Exploring The Top Angular Component Library For Developers

The range of components stored by AngularJS comes with best in-class tooling that make front-end development an enlightening experience. These features give developers the comfort to keep the entity separate from the user interface. Let us explore the top Angular component library for developers.

Exploring The Top Angular Component Library For Developers

As the internet space becomes the dominant area of office work, for the larger mass of people, there is a constant run to make the web world look pleasant. Today, we’re going to talk about Angular Component Library in detail.

With a new website coming live every minute, website developers are always striving to make their website stand out among others. Enhancing the design aspects with Angular is a go-to solution to renovate the website for many developers.

The framework comes with the best-in-class toolings that make front-end development an enlightening experience.

The majority of the features in Angular JS give developers the comfort to keep the entity separate from the user interface. This ensures reusability and reduces waste.

Best AngularJS Component Library



When you have the intention to get a feature-rich enterprise application with power-packed performance, you cannot think about anything beyond Ag-grid. It is a data-grid designed for usage in Angular.

Supporting most of the Angular versions until today, ag-grid has implementation-ready applications that need proper building in the code and deployment. So, AngularJS Development Company loves it.

It caters to 63 Core and Enterprise features which include Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination.

Let us have a look at the components of Ag-grid.

  • Full-featured data grid
  • Properly secured and managed
  • Extensive and secure documentation
  • Intense, rich, and spontaneous API
  • Large data sets are what it can work on very effectively
  • Customization and integration are at the fingertips of developers.

GitHub Starsabove 5220 stars

NPM Downloadsmore than 500,000 downloads a month

Stable version21.0.1 is the stablest version.

Angular Material


Every designing programming language for website development comes with a set of libraries. These libraries are preloaded with design elements that make the final output look good.

Angular has a design component termed as Material 2, which is its official component library.

They help the programmers align with good developmental practices while exploring the angular component library for design processes.

It ensures that developers have quick access to template-based designing and procure something from the command line.

If you are wondering how to use features like data rendering, element status, and bottom sheet surveys, then please be informed that there are badges to do all those.

Let us have a look at the components.

  • ToolBar table, Side Navigation Panel along with a navigation bar
  • Dialogue box features like Tooltip, Snackbar, Dialog
  • Data record form to store data in a table
  • Control selections using Checkbox, AutoComplete, Form field, Datepicker, Radio button, sliders, Input, SQL query, etc.
  • Progress Spinner, Buttons, Progress Bar, Icon, Chips
  • Layout elements like Grid List, Cars, Tabs, Stepper, List, Expansion Panel are there to make Angular stand out.

GitHub Starsabove 530stars

NPM Downloadsmore than 480,000 downloads a month

Stable versionThe latest version 8.0.1 is stable.



VMware gives the Angular framework the necessary clarity it requires. It is free and integrates with Angular libraries and is open-source in nature.

Along with Angular, it works on HTML/CSS structure, UX guidelines, and Angular components. It provides the necessary backup to boost data-driven performance components.

Clarity improves with continuous research and exploration yielding developers with better results.

Let us understand the Clarity components.

  • An intuitive Login Interface
  • Notifications
  • Grids and structures
  • Progress Bars and sliders
  • Signages
  • Setup Wizards
  • Tree View
  • Encryptions and Passwords
  • Radio Buttons
  • Toggle slides

GitHub StarsClose to 5000 stars

NPM Downloadsmore than 33,000 downloads a month

Stable version Version 2.0.1 shows stability.

NG Bootstrap

NG Bootstrap

Bootstrap components in Angular are legit. NG bootstrap offers 4 bootstrap components for the latest Angular-UI bootstrap. This component is free from other dependencies.

Despite being not attached to any JS dependency, it still covers a large number of testing areas. Expect immersive widgets that can respond to your actions smoothly with HTML attributes used as parameters with Angular.
Let us recognize some NG Bootstrap components:

  • Typeahead
  • Datepicker
  • Tooltip
  • Popover
  • Modal
  • Carousel

GitHub Starsover 7000 stars

NPM Downloadsmore than 206,000 downloads a month

Stable versionthe latest version is 5.0.0-rc.0


NGX Bootstrap

NGX-Bootstrap resources feature the core Bootstrap components which developers have come across during Angular development. These resource libraries are well adapted to suit desktop and mobile developments.

For their extended range of services, developers are conveniently using this Angular library for frontend development. This is one such attribute that can be used when playing Angular apps.

Using its uniform support across multiple devices, this library offers app scalability and high production.

The following are NGX-Bootstrap components, namely:

  • Alarms
  • Accordion
  • Pagination
  • Carousel
  • Collapse
  • Datepicker
  • Typehead

Stars on GithubClose to 5000

npm weekly downloads150,000 and counting

Latest Stable Version5.0.0

Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Are you looking for a common library for mobile, web, or hybrid app development using Angular? Why not use Onsen UI? This library is used for cross-platform app development projects using JS.

This element library proposes elements with Flat and Material designs that are deemed necessary and handy for Angular developers. Enjoy the new feature of automatic styling on the project platform of your choice.

The popular Onsen UI components are:

  • A useful Menu to the side
  • Tabs
  • Presence of Lists and forms
  • Stack Navigation
  • Automatic Styling

Stars on GithubClose to 7500

npm weekly downloadsClose to 10K

Stable Version2.10.08


NG Lightning

For the lightning Design System of Salesforce, the Angular component NG-Lightning was developed. Ideally, it offers native Angular directives and segments to the Lightning Design System.

In this way, developers get the benefit of enhanced flexibility and improved performance which rely on the input properties.

Noteworthy components included in NG-Lightning are:

  • Lookups
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • Badges
  • Datatables
  • Icons
  • Ratings
  • Spinners

Stars on Github 765 and counting

npm weekly downloadsabout 2500

Latest Stable Version4.6.0



As many as 80 different thematic UI components fall under the umbrella called PrimeNG. Professionally designed for easy customizations, these Angular attributes help developers create responsive, sleek, and intuitive touch interfaces for mobile gadgets.

The design attributes range from a simple graph or table to sliders, prompts, text boxes, radio buttons, toggles, etc. Established brands like Fox, eBay make use of this angular component.

It supports a variety of library components. These are:

  • File Upload Component
  • Messages and Noise for message alert
  • Components for overlaying like Dialog, Lightbox, Overlay Panel
  • SplitButton and Buttons
  • Revamped Charts with Radar, Bar, Line, Doughnut, Pie
  • Toolbar, Accordion, ScrollPanel, Card, TabView panel components
  • Data Components, consisting of DataList, DataTable, DataGrid, Tree Table format

Stars on Github17+

npm weekly downloadsimpressive 178,564+ downloads a week

Latest Stable Version8.0.0

Vaadin Components

Vaadin Components

Is it tough for developers to struggle between the different UI components for web and mobile? Indeed, it is. And they always looked for a component to bridge the gap between Polymer and Angular.

In Vaadin, the elements are accumulated and grouped under a uniform repository. There is an integration of this Angular library with Git for easy access to codes, library packages, etc. Sharing and reusing codes is a lot easier with configurations and refactoring.

The exceptional components of this Angular library are:

  • CRUD
  • Context Menu
  • Spreadsheet
  • Combo Box
  • Password Field
  • Custom Field
  • Progress Bar
  • Rich text Editor
  • Notification
  • Charts

Stars on Githubclose to 220

npm weekly downloadsclose to 230

Latest Stable Version 13.0.9

Ignite UI

Ignite UI

Most people are contented with a few materials based UI components. The latest version of Angular will make people happier as it offers as many as thirty easy-to-use Angular UI components.
This Angular library is well suited for projects requiring power-packed performances and lots of data to deal with.

The stalwart components of this library are:

  • Tabs
  • Data Grid
  • Carousel
  • Dialogue Window
  • Datepicker
  • ListView
  • Snackbar
  • Scrollbar, Slider
  • Navbar
  • Ripple
  • Avatar
  • Basic Input Components
  • Calendar
  • Card

Stars on Githubmore than 450

npm weekly downloadsabove 27K

Latest Stable Version8.0.2



With a sheer resemblance to Ant Design, this enterprise-level UI for Angular makes it wholesome. NG-ZORRO is programmed in Typescript.

This web development solution gives developers the capacity to design a web page with modern tools and resources.

Few companies using NG-ZORRO experience are:

  • Alibaba
  • Aliyun
  • Apache Flink
  • ThoughtWorks

Stars on Github 5100 and counting

npm weekly downloads33K and counting

Latest Stable Version 7.5.1



We cannot possibly give Semantic UI a miss while discussing JS. With the same popularity, Angular shares Semantic UI with the name ngSemantic.

The most common components of ngSemantic are:

  • List
  • Menu
  • Segment
  • Accordion
  • Select
  • Button
  • Loader
  • Rating
  • Message
  • Flag
  • Input
  • Form
  • Dimmer
  • Sidebar

Stars on Github –  exceeding 1000

npm weekly downloads461+

Latest Stable Version1.1.13

Teradata Covalent UI Platform

Teradata Covalent UI Platform

Developers always wanted to enrich their app development experience by integrating design language with a comprehensive web framework. Teradata Covalent is a user interface platform making that possible.

It redefines web building experience and stabilizes consistency across enterprise products.

Some features of Teradata Covalent components are mentioned below:

  • Based on Angular-Material
  • Provides Angular Command-line interface (CLI) for all activities
  • Dashboards, lists, etc. witness a simplified look
  • Custom web components include stepper, file upload, expansion panels.
  • 750+ Material Design symbols.
  • Style Brochure quoting brand standards, color palettes, and design guidelines.
  • Design Patterns in the form of cards, forms, etc.
  • Different types of Testing Tools
  • Launchpad app to get started with Angular designing.

Stars on Github1600+

NPM downloadsn/a

Latest Stable Versionn/a



This library brings UI elements to the Angular interface. Developers collaborated with Bootstrap 4, and Angular 5 to build this library.

This library function has a collection of 400+ material design UI elements, 600+ material icons, several styling sheets, TypeScript modules, SASS files.

This library is open-source for private as well as business purposes.

Let us now look at the components:

  • Cards
  • Buttons
  • Dropdowns
  • Inputs
  • Forms
  • Footer
  • Navbars
  • List group
  • Panels
  • Pagination
  • Progress bar
  • Tabs & Pills
  • Tags
  • Labels
  • Badges

Stars on Github306

NPM downloadsn/a

Latest stable version5.6.1



When developers wanted to create a lighting design in Angular, they had to make use of the NG-Lightning component of Angular.

There is still considerable work left to happen with NG-Lightning and newer features will be witnessed by developers in the future.

Angular UI Ng-Lightning components include the following

  • Badges
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • DataTables
  • DatePickers
  • Forms
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Lookups
  • Menu
  • Modals
  • Notification
  • Pagination
  • Pills
  • Popover
  • Ratings
  • Sections
  • Spinners
  • Tabs

Stars on Github 627

NPM downloadsn/a

Latest Stable Versionn/a

NG2 Charts

NG2 Charts

NG2 Charts comprise of Angular directives and is a collection of 6 types of chart. These are no different from chart.js. It can be used to work with large data and lists.

Stars on Githubmore than a thousand

NPM downloadsn/a

Material 2


We have talked about several material components of Angular. But it might occur to you, whether there is an official material UI component in Angular. The answer to that is Material 2.

Users and clients all praise Google’s material design. The same can be integrated with the Angular 10 Components library. It follows the best practices while writing codes to implement a design template.

Stars on Github – n/a

NPM downloads – n/a

Latest Stable Version – n/a


Fuel UI

This Angular library came to existence, thanks to Travel. It presents the user with a premium set of directives, Angular 10 components, Pipes, and Animators.

It utilizes the diverse UI component setups to develop a well-structured web app. The development is associated with

  • TextExpander
  • TimePicker
  • Accordion
  • Alert boxes
  • Dropdown
  • Scroller
  • Modal Popups
  • Pagination
  • Progress bar
  • Sliders

Stars on Github118

NPM downloads – n/a

Stable version0.3.1


ngx translate

Those engineers who work on a single page app development process say that it is crucial to have an application with multiple language support. But how can you do that?
The ngx-translate library manages load transitions and ensures that a user can use more than one language in applications.

TranslateService and onChange listeners are the two components that developers use to deal with language translation within the app engine. This is the place where the languages are defined.

The Github page has all the necessary details for the installation of this application.

Stars on Github3.6K

NPM downloadsn/a

Stable version13.0.0

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ng2 file upload

It is not a cakewalk to deal with uploading big files in Angular. That is why the need arose for a library that can effectively upload all files to the web application.

To make this uploading task simple, ng2-file-upload was introduced by Valon-software. Users need to simply drag and drop the file they need to upload.

The presence of FileUploader utility makes it a hasslefree task with zero failures. With this, users can also keep track of the upload progress.

Stars on Github around 2000

Stable version – N/A

NPM downloads – n/a


Most people end up wondering if they would use an external library for designing attributes.

There is no harm in using external libraries, but sometimes they are not compatible with the program of our choice. Also, external libraries tend to slow down the application speed.

In such circumstances, having an internal library, like one we have with Angular helps in speedy completion of development tasks.

This blog gives readers a comprehensive detail on the UI and design aspects with the help of Angular 10 components library.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it proves to be of great value for any reader in the near future. Thank You.!

Frequently Asked Questions

Components are nothing but a logical piece of code for AngularJS application.
The selector is a property inside the angular component that identifies directives in a template.
Modules, Components, Templates, Directive, Data Binding, Routing, etc.
The top angular components libraries are as follows:
  • ag-Grid
  • Angular Material
  • Clarity
  • NG Bootstrap
  • NGX-Bootstrap
  • Onsen UI
Angular is a fully qualified front-end framework based on JavaScript. It is used for making high-quality UI for web applications.
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