It is no surprise that the mobile app sector is booming, with over 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. App usage and smartphone penetration are continuing to rise steadily, with no signs of decreasing in the near future. Here in this blog we are going to explain you some major benefits of creating a customized mobile app for your business

The statistic by shows the number of mobile users globally was 7.26 billion in 2022, the number of mobile phone users worldwide is expected to reach 7.49 billion by 2025.

Whether streaming to Apple TV or Chromecast or managing functions in your vacuum, mobile is going to be the brain of all gadgets and screens. In the United States alone, the top 20 IoT apps were downloaded over 106 million times in 2019.

Because of the burgeoning users’ count, a mobile application for every business development is no longer a requirement but a necessity. Every business is unique in its own way. As a result, packaged software solutions and off-the-shelf business apps are unlikely to be a good fit for your company.

According to a survey conducted by CDW, businesses are increasingly relying on customised applications to help with daily operations and procedures such as sales assistance, data access, communications, service support, business process, productivity, collaboration, and presentation.

Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development for Business

Businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large, are using customized business apps to help them stay competitive and enhance productivity these days. Here are a few of the most prominent business benefits of the mobile app development company

Improved Efficiency

Employee engagement is difficult to manage. Engagement can make or break your company’s success, irrespective of its size or type.

At every level of your company, communication is essential for success. The custom applications, unlike the others, are entirely focused on the business.

According to a report, 80% of the US workforce believes that poor communication at work is causing them stress which further leads to low efficiency of the business.

How can a customized mobile app improve your business efficiency?

  • The app is designed with your company in mind and the perks that come with it to help you run your business more efficiently. Therefore, it is employee-friendly and helps staff in producing higher-quality output, improving your company’s productivity.
  • Instead of using several apps to advertise your business, customized apps allow you to integrate your entire operation together and promote it as a whole. Thus, it becomes easier for you to manage and handle, increasing the efficiency of your company.

Using customized applications for your business is suggested, as it is the ideal business tool for helping you build and expand your business with optimum efficiency and minimal workload.

Boosts Productivity

So, after you have made your business more efficient, what is the next thing you want? Yes, it is your company’s productivity.

You will also be pleased to know that the personalized mobile application boosts your company’s efficiency. It ensures that your company will grow productively. You may boost the productivity of your product in an effective manner by employing these applications.

Office workers spend an average of 69 days a year on administrative duties, according to IT Chronicles. These squandered hours cost businesses throughout the world a total of $5 trillion per year.

How can mobile apps, in particular, help with boosting productivity?

  • Building a custom mobile app allows businesses to collect, exchange, and unify data to serve a variety of business needs which eventually increases your business’s efficiency.
  • To complete their jobs, employees no longer need to switch between multiple spreadsheets. Instead, they can use a personalized mobile app that they may have even contributed to developing.

Thus, you should surely go for it and increase the productivity of your business.


What would you do if someone obtained the code of your usual application and obtained all of your vital business data?

It is something that no one can bear. But do not panic; a custom mobile application can help you solve this issue as well.

Because a customized mobile app is totally developed and intended for your company, security is a top priority. Regardless of the data related to your bespoke application, it is entirely safe and secure from illegal access.

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How can a custom app improve the security of your company’s data?

  • Custom applications are some of the most effective methods for safeguarding your sensitive and private corporate data. You can secure this security in any method you wish, as long as it meets your business needs.
  • You may also set different levels of protection depending on the user with this customized option. You can, for example, grant multiple levels of access to your client, regular employee, significant employee, and yourself.

Therefore, tailored applications offer excellent security measures that guarantee the safety and security of your data.

Increased Mobility

Any mobile app that does not provide a high level of mobility is pointless. Mobility is necessary, as the name suggests, and custom mobile applications may help you attain a lot of it.

The bespoke application increases mobility by being completely focused on your business and giving data pertinent to your business.

The mobility factor plays a vital role in employees’ productivity. Employees who work from home are more productive than those who work in an office, as per researchers. According to a recent Stanford study, remote workers use less sick day leaves, are less distracted, and are 50% less likely to leave their companies.

Why is mobility an essential factor to consider?

  • Employees will not be able to work remotely if your company relies on employees filling out manual paperwork in the office or if they can only access job-related files and documents from their work computers.
  • It also implies that it is more challenging to recruit top talent; with remote working, you can hire people from all over the country and even the world.

Employees may collaborate on papers, spreadsheets, and other critical business tools via custom mobile apps from any connected device. To put it another way, employees can work from anywhere in the world at any time with your customized mobile app.

Cost Savings

Only if a company saves you money while also providing you with the desired benefit, it is considered to be successful.

If it saves a portion of the total app development cost, it implies you will be able to save that amount on each of your business products today. Right, it may sound like a dream!

Here, your personalized mobile application can help you grow your company’s profitability.

How does a bespoke app help you save money?

  • The application is cost-effective since it was created by you, developed by you, and tailored to your business.
  • It has also been discovered that by using a tailored application, you can reduce the number of staff working for you, allowing you to reach the same level of efficiency while spending less money on manpower.
  • You may have complete control over your bespoke business mobile app and avoid relying on outsiders for anything, as well as save money on developer maintenance.

Therefore, customized mobile applications allow you to save money while increasing earnings, making it an excellent approach to grow your business.

Channel of Direct Marketing

Direct Chart

The marketing department is another area of your company that might really benefit from a personalized mobile app.

When your business opts for a custom app, the first and most obvious benefit for digital marketers is direct access to user data. The information gathered from user sessions and app access points can help you improve your marketing activities.

How can customized mobile applications act as a channel of direct marketing?

According to pushwoosh, some marketers are still unaware that push notifications can help them increase conversions, retain users, and encourage purchases. Meanwhile, this communication channel boosts user engagement by 110%, retention by 70%, and customer lifetime value by 50%.

  • An app also helps you to provide content to your users more effectively than other traditional marketing channels once your marketers have all the data they need.
  • Another benefit of the customized mobile app is that it allows you to put the greatest offers at the consumer’s fingertips, regardless of your marketing approach or aims.

Therefore, you can use the customized mobile app as a channel of direct marketing of your business.

To conclude, the custom mobile application provides you with a plethora of advantages that will boost your company’s growth and efficiency. A mobile application is essential for any organization to grow, and if you want the most effective and efficient solution, a custom mobile application is unquestionably the best alternative.

Harikrishna Kundariya

CEO, eSparkBiz

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