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Outsource your custom software development hassle-free, affordable, & innovative with eSparkBiz. Our 100+ custom software experts deftly optimize custom software development services for enterprise application software, user-centric apps, SaaS, CRM, Blockchain & more. Grow with scalable, feature-rich, & sturdy custom software with Data & Analytics, AI/ML, IoT, Cloud, DevOps, & QA.

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Tailoring Technology for Specific Business Needs with a Custom Software Development Company

Each business is unique in values, processes, & the complexities they face in their function. Instead of standard off-the-shelf solutions, they need unique customized solutions that solve issues without affecting other processes.

Here, a leading custom software development company ensures advanced technological solutions that ease the overall process to scale the business. We custom software development solutions build custom software that is robust, reliable, & practical. It follows your business model to increase your productivity & give you a competitive edge.

Today’s digital progress has majorly affected our interaction with businesses. Hence, we thoughtfully design, implement, & add features to your software. We also initiate your workforce into the system ensuring an organized, less complex process with enhanced user experience.

We give long-term & adaptive solutions to automate your business. Also, our custom software development solutions combine your business processes. So you can divert your attention to expanding your business.

Engaging in end-to-end custom software development, our services are always adored for being simple, classic, & clean with commendable security.

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Merge your Business Processes for Efficiency with Custom Software Development Services

Our all-in custom software development services offer selective skilled software programmers, project managers, consultants & professionals. Along with that, we leverage modern technologies like AI/ML, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT, & Mobility for your digital transformation. With notable experience in tailor-made software, we provide plugins, API development, CMS, enterprise apps, audio-video apps, retail/e-store sites, media apps, & more. So you can use the best of our expert resources for staff augmentation within budget.

Bespoke Software Development

Our hi-skilled energetic resources provide premium software development services. It helps you to make a more robust and practical business strategy. For that, we opt for a solid development plan and prototyping strategy that creates customized applications from scratch across any mobile, web, & cloud-based platform. This well-structured development process ensures seamless integration, great flexibility, scalability, and profitability.

Application Migration & Reengineering

We help organizations to boost the productivity and performance of legacy applications. This is done by redesigning, migrating, and refurbishing them into more customized and feature-rich applications. Truly, our specialized team ensures flawless and quick upliftment of your existing application with the latest features, cutting-edge technologies, highly secured systems, and improved UX/UI interface.

Software Application Maintenance

Our team of expert custom software developers ensures the improved performance of your software. Through hassle-free maintenance, regular software up-gradation, and minimum downtime as part of it. As the best custom software development firm, our service offers you the best real-time solution and provides fast resolution to the post-development activities.

SaaS Application

We have 10+ years of experience in creating SaaS-based applications for our clients. This renders us capable enough to handle all of your business challenges. This provides more productivity, enhanced customer experience, and competitive advantage at a minimum risk. Also, we use the latest technologies to develop SaaS-based solutions through cloud and serverless.

Application Integration

As a custom software application development company, our bespoke services include end-to-end application integration of the latest technologies to give you an elevated experience. Besides, seamless integration with the existing software to ensure minimum hindrance in your business is where our expertise lies. And all this at an optimized cost.

Maintenance & Support

We facilitate our customers at all levels from infrastructural alteration, web service support, & integration in operating systems to web service and cloud support. This is to ensure a smooth and seamless continuation of the business process. As a part of the software up-gradation and maintenance, we also help to enhance your application performance through transformational changes.

Custom Software Development Company India

Associating with us, a leading custom software development company in India will enable your business to structure custom solutions. Our proactive approach mingled with the ease of automation gives you growth-centric, real-time apps and software conning to your users.

Custom Software We Offer

We sculpt your idea using innovative techniques and represent it in the real world.

Enterprise Application Software
Industrial Software
Specialized Service Software Solutions
Customer-centric Apps

Enterprise Application Software

Our Enterprise application software development service offers an array of features, customization opportunities, software services, & ease of operation. Resulting in an accelerated business workflow. Similarly, our highly-skilled in-house team develops software targeting your unique requirements. Overall, our focus is to provide hi-class service to optimize & automate your business processes. Surprisingly, we have a bucket full of services that include:

  • Enterprise process management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)
  • Content Management Software (CMS)
  • Asset Management Software

Industrial Software

We create unique and efficient software for industrial purposes that helps you to manage your overall business processes. For instance, inventory management, financial management, operational excellence, and more. Again, our offerings are capable to cater any kind of requirement in a vast variety of business areas like

  • Financial Software
  • KPI tools for LAW firms
  • Legal Department Dashboards
  • Business Intelligent Systems
  • Analytical tools for Logistics Industries, and Fleet Management
  • Applications related to Market Research

Specialized Service Software Solutions

Discover our expert services crafted for specific business requirements. Eventually, it manages your complex business processes efficiently. In short, we are confident about our custom software development outsourcing for distinctive offerings that are difficult to get from the market at a competitive price. So, we provide customized solutions that are aligned with your business goals and core services using the latest technologies.

  • Accounting Software
  • Payroll Management
  • Asset Management Software
  • Database Management Solutions
  • Billing, Invoicing, and Logistics Solutions

Customer-centric Apps

Our forte is custom software application development India in creating software & apps that provide a personalized and interactive user experience. It reflects your strong presence in the targeted market. Considering the flexibility of different market categories like B2B or B2C, our expert custom software developers create amazing, immersive applications. So you get apps that are attractive, user-friendly, & highly responsive on any platform, be it mobile or PC.

  • Social Media Apps
  • eCommerce Apps
  • Mobile Net Banking and Payment Gateway Applications
  • Healthcare and Patient Applications

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  • Easy Exit Policy

Area of Expertise

As a leading custom business Software Development Company, we expertly use the latest and advanced technologies to enrich our customer experience. Especially, our team of technical specialists develops software keeping the design thinking approach in mind. It highlights your product value to your users.


Efficiently connect multiple smart devices on central network ecosystems for you.

  • Develop software for a one-click dashboard. Or do fast & precise decision-making through data representation & data collection from different devices.
  • Without any alteration of exiting hardware, add new features and functionalities to improve the efficiency.
  • Ensure remote monitoring of assets and devices through a single connected gadget.

DevOps Thinking

Our methodology of business offers complete OTIF (On Time In Full).

  • A Structured DevOps culture & development process for faster delivery. As it streamlines & integrates the segmented process.
  • Implement CI/CD with top-notch tools to ensure higher productivity, quicker release, & improves transparency for market advantage.
  • With our premium & best-in-class products, mitigate all your complex issues at a competitive price.


Adopt the digital movement through the transition to the cloud for easy access.

  • Ease of migration of data, infrastructure, and application to the cloud.
  • Take advantage of flexibility, scalability, and more secured data storage.
  • Optimize your cost, storage, assets, network, and power consumption without compromising on efficiency and speed.

Big Data & Analytics

Utilize the power of data and analysis to understand your business better.

  • A thorough analysis gives you great insights into your business and competitors’. Consequently, this allows to take advantage & lead the market.
  • Arrive at a logical decision faster through different mode of representation of data that reflects trends, patterns, and graphs.


Connect Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to revamp your business.

  • Develop applications that can make you the leader by integrating AI.
  • Drive personalized digital experience introducing AI and AR.
  • Understand and predict customer behaviors through the integration of ML in your software to create an amazing user experience.

Quality Engineering

Delivering a quality product is our top priority.

  • Stringent testing from the initial stage of the project results in high-quality products.
  • Prioritized testing for every unique business process.
  • Using the latest and advanced technologies enables us to get the right thing first.

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Give your Custom Software Development Project into the hands of a Company that truly cares!

  • Why do you Need Custom Software Development?

    Custom software development is a smart solution to mark significant growth in the market. It resolves complexities to focus on productivity, efficiency, lead time, market, & competitor analysis.

    Custom Software Development Services is to structure & develop solutions as per your business needs. So you can efficiently control your organization & operations to generate more profit with the help of a Nearshore Software Development Company.

    Irrespective of the business styles, size, type, or purposes, customizing your software functions streamlines your overall functions. It gives you the freedom to monitor on a single platform with huge comfort & flexibility.

    As a top custom software development agency, we deliver well-tailored, highly scalable, & robust apps for businesses to sustain their organic growth.

    1. Security

      The advancing technology has increased the chances of cybercrime that may compromise your private data too. Additionally, the legacy software is not very strong & secure now which ends up attracting more baleful activities. But through customized software, you can ensure more safety and security of your database. As these are developed by specialists observing the current cyber issues, they develop more complex security coding for safety.

    2. Internal Integrations

      To monitor and manage all the complex processes, businesses need different software to run different business segments. Having customized software provides you the flexibility to integrate and connect all these applications. Moreover, you can also monitor and manage them under one roof. This allows greater efficiency, better time management, improved monitoring, and increased productivity.

    3. Cost Efficiency

      Developing customized software provides huge tangible & intangible benefits that, in turn, save you a lot of money. Through customized software, you can correct data & your business processes, streamline the workforce & find great technical assistance. Now you can run a process-oriented business that is more reliable, transparent, & customer-friendly. Deploying tailored software is a one-time investment with less maintenance & an easier learning curve.

    4. Staying Up-to-date

      The legacy software usually restricts us to venture into new technologies. Even the new updates may take months to years to launch. On the other hand, tailored software development services provide you the flexibility to set your timeline and upgrades with the changing time.

    5. Automation

      Repetitive work not only consume the time of your workforce but also restricts their thinking and will to implement more productive ideas. Thus, implementing customized services will give you ample opportunities to automate different types of repetitive tasks. Just a click is enough to complete the job which generally kills your time and energy.

    6. Reliability

      Today’s fast-moving world has limited our patience. Similarly, waiting on any complicated issue will only affect the service badly. But our customized software development service keeps you to stay out of these irritating problems by providing you direct access to the developer team and 24X7 dedicated service support.

    7. Replacing Multiple Software

      Customized software provides numerous functionalities and features that you wish to develop. Consequently, you can integrate the facilities of different software into the tailored one. This helps you to avoid juggling between multiple applications. Moreover, multiple software needs multiple licenses, more expertise on different platforms, numerous maintenance aspects, and other complexities.

    8. Personalized Customer Experience (CX)

      Tailored software is developed based on your requirements and needs. Different businesses aim for different target audiences and users and through such software, you can enhance your customer experience by giving a personalized touch.

    9. Increase Productivity

      Custom software has optimized functionalities. Through automation, replacing multiple applications can save a lot of non-value-added time for your resources. Thus, your business can be more effective and productive by implementing customized software for your business.

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Why Choose eSparkBiz as Custom Software Development Company?

In-demand team of 100+ Custom Software Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

eSparkBiz has catered to many leading companies for their technological solutions. Insightfully, we develop customized, simplicity-driven options to successfully serve all domains.

As the best custom software development company in India, we stand distinct for our intricate ecosystem of development that goes with our broad spectrum of services.

Moreover, our crafted practical software solutions for clients, state-of-the-art technology, & innovative solutions increase customer needs & keep up with the market fluidity.

Our expertise in MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, RoR, Laravel, Node, PHP, .net Core, Golang, Python, iOS, Android, Symfony, QT, & cross-platform tools like Xamarin, React Native & Flutter helps give businesses a digital boost to perform better.

Get the ultimate digital solution for all your organizational issues with one of the top custom software development companies India.

  • 12+ years of Industry Experience
  • 250+ Qualified Senior Technology Architects
  • CMMI Level 3 Company & ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Powerful Data Security: Firewall System (Palo, Alto), VPN, Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software, Access Control and Data Recovery
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Agile Methodology
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Conveniently Augment your Dedicated Development Team
  • 170 Working hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models
  • 100% in-house Team. No Freelancers
  • Expert Developers with Rich Portfolio in Web, Mobile Application and Software
  • 15-Day Risk-free Trial
  • High Engagement with Cut-rate Workforce
  • Long-term Client Retention with 90% Returning and Referral Clients
  • Strict NDAs Signed for Complete Privacy
  • Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team
  • Intensely Devoted Environment for Persistent Production
  • Committed Retention of Developers till the Project Completion
  • Cross-out Miscellaneous Expenses Related to the Project & Developers
  • Cost-efficient with the Rapid Market Launch
Transparent Communication
Time Zone Aligned
Experienced Team
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Trusted by Global Clients

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Recommended by 98% of SMEs, Startup, and Scale-up Clients

Robert Jongebreur
Being very professional, their quick responsiveness complimented their efficient management style is what impressed me the most. Especially, the workflow between our teams was seamless and excellent delivering exceptional products with all the requested elements.
Paul Fletcher
They have a very friendly, welcoming, & knowledgeable team following a proficient management system. We had easy effective communication with a hands-on approach & expertise. eSparkBiz turned out to be a highly reliable, friendly, and efficient partner for our desperate needs.
Jarrick Cooper
eSparkBiz’s instant availability during our US business hours & its vast experience & knowledge of many different technologies is remarkable. One of their designed websites helped our client's site score 90+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights performance auditing tool.

Custom Software Development Company

Every company runs with different processes. That’s why running your business on prebuilt software is not a good idea. Here, custom software development comes to the rescue and helps companies build products and projects that support their functioning while enhancing existing processes. Significantly, these software products excel at usability and performance. Making them the first choice for any business looking to improve and gain an edge over its competition.

Importance of Custom Software

There are almost infinite amounts of software that are created every day. And can be accessed for free or with a minimal subscription fee. Still, nothing beats the ones developed by a custom software development company in India.

Custom software brings lots of benefits. And makes working easier for the end-users. Moreover, you can get a custom software developer for all kinds of software development. Whether you have an app idea that needs to be implemented to bring revenue and growth to your business. Or you want to make things simpler at work for your employees by creating a product that can be used internally by the company. For all your digital business needs you should get custom application development solutions.

Customizing software development has been a buzzword for a long time. And we like to make things for going digital simple for everyone. If you are looking for software developers to work on your various business products or operations, this is the right place and time. Here we will discuss everything about customizing your software right from the ground. No matter what questions you have, we are sure they’ll be answered by the time you reach the end of this guide.

What is Custom Software Development (CSD)?

As the name suggests, CSD is about creating completely customized software products aimed at a specific audience and designed for a particular business purpose.

Many businesses approach custom software development companies with unique requirements that need to be developed to help their business models align with their goals. Here the problems are at an individual or specific level, and this needs to be dealt with using specific, best-fitted code and technology.

Creating a personalized chat messaging service for your company, creating a custom portal or a dashboard, and tracking apps for your inventory are all examples of custom software.

Today, a custom software development company in India thrives on outsourcing, and they receive work from all around the world. Whether you appoint a custom software development company in USA or any other part of the world, you’ll first come across different types of outsourcing models for your various needs. Before you start approaching companies, you should have an idea about these models. So, there are three basic outsourcing models offered by companies that are discussed in detail in the section below.

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Intending to Get Custom Software Development?

Industry-best developers at eSparkBiz can customize all your software concerns

Types of Custom Software Development Outsourcing

Onshore Outsourcing

As the name suggests, onshore outsourcing occurs when a company employs a custom software development services provider in the same country. Many times a company does not have the right resources, but it has enough funds to hire companies from the same region to get the work done. In such scenarios, companies opt for onshore outsourcing.

Onshore outsourcing is faster as the client and service provider is in the same region. Moreover, to partner with such custom software development companies, your research steps are limited, and you don’t have to assume anything as you can meet and discuss most things related to the collaboration.

If you are looking to outsource your work to an onshore software development company, it’d be good to look at the pros and cons before the next step.

Pros of Onshore Development

  • Talented Individuals – The most significant advantage of onshore outsourcing is that you quickly gain access to talented individuals. Top custom software development companies India hires the best custom software developers and engineers to work on client projects. And as they are from the same region, you can get excellent developers without moving much.
  • Easier Communication – Communicating with an onshore outsourcing software company is easy. Because you don’t need to learn a new language or check for the new time availability for speaking with someone. It is just the same as your region, making communication easier.

As a business requiring software development, you might have many doubts and vague ideas that need to be taken care of. And this happens well when communicating with each other is effortless. So, when you appoint an onshore custom software development solutions provider, you get the benefits of more accessible and straightforward communication.

  • Culture Similarity – Being in the same region, your custom software-making company will be familiar with the culture. In a way, this can help you in creating a solid bond with the team there, and they can work with you without any cultural barriers.

Moreover, cultural similarity helps significantly when you are working on a project that’ll be used by the same community of people.

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Personalize Software with a Custom Software Development Company

Discover a vast pool of talented developers at eSparkBiz

Cons of Onshore Development

  • Costly – As you look for a custom business software development company from the same region, the rates are the same, and this means costly for most businesses. A company looks for outsourcing when they lack enough resources and skills. But outsourcing can become an expensive option when you are in countries like the US or the UK. Because here the rates are comparatively higher than in other developing regions. If you choose to do onshore outsourcing, you might get volume discounts, but that won’t be much to make a difference.
  • Value for Money is Questionable – Looking at the rates and working styles, onshore outsourcing is not a banger deal. Sometimes, the amount you spend in this model is high, but the returns are average, clearly stating that there’s not much value for money in doing this. Many times, you never know what the custom software development services provider might outsource the work to other cheaper locations. And enjoy hefty profits from your investments while compromising on deliverable quality.

Offshore Outsourcing

An offshore custom software development outsourcing happens when you look for a software company that is situated far away in a different country or a region from your location.

Such a model has been thriving for a long time. And recent lockdowns and pandemic situations have boosted this model significantly. Now people know well that work can be done from anywhere, and that’s why businesses are turning towards offshore software development.

Pros of Offshore Development

  • Cost-saving – Offshore development is preferred by businesses as it can save immense costs during their project development. During the entire project timeline, a company can save at least 50% of its costs when outsourcing under this model, and that’s why everyone loves this.
  • Better Resources – Another significant benefit of working with an offshore custom software development company is that you get better resources at cheaper rates. As there are many emerging IT services markets where the supply of experienced developers is plenty, which helps get better resources to work with.

Cons of Offshore Development

  • Unclear Communication – Offshore outsourcing is utterly reliant on the availability of the internet and other connectivity methods. Without video conferencing and meetings, getting your thoughts to the other side is hard. Sometimes, there is a major language barrier too.

Most businesses adopting offshore models face this problem significantly, and they have to work on their communication mediums to collaborate better with offshore teams.

  • Differences in Time Zones – Another common issue with offshore is the difference in time zones. As the name shows, offshore development companies are situated far from their clients, and naturally, there can be time zone changes.

Due to the change in time zones, the team cannot work at full efficiency with each other. And any one side has to overlap and overwork to attend meetings and collaborate. However, most offshore companies try to adjust to the demanding time zone changes.

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Best Custom Software Solutions India for Affordable Offshore Projects

Offshore development from eSparkBiz for any size & type of your project

Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing is a model where you rent engineers or development companies in the surrounding countries. Sometimes there might arise a situation where the rates in your region are skyrocketing. But the same thing can be achieved in nearby countries at lower rates. In such scenarios, businesses move towards nearshore outsourcing.

Pros of Nearshore Development

  • Removing Single Point of Failure – As you enlist a custom software development solutions provider near your base location, you remove the chances of single-point failure. By doing so, you make your business project development more robust and easy to manage.
  • Enhanced Communication – Nearshore outsourcing is restricted to countries situated nearby. Due to this, there are lesser communication hurdles. Moreover, as you work with a custom software agency from the same time zone, your communications are even more enhanced, and you can easily drive your project to success.

Cons of Nearshore Development

  • Minimal Pricing Advantage – Getting a nearshore custom software firm does not do much justice to the costs. Because the pricing advantage is minimal as it is almost similar to onshore custom software development companies. So, if you are jumping on a nearshore development intending to reduce costs drastically, beware that the discounts aren’t huge.
  • Fewer Choices – Most companies don’t have many choices when it comes to choosing a nearshore development company. If you live in a highly-developed region, nearshore software development might not suit you because of the limited choices available in developed regions.

By now, you’ve understood the different models that you can utilize to get a custom software development solutions provider. So now is the perfect time to classify companies based on their employee base and hourly rates.

Classification of Custom Software Development Companies

Companies providing software development come in all sizes and shapes. And as you are looking for one, you need to be very much aware of this. Thus, we’ve compiled a classification of such companies with their benefits to help you make a better choice.

Startups as Software Providers

Many Startups are emerging as custom software development company in India. With an employee base of under 50 people, such companies have only one or two office locations initially.

Startups usually work on small but exciting projects and are often considered a good choice for designing and marketing custom software development for startups. While at times they are overshadowed by regional leaders, startups have the right skills and ability to grow. But may have less experience in dealing with global clients. However, the best benefit of working with startups is that you can get dedicated software developers at very meager rates, around $20 to $60 only.

In addition, startups are run by highly experienced tech leaders who have worked on exciting projects and now looking to establish their mark in the industry. In terms of ideas, startups deliver the brightest ones. Sometimes they might lack the experience and resources to implement them fully.

Regional Leaders

As the name suggests, Regional leaders are the custom business software development company with a high reputation in their geographies. Significantly, these regional leaders can be companies specializing in a few particular technology or type of products. As you look at the geography, you’ll find multiple companies claiming to be regional leaders based on their experience in the industry, clients, projects, and the number of developers they house.

Primarily, regional leaders are companies with 100 to 250 team members spanning different technologies and projects. Apart from this, the regional leaders are often the best in particular selective technologies. And can develop all kinds of applications by leveraging their experience in this domain.

Consequently, they enjoy better rates compared to the startups because of their experience and compelling project completion stats. If you require a software company with mastery in customizing using niche technology, you should be eyeing regional leaders in the country of your choice.

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Reliable Custom Software Development Company for Digital Transformation

Implement your ideas with the best of the skilled developers from eSparkBiz

Small MNCs

Small MNCs are companies that have offices in many countries but have a relatively smaller employee base. In general, you can consider a small MNC with an employee count of around 1000 to 3000.

However, these small-size MNCs are the ones that have unlocked rapid growth right from the start. Generally, work with fortune 500 clients daily. Such custom software development firms also work with other companies in their regions and provide them with bespoke and unique software products.

Most small MNCs will have multiple offshore development centers in countries like India, the USA, and any European country. Also, the service charges for such companies are high, but the quality of the final product justifies the prices.

On average, such companies charge $300 to $500 per hour including a team of developers with project leads and solution architects. On top of that, these small MNCs have flexible units that can work on multiple technologies, and leverage this to create a win-win situation for them and their clients.

Enterprise-scale MNCs

These are the biggest custom software development companies. No matter which technology or domain you choose, these companies will always have multiple teams that are ready to work on your project.

Enterprise-scale MNCs are large custom software development firms that employ more than 10,000 employees. Also, they have offices in almost all major countries and can help you with localized custom software development services at fractional rates. Significantly, such companies blend their high-paying developers with skilled developers from emerging countries to create a better balance and generate profits.

The best part of these companies is that they are one-stop shops. Whether you are looking for support and maintenance for budget work, or you are in the market for a custom software developer that can cost-effectively implement your unique ideas. All are met with by these large-scale MNCs.

However, these companies may charge more because they employ larger and more experienced teams for projects. And in no time, you’ll be spending around $800 to $1000 per hour.

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Top Custom Software Development Company to Scale Businesses

eSparkBiz development to scale and optimize your every business operation

No matter which type of company you choose to work with, there are always going to be some benefits to your decision. Let’s explore why it is a productive choice for you.

Why is Custom Software Considered Productive for Modern Businesses?

Everything Automated

With enterprise-level of custom software, you can automate anything and everything. Whether you have a critical business process that needs to be simplified and made independent or a task that always accrues manual errors, you can easily automate them.

Automation is technologically easy. And it saves critical person-hours that can be focused on other tasks. Due to custom software development outsourcing, you can make good progress in the short term, and every dependency can be removed by creating automated code procedures.

Peak Data Security

Keeping data secure is a tricky thing. But most custom software development firms can make this easy for you. Moreover, employees lose a large chunk of their productivity while dealing with complex data security measures and precious time too.

However, a personalized software can keep in mind all your data security measures, so you can effortlessly ooze more productivity from your employees and various functions. As you start working with your custom software development company India, you can explain your business needs on data security and privacy. And they will help you in creating a secure and robust application or software that can work well on all fronts.

Tailor-made Solutions

Every business has different needs. And to perform the work effectively, there is always a need for specific solutions. Tailoring software as per your business model is a productive choice as it can help you build a unique product.

As employees juggle many tasks in their open-ended roles, their productivity keeps dropping, and burnout is relatively easy. If you can have a measure-to-fit solution that fits perfectly with all your business needs like it is part of one giant puzzle, then you can simplify things to a great extent. Tailor-made solutions from a large custom software development agency are just like this.

Additionally, they cost-effectively implement your unique ideas in an application that makes work easier by aggregating all things under one roof. Resultant applications won’t compromise on performance, and your employees will love them.

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Custom Software Development Company India to Shape your Ideas

Our industry-best resources can handle all your developmental concerns

Highly Scalable

If you are looking to unlock high growth, it is crucial to have a scalable business product. Because how an app performs with one hundred users is not how it will perform with one thousand concurrent users. But with custom software development that is based on the pillars of scalability and flexibility will help scale your business significantly. Also, there are tons of products that are available in the market, but they are not as scalable and perfect as the ones built by a custom software firm.

Moreover, tailor-made software is highly scalable and boosts your productivity. Imagine having to reset the database after every one thousand entries. It sounds tiresome and time-consuming, right? That’s why you need a leading custom business software development company to develop scalable software that scales as per your needs.

Customized software is scalable in terms of storage, performance, and number of users. If you’ve developed good software, there are almost no limits on how long you can use and scale infinitely.

Increased Productivity

Developing personalized software infuses your teams with more productivity than ever before. Though the development stage can be filled with brainstorming and draining activities, you will have the best software on your hand in the end.

As a result, your employees and users will not have to go through a swarm of options and paths to fulfill their tasks, this will indeed reflect in their productivity. If you are looking to help your employees improve their performance, you should surely go for custom software development services.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Custom Software Development Partner

Selecting the best custom software application development India is never an easy choice. As there are tons of custom solutions providers in the market, it gets difficult to identify and trust one that can serve your purpose rightfully. However, there are many things that you should keep in mind to make things easier while choosing a company developing custom software. Some of those things are,

Service Type

As you are intending to appoint a top custom software development company, there are multiple service types that you can explore. So, companies are often confused about whether to outsource or out staff for their digital needs. Due to this confusion, they end up making the wrong choice.

Outstaffing is the process of hiring software developers from any custom software development agency. They take the task lists from the leading company and assign them to its staff. Further, this staff works on your project under your management and can consider an extension of your team. But most of these contracts involve working with remote developers and team members.

On the other hand, outsourcing is done when you delegate all the project responsibilities to another company. So you can be tension free on the development tasks and employees. Moreover, you don’t need to manage teams on your own as your agency takes care of all the necessary things.

In the end, whatever service type you select should be aligned with your end goals to attain better results.


You cannot negotiate and choose the best if you don’t have a fixed budget to get custom software development services in India on board. Most companies quote higher rates to have a place for negotiation, and if you don’t do it, you are leaving a good deal on the table.

Moreover, developing software is an expensive affair. If you have not planned your finances properly then the cost of the software may shoot up out of your capacity. Hence, having a budget helps you to narrow down your search and quicken your software development plan.

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The location plays a major role in your search for tailoring software for your business requirements. While looking for custom enterprise software development, you need to make sure if you are opting for offshore or nearshore outsourcing.

Being too close to you means that the custom software development company in USA will have similar pricing structures, so you won’t be saving much by outsourcing. On the other side, if you choose a custom software-making company situated on the other side of the globe, you will get affordable labor but will have a hard time working and collaborating with them.

So, while you look for options to get custom software, consider location as one of the deciding factors. If you need massive discounts, it’s better to choose a far located company. If you need good collaboration, you should hire a nearby company.


The technology you choose to develop your project on can be another factor. If you select an obsolete tech to power your custom software, then you’ll have lesser choices and relatively higher charges. On the other side, if you choose a widely used tech stack, you can find ample options to choose from. And can easily find an excellent company to work with at cheaper rates.


Most businesses prefer to associate with a custom software development firm with vast experience. As making software is a peculiar task, it needs to be performed by experts. Hence, the experience level determines the output quality, and you need to find a company with adequate industry experience.

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Having known about the factors to consider while employing a custom software development company, now it is time to know the trends in the industry.

Common Offshore Development Trends

Knowing about common trends can help you make informed decisions while creating your software. So let’s have a look at five such trends that are dominating the offshore development industry right now.

Security is Important

You cannot emphasize more on security anymore. However, everyday hackers are getting more advanced. This means the need for secured software is rising rapidly. Data is the new oil, and a company that can protect and use its data constructively can go a long way. That’s why all custom enterprise software development takes place in controlled environments.

Even users are more skeptical about how their data is stored and processed. Hence, many countries have personalized their data privacy and protection laws. In such times, you cannot have a custom application that does not hold like a strong fort. Also, the security mechanisms you use in custom software development determine the product’s robustness, availability, and trust. If you use loose security measures, anyone can run over them easily, and your users won’t feel safe using the platform.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has become a turning point in the way technology is harnessed in businesses. Today everyone wants to use AI and ML in their business. Given their vast application, everyone is looking forward to hiring a custom enterprise software development company that is master at creating such intelligent software.

People are looking forward to serving their customers better by leveraging AI-enabled chatbots, and machine learning-based customer experience systems. While big businesses use machine learning to identify and predict growth opportunities. And that has become the best way to grow rapidly.

So the custom software development for startups and enterprises in terms of AI and ML has just started, and there is a long way to go. In the coming years, this trend will become worldwide with even more demand for expert programmers who can create such software.

Increased Automation

Automation saves lots of time and money. Because work that can take more than a day using human labor can now be completed in under an hour. Hence, there are immense benefits to leveraging automation, and many companies have included it in their business operations.

Today, companies are automating their infrastructure needs with the help of the best custom software development services India
by deploying pipelines and infrastructure as code services. Also, many other automation types are leveraged in industries. And this helps companies to reduce & simplify the tasks for their human resources and labor.

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Cloud Technology

Every business is undergoing a digital transformation. And the tech landscape is changing rapidly by going on Cloud. What worked for you the past ten years, won’t work now. To keep up with this, companies are making changes in the software, technologies, and tools that they use regularly. It has enabled SaaS-based offerings through custom software development services.

Some years back, the cloud deployment models were not much prevalent, And with lesser people using them, they were costly too. Times have changed and today Cloud computing has become a whole lot cheaper. Whether you need one server or ten servers, you can get them in a snap with leading cloud providers. Anyone who approaches a custom software development company to build new products is already deploying them in the cloud from the first release. Whether it is in terms of speed, or cost savings cloud provides more benefits.

Blend of Onshore-Offshore

Another trend that has gone up recently is the blend of onshore and offshore employees for custom enterprise software development. Hiring all employees onshore is costly and time-consuming. Whereas employing everyone offshore does not facilitate communication and collaboration.

Therefore, the companies have found the middle ground. Today a fraction of employees work from onshore locations, and the majority of team members operate from offshore offices. Often onshore employees are more experienced and in decision-making roles that can help clients choose between things while ensuring what’s good for the business.

After understanding the trends in offshore development, you might be tempted to start appointing one for your custom software needs. But going haphazardly is not a good option, and here’s how to choose the right company for your software development.

How to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company for your Project?


The best way to choose the top custom software development company in India is by looking at referrals. If any of your friends have worked with them previously, ask for their referrals and contact the company if their experience was good.

Moreover, if you are going to find a custom software development company India on your own, ask about client referrals. A company can boast about being the industry leader, but you shouldn’t rely on the talks only. So ask for their client referrals of past projects and then contact them to know more about how a certain company provides its services.

Doing this can help you get the best software company quickly.

Understanding Methodology

There are different software development methodologies, and each has its benefits. If you are in the market for a software application development company, then understanding different methods will significantly help you.

So you can determine which software methodology will work for you. Further, you can narrow down your search by looking for the top custom software development services India in a specific method.

Delivery Timelines

Setting delivery timelines is an excellent way to start working with any custom software agency. As your timelines are set, you can choose to work with companies that have enough staff to work on your projects & deliver on time.

If your delivery timelines are close, and you need to develop something quickly, the best custom software development company in India is the one with proven experience in delivering under tight schedules.

Working with a company that does not value delivery timelines is inviting stress, and no business owner wants that. Always ask a company about its experience in delivering under similar circumstances like yours and then only make progress on choosing one.

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Whether you are building a web application or a mobile app, it will always need good design to succeed. Also, a good design makes working around the application easy. And this makes the user stick to the product, which is always better for any business.

If you are looking for a custom software development outsourcing, first have a look at their designs and try out their developed apps firsthand. Doing so will assist you in understanding the kind of user experience and interface your potential software products will possess.

Design plays a major role in the success of your app. Hence it should be a deciding factor when you choose your company.

Security Methods

Users use an app based on trust, and trusted apps always do well. Moreover, such highly functional apps are built by an experienced custom software application development company. While partnering with them you should keep security methods in mind.

Moreover, there are multiple ways to secure your production applications. And some of them are solid passwords, authorization codes, easy access ways, and other things. All these help your apps from unauthorized access and keep the user data secure. Moreover, you should never work with an agency that does not follow security best practices as it can expose your custom applications to significant threats.

By now you’ve known how to choose the best custom software development India for your custom software ambitions. But, you should also know the benefits you receive by doing so, and that’s what the next section is about. Let’s have a look at the benefits of a custom software company.

Benefits of Partnering with a Top Custom Software Development Company

Unique Product

The first and foremost benefit of working with an experienced company in developing customized software projects is that you get unique products. Every business opts for custom software when its needs are different, and thus creates a new product from scratch. This means that your product will be unique, and it will become an identity of your company when it takes the market by storm.

If you are tired of available software products, it is time to avail of custom software app development services and bring your ideas into reality.

Fits Well with Needs

A business requires custom software when its needs are not fulfilled by existing products. By getting a custom software development agency, you can get a product that fits all your requirements.

Being in charge of the development process, you can add and update features throughout the project timeline when your requirements become more apparent. As a result, a completely customized solution will be developed at the end of your project. And will fit all your business needs perfectly.

Better Return on Investment

Custom software provides the best return on investment. Working with the best custom software development services in India for your software ensures that you are going to receive the value of your money and a product that will make your business easier and processes simpler.

Though the initial process may be time-consuming, everything will be worth the effort when it finally gets delivered. You’ll need to spend hours meeting and explaining to business analysts of the company you choose. But don’t worry, the more hours you invest during the requirements phase, the better is your end product.

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Seamless Integration

Custom software is made to fulfill issues that arise while working with multiple tools. That’s why these products have seamless integration.

As you have full-fledged software developed by custom software development outsourcing, all the integrations are made perfect. Even more, these products fit like the piece of a puzzle along with your existing applications and enhance processes to a large extent. Besides, this seamless integration across all your services will prove beneficial for your employees to be more productive.

More Reliable

Custom software is created from scratch with the help of a top custom software development company. Hence, it is more reliable. Besides, these products are developed by experienced engineers along with multiple rounds of testing.

These testing rounds eliminate the chances of bugs which makes the application reliable. So you can use such applications in any condition with a high level of privacy and performance.

Robust Security

Since the inception of the trend of personalizing software and digital platforms, companies have used it to have better and more secure products. Thus, it becomes one of the most enormous benefits of working with a custom software development company.

Moreover, custom software is designed to accommodate all your needs, and this includes security needs too. If you handle large amounts of your users’ personal information in the software, you can set high encryption and access controls that discourage open access to the data for manipulation. So your business data is protected in a better way.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Making Outsourcing Contract

Don’t worry if you are new to outsourcing contracts for your partnership with a software application development company. Everyone makes mistakes, but the best people are those who learn from their mistakes or someone else’s mistakes. Hence, here we’ll list the top five mistakes you should avoid and save your project from any pitfalls.

Not Specifying Code Ownership

Who writes the code is not essential, but who owns the code is vital. As a customer with an idea of custom software development, you should always specify the clause of code ownership when making an outsourcing contract.

Many times some companies may act rogue without ethics and end up retaining your code and asking for more money to hand over your project’s code. To save yourself from such experiences, you should clear it upfront that you will own the source code. And specify that in the contract you make for the project.

Since you own the code, no one can sell copies of it and earn money illegally. Moreover, you can freely select the service provider of your choice in times of maintenance and support. Thus, as a good policy, always collect the code from your custom software development companies. As this provides you with more options in choosing services at later stages.

Therefore, while making an outsourcing contract, always specify the code ownership in big and bold letters first to avoid any discrepancies at later stages.

Not Clarifying Payment Terms

While you are at a custom software development outsourcing, the financial agreements are very crucial. Hence, the Payment terms should be fixed before even a single line of code is written for your project. No matter what the other company confirms over call, there is always a chance to change if there is nothing in writing. At such times, you might regret trusting the company and not including it in your contract.

Once the negotiations are completed with the custom software agency and you are proceeding with contract creation, you should decide on the payment terms and include them in the contract. Herein, the Payment terms can be monthly, fortnightly, advance payment, on completion of modules, and other terms can be included. Most importantly, you should choose a payment term that suits your finances. Moreover, don’t agree to complete advance payments, as this might raise new issues in the delivery of the project.

Not Fixing Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction defines where the contract will be enforced and which region’s courts can be approached when issues come up. As a client, you should try your best to keep the jurisdiction in your area or whichever of the two regions with stricter laws on servicing and software businesses.

Before you start your contract for custom software solutions India, you should know the jurisdiction where the contract will come into force. And frame your agreement accordingly. Moreover, if you keep the contract under your region’s jurisdiction, you can quickly go to the courts and demand justice if such a need ever arise.

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Not Asking for Documentation

Documentation is the right of every client. Not every business person understands code, and that’s where documentation helps. It is compiled as part of the custom software development services providing in-depth information about the software and how to use it and fix it.

Moreover, whenever there’s an issue in the project, the documentation will be your first place to look for the root cause. If you don’t have the documentation, things can get dirty.

That’s why whenever you work with a company, always ask them to provide detailed project documentation. It’s better to include this clause in the contract you make. And never finalize a contract that does not provide you with documentation of your custom software development project.

Not Finalizing Team Members

Many times, offshore companies show certain developers at the time of hiring and assign other developers for the project. This is done to save money on developers and earn good profit. But this is not a good practice. As a client, you are overspending, and the output may not be very good.

To stop this, you need to finalize a team of developers and project leaders with the To stop this, you need to finalize a team of developers and project leaders with the custom software development companies before you go for contract creation. before you go for contract creation. At the time of contract creation, you need to list down all the developers’ and team members’ names in the contract. So that if anyone else is found working on the project for the person in the agreement, you can quickly raise an issue and demand compensation from the offshore company.

Finally, knowing which mistakes to avoid while making the contract saves you lots of headaches. And if you know how to recruit a custom software development firm, it gets even better. That’s where the below section helps you.

A Step-by-step Process to Recruit a Custom Software Development Company in India

Getting the right custom software application development India for customizing your software can become a little daunting. But it gets manageable if you know the simple but correct steps. So let’s explore the detailed process of recruiting a company for your next project.

Setting Clear Goals

While you are looking to select a custom business software development company, setting clear goals for your requirements is the first step. During this step, you need to decide your end goal and what you expect from this collaboration. Moreover, this step also decides on how the project performs and what happens during the project.

Researching About Companies

There are different types of top custom software development companies India in the market. But you need to research and find out the one that best suits your project’s requirements. For instance, you must not get large enterprises for simple website development projects, as they can prove to be extremely costly. But it could be best to approach them with complex business problems for custom enterprise software.

So you can begin by looking for companies by searching on the web and marketplaces. Moreover, suppose any of your friends have utilized such services in the past. In that case, you can ask for referrals as it is relatively a better way to choose a company that has worked on similar problems before.

Decide a Company

After you’ve researched well, you can decide on one or two companies that you want to go forward with. At this step, you should shortlist at least two companies or could be even a few more, so that you don’t have to perform all the previous steps again.

You should decide on a custom software development company that matches well with your needs and emerge as an expert in what you are expecting to build.

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Look at Engaging Options

Once you’ve shortlisted a company, you need to explore the engaging options that they may be providing. Any top custom software development company often provides multiple engaging options to get the custom software developer or a dedicated development team that can be leveraged to keep costs under control without affecting project outcomes.

These engagement models like part-time, full-time, project-based, or task-based are standard ones. And you should analyze the upsides of each model concerning your project requirements before collaborating.

Ask for Client Reviews

After deciding on the engagement model, it is time to dig deeper and look for client reviews. The best custom software web development company will have plenty of customers and past projects to show. So you can use these as a benchmark for their services and professionalism. Moreover, always ask for client reviews and referrals to talk directly to the past customers to know the true picture.

Choose an Option and Interview

The last and most crucial step in employing a software company to develop your custom software is to finalize all the parameters and start interviews for team members. Most companies have many employees that can work on technology. So you can interview all the relevant team members individually to compile your best team.

Top Tips to Accelerate Custom Software Development Process

Sometimes getting software designed as per your business model is burdened by the requirements and many other reasons that hinder the project’s progress. If you want to develop and start using your software as soon as possible, here are some quick tips to get you started.

Increasing Team Size

Increasing the size of your development team or getting more custom software developers is the easiest and most effective way to accelerate your software development. But this tip comes with a price. As you increase team size, you need to enlist additional resources, and this increases your overall project costs.

Have Smaller & Interconnected Teams

It is proven that smaller teams perform better. Here the ideal team size is around four to five persons. Having such smaller groups provide efficient working. If you have a large team of different people, who work on different things, it is better to restructure your team and break it down into multiple five-person groups. This will allow them to work freely and contribute effectively to your custom software development solutions.

Moreover, smaller teams have lesser conflicts. Thus managing them also becomes relatively easy. Also, you can always follow the agile method to have multiple smaller teams and promote cross-team collaboration.

Plan Effectively

Every custom business software development company will ask you to plan effectively before starting the project. A well thought and curated project plan can make a lot of things clear to the team members. And can go on working on their action items without waiting for instructions on the next steps to take.

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Use Better Project Methods

Project methods have a lot to do with your project’s completion timelines. Some project methods are designed in a way that they don’t allow progress until a module is completed from all angles. As a result, it will slow down your development plan if any module is not developed well.

Always consider the best method that suits your needs and then proceed to use it. Generally, a good custom software development company follows an agile method to efficiently work the software development. Even after the project has started, keep evaluating how things progress, and if you feel any slowness, just change the method.

Delivering Iteratively

Delivering iteratively is the best way to develop and ship large projects. Waiting for the last moment to deliver and then returning for changes, if any, is the worst way to deliver good software. As you cannot make a critical change after everything is developed. That’s why the custom software developer needs to deliver the software in modules so the client can use it and can come back with reviews for improvement. Moreover, delivering iteratively also increases the speed of software development significantly.

You can accelerate your software development process by working with a top custom software development company. However, sticking with the above things can sometimes be challenging. That’s why the approaches utilized during the process make it easy to develop the best software with all the benefits. Majorly, these methodologies that you choose to develop your project contribute significantly to its delivery speed. So let’s learn more about the different software development methodologies that can hasten your projects.

Software Development Methodologies

Prototype Model

As the name suggests the prototype model is a software development methodology where the product starts as a prototype and gets refined in iterations. However, the base of this method is precise requirements. So, the clearer the requirement is, the less time and iterations it takes to ship a fully functioning product.

As you work for the best custom software development, you can expect a prototype of your product just after a few rounds of requirements understanding and gathering.

The prototype model process generally follows the steps such as

  • Requirements are gathered and understood by the custom software development agency.
  • Then, a prototype – working software is developed by keeping in mind the discussed requirements.
  • Once a prototype is developed, its evaluation is done at different levels to point out errors and refinements in the product.
  • In the next step, the refinements are done. And again goes for the review. All these steps occur until the client is satisfied with the project or no more refinements are left.

Pros of Prototype Model

  • Multiple Requirement Gathering Rounds – As discussed before, the requirements are the base of this development methodology with multiple discussion rounds. As a result, it makes your product idea clear, and the final product is free from flaws.
  • Value-based Product for the Users – The custom software agency develops a functional product keeping in mind the must-have features of a value-based software. Also, they constantly improve it from the feedback & reviews from the users making it more relevant for them and their clients.
  • Quick Deliveries – Software development methodologies like this enable quick deliveries of working software. That makes it a good choice in times of need. And the reason why so many love this method shipping their products quickly.

Cons of Prototype Model

  • Completion Timeline is Unclear – Though prototype models are known for quick deliveries, they are improved from constant feedback. Hence, making it difficult to get a fixed time for its completion.

Moreover, if the requirements are unclear or their implementation is wrong, then there can be as many as infinite changes. That’s why the delivery timelines for such projects get unclear.

  • Costly – The projects developed under this method are comparatively costly. Because the iterations need the inclusion of every type of team member for adding more features or testing that keeps the reserved resources for a long time. As a result, your billing shoots up.
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Waterfall Model

The Waterfall model is the oldest & widely used software development model. When it was developed, it performed well given the work scope of that time. However, as the world advanced, many flaws in the waterfall model emerged and became evident in following a smooth process.

The waterfall software development methodology is a sequential one with a pre-defined procedure. Hence, each defined step is executed one after another giving an informed scope of the software development process.

A Waterfall model may include a procedure like,

  • The project starts with requirements gathering. In this step, all the features and objectives for the successful completion of the project are gathered and documented for future purposes.
  • After the requirements are understood, the custom software development company will proceed to develop a system design for the project. It includes the creation of hardware and software specifications that allow the smooth implementation and functioning of the software for your specific needs.
  • Once the system design is completed, it is time to get the hands dirty and start custom software development. In this step, every feature discussed earlier is implemented with code and made ready for testing and delivery.
  • After the project development is completed, it is time for testing activities. During this phase, all features in the project are tested for usability. It is only during this part that the bugs are found & fixed.
  • The above four steps are repeated unless the product is error-free and ready to ship to the customer. Thereafter, the deployment process commences.

Pros of Waterfall Model

  • Widely Suitable – Being the earliest developed software development methodology, the waterfall is widely suitable for projects that require fix timelines and perceived outcomes. Though it has been many years since the development of this model, it is still used for many kinds of projects.

Whether you seek custom software development for startups or a custom enterprise software development, you can always use this model because of its relevance, ease, and predictability.

  • Well-defined – Every part of this process is well defined and documented. Because of this, it is pretty easy to use. Even if you do not know about project development and methodologies, you can use this method and systematically start building your project.

Cons of Waterfall Model

  • Time-consuming  – The waterfall model is one of the most time-consuming methods. In this model, you cannot move on to the next stage until the current stage of the process is completed. Thus, it restricts the synchronous development of the project for quicker delivery. Hence, such a project becomes a challenging task.
  • Needs Clear Requirements – While using the waterfall model, the custom software development company works on the requirements phase with fixed goals and features to be achieved. The better and more extensive the requirements, the clearer the process and defined final product.

If the requirements are unclear, the project will go under many iterations. Moreover, the iterations will be sequential and interdependent, which adds more time to project completion.

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Agile Software Methodology

Agile is the latest and most popularly used software development methodology. Every custom business software development company uses this to promptly produce and deliver products to their clients.

Significantly, this method works on the principle of value delivery and changes. As a result, agile projects welcome changes and don’t follow a strict set of procedural steps. So, you can change or modify the requirements in the middle of the project too. And the delivery timelines are also flexible or even shorter due to the simultaneous development of various parts.

An agile software method may look like this

  • Like any other software methodology, Agile begins with planning the project. During this phase, brainstorming on the interesting project idea is done with the team. And a project plan with delivery timelines is created.
  • After project planning, a product roadmap is created. Further, this phase focuses on breaking down user stories and feature requests into workable agile features. And a product backlog containing a list of all project deliverables is created and sorted by priority.
  • Once the team has the product backlog of all the features to implement, it moves towards sprint planning. In the agile method, sprints are smaller work plans that focus on delivering things at the end. Each agile project can be comprised of multiple sprints. During the sprint planning, priority work items are taken from the product backlog and assigned to team members.
  • Daily standups are another agile development step that every custom software development agency performs. Daily standups are short meetings that happen every day where the progress of each item is discussed and decided whether any changes are required are not.
  • At the end of each agile sprint, the team members host a sprint review meeting to discuss performance and deliver the module to stakeholders. It also includes sprint retrospective meetings that focus on analyzing the sprint and what are the action items for upcoming sprints.

Pros of Agile Model

  • Flexible – One of the most significant benefits of the agile model is flexibility. Businesses approach a top custom software development company to utilize this benefit in their software. As agile encourages and easily settles changes in plans and projects, business owners love it. Imagine you have a rough idea of something that you want to develop, and quickly work on it. Also, you can flexibly keep on adding features as you go on.
  • Timely Deliveries – Another benefit that Agile lives by are timely delivery. No matter how many changes are suggested in a project or how many new features are added, delivery timelines will remain short.

While working with an offshore software application development company, you need deliveries on time, and that’s where agile helps you. Moreover, if you are working on a crucial idea that might evolve as you go ahead in development, you will still be able to inculcate it in your project and get timely delivery of the custom software.

Cons of Agile Model

No Fixed Requirements – Agile promotes change and evolution. Due to that the projects with unclear requirements can also begin development and start shaping gradually. For a custom software development company that implements solutions, this can be a big drawback. As unclear requirements may require a lot of assuming and figuring out things inducing stress or losses for the business and the stakeholders at times.

So, if you like to work on a streamlined and regulated project, you should not use the agile model.

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Rapid Application Development

A rapid application development process helps companies build and ship applications in a short time. To be precise, this model can be considered a mix of agile and prototype models focusing on enhancing the software development process.

In this model, the custom software agency makes the feedback loops smaller and removes idle time and interdependencies for a quicker launch time.

Steps in Rapid Application Development,

  • Any rapid application development project starts with collecting the requirements. They are gathered from all the stakeholders and consolidated for product development.
  • Once they are in place, the team begins the prototyping of the project with all the features that were discussed in the previous phase.
  • Once a prototype is ready, the company goes for rapid feedback and testing of the developed product. Here it is thoroughly tested but not in the conventional slow and steady way. In this model, everything happens at a pace, whether it is testing, feedback, or implementation.
  • After all feedback and changes, the product is ready for deployment. And this is the last step in rapid application development as after this the custom software developer won’t accept new changes. They do so to bring completion to the project to close a commitment.

Pros of Rapid Application Development

  • Assured Fast Delivery – If you ask any top custom software development company for assured delivery on your project, they’ll recommend this model. As the whole plan is predecided and no changes in requirements are accepted after deployment, which makes the development process a lot simpler. Due to the more straightforward process, developers can work on things dedicatedly and provide fast delivery of every module.
  • Continuous & Small Feedback Loop – The rapid application development process has a smaller feedback loop and the changes get implemented at a high pace. Moreover, the development team seeks continuous feedback from the stakeholders to improve the process and create better products.

Cons of Rapid Application Development

  • Requires Expertise – Not every custom software development company can adopt rapid application development. As this method requires high expertise to work with. Everyone involved in the development team, like developers, managers, testers, etc., must be highly experienced in their area to ship applications rapidly. If you end up with a lesser experienced team, you cannot enjoy the full benefits of this method.
  • Not Universal – Rapid application development is not universally suitable. It is good to use in some kinds of projects only, and that is why it is not a widely used methodology.
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Scrum Model

The scrum model is another popular software development methodology. It is similar to agile, and many people use it in place of agile too. In scrum, every module is divided into smaller parts and distributed to team members equally, which helps in the creation of the software faster.

Scrum Model involves a quick process like

  • Every scrum project begins with sprint planning. Here the deliverables are discussed and distributed among team members based on their performance and expertise.
  • Once the tasks are distributed, the team members work on them and try to complete them as soon as possible.
  • After the tasks & product increment, it is made ready for the stakeholders to review.
  • In this step, the stakeholders are presented with the module of the current sprint, and feedback is requested.
  • After the sprint review is completed, a sprint retrospective meeting is held to discuss the challenges faced during the sprint and to prepare a better plan for the upcoming sprint.
  • At the end of the meeting, the product backlog is updated, and the preparations begin for the next sprint.

Pros of Scrum Model

  • High Collaboration – Just like agile, scrum also focuses more on collaborations and is highly preferred by top custom software development companies India. Here, every team member involved in product development can communicate freely with other team members or clients. And at every discussion phase, the development team is invited and allowed to talk to the clients openly to understand requirements better.
  • Faster Feedback & Resolution – Scrum is a model that focuses on speed of delivery and resolution of issues. In scrum, everything happens at a good pace, and the feedback loops are smaller and continuous. Moreover, once the feedback is received, they quickly start working towards a solution.

Cons of Scrum Model

  • Requires Experience – Scrum is a model that not everyone can master. It takes time and experience to attain workable scrum model skills. Hence, if you are working with a custom software agency that is not highly experienced, the results of using this model won’t be any good.

Spiral Methodology

The spiral model is another method that involves eliminating issues early on in the development cycle and delivering projects iteratively in time. Here a module development phase is not complete until all the errors are resolved. So this method focuses on eradicating issues before moving on to the next stage.

The Spiral Method goes in the flow of

  • A spiral model project begins with determining the objectives and finding solutions. In this phase, the requirements are understood by the custom software development agency, and they focus on finding solutions to work on the issues.
  • In the next step, when multiple solutions are found for a problem, they sit down to analyze each solution for risk and scalability. All the solutions are tested, and the most risk-tolerant solution is implemented for making a secure and scalable product.
  • It’s this step where the actual development and testing of the product are done. After finalizing the best solution, the developers start working on implementation. And once they’ve implemented the solution, it is shared with the testing team to check the solution thoroughly.
  • Only after successful closure and review of the current phase does the development and planning for the next step begin. If there are any review comments, the team must close them before moving to the next stage.

Pros of Spiral Model

  • Easy Cost Estimation – A significant benefit of the spiral model is the easy cost estimation. And reliable software development companies frequently use the spiral model to deliver error-free software at every stage. When requirements are precise, the team can identify the iterations required to implement the features, helping in estimating costs.
  • Risk-tolerant – During every iteration, the spiral model focuses on analyzing the risks involved with everything making it a risk-tolerant. No matter what you choose to implement, there are always associated risks. During the spiral model, the implementation with the least risk is used to move forward at every stage making it most suitable for the custom software development for startups.

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Cons of Spiral Model

  • Deadlines Might Extend – The spiral model focuses more on the completion of a phase with zero errors and risks. It is a perfectionist software development model. Due to this, the deadlines might be compromised at times. Moreover, the teams don’t work on other things until the phase is signed off with zero errors. So this hinders the productivity of team members and also affects delivery timelines.

Cost to Secure a Custom Software Development Company

The costs to employ custom software development companies for customizing your business software vary from region to region. And there are no standardized rates for it. So things can get very confusing. But we’ll simplify that for you giving you an idea of relevant rates in the top offshoring locations.


The Asian region is known for the best return on investment in terms of offshore software development. Especially, the custom software development company in India and Singapore lead the region’s software industry and have enormous talent pools of engineers and business leaders. If you are looking to get developers from this region, be ready to spend at least $18 every hour for a junior software developer. And $45 or above for senior and highly experienced software developers and architects.


European countries have been a good choice for many companies in need of offshore development. Notably, some of the eastern European countries lead the region with the lowest rates and best services. However, they charge between $22 to $50 per hour based on technology and experience levels.

On the other hand, central European regions charge higher rates because of the better infrastructure and cost of living.

Latin America

Latin America is an emerging market for offshore software development. It is observed that the region has highly talented computer science and engineering graduates who are determined to make a change with their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Being an emerging market, the rates are low. And companies provide significant discounts to retain customers and grow their business. So Latin American developers can be onboarded within the hourly range of $18 to $40. And this will change as you climb the experience levels and technology stacks.

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North America

North America has been the leader in technological innovations and implementation. Due to this, there is a significant talent pool. But the rates are comparatively high. However, the developers here are extensively experienced, and many new developers are added to the workforce every year. Since the beginning, North America has been a costly place. And this reflects directly in the prices charged in this region for custom application development solutions.

Moreover, each year thousands of people migrate here in search of better and high-paying software-related jobs. Even though, the average hourly rate in a custom software development company in USA for junior developers is around $45 to $50. And the senior developers can charge up to $150 to $200 per hour based on the technology.

But offshoring in this region may not be a good idea, because of the high costs and stricter rules. So you need to comply with lots of things, and this makes the experience a little sour. Moreover, North American developers are less flexible than Asian and Latin American developers.

Best Custom Software Development Companies In 2022

eSparkBiz Technologies

eSparkBiz is a CMMI-Level 3 certified custom software development company in India and the USA. Established in 2012, it has been a forerunner in tech revolutions. It has multiple teams of highly experienced software developers that work dedicatedly on different projects and technologies.

If you are looking to outsource your software development, this company is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. With their multiple flexible hiring model, you can conveniently get the best developers in the industry as per your needs. Moreover, they offer a 15-day risk-free trial to their clients so you can experience their exceptional services firsthand. Ultimately, you can come in with any requirement in any technology, and there’ll always be a team ready to work on your project.

eSparkBiz has been in the industry for more than a decade and has unlocked rapid success even in custom software development for startups. They house more than 300 developers and project managers, and all these team members together solve complex business challenges for fortune 500 firms daily. Taking care of the process from ideation to strategizing, UI/UX designing, and MVP development, they give you bespoke, cost-efficient software products. Here you can get custom software development services paired with state-of-art maintenance and support services to keep the projects up and running consistently.

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Bacancy Technology

If you are looking to follow agile methodology for your custom software projects, then Bacancy Technology is a good option. A significantly large organization with agile at its core, it is another top company developing custom software. Like eSparkBiz, Bacancy employs developers and project managers for many different technologies.

Impressively, Bacancy has worked with multiple large organizations like Verizon and Bangkok Bank for developing their tailor-made software, and this proves their expertise in the industry. It has various development centers spread around the globe strategically so that all its customers can be catered to from the nearest offices without any time zone issues.

Classic Informatics

Classic informatics is known to provide custom software development for startups. It focuses mainly on solving complex problem statements for startups and early-stage companies. Expert in various mobile and web development methods, this company also functions from multiple offices across the globe.

If you are looking for custom software development solutions, this can be one of the leading options on the list. Moreover, the company offers multiple hiring models that its clients can choose from. And provides numerous payment options so that no project is hindered by a lack of funds or payment cycle issues.


Peerbits is a software company in India with 11 years of experience in crafting applications. They have offices in four major countries across the globe, and it is headquartered in India.

With a team of 160 plus professional developers and solution architects, Peerbits has become popular for making custom software. It excels at creating products from scratch with all the UI/UX and development work. And are known to provide services like custom software development outsourcing for web applications, mobile applications, and even support services.

Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory is a custom software development company India with years of experience in shipping digital solutions. Headquartered in India, they offer customized software on various technologies like React, Node, Python, etc.

Also, Mind Inventory excels at UI/UX designing and research services too. So if you want to have a unique front-end for your software, you can go to them for some amazing ideas.

Value Coders

Value Coders is a company providing custom software development services India with extensive experience developing software for enterprises. With a large team of 450+ skilled developers and managers, they could be your ultimate stop for the development of custom enterprise software.

The company has worked with some prominent global brands delivering highly customized solutions. And holds a strong reputation among its competition.

So, we’ve discussed many excellent software outsourcing companies, but there is one company that stands out. And that is eSparkBiz Technologies. And that is eSparkBiz Technologies. So, let’s uncover what makes this company known for top custom software development.

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Custom Software Development with eSparkBiz

We have already introduced you to eSparkBiz in the earlier section as one of the most reliable software companies in the Asian region. But there’s more to them that makes them exceptional. Being a 360-degree software solution provider, they empower your business with cutting-edge technologies preparing you to lead tomorrow. There are numberable other features that make them a valuable partner for your business’s digital needs. Some of them are:

Multiple Hiring Models

Businesses have different needs. So they require multiple hiring models to meet their varied requirements. At eSparkBiz, they provide you with easy choices of hiring models and help enterprises to unlock value for every investment they make with them.

Herein, they offer part-time, full-time, and custom hiring models that suit your business requirements. Whether you are looking for expert architects to build an ever-scaling business product or developers to code one of your business ideas, they have everything for you.

Moreover, eSparkBiz has development teams working in almost all technologies and industry domains. So they become your one-stop solution for all your custom software development needs.

Experienced Developers

Another benefit of working with eSparkBiz is that you get the most experienced, certified developers to work with. Significantly, they employ the best developers only after they pass multiple rigorous rounds of interviews.

Well-seasoned over the years, these developers are experts in their field and extremely flexible in their working styles. Following the industry best practices, they gel well with your existing team and even lend their skill to extend your software developmental capabilities.

On-time Deliveries

As a top custom software development company, clients have vouched for their on-time delivery. This is something very remarkable. No matter what project methodology you use with them, they will always make sure that there is no delay in delivering your software. Moreover, their developers always work round-the-clock and even in various time zone to handle your volatile needs.

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Risk-free Trial Periods

At eSparkBiz, they introduce practices that become industry standards in some time, and their risk-free trial periods are one of those processes.

Since its inception, they have been providing risk-free trial periods. All the projects that are developed at eSparkBiz are preceded by a 15-day risk-free trial period. And the best part is that the trial period is completely free for all clients. No matter what technology you choose or what regions you work from.

During this trial period, you can assess their development styles, expertise, and other aspects. So you can be assured that you have made the right choice by partnering with them and can trustfully rely on them for your custom software development.

Post Signoff Support

The golden part of their bespoke services is that their work is not over after committing and sharing the code on your private repositories. As they are proactive in maintaining your software up and running all the time for seamless performance and the best user experience.

All projects that are developed by them come with free post-deployment support. It is available for six months from the date of project signoff. This means that you can go to them whenever there is a problem with your project.


No matter what company type you choose or what is the technology for your project, you can freely find a company that is willing to work for your project.

Custom software development is complicated. But if you have understood well the mistakes to avoid and how to recruit the best custom software company, you are all set for your first customized software project.

If at any time you feel that the project is progressing slowly, use the above-discussed tips to speed up your project. And before planning the project, finalize the software development life cycle you want to use.

Moreover, the regions you hire from also play a decisive role in the outcome of your personalized software and contribute mainly to the pricing of your project. So choose a custom software development company that is strategically located, and use the latest development trends in your favor to build better products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom software development?

It is a software design and development process as per the specific need of any business or user group. It is also known as bespoke software development. This tailor-made software can deliver focusing on the goal which is not possible entirely in any standard market-ready software.

How much does it cost to develop customized software?

Customized software is not a standard one available in the market, so the development cost depends on several factors like

  • The size of the project and the number of features
  • Complexity
  • Third-party integrations
  • Design complexity
  • Technology stack
  • Developer’s skillset
  • Velocity required
  • Development Process

Why one should go for customized software development?

Customized software development builds user-specific software designed to cater to specific requirements of businesses that are not readily available. It helps a business in different ways right from managing the processes from a single platform, identifying the sloth area, and taking necessary actions to improve them. This improves efficiency and productivity, allowing to incorporate of automation to reduce lead time and optimize resources. Also, it helps to optimize the number of the software you are using presently.

What technologies are used to develop custom software?

There are several tools, technologies, and frameworks available to build tailored software. For instance, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Angular Vue.js ReactJS, Android, Ionic, iOS, and more. But to select the right one depends on the business requirements. We closely work with our customers to understand their needs and adopt relevant technology, to develop customized applications.

Why choose eSparkBiz for Custom Software Development Service?

We have a vast experience of 12+ years in being a  custom software development firm. Also, our high-skilled energetic teams are experts in their domain & well-versed with the latest techs. Significantly, we are a CMMI level 3 company with ISO 27001 certification that proves our authenticity, business processes, & professionalism.

With the expertise of handling 1000+ global clients and delivering several successful projects, we understand the market requirement and trends. Our projects have given a significant ROI to our clients in a minimum time. Therefore, proudly have a client retention ratio is more than 90%. All this makes us the most reliable custom software development company in USA too, to partner with.

What are the custom software development services that you provide?

We have an array of products and services in our bucket. Some of them are web and mobile application development, system integration, quality assurance, and more.

Before proposing the development service, how do you understand the client’s business?

We work on a standard operating procedure. That starts with a discovery phase where our experts deep dive into your business process to develop the required knowledge. Through several workshops and meetings, we try to understand the macro and micro-level business segments and processes.

Can customers select a technology stack for custom software development?

Our bespoke custom software development services include an initial detailed discussion on the project with the client. Considering the parameters, they are provided with the options of the best possible tech stacks for the project. Existing infrastructure, budget, scalability features, & maintenance, are some of the key aspects for suggesting a technology stack.

How do you manage changes?

We have one dedicated project manager who is the SPOC for all the projects. Also, he is also the point of all forms of communication between the developers & the client. So, any kind of changes is communicated to the team during the project, analyzed, and later informed to our clients regarding the revised budgeting and timeline.

Is there any maintenance service from your side for a custom software solution?

As a reliable company, we provide full custom software development solutions including maintenance services. The maintenance and sustenance part is equally important as the custom software development and we take this service on the same priority. Furthermore, our service includes feature addition, enhancement, preventive and breakdown maintenance, and bug fixing leading to supreme optimization.

Do you offer code review during the development process?

The client is the ultimate owner of the project and has complete control of it. So, the client has complete freedom to check the code as well as the design of the tailored software solution. It’s necessary as it is one of the important phases to reduce bugs and improve the quality of the software.

What are the security measures you take during the development process?

We are the best custom software development company and we take clients’ confidentiality very seriously. To ensure that, we follow standard practices to ensure the safety and security of the project. So, we sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) before starting the project, restrict access of your app to content providers & follow network security measures.

How do you manage projects?

We efficiently manage your projects with the two most successful methodologies for custom software development: Agile and Waterfall. These methods make it convenient to handle your projects efficiently irrespective of the type of the project.

Can you take over from the existing vendor?

We are a top custom software development agency and this is what we do, to help clients digitize their business processes. So yes, after a detailed analysis and review of the exiting application, we check the domain and code and then accordingly recommend a proposal of takeover.

Do you provide any support after the successful completion of the project?

We are definitely with you even after the completion of the project. As a standard process, we offer continuous support for a fixed timeframe, without any cost. If you face any kind of technical glitches or functional issues, our team of experts provides 24X7 support to you.

Do you provide custom software developers?

We are the leading custom software development company and have a solid team of experts who can cater to all your tailored requirements. So, you can smoothly hire custom software developers with domain expertise. They can efficiently create customized applications as per your need confirming your growth.

Does the client reserve the rights of the intellectual property of the product?

Once the project is done and handed over to the client with full and final from both sides, the client owns the IP, source code, and ownership of the project.

How do you update the client about the progress of the project?

As one of the best custom software development companies, we maintain all necessary procedures to communicate with clients. Chiefly, a specific project manager is assigned for every project who will be the Single Point Of Contact for the project. He will communicate the status on daily basis or the way you want. This keeps them updated about the progress of the project. We also prefer to conduct meeting in regular intervals (weekly or bi-weekly) where all the stakeholders share their concerns, discuss the deliverables, & review the progress.

What are your areas of expertise in this customized software development?

We have vast experience in this field and have served more than 1000+ global clients with customized solutions. Also, we have teams of experts who are capable of delivering amazing software which includes Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud management, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Quality Engineering, DevOps Thinking, and more.

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