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Delivering Objective Evaluation Of Your Software

With our software testing services we help you enhance your software quality. Our professional software testers expertise in ensuring that your software is devoid of any issue. We make sure that your software is consistently functional, reliable and user-friendly.

When you choose us, you get trust of a brand, India's top QA Testing team, 10+ years of experience, strict NDA terms & complete peace of mind.

Software Testing Company For Better Quality Outcomes

When we consider software development, it is required to check each and everything at least twice before the product is launched in the market. To help you deal with such situations eSparkBiz offers software testing services. We have a skilled team for software testing who use their knowledge on making your products defect-free.

The software testing process detects software errors that appear in the development phase. We double-check the software ensuring it is well-performing and fulfils the requirement of customers. We boost the confidence of our client by helping them deliver the best quality software for their audience.

At eSparkBiz, we offer software testing with strict test execution which helps in reducing maintenance cost. Software failures are very risky and can be expensive when treated at later stages of development.

In order to stay ahead in your business, incorporating software testing is of utmost importance. A critical defect left undetected can cause losses in business. Every serious company will invest in a tester team and find experts who will be capable of detecting problems and flaws in a software product.

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Why Use Software Testing Services?

  • Software testing services help you to find bugs and fix it, thus reducing a significant risk of failure before the software becomes operational.
  • Not every software works alone, sometimes it has to be combined and integrated with other legacy systems when required. In such cases, software testing gives a much-needed assurance that it will work suitably and its performance won’t get affected due to the integration.
  • It is a part of the software development process. It performs a root cause analysis that helps in making it more efficient.
  • It is carried out keeping the end-user in mind. With a foresight for the scenarios that the end-user will possibly face, tests are carried out and their accuracy and efficiency is duly noted for any discrepancies.
  • Reliability of software can be measured by certification or its conformation with any set technical standard. This helps in creating confidence and a healthy business relationship.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We have proved true to time for the last ten years, and have worked on the finest projects for 1000+ clients globally.

Cloud based human resource management application


Cloud based human resource management application

HRMS (Human resource management system) is an employee portal we have built for our own company. It offers a comprehensive management solution covering everything such as employee management, attendance, holiday list, time and more.





Cloud based health portal


Cloud based health portal

Samata Health is a platform for mental health. The application is designed for both therapists and people looking for their consultation. Made for a great cause, the application has built a community of therapists, connecting users to the nearest therapist in just a few steps . Users just have to mention their preference and book a consultation from a tailored list of therapists that suits their requirement.






Book publishing platform


Book publishing platform

Mynd matters is a book publishing platform that turns people’s book publishing dream to reality. The app comprises three steps: providing users 30 minute clarity sessions, sending them a well-suited publishing plan and at last publishing their book. It is as easy as it sounds. We catered them the exact platform they needed; one that helped them manage their users' reports as well as company’s progress.





Saas-based personal fishing application


Saas-based personal fishing application

Rippled Water makes going for fishing with friends effortless. From inviting friends to join, choosing a destination, organizing a trip, to sharing photos with the ones who joined, it takes care of everything. The app also provides users with weather and water information.





Advanced influencers web portal


Advanced influencers web portal

Kamopi software system connects brand representatives to influencers that suit their brand requirements. This web portal allows influencers to build a stronger looking profile and increase their online presence. On the other hand the brand owners get the ease of hiring content creators that help them create awareness about their product.



Facebook Graph API



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Our QA Process

User Story Evaluation

At eSparkBiz, our QA team starts their work on the project parallelly with documentation generation. They work dedicatedly towards understanding and reviewing the client's requirements for achieving following factors: Completeness, redundancies, clarity, consistency, executability and verifiability.

Our QA engineers follow the practise of prioritizing the model, on every iteration. Our team looks for the most required task to test on from the work stack. We aim to analyze system architecture and technologies for discrepancy.

User story evaluation

Create a Test Plan

Once requirements of clients are examined we start on planning test cases. Test cases describe actions that will help QA engineers deliver software functions as planned. The test plan acts as a blueprint that enables software testing activities as a defined process, which is minutely monitored and controlled by the test manager.

The test plan comprises the system-configuration that demands to test, non-functional wants such as quality of code, traditional test approaches, automation-mix, exploratory, referring to documentation, requirements testing, setup and more.

Create a test plan

Designing Test Cases

Our QA team works on test cases as per the test plan and includes it to the test case document. Every test case is specified with an objective along with the initial software state, input sequence and the anticipated output.

Designing test cases determines the performance of test conditions. Along with designing the process also includes finding test conditions and building test cases such as scripts, data and more. Test engineers may also test start design with a certain amount of exploratory testing to gain familiarity with application and have an optimal approach to test design.

Designing test cases

Implementing Tests

Our QA testing team builds units and integration tests to measure the accuracy of individual units of code. We create and run unit tests against your code and verify logic of each unit. We run unit tests after every build to quickly catch and fix software regressions introduced by code changes to your app.

A software test case is considered an integration test after it covers more than one unit. At the time of unit testing, production code functions are performed in the test environment with simulated input. Then the output of functions is compared with the anticipated output for the input.

Implementing tests

Execute All Of The Test Cases

Execution of test cases can be done by using automation tools or manually. Here, the order of test case execution is important and the most valuable test cases are executed first. To schedule integration tests right after the delivery is one of the common practices.

We carry out a system integration test to identify the working of app components. The app-specific bugs are mainly found during sprints whereas end-to-end functions bugs will be reported at the integration test.

Execute all of the test cases

Manual & Exploratory Testing

Imprecise tasks are allocated to the Testers to finish the software. So, here you will understand how people are utilizing your products in the wild. Testers analyze your application to know the functionalities of the applications. They learn application along with its design and implement test plans as per their detection.

Exploratory testing is used when required documents are not available or partially available. The process helps find more bugs than normal testing and showcases bugs that generally get ignored by by other testing techniques

Manual & exploratory testing

Leverage Our QA Testing Services

With the use of Agile methodology we offer software quality assurance. It is a non-sequential, continuous process where the development matches the audience requirements.

Automation Testing Services

We use Agile automated testing tools such as Selenium, Appium, Jenkins that reduce cost as well as effort on maintenance.

Mobile Application Testing Services

Through our Mobile Apps Testing services we assist companies to deliver features faster and better the mobile experience for their customers.

Manual and Functional Testing Services

When testing applications, we consider end-users' requirements to improve the software’s experience, usability, and critical defects.

Software Security Testing Services

We locate and fix security defects on your system that ensures all the data in your system remains secured and protected.

DevOps (CI CD) and Agile Services

Our team is equipped with the latest integration and delivery tools, that allows them to optimize infrastructure and deploy within minutes.

Performance Testing Services

With our complete cycle performance testing services you will be able to reach optimum stability, responsiveness, and scalability in applications.

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Servicing Projects Across Lifespan

Full Cycle Testing

At eSparkBiz, we offer quality assurance along with the complete development cycle. This cycle comprises integration and regression testing, black/white box resign, environment testing, performance testing,stress testing, localization testing and testing user acceptance.

Project Rescue

Our team expertises in saving clients from mid-life cycle project crises. If you find your project at risk, our team will help your business to restore and get things back on track. At eSparkBiz, we form smart strategies for identifying problems and risks in projects to support app code.

Support And Enhancement

We make continuous efforts on support and enhancement services for software improvements. Our team enhances the applications' longevity and makes value realization in the investment. We work on improving operation's efficiency to make software usage as seamless as possible

Why Choose Us As Your QA Partner?

With our QA expertise, test labs and most importantly team flexibility we aim to enhance your product quality and reduce operational cost and time-to-market

Proven Testing Experts to Deliver Comprehensive QA

At eSparkBiz we have a team of expert software testers that works passionately for improving your software quality and efficiency. We make a well-suited testing plan for your software, allocate the right team for work execution and the process and drive development to focus on quality.

Our main approach is to drive your development team to focus on writing better codes, updating features and minimizing delivery time. We help companies in QA processes that scale and integrate their development cycle.

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End-to-End Test Coverage

The purpose of end-to-end testing methodology is to test an application flow from beginning to the end. It stimulates the real user scenario and validates the system under test and its components for integration and data integrity.

By providing you with full test coverage we make you aware about the bugs and defects which are difficult to predict. We offer all kinds of testing services that includes: Usability, Functional, GUI, Security, Database testing, Cross-browser, Cross-platform, Accessibility, effectiveness

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Complete Transparency With KPIs

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators in the software testing industry are measurable values that are computed to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process as a whole. It is used when you have already implemented a testing process successfully and have executed it a few times.

We leverage KPIs to help you know the areas where your testing process needs improvements. We provide full access to QA reporting so that you are always in control. The reports include everything i.e. test results, sign-off reports, test coverage, quality trends, and more.

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Automated Tested Builds for Quicker Deliveries

Our software tester team has years of experience developing and using cutting edge test automation tools. They are equipped with DevOps tools, with which they automate a majority of time-consuming operations. We architect CI and CD flows together that focus on enhancing unit as well as regression test coverage.

With an array of automation framework we help you select the best fit for your system. With automated sanity checks we ensure that newly released code doesn’t cause unrelated defects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Software Testing'?

Software testing is the process of detecting problems and risks in the software application and fixing it. It is referred to as the operation of a system under controlled conditions. The controlled condition here means both normal as well as abnormal conditions.

In order to check if the software is error-free, testers will intentionally create a situation to make things go wrong, at the time of testing the application. Software testing team includes testers, developers and project managers. Software testing is also a part of QA testing.

When to end the software testing process?

As the application is becoming complex it is now more confusing than ever to know when to end the software testing process. However, here are some common factors that will help you decide on this matter.

  • When test cases are finished
  • When your test budget is depleted
  • Bug rate has significantly fallen

What is 'good design' in software programs?

The design of the software program refers to both internal and functional design. A software program can be considered to have a good design if the overall program structure is effortlessly modified, understood and maintained.

Some of the software features that define good internal designs are:

  • Status logging capabilities
  • Error-handling capabilities
  • Correct functioning

The functional design of the software is measured on how the audience using the software finds the functionality of the design. If the software program satisfies the end-users' requirements it is considered to have a good functional design.

What kinds of testing do you perform?

eSparkBiz is one of the top software companies, where you will get extensive software testing to match every business requirement. We offer the following software testings:

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Configuration and Compatibility Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Load and Stress TestingFunctional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing

How do you use automation testing?

eSparkBiz team offers automated tests for ensuring repeatability, to execute the same test again and again. Automating a test is useless if you are only going to run it once.

How do you do QA using functional testing?

In simple words, functional testing is considered a process to make sure the system meets the expectation when its features are performed by a user or by another system. Functionality verification covers the entire development process.

  • A unit test must be at the inception assuring every block of code executes the intentional manipulation of inputs into expected outputs for the next module.
  • Integration test confirms that unit modules are connected with each other as per the estimation. Also conveying data and commands through the system is considered meeting specification through which it was developed.
  • Sanity testing ensures that the alteration and fixes done on the code body do not result in side effects.
  • Regression tests ensure that features added later on do not ruin the previous efforts or cause new problems.
  • Usability acceptance is considered as the real operation of the system in which it was made and is the gateway to deployment.

How do you create test plans for Agile development?

eSparkBiz is one of a renowed software testing companies in India. With an agile environment, we enable working in short sprints where every sprint is centred on a few needs or stories, therefore it is obvious that the documentation may not have a wide range of content.

Due to the limitation of time, extensive test plans should not be considered for each sprint in agile projects. However, we still need a high-level agile test plan for agile team guidelines.

The aim of the agile test plan document is to prepare the best methods and structure for teams to follow.

How do you ensure developer side testing for quality software?

Developers at eSparkBiz execute unit testing while writing the code to make sure the code works perfectly.

What is unit testing?

Unit testing verifies methods of a single class, any outer dependencies will be neglected or removed. Also, note that sometimes single cases will fit as feature tests which depend on the range of “features” under test.

At eSparkBiz, we do not count the unit test as testing costs. At eSparkBiz, we consider unit tests as a part of core engineering and development. If you are not considering unit tests you are not justifying product development.

What are the types of software testing?

There are several types and sub types for software testing such as Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Agile Testing.

QA professionals at eSparkBiz have years of experience in working with popular types of software testing. Here we test functional and nonfunctional software features to make sure it follows clients' requirements and offers interactive user experience

Functional Testing types include:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing: Black Box and White Box
  • System Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Interface Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Beta/Acceptance Testing

Non-functional Testing types include:

  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Recovery Testing
  • Reliability Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Localization Testing

How much does it cost to outsource QA?

At eSparkBiz we offer different hiring processes to our clients depending upon their requirements and factors like software sizes and functionalities. Outsourcing QA is not only cost effective but also time saving; you don’t have to spend money on external resources like infrastructure or invest time in recruitment. Outsourcing our QA specialist will get you unbiased object evaluations for your software. We reduce the time required for defect detection and offer flexible cooperation.

What is the quality assurance process?

At eSparkBiz we have an Agile methodology for the QA process. Our QA process is more continuous than sequential. We initiate testing when the project begins and continue it throughout the development process. Our extensive QA process can be divided into the following steps:

  • Project evaluation
  • Creating Test plans
  • Designing test cases
  • Implementing test plans
  • Executing test cases
  • Manual and exploratory test cases

What is the difference between QA and QC?

The major difference between QC and QA is that Quality Assurance focuses on preventing defects in software whereas Quality Control focuses on identifying software defects.

The major difference between QA and QC is:

Quality Assurance is process oriented. It prevents software defects by creating deliverable work. QA experts continually follow the processes to assure that the software remains efficient for end-users.

Quality Control on the other hand is product oriented. It is a function of software quality that detects bugs by inspecting and testing the product. QC process comprises checking the product against a predetermined set of requirements and validating the product to meet those requirements.

What are the principles of testing?

Our QA engineers take responsibility for your Quality Assurance process, by following all the seven software quality principles, which are as follow:

  • Testing shows presence of defects
  • Exhaustive testing is not possible
  • Early testing
  • Defect clustering
  • Pesticide paradox
  • Testing is context dependent
  • Absence of errors fallacy

Which is the best company for software testing?

Hiring Software Testing company will allow you to focus on your main business functions. Software testing companies ensure that your software remains defect free and you get a positive business outcome.

At eSparkBiz we perform end-to-end testing for your software development life and ensure you get an unbiased objective evaluation for your product.

Major benefits of outsourcing software development companies includes the following:

  • Reap cost benefits
  • Reduced in-house efforts
  • Independent QA
  • Access to an efficient & highly proficient team
  • Get a team whose primary focus is testing
  • Increased application quality
  • Quick deliverables/ Boosts up software testing efficiency
  • Thoroughly-tested final products
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