Best Laravel Security Practices

Best Laravel Security Practices You Should Be Aware Of

By Mohit Surati Laravel February 25, 2020 6 min read 311 Views

Laravel is a PHP-based open-source framework that focuses on building web applications. It follows the model-view-control (MVC) architectural pattern to design intuitive user-interface.

As per the survey carried out by the University of Maryland, there is a hacker attack taking place every 39 seconds, i.e. 2,244 times a day.

From the above statistic, you can surely tell that app security has become a major concern for every app owner.

To secure the application that has vital information, the app programmers prefer Laravel. The preference is because the framework delivers not only impeccable performance but also has exceptional security practices.

Let’s have an in-depth idea of Laravel’s best security practices:

1. User Authentication Process

Laravel takes care of the user authentication process with the ready-to-use boilerplate code. It verifies the users and performs a robust authentication process.

The in-built “providers” & “guards” are the two essential elements of the user authentication process. The former brings back the user from the storage. You can use a database query builder for a smooth process, while the latter authenticates the user for the requests.

The “guards” help understand the logic for authenticated users. There are two guards; session & token. The session guard uses cookies to handle the state of the user in each request. The token guard verifies the token with which it authenticates the user.

2. Protect Malware Through CSRF

The Laravel uses CSRF for blocking fake requests and for protecting it from vulnerable attacks. To block the request, the framework uses tokens for active user sessions. Moreover, the Laravel cross-checks the generated token with the previous token to verify that both the tokens are matching. If found to be mismatched, then it terminates the token request and stops the execution.

Note: You can add the CSRF field so that it can protect and take care of the rest of the things.

The Laravel has created Blade directive @csrf to produce the tokens. Here is the quick example to look into it:

<form name="test">

{!! csrf_field() !!}

<!-- Other inputs can come here-->


3. XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Protection

Cross-Site Scripting is a malicious way of black hat to gain access and enter into the web applications. Since the attacker is in it, the new visitor who visits the affected page will witness the script to be executed with malign impact.

Below is a simple example where black hat inserts malicious code in the comments section of the social media sharing platform.

<script>alert("TEXT ARE HACKED")</script>

If you forget to secure the section, then there will be a high chance of being vulnerable to the attacks. Laravel bolsters code and safeguards it from XSS vulnerable attacks. HTML is the output of any code that contains escape tags. Below is the example of it:

<script>alert("You are hacked")</script>

4. Prevent From SQL Injection

PDO binding plays a vital role in preventing Eloquent ORM from SQL injections. The hackers are restricted from altering or changing the SQL queries. It is also one of the famous Laravel security practices.

If we go by an example, then let’s say a form is used to collect phone numbers from a DB.

SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = 'Phone Number' or 1=1

The example mentioned above has 1=1, which is a logical expression that represents it to be true. The example has OR 1=1 condition which means that while extracting out the data, it will automatically gain the information considering the fed data to be true.

Let’s see how PDO binding plays its role in preventing SQL injection. The inputs will be in quotes, i.e.,

SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = '[email protected] or 1=1'

This will help in protecting the data from the black hat as anything within the quote will not be searched by the intruder.

5. Laravel Security Packages

Laravel has an extensive list of securities, but elaborating every security measure would be too time-consuming. So, let’s see the vital and integral Laravel security features:

  • Security Component: The primary objective of the security component is to integrate Symfony security and also to look after safeguarding roles and objects.
  • ACL: The ACL functions to deliver role-based secured permissions to the authentication process. Routes & CRUD controller methods are protected in the apps.
  • Laravel Security: The in-built Laravel Security feature is well-known for eradicating XSS vulnerabilities. Codeigniter 3 was the first to have this feature, and from there, it has been migrated to Laravel 5.

The features mentioned above would enhance and secure your applications from malware attacks. If you are planning to build a web application, then you should connect with Web Application Development Company that can convert your idea and build a robust platform.

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Apart from the above-mentioned practices, let’s have a look at a few of the best Laravel Security Practices:

Security Headers:

Laravel comes with an innovative solution for protecting your application from malware attacks. The security header provides an additional cover against the vulnerable attacks and protects vital data and information.


Google has mandated to design a website using HTTPS as it is one of the potential mobile app security practices. HTTP is a vulnerable application protocol that passes on the credentials, passwords, data into a simple text via the internet. If you are building your website and would want to make it secure, then you should use HTTPS to make it secure from malicious attacks.

No Raw Queries:

Raw Queries is one of the reasons for the increase in vulnerability. It raises the chances of SQL injection attacks.

Double Brace Syntax Rescuer:

This Laravel Security practice ensures the visibility of data & information in the variables. The blade template engine is where you can find Double Brace Syntax. This is one of the robust measures that app programmers prefer to provide security against the XSS attacks, additionally.


Security is of utmost importance to look into and that’s the reason Laravel is named as the most popular and secure framework that offers protection against vulnerable attacks. The Laravel App Development Company provides both the client and the user a relaxation over the malware attacks.

Hire Laravel Developers and share your ideas with professional experts. They will provide you with guidance and also will build a quality project.

Best Laravel Security Practices

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