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25 Of The Best React Native Open Source Apps & Projects

By Harikrishna Kundariya React Native June 25, 2020 13 min read 82 Views

Open-source projects are the best for any company or developer. There is a huge community of peers that contribute to amazing technologies and apps. React Native Open Source Apps are great for inspirations.

Beginners can learn more about coding. While expert programmers can get existing codes from excellent React libraries.

The open-source development market is set to reach $30 billion by the end of 2022. This is three times more than the current value.

React Native Open Source Apps are the most sought after in the development market. Many giants like Uber, Netflix, Facebook, and others have been lenient on React Native Component Library and they have reaped the rewards as well.

So, let’s discover some of the most amazing React Native Open Source Projects to get inspired for your next project.

1. GitterMobile


It is one of the unofficial React Native Open Source Apps. It was created for a better version of the messaging app.

GitterMobile has all the features of instant messaging apps along with chat rooms, person mentions, ability to edit messages, and others.

You can find more about this React Native open-source project from here.


Why do developers love it?

It provides excellent integration for interactive features for a communication app. The React Native open-source app makes reuse of codes easier for developers.

2. AskApikoMobile



It is a full-stack learning app from Apiko. It helps developers to learn by asking and answering the issues of React Native Open Source Projects.

It offers demo courses on the React Native development supported by Apiko. You can find out more on the open source app for React Native expertise from here.


Why Do Developers like it?

It helps developers to learn from the community of React Native. It is a demo product and helps developers learn the creation of forum type React Native Open Source Apps.

3. KittenTricks



It is a UI starter kit for mobile screens. It helps developers to choose from over 40 types of mobile screen layouts. There are dark and light themes with customizable layouts.

You can use this open-source project for mobile screens for your next React Native app from here.


Why Do Developers like it?

It helps developers to start creating an app. It also helps the developer to use Realm in React Native with directly interacting components.

4. DoctorWho



This is a fun app that follows the popular TV show DoctorWho. It uses the Redux framework at its core with the app developed in React Native.

The demo app triggers details for doctors of the series through actions. It uses characters of a popular series to be listed in JSON files in the app.


  • React
  • React Native
  • Redux

Why Do Developers like it?

It is a great inspiration for developers to separate business logic from mobile app representations.

5. React Swipeable Views



It is an open-source React Native project for swipeable tabs. The Project has four packages. One is the core app logic. Then there is a web and React Native implementation.

There is also a package to add additional functions. You can find more on this React Native Open Source Project from here.

Why Do Developers like it?

If you want to include swipeable components in your applications then this is the best example for it. Developers can create easy to use and flexible tabs with it.

6. React-Native-nw-React-Calculator


It is an open-source project designed for source code architecture of React Native Apps. Here, the developers can get all the necessary files for different devices in a single folder. It shows how a single source code can be run on different devices.

Why will it be useful for the developers?

If you are building a cross-platform app then this is a great example of how you can share the application logic across platforms. It can also help with native components across platforms.

7. Finance React Native



It is an amazing iOS’s Stocks App clone. It is created as an open source React native app. The iOS app uses Flux architecture. The architecture of the app is built with alt and react-native-router-flux is used for routing.


Why is it popular among developers?

It is a great example for iOS developers to implement Flux in the React Native framework, apart from the Redux.

8. React Native Gifted Chat


If you are looking to create a chat app like Whatsapp, then this is one of the most amazing React Native open source projects for you.

It provides excellent user interface components to create such an app. It also helps with minimum dependencies.  Find out more on the app.

Why do developers like it?

It is a great example of how to override your default UI. It helps developers to display the username in chat apps with messages.

9. React Native Elements



This is one of the most popular React native Open Source projects. It is a user interface toolkit for cross-platform React Native development.

There are several different UI components that can help you develop amazing navigation features. Find out more about this project from here.


  • React Native side menu
  • React Native vector icons
  • React Native tab navigator

Why do developers like it?

React Native UI elements are great for beginners to get inspired for their designs and helps them styling the apps better.

10. React Native Animatable



It is a React Native Open Source project that offers a standard set of animations. These animations are easy for developers to create React Native app UIs.

It has a minimum number of dependencies and comes with declarative transitions. You can find more about this project from here.


  • Low number of dependencies

Why do developers love it?

It allows developers to integrate animated APIs or Application Programming Interface for animating elements of UIs in React Native.

11. Perfi



Perfi is the best open source app with React Native expertise. It helps users to track their expenses and It also helps users to control their spending.

The open-source app also manages to track the income. It is available on the Android play store.


  • Expo
  • React Native modal DateTime picker
  • React Native tab view
  • React Native popup menu
  • React navigation

Why do Developers like it?

Developers can easily insert features like transaction filters for date and time. It also helps with tracking features for transactions. The open-source code of the React Native app is perfect inspiration for many beginners.

12. React Native Starter Kit



It is an amazing starter kit designed by Instamobile. It is an open-source project built around the React Native framework.

Developers can design user onboarding UIs, credentials page, login pages, firebase database integration, and even push notifications.

The app is free and provides several designs for the onboarding app page.


Why do developers like it?

Developers don’t need to write all the boilerplate codes. It helps you to use all the UI components for user onboarding directly from the open-source repositories.

13. F8 App 2017



The F8 App is a very popular React Native project with open source code. It is filled with demo apps and repositories for React Native codes.

It is perfect for beginners to be inspired for new apps and established developers can get greater source codes. There are many tutorials provided by Facebook for developers.

Why do developers like it?

From Oculus Mixed reality to Gear Virtual Reality, developers get hands on the source code on every innovative demo app of 2017 by Facebook.

14. React Native for Web



It is an open-source React Native project that helps developers to create a faster and adaptive web user interface in Javascript code.

It provides excellent native-like interactions for users and supports multiple input methods for users like keyboard, touch, or a mouse. Also, it helps in integration of React to Developer tools. Find more about the app here.

Why do developers love it?

Developers can test their code live without the need for a simulator or testing platform. It helps rapid prototyping and helps developers make the changes easily.

15. Native Base



It is a UI starter kit for React Native apps. It is an open-source project. Native Base also has a repository for a wide range of UI elements and components.

Developed by a community of React lover developers from this is an amazing React Native open-source project for developers.

Why do developers like it?

Developers love it because they don’t need to write codes for UI elements. They get ready-made tools for their  UI development from several open-source repositories.

16. Ignite CLI



This is an open-source React Native project that is most popular for creating boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more.

It has a ready-to-use tool kit for developers and some libraries for them to figure out the up-gradation of the codes. You can find more about the project from here.

Why do developers love it?

Developers get readymade boilerplates and plugins for your apps. These are battle-tested apps that can be used extensively without tweaking it.

17. Reactotron



It is a debugging open source app for React Native development. For developers, finding repositories that can help debug the app is essential.

It helps to detect all the errors that might occur when developers write the code. It is a cross-platform app that helps the detection of errors in React.Js and React Native apps.

Why do developers love it?

Developers can debug the app in real-time while coding them. It is a great tool for error detection across platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

18. React Native Swiper



React Native libraries can be versatile and this is one of them. Whether you are looking to add a swipe function for your app or mobile user interface, this open-source React Native project is the best for you.

It has several different styled swipers for you to use directly into the app. React Native Swiper allows complete customizations.

Why do developers love it?

Developers can add amazing custom swipers to their React Native apps. They can even make the app more attractive with the introduction of onboarding steps through swipers.

19. DuckDuckGo



DuckDuckGo is one of the finest React Native Open Source Apps to have arrived in recent times. The app is obviously a search engine that allows you to find anything on the internet with the utmost ease. It is available as an app on both iOS as well as Android.

Why do developers like it?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that shows the same results to all the users despite the change of location or region. The knowledge graph of DuckDuckGo is quite impressive as well.

20. React Native Calendars



It is one of the most popular React Native open-source Projects. It is a calendar library with advanced features like time dot marking, time range intervals, and time period marking. Completely customizable and flexible for developers to use.

Why do developers like it?

If you are planning to create calendar apps for productivity, it is the best library and that is the reason, it is quite popular among the developers.

21. NBA App



Are you a basketball fan? Then this is one of those React native open source projects that will help you get all the data of the game for your app.

This is an open-source app built in React Native for all the fans of National Basketball Associations(NBA) tournaments. It provides all the data regarding the games.

Why do developers love it?

There is no denying to the fact that sports lovers have a soft spot for such apps. Developers can learn from UI components and native features.

22. HackerNews



If you want to get extensive knowledge about several React Native open-source projects then this is the best app.

This project can be leveraged by developers as a handbook to create an app in the React Native framework. Developers can tap into advanced features and architectural structure of the app.

Why do developers love it?

Developers, whether experienced or beginners, can get knowledge on all the React Native projects. It is considered as a springboard for greater features.

23. Mastermind Game



It is a classic game developed with the help of React Native framework. The game is totally based on honing your skills and through that experience, develop your mind.

Why do developers love it?

Developers will be able to improve their coding skills especially in ES6, ImmutableJS, and Redux. They can also learn a lot of new things about React Native.

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24. Snowflake



It is an open-source project for the React Native apps. The best thing about the project is that it provides read to use boilerplates for cross-platforms.

The React Native sample is excellent for learning purposes. It has Redux prowess. So, developers can easily get the expertise on React Native router.

Why do developers love it?

Beginners can learn a great deal from this sample to develop React Native apps for different platforms.

25. React Solitaire



Are you thinking of a game like the famous solitaire? This is a great React Native open source project on the game. It is an ideal sample for developers to get the basics of gaming.

It was built on the Redux and Webpack. React Solitaire helps in reviewing the math of statistical engines behind the game.


Why do developers love it?

It is a classic play and learns. Developers can play the game and learn about the codebase of the React Native framework.


Whether it is the codebase or user interface, React Native projects are great for learning. Developers can have fun with coding and yet learn the basics of React Native development.

The best thing about these React Native open-source projects is that they help beginners with boilerplate codes to develop cross-platform apps.

Some of them are libraries and some of them are pure UIs. But, most of them have been remarkable in building a huge community of expert React Native developers.

So, explore these open-source projects and become React Native experts. It will be helpful to React Native App Development Company. Thank You.!


First of all, you need to structure the react native projects.

For that purpose, choose a directory of your choice using this command:

$ react-native init ReactNativeCklExample

After that, you can access the directory within src. That’s where all the major project files lie. So, you need to save your project here only.

You can apply React Native Packages to all projects using NPM (Node Package Manager). You just need to import the package.json file for that.

By making use of NPM (Node Package Manager), you can set up the react-native-dependancies and also install all the necessary packages.

It is very easy to merge two React Native projects. You have to configure webpack to handle both apps and you would have to eject create-react-app to configure it. The other way is to have separate folders in the NPM.

The open-source project is the one that can be used by anybody, distributed by anybody, modified by anybody and available at a free of cost.

There are many React Native Open Source Projects available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are as listed below:

React Swipeable Views

React Native Open Source Projects

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