Leverage Our AWS Expertise and Save Costs By Migrating Applications to Cloud

We provide AWS cloud migration services backed by our expertise in developing the right infrastructure and security policies in the AWS cloud. eSparkBiz hires and works with the best cloud solutions architects and AWS-certified developers who can migrate your legacy as well as brand-new applications to a cost-effective AWS environment.

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Implement AWS Cloud Migration For Enhanced Performance and Security

eSparkBiz offers best in market AWS Migration Services
High-performing Applications and Databases Available Round-the-clock with AWS Cloud Migration

As the cloud becomes the norm and provides awesome cost savings, more and more enterprises are moving their workloads to cloud service providers like AWS. We help businesses around the world understand the power of AWS cloud migration services and migrate their apps and enterprise infrastructure to the cloud.

At eSparkBiz, every client is highly important to us, and your success is our success. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cloud migration, which is why we provide personalized AWS Server migration service tailored to your needs.

We host AWS-certified solution architects, developers, and engineers who build and maintain your new AWS infrastructure in the best way. Our engineering teams follow best practices that provide awesome migration and maintenance experience to everyone involved.

  • Personalized Cloud migration solutions
  • Round-the-clock support and infrastructure monitoring
  • One-click migration of enterprise apps
  • Risk-free and zero-downtime migration strategies
  • Cost-effective and performance-optimized migration processes

Zero Downtime AWS Migration Services for Enterprise Apps

At eSparkBiz, we provide secure and scalable AWS cloud migration services to effectively transition your infrastructure, solving scalability, security, and cost issues forever. Moreover, we offer consulting, and outsourcing services so you can work with our teams in designing and implementing the best solutions. Zero Downtime AWS Migration Services for Enterprise Apps

AWS Cloud Migration Consulting

Work with our experienced AWS migration consultants and enjoy the following benefits.

  • AWS Migration strategy development and execution
  • Personalized migration project plan
  • Current infrastructure audit and identification of immediate migration requirements
  • Analysis of return on investment and benefits of migration
  • Consultation and guidance for selecting the right migration models

AWS Cloud Migration Outsourcing

Our experienced AWS migration outsourcing team provides the following benefits

  • Development of migration strategy and entire project plan
  • Designing personalized AWS infrastructure from scratch
  • Scoping the right services for usage
  • Migrating the entire current infrastructure to AWS without downtimes or any other risk
  • Performance testing and security testing of developed infrastructure.

Expertise Backed AWS Cloud Migration Services

We cater to businesses around the world with our expertise in AWS cloud migration Services and deployment. Our engineering teams are made of AWS-certified expert developers and solution architects who collaborate with your teams and guide you to a seamless cloud migration experience.

Infrastructure Migration to AWS

Move your on-premise or multi-cloud application infrastructure to AWS seamlessly with our expertise and experience. eSparkBiz offers customized solutions to move between aws server migration service providers and breaking vendor lock-ins.

We understand your server usage patterns, and cloud needs better than any other service provider, and then guide you in selecting the right services for right apps. We also advocate using serverless services whenever there is an unpredictable usage pattern.

  • Provisioning Servers, security groups, and other infrastructure
  • Front-end and backend applications
  • Overcome vendor lock-in
AWS Application Migration

Migrate your applications to AWS using our AWS application migration services. We help you realize cloud benefits without disrupting your application’s services.

Our engineering teams will evaluate your application requirements, benchmark the performance, and create a better migration plan for the apps which provides them better performance, and saves costs. Moreover, we also set up auto-scaling policies to provision servers automatically when load increases.

  • Rehosting applications on the AWS environment
  • Monitor and Optimize performance
  • Create highly-elastic servers
  • Secure Application environments
  • Zero-downtime migrations
AWS Data Migration

We offer reliable and fast data migration services that can easily lift and shift your production databases to AWS environments. Our data migration service teams will also help you optimize database schemas for efficient querying and data storage.

We also migrate large peta-byte level data warehouses, or operational data stored in any other form to make your cloud usage seamless. Our data migration service ensures that you can store all your data under one roof, without worrying about distributed security or such flaws.

  • Customized Data-warehouse migration
  • Secure and transparent database migration
  • Performance optimization of database models
  • Query optimization for faster access
  • Custom security policies to comply with international laws
AWS Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring cloud environments is crucial when your enterprise application’s performance depends on it. We offer automated and manual cloud monitoring and reporting solutions to help you keep an eye on everything that happens in your accounts.

Our data analysts will work with your teams, and help you identify the right data points that matter for your apps. We also create custom cloudwatch metrics when you want to track something which is not available in cloudwatch’s original metrics.

  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Tailored querying and monitoring solutions
  • Alarms and notifications
  • AI-based data mining
  • Proactive monitoring and suggestions to keep the cloud environment safe
AWS Database Migration

Migrate your application databases without any downtime to AWS with our AWS database migration services. We work with the latest SQL and NoSQL databases to provide you with a perfect way to query your operational data and get better performance.

If you want to use managed services like RDS where you don’t need a dedicated team to patch and maintain your databases, we can do it for you and deliver immense cost savings and better scalability in the long run.

  • Migrate Peta-byte scale application databases with ease
  • Optimization of database models
  • Suggestions between the right data stores
  • Patching and maintenance activities
  • Auto-scaling features and triggers
AWS Migration Hub

We rely on the AWS migration hub for large-scale and robust migration projects. Our teams use this service to continuously monitor your migrations and troubleshoot any errors in the migration process through proactive steps.

We use AWS migration hub to migrate applications between on-premise servers to AWS servers efficiently and without any lags. Our migration experts can also customize this migration process to work better based on your apps and their setups.

  • Centralized tracking and status of migration projects
  • Robust service
  • Suited for large-scale migrations
  • Continuous monitoring and fixing
  • Fault-tolerant and lightweight
AWS DataSync

Move your on-premise databases and other data stores to AWS environments effectively with our AWS DataSync expertise. We use this to migrate databases to AWS with high security, encryption, and validation.

With our AWS DataSync expertise, you can comply with all international laws regarding data migration, and we will also advise on the right steps to stay compliant to these laws. Whether it is about GDPR or HIPAA compliance during data transfers, we know it all.

  • Migrating large datasets
  • Scheduled and on-time migrations
  • Faster Data migration
  • Highly secure and verifiable
  • Robust and performance-oriented transfers
AWS Transfer Family

Transfer your important files and documents to AWS with a purpose-built file transfer service. We work with the AWS transfer family and bring you high-performing, fault-tolerant, and robust file transfer solutions that serve your enterprise needs.

Whether you have a few files or a few million files, the AWS transfer family solution can work parallely and transfer large amounts of important files to AWS easily. Moreover, the transfer family can also help you store files across different AWS services to enjoy the best cost savings.

  • Fully managed transfer service
  • Store data to S3 or AWS EFS services
  • Highly scalable
  • Fully secure and controlled access
  • Works with SFTP, FTP, FTPS, etc latest protocols

Our Migration Services From Other Platforms

Are you looking to transfer your mission-critical workloads from GCP to AWS? Look no further. Our experienced AWS cloud migration services team can help you move between cloud providers seamlessly and avoid vendor lock-in issues. We also help you determine the right replacement services, provide a cost-benefit analysis, and help you get familiar with AWS environments when you work with our migration specialists.


We provide comprehensive GCP to AWS migration services, including everything from migration plans and timelines to choosing the correct services. Our AWS-certified teams also empower you to build the right infrastructure by following AWS best practices and least privilege principles to keep your environments secure at all times.

Azure To AWS

At eSparkBiz, we evaluate your current and future needs before advising you on any environment migration. If our architects feel you can get a better return on investment and more productivity on the AWS cloud, we help you migrate your existing Azure infrastructure to AWS by leveraging our capabilities. Moreover, we also rely on AWS migration services to enable smooth, error-free, and risk-free migration of the Azure environment to AWS.

Benefits of eSparkBiz’s Innovative Cloud Migration Services

eSparkBiz provides innovative AWS cloud migration services that suit everyone’s needs. We also provide customizations to better cater to our clients and their infrastructure without hampering their daily operations. Get in touch with our migration experts to understand better how we can help you migrate between cloud service providers.

Minimize Downtime

We understand the importance of having active applications for your users at all times, which is why our migration processes minimize downtime and focus on migrating infrastructure efficiently in smaller chunks. This helps us keep the infrastructure active and available for rollback in case of errors.

  • Minimal to Zero Downtimes
  • High Availability of applications
  • Round-the-clock support and maintenance
  • Controlled Migration process
Minimize Downtime with our AWS Cloud Migration Services

Optimize Cost

At eSparkBiz, we understand the value of saving infrastructure costs and how it can help you manage your products and their finance better. Hence, we guide you in selecting the right services for each application, and also customize them to minimize costs without affecting performance.

  • Awesome cost savings
  • Application optimization to solve resource blockages
  • Cost Budgets and alarms to keep costs under control
  • Constant monitoring of production applications for better usage patterns and understanding
Optimize Cost with our AWS Cloud Migration Services

Migrate Efficiently

Our unique migration strategy helps us in migrating the right apps at the right time. This also ensures that the migration process is efficient and not intensive on your cloud resources. We also provide secure migrations where rollbacks can happen instantly in case of any errors during the process.

  • Priority-based migration
  • Secure migrations between cloud service providers
  • Resource-efficient migration to keep both resources healthy
  • Point-in-time recovery capabilities to roll back errors.
Migrate Efficiently with our AWS Cloud Migration Services

eSparkBiz’s Risk-free Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Migration is prone to many different errors, and it can easily ruin your applications and environments if it is done by novice teams. We manage every project through a dedicated project manager and solution architects who guide the teams toward successful delivery. Moreover, our risk-free cloud migration strategy also helps unlock more value for our clients.

Defining the scope of AWS migration

At this stage, we understand your deployed applications and their architecture and prepare a priority-based migration strategy and project scope.

Defining the scope of AWS migration

Our expert engineers will take a look at your existing architecture, understand the nuances behind your applications and their architecture, and work with your teams to finalize the scope of migration. This migration scope will include all the infrastructure that needs to be migrated, and it is tentative at this stage.

  • Evaluation of Existing infrastructure
  • List Creation for migration items
  • Analyzing interdependencies

Deciding on the migration strategy and model

We work with your teams to decide on a migration strategy that aligns with your business needs and helps you transfer seamlessly.

Deciding on the migration strategy and model

At this stage, we will also guide you on whether to rehost your apps, refactor them, or re-platform them on the newer platform. This stage also includes creating a migration strategy that suits your releases, and there is enough time to get things right. Our project managers will formulate different migration strategies that you can choose from.

  • Creating migration strategy
  • Choosing between rehosting, re-platforming, and refactoring apps
  • Assessing codebase changes

Planning a migration project

After the migration strategy is decided, we create a priority-based migration plan for your infrastructure, discuss it, and get it approved by your teams. We are flexible in planning, and we can accommodate changes to accommodate your needs even after the plan gets finalized.

Planning a migration project

During the planning stage, we will work with your teams to identify which items should we migrate first, and which items can wait. Moreover, we will also establish KPIs for the project to track progress and success of the project easily.

  • Developing project plan
  • Identifying KPIs
  • Defining communication plans

Migrating to the AWS environment

Once the plans are approved, we dive into environments and start migrating your applications and infrastructure as outlined in the plans. At this stage, our support and maintenance teams will closely monitor the migration process to rectify any unforeseen circumstances.

Migrating to the AWS environment

During the migration stage, our solution architects, and developers will be available round the clock to keep migration seamless, and steer it clear from issues. We also set up multiple DevOps tools, and pipelines that will help our teams work on this project easily.

  • Setting up DevOps tools and environments
  • Creating AWS infrastructure
  • Migrating workloads

Testing and optimizing the AWS cloud environment

Lastly, we test the new AWS environment rigorously to ensure there are no errors and all applications can work better in the new environment. We also take on optimization work to make your existing apps perform even better in the new environment.

Testing and optimizing the AWS cloud environment

Our work does not end at migrating the infrastructure. We also spend significant time and efforts in testing the new environment so that it is risk-free for your enterprise apps, and much safer than before. Our migration experts also monitor your app’s performance during testing, and find and fix performance bottlenecks.

  • Performance testing of the new environment
  • Security testing and validation
  • Optimizing performance and enabling monitoring

Why Choose eSparkBiz for AWS Cloud Migration?

eSparkBiz is a market-leading development and consulting agency with experience and expertise in AWS cloud migration Services. We use the latest technologies in cloud migration which can deliver exceptional results for all kinds of projects, and that’s not all. We also provide a lot of other benefits that can leave you in awe.

Certified AWS experts

We hire and retain experts who are AWS-certified and ready to solve unique business challenges. When you work with eSparkBiz, you work and interact directly with our migration experts.

Monetary benefits

We provide competitive rates for AWS Cloud migration projects, and you can also choose between various engagement models to get better monetary benefits when working with us.

Scalability and performance

When you work with our AWS experts, you receive scalable and high-performing applications in your new AWS environment that beats all your previous records, and helps you save costs.

Security and Compliance

We follow best practices and guidelines in the security and compliance domain to create highly secure and internationally compliant migration solutions.

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From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, we, as a pioneering offshore software outsourcing firm, cater to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Here are some touching testimonials from our happy clients:

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Why Choose eSparkBiz?

Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AWS cloud migration safe?

Yes, migrating your applications and mission-critical workloads is completely safe, as we follow all the best practices in infrastructure provisioning, and AWS keeps data secure by proper patching and the latest hardware.

How do you create a migration plan?

We assess your existing infrastructure, understand your mission-critical and most-used applications, and create a migration plan that helps in migrating important apps seamlessly. We also ensure that quick rollbacks are available in case the migration process stops abruptly.

Can you help us understand and get comfortable with the new cloud environment?

Yes, we provide support, maintenance as well as training teams to help you understand and get up to speed with your new AWS server migration service provider.

How does eSparkBiz design a scalable infrastructure?

eSparkBiz hires and retains the best solution architects and developers who work together in designing a scalable infrastructure. We leverage their capabilities and our experience combined with best practices to create a highly elastic architecture for any migration plan.

Do you use the AWS migration service?

Yes, based on the migration demands, we use the AWS cloud migration services to carefully and efficiently migrate workloads between different cloud platforms and servers.

Can your team help me migrate GCP workloads to AWS and save costs?

AWS provides cost benefits like no other service provider, and we can surely help you experience it with our custom GCP to AWS migration service.

How to kickstart an AWS Cloud Migration project with your team?

Starting a new migration project with our teams is easy. Reach out to our sales or migration teams with your needs, host a few discovery calls to explain your issues better, and our teams can start working on the needs immediately after creating a migration plan.

Do you provide round-the-clock support for migration projects?

Migration projects are tense, and you never know what can go wrong, so we provide round-the-clock support and maintenance services on our AWS Cloud migration projects.

Will migrating infrastructure to AWS save costs?

AWS provides the best economies of scale, and many businesses around the world run their production workloads on AWS due to the competitive pricing plans and cost savings offered by the service provider. If done correctly, you will save costs significantly after you migrate to AWS.

Does your migration process result in prolonged downtimes?

No, our migration plans are seamless and distributed, which allows us to have quick migration and rollback capabilities. Moreover, our migration plans minimize downtime and delays on production apps.

Why should I work with eSparkBiz?

eSparkBiz is the leading AWS Server migration service provider in the region, and below are some reasons why you should work with us.

  • AWS-certified architects and developers
  • Minimal downtime-based migration plans
  • Expertise in cloud infrastructure development and maintenance
Can you help me migrate my applications from Azure to AWS?

Yes, we can surely help you migrate from Azure to AWS seamlessly. Get in touch with our migration experts today.

Can eSparkBiz developers work in my preferred time zone?

eSparkBiz is a flexible company that can go the extra mile in fulfilling client needs. Our global presence allows us to work in any time zone for our clients without any issues.

Do I get certified solution architects for my migration project?

Yes, our AWS cloud migration services are designed and managed by highly experienced and AWS-certified solutions architects and developers who work dedicatedly to provide the best migration experience to our clients.