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Sector Solutions: Elevating Industries

Tailored Industry Software for a Business Makeover

eCommerce Industry

The eCommerce Industry almost grew doubled during the pandemic, with around $870 billion in sales in the US. By 2027, B2C eCommerce is likely to grow by $6 trillion globally. So you see, this humongous potentiality of the market mandates your product to shift from traditional brick-and-mortar showrooms to digital stores. Thinking about eCommerce mobile and app development? Then eSparkBiz is a renowned name in the eCommerce development industry that has years of eCommerce development experience. Having more than 370+ skilled developers for round-the-clock development of flexible, feature-rich apps with engaging UIs.

eSparkBiz serves eCommerce Industry with engaging development Solutions

Healthcare Industry

The on-demand health care services have pushed the healthcare industry to shake hands with digitalization. Today, around 77% of medical appointments are done online, And at least 47% of people look for doctor’s consultations and medical information online. It has to lead to open up a plethora of opportunities for the healthcare industry to go digital and double their customer experience. In such a case, our healthcare development solutions can help you grow your business and capture the market.

eSparkBiz serves Healthcare Industry adhering to their Data Privacy requirement

Media and Entertainment Industry

Today, the media and entertainment industry have truly taken the benefits of digitalization. A PwC report predicts that at least 62% of the estimated $2.6 trillion revenue of the media and entertainment industry comes from digital mediums. Leveraging the technologies, eSparkBiz’s skilled developers can help you transform your media and entertainment business. And empower you with digital solutions that can boost up your audience engagement, manage live streaming seamlessly, manage online talent, customize ads on the apps or websites, and many more. With advanced analytics features and unmatched UI/UX, our media and entertainment mobile app and software development are sure to bring a complete change in your digital journey.

eSparkBiz serves Media and Entertainment Industry with Appealing Solutions

Finance and Banking Industry

Round-the-clock access to banking services is the biggest gift of technology to the banking industry. With rising digital use, security concerns also rise. But a highly secured Digital transformation for banking services helps to prevent fraudulent activities and illicit money transfers. In addition, it helps improve the financial supply chain. Further, our custom FinTech development services let you build a highly-secured, feature-rich app with all prescribed Government policies and terms.

eSparkBiz serve Finance and Banking Industry with Highly-secure Fintech solutions

Insurance Industry

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, and other technologies have brought ground-breaking changes to the insurance sector. From writing policy terms and conditions to claiming policies, everything has gone digital. In this scenario, not embracing technology should be the last thing on your mind. To save from such faux pas, we develop scalable and fully-featured insurance software and apps with eSparkBiz to give your insurance business a leap forward.

eSparkBiz serve Insurance Industry with User-friendly FinTech Solutions

Security Industry

Technological advancements have reshaped global security capabilities. Enabling many businesses as well as countries to monitor their security concerns. From using cybersecurity, and AI for interpreting images and illegal activities to using IoT for connected security, we provide complete security solutions. So that the businesses, organizations, and official sectors can integrate smart security services into their business process.

  • Face Recognition Systems
  • Phishing Awareness Platform
  • Surveillance Management System
  • Custom Access Control System
  • Software Threat Protection Services
  • Mobile Device Management
eSparkBiz cater Security Industry with Secure Web and App solutions

Education Industry

After the pandemic, the education sector reinvented & revived itself by moving toward modern technology. It massively gave rise to the Education Technology or EdTech industry. By 2027, the EdTech industry is expected to cross $3 billion. It’s huge! Thus, digitalization brings transparency to education and many tools to help educators monitor homework, classes, submissions, smart teaching, etc. Owing to the potentiality of the technologies, we have also shifted our focus to the EdTech industry by helping businesses with cutting-edge R/VR, AI, IoT, decentralization, and more. And build easy-to-use, student-friendly, and defining EdTech apps and websites.

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Education Portals
  • Knowledge Bases and Wikis
  • mLearning Solutions
  • Custom Tests and Assessments
  • e-learning Reporting and Analytics
  • Talent Development Systems
  • Custom Simulators
  • Interactive Whiteboards
eSparkBiz assists Education Industry in achieving User-friendly solutions

Real Estate Industry

Significantly, the Real-estate industry has moved towards embracing technology. To ease down the lengthy paper-works, enable seamless payment methods, have effective client management, and maintain transparency. With our real-estate development services backed by Big Data, AI & ML, Predictive Analysis, and Blockchain technology, you will experience a complete digital transformation of your real-estate business with greater client satisfaction.

  • Mortgage Applications
  • MLS Software for Real Estate
  • Powerful Integration/IDX Integration Solutions
  • RPA Solutions for Real Estate
  • Vendor Management Software
  • Real Estate Mobile Apps
  • Smart Homes
eSparkBiz offer Real Estate Industry with enriching Web and Software Solutions

Sports Industry

interest in various sports, exploring the digitalized sports industry is not a bad idea. Moreover, technology is helping unlock unprecedented opportunities present in this industry. From widening the content reach to engaging sponsors and generating revenue, a fully-functional and well-designed application plays a greater role in increasing sports awareness and availability. Additionally, Fitness apps and sports coaching apps present completely different opportunities to explore sports ideas. Then why not venture into this field by leveraging our fitness/sports app development services and take your business idea a step ahead.

  • Score Tracking & Scoreboard App
  • Personal Training Mobile Apps
  • Fitness Tracker Mobile Apps
  • Betting Applications
  • Custom Scoring System
  • On-demand Sports App
eSparkBiz serve Sports Industry with effective Web and Software Solutions

Logistics and Transportation Industry

From smart capacity optimization, effective route planning, and interconnectivity between shippers and warehouses to improving safety and customer experience, digitalization in the logistics and transportation industry is proving disruptive. With eSparkBiz’s advanced software engineering, you can build fully-functional logistics and transportation apps and digital solutions to steer your growth towards innovation.

  • Asset Tracking
  • GPS Monitoring System
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain IoT Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Mobile Applications
  • Route Planning Software
  • Parcel Audit Software
eSparkBiz helps Logistics and Transportation Industry with enriching solutions

Agri-tech Industry

There are numerous inventive ways in which technology is now potentially disrupting the agriculture sector today. Statistically, the agriculture technology industry, or even better termed the agri-tech industry is predicted to generate 9 million jobs by 2024. And 50% of agri-tech startups have come up that provide supply chain solutions. All of this and more has opened a plethora of opportunities for businesses looking to come up with something new in this actor. Here, our smart agri-tech solution scan assists you with powerful GPS technology, work process automation, global collaboration, streamlining supply and inventory, and so much more.

  • Farm Management Systems
  • Supply Chain
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Smart IoT Sensors
  • Indoor and Vertical Farming
  • Robotics and Automation
eSparkBiz delivers Agri-tech Industry with satisfactory Solutions

Food and Beverages Industry

Online food delivery systems, smart restaurant management, digital menu, and other digital services in the food and beverage industry have swiftly turned businesses to adopt digitalization in their process. And leverage the benefits of all the merging technologies to the max as possible. Fret not, for the dedicated developers from eSParkBiz have years of experience in building top-rate chatbot-integrated food delivery systems and related applications. And can help you create your own, uniquely styled F&B-related apps that users would love to visit again and again.

  • Food Product Development Software
  • Food Manufacturing ERP Systems
  • Food Industry Supply Chain Management
  • Menu Creating and Management Software
  • Kitchen Maintenance and Management Software
  • Food Quality and Food Security Solutions
  • Food Distribution and Supply Software Solutions
eSparkBiz serves Food and Beverages Industry with User-friendly Solutions


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