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eSparkBiz is a conglomeration of cultures, ideas, experiences, and the best minds as the expression of the company. Each of our team members is individually artistic with deep insights and competence. And together they formulate the best innovative creations in the IT industry for you. With a shared vision of Digital Excellence, their unique expertise results in a successful, profitable software product and experience for our clients.

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Co-Founder & Director
Harikrishna Kundariya
Co-Founder & Director Harikrishna Kundariya

Our Competent Chief Technical Officer

Chintan Gor

Mr. Chintan Gor is the linchpin of our company providing stability & consistency, bridging the clients and our company. Since 2012, he has devoted his intelligence, best technical expertise, and deep knowledge to ensuring the constant expansion and success of eSparkBiz. Under his leadership, the client’s needs and internal teams strive smoothly to achieve their common vision for thriving business with scaling, cutting-edge, futuristic software solutions.

Chief Technical Officer
Chintan Gor
Chief Technical Officer Chintan Gor

Our Technocrats

Our close-knitted eSparkBiz family houses the most professional, friendly, and brilliant Technocrats. And are always enthusiastic trendsetters bringing in team power, excellent craftsmanship, and value to the clients.  So they empower all our projects with a results-driven, competitive edge to lead the current and tomorrow’s market.

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