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Stay Ahead of the Game With Custom Cloud App Development

eSparkBiz is a highly Trusted Cloud Application Development Company
We mold your requirements into future-proof cloud solutions on industry-leading platforms. It's time to scale up your business and upgrade your delivery quality for massive returns.

Cloud application development, integration or migration is a crucial business process for productive workflows and enhanced customer experience. As a top cloud-based application development company, we capitalise the most robust cloud platforms to build web apps, mobile apps, logic apps and API solutions.

Our products deliver impeccable digital experiences without having you go over your budget. Moreover, we get started on your project immediately. The teams in our cloud-based application development company use their specialised expertise to build and deploy secure and sophisticated ML and IoT solutions using cloud computing.

We use the length and breadth of our knowledge to develop far-reaching cloud implementation blueprints. Thus, your company can grow with us by leveraging a flexible and powerful software infrastructure. We optimise, deploy or migrate your assets to the cloud only after thorough testing and evaluation. The entire project progresses in a transparent way, keeping us and our clients on the same page.

  • We creates solutions to meet a business’ long and short-term goals using DevOps best practices.
  • We ensure that your rise to the cloud simplifies your operations with a sustainable IT ecosystem.
  • Our cloud solutions serve industries like real estate, automotive, banking, and healthcare.
  • We develop solutions on all leading cloud platforms, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.
  • We employ tools like Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes to manage cloud infrastructure.

Our Dynamic Cloud Development Solutions

We are your partners in designing, building, managing and migrating your apps to the cloud. Our seasoned teams have the technical skills and knowledge to implement just the right strategy to fulfill your needs, be it cloud adoption, development, integration, or transition.

Cloud App Design and Development

eSparkBiz designs and builds cloud app development solutions that are scalable, fully secure, and have efficiency built into them. We deliver custom applications that support your relevant technology needs. Our experts:

  • Evaluate the value of the app development project and provide average cost and time estimates.
  • Equip your applications with the latest technologies like AI, Virtual Reality, Big Data and IoT.
  • Enhance your app's capabilities with third-party integrations.
  • Offer ongoing support and maintenance solutions for your cloud app to keep it competitive.

Custom Cloud Migration

Our cloud application development services assess your business ecosystem and create a roadmap, workflow and smooth collaboration for your move to the cloud. We do the following:

  • Application or Data Warehouse Migration to the cloud for better performance and scalability.
  • Combine cloud and on-premises environments into a hybrid infrastructure to support your business processes.
  • Smooth and cost-effective data migration process using the CI/CD technique.
  • Comprehensive cloud application testing to check functionalities and performance

Transform Digitally With Robust Cloud Application Development Solutions

Modernize your business infrastructure and tackle the challenges of reliability and scalability head-on with our Cloud Application Development Services. From consulting, architecture design, testing, and implementation to migration and after-launch support, eSparkBiz helps you with every step in your cloud adoption journey.

Cloud App Development

Cloud applications are defined by their high scalability, flexibility, and accessibility. The innovative solutions have numerous capabilities. These include massive data processing, reduced latency, and increased uptime. Custom cloud apps optimize various processes and workflows as well as add a great value in better collaboration.

As a renowned Cloud application development company, eSparkBiz harnesses extensive cloud development capabilities. We can build apps using the latest technologies, so your teams can reap the benefits of increased security and cost-savings and gain critical business insights.

  • We create effective strategies to ensure faster and streamlined cloud application development.
  • We are skilled at migrating your on-premise applications to the cloud.
  • Our cloud app architectures are highly performant and prioritize security.
  • We efficiently develop SaaS-based products using the cloud that facilitate smooth user experience and easy management of our implementations.
  • We blend the capabilities of the cloud with big data and machine learning to achieve sustainable IT outcomes.
Cloud Migration

Cloud migration involves migrating the digital assets and IT resources of an organization to the virtual cloud environment. It can be AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. Doing so helps you get past the challenges of outdated legacy infrastructures and subpar hardware and software.

Cloud migration promotes the creation of elastic digital workspaces. Such workspaces can take up the increase in online demand and introduce agility in processes. A top cloud-based application development company facilitates a seamless migration that supports new business needs.

  • We develop a cloud migration strategy and determine the apps that need to be moved to the suitable cloud platform.
  • Our experts modernize your current apps and create new ones to execute the migration process.
  • Our migration process is risk-optimized, well-synchronized, and secure.
  • We are experienced in migrating ERP, database, CMS, programming code, and IT infrastructure.
  • Our teams diligently monitor and maintain the migrated apps.
Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud infrastructure comprises the hardware and software for cloud computing. Its management involves overseeing servers, software, and every network device that supports the cloud environment. When it is fully optimized and managed, business applications acquire greater flexibility and scalability.

eSparkBiz as a reputed cloud based application development company, possess expertise in managing multi-cloud environments. We help you design and configure all the parts of the infrastructure that make the foundation of your cloud applications. This provides you with the capabilities needed to manage integrated resources securely.

  • We can monitor and manage any IT environment of varying complexity.
  • Our teams skillfully use AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure as code and Google Cloud Deployment Manager to automate resource allocation.
  • We utilise managed storage and database technologies to build databases for scalable applications.
  • We manage cloud infrastructure to ensure efficient operation and effective management of security and compliance.
  • Our expertise in using infrastructure management tools brings security, cost optimisation, and greater visibility in the IT environment.
Cloud Integration

Connect disparate systems by integrating them with the cloud. Cloud integration promotes easy accessibility of data from different devices, which can be done anytime. It facilitates uninterrupted collaboration and agile data operations. Also, it assists in building models that lead to insights from data.

Our Cloud application development company connects APIs, databases and different network resources to the cloud. It results in improved efficiency, reduced operational expenses, and improved internal communication. Thus, your company's ability to operate effectively goes up.

  • We help you integrate with platforms like AWS or Azure without any glitches.
  • Our experts sync software with integration platforms like MuleSoft and Apache Camel.
  • Our teams can scale integrations between your custom and commercial systems by leveraging cloud services.
  • We provide complete support with cloud integration architecture design, integration development from scratch, and testing.
  • Our teams also offer post-integration support and admin training.
Cloud Consulting

Comprehensive cloud consulting helps companies wade through challenges and eliminate costly risks. Also, it prevents downtimes and disrupted budgets. Our consultants offer tailored guidance on moving your digital assets to the cloud. This helps accelerate business growth and improve operational capabilities.

Experienced consultants assess the current IT infrastructure and plan the adoption of the cloud. Consulting aids in seamless migration, scalable applications, and cost-savings. It also assists in assessing big data within cloud environments. Cloud consultants design personalized strategies to meet the unique requirements of every business.

  • Our cloud application development company provides consultation for architecture, infrastructure, launch, integration, and optimisation.
  • We audit your current architecture and determine the cloud adoption needs.
  • We advise you on the security and compliance of the integration process, cost optimisation, and migration.
  • Our cloud readiness assessment ensures that migration takes place with minimal disruption.
  • Our professionals prepare comprehensive risk mitigation and security strategy.
Managed SRE

Get complete cloud management for the public or hybrid IT environments. Managed SRE or Site Reliability Engineering resolves incidents and automates all operational tasks. It allows companies to achieve infrastructure that heals by itself. Thus, it leads to maximum uptime.

Managed SRE helps in maintaining the reliability of your apps and systems. Cloud platforms enable the implementation of SRE best practices and principles through various resources and tooling. Also, the SRE team takes care of escalation issues and delivers optimal customer support.

  • As a leading cloud application development agency, we use SRE guidelines that are tested for efficiency.
  • Our SRE teams optimize the reliability of your cloud environment.
  • We monitor your cloud infrastructure for performance cost optimization.
  • Our SRE practices enhance observability, leading to safe scaling decisions.
  • Through our SRE practices, we facilitate rapid incident response.
Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment entails launching an application(s) via a hosting model. The model can be SaaS or PaaS. It can also be IaaS that uses the cloud. During this process, experts ideate, plan, enforce, and operate workloads on the cloud.

A cloud deployment model is chosen according to the user or consumer needs and the requirements of the organisation. This process also centralises many offerings and makes them more user-friendly and convenient to use. Also, it boosts the cloud infrastructure's scalability.

  • Our cloud deployment allows companies to access improved computing power and enhanced storage ability.
  • The capacity of the cloud infrastructure can be easily scaled to meet the increased needs.
  • Our teams utilise tools like AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy and scale applications.
  • We are adept at using Azure App Service and Google App Engine to build and launch apps on the cloud.
  • Our professionals work by following the continuous integration and continuous deployment model.
Cloud App Consulting

Cloud app consulting gives you the peace of mind of benefitting from the latest cloud technologies. The consulting allows the development of robust cloud techniques aligned with specific business outcomes. The goal of the consulting is to enhance business value after cloud app integration or development.

Expert consultants of a cloud application development company are knowledgeable about the peculiarities of key public cloud platforms. It includes AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The consultants help companies undertake a cloud development or migration project that will meet their quality, time, and budget needs.

  • Proficient consultants choose the most suitable cloud provider and deployment model.
  • Complete guidance on the types of applications that will be highly beneficial to be integrated with the cloud is provided.
  • The QA experts develop test strategies for smooth and successful migrations.
  • Cloud app consulting helps you with application scalability, management, security, and data storage.
  • The experts give guidance on the development of resilient cloud applications that cannot fail.
Cloud App Containerization

Containerized apps and systems operate in containers, isolated code packages. These code packages contain the dependencies of an application to run smoothly on a host operating system. The dependencies can be binaries, configuration files, and frameworks. Cloud app containerization simplifies app testing and management.

Our teams keep app components and their dependencies in a container. Further, we deploy and manage them easily in the cloud environment. Cloud app containerization by our experts helps you respond quickly to emerging trends because of faster testing and high-quality apps.

  • Increase the agility and performance of your apps with cloud containerization.
  • We provide consulting for containerization, which covers strategic planning, design and fine-tuning performance.
  • Our certified professionals make your container deployment, management and scaling an automated process.
  • We are proficient in using containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Modernize your legacy assets and enhance your competitiveness with our experience in cloud app containerization.
Cloud Security

Cloud security tools safeguard users, confidential data and infrastructure in cloud computing environments. Robust cloud security solutions cut across workloads, users, and various SaaS resources. The solutions deliver comprehensive protection against data breaches, malware, and a variety of security threats.

As an eminent cloud based application development company, our experience in cybersecurity and cloud services allows us to employ the best security frameworks in your cloud environment. We use access controls, multi factor authentication, data protection, and encryption, among other measures, to protect your cloud environment from different vulnerabilities.

  • We plan cloud security by defining the extent of your cloud security responsibility as per your cloud service model.
  • eSparkBiz's team addresses cloud security areas like access management, data encryption, and network security.
  • We enforce granular security techniques, such as cloud security posture management (CSPM) and disaster recovery.
  • Our cloud security teams configure automated auditing procedures to monitor your cloud configurations across resources.
  • Our capability to design Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture leads to significant security of your cloud resources.
Cloud Usage Optimisation

Cloud usage optimization improves the cost-effectiveness and reliability of cloud resources. Cloud developers carefully choose the right-sized computing resources to match each cloud application or load. Cloud usage optimization decreases resource wastage and increases efficiency.

Cloud experts keep modifying the balance between workload performance and cost. We discover points where resource usage can be optimized. Thus, it allows auto-scaling and better data storage capabilities. Applications run on minimal infrastructure, which contributes to the return on investment.

  • Our professionals evaluate your existing environment and provide the best-practice recommendations to build and deploy solutions.
  • We remove unused resources and implement auto scaling to maintain a smooth workload performance.
  • We find the most appropriate instances that are personalized to your specific tasks.
  • Our cloud specialists track performance metrics to make data-driven decisions on further optimisation.
  • We monitor applications and technologies in your cloud solution to ensure that they deliver visibility into resource utilization.
Cloud Maintenance & Support

Prompt management of cloud applications makes way for greater efficiency, security and reliability. It involves consistent monitoring of the cloud assets’ performance and security on platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, and the like. Proactive monitoring also resolves issues before they become too apparent.

Our experts keep track of performance metrics and detect anomalies in your applications. Also, we provide real-time insights about how your cloud solutions are performing. Frequent upgrades and patches, backups and disaster recovery strategies make way for efficient and well-functioning applications.

  • eSparkBiz's teams have expertise in using AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor and Google Cloud Monitoring tools.
  • Our professionals automate cloud maintenance and management with tools like AWS Systems Manager and Azure Automation.
  • Our cloud optimization strategies allow the provision of the right-size resources for particular applications.
  • We support and maintain cloud web apps, mobile apps, SaaS applications, database apps, and desktop apps.
  • We adapt our support services and scale them according to your business requirements.

Proven Practices We Follow for Cloud App Development

Our cloud application development company uses tested techniques and practices to help you reap superior results from your solutions. The practices boost scalability and agility and streamline the entire development, deployment and monitoring process. Thus, you benefit from efficient workflows and greater productivity.

Service Model Knowledge

Understand various cloud service models and select the right one based on the available infrastructure, app portability, data, cost, and compliance considerations.

Scalable Solution

Orchestrate scalable apps that are responsive and perform well to meet the rising needs and expectations of the users.

Microservices Adoption

Adopt microservices architecture to create scalable, agile, maintainable and more flexible solutions and deliver value speedily.

Security First

Prioritize application security to stay protected against the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and application-based breaches.

Resiliency and Redundancy

Implement application resiliency and redundancy to keep the application performant and mitigate the effect of failures.

Cloud-Native Utilization

Use a cloud-native approach to infrastructure to create highly resilient, scalable, cost-efficient, and agile apps and solutions.

API Focus

Ensure seamless business integration, data exchange between software components, and feature-rich applications by developing APIs.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Approaches

Use multi and hybrid cloud strategies to meet specific needs related to compliance, regulation, cost and performance.

DevOps Integration

Use DevOps strategy to build high-quality products quickly and with reduced compliance and security risks.


Use technologies to automate processes, simplify repetitive tasks and eliminate the possibility of human error.

Cost Optimisation

Reduce costs by eliminating underutilized resources, using automation to scale resources, and addressing unexpected increases in inefficiencies.

Data Governance and Compliance

Implement data governance and compliance regulations to preserve the privacy and security of app data.

Stateless Application Design

Emphasize stateless application design for greater scalability and fault tolerance and for application deployment across various servers.

Implement IaC

Implement Infrastructure as Code to access infrastructure as software and allow for reliable and efficient changes in the development process.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor applications continuously to achieve full visibility and real-time status of the health of the IT infrastructure.

Innovation Awareness

Keep the apps more competitive and relevant by keeping up-to-date with the latest cloud technologies and enhancements.

User Experience Priority

Ensure that the app is easy to use by evaluating the features, graphics, visual appeal, and user interface.

Cross-Team collaboration

Emphasize cross-team collaboration to learn from different teams about the data that is important to them and what to do with it.

Automate When Possible

Offload major tasks into cloud monitoring tools like configuration changes, periodic health checks and administrative duties.

Build Redundancy

Duplicate crucial components into a multilayered architecture to ensure the availability of the solution in case of minor adjustments.

Unbeatable Features of Our Cloud Apps

Meticulously designed and developed cloud apps usher in the benefits of greater efficiency, reduced operational tasks, and better ROI. As a top Cloud app development company, eSparkBiz makes robust and purpose-driven applications.

Scalability and Portability

We adjust the resources consumed by the cloud app to meet increasing demand. Also, we utilize microservices architecture to enable easier migration of cloud services.


We use event-driven architecture to make the application function even if a single component fails. We also build redundancy and high availability in the cloud infrastructure.


Our approach to making apps flexible includes using microservices architectures and well-designed APIs. It equips the apps with new updates and features easily.


Our cloud-based application development company experts prioritize security through measures like multi-factor authentication, periodic assessments and audits, access controls, encryption, disaster recovery and continuous monitoring.


We optimize cloud utilization costs by identifying redundancies and business needs. Further, we use caching storage, data compression, auto-scaling and optimized API calls to minimize development and maintenance expenses.


Our cloud application development agency helps you surpass compliance challenges by identifying requirements and policies and implementing security protocols and policies that meet your compliance needs. Also, we keep monitoring the compliance status of apps.

Our Approach for Rapid & Reliable Cloud App Development

eSparkBiz facilitates frictionless cloud app development using proven best practices and leveraging the specialized expertise of different teams. Our deep experience and knowledge of various platforms, tools, and technologies allow us to build cutting-edge apps and systems.

Predictable Project Budget

We clearly define the scope of your cloud project and factor in long-term costs. Our experts give rough estimates of the project based on your objectives and suggest ways to optimize the overall expenditure.

Quick, tangible results

Our Cloud application development company leverages the agile approach to produce high-quality outcomes, containing investment and quickening time-to-market. The development thus enhances your operations with robust software.

Simplified code maintenance

We have established a software documentation framework for high-quality development that is aligned with our clients' needs. Our teams use tested development practices, such as microservices-based architecture, where each part of the app can be maintained separately.

A high level of automation

Our cloud app development company integrates automation to speed up infrastructure provisioning, testing, deployment, and scaling. Also, we employ automation to accelerate the cloud migration process.

Incorporated industry specifics

We have teams of proficient developers with experience working with clients spanning various industries. We deeply analyze your needs and define the goals of the cloud app development project.

Adept project managers & well-defined communication points

Our project managers, with their deep expertise in cloud computing, create robust teams with every skill necessary to achieve the project's goals. They analyze the risks and dependencies and maintain communication between the client and development teams.

Self-managed cross-functional teams

Our cloud app development company provides successful software delivery because of cross-functional teams consisting of developers, security engineers, testers, scrum masters and cloud engineers. The unique expertise of each member facilitates innovative development.

Welcome Growth with Cloud Deployment Models

We empower businesses to unlock innovation by expertly leveraging various cloud models. Our skilled teams help you move past on-premise IT infrastructure and embrace cost-efficiency and flexibility. Through meticulous planning, we select the most suitable model to develop your application successfully.


As a cloud application development company, we employs various SaaS tools and technologies to enhance product success. The tools enable streamlined workflow, agile deployment, performance optimisation, and real-time monitoring.


Our experts build agile and responsive IT infrastructure using IaaS. It ensures the development of high-quality applications with robust security. We are proficient in using IaaS tools like AWS, Azure, and Google cloud.


We build, test and deploy applications in the cloud using PaaS. Our developers scale the flexible PaaS resources based on the requirements of the application. Also, we utilize the built-in PaaS tools for collaboration, monitoring and version control.


We, as a cloud app development company, use the DaaS model to manage desktop environments, improve provisioning, and enable accessibility from any device. We are adept at using DaaS tools like Azure, Cloudalize, Amazon Workspaces, and more.

Why Choose eSparkBiz as the Ideal Cloud Application Development Company?

eSparkBiz is a top cloud application development company helping businesses across industries discover the immense potential of embracing cloud technology. We have hundreds of certified experts. We empower you to adopt and scale development and innovation across your organisation. We offer end-to-end assistance in your cloud transformation journey.

Proven Experience

Being a top-notch cloud application development agency, we possess decades of experience and are dedicated to harnessing cloud platforms. We develop the most potent solutions. Moreover, we have demonstrated expertise using the latest cloud tools and technologies.

Scalable Architecture

Our cloud app development company has proficient teams that implement vertical and horizontal scalability in applications according to the client's needs. Thus, your solutions can function perfectly even during increased traffic.

Best-fit Cloud Solution

We employ the best-fit cloud solution. It promotes customisation suited to each company's unique needs. Ongoing development, maintenance and support are at the heart of our solutions.

Excellent Knowledge

Our teams of experienced and capable developers handle a variety of business needs efficiently. We combine our knowledge of software development with cloud computing to deliver best-in-class results.

Full Cycle Development

eSparkBiz takes care of the complete cloud development project. We handle everything from requirements, development, QA testing, deployment, operations, maintenance and support. Thus, it leads to highly reliable software.

Serverless Deployment

We enable you to benefit from cost-efficiency, flexibility, and faster development with our expertise in serverless computing and deployment. We are consistently implementing the latest advancements to build feature-rich apps.

Improved Code Maintenance

We prioritise code health issues to prevent accumulating technical debt. Through detailed documentation, well-developed architecture and adherence to development practices laid out by CNCF, our teams ensure improved code.

End-to-End Support

Our certified cloud experts provide extensive technical assistance after your products are deployed or are in the market. Our strong networks with leading cloud providers allow us to always keep your applications highly performant.

High-Quality Standards & Timely Delivery

Our cloud-based application development company ensures the best quality in every step of your journey. From strategy to development, cloud migration, application integration, and support, our solutions are never below industry standards.

100's of Happy Clients

From IT consultants to digital agencies, ISVs, and enterprises, we, as a pioneering offshore software outsourcing firm, cater to a diverse clientele seeking reliable solutions for their software consultancy and development needs. Here are some touching testimonials from our happy clients:

Krupal Puchhadiya

eSparkBiz’s team holds on to what they say and follows through.

Krupal Puchhadiya

CFO, Optamark

Why Choose eSparkBiz?

Establishing itself as a dependable and indispensable IT partner, eSparkBiz brings digital transformation to your business with the latest techs, agile methods, & our remarkable expertise of 12+ years. 500+ global companies have trusted our bespoke development services, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent transactions, & security to kickstart their digital business strategy. If you want to hire dedicated developers or teams remotely to upscale your web products or need in-demand IT skills, eSparkBiz is the one-stop shop for all your IT needs. Choosing us would be the best choice you ever made; we are second to none. Try us today and testify tomorrow.

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Expert Insights for Digital Product Development

We at eSparkBiz are passionate about discussing recent technologies and applications. We constantly write blogs and articles associated with the field of technology. So, don't miss our detailed and insightful write-ups. You'll find all our latest blogs and blog updates here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of cloud-based applications?

Cloud applications are those that are accessible majorly through the internet. Some examples of such apps are Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce CRM and Zoom's video conferencing platform.

What are the best uses of cloud computing?

The cloud computing model lets you access cloud solutions via the internet on a pay-as-you-go-basis. Some of its best uses include file storage, big data analytics, data backups, software testing, and recovery.

What cloud stack do you use for development?

Our cloud stack consists of a variety of tools for data analytics, containers, storage, security, networking and testing. These include Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Glue, AWS Lambda, GCP Cloud Run, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon VPC, and more.

How long does it take to build a cloud-based app?

A cloud app development company needs at least 300 to 600 hours of effort to build an app. This timeline grows according to the complexity of features needed in the app. If the app needs more advanced functionalities, the development time can be 1200 hours.

Is hiring a cloud developer worth it?

If you are migrating your business to the cloud, the developer will help make this process smooth. They will augment the capacity of your company by developing software in the cloud. Also, hiring cloud developers from reputed cloud based application development company may provide you with talents having in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure, network security and data storage systems. This helps your organization to save time and costs and benefit from more efficient processes.

How much will my cloud app project cost?

Factors like the app's complexity, development method used, user roles, integrations required, and user interface design affect the cost of a cloud app development project. An initial consultation with a cloud application development company will help you get an estimate of the cost.

Is AWS better than Azure?

Both AWS and Azure have distinct advantages and suitabilities. AWS is highly customisable and feature-enriched. On the other hand, Azure gives holistic hybrid cloud functionality, and you can connect private cloud and public solutions. It is always better to consult the experts of a cloud application development agency to determine which will be suitable for your project.

In what ways does cloud app development differ from traditional development?

Cloud apps are built on cloud infrastructure, which provides flexible resources. Also, you only pay for the computing resources you use, which leads to cost savings. Further, the deployment of cloud apps spans servers, and they are developed with built-in backup capabilities.

What is cloud API management?

Cloud API management means designing, building, monitoring, testing and analyzing APIs for businesses. API management platforms are scalable and multi-cloud. They offer many different processes to secure, publish, and analyze APIs.

What are the current trends in cloud computing that I should know?

We are a global company headquartered in India, but we have offices in the US, UK, Australia, and many more countries.The top cloud computing trends are AI-as-a-service (providing AI solutions through the cloud), edge computing (storage and analysis of data close to the data source to eliminate latency), hybrid and multi-cloud environments and serverless computing (code deployment without managing servers at the back-end).