According to research, mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2024. So, with the increase in the number of mobile applications, the chances of your application getting ignored is increasing with that.

Build an app is not only about taking the assistance of your developers to complete all the tasks. Just like any other venture procedure, it must be organized, planned, and designed to solve the purpose of the users.

Before you take the decision of building an app, it is integral to analyze the results in advance. And, for doing this, you need to reflect upon some factors before involving yourself in the process of creating a mobile application.

Here, in this article, you will get to know about some of the factors that are important for you and should be considered by you before developing an application.

Selecting the accurate platform

The decision of selecting the right platform for your mobile application can be a very confusing task. So, while taking a decision between Android or iOS, think of an expansive UI that you can provide specific to your application.

This selection will affect the developers and also puts a great impact upon the scope and the scalability of the application. The needed coding that is used in the building of a mobile application will determine the utility and flexibility of your application.

Understand the requirements of users

The first step in building a mobile application is to get an idea of your target audience and their requirements. It is very integral to know the requirements of your customer, as the success of your application is basically dependent upon that.

The users will not download your app on their mobile phones, if it does not provide the solution they are looking for.

Some things that you can follow are:

  • Create surveys for your customers so that you will know what they think about.
  • Take feedback and opinions from the customers and then acknowledge what they are looking for.
  • Range your objectives with the demands of the users, so that you are on the right foot to success.

Select a Reliable Application development company

The planning of the application is particularly yours, but the implementation of it relies upon the App development company that you select. The mobile app development company plays a very important role in building your app, making it user-friendly, magnificent, and intuitive.

Here are some of the points that you must keep in mind before selecting a development company for your application:

  • Analyze all the technologies that are used by the company.
  • Go through their case studies and research.
  • Get in touch with the companies that you have previously worked with so that you can get an idea of their quality of working.
  • Always consider the time zone for effective communication.

It is very important that the developer has the proper knowledge about designing and provides you with the perfect user experience. The developers that you select must reflect upon the serviceability.

They must build the app in such a manner that the user can easily operate the functions without the requirement of any assistance.

Perform market research

Before performing any task, it is recommended to perform some research first. Building an app falls under the same category too, performing detailed market research assists you in obtaining important information and data about the present market scenario and the competitors.

  • It will assist you in understanding different planning methods.
  • It will assist you in knowing about the moves of your competitors.
  • It will help you in learning from the errors your competitor makes and then you can come up with a better strategy.
  • Make sure to include the reviews of the customers in your research.
  • Analyze the real demand of the users and take the necessary steps to fulfill them.

Make sure about why do you want to develop an application

This may seem like the least important question to answer. But, as you need to provide the insights about your app to the developers, before doing this, you must first decide the specific purpose.

It is very important to have a detailed vision for building an app. It must be in match with the objectives of the business and the manner in which the app will achieve the same.

Analyze the cost of building an app

There are multiple factors that help in analyzing the cost of building an application. These factors must be perfectly known by you so that you can set your budget accordingly.

You have to look after all the charges that you need to spend while building an app. The cost of app development basically relies upon hourly rates.

These rates differ for various companies and the geographical location also plays a vital role in determining the cost of building a mobile app.

The team of developers building your mobile application will charge you for certain factors like:

UI/UX designer – This is responsible for building the visual content to be coded into the application.

A project manager– The project manager undertakes the task to cooperate with the customers and intercommunicate with the application developers for achieving the presumed milestones.

A Business Developer– Business developer is responsible for cooperating with the project manager to carry out features which are required for the seamless processing of the app by directing the development procedure.

Marketing an application

103 Marketing an application
It is very important to market your application amongst your focused audience. This is done to set your place right in the app store and moderately sway the audience by letting them know that there is something important in store for them.

The marketers mostly fall into the trap of commonly accessed techniques like undertaking SEO activities for application marketing and social network marketing. It is a wise decision to excel at the art of mobile marketing hacks and get the tasks done right for your business.

Analyze the ways to earn from the application

Before building an app, you must determine the methods to monetize your application. There are few ideas like privately advertising inside your application to begin earning on pay per click or pay per view basis.

  • You need to analyze whether you will be charging the customers for downloading applications or amalgamate in-app purchase planning.
  • Free banner advertisement services are built in advance effectively in every template that begins naturally once the application gains more than 1000 installations.
  • Then, you can incorporate your advertisement code into the app, and then you can begin earning through affiliate advertising.

Create a minimum viable application

It is very crucial to test your application before it is released in the market. MVP is a version of your application which only holds the most essential attributes.

Creating Minimum viable application is very important as it provides answers to many questions, some of them are given below:

  • What problem does your application solve?
  • What procedure will your customers have access to solve the problems?
  • What is the thing that makes your application essential?
  • What is the most notable attribute of your application?
  • Which are the attributes you must have in your application?
  • Which attributes should you prioritize?

Long story short, MVP is an in-depth observation of your application. It lets you understand the nature of the application in a succinct manner.

Bottom Line

Considering the aforementioned factors for building a mobile application can assist you in starting your business from the right foot. The development of mobile applications is not a technical call, but is a strategic call and is taken care of intrinsically in the value and objectives of the company.

Harikrishna Kundariya

CEO, eSparkBiz

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, chatbot and blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz @Software Development Company where you can Hire Software Developers. His 12+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on Web app development.