The Ultimate Guide To Hire Laravel Developers

Are you struggling with questions like why to choose Laravel for my next web development project? Where can I find Laravel developers? How to hire highly qualified Laravel developers? Then, you have reached the right place. Here, in this blog, we will clear all your confusion about Laravel and also help you to hire a Laravel developer with ease.
The Ultimate Guide To Hire Laravel Developers

PHP Web Development is one of the most rising and preferred options by developers across the world for developing static websites, dynamic websites or web applications. Today, we’re going to explore the ultimate guide to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers.

Various types of small as well as big websites across the web are built using PHP. According to SimilarTech, more than 6.9 million sites on the internet are running on PHP. Tumblr, CNBC, Slack, Tesla, are some popular websites running on PHP now.

Out of various PHP frameworks, Laravel has become a go-to choice by a wide number of developers because it allows them to start anything from scratch.

Laravel is a highly potent and feature-rich language; so, developers use it for building functional and effective web applications. For more information, you can check Features Of Laravel.

Now, if you are planning to build a website or a web application, then here we will provide you essential reasons to choose Laravel and the most comprehensive guide to hire a Laravel developer.

Reason to Hire Laravel Developers

As of now, you will find high-quality developers working on different technologies. Then, Why Hire Laravel Developers Is a Great Idea?

Here are several reasons which help to form the belief that Laravel developers are good to go with:

  • Laravel developers with an in-depth understanding of the framework can provide you a robust solution in a given time frame.
  • They can provide solutions with the best customization and integration. Briefly, they can deliver you highly-reliable and scalable websites and web apps.
  • Laravel developers can include support for different languages in the apps.
  • A command-line tool such as Artisan allows developers to speed up the development process by removing redundant tasks.
  • A wide range of templates helps them to create dynamic layouts and separate user interfaces.
  • A Laravel schema builder helps in the formation of database tables, columns, and indices.
  • Using built-in object-oriented libraries, programmers can integrate premium features.
  • Developers can configure and implement the authentication process without any issues.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Laravel Developers

Project Needs

Here, describing all the project requirements to the developers and how they will be able to achieve it, are important.

Purpose & Functionality

Businesses have to properly mention the end goal of their project and type of functionality they want to achieve from the application.

Testing Process

All the startups, SMEs and big enterprises should verify with the developer their testing approach and how they are going to apply for their project.

Delivery Cost & Time

Businesses must fix the project’s complete costs along with the speculation and estimation of the delivery time while hiring the developer.


To make sure that all the issues of your application are identified and resolved with ease, you should sign a warranty with the developer.


Verifying the portfolio and earlier experience is a highly crucial point to consider while taking an interview with a developer. From this, you can predict the future performance of the candidate.

While viewing the developers’ portfolios, you can know their overall experience in website development. From this, you can know the overall quality of their work as well as skills.

Here, you will come across two types of developers: Niche and Multi-Niche developers. Niche developers have good knowledge about a specific industry.

While on the other hand, multi-niche developers will be familiar with the best design practices; hence they can apply them and deliver a wide range of website designs.

Previous Work Record

It is highly crucial for you to obtain feedback about developers from their former employees. As compared to checking a portfolio or resume, this thing will help you gain a better perspective about their skills, experience, and professionalism.

Here, don’t forget to ask some important questions, such as:

  • Is a developer a good team player?
  • Is he/she able to complete the project on time?
  • Can they learn new things instantly?

Support Post Project

All projects need support after their completion. You should confirm whether the developer is ready to tackle support without anyone’s help. As he/she has worked on a project, he should be familiar with the entire code.

Ability To Evolve

In most of the projects, changes pop-up during the development phase. Here you should check whether the developer is good enough to make changes comfortably?

Based on this, you can have a better understanding of their technical and professional abilities. In fact, it will help you to know How to Hire Laravel Developer?

Skills To Look In Laravel Developers


Developers with good experience or capability of working on different projects in the past, gives you assurity that they can easily handle your innovative project.

Coding Skill

It is best-suited to have a developer with good command over PHP and other essential front-end technologies like HTML, JS, and CSS.

Knowledge of Latest Updates

While hiring Laravel developers, you should ensure that they are familiar with the most recent version of Laravel framework and its best practices.

Wider Understanding

Your developer should have enough knowledge of object-oriented programming and standard design rules for scalable web apps.

Also, developers with good command over code versioning tools like GIT and the ability to resolve PHP & web server issues with ease are highly favored.


Entrepreneurs or business owners need to verify that developers are competent to submit their allocated tasks on time.

Communication Skills

Laravel developers should continuously be able to communicate with the clients without much hindrance.

Web Development Skills

Besides knowledge of Laravel and other front-end technologies, developers should have technical know-how about project management frameworks like Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, etc.

Also, they should have experience in handling APIs, RESTful, SOAP, OOP, and Model-View-Controller. Moreover, developers with good command over cloud servers (AWS, Linode, etc.) and server administration tools (Apache, Nginx, etc.) is an added benefit.

Database Management Skills

One of the most expected skills in Laravel is the ability to handle management systems. They should have good command over relational database queries.

Also, Hire Laravel Developer from India having experience of working on SQL management systems and Microsoft SQL Server are highly preferred.

Soft Skills

Laravel developers should have a positive attitude and mindset to work & collaborate with their team members.

Here are some primary attributes to look for in them:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Aptitude to work independently as well as with the team
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Creative and flexible enough to handle new changes in technology trends
  • Take criticisms in a humble way

Various Laravel Development Services

Laravel Web Development

Laravel Web Development gives the opportunity to a vast number of sectors across the globe to build a highly competent and reliable website for their business. This classy PHP framework helps businesses to fulfill their business goals & objectives.

Laravel Customization & Integration

Laravel provides better customization & integration that fits well with your current application. Using Laravel, you have the option to modify current features, or you can fully replace them.

Laravel E-Commerce Services

One of the primary reasons for Laravel development is eCommerce. Laravel eCommerce development services help you to build a highly scalable website or app that suits your target audience and allows you to reach more customers.

Maintenance & Support

Most of the time, Laravel has built-in maintenance and support. In Laravel, you have to consistently maintain the app/ website so that it runs smoothly.

Rules For Hiring Laravel Developers

Hire Slowly

It’s an old classic principle, but it’s worth it. If you hire high-quality developers, then they will provide suggestions for other high-quality developers.

If you employ medium-quality developers, then they will suggest other low-quality developers, by which they look better in their comparison.

So, this is an essential aspect that you should keep in mind while thinking about How to Hire Laravel Developer?

Stay Away From Rockstars

Just one person can’t build a highly successful website or app; it requires the effort of an entire team. By hiring a rockstar and other second-tier programmers, you will not get suitable output for your project.

Opt for Talent

If you are working in the right direction and hiring the most suitable people for the job, you may not hold on to them for a long time.

Top talent always looks for better opportunities and grabs them instantly; hence you should try to get the most out of them in a short time. Along with this, you shouldn’t stop your journey of inviting new programmers onboard.

Steps to Hire Laravel Developer

Decide Your Project

Initially, you have to list down the type of project: short-term or long-term. Then mention your project and the type of professionals you need. Based on this, you can hire a Laravel Developer.

In a nutshell, you can hire a professional as per your budget and the level and area of expertise.

Look For Skills & Experience

A Laravel developer should have enough expertise with programming languages like PHP and HTML.

While hiring a Laravel Developer, check their resume thoroughly. It should include his experience in various programming languages.

You can also request them for their portfolio, which comprises their past work experiences.

Communicate with a Developer

A straightforward communication with a developer will help you gain a better perspective. Here, you have the option to schedule an in-person or virtual interview.

Interact with a person regarding the type of work you want. Brainstorm with them your project idea and ask them suitable questions. Moreover, ask questions that resonate well with their current skills too.

Outsource Developer

Currently, outsourcing work has become like a walk in the park. Various leading companies across the globe do outsourcing. You have to allocate your work to a proficient team of offshore Laravel developers and they will look after the entire project.

Opt for Freelancing

Freelancing is yet another effective option to hire Laravel developers with ease. Freelancing is a highly-preferred option by various large and small-scale businesses across the globe. Here are some essential things to consider for freelancer developers:

Laravel Developers Freelance

Freelance developers can also be referred to as self-employed developers. They work for different enterprises across the globe. One of the most essential ways to hire a Laravel developer is to hire a remote freelance developer.

Laravel Developers Remote

A remote freelance developer is someone who works from any part of the world. The majority of remote developers charge less as compared to in-house developers.

Remote developers are best-suited for handling your small or medium-scale project work. When you hire remote developers for these tasks, you can allocate more time to tasks to generate more revenue.

Here, we suggest you Hire Laravel Developer from India, as they ensure to deliver your ultimate website or web application at the best possible price.

Where to Find Laravel Developers?

You can easily find Laravel developers in the following three ways:

Online Job Sites

Some of the best sites to search Laravel professionals are as follows:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Clutch
  • Glassdoor
  • Craigslist
  • Monster
  • GitHub Jobs
  • Guru
  • People Per Hour
  • Toptal
  • Hired

Social Media

Various developers are highly active online. Hence, you can scroll on leading social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and find your desired Laravel Developer.

The best practice here is to go through their profile, portfolio, testimonials of previous clients, or employers. In case you are using LinkedIn premium, you can instantly send InMail without being in contact with them.

Forum Sites

Developers visit forums sites for various reasons. Several developers love to visit to resolve queries, other visit to check the latest technology trends, etc.

Even though the majority of developers don’t visit forums for jobs, it’s a suitable place to connect with various programmers and communicate with them. In short, first, build a productive relationship with them and later turn it into a business partnership.

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Why Choose eSparkbiz for Laravel Development Services?

Due to the following reasons, you should choose eSparkbiz for Laravel Development Services:

Unique Selling Point

It is an ancient rule in the IT industry that if any client likes your work, will approach you again. We put extra effort into delivering feature-rich solutions that our clients love at first instance.

The core USP of our services is that we offer No-Obligation free trial for 7-Days. If the client feels that project is not up-to-the-mark, then we fix the issues in it. The client has to pay if they are satisfied with our service.

Comprehensive Experience

We have more than 8 years of experience in design, development, maintenance, etc. Due to this, we analyze your client’s industry in detail and then deliver them the best solution.

Our team manages all the parts of the project expeditiously. This includes design, development, testing, and release.

We are familiar with all the ins and outs of current & future market needs; hence we constantly dive deep into new technologies and integrate into our client’s projects.

Global Clientele

As a leading Laravel App Development Company, we have worked with clients all around the world. In short, we have worked with clients living in different time zones and countries.

Regular Updates about the work

Constant communication with the client is the main aim of eSparkbiz. Our team reports to the client after completion of each stage of development.

This ensures that we are moving in the right direction. Moreover, we brainstorm the requirements of the projects along with the client to deliver a top-notch product.

Excellent Performance

Our developers’ main motto is to deliver projects to clients that perform well in the market and satisfy their target audience needs.

Moreover, they ensure that websites built using Laravel are feature-rich, reliable, and scalable in the future.

Utilizing the latest technology tools and having a highly-talented team ensures to deliver optimum performance.

Customer Support

We offer high-quality customer support via different channels. Moreover, after delivering the project, we don’t leave our client. We provide them constant support regarding any issues or errors for a limited time.


Our team carries our in-depth testing at all the stages of development, so there is no room for any errors. Due to this, we can create simple as well as complex websites & web applications using the Laravel framework.

Who is a Laravel Developer?


A Laravel Developer has expertise in website and application development using PHP’s Laravel framework. Laravel Developers can create highly intuitive, scalable, reliable, and attractive websites and applications.

Over the years, there has been an increase in people choosing Laravel for web/app Development purposes; hence, one can find Laravel Developers without much hassle.

After knowing who is a laravel developer, the question you should ask is – How to Hire Laravel Developer? So, let’s analyze that aspect.

Why Choose Laravel?

High Security

Laravel is one of the most secure frameworks and safeguards your gadget from a wide range of malware & threats. Laravel helps companies to keep their code secure and ensure their website or app runs smoothly. 

Easy Authentication

Laravel offers highly-effective and simple authentication options. It allows developers to properly organize logic for the authentication process and ensure that any unauthorized users don’t access the resources.

Increased Performance

Laravel Framework consists of some practical tools to enhance web and application performance. These tools enable developers to speed up the app development process and integrate all necessary features into the website or app.

Predefined Templates

One of the most essential features of Laravel is Blade Template Engine, which allows developers to use predefined templates for writing codes.

Moreover, they can use a basic PHP code to view and then compile views in the PHP code. In short, they don’t have to stress about writing long codes.

MVC Architecture

Laravel framework works on MVC architecture, also known as Model View Controller Architecture.

This allows developers to instantly sort out the development of complex and big web applications by assisting in separate user interface and logic. MVC also provides enhanced documentation & performance.

Unit Testing

Using Laravel, the unit testing procedure becomes efficient. Developers have the freedom to test all the modules on their website and correct errors instantly.


Laravel consists of a wide number of resources and it is backed up by a massive community of developers; hence developers can resolve their issue in no time.

Key Features of Laravel

Template Engine

Laravel has a built-in blade template engine. It is popular for its lightweight templates that enable programmers to build next-level layouts utilizing dynamic content seeding.

Templates available in the blade engine are beautifully designed to form stunning layouts with unique sections.


Laravel comprises a built-in command-line interface referred to as Artisan. It rules out various packages, handles various data migrations, produces new codes for controllers, etc.

Artisan commands allow developers to carry out basic web development tasks and make their applications highly robust. In short, it assists developers to avoid carrying out redundant tasks.

Database Migration System

In Laravel, database migration can be achieved with the help of two tools, mainly MyBatis and Rails rake. Both tools enable developers to handle database schema with ease and they also are reliable and secure.

Libraries and Modular Approach

Laravel consists of object-oriented as well as pre-installed libraries. All these built-in libraries are not present in various other PHP libraries.

An authentication library is one of the most popular pre-installed libraries that offers several unique features like tracking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, etc.

Intuitive Syntax

A developer can easily understand Laravel syntax without inserting a lot of effort. Also, it enables a developer to monitor and update the Laravel app by writing clear code.

Besides this, a developer can consider features and execution instead of the ASCII text file.

Eloquent ORM

Laravel comprises an ORM through which a developer can carry out multiple databases and basic database operations.

Here, developers can work without any issue due to ActiveRecord implementation. ORM enables developers to ask queries in the database table, inserting a basic PHP syntax.

RESTful Routing

Laravel not only enhances web application development but also makes web service development easier via RESTful Routing.

Developers can utilize PHP to build web services backed up by REST architecture. It allows them to carry our interaction with other apps and services via an open protocol such as HTTP. Besides this, they can also use HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Caching System

It is mainly done for storing data for a shorter amount of time and can be restored instantly. With the help of caching, developers can decrease the load on the server.

Laravel offers a significant, unified API to connect with different caching backends.

Developers can execute some Artisan commands to cache configuration as well as routes.

Moreover, they can enhance their application’s speed via different third-party caching systems such as Redis and Memcached.

API Development

The most recent version of Laravel enhances the API development process. A developer can utilize resource classes to connect proficient models and JSON requests without any need for a transformation layer. Later, the developer can turn models and model collections into JSON.


We hope that you have understood in detail all the aspects necessary for hiring Laravel developers. By following points in the guide, you can employ extremely talented Laravel developers for your next project.

Lastly, if you have a unique business idea, then approach a Leading Laravel Development Company. We ensure to deliver you a high-end solution that allows you to increase the ROI of your business and improve the life of end-users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laravel is very user friendly, fluent, and easy to learn and understand. Laravel is one of the best frameworks which helps to make websites without any hassle.
The answer is “backend”:- Laravel is a server-side PHP framework, and with the help of that, you can create meaning apps requiring a backend, full stacks apps, user accounts, etc.
A big project is always a long-term project and making big software is not an easy task. Laravel or any third-party framework is not good for a big project.
Top practices of Larave 1. Use The Latest Version 2. Avoid Executing Queries In Blade Templates 3. Use Eloquent Orm 4. Naming Conventions 5. make the best use of Artisan CLI 6. Make Use Of Autoload 7. Use Migrations 8. Validation 9. Compiling Assets 10. Remove unnecessary Plugins
There are plenty of things that you take care of while hiring laravel developers. Some of the most important ones are as follows: Project Needs Budget Previous Work Record Online Review & Ratings Warranties Support Post Project
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