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Stay ahead in your business by leveraging our next-generation cloud-native application development solutions. By employing only the best candidates, we develop complex applications in smart environments, minimising the total cost of deployment and fostering technological advancement to match the current market. You can consult our experts for efficient and sustainable IT solutions for your company.

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Unlock the True Power of Seamless Cloud Application Development

eSparkBiz Offers Reliable Cloud Application Development Services for achieving Business Excellence
How Can You Future-Proof Your Digital Transformation Program? Unlock Cloud-Native Opportunities

Today, the cloud can be considered a game changer empowering business and driving development. With Cloud Application Development Services from eSparkBiz, businesses can achieve the best that cloud computing has to offer. We closely work together with our customers and develop cloud applications from the ground up while following best practices of SaaS and PaaS.

We, being one of the top-notch Cloud Application Development Company, work with the best cloud technologies like AWS, Azure and offer best in class client experiences through key technologies like Python, . NET, Node. JS, and Java. Not only do we specialise in development, but we also have extensive experience in the deployment of applications that run optimally across various browsers without failing to adapt to the prevailing features and resolutions regardless of the device used.

Our cloud professionals critically scrutinise your pre-existing installations and determine areas where inefficiency can affect your cloud software solutions. For example, if you need help in implementing cloud applications using microservices, to transfer your existing system to the cloud, or to integrate several large-scale cloud platforms, our team is willing to help you become confident in first-tier cloud development services.

  • Opt for microservices architecture for flexibility, speed and capacity
  • Learn about cloud-native application development and DevOps techniques such as Kubernetes, container orchestration, and Docker.
  • Automate your cloud infrastructure deployed over the public, private or hybrid cloud with Gitlab CI/CD
  • Reap outcomes of enhanced integration of new technologies and improved practices
  • Optimize your business experience with custom cloud app development services

Improve Your Business Strategies with the Finest Cloud App Solutions

Learn how our approach to Cloud Application Development can help your business build and rapidly deploy highly available, scalable and secure cloud native applications. Take your online business to the next level through updated solutions and technical assistance for an effective build and shift to cloud environments.

Cloud App Development

Take your business one step ahead with our cloud-native application development services. Our services involve creating, constructing, and implementing highly reliable, high security, high performance containerized cloud applications that are specific to your requirements.

  • Justify project feasibility and sketch out an estimate of the cost and time to complete it.
  • Grow your app with advanced features like AI & Voice Recognition, Virtual Reality, Big data & Analytics, IoT & Wearables and more.
  • Design your app to run cohesively with other applications and other service platforms.
  • Provide urgent and ongoing support and maintenance to meet the altering needs of the business.

Application Migration to the Cloud

Enter the cloud era seamlessly and migrate your applications with the help of our migration services. We guarantee that massive changes and interfaces are implemented to make the transition as seamless as possible.

  • Migrate applications, or data warehouses, along with any changes that may be needed for this purpose.
  • Connect two worlds, cloud and on-premises, within a single hybrid system.
  • Execute seamless data migrations.
  • Develop code changes on a continuous integration model into a production environment.
  • Manage the cloud infrastructure for more efficiency.
  • Perform more tests to check the efficiency of the cloud application.

Holistic Multi Cloud Application Development Services

We offer customized solutions that are aligned to your business processes so as to allow you to leverage on the ability of cloud to scale and flex and cut costs. Throughout the entire process of cloud transformation, we provide you with professional consultation from an experienced team of cloud specialists. Using our industry's best practices and advanced solutions, we guarantee your Cloud app solution to be optimized, protected and tailored for continuous growth.

Cloud App Development

Our services incorporate cloud-native architectures that utilize serverless architectures, container orchestration, and cloud services for flexibility. Our solutions are focused on the efficient use of resources to ensure the growth of business. This includes coming up with the idea of the application, designing it, implementing it and even supporting it by making it compatible with your company’s systems and processes.

Through the help of our Cloud Application Development Services, your new addition is easily integrated into the current structures. Our expert team has focused on cloud native application development services to make your apps modern and scalable.

  • Employ serverless architecture for cost-effective solutions and scalability
  • Adopt a container orchestration solution to enhance the management of resources and reduce deployment time.
  • Secure and reliable object storage services for your data
  • Implement IAM to enhance access as well as implementing strong encryption systems.
  • Leverage cloud-native tools to streamline the development process.
Cloud Migration

Upgrade your apps and infrastructures to the cloud affordably with our migration services. We identify your organization’s current environment, find the best approach to migrating data, and perform the migration without much interruption. Our cloud native application development services help accelerate migration and reduce downtime.

By applying up-to-date techniques, we are capable of maintaining data quality as we move from one phase to another. Our migration specialists use specific tools and methodologies to automate the processes of server and database migration, and provide full control of data integrity and protection. We also offer improved migration tracking for better visibility and the ability to manage all your migrations in one place.

  • Automate server migrations to easily and securely transfer servers.
  • Use specialized database and large datasets migration tools
  • Monitor migration more efficiently and effectively by centralizing the process
  • Use reliable migration tools to maintain the integrity and security of the data.
  • Ensure minimal downtime during the migration process.
Cloud Infrastructure Management

Keep your cloud infrastructure performing well and safeguarded against security breaches with our cloud infrastructure management services. We also maintain infrastructure as code (IaC) and use a variety of native cloud management tools to autonomously provision and monitor resources. Our Cloud Services strategies include supervision of the infrastructure to guarantee it is always operating optimally.

Real-time monitoring and alerting services are also part of our cloud-native application development solutions. Our professionals also work proactively to manage your infrastructure and ensure its operation parameters are further enhanced with the best security measures to guard your cloud resources. To increase visibility and gain access to actionable information in real-time for purposes of proactive intervention, we use cloud-native monitoring services.

  • Streamline management and deployment of resources to ensure greater control and use of standardized processes.
  • Supervise and enhance infrastructure usage for greatest effectiveness
  • Ensure that optimal security measures are in place to safeguard the cloud resources.
  • Monitor and operate your microservices architectures by accessing real-time data and information from cloud-native services.
  • Utilize IaC for consistent and repeatable deployments.
Cloud Integration

Transform your cloud applications, legacy systems and third-party services into a tightly-knit cohesive unit with our integration services. We help you manage the flow of information and maintain smooth business processes across the IT landscape. Our specialists guarantee a proper workflow integration, which leads to the elimination of unnecessary bottlenecks.

We use modern integration approaches to ensure data consistency and availability for your everyday tasks. Our integration solutions facilitate data integration across multiple cloud and on-premise applications and systems; This includes the integration of data from multiple public and private clouds, as well as executing business processes and ensuring secure data transmission.

  • Integrate tools, applications and systems in the cloud and private infrastructure
  • Integrate data from various sources including the public and private cloud services.
  • Operational manage business processes through linking up of operations and information.
  • Maintain identity and privacy of the data during integration through secure authentication and encryption of data in transit.
  • Enhance real-time data synchronization across platforms.
Cloud Consulting

Take advantage of our best-in-class cloud strategy, architecture, and implementation solutions by availing our cloud consulting solutions. In today’s cloud environment, it is always best to have professional advice on how to deal with any issues that may require attention. The services we offer are deep consultations to ascertain your business requirements for cloud services properly.

We guarantee you stress-free migration to any cloud and that the move is tactically right. Our cloud services include cloud planning, where we establish the overall cloud strategy based on your business objectives, cloud assessment, in which we assess your organization’s readiness for the cloud, cloud feasibility, where we determine the viability of migrating to the cloud, and cloud preparedness, where we work with the client to specify necessary preparation for successful cloud implementation.

  • Create coherent cloud initiatives to deliver your goals
  • Check your current cloud readiness level and estimate possible barriers
  • Assess and decide on the efficiency of migration
  • Prepare your organization for a successful cloud implementation
  • Receive customized cloud strategies aligned with your business objectives.
Managed SRE

Transform your infrastructure by engaging our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) specialists to optimize your infrastructure, achieve 24/7 availability of your applications, and reduce downtime with our outsourced SRE services. To deal with cloud infrastructure challenges, we only use tested and trusted business processes. Our cloud native application development services include; system reliability engineering to improve your system's performance.

We ensure that there is constant monitoring and prompt action in case of any incident to prevent downtime. SRE here includes constant surveillance and control of our cloud environment, constant check on the applications with the ability to use SLO-based monitoring, faster response to incidents and determination of the root cause, along with better observability for better decisions related to scaling.

  • Preventive and dynamic supervision and management of cloud structure
  • Application performance management with SLO-driven monitoring
  • Quick response to any incident that occurs and determining the cause of the incident to avoid any further interruption.
  • Improved visibility for safe, data-backed growth plans
  • Implement automation to enhance response times and efficiency.
Cloud Deployment

Make your cloud applications easily accessible by users and be guaranteed of a seamless scaling up through cloud deployment solutions. Here, we utilize up to date deployment tools and have created integration and delivery automation (CI/CD) structures. Our Cloud Application Development Services also integrate complex deployment strategies to optimize availability and performance.

We control the deployment pipeline to minimize time to market while at the same time ensuring that the solution is scalable. Our innovative skills involve utilizing principles to deploy and scale applications, configuring CI/CD processes for effective application deployments, and enhancing availability and performance of the applications across the cloud.

  • Deploy and scale applications faster with cloud-native tools
  • Automate CD/CI processes for quick and efficient deployments
  • Opt for deployment platforms that are specifically suited for various cloud settings
  • Optimise deployment models for enhanced reliability and responsiveness
  • Ensure high availability and performance through optimized deployment strategies.
Cloud App Consulting

We offer consulting services to manage the challenges associated with cloud app development, migration and optimization. We ensure that our consultants offer guidance and support throughout the implementation process. To help you get the most from your cloud apps, our specialists offer a detailed consultation on how your apps match your business objectives.

We have expertise in the cloud that allows us to guide you through the difficult process of cloud solution implementation. We help connect business goals to cloud app deployment, evaluate the viability of cloud apps and the quality of existing apps and coordinate intuitive user interaction for better adoption and deliver clear project blueprints and timelines for deployment.

  • Ensure the cloud app strategies are integrated with business goals
  • Perform a feasibility study and evaluation of the current quality of the apps
  • Apply UX to achieve a high level of user engagement.
  • Create detailed project management overviews and timelines
  • Optimize cloud app performance through continuous monitoring and feedback.
Cloud App Containerization

We offer you our services in containerization of your applications and components to gain better portability, scalability, and utilization in the cloud. Our applications and their dependencies are easily bundled into containers for easy deployment and handling. Cloud Application Development Services that we provide encompass a modern method of containerization to optimize resources.

Here, we make sure that your applications are highly moveable across different settings. Consultants optimize application portability and simplicity in containers, optimize and decrease overhead expenses with virtualization resources, implement and manage containerized applications, and utilize container orchestration tools as the main tools for container management.

  • Optimize application portability and scalability with containers
  • Ease resource utilization and bring down overhead expenses
  • Simplify container application deployment and administration
  • Use container orchestration to better manage containers
  • Achieve consistent performance and efficiency across environments.
Cloud Security

Protect your cloud initiatives with exceptional cloud security offered by our experts. We cover all the areas of security, ranging from threat detection and analysis to offering recommendations and solutions in case of breach. Data, application, and infrastructure are some of the key facets we work to protect. Security is a key consideration in our Cloud Application Development solution to protect your data and applications.

These are stringent measures that we take with a view of ensuring that there is no way any form of threat can occur. Our security specialists analyze and eliminate threats in your cloud environment, manage access permissions and procedures for data confidentiality, analyze compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices, and consistently analyze and improve the security of your cloud.

  • Identifying security risks in a cloud environment
  • Secure data with access control and data encryption
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Improve and sustain the cloud security regime
  • Implement continuous security monitoring and threat detection.
Cloud Usage Optimisation

Optimize the usage of Cloud infrastructure and reduce spending by trusting our Cloud usage optimization services. We will also track and analyze the various resources which are consumed in the cloud to minimize cost. The Cloud Application Development Services that we offer include best practices on the use of the cloud and ways of attaining cost savings on operation expenses.

Here, we let you save time and resources through our sophisticated monitoring devices. It means that our experts track resource usage, apply measures for resource self-provisioning or auto-scaling, recommend and implement most effective data storage solutions, as well as define unused or overloaded resources.

  • Track Usage Trends of Cloud Resources
  • Use auto- scaling to support dynamic provisioning of resources
  • Design data storage architecture to be cost-efficient
  • Examine and eradicate inefficient or overworked resources
  • Implement predictive analytics for better resource planning.
Cloud Maintenance & Support

Get the best assistance for the management and upkeep of your cloud applications today with our outstanding maintenance solutions. We will identify any bottlenecks that may hollow down the system and have a backup plan to resolve them before they cause problems.

Key principles of our cloud-native application development solutions help to solve ongoing issues and require constant care to remain efficient and easy to navigate within the cloud environment. We offer 24/7 managed services for cloud applications such as continuous monitoring and issue resolution, application performance and security improvements, periodic maintenance, and update services to ensure smooth functioning and personalized support with service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Monitoring and managing issues for cloud applications
  • Performance optimization and security enhancements
  • Maintenance and evaluation to ensure operations run smoothly
  • Assistance with references, options and other specifics involving stated SLAs
  • Ensure high availability with real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Our Strengths in Cloud Application Development Services

With complete end-to-end understanding and actual experience in cloud application development solutions, we can guarantee your business’s success and its ability to stand out in the digital world.

Service Model Knowledge:

We have profound expertise in different types of cloud models under which we can propose the best solution to address your needs.

Scalable Solution

Scalability of every application is embedded within our development strategies, implying that the applications that we develop can be scaled up in line with the growth of your business.

Microservices Adoption

Adopting the microservices architecture helps create modular and scalable applications, thus enabling the quick development and continuous deployment of the applications.

Security First

Security is one of the critical aspects we focus on in our design to ensure your applications and data cannot be vulnerable to different threats.

Resiliency and Redundancy

Our architectures follow resiliency and redundancy patterns because applications should be able to operate gracefully even when failures occur.

Cloud-Native Utilization

We utilize cloud-native services and solutions to reap the full value of cloud infrastructure, performance, and resource utilization.

API Focus

Implementation of strong APIs remains our priority because it allows your programs to work efficiently within and with other systems.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Approaches

We analyse multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to gain the primary advantage of flexibility and avoid the disadvantages of sticking to a particular provider.

DevOps Integration

With integrated DevOps processes, we maintain strong coordination between development and operations departments for quicker and more effective application deployment.


We eliminate manual steps as much as possible to minimize errors from them and enhance the efficiency at each phase of software development and deployment.

Cost Optimisation

Our focus on resource usage expends important value by effectively restricting the spending plan without reducing either proficiency or usefulness.

Data Governance and Compliance

We make sure that applications are compliant with all data governance policies and regulations and help protect and keep your organizational information safe.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

With CI/CD pipelines, we can deliver applications quickly and with greater confidence – minimizing time to market.

Implement IaC

For infrastructure, we prefer the infrastructure as code (IaC) approach for greater reliability of provisioning and lesser scope for human error.

Continuous Monitoring

We are committed to effective monitoring and logging to track and correct existing problems and maintain the best performance of the application.

Innovation Awareness

Our experts are always up to date on the newest advancements and implementations of cloud computing to ensure that you’re always up to date.

User Experience Priority

We focus on the user’s benefits which include high application usage and high satisfaction due to the better, faster, and more reliable applications.

Performance Optimization

We use performance monitoring and maintenance procedures as a way of guaranteeing that applications run at optimum are practiced.

Incident Management and Response

Preemptive incident handling and our quick response procedures further reduce chances of occurrence and effects on business operations.

Scalability and Load Testing

During functional testing, we perform scalability and load testing to determine the application’s ability to change its traffic level and increase when necessary.

Our Cloud Apps: Designed for High Performance

At eSparkBiz, we consider cloud application development services the opportunity to build an application that provides exceptional performance, reliability, and scalability to ensure our clients’ success.

Scalability and Portability

We design applications as containers for microservices, which allows easy horizontal scaling and eliminates possible issues when migrating from one service provider to another or during high loads.


Our applications utilize hierarchical service structures, message queues, dynamic scaling, and automated recovery mechanisms to eliminate single points of failure.


By using layered architectures, well-defined interfaces, and modern components, we guarantee that our cloud apps can be plugged into other systems as needed and easily modified to meet new incoming demands.


We maintain high security measures including ISO 27001, CIS control, NIST and OWASP measures, strict role-based access control and data encryption, and use secure code development practices.


Having a complete range of materials, including reusable code, automated tests and cloud service optimization we minimize the expenses on development, maintenance, and hosting.


From the planning stage to the implementation process, our compliance specialists make sure your cloud applications align with HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, ZATCA, and SAMA regs.

Delivering Exceptional Cloud Application Development Services: Our Proven Approach

Get the most out of your cloud services with our proven methodology for cloud applications. We thus integrate well-developed best practices, profound industry knowledge, and constant focus on quality to provide you with outstanding cloud apps that advance business outcomes.

Predictable project budget

We give you a clear idea of the cost of the project right from the start so that you can manage your expenses well. Our teams track budget spending and identify likely areas of overspending and approaches to prevent such occurrences.

Quick, tangible results

Fast integration is possible because we have clear and simple onboarding procedures in place; our system follows the Agile approach, which means that minor updates are made daily, and more significant updates are made every 2-3 weeks.

Simplified code maintenance

Leveraging strict coding standards, well-structured software design, and alignment with Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards, we strive to produce clean and scalable code.

A high level of automation

We have over a decade of DevOps experience that includes seamlessly integrating code, reducing testing time, and continuously monitoring to ensure more frequent releases at a change failure rate of below 5%.

Incorporated industry specifics

As experienced IT consultants and developers, our team has hands-on experience across over 30 industries so we understand the issues you face and how to accurately convey that into a project scope and quality solution.

Adept project managers & well-defined communication points

Our expert project managers recruit competent team members, identify and manage risks, coordinate the change request process, and act as a focal person in providing a bridge between business and other interdependent self-organizing, distributed teams.

Self-managed cross-functional teams

Our cloud application development company provides successful software delivery because of cross-functional teams consisting of developers, security engineers, testers, scrum masters and cloud engineers. The unique expertise of each member facilitates innovative development.

Leveraging the Power of Cloud Models

We have experience in cloud application development across all the models, making it easier for us to provide you with customized services and outcomes.


We utilize various SaaS platforms including Salesforce, AWS, Azure, and Google App engine to design new cloud-based applications that suit your requirements.


Our developers apply Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions presented as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Stack, and Google Cloud Platform as the solid and flexible ground for your cloud applications.


To simplify the process of application development in cloud environments, we use well-known representatives of Platform as a Service (PaaS) such as Heroku, and IBM Bluemix, facilitating development, integration, testing and deployment of data lake solutions.


With Database as a Service (DaaS) offerings like Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Google Cloud Datastore and Azure SQL Database, our developers can easily set up and scale databases on the cloud.

Why Choose eSparkBiz for Cloud Application Development Services?

Being a reputed cloud native application development services provider, eSparkBiz enforces cloud solutions for businesses as per the organizational needs and requirements. We employ a team of highly skilled professionals to develop, implement and manage modern and efficient cloud applications that foster innovation and growth.

Proven Experience

Our massive experience in leveraging platform features makes us achieve optimized cloud application development services delivering more reliable solutions that conform to best industry practices.

Scalable Architecture

Our Cloud-Native Application Development solutions primarily comprise the development of highly scalable and adaptable structures to meet fluctuating workloads without compromising performance.

Best-fit Cloud Solution

Based on your business requirements, we identify the best and deploy an ideal cloud solution that enhances the functionality and effectiveness of your business.

Excellent Knowledge

Leverage our vast cloud knowledge and combine it with advanced research and best practices when developing new, state-of-the-art cloud applications.

Full Cycle Development

We’re with you from inception to ongoing management guaranteeing timely and efficient configuration, deployment and support of your cloud solutions.

Serverless Deployment

Our developers drive code innovation, using serverless to take advantage of flexibility, security, and efficiency in cloud application services.

Improved Code Maintenance

In compliance with the principles set by CNCF, we value proper documentation and maintain optimal architectural designs, and implement quality assurance measures across the development process.

End-to-End Support

Having detailed certifications and robust partnerships in cloud, PaaS, and SDN, we can provide complete coverage in cloud application development processes at every phase.

High-Quality Standards & Timely Delivery

We are a team of AWS and Azure certified personnel and thus, we adhere to best practices in development, quality assurance, and deployment to ensure timely production of superior solutions.

100's of Happy Clients

From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, we, as a pioneering offshore software outsourcing firm, cater to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Here are some touching testimonials from our happy clients:

Sarah Malavenda

They are so efficient, fast, smart, and kind.

Sarah Malavenda

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Why Choose eSparkBiz?

Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cloud application development services?

Cloud application development services include conceptualization, establishment, and hosting of applications that operate on cloud environments. These services are based on cloud-native technologies to achieve high availability, portability, and affordability.

What are the differences between cloud application development and traditional application development?

Cloud application development is the process of designing and implementing applications in a cloud computing environment, allowing applications to be more extendable and portable than traditional in-house applications. It also supports distributed computing and microservices architecture.

Can on-premises systems be integrated with cloud applications?

Indeed, it is possible to integrate cloud applications with on-premises systems using APIs and Integration tools. It helps maintain data integrity and compatibility of cloud and on-premises architectures without interruption.

What are the ways to secure cloud applications?

Cloud applications feature data encryption, access restrictions, recurrent security assessments, and compliance with various standards. Cloud platforms also have basic security mechanisms that you can use to protect data and applications.

In what ways do cloud application development services enhance scalability?

Cloud application development services enable scalability as the applications use cloud resources that are elastic in nature. This includes autoscaling features offered by cloud platforms through which applications are able to manage loads.

In what ways does cloud application enhance collaboration and efficiency?

Cloud application development increases business efficiency by offering frameworks and platforms that can enhance communication, manage versions, and work remotely. This facilitates improved internal efficiency and collaboration of development teams.

How are cloud applications monitored and maintained?

With Performance monitoring tools for cloud like AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Google Cloud Monitoring, cloud applications are managed and supported. They help in understanding the performance of applications and facilitate the identification of problems before they escalate.

What are the advantages of cloud native application development services?

With cloud native application development services, there is more scalability than with the traditional monolithic applications, less operational cost, faster time to deploy, and better performance. They also facilitate continuous integration and delivery to keep up with and also update applications.

Which technologies are typically employed in the process of creating cloud applications?

Most of the cloud applications are implemented through such clouds as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM cloud. These platforms offer various services and utilities to foster the development of cloud-native applications.

What is application migration from legacy systems to the cloud?

Cloud migration of applications means evaluating current hardware/software setup, determining the approach to be used such as re-hosting, re-platforming or re-factoring, and then migrating the application to the cloud while incurring little to no disruption to the business. Monitoring and optimization after migration are also important.

What does cloud infrastructure management mean?

Cloud infrastructure management is the process of controlling and enhancing several components needed for cloud applications such as the server, storage, and network. It guarantees that the required infrastructure services are adequately delivered, and are safe, efficient, and affordable.

Which tools are typically utilized when cloud-native applications are being created?

Some of the relatable technologies integrated into cloud-native application development include Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Jenkins.

What is the impact of AI and IoT on cloud applications?

Cloud application development benefits from AI and IoT by providing an added layer of capabilities that include data analysis, machine learning, and automation. These technologies complement the strengths and benefits of cloud applications.

When it comes to managing SRE services, what are they and how do they affect cloud applications?

Outsourced SRE services pertain to the use of engineering techniques in Cloud applications’ reliability and performance management. These services add up to achieving large-scale infrastructure automation and self-organization as well as keeping downtime low through quick identification and resolution of incidents and their root causes.