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FinTech App Development Company

The past few years have been a defining moment in the mobile and web application frameworks and applications with incorporated mobile wallets. These strategies for computerized payments have become quickest developing methods for payments.

The specialists are anticipating that the income of the mobile payment application will be associated with 1 trillion users as the year passes by. The reports express that the digital payment applications and business applications with coordinated FinTech development are on appeal.

Being a business visionary, you need to make a FinTech finance application, permitting individuals to move/get cash and digital money. You need to ensure that you consider recruiting the best FinTech application designers who can build up an application that can assist you with gaining an ever increasing number of benefits.

We have a group of specialists FinTech developers, architects, and QA experts who can manufacture game-changing FinTech applications for your FinTech startup to develop their crowds through creating class-apart web and mobile applications for online financial services.

As a FinTech development company, and with 10+ years of experience, we aim to create FinTech solutions such as payment gateways, digital wallets, Roo advisor, banking portals and more. Our ever-reliable FinTech development team ensures to boost data security and optimize ROI for your business.

The extent of FinTech in the coming years is gigantic. This isn't a result of the development of this specific industry but since it has an immediate effect of every other industry. FinTech is improving the current situation of finance administrations by utilizing the most recent innovation. It tends to be utilized to decrease the expenses of an organization by accelerating the money related procedures or reducing the manpower.

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Things to Consider For FinTech Development

The Simplicity of Data Analysis

FinTech makes the process easy. The most robust service was primarily designed for simplifying the operations made by the common users. This high-functional and advanced technology carries the impression to streamline the whole financial process, making it more agile and enjoyable.

Wide Functionality & Integration

The application developed through FinTech, should perform well when it comes to exchanging information on different platforms. Your app should be capable of solving requirements which may differ across users. Mobile payments, crowdfunding, Finance management are the prior services.

Blockchain Allows New Business Models

Blockchain is a chain of blocks that document data in a hash function with the timestamps not allowing data to ever tamper. This is one major factors that proves to be handy in providing trust within FinTech apps which leads to more usage of blockchain in various Fintech apps.

Development cost

The cost for FinTech app development depends on the total time span in hours till the completion of project, testing of the app, features integrated in the P2P lending Fintech, and the specialised FinTech developer.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We have proved true to time for the last ten years, and have worked on the finest projects for 1000+ clients globally.

Cloud based human resource management application


Cloud based human resource management application

HRMS (Human resource management system) is an employee portal we have built for our own company. It offers a comprehensive management solution covering everything such as employee management, attendance, holiday list, time and more.





Cloud based health portal


Cloud based health portal

Samata Health is a platform for mental health. The application is designed for both therapists and people looking for their consultation. Made for a great cause, the application has built a community of therapists, connecting users to the nearest therapist in just a few steps . Users just have to mention their preference and book a consultation from a tailored list of therapists that suits their requirement.






Book publishing platform


Book publishing platform

Mynd matters is a book publishing platform that turns people’s book publishing dream to reality. The app comprises three steps: providing users 30 minute clarity sessions, sending them a well-suited publishing plan and at last publishing their book. It is as easy as it sounds. We catered them the exact platform they needed; one that helped them manage their users' reports as well as company’s progress.





Saas-based personal fishing application


Saas-based personal fishing application

Rippled Water makes going for fishing with friends effortless. From inviting friends to join, choosing a destination, organizing a trip, to sharing photos with the ones who joined, it takes care of everything. The app also provides users with weather and water information.





Advanced influencers web portal


Advanced influencers web portal

Kamopi software system connects brand representatives to influencers that suit their brand requirements. This web portal allows influencers to build a stronger looking profile and increase their online presence. On the other hand the brand owners get the ease of hiring content creators that help them create awareness about their product.



Facebook Graph API



What Our Client Says

Hear what our clients have to say about choosing us for their digital requirements.

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We own expertise in providing agility to your finance solutions

We have transformed finance business by providing powerful and adaptable FinTech apps. Digital solutions that we offer are secure, fast, and have a smooth UI.

Investment solution

Our highly qualified FinTech software developers have an excellent understanding of the investment industry and develop user-friendly FinTech solutions to ease down the process of gathering portfolio values, summary of holdings and investment insights.

Dynamic KYC Platform

We create FinTech platforms that are easily integrated with Know Your Customers (KYC). Our FinTech solutions can manage all the regulatory compliance and policies of KYC requirements from beginning till the time when service ends.

Fraud Prevention Mechanism

To safeguard your domain and IP access is the first priority of our organisation and that is why we develop Fintech apps with security-first approach. Our development enables us to monitor and rectify any unusual difference in the user’s profile.

POS solution

With us, you get omni-channel & omnipresent point of sale developments for both large scale retailers and local shops. Now accepting payments from customers will be as easy as it gets, and plus, it will be a secured transaction.

Digital wallets

Millions of happy users across the world have been using digital wallets developed by us. We provide ease of money transfer in our FinTech apps. Users can easily transfer and receive money using card, mobile number, and QR codes.

Insurtech Solutions

We are India’s leading FinTech software development agency. We help insurance companies to achieve their desired aim through an app built for multi-purposes. We provide an advanced user experience through a multiplatform & intuitive mobile solutions.

Intuitive payment system

We mastered the way of developing dynamic payment systems in which you can integrate multiple payment gateways. We also show our excellency in simplifying complex payment processors that deal with real time transactions.

Accounting software

Accounting mobility solutions that we developed not only satisfy your day-to-day transaction needs, but also manage your financial data such as immovable assets, cash and liabilities. This helps our users understand their current financial status.

End-to-end banking solution

We offer finance & mobile Banking App Development solutions that are compatible with retail and corporate banks across the world. Our FinTech app features secured-environment, performance based microservice architecture, and a user-driven product.

Lending & mortgage software

We have successfully developed complex lending pages and mortgage softwares for the clients across the world. We have developed domain-centric solutions such as mortgage calculators, automated advisory firms, and maintenance tools.

Robo-advising and stock trading solutions

We are the most talented hub of FinTech developers who are capable of building the solutions that help investors enhance their portfolio management. Our FinTech solutions are thoughtfully developed to match client’s requirements.

Wealth Management software

We know how important wealth is to every individual. The amount may differ across people, but it remains significant in all cases. We provide sophisticated solutions for our customers to record, manage, and maximise the revenue.

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FinTech Industry’s growth statistics


There are more than 13,000 fintech startups worldwide.


of consumers plan to increase use of nontraditional financial service providers.


of today’s consumers exclusively use digital channels for their personal banking.


of smartphone users will make a mobile payment in 2021.

Dynamic Ways To Solve Challenges of FinTech Apps

Our extensive set of FinTech solutions have earned us the reputation of being a dynamic company that understands the industry's working & needs.

Building Trust Through Top-class Security

It is always challenging to convince people to give their banking information on digital platforms. Therefore, your application must have a distinctive user-interface and features that install an essence of trust in people. We are an expert in installing confidence in people through our reliable FinTech applications.

Regulations Compliance

Your fintech development should stick to all the rigid legislative and monetary guidelines. Guaranteeing that you observing the principles would expect you to be straightforward and exacting about how you utilize clients' information in your application. We can assist you with keeping your information secure.

Geographical Borders’ Driven Limitation

The fintech world is partitioned by a few sub-locales working inside their own array of guidelines and practices. This would result in keeping the finance segment shut regarding open banking. We can assist you with opening the boundaries and help you make the fintech business borderless for extending customer reach.

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High-end Integration To Make Fast & Secure Money

At eSparkBiz, we install futuristic features in FinTech app development which result in offering flawless integration that helps users carry out smooth finance transactions.

Multiple account



Calculators for
loan and tax


Payment gateway



Customer data

Robust, scalable
and secure

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eSparkBiz’s FinTech Software Development Expertise

In the era of emerging technology, we offer reliable banking software development and interactive insurance solutions to help you stay ahead.

Regulatory Compliance

We always put laws, regulations, guidelines, your business requirements and specified business process ahead of everything before developing your FinTech software.

Powerful Integration

We help our client install various personalised features into the FinTech solution to give it a more unique and compact style of customer experience.

AI-Powered Intelligence

We use ever reliable AI-technology integration in your solutions so that you can experience and implement intelligent functioning through an user-friendly app.

Data Security & Privacy

We use many of the latest technologies such as blockchain to safeguard your data so that it never gets tampered. We secure the privacy part of the FinTech app too.

Automated Fraud Detection

We offer fraud detection technology to help businesses review transaction processes, identify fraudulent activities and take necessary action based on that.

Immersive UX

Hire FinTech app developers from us to create customer-centric solutions that offer user-friendly and flawless digital experience to the customers.

Step Into Our Development Space

eSparkBiz office solely focuses on productivity and teamwork, so that our in-house developers can offer you the best solutions you need for your business.

Top IT Talent

eSparkBiz is an exclusive hub of multi-talented employees. The top web developers and UI/UI designers along with QA Experts help you prepare web applications of the highest degree.

Time Zone Aligned

eSparkBiz has never compromised with the time zone. We simply believe in providing services to you at your timezone. Hire skilled web developers from us to get the work done according to your time zone.

Experienced Team

eSparkBiz consists of web developers who have at least 3 years of experience. With over 130+ employees, we are always ready to extend our helping hands!

Trusted by these Brands

We have transformed some of the ideas of the world's leading brands into amazing mobile, software, and web applications. We earned their trust, now we await to do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FinTech?

As the name suggests FinTech is a combination of Finance & technology. It is basically a method of using modern technologies into financial services to increase user engagement and enhance the customer experience.

Can FinTech replace banks?

Knowing the present situation, it is unlikely that FinTech would ever replace Banks. People always trust banks over startup companies as they find their money safe in the bank. However, it is possible to get more benefits if FinTech and banks collaborate rather than competing with each other.

What are the services offered by eSparkBiz in FinTech development solutions?

The services offered in our Fintech development solutions are:

  • Custom FinTech Application
  • Blockchain-based Finance Solutions
  • Banking Software
  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Trading Platforms
  • Investment Management Software services

How can I choose the best FinTech development company for my project?

It is always a good idea to go for a mid-scale Indian FinTech development company. However, the company should have :

  • Minimum 5 years of total experience
  • Have developed more than 250 apps
  • Qualified team of 20 FinTech developers
  • Client presence in more than 30 countries
  • We are a decade old company, and we will be offering our full support in your Fintech software development.

What would be the cost for my FinTech Project?

The final cost depends on several factors associated with the project. New features, UI/UX, project complexity and many more elements are there which could affect the cost. Therefore, we would suggest you to get in touch with our seasoned FinTech experts for detailed project reports and cost estimation.

What are the benefits of outsourcing FinTech solutions?

There are many advantages when you outsource FinTech app solution from us:

  • Customer-centric approach
  • cost-effective
  • Versatile FinTech developers
  • Hybrid IT structure
  • Dedicated team
  • Reliability and transparency

How much time will it take to develop FinTech software?

The total development time would depend on the complexity of the project. As a FinTech app development organization, we tune in to our clients before we talk! We accept that a superior comprehension of prerequisites and our client-driven approach consistently drive us to make custom creative arrangements that satisfy customers.

What is the application of FinTech?

Following are some of the application of FinTech:

  • Mobile payments
  • Insuretech
  • Robo-advisor
  • Regtech
  • Crowdfunding

What is the upcoming development in FinTech?

The Fintech solution has reached so far to turn into the most creative and esteemed area of the economy. The future that we can imagine in the Fintech division, explicitly from the regard of Fintech software solution is that it will integrate with advanced technologies like Blockchain, AI, and so forth to offer a high-quality user experience to the end clients.

Why is FinTech so popular?

Fintechs offers companies with all that they can't get from finance specialist organizations, e.g., seed capital, credits, finance counsel, digital money related options, online administrations and some more. While other financial services & agents are focused on huge business, fintech organizations generally work with small business visionaries.

How do I prepare for FinTech?

The best approach before getting started with FinTech application development would be to get clarity of the idea and assess the market need. Next, check whether the solution is feasible to be solved through mobility. For more information about FinTech, reach out to us.

What are the best languages used to develop FinTech apps?

Here’s the list of languages that are used to build FinTech apps:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • Ruby
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