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Highly Reliable DevOps Development Processes for Continuous Automation and Advanced Planning

Stop spending a fortune on building and testing applications. Our DevOps outsourcing Services empowers you to deliver products that your customers desire quicker than your competitors without any added expenses. eSparkBiz's DevOps engineers can handle software development and deployment of any complexity.

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Scale Your Business Sustainability with our Next-Gen DevOps Outsourcing Services

Partner with eSparkBiz for Reliable DevOps Outsourcing Services
Gain flexibility and time to innovate by delegating your DevOps requirements to our dedicated DevOps teams. We create and release products that exceed your expectations and enhance efficiency.

Change is the only constant thing in the competitive business landscape. However, to navigate it, companies need to be agile and swift. If the development and operation of a product, infrastructure and solutions are siloed into separate teams, inefficiencies arise. Consequently, it leads to a slower time to market.

DevOps is a proven way to resolve the separation between development teams and operations. It is a set of best development practices that promote collaboration, integration, and automation throughout the development life of any solution. When you outsource DevOps services, you gain the specialised expertise and resources to implement these practices for better productivity.

As a top CMMI Level 3 company with over 12 years of experience, eSparkBiz offers DevOps outsourcing services. Our teams simplify your operations and facilitate consistent, fast and performant releases. Our expertise in DevOps spans domains like healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, finance, human resources and more.

  • Hire DevOps teams from eSparkBiz according to your needs, such as our hourly, part-time monthly and dedicated developer plan.
  • Our skilled teams reduce the change failure score of your software to less than 3%, resulting in excellent delivery.
  • We configure your CI/CD pipelines, implement the best security practices, and manage large-scale cloud infrastructures.
  • eSparkBiz offers enterprises a package of reusable automated tests, making future regression testing easier.
  • Our monitoring services to remove errors and keep your systems secure and reliable are 24/7.

Compelling Advantages of DevOps Outsourcing Services

Outsource DevOps services to keep your efficiency sky-high and lead software-driven innovation. Keep generating value for your customers and business with collaborative and automated development.

Quick Deployment

DevOps practice boosts the rate of deployment of new application features and updates. Code changes are tested and released into the production environment, leading to software delivery excellence. In turn, it helps businesses stay competitive.

Efficient Work Environment

DevOps outsourcing services result in an environment where greater collaboration and communication are defining characteristics. The development and operations teams work toward a shared goal strategically and can manage the constant flow of information.

Significant Product Quality Improvement

A DevOps outsourcing company uses several test automation tools, CI/CD pipelines and code reviews, which reduces the risk of releasing faulty features and updates. The end product has increased reliability and maintainability.

Significant Time and Cost-efficiency

DevOps allows enterprises to do more with less effort. Automation of error-prone, redundant tasks and the integration of testing throughout the development lifecycle bring the benefits of cost and time efficiencies.

Faster Problem Solving

The collaborative nature of DevOps makes prompt problem detection and resolution simpler. When you outsource DevOps services, strategies like CI/CD, feedback loops and automation are used. It helps resolve issues quickly.

Continuous Monitoring

Once the software goes into production, Continuous Monitoring tools track its performance and user behaviour. QA and DevOps teams learn about issues when they emerge and how they affect the overall experience.

Boost Your Business with Our DevOps Outsourcing Services

Use eSparkBiz's competency in DevOps to upgrade your infrastructure, increase application performance, security and optimise costs. It is time to deliver the most innovative product swiftly.

Continuous Integration and Delivery to Launch Software When It Is Ready

Continuous Integration and Delivery is one of the DevOps best practices to build software. It enables enterprises to launch updates at any time sustainably. Developer teams merge changes in code to the main codebase, resulting in not only rapid but also meaningful development cycles.

DevOps CI/CD is a process that keeps going so firms can adjust and adapt to the changing market needs. Our teams use the latest automation tools to drive this process and develop your products and their features faster. It also makes your apps and solutions rigorously tested and ensures that they perform optimally.

  • We assess your current workflows, understand how software is delivered, and then set the ideal production speed.
  • In order to help you deliver errorless applications, we create reliable CI/CD pipelines.
  • We use tools like Jenkins, GitLab and AWS CodePipeline to configure result-oriented pipelines.
  • Our teams delivering DevOps outsourcing services employ optimal authentication for every access point in your pipeline.
  • In our DevOps strategy, we use version control for all modifications to your application's codebase.
Infrastructure as Code to Eliminate Manual Configuration and Create Consistency

Handling infrastructure manually is an unreliable and error-prone method. IaC eliminates the manual steps involved by using high-level descriptive code. The code automates processes like setting up servers, databases and networks. It involves making files with your infrastructure specifications. Thus, updating and distributing configurations becomes simpler.

Environments that are provisioned via IaC are easy to scale. We can also deploy them quickly. Our experts integrate IaC in the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines. Your software delivery thus becomes more efficient and reliable. It also becomes free of manual intervention.

  • Our DevOps outsourcing company consultants create a strong strategy to shift you to the IaC approach.
  • We define infrastructure configurations as code that minimises configuration drift, making troubleshooting infrastructure simpler.
  • The code for the environment is written once, and numerous instances can be deployed repeatedly through it.
  • You can track who made the modifications and which version of the file was used, which results in risk management.
  • Through IaC, firms can specify how the infrastructure should be scaled as per the demand.
Container Management to Heighten the Resource Efficiency

Scalability is often a challenge for companies who wish to meet the needs of their growing user base. Deploying DevOps Containerization is one saliant approach to get past this challenge. It entails packaging, distributing and operating solutions in a portable environment. This environment is called containers in technical language.

We deploy containers across varied environments. The containers have the dependencies that make an application run. The usage of containers leads to resource efficiency and makes your software deployment rapid. It also prevents you from resorting to resource-intensive physical servers or virtual machines.

  • Stay ahead in the fast-paced software development environment with our expertise in deploying containers.
  • Since containers can be used across environments, you do not need to worry about application compatibility issues.
  • Our professionals are adept in refactoring your current applications for containers.
  • We use Kubernetes to orchestrate the harmonious operation of several containers.
  • Make your applications scale and span varied platforms with our knowledge of using containerisation.
Blue-Green Deployment to Minimise Downtime During New Software Deployments

Reduction in an application's downtime and risks is important for smooth flow of delivery. Blue-green deployment strategy for applications makes it possible. The blue environment shows you the application version at present. It is the one serving production traffic. The green environment is a staged one, which runs another version of your product.

The green environment is tested thoroughly and made ready by our experts. After that, we redirect the production traffic to it. If any issues surace, we revert the traffic to the application's blue environment. Our DevOps team uses this approach to eliminate deployment risk and minimise downtime.

  • Our DevOps outsourcing teams use blue-green deployment as a way to perform risk-managed releases to the solution's production servers.
  • We use the blue-green deployment strategy with the DevOps model to make your launch fully validated and free of bugs.
  • All our teams in your project use the same tools and datasets to prevent inconsistencies that can lead to a permanent transition to the blue environment.
  • We can help you leverage blue-green deployment even if you run legacy and monolithic apps and systems.
  • Our consulting services help create a comprehensive blue-green deployment strategy.
Process Automation to Eliminate Redundancy and Skyrocket Software Development

Dependence on manual tasks is a major hindrance to efficiency and productivity. The move to outsource DevOps services eliminates dependency on redundant processes that come in the way of software development. So, you are able to launch highly stable and valuable applications and features quicker.

Automation is deeply woven in our DevOps outsourcing services. We fuel automation through CI/CD pipelines, source code management tool and performance monitoring. It facilitates greater collaboration, accurate testing and deployment processes that ultimately influence your ROI positively.

  • We implement automation that reduces delivery timelines significantly.
  • DevOps automation induces a highly collaborative approach defined by clear real-time insights and coordination between teams.
  • We enforce automation that aligns fully with your goals and helps address your pain points.
  • Our experience in using tools like Git, Jenkins and Ansible makes way for seamless automation across different aspects of software development.
  • We keep reviewing the automation pipelines for better performance, accuracy, security and reliability.
Continuous Monitoring to Find Issues When They Appear and Track Every Important Thing

Business value is an outcome of the high performance and reliability of your software. Continuous monitoring of the CI/CD pipelines is imperative to ensure it is safe. Monitoring solutions aid in identifying issues that the development teams can get rid of quickly.

We use continuous monitoring solutions that collect data on CPU usage, application availability and disk space. It allows you to gain a real-time view of our development pipeline. In case we detect issues impacting customer experiences, we take rapid action to fix them.

  • We set monitoring KPIs that allow us to detect bottlenecks, glitches and performance degradation way before they become serious.
  • Our teams comprehensively and consistently monitor your network, infrastructure and the performance of your applications.
  • The identification of bottlenecks results in improvement across a firm's software delivery pipeline, infrastructures and products.
  • Our DevOps teams assess data across your ecosystem and automate security measures, which makes resolving threats easier.
  • We are also skilled in utilising synthetic monitoring tools to resolve issues before they hit your end users.
DevSecOps Keep Software Development Highly Secure

Besides creating effective code, it is significant to consider the security of software. DevSecOps is the process of integrating security practices and approaches throughout the DevOps pipelines. This incorporation ensures that the application code is not only intelligent but also tough.

DevSecOps aims, or DevOps security, addresses security proactively. It prompts a culture of shared responsibility and emphasises continuous monitoring and automation throughout the app's lifecycle. Thus, developers remediate vulnerabilities way before the final testing and launch phase.

  • We use the DevSecOps framework to design, build, test and release your software.
  • Our QA teams use proven tools to detect vulnerabilities in the codebase and rectify them.
  • We set up strong access controls in tools like Kubernetes to prevent your data from getting wrongly exposed.
  • Our DevOps teams follow a shift-left approach and make security testing an integral component from the beginning.
  • We leverage scanning and penetration testing to keep your software development safe in every phase.
Continuous Testing to Prevent Bugs from Sneaking into Production

When defects in a software development lifecycle are found earlier and eliminated, the quality of software delivery increases. Continuous testing in DevOps makes high-quality and rapid software delivery possible. Through it, the test cycles are reduced as you always gain insights into the performance of the build.

Our adept developers and QA professionals continuously test your applications and solutions. Thus, we are able to boost the rate and frequency at which high-quality and bug-free product goes into the market. It also minimises your technical debt.

  • Our teams create a testing strategy during your consultation, creating the foundation for stable product growth.
  • We create an effective automated testing process and integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Our testing activities are a part of your digital product's design, development and launch, resulting in a seamless flow of code.
  • Continuous testing refines the current processes and also informs processes when testing is executed at a later development stage.
  • Our team leverages tests of various kinds, such as unit tests, API tests and E2E testing for different development phases.
DevOps Consulting to Benefit from Our Expertise and Experience in DevOps

Enriching the software development lifecycle with efficiency and accuracy needs a robust strategy and plan. Experienced DevOps consultants craft strategies that simplify workflow and optimise varied processes. It helps corporates get past the complexities of software production and delivery.

eSparkBiz is a certified DevOps consulting Service provider. We empower firms with the best practices in DevOps and create tailored implementation plans. Our experience in using DevOps tools and methods helps companies achieve their delivery goals quickly without sacrificing quality.

  • We uncover the areas of improvement in your current software-building processes and operations.
  • Our DevOps outsourcing company creates custom strategies to help you eliminate your pain points.
  • We guide you on ways to enforce DevOps practices and methods, like CI/CD, IaC, automation, and more.
  • eSparkBiz's consulting team curates the right toolset to facilitate uninterrupted development and delivery workflows.
  • After implementation, we will guide you in refining your practices to stay ahead and prevent stagnation.

Top Cloud Platforms We Use in DevOps Projects

eSparkBiz uses the top cloud services in all DevOps projects. The services we use enable our teams to build and bring highly reliable products to fruition.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, offers many flexible services to build highly reliable and scalable solutions. Fully managed services like Amazon S3, EC2, and Lambda help you leverage automation for faster and more efficient product delivery.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides many DevOps solutions so enterprises can continuously deliver value. It offers CI/CD tools for every step in the software development journey. Azure DevOps like PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS are used for services depending on virtualization.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform or GCP delivers a set of DevOps tools that serve various aspects of the DevOps lifecycle. These include Google Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Build, Container Registry, Artifact Registry, and more. The tools assist in building, testing, launching, and monitoring systems.



Firebase for DevOps outsourcing services is ideal for continuously deploying high-quality mobile applications developed by Google. This service is a real-time database for the backend and infrastructure setup of apps accompanied by a range of tools, frameworks, APIs, and hostings.

The Four-Step DevOps Service Process We Use

We build and deploy solutions and systems personalized to any needs of enterprises. Our proven DevOps services process results in scalable, maintainable, and secure applications.



We evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and operations to identify areas for improvement and opportunities. Based on the data we collect, our teams create a DevOps engagement plan to help you reach your KPIs and goals as quickly as possible.



Our DevOps services are delivered based on a robust plan we make to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. We are flexible with our plans and can incorporate changes and feedback.


Develop, test and release

Our DevOps outsourcing company has expertise in various roles. Our engineers, QA teams and specialists keep automating repetitive tasks, test code and streamline deployment. We also keep your systems optimised through consistent monitoring.



eSparkBiz is a top DevOps outsourcing company providing quality monitoring services. We not only assess how specific services are performing but also monitor the overall availability, health and security of your applications.

Flexible Engagement Models to Help You Find the Best Fit

We provide our clients with full flexibility when it comes to outsourcing DevOps. Our collaboration models ensure that you find the right fit according to your needs and never pay more for the services you seek.

Hire DevOps Consultants

We have a specialist team of DevOps consultants whom you can hire to get guidance on the latest technologies like DevOps, AI, AR/VR, IoT and Cloud. Highly experienced DevOps engineers, AWS cloud solutions architects, and project managers make up our team of consultants. Use their optimization strategies to meet your goals.

Hire DevOps Engineers

Pick developers to augment your team and deliver performant applications. Choose our DevOps engineers who can be hired at competitive prices to get help with projects. You will only be required to pay the amount discussed beforehand upon the final delivery of your product.

Hire a Dedicated Team

Hire a focused and goal-centric team from eSparkBiz. We have highly adaptive web and mobile developers, designers, and QA professionals who can work remotely according to your budget and requirements. You can flexibly reshuffle the dedicated team that you hire.

Flexibility with Agile Methodology
High-Privacy with NDA
Flexible engagement models
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Your Success Is Guaranteed !

The DevOps Tech Stack We Use

eSparkBiz fosters a continuous improvement culture with our knowledge of top-tier DevOps tools, frameworks and technologies. Clients can outsource DevOps services to us and benefit from optimised software development and delivery journeys.

Containerisation Tools

Gin the highest possible operational efficiency for your applications with our expertise in using containerisation tools. Our containerization tech stack ensures that stable and scalable deployment happens at a super-fast rate.

  • Docker
  • OpenVZ
  • Kubernetes
  • Apache Mesos
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Podman
  • Docker Swarm
  • LXC
  • Container Registry
  • Artifact Registry

Automation Tools

The DevOps automation tools used by our experts make code integration, testing, launch and infrastructure management streamlined. The tools support scalability and adaptability in the projects and facilitate continuous improvement.

  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • HashiCorp Terraform
  • HashiCorp Packer
  • Pulumi
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Azure Resource Manager

CI/CD Tools

Our selection of CI/CD tools supports varying aims like improvement in speed, code quality or simplified product deployment. Through them, we cut down redundancies and enrich CI/CD automation pipelines.

  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI
  • Cloud Build
  • Drone CI
  • Argo CD
  • Amazon ECR
  • Azure DevOps
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS Artifact


Outsource DevOps services to eSparkBiz to benefit from highly available apps. Our monitoring tech stack imparts real-time visibility into your systems' performance to identify issues and upgrade the quality of the end product.

  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • Prometheus
  • Elastic Stack
  • Grafana
  • Datadog
  • Fluentd
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
  • Graylog
  • syslog-ng

Test Automation

We expedite the execution of your applications using robust test automation tools and technologies. Get real-time assessment of your code and additional insights into potential risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Protractor
  • fMBT
  • XCTest
  • TestStack WHITE
  • Cuit
  • Ranorex
  • Postman
  • Apache JMeter
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • Unified Functional Testing
  • LoadRunner
  • Warp
  • Tsung


We create code that can perform repetitive tasks, analyse data and orchestrate highly complicated processes with efficiency through our competence in coding and scripting tools. It keeps your apps adaptive.

  • Bash
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • Golang
  • YAML
  • Perl


Our prowess in harnessing the top database tools synchronises the updates to the data stores with the rest of your project pipeline. Thus, you do not have to manage infrastructure, security and application maintenance.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache NiFi
  • MongoDB

How DevOps Outsourcing Services Helps Enterprises to Grow?

DevOps outsourcing helps you get past inefficient software development and delivery processes through the skills of specifically trained engineers. So, you need not worry about your infrastructure and deployment. Instead, work on your business development with ease.

Reduce total cost of ownership

When you partner with a DevOps outsourcing company, the cost associated with keeping an in-house team, additional infrastructure, its support, and similar expenses disappears. Thus, it lowers your overall cost of software development.

Improve your app’s reliability

Entrusting software development and deployment of any type to a DevOps provider automates repetitive processes and minimises errors. The experts eliminate issues with software versioning, design, development and optimisation, which enhances the reliability of the final release.

Enhance team collaboration

Software development done through partnering with a DevOps outsourcing company is more innovative and efficient. This is because DevOps facilitates collaboration between the research and development and other IT departments. A cross-functional operational mode eliminates issues and implements software swiftly.

Scale your application with the click of a finger

DevOps outsourcing helps your products to meet the needs of increased usage. The experts build infrastructures and solutions that can scale up or down flexibly according to the level of activity.

Why Choose eSparkBiz For DevOps Outsourcing Services?

Get tailored assistance from a pool of highly experienced DevOps experts at eSparkBiz. Respond to your customer's needs effectively and maintain your edge even in the most dynamic landscape.

Access to Talented and Seasoned DevOps Engineers

We have 80+ DevOps experts to streamline your software development, testing, and delivery using top-notch tools and technologies. Our team's extensive experience in developing enterprise applications has made us competent with the methodologies required to reproduce your software development lifecycle quickly.

Affordable DevOps Consulting Services

Outsource DevOps services to eSparkBiz to get business-defining DevOps teams adept at optimizing your resources and expanding your services while saving costs. We advise you to adapt to DevOps practices or implement them from scratch.

Focus on the Project Requirements

As a reliable DevOps Consulting Company, we follow agile DevOps approach that makes way for fast delivery without compromising security and performance. You will receive a DevOps solution that is exclusive to your needs and according to your budget.

Hands-on Experience with the Leading DevOps Tools

Shorten your software development lifecycle and gear it for maximum impact with our expertise. We use top DevOps tools like Docker, Vagrant, and orchestrated containers for successful implementation across industries. Thus, you can navigate challenges and meet your goals.

Stay Updated with Modern DevOps Practices

We not only implement the best DevOps practices for optimal development and deployment but also keep ourselves abreast with the latest ones. It makes us keep delivering value to the organizations we work with.

Transparent and Efficient Communication

From the beginning to the end of optimizing your processes, we ensure that you understand everything we are doing. Our well-defined communication systems eliminate any scope for misunderstanding regarding every aspect of development and delivery.

Wide Range of DevOps Services

We offer industry-leading DevOps services to meet any and every business need. No matter your obstacles, our range of automated and customized DevOps services will help you surpass them so you keep growing.

100's of Happy Clients

From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, we, as a pioneering offshore software outsourcing firm, cater to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Here are some touching testimonials from our happy clients:

Stefan H.

Their employees are Greatfull & Helpful.

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Why Choose eSparkBiz?

Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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Expert Insights for Digital Product Development

We at eSparkBiz are passionate about discussing recent technologies and applications. We constantly write blogs and articles associated with the field of technology. So, don't miss our detailed and insightful write-ups. You'll find all our latest blogs and blog updates here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I outsource DevOps effectively for my business?

Assess the services, pricing plan, and success rate of different DevOps outsourcing companies. Further, check the certifications of your shortlisted partners. Define the goals you want to achieve through DevOps. Your chosen outsourced company should also be able to maintain steady communication throughout your project's lifecycle.

What are the 7 C's in the DevOps product lifecycle?

7 C's in DevOps are the seven phases in a software development lifecycle. These include continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous deployment, continuous feedback, continuous monitoring, and continuous operations.

Can DevOps function well with outsourced software development?

Yes. If there are well-structured communication channels between DevOps teams and outsourced software development teams, then both can function synergistically. It results in the rapid creation and deployment of innovative products and features.

How do you defend the CI/CD environment against security threats?

We first identify the threats to your CI/CD pipeline and conduct threat modeling. We then enforce strict access controls and extend the practice of 'least privilege' to an enterprise's connected systems, devices, and solutions. This makes the CI/CD environment secure.

Will I gain DevOps ROI by partnering with eSparkBiz?

Absolutely. eSparkBiz's DevOps engineers are certified and experienced in various technologies and methodologies. Our teams have over 12 years of experience in using DevOps practices and managing end-to-end delivery of IT services. Our assistance will also reduce your hiring and training costs.

How do I know the right time for outsourcing my DevOps functions?

If your project requires quick scaling but you do not have an experienced team for it, you may consider outsourcing DevOps. Doing so is also the right step if you are not sure of your in-house team's capabilities in managing risks associated with the new releases.

What is meant by DevOps SaaS?

DevOps SaaS or DevOps-as-a-Service is a method to leverage DevOps practices and technology frameworks. While doing so, you do not need to possess your own infrastructure or specific resources. You get them as part of a pre-packaged service. Two popular DevOps-as-a-Service platforms are AWS and Azure DevOps.

Which services does Azure DevOps offer?

Azure DevOps provides many services for creating, building, testing, and managing solutions. The major ones include Azure Repos, Azure Pipeline, Azure Boards, and Azure Test Plans. These services enable code tracking and software development with CI/CD.

Is DevOps considered agile or waterfall?

The roots of DevOps lie in agile practices. It is mainly about blending the best ideas and techniques from the Agile process with IT production. DevOps is the opposite of the waterfall approach, in which the different development phases are siloed.

What are the top DevOps success metrics?

There are many DevOps success metrics for faster deliverables. These include deployment speed, frequency, deployment success rate, cycle time, and lead time. Measuring these metrics and KPIs allows DevOps engineers to improve processes for better productivity and application performance.

Should a startup invest in creating an in-house DevOps team or seek DevOps outsourcing services?

Creating an in-house DevOps team can hit the budget of a startup significantly. The specialized experience and training of DevOps experts give them the right to charge more. Contrarily, if the startup chooses a DevOps outsourcing company, it only needs to pay for the services it uses flexibly, resulting in cost savings.

Are there any risks associated with working with a DevOps outsourcing company?

Reliable DevOps outsourcing services does not pose any risks. Still, if you are concerned, it is best to check the security management practices of the service, its portfolio, and the KPIs it tracks. Also, do a trial project with the company before engaging with it for the long term.

Which practices are ideal for building a secure DevOps environment for eCommerce projects?

DevOps practices for e-commerce security include creating regular backups, updating servers, strictly defining roles, and encrypting sensitive data. These practices help develop a protected environment.

How do you choose the right DevOps tools?

We choose DevOps tools by checking whether they can run in non-production environments and their integration capabilities. In addition, we ensure that they integrate well with version control systems to facilitate infrastructure-as-code practices.