We are a top-notch Ruby on Rails Development Company

eSparkBiz, a leading Web Application Development Company is a hub of in-house talents that are certified as well as skilled in developing websites, web-apps or applications across niches. Since the inception of the company, we have believed in delivering quality-focused projects to our clients and that has become our key-factor in holding the clients.

Talking about Ruby on rails and our hands-on experience of using it is equal to our inception of the company. A plethora of projects have been executed by our developers using this technology and that is the reason we are preferred, development vendor in our client’s list. We have achieved this because of our consistent quality project delivery, going above and beyond to deliver the projects, meeting deadlines, etc.

Ruby App Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Saves Time and Money
  • AJAX & REST quality rich web
  • SEO optimized
  • Tailor-made Web Application Development
  • Hassle-free Development
  • Swift Launch of Website
  • Alteration & Modification
  • Support & Maintenance

Scale Up Your Business WithThe Advanced & Modern Ruby On Rails Technology

ROR Integration with Front-end Technologies

Share your idea and hire our programmers to build a robust, scalable, secure and high performing front-end application using the outstanding technology just like React JS and Angular JS

eSparkBiz is one of the leading Ruby on Rails Development companies that aims to provide solutions that can make a difference to the clients’ life. For that, we make use of modernized front-end technologies.

ROR Integration with Front-end Technologies

Ruby On Rails Development Services

We have in-house talents who are into delivering a robust service to our clients, and also provide suggestions that could benefit the clients. Hire RoR Developers from us and avail the in-depth advantage of the services that one can fetch from the Ruby on Rails services.

API Development

Thinking of integrating third-party apps to your project? Here is the time to avail of the benefits of third-party apps and enhance your application’s beauty. We cater to different verticals wherein we have developed an API for them through which they can easily integrate third-party apps to their projects.

MVP Development

MVP aka Minimum Viable Product wherein a new website or application is built with enough features that are required to craft a basic project. It guarantees the highest ratio of return against the risk. Also, it allows a business idea to grow more against the user base.

Maintenance And Support

We are an IT solutions company that understands the growing demand for the support and maintenance of the project as we understand that every project that is developed with the use of technology requires maintenance at regular intervals of time.

Third-Party Integration

Hire our subject matter experts and avail the opportunity of integrating any third–party service to your applications and enhance the beauty of it. We are well-versed with the service of developing API or using our API to integrate third-party apps.

Porting and Migration

We provide suggestions and also the service of porting the existing website to the ruby on the rails platform. The migration can benefit in a lot of ways such as availing responsive designs, and developing APIs as required. The migration is important and that should be done with utmost security against the data loss.

Code Review & Functional QA

Uncover the cryptic vulnerabilities and detect any system glitch or non-performance of the application or designs into it. Also, we perform the functional QA to detect and rectify the designs and system flaws. This helps in delivering robust applications that might meet the need of client.

eSparkBiz Guarantee


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Happy Clients


Repeat Client Ratio


Our Team

Company Statistics

There is an unwritten rule in the IT industry. If a client likes your work, he/she will come back to you. We at eSparkBiz are ready to make our first impression long-lasting in the minds of our customers. We aim to overachieve for clients.

The USP of our services is that we offer a NO-OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL for 7 days. If you’re still unsatisfied, we will fix those issues. The client only has to pay if he is happy with the output & wishes to continue.

Ruby On Rails Expertise

Consumer Apps

We transform your idea into a robust application that is rails based customer-oriented which helps in driving sales and pass on the ideology behind your branding. Also, it helps in improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.

Business Apps

eSparkBiz is a prominent IT company that delivers robust web-solutions to our clients across the globe and helps them in enhancing their customer’s experience as well as boost the ROI. No matter how company big is in size but our robust solutions will benefit the most.

Entertainment Apps

We have in-house adroit developers who are subject matter experts in crafting entertainment applications with game-friendly user interfaces by leveraging G3DRuby and Chingu that accelerates the graphics.

Integrate Your Business

Our Dexterous developers are well-versed with the third-party application and tailor-made API development that integrates a payment system, spanning social networks business materials, and mapping system.

Custom API

eSparkBiz is a top-notch Mobile and Web solutions company that delivers cutting-edge & tailor-made API development to its clients on demand. Our developers use the most advanced version of applications such as Active Model Serializers to reframe the output, JBuilder’s template to furnish the complex projects where helper and conditions are in need while delivering data-rich responses.
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Our developers are profound in integrating virtual API to your application, including legacy SOAP ones. We understand the requirement of clients and then after preparing the scope of the project. The development of tailor-made integration solution is in such a way that it leaves the external API calls far away from the response flow, safeguarding the performance, and enriching the web apps with relevant 3rd party data.

Dedicated Ruby On Rails Consulting & Development Center

eSparkBiz, a Ruby on Rails development company has delivered more than 1000+ projects with a 90+ repeat client ratio. With over more than 8 years of experience in delivering a robust IT solution, we are aware of the requirements and that is the reason we provide the suggestions to our clients. Our suggestion has never failed to meet the expectations and also the client has earned a good ROI from the market. The vulnerabilities and security issue detected in the older version is resolved, and now there is only quick and rapid development in the latest upgrade of the application.

  • A collaboration of Workload coordinated with the geographical location.
  • Tuning of development processes with the business-specific
  • Selecting and sorting of selected tech ninjas
  • Timely changes in the team member and team scaling as per your request
  • Dedicated Tech developers for your unique projects
  • Detailed reporting and transparency is maintained
  • Control over developer till the time the developer built your projects
  • Agile Web-Development and quick exection of the project

Technology Stack

Ruby Frameworks

  • Rails
  • Sinantra
  • Hamani


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Postgres

Deployment Tools

  • Capistrano

TDD Tools

  • rspec-rails
  • Capybara
  • Minitest


  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • Heroku

Rest API

  • SwaggerDoc
  • APIPie
  • Grape
  • Active Model Serializers

Full Stack

  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS

Scheduled/ Recurrence Jobs

  • Whenever
  • Delayed Job
  • SideKiq
  • Rufus-Scheduler

Coding Style

  • RuboCop
  • Rails Best Practice


  • elasticsearch-rails


  • Redis

App Server

  • Puma
  • Passenger
  • Unicorn

Web Server

  • Nginx
  • Apache

Version Control

  • GIT (GitFLow)


  • Agile Scrum and Lean

PM Tools

  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Slack

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You are the center of our universeWhat Our Clients Say!


Christine Betschel

Inbound Marketing Consultant, Take Off PR

I valued how quickly they developed our pages and implemented changes. eSparkBiz Technologies’ new site garnered praise for its updated design and functionalities. Though there were some challenges with incorporating feedback, the team worked quickly to create the site pages and incorporate time-sensitive changes.

John Brandt

Marketing Coordinator, Design Pickle

eSparkBiz’s work surpassed expectations, including features that weren’t even though of, which has boosted leads, new clients, potential employees, and more. Their speed of delivery was remarkable and they promptly implemented feedback. Overall, their professionalism and reliability set them apart.

Kenn Palm

CEO, StillWaters Technologies, Inc

eSparkBiz goes beyond what’s reasonably asked of from a vendor. eSparkBiz communicates efficiently and leads a flexible work schedule, creating a product that end clients love, thus expanding business opportunities. Their ability to overcome challenging timelines and requirements speaks to their commitment to the project.

Sergio Pinto

Owner, Geofelix

They were good at understanding our needs and fixing issues that arose during development. Although the site has yet to launch, the end client is thrilled with the new platform. Thanks to their professional project management and a strong grasp of site requirements, eSparkBiz was well-equipped to handle any challenge.

Andreas Stetter

CTO, Influetec UG

The advertiser platform is nearly perfect. The platforms were finished smoothly, with generally good quality code, and some areas requiring review and revision. The team is very responsive, tracks their tasks and work efficiently and smoothly using GitHub, and overcomes any potential issues with remote communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can browse the topics below to find what you are looking for.

Share your idea with our project manager and we will provide you with the suggestion to build the project. Hire our developer and experience the transformation of your idea into a virtual platform. Our developer possesses the expert skill in crafting a project using Ruby on Rails.

We, at eSparkBiz, have transformed many ideas into a virtual platform and are excelled in doing that since the inception of the company. With over more than 8 years of experience, we are now well-versed with the technological developments crafting wonderful websites and applications.

Our standard policy defines that we provide 3 months’ support and maintenance service to our clients for their project and that also within the scope of the project. We take the project, execute it and then provide 90 days post-app-launched support & maintenance service.

But, we can proudly say that we have a 90+ repeat client ratio who prefer us for their project development and trust us in developing their valuable websites or apps.

There are some great tools that are an automated unit, functional and integrating testing.
RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara and Unit testing with a test: Unit are few frameworks that are used for testing the framework.

A Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that is capable enough to build web pages and it requires adroit developers to provide shape to the idea of an entrepreneur. Hire our developers and build your idea using this modern and innovative technology that can pitch higher sales and outreach to the audience.

We have a fixed hiring model wherein we provide developers as per the requirement of the client. The client sends us their requirements and after reviewing it, we provide the resume of our most experienced ones and out the sorted resume, they select their preferred developer who will work on their valuable projects. The client then decides who to hire for their project and can take an interview to verify their skills.

Ideally, we hire developers who are well-versed with academics and practical knowledge. They are well-acquainted with technological development and have hands-on experience in delivery quality-focused projects.

We, at eSparkBiz, have more than 8 years of experience in providing effective IT solutions, and delivery quality-focused products. Over the span of 8 years, we have successfully executed more than 1000+ projects in various niches using traditional as well as modern technologies.

Our team has sound knowledge of various niche and well-versed with technological developments. We have evolved with the time, from a team of 30+ to 100+ professionals under one roof, we have shared many ideas and performed many projects individually or in a group and that is how we have grown.

Ruby on Rails is a quite modern framework that manages to develop web-apps, and along with the ROR, our developers use MYSQL5, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB that are quite innovative and helps in building a quick and robust web-applications.

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