We have several frameworks that use Python for coding. Out of that, today we will talk about the Django features in detail.

The Django framework has several exciting features that suit the businesses that hire python web developers who are keen on completing the projects within the time frame.

Especially, Django eases the presence of complexity in database-driven web applications or web sites. You can look at the Various Python Application Examples to verify this fact. 

Upper Hand You Will Have While Developing With Django

Now, let’s explore the features of the Django web framework one-by-one in detail.

Highly Secure Web Framework

Django is one of the most secure Python Web Development Frameworks. The major USP of Django is that it covers all the loopholes that might have been mistakenly created by the backend developer while developing a web application.

In fact, this is the reason why any Top-Notch Python Web Development Company would recommend using Django as compared to other python frameworks. 

Additionally, Django has a robust user authentication process that helps you manage the user accounts and passwords securely. 

The framework also provides default protection against XSS attacks, CSRF attacks, SQL injections, cryptography, etc. 

Suitable For High Load Projects: Scalability

When you’re working with a variety of technologies such as MongoDB, Redis, etc., maintaining loading time and performance could be very challenging.

That’s where the Django web framework excels. It can process the whole data in a limited period, thereby, reducing the loading time. 

For example in Instagram, they have numerous users and generate a huge amount of data. Such apps require a unique system and precise, error-free platform which is offered by Django. 

Django ensures error-free output irrespective of the complexity of coding. 

This is the prominent reason for many multinational companies to use Django as their web framework and execute perfectly for errorless web apps in the market. 

In fact, that’s why people nowadays are looking to find and hire high-quality Django developers.

A Framework With Versatile Functioning

Django web app development framework is versatile in functioning independently. 

It works on using the logical project structure and MVT architecture, and so sometimes, developers may find it restricted. 

But in the other way, it benefits developers by providing solid coding, allowing it to be used in any application you wish to create. 

It easily allows the integration of all technologies to work extremely well. Developers, who were previously using PHP for web app development, will now prefer to use the Django framework for its high scalability and reusability. 

Overcoming Complex Task With Rapid Development

Rapid development states there is no need for backend knowledge to obtain a fully-accomplished website. 

It operates multiple files at the same time without creating any separate server files for designing the database. 

Moreover, Django uses only one file for each task whereas the rest might use multiple files for each task. Django features can deal with any kind of complex tasks involved in web app development.

Increased Speed & App Performance

The entire design rules of Django Features focus on achieving reduced web app development time. 

Moreover, Django features allow developers to create dynamic web applications based on unique business requirements. 

Django supports in developing applications of minimum type and saves your time and money and ensures deliverables are efficient as well. 

Speed is calculated not only with the development time but also with the app performance.

Created As Batteries-Included Framework

The Django web app framework follows the batteries-included approach that funds developers with required resources based on the project. 

Developers may find this feature effective because it provides predefined codes for web app fully-loaded functionalities such as database manipulation, session management, security, HTML templating, and URL routing. 

Therefore the time involved in developing a web app with Django is extremely reduced.

With these options, Django serves its best for a successful web app development and brings it to the limelight.

Free Flow Coding Without Unwanted Code

The free flow feature of Django gives you a privilege during creating a web application. It does not add any boilerplate code, badly written code, or unwanted function. 

Developers happily work with Django because it does not ask for any mandatory imports, third-party libraries, or XML.

Bug-Free Stable Release

Django is a web app development framework that has always focused on long term support (LTS) release. 

Since its inception in 2008,  major releases happen at an interval of three years. So, for a long period of time, the code base will remain stable. 

In addition to that, whenever a new release comes, Django has patches of bugs, security, and data loss. 

Numerous Options For Packages

Django frameworks come with a wide variety of packages as per your application needs. There are numerous options available for developers to explore. Some of the most popular Django packages include:

  • Wagtail, Mezzanine, and CMS 
  • Django ResT Framework
  • Cookiecutter
  • Django allauth
  • Django Shop and Cartridge

Why Developers Prefer Django Web Framework?

Django Google Trend

If you a Python developer, then you will be well-aware of the importance of transforming the existing website into another form. 

It is easy to transform your existing website to the Django framework if you have developed the previous one in Python. 

Even then, it is easy because Django tends to integrate with any new technology that relates to web app development.

Developers find it dead easy to adapt to the framework as it offers simple syntax rules and helps in simplifying the entire coding process. 

Therefore, the web development process becomes quick, and adhering to the deadline is also possible for developers/the Django web development team. Django benefits and adds value to your investment in web app development using Python. 

If the question, is Django good for web development running in your mind, then the following Django features can be a solution to your question. 

These are the top Django features but there are several other splendid features offered as well.

Some Companies That Use Django

Many companies are using the Django framework for their web applications in recent times. Here are some apps that use Django as their web app. 

Instagram – Improving Web Service Efficiency With Django 

Instagram, the popular social media app, uses Django as its mobile app backend that runs on Amazon’s high CPU and extra-large devices. 

It is an engaging app that has users in abundance and requires high speed to run the app without any flaws. This is supported by the Django Framework. 

Mozilla Firefox – Creating Addons With Django Web Framework

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular, commonly used browsers and a favorite of many. Django creates a robust backup for operating data on a large scale with Mozilla Firefox. 

Many users open multiple tabs that may have high volume pages, which can be handled by the Django Framework, which ensures fast page loads.

Pinterest – Managing User Subscription & Sharing Of Board With Django

What do you have in Pinterest? It is similar to Instagram that took a turn to Django from Ruby to Rails to accomplish better scalability. 

You get multiple themes, images, and more from Pinterest that helps you use the stock available in any of the websites you develop. 

To make the integration of images perfect and without any quality breaking, Pinterest uses the Django framework.

NASA – Building Functional Elements That Require Reliability

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses Django for constantly updating and developing their website. The company is huge and you can imagine the data that it stores. 

Since the Django Framework is flexible and scalable, huge databases can be updated/uploaded effortlessly. Now you should imagine how successful the Django web app framework can be for your websites too.

The Washington Post – Handling Large Amount Of User-Generated Data With Django

The Washington Post is a great news giant that receives millions of visitors online in a day. 

No additional introduction is required for the company because mostly everyone refreshes their mornings with the news released by the Washington Post. 

To manage the huge visitors’ traffic and all system operations on its website, The Washington Post majorly depends on the Django web app framework. 

Eventbrite – Moving To Django For Improving Productivity & Hiring

Eventbrite developed its website using codes written in Python and hence, it was easy for them to transit their web architecture to Django in no time. 

They used the Django framework for creating their home page and balancing heavy loads of traffic inflow to their website.

Rather than more disadvantages, the Django web app framework offers more benefits to developers with a simple syntax for any application within an application when developed. 

Bottom Line

Needless to say that, Django web app development framework is very easy to adapt for developers, especially with features like security, scalability and versatility at their disposal.

It is a transparent framework that caters to a plethora of features and benefits for achieving your desired goal of developing a cost-effective website in a reduced time limit. 

If you dream to be a developer in the future, then focus on the features of the Django web framework. Thank You.!

Harikrishna Kundariya

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Is Django?

    Django is a high-level framework based Python programming language and it is used for rapid web application development in the modern era.

  2. What Makes Django Different From Others?

    The main goals of the Django web framework are simplicity, flexibility, reliability, and scalability. It has its own naming convention as well.

  3. Is Django Front-End or Back-End?

    Django is not a library, it’s a web application framework. So, it can be utilized for front-end as well as back-end.

  4. Who Should Be Using Django?

    There are some scenarios where Django is a perfect choice. They are listed as follows:

    • The person who wants to develop and deploy a web app at a rapid pace
    • People who want to scale up/scale down at any point
    • People who want to integrate technologies like AI & ML
    • A person who need ORM support