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eSparkBiz uses Ruby on Rails full-stack development framework along with extensive Ruby security and gems to deliver enhanced web applications for startups as well as grown businesses.

When you choose us, you get trust of a brand, India's top Web App Development team, 10+ years of experience, strict NDA terms & complete peace of mind.

Ruby on Rails Development Company for robust web solutions

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework developed over Ruby programming language. The RoR ecosystem offers many options to select latest features for enhancing security and performance of applications.Choosing RoR for development has tons of advantages and that’s why it's the base of several popular apps like Shopify, Soundcloud and more.

When RoR was first created it was considered as one of the best front-end development frameworks and it still justifies the sayings. People often underestimate the power of RoR, however, we are the apt RoR development company because we build enhanced and powerful web apps for business sectors such as SaaS, Fintech, Healthcare, Travel, eCommerce and more.

Ruby on Rails development service is majorly used for web apps of large scale. However, our top Ruby on Rails developers are well versed in defining solutions for every business starting from startups and small businesses to fully grown businesses. Our highly experienced developers build your ideas to reality, they will also keep you updated on improvements whenever needed.

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Why Choose ROR Development Company

  • It is highly scalable, it can handle the raised app load, tons of requests per minute sent by multiple visitors.
  • It offers an easy modification of existing code and the addition of new features to the site.
  • It makes developing features fast when combined with 3rd party libraries.
  • RoR developers can easily spot erRoRs and quickly resolve it. The framework is well documented both officially and unofficially.
  • The ‘Minitest tool’ in Rails core provides many useful testing features including mocking, test benchmarking, and syntax.
  • The security features of RoR follow the Secure Development Life Cycle process and plugs in security tests on every release to ensure a safe environment.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We have proved true to time for the last ten years, and have worked on the finest projects for 1000+ clients globally.

Cloud based human resource management application


Cloud based human resource management application

HRMS (Human resource management system) is an employee portal we have built for our own company. It offers a comprehensive management solution covering everything such as employee management, attendance, holiday list, time and more.





Cloud based health portal


Cloud based health portal

Samata Health is a platform for mental health. The application is designed for both therapists and people looking for their consultation. Made for a great cause, the application has built a community of therapists, connecting users to the nearest therapist in just a few steps . Users just have to mention their preference and book a consultation from a tailored list of therapists that suits their requirement.






Book publishing platform


Book publishing platform

Mynd matters is a book publishing platform that turns people’s book publishing dream to reality. The app comprises three steps: providing users 30 minute clarity sessions, sending them a well-suited publishing plan and at last publishing their book. It is as easy as it sounds. We catered them the exact platform they needed; one that helped them manage their users' reports as well as company’s progress.





Saas-based personal fishing application


Saas-based personal fishing application

Rippled Water makes going for fishing with friends effortless. From inviting friends to join, choosing a destination, organizing a trip, to sharing photos with the ones who joined, it takes care of everything. The app also provides users with weather and water information.





Advanced influencers web portal


Advanced influencers web portal

Kamopi software system connects brand representatives to influencers that suit their brand requirements. This web portal allows influencers to build a stronger looking profile and increase their online presence. On the other hand the brand owners get the ease of hiring content creators that help them create awareness about their product.



Facebook Graph API



What Our Client Says

Hear what our clients have to say about choosing us for their digital requirements.

eSparkbiz Client Testimonial

CEO @ IDS Agency

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Founder @ SMA Marketing

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Try out risk free web development services for upto 2 weeks before actually signing with us. During these 15 days, you would have enough time to analyse our agile web development process, code quality, resources, work structure, and work ethics.

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Feature-Rich Best Ruby On Rails Development Services

eSparkbiz is a befitted Ruby on Rails development company, our RoR developers are highly experienced in managing all Ruby on Rails projects.They make sure that the project execution process remains seamless throughout.

RoR Integration With Front-End Technologies

We love delivering highly scalable, secure and high performance applications for our clients. And for that we use the most advanced front-end javascript frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS.

Continuous Integration And Deployment

By following continuous integration we keep the integrity of the codebase. Our Ruby on Rails team thoroughly follows agile processes and principles for preserving code in deployable condition.

Agile and Lean Process Execution

Our highly skilled Ruby on Rails developers follow the agile process to deliver clients highly productivity and quality rich products quickly and also fulfill all the requirements of the client’s.

Pair Programming With ROR

Our many years of experience in Ruby on Rails development has exposed us to the knowledge that writing code in pairs boosts productivity, inspires diversity in thoughts and brings high-quality work.

Rails on Docker Containerisation

We migrate your apps to the Docker so that you have the advantage of environment parity, portability and immediate rail covers. We expertise in configuring everything to take advantage of the Docker.

Ruby on Rails Service and Maintenance

RoR is one of our core development services. Its service and maintenance comprises constant monitoring, framework upgrades, RoR consultation and resolving bugs for application enhancement.

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Why Choose Ruby on Rails Development?

Fast and productive

Extensive libraries

Dedicated Community




Ruby on Rails Upgrade Services

Ruby on Rails Development Services

The latest Ruby on Rails versions are more performant, better optimised and more responsive. So, now is the best time for you to upgrade your Ruby on Rails application to the latest version. The newer version will clear out the vulnerabilities and can also fix security issues.

The rails 3.x version is no longer supporting the latest updates. So, don’t waste your valuable time on useless security alerts or deprecation warnings, let us help in making your app more optimized by upgrading it to the latest version.

Upgrading your RoR application is a must for those who are running versions older than 4.0. The 3.x version is way outrated it, neither gets support for RoR community nor from web packer or database. Hence, the latest Ruby on Rails upgrade provides many advantages. To leverage all the benefits of RoR technology that includes feature, speed and efficiency get in touch with us [email protected]

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We have a skilled tech-savvy team of developers that works on clients’ projects efficiently and delivers the project at the required time.
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Full-stack experts

Every Ruby on Rails developer at eSparkBiz has a stronghold on the front-end as well as backend tech, including databases and JavaScript frameworks. We have senior developers with high experience in codes reviewing, design patterns and DevOps.

Agile delivery

We prefer the agile process of RoR outsourcing to provide our clients with the assurance of fast and high quality product development. Over the years eSparkBiz has built a structured agile process to kick-start projects and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Fluent communication

Clear conversation is the first step in the project execution process, and eSparkBiz has built a team of like minded people who overcome the hurdles of communication. Our team will merge with your team and match your workflow and time preference.

Robust CI and CD

Offering fast and secure CI and CD pipelines are primary for all our RoR projects. We prevail on aggressive release schedules without hampering budget and quality. For every build, eSparkBiz’s RoR team automates integration and delivery.

Quality-first approach

We work to maintain the highest possible level of code quality in a number of ways, such as regular code reviews, linting with tools like Rubocop, adhering to the Ruby on Rails style guide, and more.

Team development

Besides high entry barriers for new recruits, we put an emphasis on mentoring and knowledge sharing within the company. All team members contribute to multiple projects on Github and regularly attend RoR developer workshops and hackathons.

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We accelerate digital growth of your business by acknowledging its true potential,here you will also get the benefit of reduced implementation costs and on-time delivery.

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Why eSparkbiz is Superior?

Our team thrives on delivering quality-oriented projects to enhance the client service experience. We are always in the attempt of getting highly-intuitive and enhancing projects and collaborating with new clients and becoming their preferred vendor as we are in our current partners’ list.

Step Into Our Development Space

eSparkBiz office solely focuses on productivity and teamwork, so that our in-house developers can offer you the best solutions you need for your business.

Top IT Talent

eSparkBiz is an exclusive hub of multi-talented employees. The top web developers and UI/UI designers along with QA Experts help you prepare web applications of the highest degree.

Time Zone Aligned

eSparkBiz has never compromised with the time zone. We simply believe in providing services to you at your timezone. Hire skilled web developers from us to get the work done according to your time zone.

Experienced Team

eSparkBiz consists of web developers who have at least 3 years of experience. With over 130+ employees, we are always ready to extend our helping hands!

Trusted by these Brands

We have transformed some of the ideas of the world's leading brands into amazing mobile, software, and web applications. We earned their trust, now we await to do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ruby on Rails development and Ruby development?

The difference between Ruby and Ruby on Rails development is quite simple, Ruby is a programming language whereas RoR is a web application framework developed over Ruby. RoR programmers get the idea of using built-in libraries and more.benefit Built on MVC architecture, it gives you different views of data as it is isolated from the user interface.

Why not go for Ruby language instead of RoR development?

RoR and Ruby have much in common, Ruby is a programming language whereas Ruby on Rails is web application framework based on Ruby. RoR is more convenient to use from developers’ perspective. RoR provides pre-built libraries which lets developers reduce the app development time.

Can Ruby on Rail Development services be used in Web Development?

Absolutely! RoR framework can be utilized for developing simple as well as large scale websites. The framework is very easy to scale and can simultaneously manage a larger user base.

You can hire our team of Ruby and Rails developers that will deliver you your dream website by working on your time preference and requirements.

Do Ruby on Rail developers and Ruby developers have the same skills set?

Moderately yes, some highly skilled and experienced Ruby developers can work with Ruby on Rails technology but it doesn’t go the other way. Developers who choose to learn rails directly may face difficulty in solving complex ruby problems.

If you are looking for RoR experts we are here to help you. eSparkbiz is a renowned name in Ruby and Rails company, we have a well versed team that will be dedicated on delivering you, your dream website.

Which language is best for web development: Python, RoR or PHP?

All the technologies are beneficial when you use them for their right purpose. Each of these languages are used for different development purposes. Choose any of the technology that best suits your company’s and website requirements.

Which version of RoR do you use for building Apps?

At eSparkBiz we always keep our clients updated with the latest technologies. Hence, for RoR we use the latest version i.e. Rails 5.5.5 launched on 4th December, 2018.

Can you integrate payment gateways in Ruby on Rails?

Yes, we have indicated several gateways in RoR for our clients such as Authorized.net, Paypal, Stripe, and many other payment gateways in RoR projects.

Why should I Hire RoR developers from eSparkBiz?

Choosing the right RoR developers is a step that not only has an impact on the outcomes of your project, but also on the entire experience of your project development. If you hire Ruby on Rails experts from eSparkBiz, then you can be assured of the success of the project as well as of an excellent and smooth project development experience.

Our developers are skilled, intelligent, and diligent. You will find that their in-depth RoR expertise helps in ensuring that the application development continues to take place in an efficient and optimum way. They will co-ordinate with you closely throughout the project, offering you the right suggestions from time to time, taking your feedback into consideration, and keeping you informed about the latest project-related updates. You will find it very seamless and convenient to work with RoR developers from eSparkBiz.

Can your team help our company with credit card security and PCI compliance?

Yes. We are well upon the security standards and PCI compliance requirements, and we can definitely help you in that.

What kind of projects is the RoR framework suitable for?

RoR framework works well for a wide range of web development projects. If you want to build an e-commerce application, then RoR will support your specific e-commerce requirements precisely, such as integrating payment options, adding and editing descriptions and images of products, offering chat functionality, and so on. If your web application needs to be backed by a database, then RoR is a great option for that as well.

Content-related websites are also easily developed and maintained using the RoR framework. Even social media and networking platforms can be built with RoR. In case you just want to build a general-purpose web application, then RoR is excellent for such web applications too. As you can see, RoR is truly a versatile framework that works exceptionally for so many types of web application projects.

Can you deal with RoR project related challenges effectively?

When you hire a Ruby on Rails developer from eSparkBiz, you’re hiring someone who is not only well-versed in the technology, but is also highly experienced in managing all types of RoR projects. This means that your developer will make sure that your project goes on smoothly from beginning till the end. If at any point any challenge arises, the developer will make sure that the challenge is resolved promptly. Hence, we can assure you that our team will be able to handle the challenges of any complexity with ease. We won’t let any challenge impede the progress of your RoR project.

Would you help me deploy the application too?

Yes, with Ruby on Rails development services as well as deployment. You can discuss your deployment-related needs with our RoR developer and they will fulfil the same.

What are some of the important things that I should know about how you work?

We follow a very robust, transparent, and methodical process for working on any project. We adhere to best practices for every phase of the project, whether it’s coding, testing, or deployment. Your vision and expectations for the application are very important to us, so we make sure to keep these in mind always. Most importantly, we are always open and receptive to the feedback from you.

What is the benefit of using the RoR web development framework?

If you’re wondering why you should use the RoR framework for your web development needs, then you should know about a couple of its most notable benefits. First, you will be able to develop your web application quickly and cost-effectively, using this framework. Second, the framework supports the development of highly secure web applications.

Third, this is a very stable framework which provides good support for a web application to thrive and improve in the long term. So you see, there are many good reasons for you to hire a Ruby on Rails programmer from eSparkBiz for your web development project.

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