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Exploring The Top 25 React Native Apps Examples (With Company’s Feedback & Results)

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The tech community seems to be more drawn towards apps built with React Native. Some of the native app examples include Twitter, Whatsapp, Google maps, and Linkedin. Today we’re going to talk about the React Native App Examples.

When you create a React Native app, initially, there are challenges, but the end results justify the means. The reason being native apps are fast and highly interactive, and more importantly, they are platform-specific apps that can be easily distributed to respective app stores.

React Native For Hybrid App Development has become a goto choice of developers around the globe. That’s why the popularity seems to have risen exponentially.

The pain point is consistently rolling out new features, especially considering the size of the traffic. It is where the React platform comes into play.

Created by Facebook in 2011, it helps in developing and upgrading the native apps. Hence, we use the term react native app.

An Insight Into the Working of React Native

React platform, the predecessor of the React Native was conceived as a platform to develop a highly interactive and responsive user interface using the JS library.

The array of UI threads presented through the JS library became quite popular in the tech community within the first few months of the launch.

Now, it was time for a follow-up platform that would compile together the UI component to form a  full-fledged native app, and thus React Native came into being. Some of the best React Native examples will have the common property of the enhanced user interface.

People often misinterpret both the React and React Native as the same platform. But, it is important to note that React is a Javascript library. On the other hand, React Native is an entire framework designed with open-source options to develop the app in its entirety.

An analysis of raw React Native samples provides the differences quite clearly. Also, an analysis of the React Native App Examples will allow you to appreciate the presence of such a potential platform.

1. Facebook


Unless you are living under a rock, you might surely have used or heard of this game-changing platform in the social media arena.

Facebook app is often cited as the best build React Native app handling more than 2.6 billion active users every month without breaking a sweat.

Stats suggest that there are 4 million users of Facebook iOS app and 55 million Android app users.

Why did they choose React Native?

The sheer number of users hooked to the app justifies the fact that React Native being a brainchild of Facebook. Existing platforms were not apt to handle such traffic and integration of new components.

It could seamlessly manage the development of both Android and iOS app versions led to the shift towards React native.

Result of choosing React Native

React Native app played a crucial role in the creation of Facebook ads apps for both iOS and the Android platform. Both versions of the app developed with the same team of developers.

The events dashboard loaded faster than before. Also, embedding new elements to the existing version became quite simple.

2. Skype


Skype, often touted as the communication platform for the tech-savvy youngsters. Skype worked just fine for a while, as there were not many alteReact Nativeatives around to expose the weak link.

As the new medium sprang, Skype felt the heat and resorted to React Native based development in the first few months of 2017.

Why did they choose React Native?

With time numerous issues of skype made their way out in the open. Users felt that the design layout was dull and.components felt outdated.

The existing version for the small screen was not worth the time and effort. This led to the switch towards React Native based development.

Result of using React Native

The decision to switch to React Native based app development brought about a shift in the way people reacted to the app. Android users were the first to operate the newly designed app.

It was more responsive than before, the user interface looked more appealing, and effective iOS was the next to be part of the change.

3. Facebook Ads


The interactive UI that you see on the Facebook Ads app is a result of the React Native framework. Facebook Ads is one of the finest React Native App Examples.

The ads app under the umbrella of the social media giant makes the marketing process more efficient and cost-effective. The sales numbers the ads placed in the feeds saw a rise.

Why did they choose React Native?

Facebook ads found a suitable development platform in the form of React Native, as it handled different aspects of design and functionality in the JS framework itself.

So, whether it was about including different currency notation, or ad format, it was all easily manageable through React Native.

Result of using React Native

The React Native platform bestowed the power of speed and lacklustre operations. The UI structure was exciting, and never for once felt flat.

Also, the users could now switch easily between different ad campaigns within a few seconds.

4. Instagram


The developer’s team was facing issues on implementing new changes to the existing app that wasn’t built on React Native. This is a classic React Native Apps Examples.

Also, they wanted to give them a face over, for both the iOS and Android version. The first component which received the React Native enhancement was ‘push notification’.

Why did they choose React Native?

If you have used Instagram both through a browser and the app, you certainly will appreciate the existence of an app-building framework.

Loaded with data related to images and videos managing the platform became tough. Every day the count of images uploaded increases in millions.

Result of using React Native

Using the React Native framework accelerated the speed of native app development for both the versions.

This splurge in the speed of development was possible due to the sharing of 85%-90% for the iOS and Android versions. The speed and overall user experience increased traction for the app.

5. Tesla


Pioneering the automobile industry with the use of renewable sources of energy, Tesla has made a place for itself amidst all the giants.

Thinktank controlling Tesla has been quite keen on adapting to new technologies, and thus the Tesla team adopted the React Native way of development.

Why did they choose React Native?

Elon Musk is known for his enthusiasm towards a futuristic way of life. You can see a glimpse of the same on the Tesla app, controlling the electric cars and Powerwall.

The app has features like finding and diagnosing faults. The sheer complexity of such solutions calls for the use of React Native.

Result of using React Native

The React Native framework has provided an upbeat design to the app with a dark theme. Also, operating the various features on the version of the app is seamless and easily manageable.

6. Walmart


The virtue of finding itself in the list of 500 big companies, the retail giant is focusing on creating the best online retail app platform that could keep up with the brand of service quality that it is known to deliver.

Why did they choose React Native?

The aim to create an ideal native app that provides the services to the end-user with consistent efficiency has led the company to make bold changes. One of these changes was to transfer the existing app framework to React Native.

Result of using React Native

With the React Native approach, nearly 95% of the codebase was similar between the iOS and the Android version.

This resulted in an acceleration in the process of development of the app. Integrating new features became easier, which made way for better user experience.

7. Airbnb


Airbnb, quite a common name in the hospitality industry, allows for lodging and tourism facilities. They have successfully cemented a place in the hospitality section.

With a team of 60 engineers, they have been somewhat successful in delivering the featured plans. But things were about to change, as the company shifted to React Native.

Why did they choose React Native?

The development needed a framework on which they can build a native app for the version. There were issues with the app management that led to errors in the data rendered in the final output. It is where the company gave in to the React Native framework.

Result of using React Native

First and foremost, there was a reduction in time required for the development purpose to a considerable extent, as more than 95% of the code was shared.

Plus, the developers did not have to leaReact Native the craft of development in each platform individually which saves a lot of time. So, this is a great React Native Apps Examples.

8. SoundCloud


SoundCloudOne is one of the best React Native apps around. It is an online audio distributor that acts as a platform for creators to create audio files and upload it while the community hums to the tune endlessly.

SoundCloud made an effort to extend its reach with SoundCloud Pulse, an app through which users can easily manage their accounts.

Why did they choose React Native?

The SoundCloud Pulse app concept came with some development challenges. For instance, there was a visible gap in terms of efficiency in the operations of Android and iOS versions. Thus, the company tried to wedge the gap using the React Native framework.

Result of using React Native

The React Native framework paved the way for an enhanced UI, which was both interactive and responsive. Managing individual accounts both from the perspective of the end-user and the development team became a whole lot easier.

9. Yeti Smart Home

yeti smart home

Yeti Smart Home is an automation, which helps to control various household instruments from speakers to security cameras using a single user interface. It is an entry point to modeReact Native house living.

Why did they choose React Native?

Yeti Smart Home had a lot on their plates already, plus the added burden of developing apps for the Android and iOS platforms individually seemed to be daunting.

The company did not have the manpower to work on each platform separately much like the Sound Cloud. Thus, React Native became the option to rely on.

Result of using React Native

The React Native framework simplified the process of the development of the app without having to dive deep into the swift and Android language of app development.

The restaurant app had the qualities that the company initially conceptualized in half the time and cost.

10. WHYM


WHYM is your 24X7 virtual translator, helping you at various points, for example, airport, hotel, and bars in a linguistically alien land. It is widely used in the tourism sector by both the service provider and the end-user.

Why did they choose React Native?

The WHYM app was initially developed as an iOS native app. But, with an increase in the use of apps, the company saw an opportunity to diversify by integrating into new operating systems.

Framing apps using React Native provides an opportunity to diversify with cross platform apps..

Result of using React Native

With the React native approach to development, the app became more versatile. Also, new features were easily added to apps on both platforms. The presence of dual native apps increased the number of users, and led to expansion into new areas.

11. ChaperHome


ChaperHome app is like carrying virtual security personnel in the form of your loved ones, as you head to a new place.

Much like setting a reminder for a visit, and with registration, you are always surrounded by your loved ones. They will have info regarding your visit and can reach the spot on time when you are in trouble.

Why did they choose React Native?

When the idea of such an idea came up, the limited time equity forced the development team to switch to a framework that could provide a dual version of the app with minimum platform-specific code. The search for a similar led to Create React Native App.

Result of using React Native

React Native provided the ideal user interface which was liked by users. The choice of such a platform also allowed for integration for new components as per the suggestion from the user.

12. Shine


True to its name, Shine allows you to be positive all the time through, instilling a feeling of motivation with the use of a combination of image and audio clips. It also helps in practising meditation and mindfulness.

Why did they choose React Native?

The company initially had a perception of the US as the target market. The reason was quite simple, the iOS platform dominated its counterpart.

Thus, targeting the US meant coming up with the iOS platform. But with time, the company understood the importance of having an android version to reach a new user base.

Result of using React Native

The Android version of the app provided the impetus for future growth. Also, the simultaneous work on the iOS platform made it the most liked app in the US.

13. Uber Eats

Uber eats

Uber Eats, an aspiring venture of Uber, known for delivering passengers, now delivers food. It is an ideal React Native example app which gives an idea about the sophistication of the platform.

The Uber eats ecosystem works on three crucial elements: the end-user, the restaurant, and the delivery channel.

Why did they choose React Native?

Initially, the restaurant side of the dashboard, which was web-based caused problems in the timely supply of orders. As there was no push notification to indicate placement of the order.

The need for a platform that could integrate the push and sound notification led to a shift towards React Native.

Result of using React Native

React Native made way for the integration of push notification in the native app format for both platforms on the restaurant side.

Thus, the frequency and the extent of the order was easy to monitor. The new framework also made the UI and UX more appealing and effective.

14. Wix


If you have ever searched up on the inteReact Nativeet- ways to develop a website without coding- you would have come across Wix.

Yes, it allows you to create apps with simple drag and drop utilities. The best thing: prior knowledge of coding is not required.

Why did they choose React Native?

The challenge with Wix is that it has a well over 100 million user base. Wix also allows for the development of apps, but the sheer number of users call in for a support framework to handle the load.

Result of using React Native

The React Native navigation feature, a library that contains platform-specific navigating solutions enhanced the UX and UI.

Also, falsifying the norm of time-consuming native app development approach, it augmented the speed of app development.

15. Bloomberg


Bloomberg is the source for the news from the business and financial world. With Bloomberg, users can get news in a personalized form.

So, you get to know what is happening to a particular share price while you are sipping coffee.

Why did they choose React Native?

In a bid to create an app that fits the requirement of being a truly cross-platform app, the development team adopted React Native due to its array of features.

Result of using React Native

The Bloomberg app developed for the iOS and the Android users is interactive and informative, staying true to its (Bloomberg) nature. Also, refreshing codebases and updating new features becomes a lot easier with React Native.

16. Discovery VR

Discovery VR

Getting near to the first-hand experience of some of the exotic places in the world is made possible with Discovery VR.

The exhilarating experience is a result of quality audio and video quality. Discovery is a name that has been around for more than 30 years, and no stranger to the quality of content produced under its wings.

Why did they choose React Native?

Building an app with the maximum shared codebase is something that reduces time and improves efficiency, The development team of Discovery VR adhered to React Native to make the best of the React Native app.

Result of using React Native

React Native allowed for a user interface that looks good and is easy to operate. Also, the app can easily connect to the VR devices without much of a hassle.

17. 2048


Amidst all the personal and business-based apps, we have a gaming app on the list. It provides challenging puzzles ranging from pure logic-based to mathematical core. The popularity of this application lies in the fact that it has more than 10 million downloads.

Why did they choose React Native?

Initially started as an onscreen platform, minds behind the puzzle scenariOS were quick to react to the opportunity to expand with native apps. Thus, React Native came to the screen.

Result of using React Native

The React Native framework allowed for smooth UI and enhanced animative features. This in tuReact Native increases the overall experience of the user. The app is built on a combination of the Redux and React Native apps.

18. Myntra


Myntra, a popular shopping website in India has a catalogue of fashion and lifestyle products. Myntra has covered quite a jouReact Nativeey towards growth, and the native app has a big role in the growth story.

Why did they choose React Native?

The premise of the success of the app is based on the user interface and the smooth experience. The shift towards React Native was probably to achieve the same objectives mentioned above.

Results of React Native

The attractive catalogue of products that you see on both the iOS and Android app is a result of the React Native app platform. The overall traction of Myntras also rose with a new UI and UX.

19. Gyroscope


Gyroscope falls under the category of health and fitness apps. It tracks your sleep and eating habits not just that it also provides reports along with suggestions, and an analysis of the diet plan that suits your body.

Naturally, you either plan wrong or do not have a plan at all due to the inadequate knowledge on the subject.

Why did they choose React Native?

Providing an application design that matches the tone of functionality requires an effective framework. React Native was the answer to make the app more appealing, and include new features.

Results of React Native

As mentioned earlier, Gyroscope not only assesses your current health but also, the AI-powered platform, prepares a plan of action.

Regularly updating likewise features to both iOS and Android was made simple with the React Native JS framework.

20. Discord


Discord is a well known free voice and chats app, which is popular among gamers. The real-time communication while playing a thrilling game is what you get with the Discord.

Why did they choose React Native?

The Discord initially was built for the iOS platform. With the rising popularity, and an opportunity to navigate towards android users led to the use of React Native Framework.

Results of using React Native

With React Native, the developer simplified the complex process of developing a cross-platform app. Sharing nearly 98% of the code for the platforms made the job of development easier.

21. Townske


Townske acts as a virtual guide that connects you with the locals, even before you set foot on foreign land. With Townske you are connected with the locals. Also, you have key suggestions that make your trip all the more worthwhile.

Why did they choose React Native?

The development employed React Native was employed to create a unique, and true-to-nature user interface. One which could engross users to keep scrolling through the feeds, and meet new locals.

Results of using React Native

React Native provided the UI required to connect with the audience. Also, the development time was reduced considerably with the JS framework. The improvement in the user experience showed up in user reviews.


Deliver is an online utility ordering and delivery platform from nearby locations. This app is widely popular in the US and has made a place for itself. Especially, in times when you are homebound, saves the day.

Why did they choose React Native?

The functionality of the app required seamless integration of native modules with device functionalities. This aspect of the app was achieved with the React Native framework. Also, the need to constantly update and add new features was easily managed.

Results of using React Native

The application developed on the React Native was smooth and added a better look to the user interface. Also, the load time was reduced to a few seconds, and navigating through the options became easier.

23. Pinterest


An offbeat social media platform that lets users convey a story or an idea in an image or video format. It allows users to interact with each other over new ideas which translates into an image or video post.

Why did they choose React Native?

The cross-platform app developed under the React Native javascript framework allows for better management and control over vast numbers of users. Also, it augments the process of adding new plugins.

Results of using React Native

A part of the reason for the seamless performance of the app in the React Native platform. It keeps the user’s experience consistent, adhering to changes. Also, the app looks neat and attractive.

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24. SalesForce


In this long list of apps that either hinge on social media, e-commerce, and personal development an app that has its base in the CRM world is exciting.

Salesforce apps help the business to connect with potential leads. The multitude of features that the app provides allows the primary business owner to convert the leads, and operate the business in a better fashion.

Why did they choose React Native?

React Native framework is a potential source to provide a consistent level of functionality efficiency through a mobile device. It assimilates different processes with minimum load time and delivers an attractive UI.

Results of using React Native

React Native allows for a better deployment of array features with minimum changes in base code. It has been a constant pain point, and the React Native framework tackles it with ease.

It plays a crucial role to provide the entire experience of business solutions on the web to mobile devices.

25. Vogue


Vogue is an online magazine that provides the latest update of the fashion world right at the mobile devices of fashion enthusiasts. It acts as a fashion directory for many of them.

It has been in the scheme of things for quite some time now, and React Native has played a crucial part in the jouReact Nativeey. Vogue is one of the finest examples of Open Source React Native Apps.

Why did they choose React Native?

The need for a native app that could captivate the audience while they are busy scrolling fashion feeds. Taking control of both the iOS and Android versions required a framework, which could integrate the new components with ease. Hence, React Native came into the scene.

Results of using React Native

React native does a great job of creating the UI design that keeps the audience glued to the screen.

Also, various additional features in the nav-bar provide a swift movement through different pages. On the whole, the resultant app is light and loads faster.


React Native is a relatively new platform, and with the integration of open-source nature, plenty of new benefits will be visible in the coming days. Also, the number of apps made with React Native will see a rise.

The shift from the generalized form of React Native mobile app to open-source React Native apps will also bring in new challenges. Apps that imbibe the changes will reap benefits as the platform tuReact Natives to a community model.

We hope you had a great time reading this article. This article will be useful to anyone who is thinking about utilizing React Native App Development Services. Thank You.!


There is a minor difference between React and React Native. React is used in React Native for customizing web app features. On the other hand, React Native is used to developing cross-platform mobile applications.

The simple answer to this question would be NO. React Native is a technology utilized to build mobile apps. It can not support web browsers.

There are many famous applications that are made with React Native. Some of the most popular ones are as listed below:


The simple answer to this would be YES. React Native is as good as the Swift programming language which is used to build native apps for iOS.

React does not directly make use of HTML tags as any web technology does. However, it uses ‘ReactDOM’ to structure the web pages.

The simple answer to this question would be YES. Instagram is written in the React Native and it is reaping rewards of that as well.

React Native makes use of JavaScript programming language. It provides a solid foundation on top of which a great app can be built.

The simple answer to this question would be YES. React Native is an open-source platform. So, the documentation is available for everyone.

React Native Apps Examples

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