Emerging Technology trends have transformed the perspective towards Mobile App Development. Currently, the market for native app development is gradually being replaced by cross-platform apps. And why not, given that it has native-like substantial cost efficiency, performance attributes, and effective time savings! That’s where Flutter as the prominent Choice for Mobile App Development has made its mark in the market. This blog will discuss the price of developing and maintaining a Flutter mobile app.

Factors Impacting Flutter App Development Cost

Factors Impacting Flutter App Development Cost

The category of App

The kind of app that businesses need has a significant impact on Flutter app development cost. Applications with characteristics appropriate to each industry’s specialization, target market, and reputation are required. Furthermore, while some businesses don’t require user login, others that deal with sensitive data or payments may need functionality like multi-factor authentications.

This is why the complexity of your app and your industry niche have a significant impact on the development cost. The following are the most prevalent types of Flutter apps available today:

  • Dynamic Applications: To improve user experience, these apps need real-time access and server-side rendering.
  • List View Applications: These programmes let users view and engage with a large number of data objects by providing single or many selection possibilities.
  • Gaming Applications: These contain sophisticated elements like artificial intelligence (AI), 3D visuals, and detailed animations.

Cost of the Tools and License

Even for commercial use, Flutter is completely free! Additionally, you can use the “as is” Flutter development toolkit. However, you still need to pay for different tools and connectors if you want to increase the functionality of your app and the development process.

Here are a few tools that might cost money:

Integrated Development Environment


Integrated Development Environment


IDE is another name for the Flutter app development tools (IDE). Developers and companies utilize this unique software to create applications. While some IDEs, like Android Studio, Eclipse, and Visual Studio, are free to use, you must pay for more sophisticated IDEs, like IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm.

Tools that aid in analytics

Tools that aid in analytics
One would need tools and gear for the purpose of analytics. For instance, the development platform Firebase includes a Google Analytics for Firebase service. It gathers information on user behaviour inside the apps, tracks and reports on about 500 events, and more. Hence, you would need to pay for the same.

Integration of third-party APIs

Integration of third-party APIs 

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are essential for your company since they enable two programmes to exchange data through protocols. You can begin by using the most affordable APIs; however, as usage grows, you’ll need to migrate to more sophisticated APIs.

Flutter App Design

For a great user experience, your Flutter app’s design and user interface are just as important as its functionalities (UX). These elements affect how your app appears, feels, and functions. Additionally, seamless, simple app navigation requires greater UI and UX integration.

You’ll need to have a Flutter UI/UX designer to ensure that you incorporate all of these elements into your app design. The designer will also produce the font, animation, layout, and app logo while guaranteeing a smooth transition between screens.

Keep in mind that high-definition visuals and animations can drive up the price of building a Flutter app. These factors will increase the price of gaming apps relative to other Flutter applications. Flutter, on the other hand, seamlessly combines all of these components, guaranteeing a fantastic app experience and an optimized and effective user flow.

The price of developing a Flutter app varies depending on the layout you need. Most Flutter development companies provide a ballpark figure for the price of developing an app.

Support and Maintenance Costs

Budget restrictions prevent the majority of people and organizations from giving regular care and maintenance their top priority. Additionally, they believe that Flutter app maintenance may result in additional costs.

Even while ongoing upkeep and upgrades might drive up development costs over time, these components are essential for any programme to remain competitive in the market. In order to maintain the reliability of the Flutter app, new features, design changes, and bug fixes are all included. Continual and prompt customer service is also essential for retaining current clients and luring new ones.

Server administrators make between $60,000 and $80,000 per year on average; their hourly wages range from $40 to $60. In order to maintain Flutter apps, businesses need to allocate between 15% and 20% of the budget for app development. This is a wise investment because it will enable you to produce more profits than losses.

Hardware Required by the Developers

If you decide to hire an in-house team, keep in mind that you would need to supply your in-house team with high-quality technological tools, such as effective, modern computers. Your developers should ideally work on Mac devices. This is primarily because all of these operating systems are related to Unix, and MacOS is pre-tailored for both Android and iOS app development, while Windows is not. Most developers favour MacBooks or iMacs. A 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro, for instance, costs around $1,300.

Feature-based Breakdown of Flutter App Cost

The flutter development cost comprises of the following breakdown:

Simple Flutter App

The simple Flutter App price ranges between $20,000 – $50,000

Time taken for development: 3-4 Months

Screens shared: 5-10

Features included:

  • Login and Registration
  • User Profile
  • Messages
  • Search and filters
  • Chats
  • Android & iOS
  • Push Notifications
  • Authorization and Security
  • Customer Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Social Media Integration

Basic Flutter App

The cost of simple Flutter App ranges between $50,000 – $1,00,000

Time taken for development: 4-9 Months

Screens shared: 10-15

Features included:

  • Login and Registration
  • User Profile
  • Messages
  • Search and filters
  • Chats
  • Android & iOS
  • Push Notifications
  • Authorization and Security
  • Customer Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Social Media Integration
  • Service Listing & Details
  • API Integrations
  • Content Management System
  • Branding & Analytics

Complex/Custom Flutter App

The cost of simple Flutter App ranges between $1,00,000 – $2,55,000

Time taken for development: 10-24 Months

Screens shared: 15-25

Features included:

  • Login and Registration
  • User Profile
  • Messages
  • Search and filters
  • Chats
  • Android and iOS
  • Push Notifications
  • Payments
  • Authorization and Security
  • Customer Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer App and Admin Panel
  • Content Management System
  • Branding & Analytics
  • Reporting Functionality

Flutter App Development Cost as per different categories

Here is the breakdown of Flutter App Development Cost as per different categories:

App Category Flutter App Development Time Flutter App Development Cost
Gaming Apps 5-20 months $50,000-$3,00,000
Entertainment Apps 4-25 months $35,000-$1,50,000
Travel Apps 4-10 months $8000-$90,000
Augmented Reality Apps 5-25 months $150,000-$350,000
Communication Apps 8-15 months $25,000-$60,000
Tool Apps 3-8 months $6000-$12,000
Productivity Apps 4-9 months $8000-$15,000
Social Media Apps 4-12 months $25,000-$60,000

Impact of Size and Location on Flutter App Development Cost

For your business app, a skilled flutter app development firm can do wonders when it comes to creating high-end applications with excellent features and functionality.

A typical Flutter development team consists of Quality Assurance Specialist, Business Analyst, Flutter Developer, Project Manager, and UI/UX Designer. With an external app development team, your flutter app development cost should fall within the following range:

Cost Factors and Requirements Simple App Medium App Complex App
Flutter App Development Time 2-3 months 3-6 months 6+ months
Developers $11-$20,000 $21-$40,000 $50,000+
UI/UX Designer $5-$5000 $4-$7000 $11-$15,000
Project Manager $5-7,000 $10-15,000 $10,000+
QA Specialist $8000 $10,000 $10,000+
Business Analyst $2-3,000 $5-8,000 $8-10,000
DevOps $2-4,000 $5-7,000 $10,000+

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates as per Location

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In North America

Depending on the level of competence, hiring a Flutter developer typically costs between $100 and $250 per hour in the US and Canada.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America

The hourly rate for a Flutter developer in Latin America is $60, though this rate may change depending on the developer’s qualifications and expertise.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Europe

Depending on the seniority of the Flutter developers, the typical hourly pay to recruit a developer in Europe is $50 and can go as high as $150.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Australia

The price to hire a Flutter developer depends and varies on the basis of what the business needs to develop its product. Senior developers often charge between $80-150 per hour, whereas junior developers typically charge between $50 and $80.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Africa

Junior Flutter developers typically charge between $30 and $70 per hour in Africa. On the other hand, the hourly rates of senior Flutter developers often range between $70 and $90 per hour to hire.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Asia

In Asia, the typical compensation to hire Flutter developer is $115,000, whereas in Ukraine, a developer who possesses the same talents can expect to make $36,000 annually.

In the USA, the hourly rates of junior Flutter developers range between $15 to $40. On the other hand, the hourly rates of senior Flutter developers often range between $50 and $100 per hour.

When determining the total cost of your Flutter development project, you’ll need to take into account more than just the developer’s hourly fee.

Additional Costs to Consider While Creating A Flutter App

Many people don’t consider certain additional costs when preparing to create a Flutter app. These costs are:

Costs to Consider While Creating A Flutter App

Cost of releasing an deploying an app to the markets

Both Android App Store and iOS store charge for the developer accounts you need to publish an application. The restrictions and demands of app stores also compel developers to spend more time getting their applications ready for publishing. You often require a paid developer account on the platform in order to publish your application. Additionally, platforms might keep a portion of in-app purchases and subscription fees.

Security of the App

The process of making an application secure requires its own time and resources, such as security tools for encryption. While taking into consideration the cost of development of Flutter app, this cost should be taken into consideration as well.

Hosting and Servers

Servers are needed by your backend for data processing and storage. Depending on your plan, you will either be required to purchase a physical server and maintain it yourself or you will need to make ongoing payments for a BaaS (backend-as-a-service) solution. In addition to storage fees, you could pay extra for data queries, storage management, and data transfers.

Architecture Setup

Developers create an architecture with all the needs in mind and set up the environment for future development.

Backend Development

In order to determine prices, the backend tech stack must be carefully chosen. When contrasting different programming languages for building the backend, you should take into account factors like performance, scalability, bug detection, and memory management.

Third-Party Services

It is a common practice to pay third-party services such as creation and integration of maps, libraries, payment processors, and other services. For instance, PayPal charges on a per transaction basis and Google Maps charges you based on the quantity of requests made by your users.

The following chart comprises of all the information you would require regarding fees for distribution platforms that will also help you check flutter app development cost breakdown as well as the total flutter app cost:

Platform Fees for Developer Account Fees for In-app purchases
iOS App Store Apple Developer Program that is applicable for both single person businesses and individuals’ costs $99/year.
Apple Developer Enterprise program for organizations costs $299/year
Cost for in-app purchase fees is 30% for purchases (15% for those who are members of the App Store Small Business Program) & 15% for subscriptions.
Google Play It is a one-time payment and costs $25 Costs are 15% or 30%, the final amount depends on the type of app and location
Huawei AppGallery Free Costs range between 20%-50%, the final amount depends on the type of app and location
Samsung Galaxy Store Free 30%

Practical tips to Reduce the Cost of Flutter App Development

Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities make it a cost-saving strategy in and of itself for app development. However, by outsourcing the development to a company or engaging freelancers, you can still lower your costs and guarantee improved cost effectiveness. It seems challenging to stick to the budget for just about any software development project, not just the development of Flutter apps, whether you utilize in-house developers, hire an agency, or hire freelancers. Always take into consideration flutter app development cost breakdown for the same.

Keep in mind that reducing your Flutter development budget shouldn’t necessitate creating a bare-bones version of your project. It should not entail selecting the Flutter programmers with the cheapest hourly fees.

Here are some tips that would help you optimize your budget:

Clarify the project’s parameters and requirements

At the end of the day, skipping even the simplest details could end up costing you far more. You can more accurately set a budget if you are clear about every detail. There would undoubtedly be adjustments along the way. But starting the project off with a well-organized direction will give it structure and clarity.

Eliminate unused features and functions

If a feature isn’t absolutely necessary for providing the user with the best possible service, don’t include it. Keep your Flutter app as straightforward as possible to cut costs. This does not imply that you should create a simple, uninteresting app; rather, it implies that you should adapt your app’s functions to the wants and needs of your target market.

Adopt an agile test-driven approach

Adopt an agile test-driven approach to development, and correct mistakes as you go. Take advantage of Flutter’s hot reload feature to make it simpler to implement the iterative CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous development) approach. The more advanced the Flutter software is in its development, the more expensive it is to fix errors and defects.

How does Flutter contribute to lower app development costs?

Flutter is one of the most versatile, safe, and economical frontend frameworks for creating engaging app solutions, thanks to a number of features and capabilities. The flutter app price, flutter development cost, and flutter developer per hour rate goes down because of the inherent features. The following is a list of the benefits of using Flutter for your app project:

Open Source and Free License

Prospective clients frequently inquire about the cost of Flutter when submitting their project requirements to us. Yes, technically. As a platform, Flutter is open-source and cost-free to utilise. Therefore, there are no licensing fees associated with using Flutter in your app development project.

Hiring Flutter developers to engage on your Flutter project does come at a cost, though.

Reusability of Code

With Flutter, developers can reuse 90% of the code across all platforms. The cost and time required to design a Flutter app are greatly reduced.

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Lower Cost of Flutter Testing

One of the few frameworks with good testing support built-in is Flutter. It gives programmers access to a variety of testing techniques, including unit testing, widget testing, integration testing, and more. Additionally, because Flutter offers a feature for code reuse, testing apps generally costs less and takes less time.

Benefit of Native vs. Cross-Platform

The cost of developing Flutter apps will always be less expensive than developing native Android (Kotlin, Java) or iOS apps (Swift, Objective-C). Flutter is a performance-driven framework, so it’s not like you are giving up money for a significant performance lag.

Comparison between Outsourcing Vs Freelancers for Flutter App Development Cost

In-House Team vs. Dedicated Software Development Team

Outsource the Project

The fact that you have a staff specialised to your particular project when you outsource the creation of a mobile app to an agency is one of the key advantages. However, there is one major concern regarding this: there aren’t enough developers, despite the fact that Flutter’s popularity among developers is expanding quickly. This is why many developers work as freelancers and charge on hourly basis. That is concerning, especially in light of the fact that Flutter is destined to overtake all other technologies as the most crucial tool for developing mobile applications.

Finding a software development company with available Flutter developers who charge less per hour is a lot more simple. This is more convenient than dealing with the difficulty of hiring and onboarding scarce developers on a full-time basis. So, choosing a company with devoted developers will not only significantly lower the cost of developing a Flutter app, but will also shorten the time it takes to launch the app.

A large number of talented developers are available in nations like the Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, and others. Therefore, you can outsource your work to Flutter developers in those nations who charge less per hour than developers in the west. By doing this, you can significantly cut the cost of developing a Flutter app.

Hire Freelancers

You can find out how much developing a Flutter app cost on websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Toptal, etc. You can discover competent and dependable Flutter developers who charge an hourly fee of around $35 or occasionally $30. Freelancers are a low-cost to moderate cost choice for Flutter mobile app development, especially when the project is for a simple application.

If not, you can work with a variety of freelancers to complete the assignment. For instance, a freelancer working 8 hours a day would need about 38 days to finish a project requiring 300 hours of programming. That cannot continue.

The second alternative, assembling a group of independent freelancers, is less advised irrespective of how much difference it makes on cost to develop a flutter app. Of course, there is a chance that independent freelancers may contribute their varied cultural ideas to advance development. On the other hand, that may also work against you and prevent teamwork.

In any event, engaging independent freelancers lowers the per-hour cost of developing a Flutter app. To assure the project’s success, you must, however, be crystal clear about your objectives and approach.

Ending Note

The question “What is the development cost of a Flutter application?” cannot be accurately answered. The cost can vary depending on a number of variables, mainly the features and the project’s level of complexity.

Flutter is a free, cross-platform framework that can speed up and cut costs associated with app development by up to 40%. By using this technology, you may deploy your product more quickly while utilizing fewer developers, designers, and quality assurance specialists while yet receiving the same high level of quality that native technologies provide. With community contributions and rapid growth, flutter development will soon rival native programming in terms of cost, although it does not yet have all the features of native technologies.

For a ballpark figure on the project development cost, you can always get in touch with an experienced Flutter app development company. Additionally, working with certified developers can assist you in overcoming all app development obstacles and guarantee that the finished result satisfies your company’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does it cost to develop a Flutter app?

    The cost of cross-platform apps will often vary from $37,000 to $171,450 and reach $500,000. The hourly fee charged by developers to create these applications is $150. Some flutter developers would charge hourly rate.

  2. Is Flutter appropriate for large applications?

    Flutter enables programmers to create high-performance, highly scalable for Android or iOS that have aesthetically pleasing and useful user interfaces using a single platform-independent codebase.

  3. Is Flutter enough for app development?

    Flutter is based on the Dart programming language and intended for creating native apps for iOS and Android. Even though it is a new framework, during the first two years of its release, 500k developers were using it each month.

  4. How long does Flutter app take to develop?

    The entire process, which starts with the planning phase and ends with the launch of the application can take a considerable time. The length of time it takes to construct a major application might range from 4 to 6 months, or even longer, depending on the number and complexity of the functionalities.