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eSparkBiz is a base of professional, pre-vetted 250+ agile developers designing high-end digital solutions for your diverse business needs. Get instant & hassle-free access to hire dedicated developers to dedicatedly transform your business idea into cost-effective, functional, world-class products. Best fit for all types & sizes of industries, augment your dedicated development team adept in modern techs with complete control for real-time, rapid offshore development.

Days Risk-Free Trial 15 IN CLIENT REVENUE
Risk-Free Trial 15 Days

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Days Risk-Free Trial 15 IN CLIENT REVENUE
Flexible Engagement Models 170 Hours

Working/Month with Direct Resources Access

Days Risk-Free Trial 15 IN CLIENT REVENUE
In-house Pre-vetted Developers 250+

Expert Dedicated Developers for Hire

Save up to on Development 40% & Maintenance Costs
Cost-Efficient Process 50%

Save on Development and Maintenance Costs

Trusted by startups and Fortune 500 companies

The Process to Hire Dedicated Developers Team

Gathering Requirement

This is the initial yet vital step to rent a coder for you. Firstly, one of our expert app development consultants discusses your project requirement and understands your needs. After assessing your requirement, we will make judgemental suggestions on the number of resources, type of expertise you need, and for how long. Along with this, we propose you the cost estimation as well to hire dedicated development team developers or hire overseas developers to make sure your project gets completed within the stipulated timeline.

Candidate Shortlisting

Assessing your requirement and project needs, we select the best-fit developers and let you hire dedicated offshore developers from our bunch of specialists. We then screen their resumes, filter them, and send suitable ones to you. As a result, this process helps you to save your valuable time and efforts in hiring. It also helps you to hire dedicated programmers having experience in similar projects.

Resume Screening and Interview

After the resume screening and shortlisting, based on your feedback, we fix the interview of the candidate with you at your convenience. Once you find a suitable developer for your project, we initiate the following process. If you want to try more options, we iterate the same process from step ONE to provide you with the developers for hire or development team for your project.

Conditions and Contract

Preparing a contract is a tough procedure but our process is pretty simple here. We guide clients to get a clear idea about our terms and conditions along with maintaining high transparency. After signing the contract, we enter into a mutual agreement and sign NDAs as a part of the confidentiality. This ensures the safety and security of your data and ideas. So, all the rights regarding the ideas and source code stay with you.

Kick-start the Process

After this integral procedure is completed in a faster mode, the work begins. Now, you have successfully hire Indian developers and are officially ready to kick-start your project. As a procedure, we also deploy a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact (SPOC) for ease of communication and update. In this stage, we connect you with the project manager so that you start communicating your requirements & commence.

Hire Dedicated Developers to Passionately Lead Your Business Vision to Reality

Running a business involves lots of challenges & tasks. Hire dedicated developers who bring in digital benefits & simplify your business tasks.

Developers for hire save your time & money by eliminating operational costs, infrastructure, & technology. Especially, our vetted developers gel in your in-house team & scale as needed. So you can focus on growing your business & our team will add to your development capacities with industry-best practices.

Our deep experience in project development has seasoned & optimized the core business niche of our developers. Hence, our offshore developers technically fuel your startups or enterprise-level projects alike. It impacts your goodwill, eases workflow style & boosts functions with emerging techs.

We have an easy process to hire offshore developers offering functional knowledge for the best tech stacks. And lead you to outperform by aligning business goals with practical needs.

Whether it is shifting a legacy system or designing enchanting UI/UX our developers bridge all tech gaps, & resolve potential risks & bottlenecks with strategic hi-tech customized solutions.

Hire offshore developers with us, to achieve benchmarked milestones in your business and efficiently aid your digital transformation.

How We Helped Ismail Aly To Scale up Their Operations

on the independent, objective B2B research platform Clutch.co with an average rating of 4.9 from over 36 client reviews

Engage with the top 10% of the Industry-best Dedicated Developers

Hire Dedicated Developer within 2 Days from eSparkBiz who empower businesses globally with Disruptive Digital Solutions.

Developer Types
Select different expert levels as Junior, Mid-Level, or Senior Developers as per your project needs.
Junior Developer Mid Level Developer Senior Level Developer
Estimate Cost
Comprehensively estimated cost for the services of expert developers for hire of various experience levels as per your project budget.
$1920 - $2400 $2400 - $2880 $2880 Onwards
Experience Developer
Hire a pre-vetted developer based on their years of experience in building versatile Solutions.
1 - 3 Years 3 - 4 Years 4+ Years
Risk-free Trial
15-days 15-days 15-days
Agile Development Agile Development Agile Development
Development Manager
A dedicated Project Development Manager(PM) allocated to all projects as a SPOC between the client and the developer(s)/team ensuring smooth project completion.
Yes Yes Yes
Lock-in is the obligatory agreement between the client & the company for the specified time period or completion of the said project.
No No No
Time Zone Availability
Being an India-based company, we provide services in 10+ time zones worldwide to cater to our global clients.
Yes Yes Yes

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Hire Dedicated Developer to Scale Your Business Growth with Speed and Precision

Hire dedicated programmers at eSparkBiz to eliminate surplus development costs & direct your business growth. With us, hire offshore developers for high-quality products & services at a quick pace. Going beyond our end-to-end agile services, we give after-launch maintenance, timely project updates, QA experts, & project managers, along with an array of domain experts. Emphasizing security & privacy we strictly follow NDAs & SLAs. Proactively, we create pleasing experiences & simplified working systems that save time, money, & energy to be more productive.

Reducing Overall Budget

Hire offshore dedicated developers allows you to focus on core business with better team management and allocate your vital resources to more value-added tasks. By offloading the development work to our team, you can reduce costs on infrastructure, & overheads. Still rest assured about the quality of the product. Resultantly, create value for your business by saving in-house resources & paying only for the extra support as and when required.

Continuous Knowledge Sharing

Create a knowledge-sharing environment with dedicated offshore developers & build a more competent in-house team. Rent a coder who is also highly adaptable & flexible. Furthermore, developers on rent understand your business values and so align to share their in-depth insights on the latest technologies & market trends with your team.

Accelerate Deployment Process

Developers for hire are equipped with the knowledge of hi-tech latest technologies. So we can help clients to merge best-fit resources, create SDLC set-up, develop QA strategies, & do substantial testing through manual and automated processes. Moreover, we guide you to manage the projects efficiently to reduce the product launch time.

Identifying and Building on Tech Gaps

As you rent a developer, by following Standard Operating Procedures, we first understand your business process thoroughly and identify the gaps & improvement areas. Later, we provide relevant solutions from software development strategy, testing, and QA, designing phase to data science. This makes us your one-stop solution for all your business needs.

Development Risk Mitigation

Hire dedicated developers team who understands your organization, its vision, and mission.  They also scrutinize your business process to identify and assess the risk proposition. Depending on the bottlenecks we also help you to develop appropriate strategies to mitigate the risks before they adversely affect your system.

Expanding your IT Portfolio

Expand your development capability by combining modern technology and human expertise with our dedicated developer for hire. As they attach a perfect tech stack with project specialization that eventually strengthens your IT portfolio multifold.

Hire Remote Development Team

Hire dedicated development team that works on your instructions to build your business technically sound. Moreover, their working style is autonomous with independent critical thinking. This leaves you out of minor distractions with only decision-making responsibilities at your end. So, hire remote developers from eSparkBiz to sustain your productivity even in a workforce crisis.

Our Technology Stack

We sculpt your idea using innovative techniques and represent it in the real world.

Cloud Services
Back end

Back end

With an array of back-end frameworks that include languages, well-equipped libraries, and utilities hire Indian developers to craft strong & amazing applications.
Front end

Front end

Developers for hire have versatile experience and skillsets for making robust front ends. This helps them to provide you with an immersive user experience and interface. Also, they can handle all the client-side functionalities of your product.


eSparkBiz has a great talent pool to hire dedicated developers team that helps you to develop your own mobile application. Based on advanced technologies they are native or hybrid for better marketing & user experience.
React native


We are experts programmers in India, managing relational databases, data warehouses, and data pipelines. Through that, you can store and query all your current and historical data anywhere.
Amazon RDS
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our dedicated offshore developers help you to deploy cloud-based tech stacks. It will help you to reduce your stack management, & administrative complexities associated with web and mobile app development.

Still Wondering If We Are the Right Fit? Take our Risk-Free 15-Day Free Trial

Partner with eSparkBiz and get excellent digital services for your business. We have a qualified and trained team of Dedicated Developers for hire that strive to deliver the best solution for your business at an honest price.

  • Simple & Transparent Pricing
  • Robust Data Protection
  • Fully Signed NDA
  • 100% Code Security
  • Easy Exit Policy

How eSparkBiz can help you save time and cost?

12+ Years of Experience

100+ Customers

250+ Qualified Resources

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

CMMI Level 3 Company

Transparent Cost

State-of-the-art Facilities

Quick Product Delivery

Team Ownership

Quick team set-up and onboarding

No extra recruitment cost

Well-trained in-house resources

  • Why Hire Dedicated Developers from eSparkBiz?

    In-demand team of 250+ Dedicated Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

    Scale the size of your dedicated developers for hire according to your business needs with eSparkBiz. They are dedicated to their work and strive to provide you best.

    Hire dedicated development team that is learned & experienced in all stack technologies. Their provided solution is well-researched, timely, & flexible.

    Our state-of-the-art facilities, resources, project manager, and dedicated developers to hire mingled with our years of industry expertise, take care of all your project solutions. This saves you from the hassles of resources integration & management along with budget.

    As a reliable software development company, we lend you dedicated offshore developers for outsourcing who become an extended value-added asset to your company.

    1. Experienced & Skilled Resources

      Rent a coder or hire dedicated programmers from a bunch of high-skilled resources as per your requirement. Thoughtfully, we have dedicated developers for hire and tech experts from different domains, frameworks, and programming languages who are well versed with technologies like AR, VR, AI, ML, Blockchain, and more. Get the option to hire different domain experts under one roof.

    2. Real-time Communication - Any time, Any mode

      Different businesses prefer varied ways of communication and use varieties of methods. We are easy to reach through video, audio and messages via any convenient medium like google meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Email, & Phone. This facilitates faster communication, from any time and anywhere on the globe.

    3. Flexible Pricing & Working Models

      Pricing and payment terms are critical aspects of a project. We offer flexible pricing in our projects and the scope of scalability when you hire a team of developers. Moreover, looking into the current market scenario, we have adopted a popular agile business model to cater maximum solutions to our clients. Whether it is web development or creating a mobile app, many large organizations are opting for this model that works everywhere.

    4. Daily/Weekly Reporting

      Stay updated, anytime, and anywhere. In detail, as you hire remote developers we provide daily or weekly reporting of the project status, progress, and milestones through emails, dashboards, and different tools which you can access on any device. It is important to be on the same page and you can also communicate and suggest changes in between.

    5. Update and Tracking via PMS

      We use advanced project management software tools.  This tracks and updates the project status to the client as well as to the team. Thus, it is important to be on the same page for better alignment and coordination.

    6. On-time Delivery

      As one of the leading software development companies, we believe in commitments and understand the value of being on time. Further, this is our core strength, and our 90% client retention ratio proves this. Once you hire a developer with us, it is our responsibility to meet the deadline.

    7. Cost-effective

      We make sure that your project gets completed within the stipulated timeline and without adding any extra resources. This is ensured through different scientific project management tools like Process Evaluation and Review Technique. It ultimately helps you to stay within the budget.

    8. Code & Backup Management

      We always stay prepared for any unwanted issues. So, our robust code and backup management techniques help us to get ready for any mishaps and avoid any delays. Also, this does not incur extra costs in the project.

    9. No Expenses on Training & Retention

      Training is costly and if your trained employee leaves your company, it incurs more time and cost to your organization. Therefore, hire dedicated developers team of experts to avail you of a readymade trained workforce. There’s no question of retention here. Thus, save a lot of overhead costs yourself.

    10. Dedicated Lead as Single Point of Contact

      Deploying a dedicated lead to any project is our standard procedure. The reason is, that it is easy to communicate and minimize the touchpoint for our clients. On the contrary, you do not have to reach every single developer, designer, or coder to get the status update or ask for changes. Our SPOC project manager is there to do all these which helps you to focus on your core business. Additionally, a SPOC not only saves your time but also helps you to set clear expectations.

    11. Secured & Fail-safe Environment

      Being one of the top software development companies, we respect your confidentiality. Through proper Contract, Non-disclosure agreements, we make sure that your corporate data and unique ideas remain safe with us. Also, the copyright of the app functionality, UX, and UI design stays with you only and our team does not claim any right.

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Hire Dedicated Developers Now

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Experienced Team

eSparkBiz consists of web developers who have at least 4+ years of experience. With over 250+ employees, we are always ready to extend our helping hands!

Top IT Telent

eSparkBiz is an exclusive hub of multi-talented employees. The top web developers and UI/UX designers along with QA Experts help you prepare web applications of the highest degree.

Time Zone Aligned

eSparkBiz has never compromised with the time zone. We simply believe in providing services to you at your timezone. Hire skilled web developers from us to get the work done according to your time zone.

We Offer Expertise In Many Domains

Food & Drink
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Hire Dedicated Developers from a Company that truly cares!

Trusted by Global Clients

Some of our clients have been with us for 7+ years (and counting)

Recommended by 98% of SMEs, Startup, and Scale-up Clients

Krupal Puchhadiya
We chose eSparkBiz for their competitive pricing & experience. It was very attractive to see them eager to hear our project scope & follow through with what they said. With the best of techs, tools & teams, they gave us the best custom CRM system we could imagine.
Paul Fletcher
They have a very friendly, welcoming, & knowledgeable team following a proficient management system. We had easy effective communication with a hands-on approach & expertise. eSparkBiz turned out to be a highly reliable, friendly, and efficient partner for our desperate needs.
John Brandt
They over delivered! It has awesome features bringing ideas to life in a fast turnaround time. They are receptive to feedback with quick implementation. And their reusable solutions have led to increased leads, new clients, recruitment prospects, & successful promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get developers for hire or hire offshore development team?

As one of the top companies in this field, we follow the standard operating procedure that makes the hiring process smooth, transparent, and easy.

  • Firstly, you need to accumulate all the work that you want to be done by the developer.
  • Depending on your need, select the developer team or technology and finalize the agreement and contract.
  • Next, just get ready to kick off your project. We will set up everything and connect you and the developer for the project.

What your developers can do for us?

We have a bunch of highly skilled developers who thrive for excellence and can add value to your business. Also, there are experts from different domains, frameworks, and programming languages. So, you can get your solution to different problems under one roof. We also offer an array of services like below but are not limited to,

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Maintenance and Support

How much does it cost to hire dedicated offshore developers?

This question does not have a standard answer. The cost to hire a dedicated developers team or rent a coder depends on several factors like development platform, project type, the complexity of the design and project, number of pages, what kind of features and functions you want, maintenance cost, and many more. Connect with us if you have a requirement to hire offshore developers and programmers.

Why there is a need to hire dedicated developers?

Developers for hire offer a lot of benefits to you. You get exposure to experts from different fields and utilize flexibility and cost-effectiveness. You can also focus on your core business and offload the web and mobile app development work to the hired developers. Increased output, greater efficiency, risk management, quick response, and efficient handling of an emergency are some of the key advantages when you hire expert developers.

Is a15-days risk-free trial period completely free?

Yes, we value our words. As we mentioned, this risk-free trial period is completely free of cost. So, you can evaluate, check and understand the code quality, communication, delivery commitment, flexibility of the software development process, and more from this option. This gives you an experience of how the actual process will flow and how we deal with our clients.

As a software development company, what are your strengths?

We have a large pool of talent associated with us who are experts in different fields and are best at their work. SIgnificantly, we are a CMMI level 3 organization serving more than 20+ countries.  Again, we are also an ISO 27001 certified company. Moreover, we have a strong clientele base with more than a 90% retention rate, which speaks about our strong business process.

Being a non-technical person, will I still be able to work with your team?

Absolutely, yes. You can work with our team. It will give you peace of mind and related knowledge. Like this, we can help you to bridge the gaps in your business processes.

Are you able to work according to my time zone preference?

Flexibility is one of our key business pillars. Rent a coder as per your requirement and time zone, so we can meet your needs. Connect with us to know more about our offerings.

As a client, will I have complete control over the hired developer?

The developer for hire will work for your project dedicatedly as your employee. You will have access and control over them through the communication mode you prefer.

What kind of project management tools do you use?

We are using industry-standard tools to manage the projects. Some of them are Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, etc. Through these project management tools, you can easily track the progress of your project with milestones, & monitor the productivity of the developer. Also, you can create and assign tasks to the developer and monitor the work.

How can I choose a developer as per my choice?

We have a very easy & standard process to help you get the required developers for your project. After assessing your detailed requirement, we select the best-suited programmers or developers and share their resumes with you. Based on your selection, we arrange interviews at your convenience (online, face-to-face, on-call) and make the process easy for you. Selecting your suitable developer, we further enter into a formal contract and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement for your confidentiality. Now you are all set to kick off your project with our developer.

What pricing models do you offer?

We have crafted our offerings looking into your different types of requirements.

  • Dedicated hiring: If you hire dedicated resources for your project, there is a monthly payment option.
  • Hourly basis: In this model, the hourly rate is defined, mutually agreed and mentioned in the contract papers. As per the working hours, you need to do the payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, as per the agreement.
  • Fixed time and cost model: This model is based on a milestone basis. You need to pay some percentage of the total contract upfront as advance payment. Then as the projects move gradually and reach the defined milestone, you need to do the payments as per agreed terms.

How does the ownership of the project transfer?

After the successful project completion, payment settlement, and formal handover, you will receive complete ownership of the entire project. This includes the NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

Do you have SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place?

Yes, as a standard company, we take all these steps very seriously. We do Service Level Agreements in all our projects.

What is the exit policy?

We have a no-drama exit policy for our clients. Either party may terminate the contract, with or without cause. During the agreement formation, this clause is mentioned and agreed upon by both parties. It can be put into effect through a proper channel in writing and providing a notice period as per the agreement. Following that, eSparkBiz will send a termination invoice mentioning all the work completed to date. Also, the invoice will have the details of the unpaid work and the remaining work till the termination date. In the end, all the details, data, and other things related to the project will be handed over to the client in a usable electronic format.

Is it possible to get developers on rent for hourly or project-based tasks?

Yes, we provide options like this as well. If you have a clear idea about your project and deliverables, we have developers for hire from all the domains and fields. So, you can hire developer for startup as well on an hourly basis or as per your project and tacks. We are also flexible enough to adopt changes in the later stage as well.

Touchstones to Hire Dedicated Developers

In a world full of tech advancements, non-tech companies often find it hard to meet their software requirements. Due to an absence of resources and awareness, such companies lack a competitive edge. And end up losing their customers to companies that are better at working with technology.

If you are a non-tech company that wants to get a product developed and shipped without any hassles, you need to hire offshore developers. To help you in doing so, here is an extensive guide on everything you should know about developers on rent services provided by companies and individuals. So let’s make this daunting task easy for you and get started.

First off, it is time to know when your business needs to hire dedicated developers.

When Does Your Business Need to Hire Dedicated Developers?

  • To Develop New Projects

The primary reason that you’ll need to rent a coder is to create new projects and products. Notably, many non-tech companies/businesses have minimal employees in their IT departments Due to this, they cannot develop software in-house. And every tech company has its own needs and requires a custom solution to make things easier. In such a case, it becomes vital to develop a new project that accommodates the unique requirements of your business.

Here, we help you hire offshore developers at fractional rates. And can support your ambitions to create world-class software products that meet your business requirements.

  • To Maintain/Up-grade your Existing Projects

Another scenario in which your business needs to avail developers for hire services is when you need maintenance and up-gradation services. Every day, a new version of a language, framework, or library is released. And it comes with better features that can enhance your application. In such cases, it becomes essential to upgrade so that you can use those new features. But you’ll need to hire a dedicated developer to enable a smooth transition.

  • To Provide Production Support

Production support is required to keep applications up and running without issues. To provide high-quality production support, you need support masters by your side that can troubleshoot all kinds of problems. And make swift decisions to keep your business applications live.

Also, production support is not limited to solving customer queries. But it has also expanded to keeping systems in working conditions under all circumstances. Hence, it is needful to hire expert developers and support masters with technical backgrounds, and good communication skills that help your customers.

  • To Extend your On-site Team

Today, hiring and retaining top tech talent has become a challenging task. Even tech mammoths are finding it hard to keep the best minds working for their companies. In such cases, extending on-site teams with offshore developers is required. So, hire dedicated development teams to keep your application development steady and support your business round the clock.

Although, many businesses haveir own software development teams, in some ambitious projects that team is not sufficient to meet the complex demands. Hence, you can hire offshore developers to extend your on-site team and create a commendable project in such cases. Moreover, these developers can quickly adapt to your working styles and collaborate on building world-class software from day one.

esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo
Hire Dedicated Developers Now for your Projects

Escalate your Development project with developers from eSparkBiz

  • To Save Money on Tech Projects

Tech projects, especially software development and maintenance, can end up being a costly affair. And can leave you with a big blow in your pocket if it doesn’t turn out to be as desired. So, if you are a business that needs to save money on development, it is vital to hire dedicated programmer. As these developers require lesser pay and have an output that is at par with on-site developers. This results in speedy delivery of projects with better quality and immense cost savings.

  • To Have Better Expertise on Board

Every project needs a good team behind it for successful and timely completion. It is the team of developers and consultants that makes a huge difference.

You can have an excellent idea that is literally a life-changer, but it can soon become worthless without the right people. Hence, as a business, you need to hire expert developers with significant industry exposure in building enterprise-level systems. For this will ensure that your idea comes to life as you expect. And there are no gaps that are left when the project is ready.

  • To Work on Projects with Unclear Requirements

As a non-tech business, you’ll have many times when you need a project developed but the requirements are unclear. In such cases, your business needs to hire dedicated offshore developers to work on your projects exclusively. Hiring such developers is better as they are very intuitive & flexible. And can quickly adapt to the changing requirements without any hassles. Moreover, many companies leverage coder on rent services to create PoCs and try out new products with changing needs. Additionally, this is way easier than working with full-time employees and related procedures.

  • To Work on Short-term Projects

Hiring full-time employees to work on short-term projects is a way to kill your business faster. If you face a situation where you need to work on small, short-term projects, your business definitely needs to hire dedicated programmers. As such developers come with no strings attached, their services can be availed for a short time, even hourly basis, and can be easily replaced if not working to satisfaction. Moreover, you only pay for the time they work with you, which provides immense cost benefits in the long run.

When you are in need to hire dedicated developers, it is better to look at the day-to-day challenges that small businesses face to get a clear understanding. And this will help you identify your own business issues/needs and act on them quickly, proving to be a timely savior for your business.

esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo
Hire Offshore Developers & Save on Development Costs

Partner with eSparkBiz to get cost-efficient, experienced developers

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

  • Lack of Tech-savviness

Small businesses are often hindered by a lack of tech-savviness, creating significant problems. In a situation, when fewer people in the company are comfortable with technology, the business has to rely on age-old pen and paper methods that are time-consuming and erroneous.

Moreover, this slows the company’s growth and soon loses its market to competitors. However, suppose you are a small business leader who desires to grow rapidly and leave all competitors behind. Then this is the right time to start leveraging technology and making your processes more straightforward for wider business reach.

  • Finding the Right Tech Stack

Many are unaware of the different technologies that exist to achieve an objective, which is another common challenge among small businesses. Or you have lesser tech-advanced people, so you might not know the right tech stack to use for your needs. But this is exactly where you need to hire expert developers who can help you build better products by explaining every tech stack suitable for your requirement.

Sometimes business owners work with one tech stack and become conservative with it without knowing its pros and cons. As a result, this eliminates space for innovations and experiences which hinders growth.

  • Data Security 

Data security is an everlasting challenge for all businesses. For instance, many people are not aware that the lottery email they just clicked on can take their whole business network down and expose all the data to unauthorized people.

Hence, Data security knowledge is needed to keep business secrets safe and protect them from other people. As a small business, you should enforce tight data security practices and advice everyone on the bad turnarounds of loose data security standards.

esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo
Looking for a Dedicated Development Team?

eSparkBiz is the end of your search for the best Dedicated Developers

  • Lack of Guidance

Another challenge that every small business and startup faces while working with technology is the lack of guidance. Many a time, people working in tech consider everyone on the same page. And when they explain things, it sometimes becomes hard for laymen to understand. Even though they provide guidance, they don’t do hand-holding which makes things miserable for small businesses as they need to figure out a lot independently.

A good technical guide in choosing technologies and project development can boost a company to new heights. And also provide a much-needed edge over its competitors. So if you are looking for perfect guidance on project development, hire expert developers with us and we will get you through everything.

Many of the above-discussed challenges can be solved as you hire offshore developers. And as a small business, there are many benefits in doing so as well. But before diving into these added benefits, let’s explore why you should hire offshore development team.

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Programmers?

  • Protection of Idea

Offshore and dedicated developers can provide you with complete peace of mind regarding your project’s protection, security & confidentiality. As they are away from your base location, the physical issues of project documents being tampered with or stolen also becomes minimal. If you are working on a top-secret project that can change your company’s business when introduced in the market, it is better to hire dedicated programmer.

And they help you protect your app ideas by being out of touch with your competitors and signing NDAs. Significantly, all good companies sign NDAs when they hire dedicated development team. And this makes the developers legally accountable if anything from the idea is leaked.

  • Better Expertise

Another reason why businesses should hire dedicated offshore developers is that they are better experienced. As offshore developers have worked with multiple companies in different industrial domains, this provides them with better knowledge of businesses. If you want to build an application that leaves your competitors behind and gives you an edge to capitalize and propel your business, you should definitely hire offshore developers.

Whether you want to work on web development projects or mobile development, you can quickly get expert developers for hire to work with from offshore companies. Moreover, you can create a team of varying expert levels to have a balanced group of innovative idea generators and implementors.

esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo esparkinfo
Pre-vetted Developers for Hire to Redefine Ideas

Our industry-best developers can handle all your developmental concerns

  • Cheaper Development Costs

A big reason to hire dedicated offshore developers is to get massive discounts on project development costs. As most offshore companies operate from countries having large talent pools of engineers with low pay levels, allowing them to provide services at competitive prices. As a business that wants the best return on investment, looking for a cheaper coder on rent is a good choice.

Moreover, developers in such offshore service-providing companies are highly experienced and are paid handsomely in their regions. But due to the currency differences, you’ll find it relatively cheaper. For example, an experienced web developer in the USA costs at least $100,000 for one year. In contrast, a web developer with the same experience level can be employed at 50% of the price from offshore companies.

So when you work with offshore companies from developing countries, you save a lot on development costs. And can divert that money into other verticals of your business.

  • Flexible Communication

As you hire offshore developers for your project, you can connect with them at any time. All team members can work in your preferred time zone so that your project comes to life under your supervision.

Additionally, you can host weekly status calls to better understand the project’s progress. And even join the daily standup call to know the daily schedule. Significantly, as you hire offshore development team, they are completely virtual in terms of communication. And all of them are comfortable with audio/video conferencing calls, emails, or instant chat messages to communicate with them on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Post-launch Support

If you are looking for post-launch support on all your projects at significantly lower rates, then it is vital to hire overseas developers. For they can provide you with the clock post-launch support with quick response times and better solutions along with the best development practices.

Being experienced in multiple technologies, offshore developers can find out issues & resolve them quickly. And also help you minimize downtime and provide a better user experience.

  • Scalable Solutions

Building scalable solutions is the need of the hour. Especially when you are a startup that is making a product, you should hire developer for startups to design your products. Moreover, these developers are well experienced with all kinds of technologies, coding architectures, and patterns that will help you make applications scalable.

Often applications are hard to scale. But scalable applications are a boon and can be developed by well-versed acquired expertise only. To develop high-performing applications that scale quickly and effortlessly, hire dedicated offshore developers with us today.

To hire overseas developers, there are certain things that you need to consider. If you proceed to look for developers without considering them, you might face issues, and your projects will pay the price.

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Things to Consider Before You Hire a Dedicated Developer

  • Getting Objectives Clear

The most important thing to consider while looking to hire a dedicated developer is the objective. As a business, you can have many different requirements that need to be looked after. But before you start looking for developers, you need to get your objectives clear.

First of all, you need to decide for which work you need to hire dedicated team. As this will help you easily choose among developers and companies. When you don’t have predefined objectives, you cannot describe much about your needs to developers and teams. Which may make them uninterested in your work or do not clearly understand your needs and so cannot produce products that align with your goals. If you want the best developers to create the best product for you, then get your objectives clear before you start looking for developers on rent.

  • Look out for Options

Never make a deal with the first developer or company you come across. No matter how good the offer is, there can always be a better offer. Therefore, you should explore more options before finalizing one. Also, there are thousands of companies that provide developers on rent, and you can hire a team of developers from anyone. As you look for alternatives, you have companies or vendors to compare with. And the more you compare, the better your final choice emerges.

Doing intensive research before hiring developers will minimize your chances of hiring the wrong ones and save your project from going downhill. It is always good to look for options when you hire dedicated offshore developers as you can get better-experienced developers with domain expertise that aligns with your needs by exploring more for a lesser rate.

  • Security Standards

Another criterion that should not be overlooked while you are out to hire dedicated developer is the security standards that they follow. Writing secure code is an art, and not all are masters at it. So, any developer can write code and complete your work. But it takes a good developer to create clean, secure codes for scalable applications.

As you interview to rent a developer for your next project, always ask about the security standards they follow. Can they protect your application from hackers and cross-site scripting attacks? What methods they will follow to secure your project? Steps for security updates and so on. Only if they are able to answer these to your satisfaction, then they are a considerable option for your requirements.

You should also ask whether the developers test every line of code before making it live on the production server or not. Testing helps build secure applications by eliminating bugs at early stages allowing clean applications to be deployed on production servers.

  • Experience Level of Developers

The experience level of developers is a significant consideration. For instance, you do not need 15 years of experienced developers to create eCommerce applications. Similarly, freshers or one-year experienced developers cannot design and implement enterprise-level software architecture. Due to this, as you look for developers on rent, you should pay ample attention to their experience levels.

Always hire overseas developers with an experience level that matches your problem’s complexity. As the more complex the problem, the more experienced developers you need to solve them. If you are unsure about your problem’s complexity, consult an offshore development company, and they can help you identify the complexity level quickly.

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  • Quality of Delivered Software

The quality of delivered software is a vital thing to consider when looking to hire dedicated offshore developers. Like a company may have delivered one thousand client projects, but if none of them are fully-functional and used on enterprise levels, then all their work is a waste. And you should not work with such developers for the safe of your ideal project and budget.

To avoid that, have a look at the past projects of the team, and decide whether this is the quality you are willing to pay for or not. If the quality of delivered software is exceptional and fantastic, then sign a deal, and start working with the team without further ado.

  • Reviews & Portfolio

Before you sign the deal and hire dedicated programmer, have a look at the past projects, client reviews, and portfolios. Doing this can be a game-changer. It can uncover the reality of every company that you are looking to work with.

Ask for client referrals and connect with their clients to learn about their working styles. Like this, you can also know about the company’s professionalism and learn if they can complete your projects on time or not.

As you know the things to consider before hiring developers, you should now learn what all benefits you get once you’ve onboarded them and started working for project development.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

The ease and benefits you get while you hire dedicated developer are immense. If you are looking to hire overseas developers for a part-time utility, then you’ll switch to full-time developers after you’ve gone through the list below.

  • More Options

Hire dedicated developers to provide you with numerous options to choose from. Today there are thousands of companies that are providing developers for hire, and you can connect with any of them to find developers that suit your requirements. Also, there’s a vast pool of talented software developers and engineers in emerging and developing countries. Due to this, there are infinite options for you to choose from. If you don’t like one developer, there’s nothing to worry about. As you can interview ten different developers to choose the one that works on your projects to deliver what your business needs.

  • Highly Available & Flexible

As you hire a dedicated developer to solve your business problem, they are highly flexible in their availability. Also, you can ask them to work in your preferred time zones, and they can immediately accommodate the change.

Moreover, offshore developers don’t mind reworking if it is for the betterment of your project. Also, they’ll suggest changes that can be made to the project for faster and quality project completion. Once you come up with some review comments, they can get into action to accommodate these changes for better results. In addition, they are flexible in terms of working with different technologies and domains. So, this allows you to hire fewer developers and use them to work with various technologies on the same project.

  • Experienced Developers

One of the enormous benefits to hire offshore dedicated developer is that they are highly experienced and easy to hire from any good company at affordable rates. In most developed countries, software developers’ hourly rates and salaries are pretty high. That may restrict you from hiring experienced developers from there. But when you switch to offshore hiring, you can hire highly skilled developers with at least a 50% discount on the salaries in your area.

Suppose you cannot get developers for hire because of monetary constraints. In that scenario, it is time to hire offshore developers at lower rates and increase the experience quotient of your software development team.

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  • Lesser Time to Market

Offshore developers are agile and quick to act on project needs. Moreover, they are highly experienced in the technologies you hire them for. And all these factors contribute to decreasing the time to market your project. If you are running against the clock to release your product to users, do hire offshore developer and decrease your project’s time to market.

  • Reduced Project Costs

With the ease to hire dedicated developers at affordable rates, you definitely reduce your project costs. As most offshore development companies allow you to hire dedicated offshore developers for your projects and with you a long-term commitment, you get a generous discount too.

So, if you are looking to reduce your software development project costs, you can hire offshore developers. As they are less expensive having a better experience clubbed with a volume of discounts.

  • Better Outcomes

Most offshore development companies are loyal to their clients. And provide better project outcomes to sustain a long-term relationship with their clients. With an excellent offshore development company by your side, your project delivery is guaranteed, and you can even get better results than hiring on-site developers.

Moreover, as you hire a team of developers, you can avail yourself of support and testing services entirely for free on your project. Which can cause a big hole in the pocket if taken separately.

To help you hire offshore development teams, we have devised a six-step process that is industry standard. If you are looking to hire a team of developers for your next project, following these steps, will have you the best developers to work with for your precious project.

A Step-by-step Process on How to Hire Dedicated Development Team

  • Explain your business requirements clearly to the sales team of the offshore development company.
  • Once they know your requirements, the company will come up with a massive list of talented developers as part of rent a coder services. So you can shortlist some developers that meet your criteria and business requirements from that list.
  • After you’ve shortlisted some developers, it is time to interview them individually. During the interview, ask your shortlisted developers all kinds of complex questions, queries, or tests to judge their knowledge related to the technology to assess their expertise and logic.
  • After the completion of the interview round, you might have decided on the developers you want to work with. So now it is time to secure those developers.
  • Once you’ve finalized the developers you want to work with, it is time to complete the legal formalities and make it official. During this step, you can confirm that the developers and their companies sign NDA. Along with complete guarantee agreements to be on the safe side no matter how things turn out.
  • Now comes the last and most crucial step in the process. Finally, your project development commences. Here, your project will be developed by the engineers you have hired. It is here where all testing and validation activities happen. And your task gets delivered to you in working condition ready to be launched for your end-users.
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Engagement Models & Approaches to Hire Dedicated Developers

Every business has its own needs, making it essential for offshore development service providers to create custom plans. In this section, we will ponder upon various models to hire a team of developers for your upcoming projects according to your requirements.

So let’s explore and understand all the available engagement models to hire dedicated developers.
Fixed-Price Engagement Model

Fixed price engagement models are widely used, and most companies use this to hire offshore development teams for their definitive activities. As the name suggests, these types of engagement models are contracts that are entered with a fixed price for the completion of a particular project/product.

If you have a predefined and carefully crafted software development requirement, a fixed-price engagement model can do wonders for you. Here. you are free from all liabilities as you hire dedicated developers using this engagement model as a business. Although the demanding times have called for more flexible models nowadays, Fixed price engagement still holds the number one rank when a business needs to explore new areas and technologies under a tight budget.

Whether requirements increase or decrease, the company has to complete it within the stipulated budget & time, freeing you from all the related worries. Before looking to hire offshore development team using this engagement model, have a look at its pros and cons first.
Pros of Fixed-Price Engagement Model

  • Less Risky

Fixed price engagement models are significantly less risky compared to other models. Importantly, this greatly benefits you if you are unsure at the end of the project and want to add better features to make it usable. No matter in which direction your requirements go, you don’t have to pay extra above your fixed price for the functions that you have mentioned.

  • Predefined Objectives

This is another significant benefit of this engagement model. In this model, all the project objectives are predefined to keep the communication clear between the two parties for transparency. All offshore development companies comply with this benefit for they know exactly the amount of work that needs to be done for better results.

So before picking up the project, the offshore service provider references these objectives and creates a proposal for you to accept. Also, these predefined goals make development work more straightforward and help create a better estimate of project costs.

  • Fixed Deadlines

With fixed costs come fixed deadlines. Here, the project scope is set before the finalization and beginning of the work. So the companies providing developers with rent services can create a detailed plan with clear deadlines to work on your project. If there are no major changes in the program during the process, the projects under this engagement plan will indeed sign off in time.
Cons of Fixed-price Engagement Model

  • High Costs

Companies offering fixed-price engagement models charge high amounts for their services. Because they want to keep a buffer of acceptable changes that you might make to the original development plan. Moreover, as a business, the service provider is eager to complete the project before deadlines. And sometimes ends up with just a functional product & not an exceptional one while the customer ends up paying more for undervalue product.

Moreover, there are very few fixed-price engagement projects that go over their deadlines. And if they get completed before the deadline, as the price is predetermined, the customer is bound to pay more, and the service provider earns more profit.

  • Less Flexibility

Fixed-price engagement projects are less flexible. Here you cannot hire offshore development teams to work on ever-changing requirements. If you do so, the service provider might charge more or terminate the contract.

This model is only good when you have fixed requirements that are planned out well. In other scenarios, the model can be worthless as there is very less space for flexibility to the changing requirements.

  • No Control

Unlike other engagement models, you have negligible control over the project developers when you hire a dedicated developer in fixed-price engagement models. Most developers working in this model don’t prefer absolute control over their progress and giving out regular status updates and progress reports. And may just hand over the project on completion and explain everything to you at the end.

Moreover, you cannot actively manage and control the developers in this engagement model. So, if you are looking for complete control of the resources you hire, this might not be the right choice.

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Time & Materials Model(T&M Model)

The time and materials model is quite a different engagement model. It is helpful when the project scope is unclear and you don’t want to commit to any upfront budget. Thus, the time and materials model helps companies to hire dedicated development teams and pay only for the work done. In this model, you don’t fix any charges upfront, and there are negligible advance payments.

As the project advances and the developers work on your project, you pay for the hours the developers work dedicatedly on your project and the materials utilized during that time. In it, Offshore development service providers fix an hourly rate for the type of developers for hire you select. To be precise, you pay for the number of hours their work is done multiplied by the hourly rate of the kind of developer employed and the number of developers employed. Further, let’s look at the pros and cons of this engagement model.
Pros of Time & Materials Model

  • More Flexible

If your project requirements are ever-changing, you should hire dedicated developers under this engagement model. It provides more flexibility, and you can keep adding new features without any constraints.

  • More Control

Time & Materials model provides you with the highest level of control for your projects. Moreover, you can supervise your developers and closely manage them on all tasks and progress on the project. Also, you can ask them to work in your time zone and host regular status updates for the smooth progress of the projects.

  • Significant Cost Savings

Time & material model allows you to hire dedicated developers at the least prices. Under this model, you pay only for the actual work and the resources utilized not for any other free time that the developer passes under the name of your project. As a result, it decreases your payments and results in immense cost savings for your projects.
Cons of Time & Materials Model

  • Constant Supervision

If you don’t have time enough to look at the project activities constantly, this might not be an ideal engagement model for you. As the developers tend to leave the timers on and do other tasks while you pay for the project activity. So, if you cannot keep an eye on your developers all the time, you should not hire offshore development team under this model.

  • Unclear Budget

Time & material model projects have a significant drawback as there are no transparent budgets for these projects. As there are different developer hiring rates in different areas, and everyone takes different times to complete tasks, you cannot create a reasonable budget for the completion of your project.

  • No Clear Completion Dates

Time & material engagement model provides the highest level of flexibility, but this comes at the cost of unclear completion dates. As you can keep changing the features of your project until you are satisfied, while you just have to pay more money. Changing requirements takes additional time, and this delays project completion in most cases.
Offshore Development Centre(ODC)

This is a type of developer engagement model where you can create offshore offices for your projects. Here you can hire dedicated developers that can work on your projects from separate offices in other countries.

Many companies operate on this model and rent out their entire offices along with the developers to work on client projects. Though there are many options, there are few businesses that prefer to go for this engagement model. To understand what makes it so special, let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

Pros of Offshore Development Center

  • Reduction in Costs

Offshore development centers provide a great reduction in costs. In this model, you hire an entire office at a cheaper destination, and you utilize it for all your project work. As a result, it decreases your infrastructure costs when you hire offshore development team under such an engagement model, along with a sharp decline in your operating costs.

  • Data Security

Offshore development centers are closed with limited access areas where only authorized people can work. Due to this, there is no trespassing, and no one can tamper with your data. Moreover, you can put checking and other security measures on entry and exit from the ODC to maintain your data security.

  • Better Project Result

Companies primarily benefit as they hire dedicated developers under such models to get better project results. As ODCs have limited access and focused work areas where developers can work on your projects uninterrupted. Due to this, they have more productive time while creating business products, enhancing the overall project’s outcomes.

Cons of Offshore Development Center

  • Lack of Communication

ODC engagement models only work well when the time zone differences are less or the offshore team accommodates the on-site time zone. As ODCs are often situated in far cheaper countries with different time zones, there can be a lot of issues in communication as the teams have to work at other times and cannot meet personally too.

  • Quality Issues

Just like the time & materials engagement model, when you hire dedicated resources under this model, you need to monitor them closely. So you may have to face some quality issues if you don’t have the time to manage and control your offshore team.

  • Upfront Costs

Though the long-term cost benefits are great, the upfront costs can be a deal-breaker. So when you go to hire dedicated development team under this model, be prepared to pay significant amounts upfront. As the offshore companies require these amounts to set up workspaces for your team.

Staff Augmentation

If you are looking to hire dedicated development team that works right by your on-site team, then staff augmentation is the engagement model you should opt for. In this model, you can hire all kinds of employees to extend your on-site team. Whether you want to hire consultants, developers, or testers, you can quickly get them from any rent a coder service provider.

Pros of Staff Augmentation

  • Complete Control

Staff augmentation provides complete control over the hired resources. So, it turns out to be the perfect engagement model if you like to exercise control over your developers for hire.

  • Good for Short-term

Staff augmentation is suitable for short-term projects and requirements. If you are looking to fill a spot in your company for some time, it is better to rent a coder through staff augmentation rather than full-time employees.

  • More Choices

Staff augmentation provides the highest amount of choices. In this engagement model, you can find all kinds of people. Whether you want a hire dedicated programmers, or QA analysts, you can find them easily from offshore development service providers.

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Cons of Staff Augmentation

  • Increased Long-term Costs

Staff augmentation services are good only for the short term. If you hire dedicated programmers under this model for a long time purpose, then the costs will shoot up. And they will be as much as on-site staff. So this model is not suitable for long-term staffing needs.

  • Needs More KT sessions

If staff augmentation services are availed during mid-project or process, it becomes hard to get them on the same page. As they are available virtually, some things take time, and team bonding is also delayed. Moreover, they need to better understand the project from the start, which requires more KT sessions.

  • Hard to Keep Motivated

Staff augmentation has a significant drawback, and this is about the staff feeling unmotivated. They are constantly connected with on-site teams and the development processes, and there is a burnout that makes them unmotivated. If you hire dedicated programmers under this engagement model, be ready to arrange some parties and refreshments or stimulations now and then to keep the offshore development team motivated and productive.

Next, the critical concern is where to look for efficient dedicated developers who will not bail out on the project at the critical moment. And also, delivers the best of the final product as desired. Rest assured, we have covered that point too in our next section.

How to Find & Hire Dedicated Developers?

Even though there are lakhs of software professionals, finding high-quality software developers who can help you build unique products is challenging. If you are looking to hire dedicated programmers, you should first know where to look for them. So, let’s learn more about these two things in this section.

How to Find Dedicated Developers?

  • Get Referrals

One of the most tried and tested ways to find developers is to look for referrals. If you have worked with some developers, you can ask them if they have any other peers who are looking to work on your projects. Hence, it proves to be a better method to get developers for hire using this technique. As one party already knows you, and they won’t cheat you just to get someone hired.

  • Look on Freelance Platforms

Another common place to find developers is through freelancing platforms. Here, you can go through service offering sections, and there you can find tons of developers who are willing to work on projects similar to that yours. So, you just have to do the right amount of research there and get developers on rent for your next project. 

  • Go to Developer Conferences

Developer conferences are the best place to find excellent developers. As most of these developers that attend such conferences are highly skilled and focused on their work. Hence, you will easily find developers that will help you build the next big thing. So, if you want to rent a coder in some time, block your calendar for the next developer conference in your area, and go there to interact with some bright minds.

  • Be Active on Forums

Every day, many developers use forums to ask questions and get solutions. If you need to find expert developers, you could visit popular developer forums. And look for the developers that give the right answers in your desired technology and connect with them to talk further. In a breeze, you can easily find the best developers to work with by just scrolling through these forums.

  • Leverage Recruiters

Recruiters are constantly looking for bright minds for their clients. So you can hire recruiters to help you get the best talent. Significantly, there are much staffing and recruiting agencies that you can work with to hire dedicated programmers for your next big project.

  • Connect with Outsourcing Companies

Just like recruiting companies, there are outsourcing companies that provide rent a coder services to all businesses. If you are looking to hire offshore developer at competitive prices, you can connect with them and discuss your requirements. After this, they’ll provide you with some good references, and you can proceed further.

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Where to Find Developers?

There’s no use in knowing how to find developers if you don’t know where to look for them. So let’s explore the spots where you can find them.

  • Offshore Development Companies

Offshore development companies house the most extensive collection of battle-tested software developers. If you are in search of a first-time-right product development team, then there’s no option better than this. Here, you can connect with any good offshore development company and rent a developer for your business projects. 

  • LinkedIn

Another popular resource to hire dedicated programmers is LinkedIn. It is a professional social networking platform where people connect and share opportunities with each other. So, you can leverage the jobs section here, where you can find the best developers worldwide.

  • At Colleges

Computer engineering colleges host the brightest young minds in the software development industry. If you have an eye for finding the best developers, you can hire dedicated programmers from colleges in your area. Also, you can tie up with multiple institutions and provide freshers an opportunity to prove their worth by excelling early in the software development industry.

  • Hackathons

Competitions like Hackathons are based on technology and coding challenges. Here you can find dedicated and top developers in the technology of your choice. As Hackathons usually provide real-world challenges to participants, and the ones who come up with the best solution win the hackathon. So you should hire developers for startups from such events as they are experts and have good knowledge in converting business problems into solutions with code.

  • Freelancing Websites

There are tons of freelancing websites where you can get developers for hire. Moreover, freelance developers may prove better if you don’t want dedicated development and only need developers for less work. So, post an ad that you require freelancing developers for so and so technology with the price you are willing to pay and see people apply for your project. From all the applications, shortlist a few, take interviews and hire according to your needs and budget.

  • Developer Forums & Groups

Forums and groups host a good amount of dedicated developers on their websites. As these forums are worldwide, you can even hire offshore dedicated developers at reasonable rates. If you want experts to take care of your project, you should look for the most active and followed developer on the forum and approach him to work for your upcoming projects.

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How to Effectively Manage the Hired Dedicated Resource?

Managing developers is not an easy task. And when it is remote, the problems increase many folds. As we have already seen the benefits you get when you hire dedicated development team, you should also know that these benefits are only realized if you can hire dedicated resources & manage the team effectively. So here are some points that can help you manage your project team effectively.

  • Choose Agile

Today, at least 85% of software development projects follow agile methodology. While the whole industry is following a process, you must not step back in pursuing its benefits too. Moreover, Agile is an excellent method to follow., It increases the collaboration, communication, and productivity of everyone involved in the development process. If you want to manage your team effectively, choose to go agile, and experience the comprehensive benefits of this methodology in software development.

  • Plan in Advance

Before you hire dedicated development team, create a detailed plan of your project activities. If you cannot do that, create a basic outline for your project that the offshore team can build on. Planning will help you cut down a lot of time, making project deliveries faster. So, a well-planned project can be completed in time, while removing unnecessary work can achieve immense cost savings.

No one knows your vision and project idea better than you. Hence, before approaching anyone to work with you, you should pen down your vision and create some PoC that makes it easy for the other to understand your idea. Doing so will help you better understand your concept and fill loopholes early on.

  • Be Specific

As you hire dedicated programmer for project work, be specific with the work. During planning, you should refine your ideas and be clear about what you want. Once the developers and the team start working, you should give them specific and clear instructions that they can work on.

If you are unspecific and the instructions are way too broad, the outcome of your projects will not be good. As a result, there will be a significant delay because of unclear requirements.

  • Provide Flexibility

Another key to managing teams effectively is to provide enough flexibility. Flexibility can arrive in the form of flexible work hours, no questions asked leaves, and authority to make decisions in favor of the project. As a manager, as you hire dedicated development team, you should consider providing all this flexibility to your team. Because this will also keep them happy and motivated to work with you. And a motivated and happy developer writes good code and completes his work faster, resulting in cost savings for your business.

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  • Do Not Overburden

Overburdening is the number one reason why people leave their work or become unproductive. As a manager who wants to manage his team effectively, you have to assign everyone’s work as per their capacities and not overburden anyone in the group.

If you make the mistake of overburdening your employees for a long time, they’ll start being unproductive and leave the project midway. Then you’ll need to hire offshore developers again, and training them with proper onboarding will take a lot of time which will delay the projects.

  • Pay Well

The best way to effectively manage and retain developers for hire is to pay them well. No matter how competitive the prices are, always look for yearly increments and appraisals in your hired teams. Consequently, this will boost the team to perform better and deliver the project on time.

Paying your employees well is a primary thing, but it is a factor that not many people understand. If you don’t pay your developers well, they may feel financially unmotivated & leave you for better opportunities. And you’ll be again stuck in the cycle of hiring and training new employees for your projects.

Cost of Hiring Dedicated Developers

The cost of hiring dedicated developers for your projects is based on many factors. Also, there’s no simple rate card when you want to hire dedicated developers. Hence, no one can provide you with an exact project cost without knowing your exact needs. If some company claims to do so, they are just giving you approximate values, and these can swing any side once the project implementation begins. So, if you are looking to hire developers for startups, please consider these factors that may determine your costs.

Points that Decide the Cost of Hiring Developers


  • Experience Level

The experience level of developers can be a significant factor in deciding costs. As every project needs different experience level workers, and as the complexity increases, you have no choice but to hire offshore dedicated developer who is well experienced.

You can hire freshers or entry-level developers to build smaller applications. Still, if you need to develop a highly available and distributed software product, you will need the help of experts. However, expert developers come with a price, and hiring more of them significantly increases your project costs.

  • Technology Used

The technology you decide to use adds more weight to the project costs. As the newer technologies like AI, ML, Data Science, IoT, etc., are hard to master and are time-consuming too. Hence, the developers working in such technologies work hard to acquire these new skills. However, there’s a sharp difference between supply and demand, allowing seasoned developers to enjoy fat pays in these technologies.

Due to this, if you decide to proceed with new but futuristic technology, be ready to spend more on your project. And if you are using simple technologies like WordPress, PHP, or Java, you can find ample master developers on this tech at relatively cheaper rates.

As you are looking to hire offshore dedicated developer for your project, be ready to spend money according to the tech expertise you want to utilize.

  • Number of Hours Worked

While calculating project costs, the number of hours a developer works on your project is another point to consider. All offshore companies that provide developers for hire have a fixed hourly rate for their developers, and this rate varies according to the technology.

If your project requires extensive work to be put in by the developer, the hours worked will significantly increase, and the project costs will shoot up too. To find the price of one developer working on your project, you can multiply the hourly rate by the number of hours worked. If you hire offshore developers for long projects, you can even get discounts for continuous usage of the developers.

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  • Number of Developers Hired

The number of developers for hire by you also significantly impacts the project costs and outcomes. Although, you cannot hire just one developer to build a whole enterprise application with all the required functionalities. But you need to hire a significant number of developers to create the entire project. As the lesser developers you hire for the projects than required, the bad results you get in bigger projects.

If you want quick and timely delivery of your project, don’t hesitate to hire a few more offshore developers to support the team and distribute the project tasks evenly.

Mistakes to Avoid While You Hire Expert Developers

Hiring developers for projects is not an easy task. It gets even more complex as you hire offshore dedicated developers remotely through video calls and trust. Moreover, if you are stepping out into the market to get developers for hire services for the first time, it can be pretty intimidating and can make mistakes. But worry not, we are here for you. Here we have listed down some mistakes that you must avoid while hiring developers for your next project to ensure better selection.

  • Not Doing Background Check

As you hire developers for startup projects or any kind of business project, doing a background check is necessary. By sticking to this one process, you can eliminate all the worries and have a peaceful offshore development experience.

A background check of the developers and the company they work for is necessary for the offshore development model as well. It can uncover hidden good or awful things about the company or developers early on before you start working with them.

Numerous offshore companies provide false client references and fake reviews about their work to mislead potential clients. As they don’t have many good things to show, and to keep their business running, they cheat on-site companies that don’t believe in background checks. If you include a background check process in your hiring system, you have the chance to stay away from such bad offshore companies that can delay your projects and give you financial setbacks.

  • Looking for Cheaper Options

Another common mistake most companies make in the pursuit of saving money is that they look for cheaper options. As a business owner, most people consider tech expenses a burden and don’t value them properly. Or even if they do appreciate it, they are hesitant to spend more on it. Due to this, when they are out to hire dedicated developers team, they look for cheaper options.

Cheaper options can be good sometimes, but they are also risky may times. So, if you are looking to have a hassle-free development experience and want to work on the latest tech with the industry’s brightest minds, be ready to spend some good money. Looking for cheaper options may look good in the first place, but its effects are detrimental in long run. So try to avoid looking for such cheap companies and unbelievable offers.

  • Hiring Less Experienced Developers

Hiring less experienced developers is another typical mistake businesses make. Many people think that any developer can do anything, but hardly anyone can do everything practically. Besides, most less experienced developers have just enough experience with the technology to work on the projects only with the guidance of experienced lead developers and consultants.

If you build a project from scratch, it is better to hire dedicated developers team with experienced consultants, developers, and less experienced freshers. Maintaining this blend will help you create first-time-right projects. And also guarantee better project outcomes than hiring just less experienced developers.

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  • Not Signing NDAs

All business projects need to be secured with NDAs, and other agreements that protect your app ideas and project information. While not signing NDAs can create huge privacy issues, especially in the offshore outsourcing model. Suppose you hire developers for startup projects and you possess a life-changing idea. In that case, you should secure the concept by making the developers and offshore companies sign high-amount NDAs that make it almost impossible for them to leak any data about your project.

  • Non Transparent Processes

While working with offshore development companies, if you feel that the company’s processes are not transparent and they do everything on their own without asking you anything, you’ve made a mistake. Hence, identify and avoid working with a company that has non-transparent processes. Whether it is their hiring process, or background check process; as a client, you should be given enough details about everything that happens for your project in detail.

eSparkBiz’s Approach to Hiring Developers

Being an offshore development agency that all our clients love, we work hard and relentlessly in procuring the best resources for our client projects.

If you plan to hire dedicated development team from eSparkBiz anytime, you need to know how we can provide you with the best developer talent for every project.

Five-step Process to Hire Dedicated Developers

  • Scouting

We have the best HRs and hiring team that is constantly looking for bright minds so you get to hire offshore developers who ensure to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Significantly, our technical hiring team also consists of the best recruiters that have worked with fortune 500 companies.

With their industry experience and methods for hiring the best team, we can compile a list of the best available resources as and when required. Our team leverages social media, developer forums, hackathons, and other such events and tools to keep an eye on high-performing tech talent. Due to these methods, we can keep many people on our lists. And you can proceed with hiring them whenever you need them.

  • Multiple Interview Rounds

Once we identify someone as an excellent fit for our plans and client projects, we approach them with an interview opportunity.

However, we don’t employ developers based on a simple interview. You need to pass similar complex interview rounds to solve complex real-world business problems. So, we follow multiple rounds of interviewing process. It begins with a simple conversation over the call and goes up to case studies, whiteboard coding rounds, and even system design.

Further, we keep the interview difficulty level as per the roles we hire. And as you climb the ladder, our interview rounds become harder to assess you from all sides. For instance, if we are looking for an experienced front-end developer, we may tend to interview them from tricky HTML and CSS to advanced concepts of new frameworks and even UI/UX topics.

Also, process them through group discussions, scenario-based questions, and business case studies to assess their analytical thinking better. This allows us that you get the best developers for hire for your unique business needs.

  • Shortlisting the Best

Now, once we have interviewed you, we benchmark your interview scores across other potential hires. During this stage, our technical recruiters will assess and translate the final scores for each candidate we interview in their unique, defined manner.

In addition, this scoring helps us to shortlist the best performing candidates from each round and then pitch them against each other. Our interview scoring focuses more on technical and analytical skills. All other things are given equal weightage as well as per their priority. Finally, the ones that top the scoreboard are taken into further consideration.

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  • Assessing Culture Fit

eSparkBiz is always known for the lively atmosphere and culture it provides. While also emphasizing the equal importance of cultural fit when hiring new team members. Anyone can be an excellent engineer, but it is hard to find a good cultural fit. Moreover, our culture of innovation helps teams and businesses to give back to the world with our excellent products. So, once we have shortlisted developers to hire, we ask them to appear for an assessment on cultural fit. If we learn that anyone is not much open to these ideologies and cultures, we cannot proceed further with them. In the end, the results from these tests are added to the interview scores, and the top people are hired.

  • Onboarding

Once the candidates successfully clear all the assessments, they are ready to join our team and clients can start to hire dedicated developers and start solving exciting business problems.

Additionally, we provide ample learning and upskilling opportunities throughout their time with us. So, if they have been a lifelong learner wanting to constantly keep exploring new things, they’ll love being with us.

Why Choose eSparkBiz to Hire Offshore Development Team?

By now, you have become aware of how eSparkBiz hires its technical wizards that could solve all your business problems. So you should also become aware of the benefits you get when you hire offshore development team because of our extensive hiring policies.

  • Highest Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of paramount interest to us. And help them drive their business forward with unique, innovative solutions that address their problems. As you hire dedicated developers at eSparkBiz, you experience the highest customer satisfaction. Whether you are here for a small project or an end-to-end solution to your business issues, our developers will help you with everything.

Since the beginning, we have worked on numerous business projects and delivered all of them successfully. Due to this, we can maintain an astonishing 98% client satisfaction rate. And this rate is a dream for many businesses. But with the help of our experienced developers and project managers, we can maintain it consistently every year. Hence, you can relay the best results to your end-users as you rent a coder with us.

  • Extensive Expertise

eSparkBiz hires the most experienced developers and project leads. Due to this, you get to work with highly experienced people with domain expertise as you hire developers for startups with us.

Also, our seasoned team members can help your business unlock incremental growth and solve all your business problems with ease.

  • Full Commitment to the Projects 

eSparkBiz is committed to providing better solutions to every business in all ways possible. That is why we never back off after signing a project. And once we have agreed on a project, we will provide you with an effective solution no matter how complex the problem is.

So, whether you hire a dedicated developer or a dedicated development team, we fully commit to your projects. Moreover, your project will never be delayed, and there will be progressive growth you will witness in the process every day from day one.

  • Free Post-deployment Support

No project is complete after a signoff. Whether it is a simple website or a web app that churns data and helps your business perform an integral process, every deployed product needs support to function without a sudden interruption or downtime.

As you hire expert developers at eSparkBiz, you get free post-deployment support on all your projects for up to six months. Moreover, you can even extend deployment support after six months with the best rates.

Besides, our support masters will be available 24×7 and will ensure that your apps keep running smoothly all the time without any hiccups.

  • Best in Class Rates

eSparkBiz provides the best developers for hire at the best rates. Being a large organization with talented individuals, we are always looking for projects that add value and help businesses. Due to this, we pick up projects at the most competitive rates and supply our clients with excellent developers delivering world-class solutions.

So, you can connect with our sales team at any time, and they’ll provide you with the best possible rates after understanding your requirements.

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  • 24×7 Availability

There’s no downtime at eSparkBiz. As a business, we operate 24×7. Meaning there will always be someone to look after your projects.

So, if you hire dedicated team, it becomes crucial that they are available at your time. Understanding that clearly, we make sure to do that because of our customer-first approach.

Whether you come in with support, maintenance, or development project, we will ensure that your project progresses 24×7 and it is not dependent on anyone’s whimsical availability.

Success Stories to Learn From

Many business leaders are skeptical about whether hiring an offshore or dedicated development team is a good choice or not. If you are unsure about the results of such partnerships, then here are a few success stories from top companies that have hired nearshore and offshore development teams.


Slack is one of the best success stories when it comes to dedicated developers. During its beta releases, Slack did not have a huge team to build the product. And that’s when the founders thought of going for the offshore development model. While researching extensively, they came across a Canadian offshore development agency named MetaLab that changed their game forever.

The team at MetaLab understood the project completely and helped Slack founders to fill the gaps. Consecutively, MetaLab helped Slack create and ship a beta version of the app right from UI/UX design to logos and everything related. And we all know the results today. Slack was an instant hit since it was launched. And it had more than 15k downloads in under a week. Due to its service and features, Slack was adopted by the leading fortune 500 companies for their daily work, and this made it the go-to instant messaging platform for business teams.


Well-known Alibaba is the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace where wholesalers and retailers meet. It operates out of China. And when the company was expanding, they were facing glaring issues in creating localized products.

Due to this, the company focussed on outsourcing localized features to the native countries. For example, if they are building a feature/website for Russia, they’d outsource it to the agencies operating there and so. And this proved to be a successful decision. And allowed Alibaba to have highly localized sites and features. As better localized sites increased user retention and skyrocketed the company’s sales. Also, such sites provided ease of access and personalized content in each location, improving business. And, this amazing story also made an important chapter in Alibaba’s book.


Today where the world builds software and ships it was built by part-time and offshore dedicated developers on rent once. But, Github was not in the limelight from its initial days, and it took considerable time to become famous. During the building days, the company hired an offshore developer to write the back-end code for the system and make it better.

This back-end developer was Scott Chacon, who played a pivotal role in technical hiring for the platform. During his work at GitHub, he helped them build an excellent product and an even more awesome team. And power the world with a commonplace to host 64 million projects on the platform.


Even though you are familiar with it, to introduce, WhatsApp, a free-to-use messaging platform that revolutionized how humans communicate, was backed by the offshore and nearshore development model. Today, WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store and Apple App Store. And still, it does not make any significant money. Some brilliant software developers started it with an initial investment of $250,000. And at that time, the company could not afford to hire expert developers as the best brains in the industry.

Hence, they approached a team of three developers in Russia, who worked on the product development for many versions. And these three developers worked under the offshore developers for hire model and shipped WhatsApp while collaborating with the business team at WhatsApp headquarters.

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Citi Group

A renowned group of companies excelling at banking and financial services around the world has leveraged offshore development and hiring models for two years now. Citi, the prominent company in this group, has successfully outsourced its technical operations and product development to countries like India, the Philippines, and Poland.

Moreover, owing to success in this model, the company has decreased its operation costs largely and has aided more than 11,000 jobs.


Vive is a leading personalized investment solutions provider for people who are looking to become financially stronger. It is an app-based product. For this, the company needed the best people to build the core of its application.

In the company’s operational areas, the developer salaries were pretty high. And as a startup, they could not afford to pay such high salaries. It was then that they had the idea of hiring an offshore development team. Quickly acting on it they went on to hire a dedicated development team of Ukrainian developers. And these developers brought in immense technological skills at fractional costs. That helped Vive build and sustain its application at low prices.


Coming to an end of a long journey, by now, you know everything that is required to hire dedicated developers. Along with that, we have also discussed the different engagement models that you can choose between, and also know their pros and cons.

Doing a round-up for engagement models, most companies prefer fixed cost models for projects that have crystal clear requirements. However, many companies prefer flexible hiring models to keep the possibilities of modification in the project open as required or hire developers for small technological needs without having to invest heavily into it. But as we know, there are no one-size-fits-all engagement models. Due to this, the same company can find different engagement models favorable based on their requirements, cost budgets, and other factors.

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Join with eSparkBiz to get the best of the lot now!

No matter which engagement model you choose, you’ll need to find and hire dedicated developers or companies on your own. And by now, we are sure you know where to look, right? If not, head over to the how-to find developers section and get detailed steps for your hiring needs.

Whether you hire full-time, part-time, or dedicated developers, the efforts you make in choosing the right company will reap great benefits. Hence, avoid the common mistakes companies make while hiring developers and have a smooth project development experience.

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