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At eSparkBiz we offer you top-notch front-end development services to create intuitive and engaging websites for your end-users. Our front-end professionals create cohesive experience with an appealing UI for seamless navigation for your web and mobile apps. Offshore our front-end developers to enhance your brand’s visual identity

When you choose us, you get trust of a brand, India's top Front End Development team, 10+ years of experience, strict NDA terms & complete peace of mind.

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Front-End development is an amalgamation of various technologies that involves developing web pages and web application user interface. Everything you see on your screen is developed using Front-End Technology, whether it’s a web app, mobile app or a website.

The main aim of using front-end technology is to simplify the development process and better the overall efficiency of the app and thereby build an app that works quicker, smoother and better.Front-end development involves designing, structuring and even animations.

This technology has an important role in building user engagement and allowing them to take actions. Building applications using front-end technology will enable the app to work smoothly leading you to more engagement and recommendations.

ESparkBiz is a popular name as a front end development company. Our front end developers make sure you get the most iconic design language and ease of use for your app/website. With every passing day the need of mobile and web applications is becoming a necessity. So the need for front end technology is becoming more prominent.

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Why to Outsource Front-End development Services?

Cost Savings

You don’t have to pay for infrastructure or purchase any additional equipment or supplies.

Time Saving

When outsourcing you don’t need to spend time on hiring your team or monitoring them.


Here you have the flexibility to hire developers for a single project and retain them after execution.

Focused strategy

We ensure that our team will work on your project dedicatedly on your time zone.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We have proved true to time for the last ten years, and have worked on the finest projects for 1000+ clients globally.

Cloud based human resource management application


Cloud based human resource management application

HRMS (Human resource management system) is an employee portal we have built for our own company. It offers a comprehensive management solution covering everything such as employee management, attendance, holiday list, time and more.





Cloud based health portal


Cloud based health portal

Samata Health is a platform for mental health. The application is designed for both therapists and people looking for their consultation. Made for a great cause, the application has built a community of therapists, connecting users to the nearest therapist in just a few steps . Users just have to mention their preference and book a consultation from a tailored list of therapists that suits their requirement.






Book publishing platform


Book publishing platform

Mynd matters is a book publishing platform that turns people’s book publishing dream to reality. The app comprises three steps: providing users 30 minute clarity sessions, sending them a well-suited publishing plan and at last publishing their book. It is as easy as it sounds. We catered them the exact platform they needed; one that helped them manage their users' reports as well as company’s progress.





Saas-based personal fishing application


Saas-based personal fishing application

Rippled Water makes going for fishing with friends effortless. From inviting friends to join, choosing a destination, organizing a trip, to sharing photos with the ones who joined, it takes care of everything. The app also provides users with weather and water information.





Advanced influencers web portal


Advanced influencers web portal

Kamopi software system connects brand representatives to influencers that suit their brand requirements. This web portal allows influencers to build a stronger looking profile and increase their online presence. On the other hand the brand owners get the ease of hiring content creators that help them create awareness about their product.



Facebook Graph API



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Futuristic Front-End Development Technologies

eSparkBiz offers the latest and most popular front-end development technologies that fulfills requirements of your business as well as your clients.

Angular Js

Angular JS is an open source front-end technology. The technology was first established almost a decade ago in 2009 and since then it has been constantly in demand. Even tech giants like Google use AngularJS . AngularJS is licenced under MIT, the best thing about this framework is the constantness and readability.

This Javascript follows MVVM architecture which makes it easy to refactor and maintain code.

Also, it is a component-based architecture that sets the seal on code quality and testing. Some of the most popular applications and websites using Angular Js are Gmail, Paypal, the Guardian and more.

Giant online platforms like Netflix, Good films, Upwork, Freelancer use Angular framework for enhancing their web and mobile apps.

Angular Js Front End Development Services

Vue Js

Vue JavaScript library works best for developing distinct and well-defined web interfaces. The MIT licensed framework was launched in 2014. The core Vue Js library is only for the view layer. So you combine it with other libraries and tools to get required outputs.

If you merge the framework with other powering tools and libraries, it fits to power single-page applications. The popularity of Vue js is increasing with lightning speed and thus it can be expected to be one of the heading front-end frameworks for development.

Thanks to the creator ‘Eva You’ and the team that manages this highly-promising front-end development technology.Some of the popular apps built with vuejs are Nintendo,9gag, GitLab, Behance and Laravel.

Vue Js Front End Development

React Js

React Js was first launched in 2011 on Facebook newsfeed by Jordan Walke, a soft engineer at Facebook. React.js technology is used for building user interfaces especially for single-page applications.

It handles the view layer of both mobile and web apps. React Js is also best for creating reusable UI components.React allows developers to create large web applications that can change data, without reloading the page.

The main purpose of React is to be fast, scalable, and simple. It works only on user interfaces in the application. This corresponds to the view in the MVC template. It can be used with a combination of other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC

React Js Front End Solutions

KnockOut Js

Knockout Javascript is a minimalist framework that allows us to create a highly responsive display and also clean editor user interfaces with underlying data. This Javascript library offers to bring HTML elements upon any data model.

Our Knockout.js developers adopt best industry methodologies. They use the elegant knockout js Javascript library to bind HTML elements with the data model.Anytime your data model changes, KO javascript will help update a tight part of the user interface.

At eSparkBiz we have Ko experts that build applications with two-way data binding mechanism between data model and UI. Some of the popular websites that were built with Knockout Javascript are, Pillsbury, Eventim and Davinci.

KnockOut Js FrontEnd Development


PWA-Progressive Web Apps are web apps incorporating developing web browser APIs and features with enhancement strategy aiming for a native app-like experience to the cross-platform web application. It offers beneficial design patterns despite not following a formalized standard. Also, PWA solutions require less storage compared to native apps.

With PWA technology we build apps that are not super fast apps and lite but also are connectivity independent and are compatible with all devices and different screen sizes.

Companies using PWA technologies have reported a massive increase in the number of users. Some of the popular brands that have PWA technology for their websites are Pinterest, Starbucks, Forbes, Trivago, Jumia and more.

PWA FrontEnd Expert
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Our Front-End Web Development Services

Our front-end development services include latest front-end frameworks that deliver interactive and fast performing websites for your business.

Front-end Architecture and Design

Front-end technology is used for building high performance apps. We use front-end architecture to build sustainable and interactive apps and make use of efficient tools to better front-end code quality.

SPA Application and Development

Single page applications fit all website content within one page. Single-page applications offer flexible desktop-like user experience and reduce load time. SPA development hides web complexity.

UI/UX App Development

UI development refers to graphical user interfaces(GUI) and UX refers to creating a system that offers the best experience to users. The goal of UI/UX is to make users use the client's apps and increase sales.

PWA App Development

Progressive Web App development is used for building high-end websites as well as native mobile apps. We aim to deliver solutions that are highly-efficient, responsive and meet users' needs.

AMP App Development

AMP is an open source HTML framework that offers a straightforward approach of development. Web pages developed with AMP are fast, smooth loafing and offer amazing user-experience.

HTML5/ CSS Development

HTML5/CSS3 front-end development services intend to revolutionize the browsing experience of users. HTML5 developers create internet rich applications. CSS3 website templates benefit web development services.

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eSparkBiz is an exclusive hub of multi-talented employees. The top web developers and UI/UI designers along with QA Experts help you prepare web applications of the highest degree.

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eSparkBiz has never compromised with the time zone. We simply believe in providing services to you at your timezone. Hire skilled web developers from us to get the work done according to your time zone.

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eSparkBiz consists of web developers who have at least 3 years of experience. With over 130+ employees, we are always ready to extend our helping hands!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Front-End Development?

Front-end web development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and usually JavaScript for a website that users can see and interact directly. The main challenge with front end development is that the tools and techniques used to create the front-end of a website keeps on changing, hence the developer needs to constantly be aware of how the field is developing.

What Are The Latest Front-end Technologies?

Some of the popular front-end technologies used by businesses and companies are as follows:

  • Vue.js (JavaScript library)
  • Npm, Vue.js (web framework)
  • Ionic 4, Bootstrap
  • Chrome DevTools
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Grunt, Angular
  • Blockchain Testnet
  • Ionic 2, Tensorflow
  • Grid Guide, Meteor
  • Git Extensions
  • Backbone
  • CodePen

What Tools Do Front-end Developers Use?

Some of the popular tools used by front-end developers include Sublime Text, GitHub, Chrome Developer Tools, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js, SAAS and Twitter.

Which Is The Best Front-end Language?

There are several front-end languages available for applications development. Javascript tops the list of front-end technology that includes AngularJS, VS js, React Js, Knockout Js and PWS. Apart from these, some other popular front-end technologies are Swift, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, and Rust.

Which Framework Is Best for Front-end Development?

Some of the majorly used frameworks are AngularJS, ReactJS, Backbone, Vue.js, Sass, Ember JS, and Npm.

What is The Difference Between Front-end And Back-end Development?

Front-end development involves everything that users see, whereas the backend technology is responsible for the infrastructure that supports it.

  • Front-End
  • Although there are many different types of technologies and stacks, most common technologies that front-end developers use are HTML, CSs and JavaScript, de facto building block of the web, client-side frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.

  • Back-End
  • Back-end technology is also known as the server side. It consists of the server which provides data on request, the application which channels it, and the database which organizes the information.

Why Should I Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Hiring dedicated frontend developers will get you several benefits, some of the major advantages of dedicated team is as follow:

  • Get complete control over the development process
  • Quality Assurance and risk minimization
  • Dedicated Project Manager that will help you manage both the team and project efficiently.
  • A shared QA will be provided to assure quality without any cost
  • And at last, but not least is the fact that developers work as a part of your team

What Are The Parameters Of a Good Front-end Development Company?

When looking for a front-end development company, you should look for the following parameters:

  • At Least 8/10 years of industry experience
  • Have build at least 200+ apps
  • A team of more than 100+ developers
  • Clients in more than 10 countries

At eSparkBiz, our front-end designers are trained to understand client objectives and business processes, and deliver with unique and top-notch solutions. We have 10 years of experience in web development services and have built 130+ proficient developers. Our expert developers have successfully delivered 1000+ projects to our clients in more than 20+ countries.

To get customized web solution for your business, hire our expert front-end developers.

How do I Hire Dedicated Front-End Developers From You?

Just contact us, we will give you all the options of your choice. You can hire our dedicated front-end developers on a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Hourly basis.

What Are The Pricing Models You Offer?

We offer three pricing model which are as follows:

  • Dedicated team Model:
  • Choosing a dedicated team will let you have full control over project management. Here, we take care of everything from infrastructure, recruitment or administrative support for your business. Our team will analyze your project and business goal thoroughly.

  • Hourly Price Model:
  • We offer an hourly billing model for businesses that prefer a straightforward approach. With this model, clients know how much money is spent on work. The hourly model works well for short and unfamiliar projects which you are not sure about. We offer an hourly model that is available, in which we offer service five days a week.

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Fixed price model is based on the estimate of the amount of work that needs to be done. In this model businesses do not have to pay anything extra than the agreed price. Our fix-budget model is great for small-term projects, start-ups and small businesses. We suggest this model for projects that have well-defined goals, vision or workflow that are unlikely to change over time.

How Do I Hire Dedicated Front-End Developers From You?

Hiring dedicated front-end developers from us is very simple, all you need to do is contact us at [email protected] And we will provide all the details and hiring choices. You can hire front-end developers on a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Hourly basis.

How Do I Track The Development Progress of My Project?

We always keep our clients in the loop when our team discusses and develops a project. Also to simplify the process we use many project management tools like Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Jeera, Teamwork. Also, our team will connect to you on your preferred time and communication platform.

What Project Management Tools Do You Use?

We use project management tools that define industry standards like Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Jeera, Teamwork. These tools will let you track the productivity of developers and check progress on your project daily. It makes task allocation and monitoring easy and smooth.

How Long Does It Take to Create The Front-end Of A Website?

The time for website development is hard to define because it depends upon the type of websites and other factors. Depending upon your website size and features it can take one to four weeks of time for customizing a website. Once the customization process is done it takes additional one to six weeks for the development phase depending on your required functionality and number of pages. At eSparkBiz we follow an agile development process for quicker project delivery.

Are Your Sites Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, absolutely, every website built by our front-end developers is mobile friendly. Our in house experts leverage responsive design methods to create a website that is compatible to all screen sizes from smartphones and tablets to desktop monitors.

Can I select the Frontend Development Team of My Choice?

Yes, at eSparkBiz we let you hire a front end development team that delivers optimal front end solutions for your business requirement. At the time of hiring we provide you with all the accurate information and team support for your assistance.

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