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Hire our experienced technology evangelists to develop the best and most complex software solutions with ease. We provide CTO-level tech experts for hire to power your CTO department and act as your CTO to help you reach new heights and grow technology rapidly.

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Excellent CTO Advisory Services To Propel Your Growth

eSparkBiz offers best in class CTO service
Experienced & Seasoned CTO Advisory Services That Suits Your Business’s Need Of The Hour

After being a leading technology consulting company and partner for many years, we have ventured into helping other companies get the best insights from experienced and thoughtful leaders. Our CTO Advisory services cover multiple technologies, domains, and industries so that you have an all-around coverage.

Our personalized CTO consulting services offer you a unique way to interact with experienced leaders and allow them to lead the technology parts of your business. We will work with IT departments and various teams in your organization to build the best products, processes, and infrastructure that support your growing needs.

When you opt for our CTO consulting services, our technological experts stay aligned with you at all times, and they act as your consulting CTO, guiding you through complex and ever-changing IT needs.

Whether you need to focus on one specific technology or area or you want to improve the overall IT processes and products in your organization, our CTO as a service will surely be helpful.

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CTO as a Service include:

Whether it is about understanding your current tech stack and guiding you in building a future-ready tech stack or building a team of the best engineers, our CTO service provides multiple service aspects.

Evaluate Tech Stack Vision - We help you evaluate tech stack vision for your company’s present and future needs. Our CTO advisory leaders will take decisions that make your company future-ready, secure, and scalable.

Build Winning Teams - Our CTO advisory leaders have experience in building many winning teams in the past. They will help you identify the right talent to help you build a balanced and high-performing team for all your products.

Development Budget Optimization - Our CTO services can help you reduce and optimize development budgets by carefully reviewing project plans, resources, and other important things.

Architecture and Infrastructure Review - With our CTO leaders, we will help in reviewing existing infrastructure and suggest changes that can result in efficient utilization of resources as well as reduced operating costs.

Compliance Roadmap and Overseeing - eSparkBiz’s CTO services help you by keeping your compliances in check while overseeing the development processes. We also prepare a compliance roadmap where we list out all the compliances to adhere to.

Management Best Practice - Our CTO leaders ensure everyone follows all the best practices in their daily work so that teams can perform their deliveries without any worries. We also help in nurturing the right talent in teams.

Featured Software Development Projects

Explore these amazing Software projects developed over 12+ years by our experts to help our precious clients tackle real obstacles and boost their businesses - one of the reasons why they keep coming back to us!

Hospitality Redefined – Unleashing IoT Smart Devices and Access for Revolutionary Guest Experiences.

Radefy is revolutionizing the hospitality industry by harnessing the power of IoT smart devices to create unparalleled guest experiences. With our cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach, we are transforming traditional hotel stays into immersive journeys that cater to every guest’s individual needs.

  • Core Technology: React JS | .NET
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Number of Developers: 7

Unleashing the Power of Data in Real Estate with an Advanced Analytics Platform

An advanced web-based platform called ESRP offers detailed analytical data in the form of graphical representations for several American industries, regions, firms, occupations, and racial, ethnic, and gender groups. Users can upload CSV files and other data source files to the platform and receive data visualizations thanks to its user-friendly interface.

  • Core Technology: React JS | Node | Laravel
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Number of Developers: 10 Members

Sales Enablement & Performance Tracking Platform

Refreshingly simple, yet powerful in results, Goals.com drives sales performance through goal setting, tracking, incentives and so much more. This motivates sales teams to achieve and exceed their objectives. The platform’s unique combination of simplicity and powerful features leads to tangible and impactful outcomes, making it an invaluable asset for driving sales success.

  • Core Technology: React | Node | Android | iOS
  • Duration: 9 Months
  • Number of Developers: 4 Members

SAAS-based Social Media Automation Platform

One for All offers a comprehensive solution for managing your favorite social media platforms. With seamless scheduling of posts (crafted by our integrated ChatGPT if desired) and in-depth analytics, complemented by groundbreaking AI capabilities, our platform takes your social media management to the next level—all conveniently available in a single place.

  • Core Technology: Laravel | Angular | iOS
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Number of Developers: 10 Members

Uniting NFT Enthusiasts Worldwide in an Innovative Marketplace and Hub for Digital Creators

Through its visionary approach, this platform brings together artists, creators, and crypto investors, providing them with an all-encompassing environment to participate in the purchasing, selling, and exchanging of innovative NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), event tickets, and cryptocurrencies.

  • Core Technology: React | Node | Android | iOS
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Number of Developers: 6 Members

Ready to start your dream project?

Solutions Our CTO Can Assist you with

At eSparkBiz, we provide multiple CTO advisory services to businesses around the world. Our services are catered to fit every business scale starting from startups to large multinational enterprises. Whether you want guidance on driving strategic initiatives or looking to optimize costs and use resources efficiently, our CTO experts are on their toes to help you with everything.

Strategic management of digital transformation

Strategic Management for Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

With many businesses in need of digital transformation services, Our CTO leaders can help you navigate successfully in this vast area with the right guidance. Our CTO leaders have successfully delivered many enterprise-wide digital transformation projects at once, and doing that for your business will also be easy for them.

Our expert teams will assess your current technological standing and help you identify the right areas to invest in for effective digital transformation of your enterprise. We will also create an easy-to-follow roadmap for your teams that can be referenced to understand digital readiness at each checkpoint of project completion.

eSparkBiz helps in Strategic management of digital transformation

Tech strategy and architecture

Future-proofing Technology Strategies and Architecture

We offer CTO consulting services through our highly experienced technology leaders, who can aid you in creating a tech strategy for your business. Whether it is about adopting the cloud or going remote, our CTO services will help you design a personalized tech strategy and architecture enablement plans.

We can also help you in selecting the right tools, technologies, and platforms to future-proof your technology growth and architecture. We do this by assessing your current technologies being used and how your industry will grow in the upcoming years.

eSparkBiz assist businesses in Tech strategy and architecture

Project management and growth

Effective Project Management To Unlock Rapid Growth

To deliver projects successfully, effective management becomes vital. Our seasoned CTOs have delivered many great projects and products during their tenure, and they have understood the role of project management in unlocking growth.

Our CTOs have mastered delivering complex projects from scratch in a defined timeline without overrunning costs. Due to this, our project management teams and leaders factor in everything from product development, support, maintenance, updates, and bug fixes during the project planning phase.

With efficient planning, we can ensure that the resources are channeled in the right area so that your enterprise can unlock growth rapidly.

eSparkBiz assist businesses in Project management and growth

Resource estimation and management

Optimal Resource Management For Best ROI

No one has unlimited resources, and it requires proper resource estimation and management skills to get the best out of limited resources. Our expert CTO advisors will help in evaluating all your resources and how they should be used to get the best return on investments. Moreover, they can also aid in resource estimations so that you have an idea about your requirements from the start, and you can take action to fulfill those requirements.

Our experts help you in planning your annual budget, and human capital needs to always be on the safer side. They will guide you in minimizing your operational costs effectively and obtain the worth of revenue from your investment from all your resources.

eSparkBiz assist businesses in Resource estimation and management

Scale up your Businesses with our CTO services

Our CTO experts are always ready to take on challenging advisory roles, and we provide tailored CTO experts who match your organizational scale and requirements to get better results.

Startups & scale-ups

If you are a startup or scale-up enterprise who is looking to benefit from experienced CTO leaders without spending a huge amount, our CTO advisory is the right fit for you. As a startup and Scale-up advisory, our leaders will focus more on mentoring you toward building the right products and following the best practices right from the start. Moreover, our services will also help you understand your costs and focus on reducing them and channeling them in the right direction.

  • Building Product Roadmaps
  • Mentoring Teams
  • Setting up best practices-led development
Established Organizations

CTOs at established organizations often have to make many decisions at once, and it becomes hard at some point. Our CTO service can be helpful in deciding critical decisions that need to be taken so that the business runs smoothly, and you can keep making smaller changes to be future-ready.

  • Strategic Decision-making For Products
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Supporting Innovations

As an enterprise customer, your primary objective of availing a CTO service would be to make your infrastructure secure and scalable. Our CTO advisors and engineers do the same. They help you in building a resilient infrastructure for your business and also support you in making changes faster. Moreover, they can also undertake large-scale digital transformation projects for your enterprise to make it future-ready.

  • Strengthening Security Posture
  • Digital Transformations at Scale
  • Efficient Resource Management

Benefits of CTO as a Service with eSparkBiz

Working with world-class CTO advisory services like us provides multiple benefits. We can help you reduce costs, or achieve improved performance across your organization, our expert CTO advisor teams can surely be of good help to you

Reduced Costs

C-level executives are hard to hire, and they also demand exorbitant salaries, which add up to your costs. By availing eSparkBiz’s CTO as a Service plan, you can reduce your costs drastically as you don’t have to hire a full-time CTO for your business. Our expert advisors will be your CTOs, and they will help in making all strategic decisions for technology and people associated with your tech function.

Increased Flexibility

With every new change, your CTO needs to evolve and adopt the newer technologies to lead the teams effectively. Our CTO experts are always learning and innovating with the newest technology. With their adequate experience and visionary mindset, they are ready to adapt to every new challenge with flexibility. Moreover, as your needs evolve, you can also hire a CTO advisor with different skill sets from us.

Improved Performance

CTO advisors help in improving your team’s performance by taking the right steps in the right direction. They can help in deciding the better technologies, architecture setups, and many other things that can aid in improved performance for your teams and products.


Our CTO experts will understand your requirements first and then come up with a futuristic and achievable vision for your business. They will work closely with different teams and stakeholders to get their vision into reality. Moreover, with many years of industry experience, our experts can draw from their experience and create a vision for your business that can allow tremendous growth in revenues, productivity, and performance.


With multiple years of experience as technology leaders, our experts have handled various challenging conditions, and they have solved many great issues. They can help you in creating awesome product strategies that will surely succeed in gaining more customers for your products. Their strategic intelligence and execution of various projects will ensure that your most impactful items are delivered first without any issues.

Why Companies Love Working with Our Software Development Team

From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, our software development firm caters to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Below, you'll find testimonials from some of our satisfied clients:

4.9 ratings
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Their employees are Greatfull & Helpful.
Stefan CTO at IT Company
They have a wide range of knowledge and work in many different technologies.
Jarrick Cooper Director of Web Strategy
eSparkBiz goes beyond what's reasonably asked of from a vendor.
Kenn Palm CEO of StillWaters Technologies, Inc
They are so efficient, fast, smart, and kind.
Sarah Malavenda Co-Founder, Samata Health
eSparkBiz's work allowed us to meet and exceed client expectations.
Matt Stellwagen CEO of 540 Design Studio LLC

Types of CTO as a Service from eSparkBiz

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Full-time CTO
If you are just starting out as a technology company and don’t have a full-time CTO, we can help you by providing an expert and industry-vetted full-time CTO for your needs. When you hire a full-time CTO, they play crucial roles in creating product strategies, roadmaps, architecture, and many other important tasks as full-time CTOs for your business.
2 week free trial available*
Part-time CTO
If you already have a CTO but want some more experts to handle your CTO activities, a part-time CTO from us may be of good help. Our Part-time CTOs will do their best to help your tech departments improve over time and guide them to deliver the best products. Moreover, our part-time CTOs can accommodate time zone differences, so that they are accessible to your teams easily.
2 week free trial available*
On-demand/fractional CTO
Our On-demand CTO services are a good fit for you if you need to consult someone for key projects or decisions. They will guide you in the right direction without being a full-time hire. Get in touch for our on-demand CTO services whenever you want to make something amazing and need guidance from industry experts.
2 week free trial available*

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Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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