It is commonly seen among the developers’ community that they are always in search of elements that can improve their programming experience and allow them to make their application featureful.

What if there is a programming code, which can selectively change or add a feature in your application. With the help of frameworks, that’s possible. You can instantly improve or add functionality, which otherwise was possible only by writing a ton of code.

Knowing about these frameworks is extremely important because if you are not aware of these frameworks, you simply cannot apply it in your AngularJS app.
That’s why we have made a comprehensive list of AngularJS frameworks that developers should be aware of in 2024.

We are sure that these frameworks would help any developer streamline their programming journey and focus more on providing impeccable use experience

Best Angular JS Frameworks For 2024

AngularUI Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most renowned frontend development platform and its legacy is passed on to other JavaScript frameworks as well.

As you might have guessed by the name of this framework, AngularUI Bootstrap has been developed at the top of the Bootstrap platform and puts all the features and capabilities that Bootstrap has provided with native HTML coding.

Although the core Bootstrap has been based on jQuery, the AngularUI Bootstrap only supports the native AngularJS framework.

That means, AngularUI Bootstrap has zero dependencies on jQuery and completely ported to be used with AngularJS.

So, the basic functioning will support AngularJS, and you could also have essential Bootstrap elements like Dropdown, Button, Time Picker, Popover, Carousel, Collapse, and Alert in your AngularJS code.


Ionic is one of the most renowned AngularJS frameworks that enhances the scalability of your code.

It is an open-source, cross-platform framework used to build hybrid mobile applications. The ionic framework works as a frontend SDK and work seamlessly with AngularJS to build hybrid apps.

For Ionic App Development, a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code is utilized by all the developers around the globe.

If developers are versed with the AngularJS framework and understand CSS and HTML, they can leverage their knowledge and apply it to make a robust mobile application through this framework.

Moreover, if you want to scale your current web applications and create a fully-functional mobile app, you don’t need to learn any other platforms like Android, Swift, Java, etc.

Just use this framework with your web apps’ platform to be able to convert it into a mobile application. You can achieve maximum scalability and versatility for your web applications using this framework.

Moreover, you will have a single code base for both iOS and Android application development.

This Framework has a tremendous command-line interface to manage your application. As it is an open-source platform, you don’t have to pay any subscription cost to download and use the framework for your project.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI, as the name goes, provides you a complete platform to create native mobile applications while using AngularJS as the platform.

These Angular UI Frameworks are made of Bootstrap and AngularJS to create highly scalable mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems.

This Framework supports hybrid applications, which means you can put your HTML code into a fully-functional mobile app without switching to any other programming language.

This particular framework is created to design and develop the user interface of mobile applications. That is the reason why you should prefer to hire angularjs programmers to improve your performance.

It also offers additional features, which otherwise is missing inside Bootstrap 3. You get switches, sidebars, overlays and scrollable areas with Mobile Angular UI.

Even though it is powered by Bootstrap, you have got zero dependencies on jQuery, and the platform is supported entirely by the AngularJS platform.

Since there is only one dependency on this framework, Mobile Angular UI becomes the lightweight and super-fast framework to execute your code.

Interestingly, it comes with a CSS file that can be comfortably converted from HTML code to mobile-supported code without writing separate code for the latter.

This framework also supports other JavaScript frameworks like Overthrow.js and Fastclick.js. Overthrow.js is responsible for creating responsive design elements for your cross-platform applications, and Fastclick.js reduces latency in your app.

With the help of Fastclick.js, you can eliminate time latency by 300ms. It shows how much time you will require to trigger an event. This is whenever a user taps on the screen or clicks on the component of an application.

Top Angular Js Frameworks For Developers

Angular Material

Most of the frameworks discussed in this article are either third-party or built by AngularJS itself.

It is the best AngularJS UI framework to build the layout of your web applications and make it more appealing and attractive to your users.

Angular Material takes its basis on CSS. The team of the AngularJS framework maintains it. It is the UI component library that seamlessly integrates with Angular.

With more than 30 UI components, Angular Material provides seamless programming experience to developers who want to build the frontend of a web application using CSS.

This framework takes its basis on the philosophy of material design by Google. So, anyone who loves the material design user interface for their layout will surely love this framework.

You can have minimalist yet fluidic UI elements for AngularJS applications using this framework.

Thanks to its support of responsive layout design, you can dynamically decide the placement of web elements on the screens.

Later, when you access the app through a mobile or desktop device, Angular Material allows you to manipulate the design of your app depending on the size of the screen.

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What if you want to include charts in illustrations in your AngularJS project?

Thanks to the existence of Radian, you can include plotting code yourself without writing a long-form of JavaScript code in your project. Radian allows you to add plotting code effortlessly.

It is an open-source JavaScript library that easily embeds the plot in HTML documents. Radian is part of OpenBrain’s BayesHive project.

Top of all, Radian uses AngularJS to implement custom HTML elements. It effectively establishes a binding between JavaScript variables and HTML elements to enable maximum scalability.

Radian uses the D3.js library to implement dynamic graphic generation. With the help of this JavaScript library, you can generate graphs, illustrations, and plots. All modern-day browsers support this library.

Whenever you are working with the Radian JavaScript library, you no longer need to write a single JavaScript code. Radian will take care of everything.

The formats of the plot supported by this framework are lines, bar charts, area plots, points, and heatmaps.

Well, with the help of core JavaScript too, you can certainly create real-time charts and illustrations for your web apps. You can also leverage JavaScript plotting code to add graphs in your web apps.

There are also other options available that one can use as plotting libraries. Although they could be excellent options, they require to write JavaScript code. While Radian takes care of everything regarding coding language and provides attractive plots in your web apps by using just a couple of lines of HTML code.

So, users who don’t know anything about JavaScript or are too busy to write code, can leverage this library to embed comprehensive graphs and charts in their website elements.

Mean IO

An experienced web developer would understand the pain of writing complex and sometimes incomprehensible source code on HTML CSS and JavaScript. Then, there are other libraries like Ajax and jQuery.

This bunch of tools may help you create stunning web apps but they make the apps high-weighted. Sometimes, the source files become too many and people will find it difficult to recognize it. That’s why Mean.js exists.

Mean.js tries to give an actionable yet straightforward JavaScript framework that developers can leverage to create applications of any size.

It is a full-stack JavaScript framework that provides a fast, robust, and maintainable platform to build excellent web applications. Mean.js works seamlessly with AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.


Testing is one of the most critical phases of a web applications’ execution procedure. Just like brainstorming, developing and programming, testing is also essential to ensure that the application works correctly in all the potential scenarios.

Protractor has got what it takes to become an end-to-end AngularJS testing framework, which elegantly verifies the workability of your code through dynamic testing.

It offers new-age functions and locator strategies that can literally automate the testing of AngularJS applications.

The protractor uses the selenium grid while testing the AngularJS application. The selenium grid will ensure that the app is running across multiple browsers at the same time.

Protractor takes its basis on WebDriberJS which supports other frameworks like Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber, etc. The waiting time is also user-friendly with Protractor. As soon as you complete writing your code, the Protractor will start testing the code.


If you are looking for front-end development frameworks that work with AnuglarJS, then LumX could be an ideal choice for you.

This front-end framework is based on Google’s Material Design. It will help you build visually attractive and elegant web app layouts which can give an excellent user experience to your customers.

The developers have built this framework with Sass and Bourbon, which can comfortably customize the layout of your web apps. With the help of AngularJS Documentation for Gulp, your Sass and JavaScript files can be optimized accurately.

This framework is AngularJS-friendly, so it can simultaneously handle and maintain the functions of LumX. When it comes to performance, you don’t need to have second thought since LumX’s performance is scaled by jQuery.

To maintain the speed of the apps, LumX does not include any jQuery plugins and only supports native jQuery to keep the framework lightweight and scalable.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an excellent option for an HTML-based hybrid application development framework. While using this framework, you will require zero setup time and just need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Onsen UI gives an aesthetic look and rich layout to your web applications. With Onsen UI, you have got tabs, menus, lists, forms, and a dozen of other valuable features to make your layout engaging and dynamic.

This framework also supports all the Android and iOS features, so as soon as the platform changes, the framework will automatically identify the operating system and apply relevant layout settings for concurrent user experience.

If you are using a flagship smartphone or lower-end device, this framework will ensure quick response time and instant speed of your applications without any error. To serve the user appropriately, this framework optimizes the performance of mobile apps.

Anyone who is hearing this framework for the first time and does not know how to write the code, don’t worry. The abundant resources like documentation, tutorials, and blogs based on this framework will improve your learning curve instantly.

Learning this framework and applying it to your AngularJS code is extremely user-friendly. A person with less technical knowledge can also learn this framework easily.


Jasmine is one of the most renowned AngularJS Mobile App Framework for testing. This testing framework has low overheads and zeroes external dependencies. Not testing properly is one of the Common Mistakes Of AngularJS Developers. That’s where this framework can help you.

Jasmine does not require any specific JavaScript framework since it can test any JavaScript code whatsoever. Jasmine has no DOM and has the most straightforward syntax for testing.

Its structure makes the overall testing methods seamless and reliable. Jasmine provides excellent functions to assess and tests your code. With Jasmine, you also get an opportunity to make smart assertions.

You can also leverage the feature and workability of Jasmine by combining it with Karma, which is another AngularJS testing framework built through the command-line-interface.

With the help of karma-jasmine tester, you can effectively leverage both of the testers if you wish to do so.

There are several testing frameworks that we have discussed in this article. Ensure that you use either one of them to test your code. Because testing is critical and ignoring it can have major negative implications for your AngularJS app.


Each of these frameworks serves a different purpose, and each of them is great at what they do.

Based on your project scope and product requirements, an adept AngularJS Development Company will help you in identifying the best AngularJS framework which will ensure better execution and elevate your product for the better.

Let us know in the comments about which framework would you like to try for your AngularJS projects. And if you are using any of the frameworks on your current existing application, share your experience in the comments so that other readers can also know.

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