any doubtful assumptions you may have.
  • Tell us about the target you intend your MVP to accomplish. Including the criterion, you want to use to evaluate its success.
  • We will then formulate a prediction i.e the plan to evaluate. It is vital for an MVP.
  • Finally, we create an MVP and check it. It will not be a fully developed, complex product but just the right product.
  • If there are issues in MVP, we try to fix them without spending much time on perfecting the product. Just because it’s not the final version, does not mean it should be glitchy.

All these minute but important details that we focus on while developing an MVP makes us a distinct and reliable MVP development company.

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Trusted End-to-end MVP Development Services

Customizing MVP at eSparkBiz renders you carefree from any background work

MVP Examples - Companies that Emerged From an MVP

Today, numerous inspiring companies set an excellent example of efficient MVP development. They started as an MVP and moved on to become giants in their services dominating the market. Beginning with the right kind of an MVP has proven to be the right step for them to launch their idea as a business. So, let’s see some of such most well-known examples.

Youtube and Instagram

Examples of how the timely introduction of modifications to the product idea was beneficial are epitomized by YouTube and Instagram. And as a result of these changes, they have become well-known brands in the world today.

For instance, YouTube resembled a video dating website in 2005. Burbn, the original name of Instagram, was a glider that let users share images, identify places they’d been, and earn points.

However, the original ideas behind Instagram and YouTube were not well adopted. But they evaluated their results and adjusted the company’s course of the idea after considering the criticism and user feedback. And made it more user-friendly and value-based for the users that we know as today. Thus, Burbn glider and YouTube video dating have become two instances of the most effective MVP development for startups.


Today, we are familiar with Facebook as a sophisticated platform and an effective social network. But at first, it had a relatively simple idea. Launched in 2004, Facebook only connected Harvard students.

They could post messages on their boards on the Facebook platform. Unexpectedly, the platform with very few features has shown its sustainability.

The founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Eduardo Saverin, sidestep several common early-stage business difficulties thanks to their strategic approach. These difficulties included scaling up too quickly or spending excessive time and money on MVP software development. Thus, there was a firm limit on offering people worthless services.

Facebook gradually spread its network by including more services, features, and varied uses for its users. It eventually went global, becoming the largest social networking site, and turned into a multibillion-dollar business.

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Strategize your MVPs with an Experienced MVP Development Company

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Odeo had to develop an innovative product after losing the audio/video market owing to iTunes’ rivalry. It was a platform for microblogging called “twttr.”

The platform began as an internal service for Odeo staff members. But chose to offer it to the world because it received positive employee feedback. However, a future social network didn’t become successful overnight.

After the 2007 SXSW festival, further supporters joined the initiative. And today, Twitter grew to be a terrific demonstration of how to build a social media platform. And is generating millions of dollars in revenue now.


The Uber cab service is another successful MVP instance. UberCab, a simple iPhone application that allows users to interact with drivers, was released by its developers in 2010. User interest in the project’s improved beta version through MVP development services led to significant investments possible a year later. And now, it is one of the forerunners in the cab booking industry with an idea to simplify cab availability.


Spotify is an excellent example of how a minimum viable product with just one core feature can achieve significant success. The startup sought to develop the top music streaming service. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon developed an MVP to focus on music streaming because it was the most vital feature.

To show the scalability of their concept, Spotify chose to create an MVP that was a desktop version of their application and test it in a closed beta. The corporation was able to reduce costs in this way. Spotify is also an effective MVP development for startups.

In the end, people showed interest in the minimal viable product made available at freemium pricing. By collaborating with new artists, Spotify soon enhanced its offering and created a mobile app.

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Efficient Custom MVP Software Development for Business Expansion

Clean, Simple coding of eSparkBiz Developers ensures high-performance


This narrative began in 2007 when two San Francisco guys were on a strict budget and sought to launch their firm. When a design conference was held in their area once, they decided to let out the upper floor of their flat to guests who couldn’t find accommodation elsewhere.

How can a minimum viable product be created in this circumstance? They built a simple landing page and put images of their homes on it. Before the conference, three main clients rented the rooms. Airbnb MVP looked to be a simple landing page rather than a full MVP software development.

Its main objective was to see if anyone would reserve the property. And it was interesting enough that, indeed, people did it. And the rest is the history of the successful company today.


To quickly summarize everything, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. An MVP software development includes the features necessary to solve the customer’s issues. Following an analysis of customer needs, then the process of making an MVP will take place. Also, the primary reason for creating MVP software is to test a product’s sustainability at a low cost., Hence, develop a solution to a customer’s problem, and gather user feedback on the benefits and drawbacks of your MVP.

Further, it also helps to foresee the actual product of your idea before you invest further into it. And also MVP development for startups helps upcoming businesses to invite investment and business partners with a functional product than a paper plan.

Steps for developing a successful MVP:

  • Do a market analysis
  • Analyze the requirements
  • Become familiar with MVP
  • Build the feature list that you want to add
  • Create and publish an app
  • Review user comments for the MVP and final app

Along with the above steps, your business objectives and project needs should act as a starting point for determining the cost of developing your MVP.

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Bring Agility to your Business Ideas with MVP Development for Startups

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For creating an MVP, you can partner with an offshore MVP app development company  that also provides startup MVP development.

Now you have complete guidance and benefits of the minimum viable product and why it is essential for businesses. This complete information will assist you in launching a profitable and outstanding MVP for your business idea.

Many startups nowadays hire MVP developers for designing their various MVPs. In such cases, eSparkBiz Team will be happy to assist you with world-class end-to-end MVP development services if you are looking to develop a minimum viable product. We have vast experience in developing MVPs and adopting the correct methods for building a successful MVP.

Guide for a Successful MVP Development

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