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Exploring The 40 Angularjs Dashboard Templates For Front-End Development

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Angular JS was ranked number 3 in the list of top front end JavaScript frameworks in the state of JS 2019. It has been in the top number 3 place for over three years now. Today, we will talk about the Angularjs Dashboard Templates in detail.

The Angular JS is an open-sourced framework created in the year 2009 by developers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons.

It utilizes JavaScript for writing code for front end frameworks and currently maintained by Google. Apart from Google, many corporations and a whole community of developers share the many challenges they faced while developing on it.

Since it is based on HTML and JavaScript, the programmer will not be required to learn a new language or syntax. It follows the MVC or Model View Controller architecture along with a data model binding. There are many Benefits to the AngularJS Framework.

Angular JS frameworks have, over the years, become favored to construct AngularJS Admin Templates. Admin templates are a set of HTML or JavaScript pages and are immensely talented if you are trying to create reactive admin panels.

Since they are ready-made, they make it easier and quicker for programmers to build UI of back-end apps because building them from scratch can be tedious.

Pre-built panels allow the installation of plugins and minor changes to accommodate the best of the project at hand.

Some of the top 40 Angularjs Dashboard Examples have been mentioned below!

1. Architect UI

Architect UI

Download link-

This Angular JS Dashboard is lightweight and is loaded with a set of minimal components that are perfect for the creation of straightforward applications.

It is a brand-new template that has tasted some success. The Architect UI is an angular eight template that is Bootstrap four rooted and is a must-have in the programmer’s toolbox.

Key Features-

  • It is powered by Bootstrap four, and thus all components are up to date to the latest version
  • Fully responsive regardless of the screen size
  • More than 200 customizable components
  • There are multiple color screens available
  • Nine different designs available
  • Individual documentation possible

2. Monarch


Download link-

It is another one of the Angular JS Dashboards that is Bootstrap, and admin based that is available in HTML and AngularJS versions.

This template is extremely customizable and versatile, which makes the admin template created adaptively. The best part is that the programmer has the liberty to add only those components that they wish to add.

Key Features-

  • It is clean and minimal dashboard template
  • It is lightning fast
  • Can be used by programmers with no sense of design
  • Presence of responsive chart libraries
  • It is fully responsive regardless of the system
  • It has customizable UI elements
  • Possesses cross-browser compatibility
  • It is lightweight

3. StartNG


Download link-

It is an admin template that is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework which makes the templates more responsive.

It is compelling and can be used to make admin templates that specifically make front end templates.

Since the code written on it is easy to understand, the developer can turn the template into apps with ease.

Key Features-

  • Uses the Angular-CLI tool.
  • Compatible with Angular JS, Angular JS 4.0.x, Angular 5.0.x and Angular JS 6.0.x.
  • Has a very responsive layout.
  • Minimal effort is required in its maintenance.
  • This template is straightforward to customize as per the needs.
  • It has sample pages with ready to use components.

4. MaterialPro


Download link-

The MaterialPro admin template is perfect for constructing invaluable dashboards. It provides multiple presets that come in addition with five layouts that are completely different from each other. MaterialPro is very responsive and has an RTL support present along with 100+ plugins.

Key Features-

  • It is 100% responsive
  • It is compatible with Bootstrap 4.x
  • There is the option for high resolution
  • It showcases five different demo variations
  • 3000+ font icons available
  • It allows the creation of horizontal and vertical menus
  • Provides a variety of plugins
  • It delivers tables, validations as well as chart options
  • It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

5. Espire


Download link-

It is one of the Angularjs Dashboards that is perfect for WebApp templates. It can supply straightforward templates that are perfect for minimalistic web design.

Espire can be perfect for those who aren’t familiar with the development environment and professional coders alike.

Key Features-

  • It has a very responsive layout
  • It is compatible with chrome, edge, Firefox, IE11 and Safari
  • This template is powered by the Bootstrap 4
  • It comes in the two angular and a static HTML versions
  • It is uncomplicated, making it easy to use and write
  • The project created can be modified to fit any screen
  • It can adapt to modern browsers with ease

6. Egret


Download Link-

Unlike other Angular Dashboards, the Egret possesses a darker layout, which is refreshing. But it is not powered by a Bootstrap framework or jQuery but is built on Angular Material, Angular CLI, and Flex Layout. It is highly responsive and possesses reusable components.

Key Features-

  • It has a full RTL support
  • It has the translate pipe feature that easily translates the app created into different languages
  • The navigation of this dashboard is model-driven
  • There are pre-planned themes available
  • Custom themes can also be created by following simple steps
  • It follows a JWT and role-based authentication system
  • There is the presence of a rich text editor

7. Elastic UI


Download Link-

The name of this Angular JS Dashboard justifies its nature to be open to a myriad of possibilities with your web projects. It is one of the finest Angular JS Admin Templates.

This means that the dashboard will be providing flexibility as well as extensibility to the templates. The critical fact to note about Elastic ui is that it is based on Google’s material design.

Key Features-

  • Polished and clean design
  • It is compatible with Bootstrap 4.x and Bootstrap 3.x
  • Presence of customizable widgets
  • The themes can be customized using the Material2 API
  • Every page of the app created will have a personal module
  • The layout is highly responsive
  • It is compatible with Angular JS, AngularJS 2, AngularJS 3.0.x, AngularJS 4.0.x, AngularJS 5.0.x, AngularJS 6.0.x

8. Gene


Download Link-

It may be one of the most practical options to choose from, as it is based on Angular 2, Material Design, and Angular-CLI.

The development process on this template is a hassle-free approach to its programmers, and all the necessary features are integrated into it.

Key Features-

  • It has detailed dashboards like web analytics, CRM, Courses, SAAS, Ecommerce
  • There is a presence of ready to use session pages, email, task board, chat, user management, and task boards, etc
  • It is compatible with AngularJS 2
  • The app will have 12 transitional languages available
  • It is entirely based on the Google Angular Material

9. Admin UX


Download Link-

This Angular Template is purely HTML and CSS and is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework.

Third-party plugins can be incorporated into the template design, and everything is arranged in a manner that everything is comfortably available.

This tells you that the template is accommodating and adjusting.

Key Features-

  • Provides creative and distinctive layout styles
  • Created by the Bootstrap v4 CSS3 as well as HTML5
  • Compatible with IE10, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Chrome browsers
  • SCSS is utilized to ensure the customization of any color in the templates
  • The HTML development is responsive and will be supported by laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets

10. Material Wrap


Download Link-

This template is modern and futuristic, and is powered by Bootstrap 4 along with Angular 4.

The layout is what sets it truly apart from the other AngularJS templates, as it is a minimal yet descriptive layout.

Its best feature is the Seed Project, multiple color skins along with NMP package management.

Key Features-

  • Every project you create contains a seed project that usually accelerates the development process
  • There will be free future updates as the technology advances
  • Possesses 8 built-in web applications
  • Utilizes Google Material Design
  • Powered by Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 and even Angular 4

11. The Directory


Download Link-

It is a template made explicitly for listing websites and directories.

Apart from this it also possesses layouts for your dashboards as well as admins, basically acting like a three in one website template.

The Directory is known to be responsive and an out and out solution for all online projects.

Key Features-

  • It offers a distinctive set of directory templates
  • The google 360 degrees can be incorporated
  • Google maps can be integrated into the app
  • An uncomplicated user-friendly design
  • Bootstrap 3.0 powered
  • Compatible with Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE8- IE11
  • The app created will have a fast tab search process

12. Lucid


Download Link-

It is an Angular Template that possesses an immaculate and professional web design that will surely aid in saving its users with money and time.

Lucid is known to be adaptable and can be modified easily to various projects and apps. It is popularly known for developing open source WebApp templates for admin dashboards.

Key Features-

  • It has a built-in SASS
  • It is compatible with AngularJS 6.0.X as well as Bootstrap 4.x
  • The apps color scheme can be customized from a range of 6 colors
  • All the pages are fully responsive
  • It is compatible with browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

13. Vex


Download Link-

It is a material design template that is constructed using the Angular-CLI along with Angular 10. The templates available can help in the creation of projects that would suit you best.

Vex also allows for the customization and fine-tuning as per the needs and branding requirements.

Key Features-

  • It is lightweight and speedy
  • The design is effortless and clean
  • Customizable charts can be made
  • The snack bar notifications are provided
  • It utilizes the latest version of Angular
  • Personal Angular JS Themes can be created
  • Google maps can be integrated
  • Variables are in control of the styling
  • Nested routing is available

14. Air UI

Air UI

Download Link-

If you wish to create an Angular JS Dashboard that has a more professional and sleek appeal to it along with an exceptional design.

The templates are Angular, React, Bootstrap, and Vue based. It is completely customizable, everything from its charts to its features.

Key Features-

  • It has firebase authorization
  • The stack present is bulletproof
  • It uses Ant Design that is a robust React UI framework
  • The layout is responsive
  • There are numerous layouts and its settings to choose from
  • Support for high resolution available
  • Any new updates will be free
  • It is compatible with Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox browsers

15. Endless


Download Link-

The name of this Angular JS Dashboard justifies its capabilities when thinking of creating an admin panel.

The creation of any type of project is possible using it with the help of various features available on Endless. The features are practical and always at your disposal.

Key Features-

  • It is assembled using Angular 10
  • The dashboard engaging and easy to use
  • Firebase can be integrated
  • There is an animated gallery available
  • Multiple chart options are available
  • It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE10, IE11 browsers
  • Integration of the firebase contact and CRUD possible
  • It provides RTL support
  • Dark and light templates available

16. Clean UI


Download Link-

Clean UI is one of those Angularjs Dashboard Templates that can assist in the creation of a superbly mapped out and methodical system.

This admin template is perfect for any project or field and will be able to create without much effort. The user can combine and customize their fonts, color, and the overall layout as per the requirements.

Key Features-

  • You can choose from the dark and light themes
  • The code is sectioned which makes it easier to delete or add code
  • Quick updates are possible because it uses SASS/SCSS CSS
  • Possibility of high-resolution support
  • The layout is responsive
  • It uses Ant Design

17. Blumingo


Download Link-

Blumingo is perfect for the construction of ideal admin dashboards.

It provides a platform that is perfect for projects and needs heavy customization with flexible tools, pre-built color schemes and different page options.

All the data will be displayed in a table style which makes searching easier for users.

Key Features-

  • It utilizes the Bootstrap 4 framework
  • Seven dashboard versions are available
  • There are pre-built forms that are easy to use
  • It is packed with support from SASS
  • It has an assertive model-driven navigation style
  • All the SaaS color schemes are customizable
  • There are angular compatible UI Kits

18. Analoglife


Download Link-

Analoglife was initially a material design Angular 4 and React admin template.

Today it can act as a multifunctioning template that provides an immaculate and high achieving angular, Vue and even react versions.

Elements present are editable, reusable or delete-able, totally depending on the needs of the project.

Key Features-

  • It is compatible with browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE10 and even IE 11
  • It utilizes webpack, SCSS, NMP modern, workflow
  • The layout has been known to be flexible
  • There is the presence of a starter kit

19. Decima


Download Link-

The Decima template was created using Angular and has everything to allow a programmer to start work on any CMS, CRM, SAAS or any dashboard project.

The UI elements present on the template can be reused as per the requirements of the project.

Key Features-

  • The template will be completely responsive to mobile, desktop or tablet
  • It has been properly documented offline as well as online
  • It is effortless to customize
  • Provides language translation
  • It is supported by Angular 4
  • It is powered Bootstrap
  • Presence of reusable UI elements and components
  • Free charts, google maps, widgets, email and other elementary components available

20. Guru Able

Guru Able

Download Link-

The Guru Able is one of Angularjs Dashboard Examples that has been called the most amazing template indeed.

This comment can be easily justified by the fact that the Guru Able has about 200 pages, custom widgets and about 100 plugins.

It even possesses hundreds of UI components along with pre-planned demo selections.

Key Features-

  • There is a use of visually appealing aesthetics that combine muted colors
  • It is lightweight and flexible for utilization
  • There is an Angular 4 version available
  • The Bootstrap 4 framework powers it
  • There are six color schemes available to choose from
  • Presence of light and dark sidebars
  • It has a customizable live style as well as retina readiness

21. Clip-Two

Clip Two

Download Link-

The Clip-Two is a revolutionary admin template that is formed on AngularJS.

It is best for creation of mobile apps that have a very user-friendly layout and can be further customized to fit the project’s needs best.

Further, the combination allows the extension of HTML vocabulary for the better working of the app.

Key Features-

  • It is completely customizable
  • You can choose from 6 different theme skins
  • Presence of loading bar, chat directives, and nestable lists
  • Various file upload options available
  • It is compatible with browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome, etc
  • RTL support is available
  • CSS3 page transition is available

22. Fuse


Download Link-

This admin template has been cleanly designed, is dynamic, enormously technical, and highly annotated.

The features it possesses ensure it to be highly resourceful for software developers, internet administrators, programmers, and system administrators.

Furthermore, the apps that you create will be efficient, productive, and hugely successful in the market.

Key Features-

  • Uses the Google Material Design
  • Built on Angular 8+ version
  • Has built-in applications like calendar, contact, todo, scrum board, chat, file manager, etc
  • Allows creation of skeleton projects and material design cards
  • Light and dark color themes are available
  • More than twenty-page layout styles available
  • It supports contemporary browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as Edge

23. Slant


Download Link-

It is an Angular JS Dashboard that was created on the AngularJS and Bootstrap 3.

If you want to create an admin panel template that is unique, aesthetically appealing, and at the same time compelling and technologically skilled, Slant should be your choice.

There is a presence of all skills as well as features necessary for the creation of versatile applications.

Key Features-

  • It has a powerful Angular UI
  • It offers multiple layout choices
  • This template is entirely mobile optimized
  • Pie charts can be incorporated easily
  • FullCalender API’s are present
  • It is compatible with all modern browsers like Edge, IE9- IE11, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome

24. Remark


Download Link-

The Remark is an admin dashboard template that is Bootstrap 4 based and provides its users with a robust set of components.

The components are built using SCSS/less CSS, and this means the created components would permit trouble-free modifications.

It is also known to be a sophisticated, flexible, and smart admin template.

Key Features-

  • The layout will be responsive on all desktops, mobiles, and tablets
  • It is created using the newest Bootstrap 4
  • It has the extended utility class
  • Full support from Angular UI
  • The code is developer-friendly
  • More than a hundred widgets are available
  • It is compatible with all browsers like Edge, Chrome, Safari, IE9, IE10, IE11 and Opera, etc

25. Paper Dashboard Angular


Download Link-

Paper Dashboard Angular is an admin template that merges a range of pleasant colors with a variety of cards and graphics.

It is constructed on the Google Angular framework as well as the HTML model of the Paper Dashboard.

The template will surely provide consistency; the user can thank this many features but manages to keep the layout as un-crowded as possible.

Key Features-

  • It provides multiple customizable plugins
  • It is constructed on Bootstrap
  • There is a presence of dozens of pre-built components
  • It utilizes the same language as that of Paper Kit
  • The dashboard is light and uncomplicated
  • It is not overcrowded

26. Blur


Download Link-

Blur is a feature-based AngularJS Dashboard, and over the years has proven its worth.

It mainly functions as a front-end admin template that shows all the data in the form of charts or graphs in the JavaScript.

This admin dashboard will ensure Bootstrap the development of the project that is production-ready.

Key Features-

  • The layout is responsive
  • Its provides high resolution
  • It utilizes the Bootstrap CSS framework in app creation
  • There is a presence of Gulp build
  • Possibility of SASS documentation is possible
  • It is licensed with the MIT license
  • There is a variety of charts present

27. SB Admin Angular

SB Admin Angular

Download Link-

It is a free and open-sourced admin dashboard template.

It is a potent mix of the SB Admin’s layout with the Angular 9 based development that will make the perfect platform.

SB Admin Angular dashboard possesses added features that are sure to add more purpose.

Key Features-

  • A responsive design
  • Utilizes the Angular 9
  • Uses SCSS styling coupled with in-built scripts for assembling CSS
  • There is a Pug mark-up used for joining HTML
  • There are pre-built 401,404 and 500 error pages
  • Dark and light options to navigate are available
  • The layout is flexbox based
  • Charts use the Chart.js plugin
  • Side navigation is toggleable

28. Material Dashboard Angular 2

Material Dashboard Angular 2

Download Link-

It is a new design influenced by Google’s Material Design that is built using the Angular 9.

The admin templates created are lightweight and its navigation system used is such that it is always placed on the left sidebar and the content on the right of the sidebar.

Key Features-

  • There are customizable plugins available
  • The material dashboard is available in 5 color options
  • The layout is simplified to ensure ease
  • It is constructed using Angular 9 and the Bootstrap framework
  • There are third-party plugins that can be reworked
  • It uses the SASS extension language
  • There are 3 example pages present

29. Flatlogic Angular Material Dashboard

Flatlogic Angular Material Dashboard

Download Link-

The Flatlogic Angular Material Dashboard is an Angular JS template that is highly responsive.

There is the presence of plugins and components that are necessary and needed for the development of modern age panel templates.

Key Features-

  • Angular JS is enabled
  • An Angular UI router present
  • There is the presence of a Browser Sync that can make development uncomplicated
  • SaaS style extension language present
  • Its project structure is Gulp-angular yeoman generator
  • The layout is sleek yet stylish and has an original design
  • There is a gulp build present

30. RDash


Download Link-

It is one of the Angularjs Dashboard Templates that uses less number of modules to get the user started.

Apart from this, it also provides a design template that is inclusive CSS3 based animations. The works on the Angular JS 1.2.21 framework.

Key Features-

  • Only a small number of muddles are used to start a project
  • Controllers present to ensure development can be speedy
  • The layout is responsive
  • The Angular JS 1.2.21 framework is used
  • It utilizes the Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • The animations are created using the CSS3
  • A UI. Bootstrap, UIRouter and ngCookies are used by default
  • The dashboard is completely bloat-free

31. Ani Dashboard Angular JS

Ani Dashboard Angular JS

Download Link-

The Ani Dashboard Angular JS is an admin template that is written using the Bootstrap LESS and given power by the Gulp.

It possesses animation features and is perfect for the creation of AngularJS Dashboard templates. The template can support all modern browsers.

Key Features-

  • Powered by the Bootstrap 3
  • Can enable Angular JS
  • Aid in the creation of admin and dashboard apps
  • The template uses Gulp as an automation tool
  • Its premium edition has multiple pages and ready to use widgets to choose from
  • It offers users with an enterprise Angular JS starter kit

32. Ngx-Admin

Ngx Admin

Download Link-

Ngx-Admin is an Angular dashboard admin panel template that is constructed on the Bootstrap 4 as well as Angular JS. It offers a variety of features that ensure flexibility to the user.

There is an authentication module that can work smoothly with the Angular Material as well as the Nebular, and is sure to work correctly.

Key Features-

  • It is an open-sourced dashboard template
  • It includes the Angular 9 + and Typescript
  • There are more than forty angular components
  • There is the presence of more than sixty usage examples
  • It is a budget option
  • Its layout is responsive
  • There is an authentication module present that has multiple providers

33. CoreUI For Angular

CoreUI For Angular

Download Link-

CoreUI is a free Angular Admin template that is customizable. The Angular UI component used is easy to grasp and can significantly reduce the development time.

This reduced time is possible because there are a set of features that are perfect for the creation of a remarkably responsive application.

Key Features-

  • Built using Angular, Angular CLI along with Bootstrap
  • Utilizes the SASS, which is a professional CSS extension
  • Uses Typescript
  • Utilizes webpack as a bundler
  • The layout of the template is very responsive
  • The user will have free access to updates
  • SCSS source files are used

34. MicroStore


Download Link-

MicroStore is Angular JS empowered and famous for its layouts that are impressive and remarkable.

This style makes it perfect for the admin dashboard that has more than one or three products to offer. It is modern and comfortable to use a responsive template.

Key Features-

  • The Bootstrap 3.3.6 framework powers it
  • It has the Angular JS 1.5.7 enabled
  • There are google fonts available
  • There is the presence of 6 predefined color skins available
  • Users can choose from 300 icons
  • It is powered by jQuery
  • The products can be put on a slideshow
  • It is retina ready
  • The design is one page ready

35. Avenxo


Download Link-

Avenxo is an Angular JS Dashboard template that has thousands of layouts for a user to choose from. It provides flexibility that ensures the code is comfortable and clean to use, which can be developed by anybody.

Key Features-

  • It is created on the Bootstrap framework
  • Anybody with minimal knowledge of Bootstrap can use it
  • Layout is responsive
  • The user interface is uncomplicated
  • It uses the HTML 5

36. Minovate


Download Link-

It is constructed on the Twitter Bootstrap v3 framework and wholly based on the HTML5 AND CSS3 standards.

The layout is entirely responsive and spotless regardless of the device or browser. To aid in creation are multiple examples of pages with operable elements.

Key Features-

  • It is based on the AngularJS, HTML5 as well as CSS3
  • It is constructed on the twitter Bootstrap v3 framework
  • There are six color variants available
  • The code is clean
  • The layout is highly responsive
  • It is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE9 to IE11 browsers

37. Pages


Download Link-

It is an admin template panel that is Angular JS based and has been called instinctively designed.

The features present on it ensure the building of a web UI most quickly and simply possible.

It is customizable, and a user can provide the look and feel is exactly how they want it to be.

Key Features-

  • Presence of SASS support
  • Presence of quick layout builder
  • There are five dashboard layouts present
  • Uses the jQuery 3.2.1
  • The code is developer-friendly
  • There is RTL support

38. Centric


Download Link-

It is a well-known Bootstrap for front-end technologies. It ensures a clean user interface and all the components are developed in a manner that new features can be added as per the needs of the project.

Key Features-

  • The design is responsive
  • There is RTL support
  • Presence of the sidebar menu icons
  • The animations are CSS3 and LESS based
  • There is a webpack building system
  • Automated development and production is possible

39. Urban


Download Link-

It is an admin panel that has two versions.

One is the HTML version and the other the Angular JS version.

The layout and the template are highly responsive and are Twitter bootstrap v3 framework based.

Key Features-

  • Custom CSS and LESS can be generated online
  • Its documentation is always up to date
  • The design is responsive
  • It is powered by Angular JS
  • All the features are customizable
  • The code is commented

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40. Materil


Download Link-

Materil is one of the most beautiful AngualrJS Dashboard Templates of all time. It is highly responsive and customized template with lots of compatible plugins available at its disposal.

Key Features-

  • Google’s Material Design
  • Tons of jQuery Plugins
  • LESS


In conclusion, many elements go into creating an application for the web, and the existence of pre-created templates can help developers save up a lot of time.

This article has provided an analysis of the top 40 Angular JS dashboard examples.

The examples mentioned not only aid in saving time in the creation, but a lot of the features present will ensure an overall responsive layout.

We hope you had a great experience reading this article and it proves to be of great value for any Angular JS Development Company in the near future. Thank You.!


AngularJS Dashboard Templates are nothing but ready to use HTML files that helps developers to build a dashboard application with the utmost ease.

AngularJS Admin Templates are nothing but ready to use HTML files that allows you to create responsive admin panels with the utmost ease.

The Top Notch AngularJS Admin Dashboard Templates are as follows:

  • Architect UI
  • Monarch
  • StartNG
  • MaterialPro
  • Espire
  • Egret

The Top Notch AngularJS Dashboard Templates are as follows:

  • Paper Dashboard Angular
  • Blur
  • SB Admin Angular
  • Material Dashboard Angular 2
  • Flatlogic Angular Material Dashboard
  • RDash

The main purpose of AngularJS is to create a world-class front-end for dynamic web applications. It allows you to use HTML as a template language.

Angular is based on Typescript and AngularJS is based on JavaScript.

Angularjs Dashboard Templates

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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